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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 10: A Lesson In Magic

Author's Note:

Wow, this took way to damn long to upload. In my defense I blame school, because f*ck school. Anyway here's the chapter you lovely people and ponies have been waiting for. Have a pie~

I got a new chapter here. But you know what I like more than new chapters, stories! That's why I have 938 stories in my ‘read later library’. I read at least one story every day.

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(Mason’s Pov)

I took a deep breath of fresh air as I trotted down the path to Twilight’s castle. Honestly, it wasn't that hard to find. All ya gotta do is look up and just walk to where ya see it. Seriously, how did I not notice that when I first came into Ponyville?

Well I'm not gonna dwell on it now, I've got some knowledge to learn.

Picking up the pace, I made a turn down one of Ponyville's pathways that was just a straight shot to the castle. As I walked I couldn't help but think on why the girls would wish me luck in this. I get that studying can be a bit laborious but it couldn't be that bad could it? I continued to mull over my thoughts until a large shadow brought me out of them. Looking up I saw that I was directly in front of the large crystal structure. Shaking my head to clear any other thoughts, I made my way up the stairs and to the large gold doors and gave them a quick knock and waited.

Waiting for maybe a minute or two, I heard somepony coming to the door to answer. Expecting Twilight to open them, instead I saw Spike done so instead. Now I might not know the drake all that much but I have gotten to the point to say he's a friend. I probably wouldn't have known him that much if he didn't come crusading with the girls a few times.

Spike, now noticing who was at the door, gave me a friendly smile and held out a fist...claw?

“Hey there Mason, what brings you here?”

I smiled back and hoof bumped it. “Just coming to see Twilight to ask if she can give me a few lessons in history and possibly-" I stopped myself short on that one. Spike here doesn't know I'm from a different world so wouldn't he find it a bit weird that I can't write? Probably should play safe for now.

"Actually that's about it, just history.”

Spike’s smile disappeared. He now looked at me with wide eyes that seem to have a hint of horror in them. It was almost as if he'd seen a ghost.

“You...want to ask Twilight...to teach you the history...of Equestria.”

I darted my eyes side to side and back to him. Ok to be completely honest now, I was beginning to have second opinions on this and wasn't sure if I wanted to do this anymore. “Uh...yes?”


Spike now had a strange look on his face which I had no reason as for why. I mean it's just a little history lesson. right? Nothing huge, just a little learning and stuff.

“Alright follow me, Twilight should be in the library.” Spike said with a wave of his claw. I entered the castle and shut the door behind me and followed him to wherever the library was.

Now this being my first time inside the crystal fort I decided to look around. As I looked at the many sights of the castle I couldn't help but whistle in awe, especially since it looks even bigger inside than it did outside. Studying most of the walls, I could see some that had some old looking art work and other decorations, while other parts of the walls were just bare.

As I continued looking, Spike climbed some large stairs which I followed closely behind. Man, there's a lot of large things here.

We then did some lefts and rights in the hallways of the large castle and passed by some rooms. It almost felt like we were gonna get lost in this building but I trusted Spike here to know the in's and out's of it so I wasn't worried. As we continued to pass by the rooms, I was able to see one that had some chairs with Cutie Marks on them along with a map looking thing in the middle.

After we made another turn I decided to ask Spike a question.

“Spike, what's this castle called?”

“It's called the Friendship Castle.” he answered without hesitation. I couldn't help but give a small snort to that. The Friendship Castle. I wonder what the guards would be like if there were any in this castle.

I laughed silently at that thought. I could just imagine a guard coming to some trespasser or thief and saying, ‘Halt! Do you have the time to talk about friendship?’

I was about to share my thoughts to Spike but he had stopped at a door with lettering at the top that said, ‘Library’.

The drake knocked on the door which was followed by a soft and muffled 'come in' from the other side. He then opened the door and motioned for me to continue in.

“Twilight is just inside.”

Nodding and saying my thanks to Spike, I walked into the library. Before I went any farther Spike spoke up.

“Oh and Mason,” I turned to the dragon, “good luck.” With that said he closed the door with a soft thud.

I couldn't help but wonder why he wished me luck. I swear it's as if I'm going to a battle or something. It's just a lesson in history. I shook my head to think about it later and walked into the, rather huge, library. The room was massive. It was a circular like shape room with four large tree roots acting as pillars or something and had some nice looking banners hanging on the wall next to the windows. On the walls were shelves upon shelves of books.

Looking at one of the wooden tables in the center, I saw Twilight reading a book that was in her magic. I walked up next to her but she didn't seem to notice since she was to engrossed into whatever she was reading. Not being noticed by the mare I cleared my throat.

I was resulted with Twilight jumping slightly in her seat with a quite ‘eep’. She then looked around for a moment till her eyes settled on me. Her startled expression then turned into a welcoming smile.

“Oh hello Mason, you startled me a bit.” She said while putting her book down.

I smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that I just needed to ask you for a favor.”

Twilight, directed her gaze to her table and grabbed a piece of paper and quill and wrote something on it. “What do you need?”

“Well I was just in school today and we went through subjects like you usually do and I did pretty well with them.” I explained, with Twilight just nodding her head, telling me she was listening.

“But since I'm from a different world, I didn't do that well in writing and I also didn't know so much in history since I have never been here before. So I came here to ask if you could give me a lesson in it?” I asked with a bright smile.

The purple pony immediately stopped what she was doing and slowly turned to look at me with wide eyes. Not gonna lie, it creeped me out a little.

“You want me to give you a history and hoofwriting lessons?”

I nodded happily forgetting the creepy head turn. I desired knowledge today and god bless it I was going to get it.

She looked at me with slight disbelief yet some part of her looked hopeful. She then looked around the library as if someone else was in here and looked back to me.

“Are you serious about this?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at her with a tilt of my head and slowly nodded. “Uhm yeah, I need some help with it since I don't know much about it nor have I ever written with hooves before.” To emphasize this I held out my hooves to her.

The princess just stared at me unmoving. The princess just sat there while her ear or wing would twitchy randomly. Then she got a very big smile on her face, that probably could rival Pinkie’s, as her eyes sparkled with joy. She then proceeded to teleport to different parts of the library, grabbing all kinds of books while repeating words of joy.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh this is so wonderful!”

Teleporting to one final part of the library, she appeared next to a clean table and slammed the books on it. When she did that she immediately teleported to me, grabbed me, and teleported back to the table, setting me down in one of the chairs.

“Oh this is so exciting! I don't remember the last time I taught anyone a lesson but now I can. And a lesson in history and hoofwriting at that!” Twilight said with more excitement growing while her wings gave some exciting flaps.

While Twilight was rambling on, I held my hoof to my head trying to stop the dizziness that followed when she teleported me. When I had regained most of my senses and kept myself from barfing, I looked at the amount of books on the table and groaned internally.

To say that I now understood why my friends wished me good luck would be an understatement.

A gasp from Twilight brought me out of my thoughts. I looked to the purple pony to see she had even more excitement than before. Only one thought came to my mind.

Oh no.

“Now that you're here Mason, I can also teach you about your elemental magic! You wait right there, I'll be right back!” With that she teleported to god knows where.

Shaking the last bit of dizziness from my head, I took a good look at what it was that she had got. Before I could even touch a single thing, Twilight teleported out of thin air making me jump slightly. When I saw the amount of scrolls and paper she had I groaned internally. Again.

“Ok, I have everything here. Now lets begin.” With that Twilight levitated a chair next to me and sat herself down.

“We’ll begin with the story that tells of the finding of Equestria. It began at least a couple thousand years ago…”

Oh dear god help me.


I don't like being rude around people but I was really close to slamming my head on this table until it broke in two. She just goes on and on and on, my god it's not even funny.

“And so began the war between the griffons and the ponies….”

Oh god just kill me now.

“....it was a battle that lasted many months….”

Not being able to take much more of this, I decided to venture off into my thoughts. Which in my perspective was a lot worse than what I'm in right now. My thoughts started going to what that pink filly Diamond Tiara said about my parents. Thinking more on it just put a huge frown on my face and made my ears go flat.

“And so, the griffons and ponies stopped the fighting and decid-” Twilight stopped her lecture that she was now writing on a very large chalk board when she noticed the expression on my face.

“Mason are you okay? You seem to be very troubled by something.” She asked with a concern in her voice.

I sighed with my ears still flat. “Yeah, something is troubling me at the moment.”

“Is it the lesson? Did I go a little overboard? Or did I not get enough materials? Shoot, I knew I should have gotten the much larger books.” Twilight said with her own frown.

My eye twitched a little but I took a deep breath to keep myself under control. “No it's not that at all Twilight. I just had some trouble with some bullies at school.” my frowned deepened remembering that scene that had occurred.

Twilight made a silent ‘oh’ to herself and walked over to me. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Shaking my head I looked up at Twilight. “No I'll be fine, it's just a touchy subject is all.”

I could see that princess looked very unconvinced. “Are you sure? I'm here if you need me.”

Shaking my head again, I gave Twilight my best smile. “I'm sure I'll be fine.”

Still looking unconvinced, Twilight nodded slightly. “Alright, but if you do need to talk about it, you can come to me or any of the girls. We're your friends after all.”

I smiled gratefully. “I'll be sure to do that.”

She nodded with a smile of her own. “Good, now I think that's enough on the war between griffons and ponies so let's try some of that hoofwriting again.”

Before she could use her magic, I put a hoof on her shoulder to stop her. “Actually, can we do something else for now? I think we did enough of history and hoofwriting.” I asked pleadingly. I swear if I have to listen to another lesson in history I'm going to blow up this library.

Twilight looked at me with a pout on her face, which I have hardly seen on any grown ups face. Besides Pinkie.

“But I haven't gotten to some of the best parts of the history yet.”

I raised an eyebrow rather high at that and pointed to the open book in front of me. “Twilight, we just about went through half of the book.”

Twilight blinked at me and looked at the large book of knowledge and blinked again because sure enough, the book was just about to the halfway point of it. After blinking a few times Twilight looked back to me with a sheepish smile and rubbed her hooves together.

“Eh-heh, oops, I must have went overboard again.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “Yeah, so is there something else we can do?”

Twilight nodded her head and adjusted her wings a bit as she gestured to the old looking scrolls on the table. “Actually yes there is something else we can do. Since you can do elemental magic, Celestia asked me to teach you the basics of how to control it.”

I nodded, getting rather excited about something that would be fun to learn. “Can we go learn right now.”

Twilight giggled at my excitement and nodded. “Of course we can Mason.” Using her magic, Twilight levitated me on her back and the scrolls in midair. When she made sure I was situated, she made her way outside of the library.


Twilight had now taken me outside to the back of the castle to train me in my elemental magic. I was sitting on a nice spot of grass as Twilight read through the scrolls, probably to get a better understanding of how to train me in using it.

Twilight read through one last scroll and nodded to herself. She put the parchments off to the side and looked to me with determination. “Alright Mason, I have read through all the scrolls and have a few ideas on how to get you started. The only thing that will make this a little difficult is the fact that you don't have a horn. So don't get too disappointed if you can't get it.”

I nodded while trying to keep myself from bouncing in place. I was really excited to learn this, it felt like I was training to be a superhero. Which in a way I kind of was.

Twilight lit her horn with magic and, in turn, so did my body. As this happened Twilight began to explain what she was doing.

“Now what I'm doing Mason is checking your body for something that has been, for now, called magic cells. Now, there are such things as magic cells but these are different. After reading the scrolls I have noticed that for the creatures like you, who could do elemental magic, did them through cells that were in certain parts of their body.”

Twilight started circling me to my backside and used her magic to gently lift my wing, which for some reason I didn't feel all that much. Strange.

“Some creatures, like minotaurs for example, were capable of doing it through their horns. Creatures like a dragon could mainly use them through their claws or maws. The ones that were ponies could do them through their hooves, wings, or sometimes both. The others could do it through horns.”

Twilight then put my wing down and started examining my hoof.

“Right now I am using my magic to pick up any of these cells that are embedded on your body and I have caught some in your wings and the rest in your hooves.”

When Twilight was done with my hoof she cut her magic off and stood back in front of me.

“Right now I'm going to help you channel the magic and get a feel for it so you can turn it on and off willingly. Now this part should be easy since you basically unlocked your magic that one time in the forest.”

I gave a firm and determined nod to the princess. “I'm ready when you are.”

Twilight nodded and lit her horn again. “Ok Mason, first you need to take a deep breath and relax. When you do that close your eyes.”

I nodded and took a few deep breaths to calm myself and closed my eyes. As I did that I thought of some calming thoughts to ease myself.

I heard Twilight hum in approval and took a scroll in her magic. “Ok now here comes the difficult part. I want you to imagine something, like a little ball of light. Once you've done that I want you to imagine it expanding through you to your hooves and wings.”

I nodded with my eyes still closed and concentrated on the little ball of light. After about what felt like 15 minutes I saw nothing but blank. I was just about to tell Twilight that I couldn't imagine it until I saw a small flicker. Going back to concentrating I saw the flicker again and tried to reach out for it. Before I could make it brighter it disappeared. I opened my eyes in excitement and looked to Twilight while I bounced around in my spot.

“I saw it! I saw the little light!”

Twilight giggled again at my excitement and used her magic to stop me from bouncing. “That's good Mason, this means we're getting somewhere. Were you able to make it expand?”

My face fell along with my ears as I shook my head. “No it only flickered for a bit then disappeared before I could concentrate on it.”

Twilight nodded with a quiet hum and took a quill out of thin air and wrote on a blank scroll. “This is expected so don't be too disappointed about it. The good thing is that we are getting somewhere. Now I want you to try again and focus on that little flicker.”

I nodded again and closed my eyes to try and bring the flicker again but nothing happened. I grunted in determination and closed my eyes tighter while sticking my tongue out but still nothing happened. Twilight must have noticed me having difficulty because I felt her hoof on my back.

“Mason it's alright if you can't get it. Since you're having difficulty with it, I want you to try something else. Now the scroll said that one pony could do elemental magic with happy thoughts so I want you to think of something that makes you happy.”

I nodded and took a deep breath to calm myself and thought of something that made me happy. I started by thinking of my family, thoughts of them always made me happy. But instead I became saddened by other thoughts that followed them, like never seeing anyone who was part of my family again.

I immediately shook those thoughts out and tried some different ones. I thought of ones like my favorite animals, my friends, some funny videos, but none of them seemed to give me happiness.

After many thoughts, I decided to try some from this world and one in particular was of Pinkie Pie and her reading me stories, baking together, cheering me up from when I had a rough day, and that one day in Canterlot she said she would treat me as if I was family. When I thought of these it brought a smile to my face and an all familiar flicker.

When I saw the flicker I thought of more thoughts with Pinkie and it became brighter. When it was to the point that I could compare it to a bright flame. When the light, or ‘flame’, was bright enough I tried expanding it to my body. When I tried that I was immediately hit with resistance from the flame. I focused much harder to try and get it to expand but it kept fighting. When it got to the point where it was too much I opened my eyes and took a few breathes that I was holding.

Twilight wrote a few things that I couldn't see and looked to me with encouragement and excitement. “So were you able to see the light?”

I nodded while taking a few more breaths. “Yeah, it almost looked like a flame.”

Twilight wrote on the scroll again and looked to me. “Did you try reaching out to it and expanding it?”

“Yeah,” I responded with few more breaths, “but when I tried doing it, it fought back like it had a mind of its own. So I tried fighting it back but it resisted to the point that I had to stop.”

Twilight nodded and brought a hoof to her chin with a thoughtful expression. “Hm, you said you tried fighting back?”

I nodded in confirmation.

Twilight thought deeper on it. “What if you tired calmly spreading it.”

I looked at her with confusion. “What do you mean?”

Twilight looked to the ground while waving her hoof around. “Like, getting it to work with you instead of getting it to work for you.”

I thought about it for a second and looked to her with a raised eyebrow. “Like the force?”

Twilight blinked at me and looked to me with complete confusion. “What?”

I blinked at Twilight but then made and ‘oh’ expression remembering that this is a different world and began to explain. “The force is some powerful thing from a movie on my world which is a sort of entertainment for us humans. Basically if you're one with the force, the force is one with you. So that's what I'm saying I should do, be one with my light and it will be one with me.”

Twilight blinked at my explanation and slowly nodded. “I mean, I don't think it's the same but yeah you could try it.”

I nodded and closed my eyes again and thought happy things. Just like last time I saw the flame and watched it. I then started to reach out for it and expand it to my hooves and wings but like last time it resisted but instead of fighting back I settled and waited.

Instead of pushing me out the flame stopped and grew brighter, as if telling me to reach out which I did. This time instead of resistance I felt it come to me. When I, or at least I think I did, touch it it immediately shrunk and as quickly as it did, it expanded into a bright light blinding me.

I immediately opened my eyes with a startled yelp. I looked down to my hooves and felt a tingling sensation. Twilight activated her horn and encased my hooves in magic which made her smile.

“Congrats Mason, you can now use your magic through your hooves.” As fast as Twilight’s smile came it went away when she encased my wings in magic.

“Hm, that's strange, you have your cells activated in your hooves but your wings aren't even touched.”

True to her word I could not feel anything coming from my wings. I couldn't even move them as far as I was concerned. Thinking that made me worried that my wings were not meant to be used.

“Uhm, are my wings, dysfunctional?”

Twilight noticing the fear in my voice rubbed my back with her own wing comfortingly. “No, I don't think they are dysfunctional Mason.” As Twilight said that she had a look of uncertainty on her face.

“How can you be sure?” I asked while rubbing one of my unresponsive wings.

Twilight quickly came behind me with a quick explanation. “Well when I used my magic to inspect your wings. Not only did I detect the magic cells, I also detected your muscles and veins in your wings and as far as I know, there's nothing wrong with them. But just to be sure.”

Twilight took my right wing in her hooves and brought it to its full length and began, what looked like, putting pressure on different parts of it while mumbling things like, ‘this is how Dash said to do it’ or ‘this is what the book said to do’.

Before I could contemplate it any longer Twilight went to the very tip of my wing and looked to me expectantly.

“Can you feel this?” To that I shook my head which Twilight then moved down my wing a small bit and put pressure on that.

“How about this?” Again I shook my head and it repeated. She'd go down a small bit and put pressure on my wing and ask me if I could feel it which I shook my head. After many points of my wing, She came to a point that was, what might have been, one finger length above the base of my wing.

“Can you feel this?” Twilight said as she put a little pressure on my wing. I didn't feel anything at first until I focused on it and felt a small sensitive tingle. It wasn't much but it was there.

“Yeah, I can sort of feel a tingly feeling.” To my answer Twilight nodded with a hum as she adjusted her wings a bit.

“Hm I'll have to talk to Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy about this, but at least you can use your hooves. So now let's see what you can do.” She said as she put my wing down and came to the front of me.

“Alright Mason, try and do something with your hoof.”

I nodded my head and raised my hoof to eye level and tried to do something with it. Twilight and myself were startled when my phone, with a quick flicker of fire, appeared out of thin air and landed on the ground.

Twilight shook her head to clear her shock and looked to me. “Ok, how about something different.”

I nodded in agreement and tried again. Nothing happened except for a tingly feeling as if my hoof was being lightly shocked. I got a crazy idea which made me look to Twilight and her at me. She was about to say something until I touched her leg and sent a shock through her to her mane which made her give a slight ‘eep’.

I laughed as I saw Twilight’s mane was all over the place with different strands sticking here and there. Twilight took a look at her crazy mane and frowned at me while I continued to laugh.

As I laughed Twilight got a smirk and created a small spark from her horn and zapped my mane making it the same state which made her laugh. I couldn't help but laugh along with her.

When the crazy mane princess collected herself she fixed both our manes and let out a few more chuckles. “Ok, that was a good start and pretty funny but let's see what else you can do.”


It has been a few hours and I was making some decent progress. Twilight had been training me through different things like giving me a piece of metal and seeing if I could make electricity carry through it or giving me a piece of paper and seeming if I could light it with fire. It was weak at first but Twilight said it will all get better the more I practice.

At the moment I was trying to make a small bolt between my hooves but so far I could only feel static between them. What I didn't notice was a certain filly come up behind me until it was too late.


“Aaah!” Was the response I gave as I lost concentration and turned to see Scootaloo behind me, giggling like a wild animal, along with a chuckling Rainbow Dash. As she giggled I gave a small teasing glare at her.

“I'll get you back for that.”

The filly giggled into her hooves again and looked to me with challenge in her eyes. “I liked to see what you got up your hooves.”

I chuckled accepting that challenge and looked to Rainbow Dash. “So what are you guys doing here.”

Dash, now getting some chuckles out of herself, gave a small snort and came over to ruffle my mane. “Well today is the day I help Scoots in her flying and she thought it would be a good idea to include you in training, so we came here to ask if ya wanted to come along for the ride.”

I shrugged with a nod of my head. “Sure, I'd like to do that with you gals,” I said as I turned to Twilight with pleading eyes, “can I go with them Twi?”

The princess rolled her eyes with a smile and nodded at me. “Sure, just let me talk to Dash real quick and you can go with them.”

I nodded as Dash went over to Twilight to hear whatever she needed to say. Me and Scootaloo sat next to each other, me on her left and her on my right, and waited for them to finish they’re little chat.

During their conversation, Dash had a surprised look and her face and looked to me with concern before looking to Twilight and saying something in return. I was confused by this but decided not to think much of it. Then to me and Scoot’s surprise, Dash launched a few feet above Twilight and a hoof to her chest pronouncing something with determination.

While she was going through this Twilight took a quick glance to me. When she had focus back on Dash she quickly shot her wide eyes at something next to me and looked to me. I raised and eyebrow at her sudden behavior which she answered by tailoring her head towards me. I didn't get the gesture and tilted my head.

Wide eyed, Twilight quickly averted her eyes to the right of me and then back to me. It took a few seconds but it eventually clicked that something was to the side of me. Turning I saw Scootaloo next to me with her attention on Rainbow Dash but it wasn't Scootaloo that Twilight looked worried about. More like the object that was next to the orange filly.

My phone.

From my world.

My eyes widened with worry. Scootaloo can NOT know about me being from a different world. She could tell anyone and not only that, it could ruin our friendship. Just thinking that made me go pale.

Quickly forming a plan, I walked to the other side of Scootaloo and sat down, blocking the view of my phone. Scoots, feeling my movement to her right, looked to me and smiled which I nervously returned. When she returned her attention back to something else, I quietly grabbed my phone and tried to put back to whatever my powers put it, but I was so nervous that it wasn't working.

I started sweating as I tried to put it back but before I could calm my nerves any longer, Dash came over confidently with a worried Twilight which prompt me to hide my phone behind my back.

“Alright Mason, Twilight says it's all good to come with me and Scootaloo to do some training.” said Rainbow Dash with a beaming grin.

I tried my best to hide my nerves by smiling. “G-great, heh, can't wait.”

Taking notice of my nervousness, Dash looked and noticed me with my hoof behind my back. “Uh Mason, what's behind your back?”

I shifted my eyes nervously and shrugged. “N-nothing?”

She didn't buy it one bit. “Mason let me see what you have.”

I shook my head a little too quickly. “I'd r-rather not.”

Dash narrowed her eyes and approached me like a mother whose child wouldn't give back a cookie they stole.

“Mason, show me and Twilight what you have right now.”

I shifted my eyes left and right trying to get out of this situation. If I wanted to succeed, I needed to be smart about it. I needed to calculate my options and be smart about my tactics of how I proceed with th-

“That's a strange place to put a piano…”


To my astonishment though, both Rainbow and Scootaloo directed their gaze to my right which was where I was looking. What was even better was that their attention was away from Twilight.

Not wasting anytime I quickly tossed my phone to Twilight. Having spotted it out of the corner of her eye, the princess caught the phone with her magic with surprised eyes and looked to me as if to silently say, ‘What do I do with this?!’

Apparently we didn't have time to talk about it due to Dash turning around.

Before she turned fully around, Twilight quickly used her magic to teleport my phone to god knows where while I put my hooves behind my back to find something to show the hasty pegasus.

“I'll admit, that was pretty clever, but it's not going to keep you from showing me what you got. Now give it up.” She said sternly.

I sighed in fake defeat and showed her what I quickly grabbed behind me.

Which turned out to be a dandelion.

The rainbow maned pegasus blinked confusingly at the flower in my hoof and stared at me with equal confusion. “Uhm Mason, that's a dandelion.”

I looked to the flower and back to the mare and slowly nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Dash blinked again with a raised eyebrow. “Why did you hide a flower from me?”

I blinked while sweating slightly. While trying to come up with an excuse, I looked to my left and saw Scootaloo who was just as equally or more confused as Dash was. Not wanting to stall any longer I said the first thing that came to mind.

“I was going to give it to Scootaloo.”

Both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo looked to me with surprise. Not only that, but Scootaloo had a light blush on her cheeks and fidgeted with her hooves a bit while avoiding eye contact.

“Y-you were going to g-give that flower to me?” Scootaloo said with a stutter.

Having a light blush of my own, I nodded. “U-um, y-yeah. U-uh, h-here you g-go.”

I slowly handed the flower to Scootaloo who gently took it from my hoof and looked at it with thought. She looked at me with a small, awkward smile. “Uhm, t-thanks.”

I nodded to her with a small awkward smile of my own. We continued staring at each other until we both broke eye contact with our blushes deepening.

A cough made us look to Dash who was looking between us with slight awkwardness. “Um, right, well let's get going you two.”

Dash then walked past us to the front of the castle with Scootaloo who was, to my utter surprise, putting the flower on her ear.

Before I joined them I walked over to Twilight with a questioning look. “Um Twilight, where did you teleport my phone?”

The princess seemed to come out of her thoughts with a jump and looked to me for a few seconds and then smiled with reassurance as her wings twitched. “Oh I just teleported it somewhere safe in the castle, now go along with Rainbow Dash.”

(Somewhere in The Friendship Castle)

A certain purple drake was in the middle of restacking books in the castles large library. Having done all his chores, the drake just had to finish up stacking the books accordingly and then he could go off to his own business.

Right now this drake, also known as Spike, was on a large ladder with a large stack of light books in one hand while professionally putting a book back in the other.

Before he could push the book back in its respectable place, a silent pop was heard and then something bonked him on the top of his head.

Being startled from the strange object, Spike yelped while wildly flailing on the ladder trying to grab books to stay steady. It was a fruitless attempt as he fell off the ladder bring the books he was carrying and the ones he grabbed with him.

The young dragon then hit the ground with a small ‘oof’ along with the books that fell on top of him.

Spike laid there in his knowledge tomb in silence for some time, trying to stay calm about losing maybe hours of working to put books back.


For about a solid 10 seconds.