Rainbow Dash has made a mistake. A nearly-fatal mistake. And now, she's forced to go on an... adventure... with Twilight.

She regrets severely her decision to go. Not that she really had one, of course.


My entry into The Comedy (Is Serious Business) Contest, hosted by our dear, beloved Aragon.


Editors: You really think I had editors for this?

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I will hide behind the fact that I wrote this in the last few hours...

Um.. well... that was... written?

I got nothing. Not sure what I read but it needs to be made a YouTube video.

*blinks* Why..What..How..and the eyebrows..

I think this needs a sequal...somehow.

Author Interviewer

...That makes two of us. o.O

I don't know what I just read....or why I read it all the way through....And the foul mouthed Fluttershy? What even? I'm so lost now.

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