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Psychotic ponies need love to ! >:)


This story is a sequel to Lemon Grass

Life with the Dazzlings is interesting never a dull time with them. Sunset Shimmer the girl fresh out of high school. Sonata the quirky and adorable yet mischievous one. Aria the youngest but nerdy badass. Then you have Adagio the sassy head strong head of household. Then who will pop up in Chapter 7 ??? Could it be my first OC?

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Have I told you how much I love this series, more importantly your amazing imagination. I'd marry your brilliant brain. :eeyup:

Ooooooaaaaaa, the biiiigggg doogggg

Comment posted by Dante_hayabusa223 deleted May 21st

Sonata is best revenge pony.:ajsmug:

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