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My username? A dedication to my youngest sister who, through indirect ways, finally made a MLP fan out of me. I truly regret never giving the series a chance before, so I'm aiming to set things right.


This story is a sequel to An Evening with Flurry Heart

Following directly after the events of the previous story, Sunset and Twilight talk with Shining Armor and Cadence in an attempt to figure out why Flurry Heart, up until this point a regular human baby girl, is now able to transform into a pony-human hybrid with alicorn powers added into the mix.

The possibilities will be explored. Fingers will be pointed. Theories will be made. Notes will be taken. But will the answer ever be discovered?

(Rated T for mild adult themes)

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Wow. Just...wow.

That was unexpected.

Wonder how Flurry Heart get along with Spike?

Okay now that was one heck of a surprise

Well, no wonder that baby has magic! What were you thinking?

I do wonder, however, how they managed to get tonand from Ponyville Castle without being spotted by any of the inhabitants....hmm. Might have to brainstorm off this idea.

I wonder if human Cadence became a pegasus on the other side. Anyway, YOU, my dear writer, have given me a serious case of diabeetus with this story. Well done. Thank you for creating and sharing. :heart:

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