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Aero was on top. He is the leader of the Storm Scouts, a group of top notch weather pegasi who make the weather run smoothly all over Equestria. But when Valiantwing sends him on a special mission, he finds himself in a situation he never thought he would find himself... in love. This the second installment of my critically acclaimed series Love Interests of Ponyville.

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Comments ( 9 )

Looks promising.

It's no offense to the people who dislike my story, I could honestly care less what other people think, but i would genuinely appreciate it if those who do dislike it give an honest review, and a reason why. I'll never get better, you see, without constructive criticism. I am courteous to do it on EVERY single story i dislike, others can take the same time too.

Also, on the way here, I got the idea of using magic to make a headset, so you can look at all the information you need, while still being able to fly properly. It comes with a headset,

You should replace that second 'headset' with microphone. Repeating headset twice like that is awkward.

thanks, didn't catch that

929531 Such things often can :raritystarry:

Not that I know from personal experience :raritycry:

very well written with some very funny moments build in.. cant wait for the conclusion of the story :raritystarry:

btw.. i think u made a really good job on pointing out raritys character

I'm very intrigued by this Love Interests of Ponyville collection you have going on. i really liked the Pinkie Pie one and i hope you decide to pick this up again!

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