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Owner of Ponyville's latest tea shop/cafe who runs shop alongside his wife Brighten Early.


A raving review of Ponyville's specialty tea shop, The Tea Spot, leads to owners High Light and Brighten Early being swamped all week by Canterlot tourists. Though he was expecting to sleep in as late as possible, High Light finds himself awake incredibly early as Brighten Early does her best to prepare them both for another bustling busy day at the Spot. But isn't their shop closed on Sunday?

An entry written to compete in CategoricalGrant's Fall 2017 CuddleFic Contest!

Also, my first story.

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So this fared well in the contest. You should submit it to the Reviewers Cafe.

I know I got an honorable mention, I haven’t thought of the Reviewers..I’ll check it out, thanks!


You have submitted this story for review at the Reviewer's Cafe.

Here is your review!


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