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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 5: To Canterlot

Author's Note:

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What? you think I'm gonna make a joke here, make ya laugh reader. Get a little giggle from time to time. Well I would but I'm running out of jokes for these introductions to the new chapters.

Let's continue shall we.

It is now a new day in Ponyville. Ponies from all over are waking up for the morning to go about their daily business. Especially a certain group of ponies named Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

Right now our heroes are heading to the orphanage to pick up Mason before they take a train to Canterlot.

(Twilight Sparkle’s Pov)

“Do tell us darling, why does the princess want Mason to come with us? I mean the dear is far too young to do what the princess will need us for don't you think?” asked a perplexed Rarity.

At her friends question, the young princess looked to her hooves in thought. ‘It is kind of weird for Princess Celestia to suddenly want us at Canterlot especially with Mason. I know the way he can do magic is unnatural but for the princess asking to see him immediately, especially in Canterlot, it's strange.’

Twilight looked up from her hooves to her friends and answered. “I don't know. All that Celestia said in the letter was that there was something that we, along with Mason, needed to know and that it was very important. What I do know, is that it has to do with Mason’s gifts.”

The girls all gave their own looks of confusion from the way Twilight said gifts, but were more curious to find out what their friend was talking about.

“What exactly do you mean by, ‘Mason’s gifts’?” Rainbow Dash said as she lazily floated in front.

Twilight thought for a moment on how to answer. She mainly wanted to keep it a secret and tell her friends later, but since they were called along with Mason, it was probably the best time to tell them about his magic. Of course they probably wouldn't believe her, but that won't stop her from trying now.

“Basically Mason can do special magic.” when Twilight said this her friends looked at her as if she said the most obvious thing in the world, which she kind of did.

“Uh, what exactly is that suppose’ to mean sugarcube, I mean we can all do magic in our own special way.” asked Applejack with a brow raised.

Twilight was about to answer, but Pinkie had beaten her to it. “While that is true Applejack, Mason can do some other special type of magic. Remember when we told you about the attack with the Timberwolves at his party?” All the girls nodded, except for Twilight, who already knew the story.

“Well we kinda left out some other detail. You see, Mason actually did this super-duper awesome magic with fire and lightning against them when we fought.”

The girls now looked to Pinkie as if she grew a second head which could have been the case since it was, well, Pinkie Pie .

“You mean to tell us, that Mason, who is a pegasus colt, can do fire and lightning magic?” Rainbow asked the party pony.

“Yup.” Pinkie answered happily.

Rainbow stared at Pinkie for a while then looked to the rest of the girls. “Am I the only one who finds that hard to believe.” The rest of the girls shook their heads which caused Rainbow to look at Twilight with confusion.


“It's true Rainbow, trust me. If any of you girls told me, I wouldn't believe it. But I saw him do it.” Twilight said before Dash could ask.

Dash was still skeptical about this and looked to Applejack, who already knew what the rainbow maned Pegasus was gonna say.

“Ah might not be able to tell if a certain pony is lying all the time Dash. But whether you believe it or not, I can most defiantly say that she ain't lyen’.” Applejack said.

The sporty pegasus wanted to protest and say she didn't but she stopped and looked off to the side in thought. After some time she looked back to her friends. “Well I still find it hard to believe that, but I'll take your word for it. For now at least.”

Twilight nodded in satisfication and continued their way to the orphanage which was now coming into her sights. After a few moments of silence, Pinkie Pie was the one to break it. “On the subject of Mason, what do you girls think of him?”

Dash then came next to Pinkie with a grin on her face. “I like the kid, he's pretty chill and I think he might be built for some speed. I mean his wings are small now but I think if he put some training in and grows up a bit he could become pretty fast, well, not as fast as me though.”

Rarity rolled her eyes at the boasting pegasus before setting her gaze on her pink friend and gave her thoughts. “I think that he is a real gentlecolt, his parents really knew how to raise him,” Rarity then grew a somber look, “it's a shame though they had to leave him so soon, I do wonder what happened to them.”

Applejack looked at the fashioneta. “Well it's not really our business to ask him that, Ah think he'll tell us when he's ready. But on mah thoughts of him, I think he could be a real hard worker, I don't know what he'll be capable of, but I can sense a strong spirit on him and an energetic one too like most fillies and colts.”

“I agree on that too.” said Twilight with an increasing smile. “I think he's really capable of a lot of things, especially since he's very smart for a colt his age.”

It was silent when Dash looked to the other pegasus of the group which made her 'eep' a little. “What do you think of him Flutters?”

“Oh….uhm, I think he's a real sweetheart and uhm….very kind too.” the shy pegasus answered quietly. All the girls nodded at this, then they looked to the pony who had brought up the question.

“So what do you think of him Pinkie. You gotta have a very good reason because you and Mason seem very close.” asked Dash.

“Darn tooten, Ah'd say you and him are more close than two peas in a pod.” Applejack added with a stomp of her hoof.

Pinkie was silent for a moment, but then looked to her friends with a smile. “I think Masey is very cute and funny, but I also think he's super-duper fun and we’re so much alike too.”

Rarity nodded. “I'll say, during the beginning of his party I always saw you and him talking about things. If it weren't for the activities and ponies, I'd think you and him would talk until the sun rose.”

“Probably.” said the party mare. For the rest of the way the group walked closer to the orphanage, talking of their daily activities and what not until Twilight spoke up.

“Here we are.” The princess exclaimed. The girls looked to see that they were at the entrance of the small orphanage and saw Twilight walk up the small steps to the doors. Before she entered, she looked to her friends.

“You girls wait here, I'll fetch Mason and we’ll head out.” The others nodded and seated themselves to wait for their friend and the colt.

As Twilight entered through the doors of the orphanage, many fillies and costs ran past her shouting in some excitement. Twilight smiled as she saw the little pony's run and proceed to the counter. As the princess came up to the counter, she saw the same unicorn mare from yesterday, sitting at the counter looking at paperwork and probably bills.

Twilight approached the mare and cleared her throat gaining her attention. When the mare looked up, she smiled and gave a slight bow of her head. “Good morning princess, what brings you to the orphanage?”

Before Twilight responded, she internally sighed. ‘Always with the formalities, I'm never used to them.’ Twilight looked to the mare with a smile nonetheless.

“I'm here to see Mason, the pegasus colt I brought in yesterday.” Twilight asked.

The mare looked at the ceiling in thought for a while, then looked to Twilight with fallen ears. “I'm sorry princess, but if I remember correctly, him and Scootaloo had just left not too long ago.”

Twilight stared at the mare for a while then sighed. “So he's not here?” The mare shook her head. Twilight sighed again, but nonetheless, thanked the mare and went outside to see her friends waiting patiently. Rarity spotted Twilight and smiled, but raised an eyebrow when she didn't see Mason with her.

“Twilight darling, where's Mason?”

Twilight’s friends all looked to her with there own eyebrows raised, silently asking the same question.

“He's not here, apparently him and Scootaloo left not too long before we arrived.” Twilight said. This caused Applejack to furrow her brow a bit in thought.

“Now why in Equestria wou-” Applejack stopped mid sentence when she had a look of realization on her face. “Oh, that's probably whah.”

Twilight looked to her friend confusingly. “What is?”

“Mason doesn't have a Cutie Mark and ya all know how the girls get when they find someone who doesn't have a Cutie Mark.” responded the farm pony.

“They ask them to join their club.” finished Rainbow Dash with a knowing expression.

Twilight sighed again in a bit of agitation. “So does that mean they're walking around somewhere in Ponyville?"

“Probably,” said Applejack, “but I reckon we go to the treehouse first to see if they're there.”

The others nodded in agreement along with Twilight.

“Well let's go get our colt and head to Canterlot.” Twilight said heading in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres with her friends following.

(Mason’s Pov)

Me and the girls had just arrived to the treehouse and were preparing for my initiation. I was standing in the middle of it all with the girls in front of me. Sweetie was at the podium in front, Apple Bloom standing at my left holding a cape, and Scootaloo was on my right playing some drums. They also were wearing capes with the CMC logo on it.

Scootaloo had stopped banging on the drums which gave Sweetie the cue to speak, only to be cut off by Scootaloo’s sick drum solo.

Which was to repeatedly pound the drum at random with no beat whatsoever.

When Scootaloo finished, Sweetie eyed her and waited, then raised a hoof to begin, only to again be cut off by Scootaloo tapping the drums once. Sweetie eyed Scootaloo with a small glare who only for her to stare back in innocence, then finally began.

“We the Cutie Mark Crusaders welcome our new member Mason.” Sweetie paused to pick up a parchment and cleared her throat. “We welcome you, Mason, as a friend, brother, and close member of our club.”

Sweetie motioned to Apple Bloom who nodded and walked forward with the spare cape in hoof. “We want you to accept this cape to wear as a member of our club. It will signify that you are ready for any challenge to gain a Cutie Mark”

Apple Bloom handed me the cape with a smile which I gratefully took and examined the cape. It was well made, especially the logo that was stitched on it.

“We now accept you as an honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.” Sweetie said happily.

“Thanks guys and I must say this is a nice looking cape.” Like for a single colored cape with only a logo stitched on it, it was pretty cool. Because capes.

“Thanks Mason, I actually made that myself.” Sweetie said with pride in her voice.

“Well you did a good job.” I complimented. My compliment made Sweetie look to the side with a blush.

“Thanks. Oh and good job on the new speech Scoots.” Sweetie said as her blush went away as quickly as it came.

“Thank you.” Scootaloo replied with a smile.

Sweetie then climbed down from the podium and walked towards the center of the treehouse.

“Well now that you're a member, we should go see what kind of crusading we can do!” Sweetie said excitedly.

“Yeah, with Mason now part of our club we can make even more ideas to get our Cutie Marks!” Scootaloo said, making her wings buzz.

“Well let's ge-” Apple Bloom didn't get to finish, for a voice called for us from outside the treehouse.

“Mason, girls, are ya in there!” it was Applejack.

“Yeah sis’ we are.” Apple Bloom called back while going to the door with me and the other two following. When we came outside I saw all of the girls below waiting for us. Twilight even had what looked like bags on her back.

“Hey guys, what are you all here for?” Scootaloo asked.

“We're here for Mason.” said Twilight as she gestured a hoof to me.

This made me raise an eyebrow. Before I could ask why, Apple Bloom beat me to it. “What do ya’ll need him for?”

“The princess wants to meet Mason.” Twilight answered plainly.

The fillies gasp. Sweetie looked to the group with a shocked expression as did Apple Bloom. “The princess wants to meet Mason?!”

“Why would they want to meet Mason?” Scootaloo asked with a tilt of her head.

Twilight looked to the ground for a while, then looked to the fillies. “They want to meet Mason for something very important, they didn't really explain what it is though.”

The trio of fillies looked a bit skeptical and very curious about the princesses wanting to meet me, even I was curious as to why. Sweetie Belle then spoke up. “Well, can we come with you guys?”

“Sorry guys, but this is for us and Mason only.” Dash said floating near the treehouse.

They gave a disappointed ‘aww’. Then Scootaloo spoke to the group. “Will you at least bring him back so he can go crusading with us?”

“Don't worry darlings, we'll be sure to bring back your coltfriend so you can go on your crusades.” Rarity answered with a teasing smile.

This made all three fillies ears press against their heads and blush furiously.

“HE’S NOT OUR COLTFRIEND!” all three shouted quickly which made Rarity, Applejack, and Dash chuckle.

Trying to keep my own checks from flaring, I cleared my throat. “Welp, best not to keep them waiting I guess.” I headed for the ramp to join the mares, but before I did I looked to the fillies.

“I'll see you when I come back girls and could you maybe hold on to my cape for me, I don't think I'll have enough time to drop it off at the orphanage.” I said handing my cape to the girls. Scootaloo nodded and took my cape.

“Don't worry Mason, I'll hang on to it till you get back so we can go crusading.”

I nodded and waved to them which they waved back as I went down the ramp. I came up to Twilight and her friends and we headed off to go meet the princesses.

The girls stayed on the platform of the treehouse in silence watching the group head for the exit of Sweet Apple Acres. After a while Scootaloo looked to her friends. “You guys don't think of him as a coltfriend do you?”

Both Sweetie and Apple Bloom looked to Scootaloo with perplexed looks.

“I don't think I do.” Sweetie said with a shake of her head.

“Ah don't think ah do either,” Apple Bloom said, “what about you?”

Scootaloo looked to where the group was disappearing behind some trees and slight hint of pink touched her cheeks.

“No, I don't think I do either,” Scootaloo then put a hoof to her chin, “at least I don't think I do.”


I was along side Pinkie with the rest of the mares leaving Sweet Apple Acres. It was a silent trot for quite some time until Pinkie broke the silence while crouching on the ground.

“Hey Masey, want to climb on top again.” she said with a smile. I was about to gratefully accept Pinkie's offer when I looked to Dash to see her flying around, doing spins and even backwards flying. Not sure how that's possible.

“Actually, I was wondering if I could maybe….” I trailed off rubbing my hooves together.

“What did you say Mason, I didn't quite catch that last part.” Pinkie asked.

“I was wondering if I could maybe ride on Dash’s back?”

“Well of course you-”

“While she flies.” I finished, cutting Pinkie off.

Pinkie stopped smiling and had a look of concern on her face, it was an odd way she made it look though, it almost looked like a look my mom would give me.

Pinkie was about to answer when Dash herself came up to us. “Hey guys what's up? I noticed that you stopped walking with us.” True to her words, the rest of the girls were coming back to us, noticing we had stopped.

Pinkie looked to her friend with that still concerning look. “I was asking Mason here if he wanted to ride on my back for fun. But he asked me if you could give him a ride.”

Dash landed next to Pinkie and smiled. “Well of course I can give him a ride, I won't be able to fly though, but for him I don't really mind.”

Pinkie's look seemed to become more noticeable. “Actually that's just it Dashy, he wants you to give him a ride while you fly.”

Dash now looked to her friend with a confused look, then to me. “Can't you fly on your own Mason?”

I scrunched up my face in thought and looked to my wings. To be honest I couldn't really feel them, it was like they weren't there. Although that could be because I never had them before. This kind of made me a bit sad.

I looked to Dash with a sad expression and shook my head.

Dash put on a look of sympathy and put a hoof to her chin in thought. She then looked to me with a smile and nod of her head.

“Alright kid, hop on.” Dash said while crouching down.

I had a look of shock on my face, but I was also excited. “Y-you really mean it?”

Dash nodded her head firmly. “Absolutely positive, just make sure you hang on.”

I nodded my head and excitedly came over to Dash and hopped on her back. When I was secure I gave a nod of my head to her.

Dash nodded and prepared to take flight until Rarity spoke up. “Do be careful darling, I'd hate to see Mason get hurt.”

Dash looked to Rarity with a confident smile. “Don't worry Rarity, I've done this with Scootaloo a bunch of times, I got this.” With that, Dash adjusted her wings a bit, then carefully lifted herself into the air with a few flaps. When I felt the lift I immediately grabbed Dash’s neck. We didn't go really high, just above the others heads.

I looked down to them to see they were watching intently, I think I saw Twilight’s horn glowing dimly, probably just in case I fell.


My attention was then gained by Dash who was looking at me. “Wanna have some fun?”

I didn't know what she meant by that, but hey, I'm all for fun. I smiled and nodded to her.

She smiled as her eyes narrowed with mirth. “Alright hang on.”

She didn't have to tell me twice. I firmly grasped her neck preparing for what she had in store.

Before Dash did anything I heard Twilight speak.

“Dash what are you-” Twilight didn't get to finish for Dash took off with blinding speed. I immediately tightened my grip harder on her neck while she rocketed through Ponyville.

Now on one hand...hoof...whatever, I was a bit scared for my life, but on the other.


I was having the time of my life.

Dash then came back to the group in record time, almost as if we never left them. I was behind Dash’s mane, giggling like a mad man….colt.....stallion….whatever, trying to keep myself from falling off do to being dizzy from that roller coaster. I was about to compliment Dash on how awesome that was but Pinkie spoke up first.

“Dashie! What were you thinking! You could've hurt him, or worse, you could of dropped him!” Pinkie shouted with what sounded like scolding.

There was a pause from all the girls for a moment. I heard Rarity speak up but not before I heard her slightly mumble something like, 'never Pinkie was one to scold Dash for having some fun', but I wasn't sure.

"She is right darling. Mason could have fallen off your back while you did that." She said with a wave of her hoof.

“Oh lighten up guys, I was just giving him a little fun, right kid.” Dash said looking back to me. When I was certain that the world stopped spinning I came from behind Dash's head giggling.

“It was so awesome!” I said excitedly. Dash nodded in approval and looked to her friends.

“See, the kid is alright, so everything's cool.” I saw most of the girls shaking their heads, Pinkie however was giving a scolding look to Dash. It was almost scary, but I was pondering it more than fearing it. I swear that I've seen that look from my mother before.

But honestly I was more surprised that it wasn't Twilight or maybe Applejack who scolded Dash. It was then I heard a gasp come from one of the girls that broke me from my thoughts.

“Darling Look what you did to his mane! It's absolutely horrible!” Rarity exclaimed. her horn glowed a blue aura which then encased my mane in said aura. “I mean for goodness sake darling, we're going to see the princess and I will not allow him to meet her looking like that.” I felt the aura fix my mane which probably looked like I went through a tornadoe. I didn't really care, that was fun.

I heard Dash groan. “I'll be sure to go a little easier on him next time.” Dash said with annoyance.

“Ah’d advise not doing a next tahm. We're going ta’ be late for the train.” Applejack spoke up. Twilight gasped.

“Ohmygosh we're going to be late. Come on girls we got to get there quickly.” Twilight said, who began to gallop towards the direction of the train with the others following.

We galloped, well Dash flew, through Ponyville passing other ponies and buildings. Soon enough we came up to the train station to see a few other ponies boarding the….wait that's the train?

The train looked like a little girl made it, in other words it was really colorful. Now if I remember correctly this is a steam powered train and those things used to have only a few colors but this train is just ridiculous. Oh well, a trains a train I guess.

Dash landed next to her friends on the platform of the train station. I got off her back and followed them up to it. We boarded into one of the carts and found some seats and sat ourselves down. After some time passed the train jerked and started to move. Twilight sighed with relief.

“Whew, we made it.” she said with a smile.

The girls nodded and made themselves comfortable in their seats. I then heard some hoof steps coming our way.

You won't believe who showed up at our seats.

“Tickets, tickets please!” Fricken Tom Hanks that's who. It was the complete image of him, well as a pony though. He was a royal blue unicorn stallion, with a brown mane and tail along with his signature mustache. And on his flank was one of them ticket punchers punching a ticket. How fitting.

Twilight pulled out the tickets from her bags and gave them to Tom Hanks which he took except for one and used his magic to pull out a ticket puncher and started punching the ticket. When he was done he handed it to me and winked, then walked off to get more tickets.

“Tickets, tickets please!”

I don't think I stopped smiling. I was completely lost for words. I looked to the ticket and read what it said.

BE A LEADER. I'll tell you what, Tom Hanks inspiration is best inspiration.

I heard Applejack chuckle. “Shoot, for you to look like that Mason you must know who that stallion is.”

I nodded and looked to Twilight. “Could you hold on to this for me Twilight.”

Twilight smiled and nodded. “Sure Mason.” Taking the ticket in her magic she levitated it and put it in her bag.

“So where are we heading to meet the princess?” I asked curiously as I got situated in my own seat.

“We are heading to Canterlot which is the capital city of Equestria. There we will head to the castle to meet them.” Twilight said as she took a book out of her bags and began to read it.

“Cool.” I shifted in my seat and stared out the window watching the trees roll by waiting for the approach to Canterlot.


The train ride was pleasant. I talked to some of the girls and got to know them better. I even found out that Twilight lived in Canterlot. Me and Pinkie though had our usually conversations and we even had a staring contest that Pinkie won. I don't know how that mare does it but she is an unblinking champion.

After an hour long train ride we came up to Canterlot and departed the train. When I exited the doors, I silently gasped at the site. The city was big, bigger than most of the buildings in Ponyville and definantly a lot finer looking.

“Wow this place sure is big.” I said with amazement.

“It sure is Mason, you should see what it looks like at night.” Twilight said.

We made our way through the city, passing by some ponies who had their noses held up high. I'm pretty sure when some looked to the girls they scoffed. I looked to Pinkie who I was next to and nudged her.

“Hey Pinkie what's with these ponies here?”

Pinkie looked over to me. “Well Mason, unlike the ponies at Ponyville, these ponies are a bit to high up there alley.” I tilted my head.


“She means that these ruffians can be quite uptight.” Rarity said.


“They mean to say they're snobs Mason.” Dash explained with some annoyance as she eyed the passing ponies.

“Oh.” That kinda makes me wonder how Twilight survived these ponies.

After much more walking we came to a gate being guarded by two guard ponies in golden armor but I wasn't interested in that. I was interested in the humongous castle that was behind. We came up to the guards who bowed towards Twilight.

“Princess Twilight, the princess is waiting for you.”

Twilight nodded back. “thank you.”

We walked into the castle and my jaw dropped to the floor. The castle was awesome. Whoever made the inside of it must have been paid a lot because it was very well decorated with architecture and stuff. The girls walked down a hallway towards some large doors. As we did we passed some windows that showed the girls shooting light at some bad looking guys.

Twilight was about to open the doors until she started floating in the air.

“Twi what are yo- AH!” Applejack was cut off by surprise when she started floating. All of us started floating. I looked over to Dash to see her trying to fly but to no avail.

“Ugh, I can't fly in this. It's like there's no air or something.” Dash grunted with annoyance.

I pondered this for a moment. No air, and floating hallways. I started to smile.

“Cool we’re in zero gravity.” I said excitedly. It was then that I heard a strange chuckle in the air which made the mares in the room groan.

“Discord put us down!” screamed Rainbow Dash.

“This is no way to treat a lady!” shrieked Rarity as she tried to fix her mane.

“Wheeeeeeeeee!” Pinkie said with happiness. Typical Pinkie.

“Discord please, we have to meet the princesses, they said it was very important!” Twilight shouted with urgency.

“Oh alright,” said a figure that came out of the wall paintings, literally, “if you guys insist.” He snapped his fingers and all the mares tumbled to the ground in a heap of limbs, except for Fluttershy who was levitate down gently and I was caught by the strange figure.

“Oh and who might this young chap be?” said the figure. As I got a better look at him I noticed he was a combination of many animals. He had a head for a pony with an antler and horn. He had a lion's paw and a griffins talon for hands, a dragon foot and a horse's leg for legs. He also had a dragon tail and two different wings, one was a pegasus wing and the other was a bat wing. Don't know what the middle of his body was, probably that of a griffin perhaps.

“Uh, Mason.” I replied after I was done taking in his appearance.

“Well it is certainly good to see you Mason, I am Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony.” Discord greeted with a raised talon.

“Uh, nice to meet you too.” I greeted while shaking his talon.

During our greeting the girls were getting off of the ground with grunts of annoyance.

“Discord! Did you really have to just drop us like that!” shouted and irritated Rainbow Dash.

“My dearest Rainbow Dash, I did not drop you. I just turned off the zero gravity effect and you simply just fell.” Discord said with a paw to his chest.

Dash grunted and mumbled something while rejoining her friends.

Twilight brushed herself off and readjusted her bags then looked at Discord with an annoyed look. “Well shenanigans aside we need to see the princesses with Mason.”

Discord gasped with wide eyes, they actually became so wide they popped out and scurried away. “Oh do tell what the princesses could want with such a young colt?” After he said that, new eyes popped up in the empty sockets.

“I don't know but we will find out if you put him down and let us see them.” Twilight finished by gesturing a hoof to the large doors. Discord raised his eyebrows with a smile.

“Are sure you want me to do that Twilight?”

“Yes.” Twilight said with annoyance. Discord raised his eyebrows even higher.

“Are you really sure?”

Yes I'm really sure.” Twilight said now looking very annoyed as her wings twitched by her side. Discord raised his eyebrows to the point they popped off and fluttered towards me. When they were close they attached to my snout and turned into a full grown mustache. I giggled and looked to discord who had a full beard going on which made me laugh.

“Are you really, really, rea-”

“YES I’M REALLY SURE I WANT TO TAKE MASON TO SEE THE PRINCESSES!” Twilight fumed who now had steam coming from her ears.

Discord looked to the ceiling while stroking his beard. “Hm, well I want to get to know the colt before I do that, do if you'll excuse me.” Discord then raised his talon and snapped them before Twilight could argue.

I saw Twilight tried to say something but instead of words, only silence reached my ears. Twilight blinked in shock and tried to say something else but ending in the same result. I saw the mare snort as her eye twichted and the watched with slight amusement as she silently stopped on her hooves in anger. The others watched with concern as they tried to talk but were met with the same result so gave up.

Meanwhile, Discord looked to me with a raised eyebrow. "Is this what dear Princess Twilight has been acting while you were hear?"

Shaking my head I continued to watching the fuming princess rage. "Well no not exclactly. Although you weren't there to do this type of stuff."

Discord nodded as he watched with mirth at the princess. He turned his attention back to me and put a talon on his hip. "So Mason was it? What do you like to do for fun?"

I shrugged and anserwed nonchalantly. "Not much, just anything that strikes my fancy."

The chaos being nodded before bring his talon to the large beard he had. "How about pranking, you like to do those?"

I nodded my head slightly. "A little, but I've never done them that much."

I could see a smile form on his face as he picked at the beard and leaned closer to me and spoke in a hush tone. "Not even with your human friends on earth?"

I froze as those words struck me and stared at him in shock. The draconequus looked at me with a smug grin as I tried to form words. Eventually I found found voice again.

"B-but....how did-"

"I know?" he interrupted with a chuckle as he took my mustache and ate it like it was chocolate, "because I'm the spirit of chaos of course!" He said with a waved talon as lights and confetti erupted behind him.

"To prove my point, I know exactly when this one human is about to begin writing this new story he has." Discord than grabbed the air infront of the girls and pulled it revealing a human taking a shower. Said human looked to us and began freaking out which discord immidiatley shut it back to its actual position. As he did I could see the girls looking at us with confusion. He chuckled in embarrassment.

"My, my," he said as he looked at a watch that made no sense, "is it that time already?"

Shaking myself at my stuper, I looked to the girls to see their reactions. All of them still had confusion on their faces as they stared silently while Twilight was huffing air through her nose telling me she was really peeved. I looked to Discord and put my hooves around my mouth to whisper to him.

"Did they see any of that?"

Shaking his head he snapped his talons and I could now here noise from the girls again. "Do not worry that was a one sided thing, so no they don't know."

Nodding I looked to Twilight whose mane was disheveled along with one of her eyes twitching. Oh yeah, she was peeved.

"Discord," she said through clenched teeth as her ears and wings twitched, "can you pleeeeaaase put Mason down so we can see the princesses?"

Discord looked with mirth as he clearly wanted to mess with the princess some more but was stopped by a quiet yet stern voice.


Looking over to the owner who happened to be Fluttershy, Discord immediately became calm. “Yes my dear Fluttershy?”

“Could you please let us take Mason to see the princesses? They said it was very important and I'd hate to keep them waiting.” Fluttershy said.

Discord looked to the ceiling for a while, then nodded his head. “Alright Fluttershy, only because you asked nicely.” With that, Discord sat me down next to the girls. I heard Twilight try to say something but couldn't find words to say.

“Bu- I- you- but- uuugh!” Twilight groaned dragging a hoof down her face as her wings twitched more. I think she could use a hug.

“Well as fun as this has been I'm going to take my leave now, ta-ta.” Discord waved and disappeared with a snap of his talons.

I heard a series of sighs from the girls.

“Mah stars, ah don't think ah’m ever going ta’ get used ta’ that feller.” Applejack said.

“I couldn't agree with you more,” Twilight said as her eye twitched again. I could tell that she was trying her hardest to calm her nerves but wasn't being quite successful. Feeling sympathy for the princess I can up to her and gave her a nice hug. The princess stopped what she was doing and looked to me which I only smiled warmly to her. She sighed as she took deep breathes and returned the smile and hug.

"Thank you Mason I really needed that, now, let's not waste any more time."

Twilight ended the hug and moved to the large doors and opened them. When she opened the doors we were greeted by a large room that had a red carpet and more windows with pictures and at the end were two thrones that were both being occupied by two figures.

Me and the girls walked closer to the two figures and I took the time to take in their features. They seemed big, at least bigger than any other pony I've seen.

The first one who sat on the main throne seemed to be the tallest. She had fur that was white as snow and had a multicolored mane and tail that flowed even though there was no wind. Not only that but she had a very large horn along with wings. She wore a golden crown that had a purple ruby in the middle along with a golden necklace that had the same ruby in the middle along with golden shoes. My deduction is that this is Princess Celestia. It was hard to tell but her Cutie Mark looked to be like the sun.

The second one standing next to the throne seemed smaller than Celestia. She had dark blue fur with a mane and tail that looked like the night sky itself which was really cool, it also flowed without wind like Celestia’s. She too had a large horn and wings. She wore a black crown with a black necklace that had a crescent moon on it along with silver shoes. I'm gonna say that's Princess Luna. Her Cutie Mark looked like a crescent moon.

Twilight approached Celestia and nuzzled her which she gratefully returned while the girls bowed to the princesses which I did as well. When the princess was done nuzzling Twilight she spoke.

“It is so good to see you Twilight and as well for you elements,” Celestia said in a motherly tone, “please rise, there is no need to be formal.”

“Sorry princess force of habit.” Pinkie chirped.

Celestia nodded and spoke again while Twilight rejoined us. “It is quite alright. Now I believe you are all wondering why we have called you here so quickly?”

“Yeah, we've been wondering what you needed us for, especially why you asked for Mason.” Dash asked a bit perplexed and much calmer than With Discord.

“Yes we will explain it all to you but first I would like to meet him.” Celestia said while coming to the base of the throne.

“Well he's right.” Pinkie said while pushing my unmoving self towards the princess. I craned my neck to look up at her and see she had a motherly smile on.

“It is good to finally meet you Mason, I am Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria and mover of the sun and this is my sister Princess Luna co-ruler and mover of the moon.” Luna bowed her head in greeting.

“It is good to meet you young Mason.” she said.

I stared astonishingly at the princesses, mainly Luna and her awesome mane, like really, where can I get on of those. It took me a while to find out they greeted themselves so I shook out of my stupor and cleared my throat and thought of the first thing that came to mind.

“You're very tall.”

Flipping grand.

The princesses chuckled as the girls behind me giggled. I blushed a bit in embarrassment. “You must be surprised to see us for the first time hm.” asked Celestia.

I nodded slowly with that still astonished look on my face. “Yeah, to be completely honest I kind of imagined you guys….smaller.”

Luna blinked at me, then looked to her sister. “Tis a first time I've heard that one.”

Celestia nodded. “Indeed,” Celestia along with Luna started heading for another door, “come my little ponies, we will explain why we have called you here.”

The girls and I complied and followed the princesses, all of us hoping to find out why we were called here to the castle. Especially me.

(Somewhere at an Unknown Location)

A lone hooded pony walked through a dark part of the large Everfree Forest. But this area was not like any other part of the deadly forest. This part of the forest spoke true evil, not even the toughest creatures walked these lands, but this single pony did not care about the evil air. As a matter of fact, this pony loved the feeling of it. It made them feel powerful.

The pony walked some more through the dark foliage of the trees and bushes until she soon came to a large wall of rock. They walked up to the rock and placed their hoof on it and in a split second the rock reacted to the figure hoof and crumbled away.

In front of the figure there revealed a large entrance to a cave. The pony entered the cave and walked down the dark hallways while the entrance closed.

The figure now knowing they were alone took off their hood revealing a mare who smiled darkly. She walked down the hallway of rooms that were built for torture and prisoners and even ones that practiced dark magic.

After passing many rooms the figure came to a door and opened it. The door opened to a large room that was made entirely out of enchanted stone, what its purpose was she didn't know, but she didn't really care. At the end of the room sat a throne, a large throne, and behind it on a wall were glowing cutie marks and symbols and under each one was a space that had glass balls that glowed with different colors.

The mare came to the throne and bowed. “My master, I come with great news.”

At those words a terrifying howl sounded and dirt flew to the throne. The dirt started to create hooves and then a body, along with the a body a head, mane, and tail appeared. When it was finished, the now occupied throne had a stallion who looked to the mare with a neutral expression.

“And what news do you bring me my disciple.” the stallion spoke with a dark, ragged tone. Think of Megatrons voice when you hear this stallion. Yeah, he sounds like that.

“I have found the last one.” the mare said with a smile.

The stallion’s expression then became shocked, but only for a second for it was replaced with a toothy smile. He chuckled. “Well it's about time, you know what to do.”

The mare nodded. “I do my master but,” she looked up to the stallion to see his smile was faltering, “there is going to be a problem.”

His smile now fully gone, was now a frown. “Just what kind of problem do you speak of.” he growled.

She now had a frown herself. “He is a pony without a cutie mark and though I can detect his magic, it is very faint. I believe that he has not unlocked his elements to the point it can be used at will.”

He now had a thoughtful expression and brought a hoof to his chin. “This is a problem. Alright I want you to watch him and wait. When the time is right I want you to take him and bring his magic to me.”

She pondered this for a moment and looked to her master. “But what about-”

“His cutie mark? That we will have to wait for now, for the process will never work properly since he is a pony. As for his magic I want you to wait until he can unlock it himself, but only if it doesn't take to long.”

“And if it does.” she asked.

The stallion smiled to the mare. “Then force it.”

She nodded and walked to the door. When she had left the room the stallion looked to the wall at one vacant spot that had a blank glass ball and no cutie mark. The stallion chuckled evilly.

“My time of power, will come.”