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[Dream Sequence and Pointless Romance Subplot free zone]


Something Maud said has been rattling around in Starlight's head for weeks. As Starlight thinks it over, she comes up with an invention that could change the face of Equestria.

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That... that was quite the plot twist. I was not expecting that TBH.

Great story I must say, the ending was surprising and very well done.

Good read.

Ha, wasn't expecting that end! I bet those Glimmer watches are super overpriced.

Yeah. About that village. It was only a few months old when the Mane 6 arrived. The flashback with Maud shows that.

No where near 15 years.

I actually didn't consider that. But I'd say it could be anywhere up to 1 and a half years old then. Dissertations can take a while. I'll change it though.

Didn't catch it at first myself.

Then I remembered. Maud started her rockterate in season 4 when they first introduced her. She mentioned she was working on her rockterate when she met Starlight. In the background you see the houses of her village just being built. And she hadn't started collecting cutie marks yet because she was still looking for some place to put them.

Maud was introduced in episode 18 of season 4. Only 8 episodes from when they meet Starlight. So, only a few months at most. Though that is debatable considering most people think the first three seasons take place over only a little over a year. Maud met Starlight after the events of that episode.

Which also means Starlight is far younger than people think. I wouldn't be surprised if she is younger than the Mane 6.

It's goes with my idea that Starlight was still a teenager when she first met the Mane 6.

This kind of turned from a dream into a nightmare.

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