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Spike's letter to Princess Luna has gotten the Princess of the Moon to ponder about life as an immortal and how to cope. Her response is an indirect invitation for a renewed friendship between the dragon and herself.

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Ah, yet another wonderful story by you. I think the response to Spike's Letter is quite well characterized, yet I do have 2 main criticisms. 1. I think the focus point on Spike by Luna is a little too forward, like she puts too much emphasis on him and what he's doing. It could be that life in Canterlot is simply boring, and monotonous to a wide extent, or maybe there might be a flag waving in the distance as well. That story would be for you to tell. 2. Luna's characterization in general could use a little work. For instance, her grammar, I think, would have some more intellectual phrases, but as like to a smarter way of saying things, instead of simply wider vocabulary. While both are good, a synonym and a changed phrase don't work as well without each other. Otherwise, I personally find this work of fiction to be quite captivating. The charm it holds is simply splendid, and it brings a mighty world of imagination to the mind. And as for grammar, I can't find anything that really needs work. Maybe a couple rephrasings here and there, but I can't spot anything else. For English not being your first language, you certainly have quite a grip on it. And who is this Archer fellow?

Hmm... I can't seem to get the up-vote button to work, but I have attempted to up-vote your story.

Overall I think it was good. You were able to provide enough of a background to fill in the blanks as to what happened. May I suggest you write Spike's letter that prompted this response.


Mystery already wrote that story. It's what led to this one. Here it is if you can't find the link.

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