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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 7: After A Busy Day...


So….any of you readers catch that game last night? Because I sure didn't….

Well on to the story I guess.

(Mason’s Pov)

It was late, the sun was beginning to set and my legs were tired. I never knew the girls could have so many ideas in their crusading. Of course I should have seen it coming a mile away but I tell ya, I don't know where they get those kind of ideas but I'm surprised none of the ideas have killed them yet.

I continued my path back to Sugarcube Corner, passing by random ponies and what not. I recalled through my brain some of the crusades me and the girls did. I couldn't help but smile at a particular one.

(A Few Hours Earlier)

Me and the girls were trotting through the market of Ponyville looking for some good things to do for our Cutie Marks and so far we haven't found much. We passed by many stands and stuff, selling food and many trinkets. We came up to a stand that was occupied by a earth pony mare cutting up watermelons.

Scootaloo eyed the stand for a while while tilting her head left and right indicating she was deep in though. Her face visibly brightened up to an idea and motioned us over to her. “Guys come over here.”

We all came over with quizzical looks to the pegasus filly, the main one being Apple Bloom.

“What did ya fahnd Scoots? Somethin’ fer our Cutie Marks?” Apple Bloom asked.

Scootaloo nodded with a smile and pointed to the mare, who was still cutting up the melons. “We can probably get our Cutie Marks for being fruit cutters!” she said excitedly.

The other two fillies looked to the mare cutting watermelons thoughtfully and eventually smiled. They looked to their friend and nodded in approval. I on the other hand was getting vibes of Fruit Ninja, but on the other han- I mean hoof, I wasn't too sure that handling a large knife would be safe.

“I don't know girls, do you really think that it's safe to handle such a large knife?” I asked with a concerned look.

The girls looked to me, then to each other, and then back to me with a shake of their heads.


I looked at them with a raised eyebrow. After some time I closed my eyes and sighed. “Alright, I suppose it couldn't hurt as long as we're careful.” I said, slightly worried.

The girls nodded. When we looked back to the stand, the mare behind it was rummaging through things and mumbling words to herself. After some more rummaging she put up a ‘Be Back Later’ sign and went somewhere else in the market, leaving her stand completely open….unsupervised.

Oh no.

The trio of fillies looked to each other, nodded and quickly went behind the stand to start with their fruit cutting Cutie Marks or whatever. I was totally against this.

“Girls! We can’t just go behind someone's stand, we could get in trouble!” I half-shouted with urgency while also looking around to make sure nopony noticed us.

Sweetie Belle then popped her head from behind the counter with one of the large knives. “Oh don't worry Mason, we're just gonna cut a couple watermelons and see if we get our Cutie Marks, if we don't then we'll leave. It will be like nothing ever happened.”

“But what if she comes back and catches us behind her stand.” I said with worry while rubbing my hooves together. I'm not a fan of getting in trouble, it was always the one thing I tried to avoid. Even when doing pranks. Of course the ones I did were never really that big.

“If she does,” came Apple Bloom’s from behind the stand, “then we'll run an’ hide from er.”

I sighed and shook my head. I really don't like doing this, but the girls have done this longer than me so I'll just roll with it. “Well alright. Is there anything you need me to do?” I asked as I came behind the counter with them.

Scootaloo came out from a cart that was close to the stand. In this cart was a lot of watermelons, large and small.

“For right now you can help me pick out some watermelons for each of us to try and cut.” She said while going back into the cart to pick out a watermelon. I did as she said and climbed in the cart and started looking for one.

“So who's going first?” I asked, picking up a small watermelon with my hooves.

“I am.” replied Sweetie, who had the large knife in her magic. I nodded and started looking for a good sized watermelon. I picked up a decent one that was no bigger than my head and nodded to myself and brought it to the side of the cart.

“I think….huff….this one should do.” I said trying to carry the heavy melon. Apple Bloom came to the side and motioned for me to hand….hoof it to her. I was a bit skeptical but did so anyway. When the entire watermelon was hoofed to her, she took in some breaths trying to keep it in her hooves. When she had a good grip, she hoisted it onto the counter of the stand and pushed it towards Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie nodded in thanks and narrowed her eyes trying to align the knife with the watermelon. When she had it in place she stuck her tongue out in concentration while raising the knife.

“Now!” shouted Sweeite.

Apple Bloom then grabbed the large watermelon, with some difficulty, and tossed it in the air. Sweetie wildly slashed the knife here and there trying to be a fruit ninja or something and she was doing it with her EYES CLOSED!

I took in consideration to hide in the cart from the wild and blind slashes but peeked out only a little to see what was going down.

The watermelon, not even scathed by Sweeties onslaught, slammed back down onto the counter making her yelp in surprise and lose all concentration on the knife and having finished up on an upward slash made the sharp object hurtle into the air.

Oh no.

Sweetie opened her eyes to look around and then settled her eyes on the watermelon. Seeing it unscathed, she formed a frown on her face.

“Dang it I didn't even hit it once.”

“You hit somethin’ though.”

Sweetie looked to Apple Bloom who was glaring at her while holding a sliced pink bow tie in her hoofs that had suffered from her onslaught.

Sweetie's ears fell as she smiled sheepishly at her friend. “Eh-heh, sorry Apple Bloom. Did I at least get my Cutie Mark?”

Apple Bloom casting her glare away looked at her friend’s flank and frowned as well. “No.”

Sweetie’s head dropped. “Aw dang-” the little unicorn didn't get to finish for the knife had come back and hit her on the head. Thank god with the wooden part. The sheer size of the knife was too much for the little filly and knocked her out, which made her slam her unconscious face on the counter of the stand. Which also made Apple Bloom giggle a bit, forgetting about her destroyed bow tie.

Unknown to the group, a watermelon was shaken by Sweetie’s unconscious face and rolled off the counter and hit the wheel of the cart. Right where the brake was and made it move.

Oooh nooo

I felt the sudden jerk of the cart and looked to see it was moving away from the stand still occupied by Apple Bloom, who at the moment was trying to wake up her friend. Okay, I think it might be a good time to leave.

I proceeded to get off the cart but then remembered Scootaloo. I turned to the hill of watermelons to see if I could see her poking out somewhere. Gosh this was a big cart.

“Scoots! I think it's time to go.” I said loudly.

“Hold on, I'm still looking for- AH HAH!” Scoots then came out of the mound holding a small watermelon that was as big as her hoof.

“I think I’ll try this one.” Scoots said with a smile. Said smile soon disappeared when she looked to me and raised an eyebrow. She shrugged.


“Oh nothing, it's just that the cart is moving and I thought we should GET OFF!” I said urgently.

Scootaloo’s eyes widen and dropped her small watermelon. “WHAT!” With some difficulty, she ran over the other watermelons and looked out from the cart to see it was actually moving.

“How is this thing moving?!” She asked with confusion.

“I think something might have hit it but I really don't want to be on it whe-” I stopped talking when I noticed something we were heading for and my eyes widened.

Scootaloo noticed my change in mood and worriedly fidgeted. “What?”

I pointed a hoof behind her. “Is that a hill?”

Scootaloo slowly turned around to see what I was talking about and then turned back to me and nodded her head.

My eyes widened more and my ears when flat against my head. “Oh no.” I then started to feel the cart slowly pick up speed.

“Um, what do we do?” she asked noticing the change in speed as well.

The only thing we could do.

“Hang on to something.”

As soon as I said that we wasted no time hanging on to something in the cart for the joy ride that was about to commence. At this point the cart started to quickly pick up the pace and the next thing we knew, we were rolling down the hill at top speed passing other ponies who watched the cart go by or jumped out of the way of its path. The entire time me and Scootaloo were screaming, not knowing how this joy ride would end.

We went up and down hills and around different paths of the market. After some time we both gasped for what was next. A flipping ramp that's what.

Me and Scootaloo both hugged each other, embracing for the ramp that was ahead. When we hit it, we went flying over some more ponies who watched as the cart flew with a colt and filly aboard screaming the whole way.

The cart dropped to the ground with a bang causing some watermelons to fall out and us bouncing off our haunches. Me and Scootaloo, who I was still hugging and she the same, blinked a few times and we looked to each other. A grin started to form on her lips and soon some giggles followed. After some staring I started to join in and we were soon in a fit of laughter.

When we both calmed ourselves I shared my thoughts to the pegasus filly. “Ya know, that was kinda fun.”

Scootaloo getting a few more giggles out spoke too. “Yeah, that wasn't so bad.” she replied with a smile which I happily returned. After some time she looked away and her smile disappeared and her eyes widened. She started tapping me with her hoof.

“Uhm Mason, we got trouble ahead.” she said while her ears flattened against her head. I raised an eyebrow and looked where she was staring and was struck with fear when I saw a huge tree in our path.

“Quick! We need to jump before we crash!” She said as she prepared to jump. I quickly grabbed her and pulled her back into the cart. She glared at me from stopping her escape.

“What are you doing! We need to get off of here!” she shouted while trying to get out of my grip.

“No! At the speed this cart is going we could get hurt severely without slowing it down a little.” Letting go of her, she turned to me with a questioning and fearful look.

“What do you suppose we do?” Scootaloo asked. I thought for a moment and remembered what this cart had at one of the wheels.

“The brake!” I quickly exclaimed. I climbed over the many melons to get where it was located with Scootaloo following close behind. When I reached it I turned to Scoots with a serious face.

“Okay, with the amount of weight on this cart we won't be able to stop it but maybe we can slow it down long enough for us to jump out.”

Scootaloo nodded with confidence. We proceeded to get close to the handle and both grabbed it. I looked to Scootaloo and she looked to me.

“On three.”

Scootaloo tightened her grip on the handle as did I.

“One….two….three!” At the same time we both pulled the handle as much as we could to slow down the cart. Fortunately the cart slowly began to slow down.

“Hnng….just a bit more Scoots!” I said, gritting my teeth trying to keep a good grip on the brake.

Scootaloo having her own trouble with the brake nodded. “Ok.”

We held the brake like this for a few minutes and finally the cart slowed down to a reasonable pace. Trying to keep my tired hooves on it, I turned to tell Scootaloo that it was ok to jump off. That is until the brake snapped off. Me and Scootaloo, who were caught off guard, landed on our haunches with the broken brake in our hooves.

We both looked to each other and gulped as the cart began to pick up speed again. Scootaloo looked to me with worry.

“What now?”

I looked behind Scootaloo to see the tree was only a few feet infront of us. I looked back to her with a little bit of worry myself.

“Brace for impact.”

I bunkered down into the cart again making sure I was prepared for the impact with Scootaloo doing the same. When the tree was close enough we both got down to our stomachs and closed our eyes bracing for the impact.

The cart crashed into the tree making a loud bang in the process. I felt myself get buried by the many watermelons that didn't fly out of the cart and I gotta say, it hurt. After the crashing and banging of the cart and stray watermelons that went flying was done, I opened my eyes to see nothing but melons.

I groaned in pain as I pushed the melons off of me. When I got enough off I squeezed my body out of the others and started rubbing my head groaning some more.

“Well that didn't go well. Hey Scoots, you okay?” I asked still rubbing my head. I didn't get an answer except for a few groans from the filly. I opened my eyes and looked for my friend to see if I could see her. Eventually I caught her tail hanging out of a pile of watermelons that buried her as well. I went over and started pushing the melons off her body so she could get out. When I got enough melons off, I helped her to her hooves making her groan in pain and rub her head.

“Ow….that really sucked.” Scoots said with eyes closed and teeth clenched.

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, it did suck.” I looked around to see other ponies in the distance checking over the crashed cart.

“I think we should get off before we get caught or something.” I suggested. Scoots nodded and we began to get off the cart. When we were off we snuck away from it hoping not to get caught. Before we could make more than a few steps we were stopped by a familiar voice.

“Now where do ya think yer goin’.”

Me and Scootaloo stopped like deer caught in headlights and turned to find Applejack a few feet away giving us a scolding look. Behind her was Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who smiled sheepishly and waved. Behind them was the mare from the stand glaring at us.

“Ya’ll are in so much trouble.” Applejack said as she started making her way towards us, still having that scolding look.

I gulped, not really knowing what Applejack was going to do to us. Then I got a really stupid idea that might not work.

I turned to Scootaloo. “Hey Scoots.”

Scootaloo turned to me. “Yeah?”

“Have you ever tried getting Cutie Marks for running?” I asked.

Scoots put a hoof to her chin, then shook her head. “No, why?”

I looked back to Applejack to see she was getting closer and quickly backed up. “I think it might be a good time to try now!” I quickly said as turned tail and booked it with Scootaloo not far behind.

“Hey! Ya’ll get back ‘ere and apologahze for this mess!” shouted Applejack as she gave chase.

(Present Time)

I chuckled at the little memory. Although we got caught by Applejack and had to apologize and help put the melons back in the cart, it was good fun. After Applejack had let us go -with a stern talking of course- we went on less extreme crusades for the rest of the day. We got no luck of getting Cutie Marks but it was still fun.

Having finally reached Sugarcube Corner, I went through the door to enter the building, ready for some rest after a rough day of crusading.

“Hi Mason! You're finally back.” came a cheery voice.

I looked over to find Pinkie playing with the Cakes children, the twins.

I smiled tiredly to the pink mare. “Yeah, it was a busy day with the girls but I eventually made it.”

Pinkie stopped playing with the twins to look at me and became concerned. “Hey, you okay there Mason?”

I nodded with a slight yawn. “Yeah, just a little tired is all.”

Pinkie giggled. “Well don't fall asleep on me yet mister, Mrs. Cake is almost done with dinner for us.”

I nodded as I came over to Pinkie and sat on my haunches by her. Pinkie brought her attention back to the twins and started making funny faces at them which they giggled and laughed at. I giggled along with them even though I couldn't clearly see what faces Pinkie was making. I yawned and leaned against Pinkie with my eyes closed.

I felt Pinkie shift a little and giggle again. “You're really that tired huh.”

I nodded my head and nuzzled deeper into Pinkie's fur. It was really soft and warm and her heart beat was so soothing. I didn't get to stay like that for long, for Mrs. Cake came into the room.

“Alright all you ponies, dinners ready.” she said as she picked up one of the twins named Pound. Pinkie picked up the other twin name Pumpkin and followed Mrs. Cake into a room that must of had the dinning table with me following close behind.

Mrs. Cake sat Pound down into a high chair and Pinkie sat Pumpkin in another one, then the two mares seated themselves at the table. Pinkie patted a seat right next to her which I gladly took and looked at the food set at the table. There was a bowl of green beans with mashed potatoes and pesto and some glasses for a jug of milk that was on the table. Near the twins was their own set of baby food in little bowls.

Mrs. and Mr. Cake got their food along with Pinkie Pie. Pinkie also put some food on my plate and a glass of milk which I thanked her for. After everyone had their own plates filled we began eating. I took a bite out of my pesto and mashed potatoes and they were really good. I focused my attention to Mrs. Cake who was eating her own green beans.

“This pesto and mashed potatoes are very good Mrs. Cake.” I said after taking another bite and humming in delight.

“Well thank you hon,” Mrs. Cake said while giving Pound some food, “but I didn't make the mashed potatoes, Mr. Cake made them.”

I swallowed another bite I took and smiled. “Well they're very good especially the potatoes Mr. Cake.”

Mr. Cake smiled while giving Pumkin some baby food. “Why thank you sonny, I do put my time in mashed potatoes.”

I nodded and continued eating. After sometime of silence Mrs. Cake spoke up. “So how was your day you two?”

Pinkie finished up her few bites that she took and happily answered Mrs. Cake. “Well I was able to finish those orders you assigned me to, of course you knew that because you were there with me. Then I went and hanged out with Rainbow Dash for a while and on my way back to Suagrcube Corner I found two bits on the ground.” Pinkie finished with a smile and one single breath too.

Mrs. Cake nodded to Pinkie and directed her attention to me. “How about you Mason, how was your day?”

I finished up my green beans and looked at Mrs. Cake. “Well for most of the day I went on a lot of crusades with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle. Nothing else really happened after that.”

Mrs. Cake nodded. “Hm, well that must have been fun but correct me if I'm wrong, didn't you meet the princesses?”

I nodded as well. “Yeah they were pretty cool. I especially liked Princess Luna.”

Mrs. Cake smiled. “Well that must have been fun.”

I nodded with a smile of my own and continued my meal. The rest of dinner continued with small talk between the Cakes and Pinkie with me sometimes asking questions to them. After dinner Mrs. and Mr. Cake cleaned the table while Pinkie took the twins upstairs to put them to sleep. I, not doing anything walked up to Mrs. Cake who was cleaning the dishes in the sink.

“Uhm, Mrs. Cake, do you need any help?”

Mrs. Cake stopped what she was doing and looked to me with a warm smile. “Oh don't worry Mason, my husband and I can handle cleaning up, but I do appreciate you asking dear.”

I looked around the place for a moment and then turned back to Mrs. Cake. “So what can I do?”

Mrs. Cake still keeping her focus on the dishes spoke. “You can just go upstairs and wait for Pinkie to show you where you'll be staying as it's quite late.”

“Okay and thanks for letting me stay Mrs. Cake.” I said with a smile.

Mrs. Cake looked back to me with her own smile. “You are very welcome dear. Now go upstair hon, you look tired.”

I nodded and headed to where I think the stairs were. When I had found them I climbed them up to see where Pinkie was. After the first flight of stairs I found an open door with some noises coming behind it. I slowly crept up to the door and peeked in to find Pinkie singing a lullaby to Pumpkin. After Pinkie finished her lullaby, she looked at Pumpkin to see she was asleep and slowly put her in the crib with Pound. When that was done she turned to see me waiting at the door and gestured for me to be quiet.

I nodded and slowly stepped away from the door for Pinkie to step out and close the door quietly. When she closed the door she leaned down to my level.

“Follow me and I'll show you where you'll be sleeping okay.” Pinkie whispered.

“Okay.” I whispered back to the party pony.

Pinkie then started climbing the other flight of stairs with me following close behind. We eventually reached a door that actually you couldn't really mistake for anypony’s room except Pinkie’s, especially with it being pink and having balloons on the frame.

Pinkie entered the room with me following after and closed the door then turned to me with a big smile.

“Well Mason, allow me to welcome you to Pinkie Pie headquarters.” Pinkie said. Then in the blink of an eye, Pinkie zoomed over to the large pink bed that had balloons tied to the posts.

“This is my bed which is really super-fun to bounce on.” Pinkie then bounced off her bed and propelled herself near her closet.

“This is my closet where I hold all my party planning items along with some board games and even some of my party cannons.” To emphasize her point Pinkie opened her closet to find it filled to the brim with party streamers, deflated balloons, and a ton of board games. Pinkie then squinted her eyes into the filled closet, reached in through them and pulled out a giant party cannon that shouldn't have fit in the filled closet. I think my head is starting to hurt.

Pinkie held the giant cannon with one hoof and rubbed her chin with the other. “Hm, I forgot all about this particular canon. I'll have to use it for my next party.” Pinkie then slammed a ‘Use For Next Party’ sign on it and stuffed it back in the closet.

She then zoomed her way back to me with that still large smile. “Well that's basically all I should tell you about my room since you probably already know about the drawers, bathroom, and all that other stuff. Oh, but there's someone I need to introduce you too.”

Pinkie then hopped on her bed, grabbed something off of it and hopped back to me holding a baby alligator in her hoof.

“This is my pet alligator Gummy. Gummy this is Mason, he's going to be staying with us today.” Pinkie said.

I looked to the alligator and waved. “Hi.”

Gummy slowly blinked his eyes at me.

“Gummy says hi back.” Pinkie says.

I nodded and yawned again and looked to Pinkie. “So where will I be sleeping Pinkie?”

Pinkie went over to a miniature bed and put Gummy down on it and turned to me. “Well you'll be sleeping with me for tonight until I can get you a bed to fit in this room.”

I stared at pinkie with a raised eyebrow. “Sleep with you?”

Pinkie nodded her head with a smile while trotting over to her closet. “Yup, you'll be sleeping with me tonight. It's going to be so fun, we could even be snuggle buddies.”

I felt my cheeks blush a little to that last part. “Snuggle buddies?”

Pinkie nodded again and rummaged through her closet. “Yeah, I mean you have snuggled before right?”

I nervously looked to the floor. “Well yeah, sometimes I've snuggled with my mom when I was really young but not with a stranger, not that I'm saying you're a stranger Pinkie.”

Pinkie pulled out a board game and sat it down and went back to rummaging in the closet. “Well we don't have to snuggle if it makes you uncomfortable but I'm not going to let you sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. Now what game would you like to play?”

I was out of my blushing state and raised an eyebrow. “Why are we going to play a game?”

“Because silly,” said Pinkie, “this is like a sleepover and it's not a sleepover without some games.”

I nodded my head and went over to Pinkie’s bed and grabbed a pillow. I sat the pillow down on the floor and made myself comfortable on it. “I guess I can play one game but I don't know how long I'll be up for it.” I finished with a yawn.

Pinkie giggled and pulled out another game. “Alright, I'll make sure it's a quick little game we can play. Also, how do you feel….”

It started to get harder to hear Pinkie as I started to feel tired. Mmmm….this pillow is very soft and it smells like cupcakes. I felt my eyes start to get heavy as they drooped.

I guess I could use a nap for just a moment….wow this pillow….is so….soft….

(Pinkie’s Pov)

Pinkie was still going on about what was going to happen tomorrow for the colt. Of course unknown to Pinke, the colt had fallen asleep.

“....So if we were to go tomorrow, we would have to wake up somewhere around 8:00 just to sign you in and then-” Pinkie stopped talking when she noticed the sleeping colt on the pillow. Pinkie cooed at how cute he looked curled up on it. Pinke then remembered the games she picked and looked to the three boxes that were out.

“I guess we can play them another time.” Pinkie said to herself as she picked up the games and put them back in the closet and closed the door. She then walked over to the sleeping colt and gently picked him up in her forearms and then used her teeth to pick up the pillow he was on.

She walked to her bed and hopped on and pulled the covers off. Pinkie put the pillow down in its vacant spot and gently placed the colt on the bed and tucked him in. When that was done she got comfortable herself and pulled the covers over her body. When she was done getting comfortable she took one last look at Mason and slowly leaned in and kissed his forehead.

“Night Mason, sleep well.” Pinkie said as she laid her head on her pillow and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

Gummy from his own little bed blinked his eyes slowly.

Pinkie opened her eyes and bonked herself on the head. “Oh that's right Gummy, I forgot to do the most important thing when going to sleep.” Pinkie then put out both hooves and clapped them twice making the lights go off. When that was done Pinkie laid back down to go to sleep.

Gummy slowly blinked his eyes again.

“Goodnight to you too Gummy.” Pinkie said before going to sleep.

(In Canterlot)

In the throne room of Canterlot Castle sat a dark furred alicorn with a mane that resembled the night sky. Said alicorn was sitting on the throne with her eyes closed and to some ponies she might look like she was meditating or resting her eyes for a bit. But of course, to others she was actually using her magic to enter the dream realm.

The alicorn sat like this for a moment with her eyes closed and a straight face showing no emotion. Until a smile spread across her face for she found a particular dream that was being dreamt by a particular colt.

Oh how she was going to make this his best dream ever.