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I'm a person who writes stories... sometimes.


PLEASE NOTE: This story contains explicit and/or vulgar language.

Nothing is guaranteed, yet everything is guaranteed, this is the paradox that comes with inter-dimensional travel and eternity. One example is the dominant species of any given planet, when a predator interacts with it's common prey, and both have a kind of moral code, what will occur? A tale of bravery in the face of danger? A tragic tale of death and misfortune? or something else entirely? This story revolves around one such traveler on his mission of vengeance, and sins. Can kindness and friendship heal the wounds of war and deceit? Or will it all be in vein, as he seeks retribution?

Chapters (3)
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Comment posted by DGJZ VSOH deleted Oct 13th, 2017

forgot to take it off... my laptop broke, and I had to wait for my computer to arrive.

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