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Psychotic ponies need love to ! >:)


Dinky is just your average single 21 year old, nothing but work in her life to keep her company. That is until a 30 year model comes into her life and changes it. They say love is like lightning you don't know when or were its going to strike but it will out of no were.

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MJP #1 · 1 week ago · · ·

whoever did the cover art really wanted an excuse to draw flour in her underwear

Interesting start

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Thanks for all the favs and like and supportive comments as for the negative oh well u write for a reaction. And i kno grammer is not good but im looking for an editor

Some mistakes but otherwhise it's good, I'm eager to see how this will continue. Can't imagine Dinky's ex-boyfriend is PIp, he's kinda too friendly in the show to be like that.

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