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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 18: A Little Bit of R&R

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(Mason's Pov)

My eyes opened up groggily as I blinked away the morning sunlight in the room. A loud groan followed as I tried to turn away from the light but had no success in doing so. Sighing in defeat, I succumbed to the morning and sat up in my bed.

I rubbed my eyes with a yawn as my mind started to wake up a little more, memories of what happened in the Dreamscape with Luna started to come forth. It was truly sad what happened to Lucas and it was heartbreaking to see how much it had done to Luna. I couldn't help but feel awful for the princess and how she was mistaken for doing something by a false reason when the reason for it was something else entirely.

However I couldn't just tell anypony. I had made a Pinkie Promise on it. Talking about promises, a light smile graced my face as I remembered what I had done to comfort Luna. Sure I might be young and new to the comforting thing but I sure was glad that I could comfort the mare in her grief and even made a promise to keep myself safe even if I’m just a kid.

It’s also apparent that Luna is my aunt now. Another member for the family circle. Yay!

The sound of chirping birds brought me from my thoughts as I looked out the open window in the wide room I was in. Around this room were other beds, some made and some weren't. There was also the sound of children laughing.

If you haven’t guessed by that observation then I’ll just flat out say that I’m back in the orphanage. Now to me, that seems like a bad move but apparently Violeta Heart -who is the owner of the orphanage- had other ideas. Apparently -unknown to me- Twilight had been lying to the mare when she would asked on why I haven’t been coming back to the orphanage, saying that the princess wanted me to stay with her for some special or minor reasons.

But in reality, I was being kept at Pinkie’s for the past few months and it was under, not special or minor circumstances, but completely dangerous ones that could have endangered my life. To say that Violeta was pissed would have been an understatement. A huge understatement. Like I’m saying that she marched all the way to the hospital to chew her out and when she did, oh boy.

Now mind you this was at least one day after the battle, so even though Twilight was injured badly she was still awake and to tell you the truth I have never seen her try to look so small to a regular unicorn. Even if Twilight wasn't injured she still probably would have tried to hide in her wings.

That day I also found out what her Cutie Mark meant which was an image of a curled up newborn foal that was inside a giant red heart. She apparently took that talent very seriously, saying that it was her job to watch over the fillies and colts as if they were her own children which granted her that mark. It took both Celestia and Luna to calm the mare down and allowed the injured Twilight to explain herself. Apparently, to her own accord, she only did it to keep her from panicking and possibly causing myself to panic since I didn't know that such dangerous ponies were after me. By Twilight’s words, that probably would have put me in more danger.

Although Violeta was still clearly agitated, she said that she would forgive and forget about that as long as I was put under her watch until Pinkie Pie was able to watch me again since I was, by law, her son. The princesses tried to persuade the mare into reconsidering by saying it would be better if I stay with one of the elements and that they would also add guards into the mix as well.

Violeta however was having none of that and after a very loud and awkward fight between her and the princesses -mostly on her side- the princesses agreed that I would stay with her if I was to be visited by one of the elements or the princesses everyday and kept under heavy guard by, well guards. With a stiff nod the mare agreed to it and proceed to take me back to the orphanage with some guards chosen by Celestia and Luna -mostly Luna- back to the orphanage.

Of course by take, I mean carried me by the scruff of my neck the entire way there and keeping me away from anyone that got to close. Yeah, she took her job very seriously. After we made it to the building, the guards had made a perimeter around the orphanage and would occasionally switch roles for guarding outside and inside.

I didn’t get to witness all that as Violeta, still carrying me by the scruff, carried me to her office and proceeded to give me a long lecture on why I shouldn’t lie. I probably would have ignored most of it if I wasn't so terrified by this mare and how she sees kids. So I took in every word with a honest answer if I was asked a question.

Now here I am, four days later in the orphanage with the guards still patrolling the building. Some of the children are a bit weary of them but Violeta had assured them that they wouldn’t hurt anypony. Some of them became curious enough to ask them questions which they truthfully answered but always declined if asked to play, saying that they had a job to do by orders of the princess.

But not only did I get daytime guards but I also got nighttime ones as well. Apparently Luna, who has been constantly visiting my dreams and taking away any nightmares that I have been having, had taken extra precautions to give me the protection that they should have sent to Ponyville with the girls.

Being honest here, Luna really lives up to the title Princess of The Night. Because she sent these ponies that were called bat ponies as my night guards. Apparently it’s a pony but has leathery wings, pointed teeth, ears with extra fur on the tips, and slit eyes that glow in the dark. They also have much softer and thicker fur than most ponies which protects them from cold nights. Now I know that their eyes glow in the dark and their fur is soft because I met one.

I’ll tell ya what. It wasn’t the first impression that I would have liked to make on that one guard.

(Day Two After Battle With Blossom)
(Night Time: All Pov)

It was a cold night and not so much of a good sleep for a little colt. He turned and tossed in his bed as nightmares clouded his dreams of his mother and what happened to her.

Except this time she wasn’t able to be saved.

“No mom...don't…..don't leave me.” The colt unconsciously said as he shifted in his bed again. Unknown to him, a certain guard was doing their rounds around the rooms of all the fillies and colts. As the guard came up to the room where the colt resided, they opened the door and took a peek inside to check on him, only to see his form shifting and rolling.

This particular guard was a female pony and could only look with concern at the colt. Mumbling to herself, she silently opened the door and crept into the room, keeping an eye on the other fillies and colts to make sure she wouldn't wake them. When she arrived at Mason’s bed, she crept up to the side and lightly nudged the colt.

“Hey,” her smooth voice whispered, “hey lad, wake up. You're have’n a nightmare.”

She flinched her hoof back when the colt suddenly jerked awake with heavy breathing and panicking eyes. She was about to calm the colt down until his eyes had locked onto hers and widened in fear.

Now Mason has seen a lot of things that has scared him in his life. But nothing could prepare him for waking up in a cold sweat from a horrible nightmare and then coming face-to-face with a fanged, glowing slit-eyed creature. So being the mature colt that he is…

He screamed. Loudly.

The pony guard reeled back with her ears pinned against her head as the colt screamed loudly and fell off his bed with a thud. She cringed as she heard the other children in the room start to shift around from being awoken by the colt as he was now huddling under his head and quietly sobbing.

“What's going on?”

“What woke me?”

“Morning already?”

“Geez and I'm still hungry after eating all that food.”

“I have to pee.”

The guard cringed even more as more of the children were tiredly waking up and started looking around the room for the disturbance of their sleep. One filly in particular had already found it.


All voices stopped as the eyes of the fillies and colts directed their gaze to Scootaloo who was on the edge of her bed trying to look under the one bed that was missing said colt and a guards pony standing next to it.

“Mason are you okay?”

Scootaloo practically ignored the pony that was standing next to his bed as she got out of her bed and walked over to the unoccupied one. Stopping, she knelt down on her belly and could faintly see in the darkness the shaking form of her friend.

“Mason?” She called again but was unanswered. Her ears swiveled, picking up the noises from some other colts and fillies getting out of their beds.

“Hey Scoots, what's going on?”

“Is Mason okay?”

“Yeah is he okay?”

“Should we go get Miss Heart?”

Scoots could only look at her friends and shrug her shoulders in the dark. She flinched when she saw the pony guard move towards the bed and knelt down herself to see under the bed, though she could completely see the colt.

“Lad, are you alright?”

She only got a shuffle with a whimper in response. Coming back to her full height with a thoughtful expression, she looked around to see more of the children beginning to huddle around. Knowing full well on what the owner of the orphanage would do if she saw all the children awake, she got down on her belly again and slowly reached for the colt. She slightly flinched when the colt whimpered louder and swat at the hooves that tried to grab him.

Taking a deep breath, the guard reached for the colt again while whispering words of comfort to him.

“It’s alright lad, I won't hurt ya. It's okay to come out now.”

Mason was shaking a storm up from the nightmare, that close up to whatever was to the side of his bed, and now the hooves coming to grab him in the dark. However the words of comfort reached his ears and encouraged him to calm down. The voices of his orphanage buddies also reached his ears trying to coax him out from under the bed. Still a little shaken, he slowly inched himself closer to the hooves which in turn gently grabbed him and pulled him from out of the bed.

The first thing he felt was the incredible softness of fur as the mysterious pony brought him to their chest. His shaking began to slowly die down as the mysterious pony whispered words of comfort to the colt as they rocked him back and forth.

The guards pony watched the colt calm down and snuggle into the thick chest fur that's stuck out of her armor. When she felt his shaking stopped she looked to the other fillies and colts who looked at their friend with worry. She sighed as she began to walk around the mass of children.

“Alright ya lovelies, it’s time ta get yerselves to bed before ol’ Heart sees ya out an’ about.”

As she walked to the door, her ears swirled to pick up the many voices of the children.

“But what about Mason?”

“Yeah, is he gonna be alright?”

“Should we do something?”

“I still have to pee.”

She raised an eyebrow when she picked up the last one but shook her head as she reached the door and turned back to see most of the children hadn't made any move back to their beds.

“Look, your lad here will be alright. I'll take ‘em to Miss Heart and she will take care of it. Now all of ya, get back to yer beds.”

She became satisfied when she saw all the colts and fillies slowly get back into their beds. She saw one particular orange filly still looking reluctant to get to hers but eventually started walking to it.

With a hum she closed the door and then looked down at the colt who looked as if he was about ready to fall asleep in her hooves. The guard sighed.

“Well let's get ya to Miss Heart so she can deal with ya laddie.”

Before she could take the first step, she froze with a hiss as she used, not a feathered, but a leathered wing to shield her eyes from sudden light that assaulted them. As she tried to adjust to the sudden light, she heard the sound of hooves approaching her and felt something taking the colt from her hooves. She was about to throw some insults to the pony but stopped when she heard their voice.

“I don't think that will be a problem.”

The guard pony froze as she heard the tired and agitated voice of Violeta Heart. Slowly she squinted her eyes open to see the mare sitting on her haunches while cradling a very tired looking colt in her hooves. Her mane and tail were disheveled and her eyes were somewhat bloodshot as she glared at the guard pony.

The guard pony could only avert her gaze as she opened and closed her mouth trying to form words with it. Eventually she found her voice.

“Ma’am, I can explain.”

“Oh I'm sure you can,” Violeta spat as the guard seemed to shrink, “please, enlighten me on why I hear the children awake in that room and you leaving it with Mason in your hooves.”

Taking a gulp, the pony slowly removed her wing since her eyes were finally adjusted to the light and proceeded to tell her little story.

“I was just passing by the rooms and doing me rounds to check for anything that might have gotten in. When I came to the colts room and opened the door to check up on him, I saw that he was shaking in his sleep. I decided to calm him down from his nightmare but instead I spooked the poor lad and woke up the other children.”

She shrunk a little more when Violeta’s glare became harder as her ears twitched in agitation.

“And are the children still awake?” She seethed through clenched teeth.

The guards pony quickly shook her head. “No, I told the lovelies to get back to their beds and that I would bring the lad to you.”

Violeta opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself when the door to the room opened revealing an orange pegasus filly poking her head out. Said filly squinted her eyes as she rubbed them with a hoof.

“Miss Heart, is Mason okay?”

A sigh reached the guards sensative ears as Heart shifted the barely awake colt in her hooves.

“Yes Scootaloo, I'm sure he will be fine. As a matter fact, you, guard.” Violeta said with a stern voice.

Said guard immediately stood at attention when she was called. However, said attention became shock as Heart handed her the colt and harshly pointed down the hallway.

“Take him down to where the main room is, there you will see a room with the light on. That is my room, take him there and stay there until I come back.”

Nodding in confirmation the guard quickly left the hallway and made her way to the stairs with the colt still in her hooves.

Violeta, meanwhile watched the guard disappear through the door that lead to the stairs. With a tired sigh, she used her horn to dim the lights as she entered the room pushing Scoots along with her.

“Wait, but Miss Heart-”

“Scootaloo.” Was all Heart had to say to get the filly to stop and splay her ears back. She would only use the full names of the children if they were in trouble or needing to stop a conversation from becoming an argument.

“I know you are worried for him, I am to. But right now it is way too late in the night for you or anypony else to be up right now, so you can check up on him in the morning. Right now I would like it if you could go back to bed, that goes for the rest of you.”

She heard a collective okay’s from the fillies and colts as they got in their respective beds. Scootaloo slowly got into her bed and got under her blankets, however she didn't lay down as she caught the sight of Mason’s bed and frowned sadly. Violenta sighed sadly for the filly as she went over and gently pushed her down.

“I know you're worrying for him but I promise, he'll be alright and you can check on him in the morning okay?”

Getting a nod in reply, Miss Heart kissed the filly’s forehead and bid her and the rest of the children goodnight, after a few more goodnight kisses for the children who asked for them.

Finally kissing the last colt goodnight she went to the door to close it. She stopped in her tracks however when another colt spoke up in the dark.

“Miss Heart, I have to pee.”

Rolling her eyes she looked back to faintly see a colt sitting on his bed twiddling with his hooves.

“Well your a big boy now Tinny, I'm sure you can go to the bathroom yourself now can't you?”

The colt nodded as he continued to play with his hooves. “I know it's just that….”

Violenta raised an eyebrow as the colt seemed to look to and fro as if he was embarrassed about something. Her eyes began to widen slightly as an idea of why came to her head and the colt only sealed the deal.

“I already did.”

It was silent in the room as Violeta stood still in her spot. The colt became a little nervous as most of the children in the orphanage knew how stressful Miss Heart can get when she's woken up early. She didn't stay like that as a big sigh came from her and she walked back into the room.

“Go clean yourself up, I'll change the sheets.”

Back with the guard pony that we can now all agree is a bat pony, was just putting the colt on a spare bed in what seemed to be Violeta’s room. It was a small regular room with a single bed, a dresser, and a large mirror. The walls were decorated with shelves that had many knick knacks on them along with pictures of Violeta and young children with smiles on their faces. In one corner of the room was a door that probably led to a bathroom and spare bed put up next to it which she was now using to tuck the colt in to get him comfortable.

“There ya go lad, all nice and warm eh.”

She only got a tired mumble from the colt who fought long and hard to keep his eyes open. The bat pony frowned at the colt who seemed to be having trouble falling asleep.

“Is everything alright lad?”

The colt lightly shook his head as he adjusted it on the pillow. “I can't fall asleep.”

The guards frown deepened as she looked at the colt. Sure she was a tough and hard core Lunar Guard like her other comrades, but they still had a heart for the little ones. Especially since this one seemed to have caught the attention of the night princess.

“Why’s that? Gotta take a tinkle? Perhaps a glass o’ water?”

The colt shook his head as his eyes scanned the room as if he was looking for something. He buried himself deeper in the covers as he looked back at the mare.


The bat pony made a silent ‘oh’ with her lips as she put on a thinking look. With a shrug of her shoulders, she removed her armor and got into the bed with a colt. He stared confusingly at the mare as she laid down beside him and got herself comfortable. When she was settled, she pat the area between her front legs that was next to her chest while looking at Mason.

He looked a bit reluctant but eventually crawled to the little space the mare made. When he settled himself down, the bat pony curled her legs around him, bringing him in close to the tuft of her chest fur. She smiled lightly when she heard a sigh of content from him.

“Comfortable laddie?”

A nod was felt against her chest as the colt snuggled in deeper. “Yeah, your chest fur is very soft.”

She chuckled as she adjusted her position. “Yup, us bat ponies are know fer thick fur to keep us warm in the cold nights. Especially around the chest area. It's good fer snugglen with chur special somepony or with little ones. I should know since I had a few siblings.”

He looked up at the pony with a quizzical look. “Is that what you are?”

The bat pony nodded. “Yes sir laddie, I'm a proud bat pony of the night. You can tell from the fangs, pointy ears, and cat like eyes. We can also see in the dark which makes our eyes glow in the dark brightly.”

“Oh.” Was what Mason said as he looked down in slight guilt. The bat pony was about to voice her concerns until he looked back up at her with an apologetic look.

“I'm sorry for screaming at you in the room, and for getting you in trouble with Miss Heart. I was just a little jumpy from the nightmare.”

The guard shook her head as she snuggled the little colt close. “Nah, don't worry about it lad, truth be told I shoulda been a little more careful in waking ya up so all is forgiven. Although you did do a number on me ears.”

He looked confusingly at the mare with a head tilt and one of his ears going down like a puppy. Realization crossed his face as he smiled sheepishly.

“Right, bat pony, sorry about that.”

She shook her head again. “It's quite alright lad.”

The duo stayed like that for the rest of the time. The bat pony was more than content to wait for the colt to completely fall asleep before she got back to her rounds. Mason however was finding it harder to sleep as the soft chest fur of the pony was quite comfortable, if his constant yawning was any indication.

Mason snuggled deeper as his eyelids started to become more heavy. Giving one more yawn he decided to ask the bat pony one more question before he went to sleep.

“I never,” he gave another yawn, “I never got your name.”

The mare, who had closed her eyes for a moment, opened them to look down at the colt who was almost passed out.

“Midny Oíche is me name.”

Mason tiredly titled his head. “Eehuu?”

The bat pony now named Midny chuckled as she shook her head. “No, Oíche. It means night in Nieghrish.”

Mason nodded in confirmation as he gave one last yawn and closed his eyes for a nice slumber.

Just as Midny watched the colt fall asleep, she heard the sound of hoofsteps causing her to look up and see Violenta looking at her with a raised eyebrow. With a slight blush and pinned ears, Midny cleared her throat.

“He couldn't fall asleep.”

Violenta stared for a good long while until she sighed for what was probably the tenth time that night and went over to her own bed while slowly turning off the lights to the room.

“Just be sure to get back to your rounds or whatever when you think he's fully asleep.”

Midny only nodded in confirmation as the lights completely going out and Violenta hitting the sack herself.

(Present Day)
(Mason’s Pov)

Yeah, so that's the gist of it. She shows, I see her, I scream, she comforts me, and then we're all friends just like that. What a good way to find friendship.

So apparently her name was Midny Oíche, Oíche meaning Night in Neighrish and she is a bat pony as well. Honestly, I think I have a new favorite species on this planet.

I mean, who doesn't love the ability to see in the dark, walk silently, have echolocation, and get this, she's able to climb on the walls like Spider-Man!

It's really cool, I've actually seen her do it.

Creepy, but cool at the same time. It's creepy cool.

Anyway, apparently she made a connection with me, either that or she likes scaring the hairs off me when she visits. When all jump scares are cast aside she just lays around and we quietly talk. Some of the fillies and colts will be up to ask her some questions themselves. When we're all done talking, she always stays around until I fall asleep. I'll tell you what, the soft fur of a bat pony is an instant knockout when it comes to sleep.

Anyway, I should probably make my bed and head downstairs for breakfast before Violeta comes up here to promptly drag me down or bring my breakfast up here.

Not wanting to go through that I get off my bed with a stretch of my limbs and promptly make my bed that was less messy than it usually gets. After pulling some blankets here and there, I finally finished making my bed. Nodding with satisfaction I walked out of the room and headed towards the stairs while passing the other rooms.

Reaching them, I made my way down them and to the main floor and towards the dining room. Opening the door, I looked in to see four fillies, two colts, and Miss Heart eating at the table.

Violeta’s ears perked up at the sound of the door opening and looked up to see me. With a wave of her hoof, she gestured me to sit down next to her which I complied to without complaint. As I passed the chairs on the left side of the table, the three fillies and one colt on the same side looked at me and waved their hoof in greeting to which I gave a nod in return.

Finally reaching the seat, I climbed the slightly tall chair and sat myself down with a light thump. I was about to say a good morning to Miss Heart until a dark purple aura from her horn put out a bowl of oatmeal in front of me.

“Good morning to you to Mason.”

Smiling in thanks, I began eating me meal for the morning. As I ate, the same aura put a glass of milk in front of me which I hummed in thanks as well. Still eating, Miss Heart swallowed her food and looked at me.

“So Mason, what are you planning on doing today?”

Did I also forget to mention that she's constantly checking on me now? No. Well she is. Every morning she will ask what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and when I'm doing it. She never likes to leave any detail out of my schedule that I give her.

“I was thinking about visiting the hospital again today.”

She nodded as a spoon, that was grasped in her magic, floated some cereal into her mouth. Chewing it for a while, she swallowed and looked to me expectantingly.

“And after that?”

Putting a hoof to my chin, I began to think on what else to do. With nothing coming to mind I shrugged as I scooped up another mouthful of oatmeal.

“Don't know, maybe I and the crusaders will try and do something today. Although, I don't know how we will do that when I have this.”

I finished that sentence by pointing at the new Cutie Mark that was on my butt. I'll tell you what, I was shocked to wake up and find a Cutie Mark of a shield made of fire with lightning arcs surrounding it. When I was free to roam around the orphanage -after my long lecture with Violeta and with two guards to accompany me- I was tackled to the ground by a grateful Scootaloo who thanked me over and over again on what happened and then for her mood to immediately do a turn around when she saw I had my mark.

I'll tell you what, I've never seen her ride on her scooter and then come back with both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle that fast. I think they were still puking their lunch as Scootaloo told them the news.

A cough brought me out of that memory as I looked at Heart who had apparently taken care of her bowl at some point.

“Well in that case I will accompany you to the hospital, as I have been doing, and then let you run off with Scootaloo and her friends.”

Nodding in agreement, I finished my oatmeal and began to drink my milk. As I drinked it, I saw Violeta picking up the discarded bowls and glasses of the other occupants who were just there and stacked them with her magic. When she came to me she took my bowl and glass when I finished them.

“Come with me Mason, I want to ask you something.” Was what I heard as she disappeared behind the door into the kitchen. With slight curiosity I followed the mare. When I went through the door I saw her cleaning the dishes with great skill. Her magic was expertly cleaning bowls, plates, glasses, and silverware in the sink and then drying them and putting them away in their respective places.

As I watched the mare work, she cleared her throat to get my attention.

“So I wanted to ask, how have the other children been treating you after your...elemental discovery?”

I couldn't see her as her attention was mainly focused on the dishes but I could hear great concern in her voice as she shifted her weight left and right. I lightly kicked a hoof at the floor as I shrugged, mostly to myself.

“I get a few looks, but none of them are mean to me or ignore me if that's what your asking. They mostly just ask me to show them how I do it or to see if I can do any neat tricks.”

Miss Heart hummed as she washed the last few dishes. It was true that none of the children had ignored me or feared me. I was more surprised by it really. I guess I can thank the first few friends that I made here as they helped with growing everypony’s curiosity in what I could do and stuff.

Scootaloo was a big help in that case. Since she was the one to see it all she talked with all the children, telling them how cool I was and what I was able to do. She even said that I could probably do neat tricks with my powers.

So that's what most of the children did. To be honest I think they were more curious than scared to begin with. The moment I roamed around the orphanage -after getting a death gripping and excited Scootaloo off me- all the fillies and colts were asking me to show them my magic as they were calling it or to show them any neat tricks.

“Well that's good to hear,” Violeta said, breaking me out of my thoughts, “I'm glad that the children are still playing with you.”

I watched as Violeta stopped shifting her weight and seemed to relax from hearing my answer. She put away that last few dishes with her magic and opened the drain in the sink. As she rinsed it out she looked to me and gestured to the door.

“Well if we're going to the hospital you best clean yourself up. I don't think you'd like to go there wearing that bed head of yours.”

She finished that with a smile as I raised an eyebrow. Raising a hoof I felt around to see that my mane was sticking out in odd angles. Smiling sheepishly with my ears down I quickly left the room to clean up as she chuckled behind me.


I, Violeta, and at least three Solar Guards, one of each race were walking down the streets of Ponyville towards the hospital. As we walked, most of the ponies watched us walk by while some were whispering to each other. I watched with my ears slightly down as they all seemed to be staring at me from the corners of their eyes.

It was a mix of emotions. Some were a bit worried, probably for me or themselves, some were shocked, others seemed to have slightly narrowed eyes. Others who would see me that I knew would give slight smiles with sympathetic looks. Others who I didn't really know would avert their eyes if I saw them.

As we continued to walk, we passed by one cafe that had a few ponies outside eating and talking. A couple that had a stallion and a mare stopped their talking when they noticed us walking by and began to whisper. My ears perked up as I could slightly hear what they were saying.

“Is that the colt that has that strange magic like that one mare?” The stallion said as he eyed me from the corner of his eyes.

“Yes hon it is, now stop staring at the poor dear. It's bad enough some ponies are creating awful rumors about him.” The mare said as she took a sip of something.

“I know, I know, but what if that mare comes back because of him or what happens if he turns on us? How can you not talk about that.”

“Oh would you stop it! He's just a little colt, he's not going to do anything bad to us, with who his mother is and the friends she has.”

“That's a big if though. No pony has ever done that kind of magic and he's not even a unicorn. It's unheard of, I mean the kid was able to create storm clouds with lightning! Not only that but did you see how beaten up that one strange mare was when he fought her? What if he goes and does that to somepony else?! Now that's something to fear.”

I stopped listening as my ears fell and looked down with a hurt expression. Word of what happened at the battle had gotten around incredibly fast. As I would go around the town with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle, I would hear most of the things that the mares and stallions would say like he just did.

Most of them hurt and just made my day into a bad one. I mean I knew what I did wasn't anything that somepony has seen but they didn't have to be so mean about it. It was the other ponies that I had gotten to know thanks to Pinkie that had persuaded most of the townsfolk into thinking otherwise, saying I was just a colt and I was under watch of Twilight Sparkle. But that didn't change the mind of most.

Unknown to me though, Violeta saw my downed look and glared at the stallion who was ranting on about something I didn't want to hear. Using her magic she picked up his drink that had steam coming off it and poured it on his lap making him shout in shock and slight pain.

He turned to look around for the pony who did it, only to shrink away when he caught sign of the menacing glare directed at him by Miss Heart.

Turning back in his seat, he was about to voice a small insult about the mare until a piece of toast slapped him across the face. Rubbing his cheek with a shocked expression, he looked to his mare friend only to see her glaring at him which made his ears fall.

“What was that for?”

Her glare only intensified. “That is for making the poor colt sad and for having stupid ideas, like voicing your thoughts.”

He gave a pout like a child as he crossed his hooves. “How the buck was I supposed to know that Sugarcube Corner place had weird mares.”

That remark cost him another slap to the face by a plate which knocked him out of his seat.

“Ow! What the heck!”

The mare only glared. “You idiot! That mare is his mother!”

Poor stallion, can't seem to catch a break. Well back to Mason!

I continued to walk next to Violeta as the three guards followed but as we went farther down the path, I started to get closer to Miss Heart as more ponies seemed to stare making me uncomfortable. I felt a tap on my head, causing me to look up and see the mare smiling warmly down at me.

“Don't worry Mason, just ignore them and I'll take care of them okay?”

I didn't know what she meant by that but I was at least touched by her words. My attention was then brought from the mare to one of the Solar Guards, who happened to be a pegasus mare who only smirked.

“And don't worry luv, if any of them try anything we’ll be sure to put them in their place.” She said with a British accent. Don't know the pony word for that one.

I smiled gratefully to the mare and gave my thanks to her and Miss Heart. I then faced my head forward and continued onward with my group, trying my best to ignore the stairs that were given to me. Apparently, my early thought on what Violeta meant by what she said was answered as I saw the mare using her magic to pull manes, flick ears, or throw tiny objects at the ponies staring.





“Oi! Hey a bit!”

As this continued on, the ponies would then stare at Violeta with narrowed eyes, only to shy away as she glared awfully hard at them with her magic glowing brighter. Yeah if word of what I could do got around in a matter of four days, I think what Violeta did to the Princess of Friendship did as well.

A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the number of ponies diminished and the hospital was just in view. Not wasting any time, I trotted ahead of our little group to get to the doors quicker. When I approached them I looked back to see Violeta and the guards moving just a little faster to catch up.

Finally caught up, we all moved through the main doors and into the waiting room. Violeta told us to wait as she went up to the counter and began talking to a mare behind the counter. It didn't take long for them to converse as the mare, being a unicorn, lit her horn for a second and then stopped it. Not too long after, Nurse Redheart came in and smiled when she saw me.

“Ah, good morning Mason, I take it your here to see the two patients we have today?”

I nodded to which she did in return. Motioning a hoof for us to follow her, she began walking down the hallway she just came from. As we followed in step with her, she turned to me with a questioning look.

“So who would you like to visit first?”

I didn't hesitate to answer. “Can I visit Twilight please?”

Nodding, Redheart began to walk towards a door not far ahead of us. Stopping in front of it, she reached a hoof up and turned the knob. When the door fully opened, it revealed a partially healed Twilight Sparkle who was in a green gown that allowed her wings open access, revealing only a few bandages on them and one wrapped around her right leg. Her body was voided of any scratches and cuts along with her fur and mane being properly cleaned and her wings preened.

Before the door opened, she was busy reading a book and stopped to see Nurse Redheart at the door. Twilight sighed as she sat the book down with her magic that was fully charged after four days of rest.

“Let me guess, am I due for another check up again?”

Shaking her head, Nurse Redheart gestured to me as I came in front of the door myself.

“Nope a visitor.”

Twilight's slight frown turned into a bright smile as she settled down in her hospital bed.

“Well then, send him in.”

Nodding to the princess, the nurse looked down to me.

“Okay, you go ahead and talk with the princess Mason. When your done, just come out the door and I'll lead you to your mother okay?”

Nodding, I began to walk in with the pegasus guard following close behind. The other two who were stallions stationed themselves at the door as Violeta looked in.

“I'll just be at the waiting room Mason. Come find me when your finished with your visits today.”

Giving a nod to the mare, I continued inside to get to Twilight's bed while the guard closed the door. Finally arriving to the bed, I crouched down and got myself ready to jump in it. Instead of jumping in the bed, I yelped as a magical aura lifted me off my hooves and gently set me on it. Shaking myself out of my slight shock I looked to see Twilight smirking with her horn lit.

“Magic is getting a little better don't you think?”

My only response to that was to slightly knock the air out of her lungs as I hugged the princess. I heard her take a deep breath as she slowly hugged me back.

“Yeah, I'm happy to see you again to.”

I felt her give one gentle squeeze before she ended the hug and looked down to me with a smile. She then directed her gaze to the guard who was standing at attention near the door with a slight smirk on her face.

“Good morning Solar Flare.”

“Good morning to you princess. Lovely day isn't it?” The guard whose name I now said with a bow.

Twilight nodded in agreement. “Indeed it is. So, how is my favorite colt?”

“Pretty good,” I said with a shrug as I got settled down next to the princess, “how are you feeling?”

Twilight waved a hoof around. “Not that bad actually. You'd be surprised on the perks of being an alicorn are and one of them being quicker healing. So I should be out either today or tomorrow depending on what the doctor says. But then again, he might be worrying too much because I'm a princess.”

I giggled as I saw the slight distaste in Twilight's expression. “I’m guessing you don't really like that kind of thing.”

Shaking her head, she used her magic to fluff her pillow. “No, I don't think I'll ever get used to it.”

Giggling again, I started pawing at the sheets with a hoof. “So your magic is better.”

A smile was her response as she picked up a glass of water. “After four days of rest, I'd say it's gotten a lot better. A few more days and I'll be back to my old self again.”

I nodded in response as I continued to play with the sheets. I was contemplating on whether to tell Twilight about the ponies talking about me or not. I didn't have to battle with myself long as she seemed to read my actions long enough to know something was wrong.

“Mason, what's wrong?”

I shrugged in response as my ears fell slightly. “It's just, a lot of the ponies seem to be talking about me lately and are giving me stares a lot. It's starting to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Twilight only shook her head with an eye roll as she brought me in close with her bandaged hoof. “That's just Ponyville for you Mason. Trust me, ponies will talk about what happened for a while and might start coming up with things that won't actually happen, but trust me when I say this, I've lived here long enough to know that it will all blow over.”

I shrugged again. “Maybe, but it's still a little hurtful. I mean I didn't even know about any of it.”

I felt a squeeze from Twilight as her ears lowered in sympathy. “I know it is Mason. Heck I got some of them when I became the new princess. But eventually it all blew over with the help of ponies who knew me and my friends. Trust me, if you tell Rainbow Dash what they are doing, she'll probably say that she'll buck them into next week.”

I giggle as my spirits lifted at the princess’s words. My friends would always have my back. “Thanks Twilight.”

She only smiled as she gave me another squeeze. “Your my friend Mason and friends look out for each other.”

Smiling a little brighter, I hugged the princess who did so in return. We stayed like that to enjoy the moment until the princess ended it with a smile and a gesture of her head.

“Well I think my schedule for a check up will be due, so why don't you go and visit Pinkie. She's been itching to see you again.”

Nodding I went to get off the bed but stopped myself and turned back to the princess who looked to me expectantly.

“I forgot to mention, Luna says hello.”

She smiled as her horn lit up and I was grasped in her magic and set down onto the floor. “Well you tell Luna that I said hello back.”

Giving her a smile I walked towards the door which Solar Flare opened with her wings. I raised an eyebrow at how she did that but only got a wink from her in response. I flexed my own wings as I looked to them thinking on how I could do that.

When I was completely out of the room, I looked to the side to see Nurse Redheart looking off into space, thinking deeply. Solar snorted as she closed the door with a bow to Twilight and walked over to the nurse and gave her a light tap with the tip of her wing. Red heart blinked a few times in response and looked to the guard and then me. Making a silent ‘oh’ with her lips, she got up and began to walk up to me.

“Finished meeting with Twilight already?” When I nodded in response she hummed and began to walk down the hallway to another door that was near the end of it.

My steps didn't slow down nor showed signs of feeling down. Instead I strained myself from getting ahead of the nurse to meet the occupant of that exact door.

Nurse Redheart stopped at the foot of the door and looked to me with slight sympathy. Crouching down a little, she brought her head close to whisper to me.

“Ok Mason, just like last time, I'll leave you to your mother alone. I'm sure you can find your way out of the hospital with these guards right?”

Giving a somewhat impatient nod, Redheart bid her goodbyes and walked back the way we came. Solar walked up to the door and quietly opened it to reveal a room with the shades down, making it slightly dim. Towards the back of the wall was a bed with a form sleeping peacefully in it. The only sounds emitting from the room was the sound of a heart monitor.

I gulped, not out of nervousness, but in slight terror to the reason why she was in this room. I shook them off though as I went to go into the room but before I did, I turned to Solar who looked down to me.

“Um, can me and her be...um-”

A raised wing caused me to stop as Solar shook her head. “Say no more luv, you go on ahead and spend some time with your mum.”

I gave a smile in thanks as I walked into the room with the mare gently closing the door behind me. When I heard the click, I let out a deep breath that I didn't know I was holding. Shaking my head again, I kept myself steady as I walked to the side of a room where a chair was.

With as much gentleness as I could muster and the skills of stealing a cookie from the cookie jar when I was little, I slowly moved the chair over to the bed. It squeaked a few times, causing the form to shift in bed but didn't wake up. I let out a satisfied sigh as it was a good distance to the bed and got on it.

When I was balanced I carefully jumped onto the bed and made my way over to the form who only had her head and hooves showing out of the covers. Her pink fur was cleaned and her poofy mane was a little straight, perhaps from exhaustion. The sheets that covered her were somewhat showing her shoulders, allowing some bandages to show, but not the spot where there was more of them.

Frowning a bit, I hopped over her back legs and looked at the sleeping face of my mother, Pinkie Pie. Her breaths were steady as one leg was curled up to her chest and the other one was somewhat sticking straight out with wires hooked to it. With careful steps, I made my way up the bed and laid myself down by the leg that was out, being mindful of the wires and IV that adorned it.

Before I could lay down, the leg that was curled to her chest reached out and gently pulled me closer to the warm body of my mother. I then felt her lips on top of my head as she gently kissed me and curled up around me, with her tail curling in front of me. I responded by snuggling closer to the body as she sighed in content.

“Hello my little colt, how are you.”

Nothing brightened my day more than to hear her voice. Although it was a bit raspy, it still had that slight bubbliness to it.

“Fine, although some of the ponies are staring at me every time I walk through the town.”

I felt a little squeeze from my mother as she gave another sigh. “Well Twilight is right in what she said. They'll eventually stop and everything will be back to normal.”

“I known,” I said with a nod, my ears fell against my head as I continued, “but it's still uncomfortable and it feels like I'm the odd one out in the whole town.”

Pinkie shook her head as she snuggled into her pillow and pulled me closer. “That's why you have friends Masey, they will help you out, especially Dash. She can get really persuasive when she wants to.”

I blinked as if Pinkie was implying that that could end badly. Certainly it couldn't, I mean I know Dash was a hard core type of mare but she still had a soft spot in there. I've seen it enough times when she's around Scootaloo to know and AJ always says so.

“She can't be that bad, can she?”

All I got was a peek from Pinkie's calming baby blue eyes as she looked at me with a knowing smile. Closing her eye she sighed again as she snuggled into the covers.

Shrugging to myself I snuggled into my mother and prepared for some rest. After all, a little R&R never hurt anyone.

Before I could try and rest myself though, a thought came across my mind.

“Oh and Princess Luna is my aunt now.”

(Meanwhile, in Ponyville)

A certain stallion was walking down the streets towards his house. After having a fiasco with his mare friend he thought it would be a good idea to head home early and make sure nothing happened to his face when she tried to smash it with a teapot.

“It's not my fault that colt can do some scary things and for the fact that that mare is after him.” He mumbled as he neared his abode.

Before he could walk up the stoned path to his front door, the area around him became darker as if a storm had suddenly came in. He raised an eyebrow as he didn't remember hearing anything about a scheduled storm.

However a certain cough brought his attention upward where he saw a certain mare sitting on a rather, menacing looking storm cloud and a glare on her face with her wings extended.

His ears fell as his eyes became pinpricks as any pony could recognize the mare that had a rainbowed colored mane. Said mare stomped on the cloud creating thunder.

“A little birdy told me what you said about a certain colt.”


“Aw buck.”

That was the last thing heard from the stallion as a loud boom of thunder sounded across the sky.

Poor chap.

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That was the last thing heard from the stallion as a loud boom of thunder sounded across the sky.

Poor chap.


“And don't worry luv, if any of them try anything we’ll be sure to put them in their place.” She said with a British accent. Don't know the pony word for that one.

I'm going to imaging her voice as tracer's voice from overwatch

*le gasp* that’s exactly what I did

"Come on my big bruddas click with the battle song!"
*Click click click click click click*

O my gosh:pinkiegasp: do you love overwatch (I do but not enough to buy it)

Glad this finally got updated

I find it enjoyable. I might even do a video on it for my YouTube channel. The game that I love more than overwatch though is Team Fortress 2

Well I subbed and commented on your most recent video

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Your very welcome and it was a force of habit. :twilightblush:

It took my 4 weeks to draw my OC, that still needs work, and latter add the background. That I later cropped and changed into my profile picture.

Do you think you can add a picture that shows both of Mason’s eyes?

Yes, I mean the first meeting with Dinky and Derpy.


Why was the dreams orbs in a dark realm and not doors in a light star realm?

I wanted to give it a space kinda feel. The dark realm is space and the balls of dreams are stars.

Do you suppose in Europe they call them English English books? :derpytongue2:

The sarcasm is strong in this one....or at least I think that’s sarcasm...


That paragraph made me think of weaknesses and weapons. Which made me think why didn’t Rairty use chocolate to fight the diamond dogs? :rainbowhuh: I know she didn’t have any but she could have if she did.

Screaming. Yelling. Shouting. And probably lots of death by creamy milk chocolate.


I think the best moment I’ve seen from that game is this. 4:18

VanossGaming for the win boys!

I need some R&R……

Read and Repeat?

even if I’m just a kid.


“I have to pee.”


It’s alright lad,

the pony but stopped when she heard the their voice.

Violenta opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself when the door to the room opened revealing an orange pegasus filly poking her head out.

I didn’t know there was a door and could the guard know if the door was closed to notice Mason?

The guard heard the mare in question sigh as she shifted the barely awake colt in her hooves.

“Yes Scootaloo, I'm sure he will be fine. As a matter fact, you, guard.”

It sounds like the guard is saying that.

after a few more goodnight kisses for the children who asked for them.

*snorts then softly laughs*

but they still had a heart for the little ones.

:rainbowlaugh: I find that hard to believe for THEE captain of the night guards.

Mason tiredly titled his head. “Eehuu?”


Just as Midny watched the colt fall asleep, she heard the sound of hoofsteps causing her to look up and see Violenta looking at her with a raised eyebrow. With a slight blush and pinned ears, Midny cleared her throat.

“He couldn't fall asleep.”

Violenta stared for a good long while until she sighed for what was probably the tenth time that night and went over to her own bed while slowly turning off the lights to the room.

“Just be sure to get back to your rounds or whatever when you think he's fully asleep.”

Midny only nodded in confirmation as the lights completely going out and Violenta hitting the sack herself.

Midny would make a great mother. How hard was it to come up with her name?

“Good morning to you too Mason.”

Smiling in thanks, I began eating my meal for the morning.

Did I also forget to mention that she's constantly checking on me now?

Sounds like this orphanage is nicer then Canterlots. Not much of a surprise there.

staring at me from the corners of their eyes.

I stopped listening as my ears fell and my I looked down with a hurt expression.

Poor stallion, can't seem to catch a break. Well back to Mason!

I’m imagining that stallion to be green like Spike and Rairty’s son.

be worrying too much because I'm a princess.”

I’m guessing you don't really like that kind of thing.”

1.) ahhhh
2.) No I’m just making a joke.


after a few more goodnight kisses for the children who asked for them.

*snorts then softly laughs*

*Puts finger to chin and tries to figure out what’s funny. Mulls it over and slowly reads the line*
*thinks about it*

:rainbowlaugh: I find that hard to believe for THEE captain of the night guards.

Oi, bat ponies are fluffy. And fluffy things should have heart for children. It’s the fluffy law.

Mason tiredly titled his head. “Eehuu?”


I may play veggie tales theme from a tuba and find it enjoyable when my friends join in.....but that was torture to my ears

Midny would make a great mother. How hard was it to come up with her name.

I think she would. And it took me, about 10 to 15 minutes to make that name. So not difficult, but I had to really get clever with it.


:rainbowlaugh: I find that hard to believe for THEE captain of the night guards.

Oi, bat ponies are fluffy. And fluffy things should have heart for children. It’s the fluffy law.

I’m just referring to this story.
But I agree they should be gentle and sweet.


I’m imagining that stallion to be green like Spike and Rairty’s son.

“Spike, I want you in me.” Rarity said with bedroom eyes.

Spike held up his claws in a defensive position. “But Rarity, I’m too young.”

“Oh yes, you are quite right. Oh! Could you be a dear and pick up that cloth for me.” She replied, pointing to the cloth on the ground.

“Of course Rarity!” Spike went to grab it but didn’t realize Rarity coming in with her horn until....






But that was kinda funny when you think about it, yeah?

Yes but I didn’t like the sudden “Law and Order” title at the end of that video.

I’ve seen many remixes in my life, but that was one of those where I just have to say no.

(Tried to find the one where Walter makes a joke and says no but couldn’t find it.)

Sorry about that. Never crossed my mind to begin with....

His ears fell as his eyes became pinpricks as any pony could recognize the mare that had a rainbowed colored mane. Said mare stomped on the cloud creating thunder.
“A little birdy told me what you said about a certain colt.”
“Aw buck.”
That was the last thing heard from the stallion as a loud boom of thunder sounded across the sky.
and he was never hered from agen

more please?

aw and it was getting realy good now ^^

when will you do the next chapter?

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