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Owner of Ponyville's latest tea shop/cafe who runs shop alongside his wife Brighten Early.


High Light and Cider Smashed were the best of friends. Growing up together in Canterlot, the two young colts found their perspective talents in alchemy while working and living together. Ask anypony in Canterlot, these two were inseparable. Though their careers never truly lined up, they always found time for each other. When it came time to move away, Cider Smashed followed his best friend and his new wife to Ponyville so they could start their lives over and continue to work together. Not all stories have a happy ending though. Years after the tragedy of Cider's death, High Light tells his children the stories they shared.

**This is set many, MANY years after HBH and SMS. This is sort of an experiment story, I will be posting real memories of times spent with my late best friend (slightly modified for pony-words, of course) and the eventual end of our friendship. Bear with me, there will be sad moments but mostly funny happy moments.**

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I thought highlight was one word.

Not when it's my name.

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