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If I wrote it before 2018, please don’t read it.

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Thanks to Unique for sending me the link to this...
And thank you Sapphire for writing this powerful piece of literature. I can't thank you enough for the amount of emotions this created in me, please keep writing.

~Arax :raritycry:

7860151 Your story is so damn good for just a short fanfic. It is absolutely disgusting and despicable of this site that your story hasn't been a feature. It is an injustice. You deserve more for this story than what you've got now. Your story has made me feel comfortable about the future of my life, like it lifted a worry i didn't know I had.

Well done to you and double well done to this story. I am just disappointed in this site for not putting this up as a Feature. Still, congratulations for writing a damn brilliant tale. I'd shake your hand and call it an honor if i could.

7860231 Thank you very much for all the positive comments!

7860245 Your thanks mean nothing to me. All the thanks are yours for writing a great short story. i hope it picks up soon, because this sort of writing was beautiful. I think it helps to put people's fears of the unknown at ease, in a weird sort of way.

This is an interesting story... but it's not really a My Little Pony fanfic. Fluttershy is so much of a prop that you could've replaced her with basically almost character from any fictional series and the story would've been the same.

I loved reading this....

It has to be one of the deepest fanfics I've read in a while.

Judging from the comments, I can say this will provide a good read. Will check out later.

7992200 Thank you for your thoughts on it! I am satisfied with my review! :twilightsmile:

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