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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 15: The Battle Against Dark Blossom

And so it continues……

I bought Assassin’s Creed Origins and the damn thing is still crashing…..

It still continues….

(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

Twilight breathed heavily as she protectively held Mason in her hooves. Bruises and scratches covered her body as small drips of blood came from some of them. Her opponent didn't have as much scratches as she did nor did she look as winded but that was mostly because she used Mason to get a open hit on the princess.

A few times Twilight tried to run, but was blocked when a crystal jotted in front of her path or when a orange beam of magic hurled towards her, forcing the mare to retreat with Mason in tow.

Twilight’s eyes widened when small shards of crystal came at her with great speeds. Not having enough energy to quickly put up a shield, she unfurled her wings and took off in the air, barely avoiding the deadly shards.

She was unlucky however as the princess screamed in pain as other shards she didn't see embedded themselves in her right wing. Pain only followed when she tried to flap it forcing her to fall to the ground. The lavender mare quickly spun her body around and painfully landed on her back to keep Mason from taking the blow.

Twilight took deep breaths as the air was knocked out of her and exhaustion quickly began to grasp at her body. Movement drew her gaze downward as she noticed Mason fearfully looking at her battered body and brought his gaze to her eyes.


Although exhausted and clearly hurt, she still put a smile to ease the colt up. “I-its fine Mason….huh...I'll be fin- ngh...I'll be fine, it's just some scratches.”

Mason didn't look convinced as he looked at her bleeding wounds with sad eyes. “B-but you're hurt.”

The princess huffed a little as she shakingly got on her hooves while still holding the colt close to her chest. “Don't...huh...worry about it...ah...I'll be alright just as long as you are.”

Her ears swiveled when she heard a noise and quickly looked to her opponent. Acting quickly she produced a shield in front of her but cringed in pain when the orange blast shattered it instantly.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I expected better from you princess. Especially from all the other beings you have defeated.”

Twilight coughed as small drops of blood came from her nose. Looking up with a glare, she saw her opponent still standing with the elements of crystal, air, and water floating around her. Even her magic was still active. Although her magic was much more experienced than Blossom’s, she couldn't protect herself and Mason from her magic, the three elements she had active, and fight at the same time. It was exhausting her mana and energy quicker than she liked.

“Honestly, I thought you would put up more of a fight than that drake did at the door, of course I did just knock him out.”

When the word ‘drake’ came to her ears,Twilight Instantly glared at the mare as her horn found new power of magic and lit up. “What did you do to Spike!”

Chuckling the mare stepped forward a bit. “Oh nothing to the little thing yet, just locked him up in a little crystal dome so he wouldn't bother us. Although I don't think he'll be a problem considering how hard I hit him.”

Anger boiled within the princess as she fired a bolt of energy at the mare. Blossom smirked as without effort, put up a wall of crystal blocking the blast and quickly pinned Twilight against a wall with a rush of water as her anger left her wide open.

The princess squirmed as she was struck from the cold liquid and tried to use her magic to teleport away. However when she tried to use her horn, Blossom would take her away from the wall and slam her against it again. After a few more times of being slammed against the hard surface, Twilight fell limp as the rest of her energy left her.

The assassin walked forward as she looked at the princess who groaned in pain. “Expected so much more.”

Opening her eyes, Twilight eyed the mare as she brought her gaze onto the colt who backed away. As the mare advanced towards him, Twilight tried to struggle against the water but couldn't get out of it.

“No….huh...leave him alone.”

Blossom stopped as she turned to the pinned alicorn and smirked. “Why so willing to protect him? He's just getting you hurt.”

Having stopped her struggling to get her energy back, Twilight glared at Blossom with determination. “Because I protect my friends...hah...and you'll kill him...huh...if I don't.”

The assassin rolled her eyes as she looked at the princess with narrowed eyes. “Oh don't go tying your tail in a knot princess, I'm not going to steal his powers and kill him, at least not until he gets his Cutie Mark.”

Not believing the mare one bit, Twilight tried to swim her way out of the water but her body stayed in place so she went still again. “Then if you're not going to try and steal him, then why are you here?”

Twilight felt the water begging to climb her neck which made her narrow her eyes at the mare who only smirked. “Because, I believe he's just like the dragon that we killed a few years ago. If we threaten his life or the lives of others he cares about, then he might get his Cutie Mark just like the dragon did, which is why I need you to struggle for your life.”

Twilight eyes widen. “What do yo- Blablab.” She didn't finish as water quickly surrounded her head cutting off her air. Twilight struggled with new vigor as she tried to get out the water that threatened to drown her.

Outside she could hear voices but they were muffled from the water covering her entire body. She felt her lungs begin to burn as they begged for her to breath. Without thinking she opened her mouth to breath but only resulted in sucking water through her mouth which made her choke in gurgling sounds.

Her movements died down as her watery vision began to darken. What she saw next was a white flash and the floor meeting her as she fell from the wall.

(Mason’s Pov)

I looked on in horror as the water quickly engulfed Twilight’s head and caused her to thrash around to try and escape. Without thinking I quickly ran and crashed into the mare which only cause her to glare at me.

“Please stop! You'll kill her!”

She just snarled as she roughly pushed me off and glared at me. I cried as I continued to watch Twilight thrash in the floating water without much success. If nothing happened I knew she would drown. I heard the mare chuckle as she looked at me with a cold smile.

“Then do something, if you care about her then save her life.”

Hatred burned in my heart for this mare right now, but I knew I couldn't do anything. My hooves would just go through the water and my elements weren't strong enough to push it or Blossom away. I clenched my eyes shut as it dawned on me that I, my fire, and lightning would be too weak to save Twilight.

I opened my eyes in realization. My lightning.

Looking at the ground I could see puddles of water leading up to the mare. She smiled coldly as she watched the princess’s struggles became weaker.

“Hm, as an assassin I've killed others before, but a princess was never one of them.”

Ignoring her, I looked at my hooves and remembered what Twilight told me.

“It's important that you keep that lightning and fire in control, especially the lightning. Although it's small now you could still put in enough through metal or water to give someone quite the shock, maybe even enough to render them unconscious.”

Smirking to my teary self, I rubbed my hooves together to get the lightning going. I could see from the upper part of my eyes the mare looking at me with confusion. Eventually, sparks were showing on my hooves as I put them above the water.

“What do you thin-.”

I didn't let her finish as I pushed them to the water and gave it my all causing tingles to shake through my legs. I was successful when, in a flash, arcs of lightning traveled along the water and to the mare who looked with wide eyes.

She didn't have enough time to avoid it as the Lightning touched her hooves and made her do a silly dance. When I lifted my hooves, her hooves were singed a bit while her fur and mane stuck out in different directions. The last thing she did was give a spasm with sparks traveling across her horn and fell to the floor unconscious.

The elements immediately died down along with the water trapping Twilight. I watched in worry as she fell to the ground in a heap and didn't get back up. Running to the lavender mare, I nudged her head with my snout hoping for a response.

“Twilight get up!”

No response, I wasn't sure if she was breathing or not. I began to tear up thinking that I was too late until I heard a small gurgle from her. Quickly looking up I could hear the sounds coming from her mouth along with some water. Prancing in place I tried to come up with a quick way to help her. A stupid idea came to my head as I ran and grabbed a chair and brought it over to the princess. Climbing it, I aimed myself and looked to Twilight with an apologetic look.

“Sorry Twi.”

Jumping off the chair I, none too gently, landed on her stomach forcing the water she sucked down to her throat. Twilight's eyes opened slightly with a slight cough. Her eyes then immediately shot open in a instant as she began to violently cough up water. I got up from her stomach to give her room to breath, watching her flip over as she continued to violently cough.

When she was done coughing up the water, she took in deep breaths as she looked around. Her gaze settled on me as she squinted.


I choked a sob as I quickly hugged the mare around the neck who grunted but slowly brought a hoof up to return the hug. I sobbed quietly on her shoulder as she rubbed my back.

“Your alive…hic...you're still alive…”

Twilight chuckled but stopped when she visibly cringed in pain but still chuckled a little. “Heh...of course I'm alive...cough...I'm a lot tougher than you think.”

I ended the hug as I happily stared at the mare. My attention was stolen from her to the other mare as she groaned in pain from the shock I gave her.

“Twilight we need to get out of here before she wakes up so we can get your friends, they'll help us.”

Coughing a bit more. Twilight looked at the assassin and nodded. “You're right, we need to get the girls and find Spike as well so we can contact Celestia.”

I nodded in response. Twilight put her hooves under her as she shakingly tried to get up. Groaning in pain, she barely stood to her full height as she swayed back and forth.

“Can you walk?”

Looking at me she slightly she nodded. “I'll manage, we just need to get out of the castle and find at least one of the girls or hopefully Spike.”

Taking a step forward, she faltered as she caught herself from falling. Although I was small in size, I still ran over and did my best to support her.

Twilight smiled in appreciation as we slowly made our way to the door. Before we could exit, a small knife that I forgot the name of embedded itself in the floor next to us. Turning around my ears fell flat along with my wings as Blossom stood behind us with more knives in her magic.

“I'll give you credit for that little stunt you pul-,” she was cut off as her body spasmmed along with some sparks coming out of her horn, “pulled...but that won't save you from-.”

I jumped when a wooden table came flying at the mare cutting her off again. With a pained yelp, she was knocked to one of the book shelves with a slam. As the mare fell limp on the ground with a groan, a pink aura dropped books on top of her.

Looking to Twilight, I saw she had her horn glowing and with a slight grin, snorted. “That should give us some time to get out of here, come on!”

Not wasting time we made our way out of the library. Our trek was slow as we navigated the many hallways. It felt like hours as we continued to walk down the corridors until we finally reached a set of stairs. At this point, Twilight had gained some energy back since the walking was giving her a break from the fight. She walked with a wince and a slight limp, but other wise was ok.

Walking down the rest of the stairs, we made notice that it was the main stair case that lead to the main door. Not wanting to stay any longer I made the rest of the way down while Twilight took a little longer. As we approached them we both took notice a small crystal dome in the middle of the room that looked as if someone bit and clawed their way out of it.

Behind me I heard Twilight give a hum as she studied the dome with a worried look. I didn't want to mull over it for long so I trotted the rest of the way to the doors but stopped dead in my tracks.

The giant golden doors had large crystal spikes jutting from its frame acting like giant locks. I came closer to them and gave a slight push but was met with resistance. Putting more force into it didn't do much as the doors didn't even budge. Twilight limped over to stand next to me as she looked at the sealed entry ways.

Groaning in annoyance, she and I went into another room that had some windows along the wall. One of them was open as well.

Something nudged me towards the window which I looked back to see Twilight pushing me towards it.

“Come on Mason, let's not stay in here any longer than we need to.”

Nodding in agreement, I ran to the window and climbed on it. I waited to see Twiligt was quickening her pace to the opening. Nodding for me to continue, I climbed out of the exit and onto the ground. Sighing in relief I made my way onto the road to see other ponies turning their gaze on me while some stayed on the castle.

I heard the sound of clip-clopping behind me and gasps from the crowd as Twilight herself stood behind me. She looked over the crowd and then activated her horn. Clearing her throat she announced to the worried looking ponies.

“Everypony, as you can see a problem has transpired in my castle and for you safety, I'd ask that you quickly and calmly make your way to your homes and stay inside until the problem is taken care of!”

Murmurs went about the crowd as some took glances at the castle. Some of the ponies, including the ones with fillies and colts, took their leave away from the castle. Other however stayed to Twilight's annoyance.

“What's happened at the castle?”

“Is Ponyville in danger?”

“Have the other princesses been contacted?”

Before more questions could be asked, Twilight expanded her wings, silencing the crowd. “I assure you, everything will be under control! My assistant has gone to collect the other Elements of Harmony along with contacting the princesses! I ask that you please-”


Shouts and screams were heard as the doors to the castle were blasted towards the crowd. Thankfully, they were caught in Twilight’s pink aura as she sat them down on the dirt road. Most of the ponies galloped away in fear as they cleared the castle grounds while a few still stayed looking at the entrance.

Who stood there was a peeved off Dark Blossom. She scanned the crowd until her eyes landed on me and Twilight.

Snorting, her horn lit up as she made her way down the steps. Touching dirt with her hooves, she activated her elements making the last few ponies gasp and back away in fear and confusion. I and Twilight gulped as not only did she activate the three elements she had, but another one as well.

“You know I was having some fun a little while ago, but now I'm just annoyed. So I think I'll just end this right here so I can deal with the colt myself.”

A sickly orange glow came from her horn as it became brighter. I felt Twilight push me away which I stared worriedly at her. She only gave me a smile and gestured to a building. Getting the message, I ran over to some boxes that stood at the front of the small house and hid behind them. The princess activated a shield which blinked out of existence a few times but eventually held firm while Twilight breathed heavily.

Blossom smirked as her horn stopped getting brighter and held a small light at the tip of it, ready for a spell. “Goodbye Princess of Friendship.”

As she reared her head back to fire off the spell, I closed my eyes not wanting to look at the results that would transpire. My eyes however shot open when I heard a battle cry and looked just in time to see a rainbow blur smack into the mare, knocking her back a few feet.

The pony that stood in her place was none other than Rainbow Dash in all her glory. She glared hatefully at the mare who took some time to get up from the blow.

“If anyone dares to mess with my friends, then they dare to mess with me!”

Blossom clutched her chest in pain as she glared at Rainbow Dash. “Why you little-”


Apparently this mare was known for getting cut off as she slowly turned around to see a large cannon pointing right at her face with a very, very angry looking Pinkie Pie behind it who looked at the mare with a snarl.

“Oh hello…..and goodbye.”

The assassin didn't even get a scream in as the cannon fired huge amounts of confetti knocking the mare into the air and all the way into a fruit cart. I mockingly cringed as I could imagine how uncomfortable that fall was. Before I could cheer for my mom, a pink blur filled my vision as my lungs were crushed from a bone breaking hug.

“Oh my little colt you're alright! You're alright!”

I nodded as the air continued to leave my lungs. “Yeah I'm alright...heh...but I won't be unless...hoo...you let go mom.”

I don't know if she heard me or didn't really care what I said as she let me go and went to inspecting my body by looking at my legs and turning my head left and right.

“Are you alright? Did she hurt you? Do you feel woozy? Does anything hurt? Do-”

I cut my mother off as I gave her a warm hug which she returned warmly. “Mom I'm fine, Twilight was there to protect me.”

I felt her nod until she tensed. “Oh-no! Twilight!”

As quickly as she said that, she put me on her back and hurried over to her friend who at the moment was being helped by the rest of the girls. Applejack kept her supported while Fluttershy checked over her wounds and bandaged them. Rarity and Rainbow Dash stood on the side of them as they looked at their friend with great concern.

As Pinkie Pie came closer to the girls, Rarity looked over at us from the corner of her eyes and quickly turned to us as they widened.

“Pinkie Pie darling, is Mason alright?!”

Nodding she sat me down next to Rarity who also checked me over to my annoyance as my mom went to Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash came next to me as she watched Rarity continue to check me over.

“Rarity, Pinkie already checked me over, I'm fine.”

The fashionetta shook her head as she then proceeded to fix my mane. “Now you hush darling, it doesn't hurt to double check especially after that fiasco.”

I groaned in annoyance as Dash chuckled at my predicament. Having enough of watching my torment to the posh pony, she snatched me out of Rarity’s grip.

“I think the little guy is fine Rarity, I don't see many scars on the tough colt.”

Rarity blinked as she scoffed with a roll of her eyes. “Oh fine, but when this is over I'm fixing that horrendous mane of yours.”

I rolled my eyes as the fashionetta turned back to Twilight who looked better than when I saw her. If anything she looked really tired.

“How….how did you girls find out about this?”

“I can answer that question princess.”

Blinking to herself, the princess turned around and gasped as she brought none other than Spike in a hug who gladly returned it as he looked as if he would shed some tears.

“Oh Spike, I was so worried about you!”

The drake scoffed as he tightened the hug. “Worried about me? I was more worried about you when I heard the bangs and booms of that fight!”

Twilight chuckled as she ended the embrace. “Well she was a tough one to take care of, but me and Mason pulled through.”

“Speaking of she,” Applejack broke in as her gaze hardened at the mare who was still in the food cart, “what are we gonna do about her?”

Twilight's eyes narrowed as she looked at the direction of Blossom and snorted. “First, we need to contact the princesses immediately so they can take care of her and then we make sure she's secured until they get here.”

“Why do we need the princesses?” Rainbow Dash said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, wouldn't it be better if we just took care of her ourselves?” Pinkie said as she came back to stand behind me.

Twilight visibly gulped as she looked at me as I glared at her. She knew that I knew full well as to why that wouldn't work and boy did I want some answers on that. Huh, saying that to myself makes me feel like a detective or something.

“Because remember that group that Celestia told us about?” the girls nodded in confirmation as they grew confused at the look Twilight and I were giving each other, “well, she's apart of it and she came for Mason.”

All five mares gasped as Pinkie slowly brought me closer to herself. They all stared wide eyed at me as I glared at each and everyone of them.

“You all knew that these, whatever type of pony she is, we're coming after me because of what I have?!”

Although I didn't raise my voice too loud, the girls still flinched at my accusation of what they did. They all exchanged glances between each other as they thought about what to say. I however was going to get an answer right now and not wait.

“So, how long have you known and why were you not going to tell?”

Their ears fell as they gave knowing glances to each other. They knew no matter how they went about this, I was going to want answers one way or another.

The lavender alicorn cleared her throat as she gave me a sheepish look. “I think after experiencing this, it's only fair that you know what's going on.”

I crossed my hooves as I waited but Twilight shook her head as my gaze hardened.

“While I want to tell you now Mason, we need to take care of her first. Spike, I need you to take a letter.”

The drake nodded but before anyone moved, the sound of a groaning mare caught our attention over to Blossom who glared at the girls.

“While I have been angry before, you six take the cake all the way.” Blossom snarled with her ears down. Water began to surround her body making the girls and spike gasp with widened eyes. Blossom used the water to wipe her fur of fruit juice as she disembarked her cloak.

Now seeing her full body, I could see that all her fur was a light brown with her tail being like her mane which was a chocolate brown. Her Cutie Mark fit the description as it was a blood red flower with smoke surrounding it.

“Now that I'm more than peeved at you annoyances, I think I'll be done playing games.” Reaching in the cloak that laid on the ground, she took out a yellow vile, opened it and drank all its contents. Her eyes glowed the same yellow until they became her regular orange irises. She gave a primal shout as she activated her magic and four elements around her.

“What do we do now Twilight.” Fluttershy whispered fearfully.

Twilight groaned as she eyed the angry mare in front of them. “She just drank a adrenaline vile of sorts that's giving her an extra boost in magic. We'll have to restrain her completely until the princess get here but it's going to be hard now that she's boosted.”

All the girls glared at the mare as she snorted again and kicked at the dirt like a bull. Twilight leaned next to Spike and whispered something which he nodded to and ran off. A bit shakingly, Twilight stood on her hooves with the girls coming to her sides getting ready for a fight. I felt a pair of hooves turn me around to face my mother who looked extremely serious.

“Mason I want you to run and hide somewhere and no matter what, don't come out here ok?”

I nodded as she kissed my forehead and nudged me away.

I ran away from the girls as they all got down in fitting stances. I ran a bit of ways away until I came up to a wagon full of hay. Ducking under it, I hid behind one of the wooden wheels as I watched the showdown.

No one moved a muscle in the barren streets. Rainbow Dash flared her wings as she got in a pouncing pose as Pinkie took out a small cannon. Next to them, Rarity activated her magic and lifted different pieces of debris and rocks. On the other side, Twilight flared her own wings and activated what magic she had left while Applejack took out some rope and Fluttershy stood behind her shaking slightly.

Across from them, Blossom crouched low as the sound of her elements of water, air, crystal, and earth began to sway behind her.

The air became tense as both sides eyed each other with intense glares. Everypony stood at the ready, waiting for one to make the first move.

The tense moment had not last for long as Blossom reared up on her hind legs and slammed her hooves into the dirt making a wave of rock come at the six mares.

“SPLIT!” I heard Twilight shout as the six mares split away from the shockwave of dirt and rock. Rainbow Dash quickly took to the sky to avoid it and arched her trajectory at the mare with great amounts of speed. Eyeing the swift pegasus, Blossom jerked her head sending shards of crystal at her. As if it was nothing, Dash dodged the huge amounts of shards as she drew nearer to the mare.

While her attention was solely focused on the rapid mare, Applejack came from the side of her spinning the lasso around. Throwing the long rope perfectly, it tied around the mares horn which Applejack tugged on causing her volley of shards to go off course. It was all that Dash needed as she closed the distance to slam the mare into the ground. Before Dash could pound her into the ground, Blossom used her earth element to cover her body with stone and rock. Dash yelped in slight shock and pain as her hooves went full force into the armor. Not wanting her to get away, Blossom shot a beam of orange at Dash throwing the mare off her back.

Bringing her gaze to AJ, she stomped her hooves causing a dirt pillar to shoot the farm mare in the air. Using the element of air, she kept AJ aloft before bring her down to the earth with great force. Blossom was caught off guard when a valley of small rocks and debris started hitting her by Rarity’s magic.

The distraction gave the recovered Rainbow Dash enough time to take to the air and catch AJ before she hit the ground and settle her down safely. Fluttershy who kept away from the fight checked Dash over before letting her continue in the fiasco. At this point, Blossom had a wall of crystal guarding her as she conjured earth and water together making mud. Waiting for the right opportunity, she fired the mud ball at Rarity who yelped as she barely ducked it.

“That was completely uncouth of you, you brute!”

“Alls fair in a battle frizzy!”

Rarity scoffed as she picked up more things with her magic. “Oh it is on!”

As their battle continued with Rarity throwing random objects, Rainbow Dash trying to swing in for a hit, and AJ circling around to tie her with the lasso, Pinkie Pie somehow popped out of random places as she drew near to the mare.

As Pinkie Pie does, she popped out from behind Blossom who looked at the pink ball of energy with confusion. The only thing she got was a high pitched hello from Pinkie before being blasted by her party cannon.

Taking this as her opportunity, Dash flew in and caught the mare and brought her high in the air before slamming back into the earth. Clearly using her element of air was the only thing that slowed her descent from a bone shattering impact. Blossom reeled in pain as the air was knocking for her lungs by both the impact and Dash slamming into her from the stomach.

AJ not wasting time lassoed the mare's legs together with a ‘yeehaw’. As the assassin struggled to get out of her binds, she caught Twilight approaching her with her horn lit.

“This time, do us a favor and stay down!” Reeling her head back she fired off a pink beam of magic at the wide eyed mare. I smiled to myself as I saw the fight was going to end quicker than expected, but that hope went down the drain when the mare disappeared through a dust cloud.

The girls all gaped in disbelief as the mare reappeared a few feet away from them in rock and dirt. Not even for a second did she appear, her hooves turned into sharp crystal as she cut the rope off. Getting up with a look that could kill, she picked herself off the ground with the element of air as she had volleys of rock and water on her sides.

Dash angrily glared at the mare as the threw her hooves in the air. “Oh come on!”

Not giving them a chance to recover, Blossom spread her hooves apart, causing pillars of earth to knock the six away. Going for a dazed Rainbow Dash first, she sped towards her and slashed at her wings causing the cyan mare to shriek in pain. Not being done with her she engulfed her entire body in water and, harshly, slammed her body into the ground. Dash groaned as she tried to stand up but was immediately stopped when Blossom landed beside her and kicked the mare in the head causing Dash’s head to jerk violently before landing in the dirt out cold.

AJ who had quickly gotten up stared wide eyed at Rainbow Dash before glaring at the mare who glared right back. Kicking at the dirt she charged the mare who did the same. Before they made contact, AJ threw dirt in Blossom’s eyes causing her to rub them out. Taking that distraction to her advantage, she reared her hind legs up and gave a mighty buck to her abdomen causing Blossom to grunt in pain as she was knocked back.

Not even waiting for her to recover, AJ charge the mare intent on beating the heck out of her. Applejack’s intention however, were cut short when the mare created a bright flash from her horn that blinded Applejack which Blossom took to her advantage. Creating a dirt pillar she knocked it into the farm mare’s side making a crack sound and throwing her into a building.

Blossom nodded to herself as she took two down and looked at the remaining four. Fluttershy seeing she couldn't get to Rainbow without getting in the crossfire went to Applejack to make sure she was alright. Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie nodded to each other as they circled the brown elemental pony.

Twilight used her magic to create a dust cloud screwing Blossom’s vision. Rarity galloped around the mare throwing as many objects as she could from one direction. Pinkie Pie, using her party cannon, fired sweets at the mare from another. Twilight stood on the sidelines as she parried the mare's spells and elements with her magic as she got bested from all sides. The girls doubled their efforts as the assassin was clearly showing signs of collapsing from using excessive magic and being hit by all sides.

I went wide eyed as Blossom seemed persistent and with a feral cry, jumped in the air and slammed all four hooves in the ground creating a wave of earth, shards, and air from the blast.

Twilight quickly formed small shields around her two friends as they were closer but was unlucky as the blast hit her dead on and knocked her back into the dirt.

As the two recovered, Rarity gave her own feral cry as she berated the mare for hurting three of her friends with large and small objects. Small to beat the mare into the ground and large to keep her from forming a wall or shield. Pinkie stood by ready to aid her friend if Blossom tried anything while Fluttershy pulled Twilight’s limp body away from the fight.

I could see that Rarity was doing well as she walked closer to the mare continuing to berate her with objects but was quickly tiring herself out from using so much magic that she wasn't used to. As her attack began to slow, Dark Blossom used her magic to strike Rarity in the chest making her flinch in pain. The assassin quickly got on her hooves as she used the element of water to knock Rarity back into the dirt.

Rarity groaned as she shakingly got onto her hooves and glared at the mare who scowled in return. As Rarity went to step forward, her body only jerked forward as her hooves were stuck to the ground. The posh pony shrieked as she tried to lift her hooves that were quickly sinking into the makeshift quicksand.

As Rarity opened her mouth to shout for help, and orange aura closed her mouth shut as the same aura holding a crystal shard came to her lips. When the shard touched the mare’s lips it instantly became a gag as it expanded around her mouth.

Blossom smirked as she let go of Rarity’s mouth watching her struggle with muffled screams and shouts as she used her element to make her sink lower in the ground. Tears fell from Rarity’s eyes as the dirt reached her chest and continued to travel higher.

Her sinking demise was cut short thankfully by Pinkie Pie who appeared in front of the mare with a large party canon knocking her back. As her focus was lost on Rarity she stopped sinking causing her to give a muffled sigh around her crystal gag.

The entire time this fight happened I was worriedly looking at my friends forms as Rainbow Dash seemed to come to but was quick on getting up. Shifting my gaze I watched my mother angrily berate the mare with cannon shots after cannon shots.

Dark Blossom shouted in anger as she tried her best to hit Pinkie Pie where she was at one point, but was gone the next having her only hit open air. Pinkie giggled madly with a glare as she continued to beat the mare back and forth with sweets and confetti fired from her cannon.

As I continued to watch Pinkie fight the mare and Fluttershy sneakily go to Rainbow Dash’s dazed body, I failed to see a orange filly fearfully come from behind me.

I shouted in alarm as I quickly turned around to see Scootaloo behind who quickly looked back and forth between the fight happening and me.

“What are you still standing around for? To get found?! We have to go hide!”

I looked at the pegasus filly until my gaze landed on my mother who barely dodged a large spike of crystal.

“I can't, I'm not going to leave my mom and friends behind!”

Scootaloo blinked as she narrowed her eyes and pointed at the brawl. “Have you seen how that fight is going?! I hate saying this myself but they aren't doing so hot in that fight and if that's the case we won't be of much help now let's go before she finds us.”

I shook my head as my wings anxiously twitched. “I'm not leaving them behind to this mare. It's not them she wants, it's me!”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened as her wings fearfully buzzed at her sides. “No, if it comes to it, don't you doing anything stupid!”

I ignored the filly as I watch Blossom begin to tire as Pinkie started circling the mare like a predator. I was brought from the fight as Scootaloo shook me violently to get my attention as her eyes looked pleadingly into mine.

“Please Mason! I don't want you to get hurt! If it makes you feel better, I saw Spike send off a letter to Canterlot so the princesses should be here any moment now! Please I don't want you to get hurt!”

I was about to answer the pegasus until a pained cry caught our attention. My eyes widened in alarm and dread as I watched my mother skid and roll across the dirt until coming to a stop a few feet in front of our wagon.

“MOM!” Not even thinking I went from my cover to reach my mother who had a visible bruise on her side.

“MASON!” My run was short lived as I felt Scootaloo’s body slam into mine. Still wanting to get to my mother I struggled while Scoots tried to drag me away. We both stopped when we spotted Blossom slowly walking towards us while swaying. When I got a good look at her I noticed she looked worse than Twilight did when they fought inside the library.

Her body was full of bruises and cuts as some bled. Her left eye looked like it was beginning to swell as she walked with a slight limp from her right hind leg. Her glare became ice cold as she snarled at me and drew nearer.

As I felt the weight leave me, I sat up on my haunches as Scootaloo fearfully stood behind me. I instinctively expanded my small wings in a protective manner as the mare drew closer with each step and limp.

Pinkie breathed in heavily with a wince which made my heart call out for her. As Blossom passed by her she picked her head up to look at me with dread.

“No! Leave my colt-” She was quickly cut off as a pillar of earth knocked her back into a building. Pinkie fell to the ground with a groan and went limp.

As I looked at my mother, I felt something snap in me and demand vengeance as it burned. It didn't hurt but I could feel it burn and want to lash out at this mare as she drew near with her teeth bared.

“I had a feeling this would go somewhat wrong with me like it has in my last assignments, but this is just bucking ridiculous.” As the mare stopped in front of me and Scootaloo she eyed me with an intense glare that made me visibly gulp. Her gaze then shifted to Scootaloo who began to shiver in fear.

Her eyes narrowed as she eyed Scootaloo which made us both nervous. Her cold glare became neutral as her element of wind picked up.

“I came here to complete a task, guess I'll have to break one of my rules to complete it.”

I became confused at what she meant. Confusion quickly became fear as the wind picked me up and threw me away from Scootaloo making her shriek. I landed hard on the dirt as I quickly looked as the filly who was crouched low under the mare's gaze.

Scootaloo shrieked again with tears shedding from her eyes as earth clapped around her hooves and held her wings out.


Blossom ignored me as she lifted Scootaloo’s chin to see her teary gaze and leaned in.

“Make sure you scream nice and loud for him.”

More tears dropped from Scootaloo’s eyes as she weakly tried to get out of her earthly shackles. The filly froze when two sharp pillars of crystal popped up on either side of her wings.

Ready to cut them off.

I stared angrily at the mare who was daring to hurt my friends and my mother. Now she’s threatening to take the wings of my friend.

“Lets see how well you fare without those.”



First she hurts Twilight and tries to take her life!


Then she hurts my other friends and almost takes or could have taken some of their lives!


Then she beats and hurts my own mother and threatens to cut Scootaloo’s wings off!


It was quick. Every time she hurt my friends I felt that burning feeling in my gut wanting to come out and make her stop. I don't know how but at this moment I didn't care as I felt that feeling travel along my tail, mane, wings, hooves, and eyes. It wasn't the tingly feeling I usually felt, it was a sickening burn that wanted to show revenge.


Where I was staying only a few feet away from the mare and filly, as quick as I could blink I was flying at the mare who looked at me with alarm in her eyes as I tackled her to the ground a flurry of lightning and fire.