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Peter Griffin vs Celestia - Anubis Nox

Peter Griffin vs Celestia. They get into a fight with each other.

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Peter Griffin vs Celestia

Peter Grffin vs Celestia
By Jayfeather97

There stood Peter about to get into a fight with the chicken again.
"You son of a bitch," Peter said to the chicken.
Fist raised Peter was going to hit the chicken until he felt himself get pulled into oblivion.
"See you after your two hours of hell fatman." Stewie said with his evil grin holding his dimensional transporter.

Peter woke up to find himself falling from the sky and about to hit into a castle's roof. Peter just watched calmy in a sitting position when he was falling eating a bannana he pulled out of no where. As he hit the castle roof he fell right through and landed on the floor on his face with a thud.
Quickly sitting up he started holding his left knee going "Sssssssss ahhhhhhh, ssssssssss ahhhhhhh, ssssssss ahhhhhhh."
He did this repeatedly breathing in with a ssssssssss and exhaling with an ahhhhhhh.
After a while he just stood up perfectly fine and went to walk around where he was to just slip on his bannana peel, which he dropped with his 'landing', and go through the sssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhh faze again. This time as he was doing this the sun princess had came to investigate the thud she had heard.

The princess had been watching the ssssssssssssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhh coming from the fat man in green pants and a white shirt. He wore glasses and looked like he has two balls hanging from his chin.
When Peter finished with his second ssssssss ahhh faze, Celestia went over and introduced herself, unscared about the human and Peter did to.

When they finished introducing each other they Peter's stomach started growling.
Celestia asked if he was hungry, realising that it was lunch time. Peter replied with a no.
"You are such a liar," Celestia accused him.
"Well everything I say is a lie. Except that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that. And that."
Peter explained.
Celestia just giggled and took him to her dining area. Celestia has had many encounters with humans coming into her world frequently so it doesn't really make her surprised anymore. They all usually end up going back in about two hours.

Peter followed her also unfazed by the fact a pony with wings and a horn was in front of him. Why was he unfazed?? Because all the shit he's seen doesn't really make this anymore surprising. Stroking his chin he felt something there. Looking down he grasped the balls on his chin and said, "How did these get up here?" putting them back into his underpants.

Celestia and Peter reached the dining area and sat down waiting for their meals. The servants unfazed by the human there brought them their food (they had seen plenty of humans eating there before aswell). It was all vegetarian but Peter still liked it.

Thankful for the meal Peter insisted he was to pay for the meal.
"No no no, you brought me a wonderful meal so take it, here." Peter said pushing the money to her.
"Oh no no your my guest of honor so please take it back." Celestia replied pushing the money back.
"No no, I insist this is also for the damage from the roof." Peter explained pushing the money back to her.
"Oh no no your money is no good here," Celestia explained pushing the money back to him.
"But I feel bad so here take it," Peter pushed the money back to her.
"No please here keep it I insist I invited you," Celestia said a little bit too aggressive pushing it back.
"No I insist," Peter said aggressively holding on to the money whilst pushing it forward so the princess couldn't push it back.
"No keep your money now," Celestia ordered threateningly.
"No I will not I said take it so take it." Peter said through gritted teeth.
"Take it back now or else," Celestia said with enough anger to through you back.
"Or else what?" Peter asked.
Celestia took her crown off and put it on the table.
They both stood there having a stare off they were both directly head to head in height. After 5 seconds Celestia took the first throw by pushing on her hind legs and lifting her right forearm hitting it directly onto Peter head.
"You son of a bitch," Peter exclaimed.

Peter seeing the forearm hit his head, and saying what he said, grabbed it and started punching Celestia in the face causing her to bleed from her lip. Celestia then tried to ram into him with her horn but he grabbed her horn in his arm pit and threw a left hook at her. Celestia got out of his grip and threw her left hoof at him causing him to bleed from his right ear. Peter than dived here and they rolled and tumbled out of the dining room towards the entrance of the castle. The guards came to intervene but Luna who was watching in awe as she saw Peter Griffin, so she ordered them back and brought out a video recorder from no where and started recording it. Whilst they were tumbling and rolling Celestia got a good buck into him causing him to fling from the rolling into the massive doors of the castle which caused them to open. as he was in the air the princess teleported on top of him holding him down so when they hit the floor it would break his back from her being on top of him and the ground being made from tiles.

Peter saw her teleport on top of him and he twisted in the air so he was on top of her. Celestia spotting this, quickly teleported into the sky with him on top of her. As they were falling from the 300 meter drop she opened up her wings so she was pulled on top of him again and started flying around with him under her. He quickly threw a headbutt into her jaw causing it to crack and he quickly climbed till he was on her back and started hit her in the back of her head where her ears were.

Celestia feeling her head being pummeled from behind turned around and bit Peters left hands fingers fracturing some. He quickly withdrew from his assualt and held onto her mane ripping some of her fur out. The princess enraged teleported two metres above ground level and flew as fast as she could. Peter about to lose consciousness from the g-force quickly grabbed a nearby flame torch from on the street posts and burned her left wing setting it on fire. Howling in pain the princess slowed down dramatically, her right wing moving fast to keep her balanced and stop her crashing which didn't work as planned as she crashed into a nearby cart putting the fire out.

Peter crashed with the princess into a cart head first causing his cheeks to bruise purple as well as his right eye. As he got up he picked up a wooden stick which was the cart's leg and and swung it at the princess hit her in the cheek causing her to bruise. The princess then swung he horn at him grazing him across his chest. Peter starting huffing and puffing and so did Celestia both of them about to wear out. They stood for seven seconds apart until Peter threw his stick at her grazing her flank, which the princess retaliated and levitated the cart's wheel into his ribs from the left with extreme force. All the ponies that were watching had ran off and were hiding from the carnage that was happening in front of them. Princess Luna always not far behind them recording the fight with glee.

As soon as Peter got hit in the ribs he lunged and grabbed her horn with his left severly purple bruised hand. and started upper cutting her with his right hand and kneeing her in the face causing several of her white teeth to fall into the pool of blood before her. Celestia quickly causes her horn to glow with magic which burned Peter's hand which injuried it even more somehow. In his state of pain Celestia quickly stabs him in his leg with her horn causing blood to slowly drip from her horn and add it to her own pool of blood. As soon as Celestia stabs him she levitates him up so he can't move and bucks him twice on his ribs.

Peter feeling his pain growing in his chest, resists her magic and grabs her right hind leg and twists it as he's falling from the half a metre he was in the air hoping to dislocate it but the princess manages to get her hind leg out in time. The princess than turns around to blast him with her magic but sees he's not there. Celestia tried to think about it but didnt get the chance when he landed on her back causing her to shoot her contained magic out in an orb pushing both of the to in the air back together. They exchanged blows using their fists and hooves in mid air until they noticed the castle wall coming closer, so in a struggle they tried to over power each other to slam each other into the wall by twisting in the air. Peter saw the wall coming closer as he was about to slam her into the wall and noticed her horn was glowing which normally means shes going to teleport again.

Celestia about to teleport away again noticed Peter and snap her horn with his two arms and chucked it away. The magic instantly stopped and Celestia awaited the fate which she knew was going to be painful. BANG!!!!!!!!!!
She felt her back shatter from the force of hitting the wall, going through it and through another room which was the kitchen. Unable to move due to sheer pain Peter grabbed a pot and hit her across her face with it, several times. Peter just stared at her in her own pool of blood and slowly walked off to the entrance of the Castle and saw the mane six ready to fight him and were and furious. He gave them the one finger salute and as soon as he did Rainbow Dash charged him aiming to hit him where his broken glasses were on his head but to no avail as he was transported back into his own world.

Celestia opened her eyes as Peter walked to what used to be the entrance of the Castle and saw him give the mane six the one finger salute. He laughed hehehehehehehehehehehehehe as he was teleported back to his world.
Next time, she thought intently You will be up against them.

A/N: This is my second fanfiction ever and I believe it is shit. Typed it in two hours but said I would do a story based on this as some friends wanted me to. Please leave your comments about this as I am wondering is this even worth reading.
Thank you V-pony for the idea. Check out his page here, http://www.fimfiction.net/user/V-pony

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Peter Griffin go down to the store to get a loaf of bread and some milk, and GUESS who was THERE? That PONY from MLP, remember? And then they FOUGHT and it was FUUUNY!

It's terrible. Just some mates wanted me to try this so I rushed it :/

I cant talk tho, my fim fiction is terrible >.>

926531 I'll make sure to read it

I am surprised that Celestia didn't use an actual spell in Peter Griffin.
She could easily immobilize him with her magic from the start or even just put the fat man to sleep. Celestia even cast some kind of bolt spell or laser at Queen Chrysalis.
Also thinking of the cunning and wisdom Celestia has, she would not get into the position in the first place to fight Peter.

Although this is in character for Peter, this is completely out of Character for Princess Celestia, even if she was teleported into the Family Guy Universe.
Even if Celestia was in the Family Guy Universe (in some sort of parody) and was under the effect every Character in that Universe eventually goes though there be more on her part than Teleportation and Telekinesis.

I am surprised that Celestia didn't use an actual spell on Peter Griffin.
She could easily immobilize him with her magic from the start or even just put the fat man to sleep. Celestia even cast some kind of bolt spell or laser at Queen Chrysalis.
It is like seeing Joe from Family Guy not getting mad than shooting someone with his gun.
Also thinking of the cunning and wisdom Celestia has, she would not get into the position in the first place to fight Peter.

Although this is in character for Peter, this is completely out of Character for Princess Celestia, even if she was teleported into the Family Guy Universe.
Even if Celestia was in the Family Guy Universe (in some sort of parody) and was under the effect every Character in that Universe eventually goes though there be more on her part than Teleportation and Telekinesis.

Do not get me started what was wrong with Princess Luna.

926561 you try and hit something that is highly resistant to magic but i know what you mean and i shall repeat this. It isnt meant to be taken as a proper story only as a joke. But thanks for the comment nonetheless :pinkiehappy:

As much as I enjoyed it, and it did make me laugh out loud, I can't really vote it up. But since I enjoyed it, I can't vote it down. This is one of those rare occasions where I leave it as neutral. If you get it proof-read, ping me, and I'll give it another read.

926583 Lol k. Ty for reading though :)

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttt i should go to bed. I got work tommor- ah um today oops. Soz if I don't answer for 9 hours, but it's 1 am here so night.

Haven't you heard?
The bird is the word

"get even with the chicken"

hmm not sure if it would be more brutal or funnier if you used Scootaloo.

I laughed, could picture the entire fight in my mind.

926623 (Rainbow Dash puts a revolver in her mouth)

You're right, this is shit.

But it is BEAUTIFUL shit and I loved every second of it :rainbowlaugh:

I must do a video reaction about this! :rainbowwild:

Lol im up now but like

i said this is to be taken as a joke not seriously
926648 LOL
926859 lol???
926894 trolol? must see this.
926683 lol
926680 :P

Pinkie Pie: Hey, have you heard this awesome new song?!
Rainbow Dash: NOOO!

928669 I'l PM you the link as soon as i finish it! :twilightsmile:

Oh my gawd, this was hilariously silly :rainbowlaugh:
I might do a live Skype reading of this just for the hell of it sooner or later :rainbowwild:
And LOL @ the idea of Scootaloo being the Chicken!

931424 Was it actually that funny???
926648 Yeh must say that it would've been hilarious if I made Scootaloo the chicken but since it's your idea i'm not going to do it.

932588 It had me in stupid giggles the whole time...and the comments just about killed me.
So yes, it was funny :rainbowwild:

932787 Yay, I still could've though I could've done better yeah but the comments are definitely funny

Lol it's not getting any awards but I liked it.

Does anyone think I should try to make another story, or chapter to get this story or other one further. I've found plenty of mistakes in this one which could easily make this story 20% cooler if I got rid of them but that would be screwing with the story which I don't want to.:derpytongue2: SO I'm thinking if I should just make another one (maybe based of him coming back here to fight the mane six this time?) to make up for this piece of crap one here.

LOL i laughed so hard in the end:rainbowlaugh:

2317764 You read a class A piece of shit, of a story I made on 5 hours sleep in under two hours.


I guess.

Lay off the KFC, Frodo.


Frodo:I am the Lord of the Wings


You need help, Frodo.

That was awesome! I am so making this happen, one sec. *snap*

2848431 Lol, I see what you did there. If it interests you I have had a sequel almost finished, just haven't added the ending lol. Thanks for the awesome!

2851530 I look forward to said sequel, mostly because I want to see peter griffin or stewie beat the shit out of those ponies. I have to vent my anger from Diaries of a Madman somewhere, and this is where! Well, that and the one time I put the castle crashers knights in equestria... That was fucking funny.

2851538 Also, I forgot, this was so awesome i had my bro discord read it. He only said that making gangam style and harlem shake popular was funnier.

2851543 :D Probably is! I wrote this just as I started writing, in approx two hours.... I was not proud of this XD Buuuuut I'm hoping the sequel can be better.

2851547 how can you not be proud, this wasnt supposed to be serious, it was supposed to be hilarious, and if me and my brother, both a gods of chaos in sense find it funny, I am pretty damn sure you succeeded.

2851559 Yay! Thanks lol.

Oh sweet Faust:facehoof::rainbowlaugh: I didn't even need to read the story to already figure this out and I still lmfao :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how the Mane Six are going to deal with Peter next time he visits Equestria.

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