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Centuries have gone by since the events of FIM, and life goes on for Spike. He has noticed that something isn't all right with Princess Luna and writes her a letter about three small fillies and how Ponyville is still the same.

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This is a wonderful little story that carries a lot of experiences and love with it, even if things change, some things still carry the same emotional value that they carried before...
(would you mind if I do fanart of Apple Cider Moonbean or Pumpkin Pie?)

Are you kidding? That would be wonderful!
Thank you!
Just please remember to credit me and send me a link. I want to see it!

Wait - does this mean that you actually want to read more about them?

You joking? I certainly would. You have made a wonderful future of a world that many already enjoy, and the characters and how you bring them to life just set a fire under me to get reading this. This is truly a marvel of a one-shot, and I would hate for it to stay that way. The new 3 ponies, with an older Spike and Twilight? I would love to see their interactions and how they get along together, plus bringing in other people that would still be alive, like Discord or Celestia. I truly enjoyed this and you have certainly made a masterpiece.

This was a cute story. I like the overall message of time moving on and seeing the good in front of you as opposed to the bad in the rearview mirror.

However, the story didn't quite seem to know the structure it wanted to stick to. I feel like we should have had some kind of reaction from Luna, or maybe a bit more depth on the fillies mentioned in the fic. I get that that wasn't the point, but it would've had more emotional pull that way.

Either way, it was a cute read. Keep rocking!


This was a sweet story. Way to go. :)

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