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Uncle Spike is Back · 8:05pm Nov 1st, 2017

Eeyup y'all,

It has been a while, but my new story is finally uploaded. Well, the first chapter is.
More of future Spike and the princesses. More family.
And just in time for Day of the Dead.



More Future Spike to Come · 7:33pm Jul 30th, 2017

Eeyup y'all,

I am currently working on another story about Spike in the future set approximately 2,000 years after Friendship Is Magic. However, this time it is a story with more chapters and no letter formats.

I am not sure of how good it will be - I am only on my first draft. Spoilers: There will be sad moments or hints at something sad. You have been warned.

This may be the last time I write about this future scenario, depending on popular demand.

Kind regards

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Thank You for the Warm Welcome · 12:36pm Jul 12th, 2017

Hello, everybody!

Just wanted to say thank you for giving me a warm welcome to Fimfiction. I'm happy that this fandom is still going strong.

I realise that I make a lot of mistakes, mostly because English is only my second language. So if I make some really grave mistakes, I'll be grateful for a friendly heads-up, so I can avoid the same mistake in the future :twilightsmile:

I wish everyone a nice day and again - thank you so much!

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