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An OC insert into a story by Vedues. In this universe Spike's brother found him and gone through one adventure with a war causing the peaceful Equestria to become one thing that was better left to the past; Killers.

What happens when outside help comes to a war torn Equestria going from two sides not agreeing on gems. Food for the dragon race and easily made by the Crystal ponies, but resistances form within the dragons caused the war to go from conflict over survival to genocide.

We start here chapter 45 and 46. Anything before that it is the same after that we diverge into a new path. The only thing I add to this is my OCs with all the rest either from the MLP universe or the original fics, so any credits in them go to those creators. Sex tag due to copies from the original fic, and a plot point but not described in the story. In addition this is a passion fic so updates are not scheulded but I will have this finished.

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