Sunday Morning Snuggles

by High_Light

First published

High Light is woken up early by his wife after a long week, what could possibly be so important? Wouldn't it be a better day if we just got back into bed and snuggled?

A raving review of Ponyville's specialty tea shop, The Tea Spot, leads to owners High Light and Brighten Early being swamped all week by Canterlot tourists. Though he was expecting to sleep in as late as possible, High Light finds himself awake incredibly early as Brighten Early does her best to prepare them both for another bustling busy day at the Spot. But isn't their shop closed on Sunday?

An entry written to compete in CategoricalGrant's Fall 2017 CuddleFic Contest!

Also, my first story.

Loathed to Depart

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High Light slowly cracked opened one eye and looked around. Celestia’s morning light gently filtered into the bedroom through curtains set up to block not all but most outside light. Not seeing his wife at the dresser and knowing that if the sun was up she would be awake and busy, High Light closed his eye, let out a gentle sigh and contemplated how easy it will be to simply sleep the morning away. A hoof strayed over to her spot in the bed, looking for either warmth or another pillow to snuggle and hopefully go back to sleep.

“No no, none of that now,” is all High Light heard from a soft voice before the blankets were quickly yanked away and a golden aura surrounded his green coat. Eyes screwed shut, High Light felt himself suddenly become airborne and placed gently on the cool wooden floor. “We both have a lot of things to do today so let’s get moving.” said Brighten Early. After a hesitant pause, she continued “I hate to tell you but you’re going to have to skip a shower this morning.”

High Light loved his wife dearly but this morning she was walking a dangerous line, placing herself before his love of bed and his second love of shower. Especially the showers you plug the drain in and sit down in for an hour at a time. Hour-showers. Don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

“Darling, I know you’re tired but we really must get moving if we’re going to get anything accomplished today.” Brighten Early wielded a manebrush against the reddish-brown mop her husband called a mane with a wild look in her eyes as she spoke. Being a late-night sort of pony, High Light often thought of how it’s not easy being married to a peppy early riser. “The review of our tea shop from that Canterlot newspaper last week has brought in so many new customers I swear we’ve been swamped for a solid week!”

“We have been, hence sleeping in.” was High Light’s mumbled reply. He wasn’t truly awake until he had his special tea and the effects kicked in but he knew he was forgetting something very very important. “Well, all the more reason to seize the day!” Brighten Early said cheerily as she finished brushing and High Light finally opened his eyes to look at his wife.

Dazzling teal looked back into his own dark green eyes as High Light took in the sight of his wife this morning. Her golden coat looked freshly brushed and she had placed her blue and purple with orange steaks up into a bun. High Light’s breath caught at the sight of the bun atop her head, this meant business. He would have to trot very carefully to not set off a “Darken Stormy” level event.

Watching his wife trot out of the bedroom, High Light knew this was his only chance. If she got their morning tea prepared there would be no stopping the day from starting, like it or not. He had figured out what he was forgetting. Time to go for broke.

“So,” High Light said, shaking his head so his mane would fall normally and undo all of Brighten’s work “what is so important on a Sunday that it can’t wait?” Craning his neck, High Light looked at the window, “The Ponyville Market doesn’t open until 10, is it even 7?”

Brighten Early froze as her husband’s words sunk in. “Sunday?” she whimpered. “Is it seriously bucking SUNDAY?!” came her shout from the kitchen, followed by a few more swears and the sound of a mane band snapping.

“Oh pony feathers,” mumbled High Light, a coy grin on his muzzle, “I’ve done it now.” He began moving back towards the bed, knowing what was coming next as golden magic once again engulfed his body and lifted.

Tossed back into the bed, High Light felt the blankets slam back into the bed and quickly tuck him in. Rolling his eyes, he kicked his legs about to loosen up the covers around his hooves and held up a foreleg in a practiced manner. The sudden flash was not new, nor was the warm and soft back now pressing against his barrel. The low sound of sniffling let him know how upset the mare was. Eyes closed, he lowered his head to the top of his wife’s now wild mane and took a gentle sniff.

Calmed by the body contact and the small shows of affection, Brighten Early rolled over and snuggled deeper into her husband’s embrace, tucking her head just below his. “I thought it was Saturday all morning. I woke up extra early and got everything ready ahead of time so you could sleep in a little bit when I could have stayed in bed the whole time. I’m a very silly pony, aren’t I?” she said softly, looking up at High Light.

“Yes darling,” was the low response as High Light wrapped his hooves tighter against Brighten Early, “and I love you endlessly for it. Would you have even been able to stay in bed, regardless of the day?” A light blush appeared across her muzzle, he had a point. “I must make a demand though.” High Light continued.

“Oh?” came the sweet reply as Brighten shifted her head to gaze lovingly at her husband “and what could I do for my smart and strong stallion for saving me from myself?”

“I require...a sacrifice.” was his answer.

Silence reigned for only a moment before Brighten Early rolled back over with a giggle to again press her back to his barrel and focused her magic. A special pillow put aside for this very reason blazed gold and was lifted, as well as a corner of the blanket. Feeling the pillow being tucked under the blanket, both ponies in bed automatically lifted their right back legs and allowed the pillow to rest right above their knees. This was a well-practiced motion, and both ponies sighed in comfort as the weight of their legs settled onto the pillow. Sleep quickly reclaimed the couple as they held each other close on what was returning to a slow Sunday morning, chores were already done by a very silly pony and a Market that could wait all day.

Until they got hungry, which of course happened roughly ten minutes after falling asleep. Their stomachs gave out loud growls, shocking them both awake and earning chuckles from the couple before High Light sighed and finally gave in to the morning.

"Fine, let's get the day started."