The Colt of Fire and Lightning

by ShagPony

First published

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

This is Mason, your average 10 year old kid, living in a good town with a good school, awesome friends, and overall just a good life. But when his parents are taken in a car crash, that he miraculously survived, he now lives in a orphanage.

One day Mason wishes for a little more in life. Well Mason gets his the form of a colt....surrounded by technicolored ponies....yeah not what he was going for. Well on the bright side, he's a pegasus with awesome fire and lightning powers so what could go wrong?

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Prologue: Into A New World We Go

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Hi....umm....I guess I should start with an introduction yes? I mean that's how most stories start out so why not. I'll start out with who I am. My names Mason and I'm a 10 year old boy, I have tannish skin with dark brown hair, and my eyes, well they're quite the site. You see I was born with two different colors, my left eye being an amber color while my right being blue. Now that that's out of the way, you should know a little bit about my personality. I'm like your average little boy for ya, I like to tell jokes, make references that a lot of people probably wouldn't get, be the goofy guy of the group, and I'm also a gaming and comic nerd with an occasion of telling you why Deadpool is best hero. Or how you people see it, anti-hero. Of course he probably views himself as a hero.....or a criminal doing justice things I guess.....or something.....


Right now, I'm living in a orphanage. Now you might be wondering why I'm living at an orphanage, well let me tell you.

I had a nice life living in a house with my parents in a nice neighborhood, I had awesome friends and went to a cool school, or at least as cool as it can get. My life was very good. Until me and my parents got in a horrible accident.

We were driving from the movies, my mom was saying the good things about the movie while me and my dad were talking about the bad things. Never really liked romance movies. Then all of the sudden, a car swerved in our lane and hit us head on. I don't know how many hours had passed but when I woke up I found myself in a hospital bed. As if someone was sending signals, the doctor came in and told me that I miraculously survived with a few scratches and bruises, but some broken bones here and there. When I asked about my parents, the doctor said they didn't make it in the crash since they took most of the impact head on.

I was shattered, I don't remember how long I cried in that hospital. Later on I was sent to an orphanage. The first few weeks were horrible, I hardly ate, I always had nightmares, and I cried. I cried a lot. But fortunately one of my older cousins heard about it and at least once a week would visit me and would help me with my problems. Eventually she got me to talk to the other kids and soon I made new friends which helped me even more. After about 4 months I was somewhat recovered. I didn't get any nightmares, I talked more often to the kids but I was still touchy on the topic.

One time when my cousin came to visit I asked her if I could live with her. She said she would if she could but she didn't have enough money to provide for me and her. I was a bit saddened by this but she said she would still visit me.

Wearing a Dead Pool shirt, some jeans and a pair of shoes, I was near the small pond that the orphanage was next to skipping rocks while listening to music on my cousin's old IPhone 6. Although I can't call anyone or buy games without her permission it's still got music ranging from country my personal favorite, to rock, jazz, the occasional dubstep, and orchestra along with a few games here and there.

Tossing a rock and watching it skip twice, I grunted in annoyance not getting that third skip that I usually get. This is what I used to do during my recovery. Do something productive while listening to music, but mostly it was listening to music. Now I just do it when I want to be alone.

It makes you think though, how fast life could take away so much you love and all the things you would wish would never change. Kinda sucks. Instead of wishing for things to change I was now wishing for it all to change, heck maybe even change back to the way it was but you can't go back in time. If only magic existed in this world and could make wishes come true, because if that was the case I would be wishing a storm.

After skipping the final rock I picked up my phone, paused my music and headed back up to the orphanage. Now the orphanage wasn't all that special, just a two story red building. Nothing much to it actually, has a playground over there, a basketball court over there, and blue glowing light that I'm about to walk into. Yup nothing much.

....Wait what?

Before I could rack my brain to figure out how a blue glowing light thingy was in front of me, I felt myself get sucked into it with nothing to stop me. The last thing I saw before I was somehow knocked out was a white flashing light.

Chapter 1: An Adventure Begins

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Hello darkness my old frieeeend~. Why the hell have you come to me again~?. Like seriously I'm getting tired of this knocking out business. First that one time I hit my head, then that car crash, and now this......whatever this is. As a matter of fact I can hear the occasional bird or rustle of leaves...strange actually, I'm pretty sure if I was knocked out it would be silent until I woke up.

. . . .

Unless....I don't have my eyes open.

Well let's see what place I've stumbled to now. At that I begin to open my eyes but immediately shut them do to the day light blinding me. 'yup definitely had my eyes shut. My god that burns! First I get knocked out and now I'm pretty sure I blinded myself, great. Also while I'm listing off the things that's happening, my body feels weird'.

I carefully open my eyes and blink away the brightness so I can adjust. When I do I see I'm in dirt. It's good dirt. I blink away the grogginess I have and lift my head. I seem to be in a forest. ' did I get here? If I remember correctly the orphanage doesn't have a forest this dense.' I bring a hand to my forehead to rub the small headache I have until I feel something that's not my hand. I bring my hand to my face only to find a... hoof?

"Okay, what the flip is going on here?" I twist the hoof to look at it and just as my brain sends signals, it responds just exactly the same. I want it left, it would twist left. I want it right, it twists right.

Gathering data...


Process complete

My eyes go wide as my mouth opens and closes wordlessly. I look at my hoof and trail all the way up the limb which is attached to a body I'm not familiar with. I see not my small human body with feet but a small white furred body with the same appendages but not only that I have wings and a fire like tail with blue streaks almost like lightning. I look else where and find my clothes close by but my shoes are missing.

Looking at myself again I begin to hyperventilate as a panic attack starts to come in.

"Ok don't freak out, everything's fine, just take it nice and smooth. You have all of this under control"

Not even 10 seconds later I start freaking out like the little girl I was.

(15 minutes of freaking out later)

Well this was quite exciting wouldn't you say. Really not much happened, just some screaming and running around while shouting to the heavens. Yeah, good stuff.

So after that little freak out session I decide to get a better look at myself. I shakily get on my fee-...I mean hooves and walked -with a bit of wobbling to keep myself straight- to a small body of water near my clothes. Having much difficulty walking with four legs it took me a while to get there. When I did I took a look at my reflection and see a small horse or whatever I am staring at me with a small muzzle and ears. I was about to scream and go crawl somewhere and cry my eyes out saying that this is all a dream until I remember what Jessy told me. When in situations like this -that is if there are any about being turned into a horse in the middle of no where- to not freak out, stay calm and collected. I may be 10 years old but I'm smarter than I look or act. Of course, I think most of that advice is starting to go down the drain to what I'm looking at right now.

But I'm still curious so I take a few breaths and look at my reflection again.

My fur is completely white, almost white as snow and my hair... mane? Is like my tail. A fire look to it with faint blue streaks like lightning. My eyes are the same as they used to be, left eye is amber but almost looks as if it's glowing like fire, and my right eye is blue but looks electric. I look to my body and see the wings are the same color as my fur but the tips of the feathers have a blue on them.

I then look at my clothes and think for a moment before I remember something that I hope is still there. With that in mind I shakingly get up and walk to my pants and start patting them down. Sure enough I find my phone and try to take it out but I become unsuccessful. Get a little frustrated, I pick up the jeans and shake them till the phone falls out of the pocket and on to the ground. Tossing the pants away since I have no use for them, I look to the small device trying to figure out how I can pick it up. I look to my hoof and slowly raise it to the phone and touch it. Lifting it up I see the phone doesn't follow.

'Not gonna be picking it up that way.' I thought as I glared t the phone. As I continue to glare I notice that it's screen is in the dirt which gives me another idea. I twist my right hoof to the flat is somewhat facing me and put it next to the phone, then, taking my left hoof I flip the phone into my right and press it there with my left. Lifting it up I slowly raise my left and balance the phone on my right hoof as much as I can. When it stays there, I gently press the home button which lights up the screen and try to go to the lock screen, but fail to do so with the hard part of my hooves. Giving up on that I look to see if I have any bars and I see....

No service. Great. Just flipping fantastic.

Just as I was about to scream in panic and frustration I heard faint voices in the distance. I smile as I light up with hope as that means whoever is out here can help me.....hopefully.....probably. Not wanting to waste anytime I look at my phone and then try to see if I can find someplace to put it. Can't bring my pants with me and I don't want to carry it in my mouth so that only leaves my wings. Listening, I hear the voice are still close so I take my time and gently put the phone in my wing and try to tuck it in tight only for it to not move in which my phone slips out.

I grunt in annoyance and pick up the phone as I once did before and look at the device. 'God how am I supposed to take you with me if I can't put you somewhere.' I sit and think about this for a moment. I then look at my phone and narrow my eyes at it.

In my time of thinking I hear the voices have gone quiet and start to panic and glare at the phone with clenched teach just hoping it would go somewhere. When it did nothing, I shook it in my hooves as my cheeks puffed out in anger.

"You piece of crap, just disappear somewhere!"

As if God was tired of my babbling, I felt a tingling go down my hooves which made me shiver a bit and the next think I know, a flame engulfs my phone and it disappears. I then look at my now empty hoof with shock and disbelief.

"The hell happened to my phone?!" I shouted as I tapped my hooves together to see if it would reappear. Not getting anything I try to concentrate on that tingling feeling hoping for it to work. As quickly as I could so I didn't miss thos Poole that I heard, I tried to the hardest I could to make it happen again, and sure enough, I started to feel a slight tingle and saw a small spark at the tip of my hooves. Not wanting to give up I try to give my all and then the flame came back and my phone reappeared and fell to the ground.

I....I.....I had nothing to say, this was completely impossible, this should be completely impossible. I swear to god if this is a dream I hope it's a lucid one. Before I could panic about this I felt my left ear swivel to face the voices that were even farther than when I last heard them. Ok.....that felt weird and those voices from earlier are getting farther away. Not wanting to miss my saviors I touch my phone and focus on that feeling again. It took maybe a few seconds before it made my phone disappear and got up to run to the voices.

Only to go face first into the ground. Getting up -slowly this time- to my hooves, I tried to get myself to run but broke out into the most awkward jog ever, or is it trot. I think it's trot.

Dodging and ducking under foilidge to the best of my ability and almost tripping more times than I would like at the moment, I neared where I last heard the voices hoping they were still there. After a while of tumbling and stumbling I got closer and heard them again. To what I could hear they sounded female, one sounding extremely cheerful. As soon as I came out of a bush to meet my saviors my jaw droped, my eyes went wide, and I think my ears pressed against my head at the site in front of me. Infront of me were two -I think small- horses. One was a purple horse with the same but darker colored hai- I mean mane, with what appears to be a pink stripe in it. The purple one also had a tattoo that appeared to be a 6 pointed star, not only that but it had wings like me but also a horn. The other horse next to the purple one was a pink one with the same type of mane that almost looks like cotton candy, and had a tattoo of 3 balloons. Now if I thought this broke me than what I saw next was going to be the next punch. She's bouncing. While moving.

That's not what's gonna really fry my brain, oh no. Now I hear those same voices but they were coming from THEM! How is that POSSIBLE!?

Ok my brain is total disaster, heck I'd say my head is now more messed up then Deadpool's. But before I decided to faint I was frozen. Frozen by the fact that the pink one stopped what it was doing and slowly turned to show me baby blue eyes looking directly at the bush I was in. The purple one noticing her companions sudden stop turned to show me purple eyes at my bush as well, then turned to her friend and said something I couldn't quite hear.

The pink one responded back still looking at my bush or more like at me but then my blood ran cold as a menacing growl came from behind me. I turned around only to have my ears to firmly press against my head as I came face to face with something made out of wood that looked at me with hunger. Well....


(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

In the dangerous Everfree Forest, not far from a hut that was home to a zebra, we find our beloved Princess Twilight Sparkle accompanied by her party crazy and perhaps spawn of Deadpool Pinkie Pie. At the moment Twilight was talking to Pinkie while they were walking to Zecora's hut.

"So, tell me again why you wanted to join me to go to Zecora?" asked Twilight to her bouncing pink friend.

"Because silly, my pinkie sense was acting all crazy today, telling me there was a gonna be a big doozy today in the Everfree and since you were going I thought I might as well join you." replied the happy mare still bouncing away without a care in the world.

Twilight gave a small sigh while her ears fell. she still didn't get the Pinkie Sense but she gave up trying to question it a long time ago. The only thing anyone jots it up to, is Pinkie being Pinkie. Even if that's the case, the Pinkie Sense hasn't really been false yet which inclined Twilight to ask about it. "What exactly is gonna happen in this doozy?"

Pinkie stopped bouncing mid air and put a hoof to her chin as she thought. Not having anything, she shrugged and continued to bounce away. "Don't know but it's gonna be a biggy!"

"Of course it is." Twilight replied with a shake of her head as she continued to walk beside her friend.

The two ponies kept walking, keeping mindful of their surroundings as they knew full well what the Everfree was like. They continued to walk in silence as Pinkie kept bouncing along. Pinkie then decided to break the silence with a tilt head. "So why are we going to Zecora's hut again?"

"Because," began Twilight, "I need to get back a book that Zecora borrowed, but the reason I'm going there is to catch up and chat." The Princess of Friendship said with a smile.


The two friends continued there walk -and bounce- on the path until the pink pony suddenly stopped bouncing and slowly turned around to look at a bush behind them. Twilight now noticing her friends sudden stop, turned to her with a raised eyebrow and looked behind them only to see nothing. As she looked Twilight turned her ears and noticed that the area around them seemed to be more silent. Taking that as a bad sign and still seeing nothing, Twilight turned her gaze back to the mare feeling a bit tense. "Uhm, Pinkie, you okay?"

"Nope, because something is about to come out of that bush."

Twilight was about to ask what she was talking about until they both heard a growl coming from the bush making them both tense up. Expecting a predator to come out, both mares became surprised when a white pegasus colt came out of it running quite awkwardly. What made their eyes widen though was when a timberwolf came out of it chasing him.

(Mason's Pov)

My first instinct was to run, just run like hell, and run like hell I did. I burst out of the bush heading straight for the two other horses who looked back at me with wide eyes. I took a small glance behind me to see the strange creature giving chase. I ran much faster but tripped on my hooves since I never really had them before. As I fell I heard a gasp but paid no mind to it as I looked at the creature and saw it pounce at me. I covered my eyes with my hooves waiting for my demise... but it didn't come, I opened my eyes to see the pink pony standing in front of me protectively while glaring at the creature on the ground a few feet away from us.

"Listen here you big meany!" said the pink horse, "if it's one thing I'm not gonna let happen, is let you hurt this colt, so just scamper off before ol' Pinkie Pie here gives you what for!"

At that statement the pink one now identified as Pinkie Pie, pulled out a cannon of some kind and out of no where too. Even though I'm internally freaking out about talking horses and would like to question that canon she has I didn't really care right now since I don't want to get eaten. So against whatever judgement I have or probably did have, I decide to trust this Pinkie Pie and stay as close as possible to her. Pinkie Pie looked to me as I stood behind her hind legs with a comforting smile. "Don't worry buddy I won't let them get ya."

Pinkie then turned back to the creatures which I now got the time to get a good look at. Strangely, they looked like wolves but they were much bigger, either that or I was smaller but it was made entirely out of wood which made it strange and just like wolves, five more came to stand next to it.

'Oh no' was an understatement to what I was thinking at the moment.

I then saw the purple one come to the side of Pinkie and....her horn was glowing....ok just gonna tuck that question away until we're out of this mess. The wolves started circling us so by instinct I got between Pinkie and the purple one who watched the wolves with caution.

Everything was still and the air was tense. It was so tense that it smelled like bacon....don't judge me I think nonsense when I'm scared. Then one of the wolves jumped at the purple pony which she then fired a purple beam at the wolf making it go back a few feet and land with a thud. Two more jumped but at Pinkie Pie which she then proceeded to fire....confetti at them, which was strange, but it proved effective enough to push them back. This went on a few times, one would jump to get an attack or make an opening but resulting in getting blasted by the purple one or Pinkie Pie. All was well until one caught the purple one by surprise and by instanct she....DISAPPEARED! OH MY GOD THESE WOLVES AR- wait she just reappeared behind the wolf so I guess she teleported.

Ok that's not suppose to be able to happen and that wolf is now raising its paw at me. Purple horse's eyes widen from leaving me to an attack but sighed in relief when Pinkie bucked it away and, man for a horse her size it was powerful.

"Don't you even think about hurting this colt when I'm here mister!" Pinkie barked with determination. Pinkie looked at the purple one with I think a scowl on her face. "Twilight, I know you did that out of instinct but this foals safety comes first."

The purple who I just learned is Twilight came back to Pinkie's side. "Sorry I'll make sure to not leave him opened." At that Twilight got back in a protective stance with her horn glowing.

After a few more minutes the wolves seemed to be backing off so I think we were winning. At this moment Pinkie decided to give a bit of a victory cheer.

"Yeah you back up you nasty timberwolves, WOOH!" Now, while it's sometimes good to rub your victory into the faces of thy enemy, it was at this moment that our party planner Pinkie Pie.... had screwed up.

During Pinkies victory cheer, a wolf or Timberwolves as she said, got lucky and knocked Pinkie away cutting her off from me and Twilight.

Twilight saw her friend get smacked away and blasted the timberwolf away and shouted back to her friend. "Pinkie, you ok-" Twilight didn't get to finish as another timberwolf took advantage of her distraction and knocked her away as well. Now Twilight and Pinkie were cut off by three Timberwolves with bruises on them while the last one of them was advancing on me.

"NO!" screamed the pink one who was dodging and ducking swings from the three timberwolves trying to advance but couldn't.

"Leave him alone!" Twilight yelled with anger as she prepared to use her horn again but was interrupted by a near miss from the three timberwolves.

I continued to back as far away from the timberwolf as much as possible but it kept on me intended on finishing me off.


My cry went on deaf ears as the wolf continued advancing. "Leave me alone!" I shouted. I then felt something stop my movements and looked to see a tree stopped me. I was about to go around and run or maybe hide but the single timberwolf was already on me licking its lips ready to devour me. I was cowering in fear.

"Leave me alone...."

The wolf was now right infront of me.

"Leave me alone!" I was starting to feel something tingly in my legs and my mane felt warm as my instincts told me to hit and run.

The wolf now had its jaws open ready to finish me off.

"I said....leave me...." I began as I stood on my hind hooves by instinct with the tingly feeling now being stronger.

"ALONE!" I then hit the wolf in its face and well, what I was expecting was for it to be stunned for like a second then get angry, instead I sent it back with a powerful strike of....lightning.

The wolf yelped in pain and was smacked into a tree and landed on the ground and burst into wood and sticks with a howl. I was surprised by what I did, I don't know what I did but it was.... awesome. But now I have A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Cause last I checked this wasn't some fantastic four stuff so what the heck was that.

Before I could think on it any longer, my attention was brought to two of the other timberwolves growling and running at me to avenge their fallen comrade. When they were closer the first one pounced to get a bite out of me but I guess by either instinct or something else I was able to dodge his attack, it was almost like my speed was greatly enhanced and I have been walking on four legs my whole life. After I dodged the first one I quickly ran under the second one and again by instinct or something, bucked him in the midsection and sure enough the same thing happened but this time I made it catch fire. In response the wolf yelped in pain and tried to put the fire out, emphasis on tried.

So I can control not only lightning, but fire too. Awesome.

My train of thought was interrupted when the first wolf pounced again. With no time to dodge I used my hooves to protect my face. As I waited for the strike from the wolf but got nothing, I opened my eyes to see it being shot with purple beams from Twilight who was standing next to me. I looked to where pink one was and found her chasing away the other timberwolves with the canon.

After the Timberwolves were taken care of, Twilight's horn stopped glowing and Pinkie put her canon away into nothingness which led me to ask myself. 'Does this girl know Dead Pool or something?'

I was brought out of my thoughts when Pinkie began speaking.

"Wowwie that was amazing what you did buddy! You were all like 'LEAVE ME ALONE!' and woosh, your mane caught fire and had lightning on your legs and wings and you were like 'BAM', and-"

During Pinkie's reenactment to what I did, the tingling went away and I suddenly felt dizzy and quite tired. Pinkie noticing my sudden change asked me something but I couldn't hear. Last thing I saw was Pinkie catching me before I fell on the ground, then blackness. My old friend. Why the hell are you back again!?

(Pinkie Pie's Pov)

Pinkie had stopped her ranting of how cool it was that the colt did all that fire and lightning show without a horn but concern for the now unconscious colt that laid in her hooves. Confused, Pinkie looked to her friend Twilight.

"Twilight what should we do?"

Twilight was still looking at the unconscious colt but then shook her head and looked to her friend. "We should take him to the hospital to make sure he's okay, but also firgure out how he did what he did without a horn."

Pinkie then looked to the colt then back at Twilight and nodded. "Okie-dokie-lokie Twilight!" Pinkie then picked him up by the scruff of his neck and placed him on her back then looked to Twilight again and then a thought came across her mind. "Wait what about Zecora?"

Twilight slightly shook her head. "Zecora will have to wait, this foal comes first." With that Twilight charged up her horn and teleported Pinkie, the colt, and herself to the hospital.

Chapter 2: In The Hospital

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We continue our story. In a galaxy far, far, awa- wait what?


Oh we're not doing that….oh, uhm, hold on a second here, let me just...*insert paper noise here* AH! Here we are *ahem*.

We find our two favorite ponies, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie with the mysterious colt known as Mason at Ponyville Hospital.

At the moment, Twilight was talking to one of the nurses while Pinkie was watching the colt, just in case he woke up.

(Twilight Sparkle’s Pov)

“So you don't know who this colt is?”

Twilight was standing outside the door that lead to where the colt was resting, asking the nurse if she could get the records for the colt so she could find his parents and tell them what happened, but to her shock there weren't any records of him. It was as if he didn't exist.

“I'm sorry Princess Twilight, but there aren't any records that match the colt's description, it’s possible that he could be from a different part of Equis.” replied Nurse Redheart who looked at the clipboard in her hooves that gave a description of the colt as far as looking at him went.

Twilight thought about what Nurse Redheart said with a troubled look. ‘In this situation that could be the case, but he was pretty far in the Everfree Forest, so it's also possible that he could be from Ponyville.’

Twilight started rubbing her chin deep in thought as her ears twitched. ‘But if he really was from somewhere else, then that would mean him and his parents were visiting, but then why would he go into the Everfree? Did he just wonder in or what? Hmm....’

Twilight was brought from her thoughts by a cough. Looking from the floor she saw Nurse Redheart who at the moment was waiting patiently for her response.

The princess smiled sheepishly as she clear her throat. “Sorry about that I got caught in my thoughts, but onto the subject of the colt. It is a possibility that he is from somewhere else if there are no records. Although, that doesn't make sense for him to be that far into the Everfree Forest, even if him and his parents were visiting and please, you don't have to call me Princess Twilight, just Twilight.”

Nurse Redheart gave Twilight a sheepish smile of her own while her ears fell slightly. “Sorry Princ- I mean Twilight.”

Twilight smiled at Nurse Redheart while tapping her hooves together. “It's fine, I'm just not used to the whole Princess thing yet.”

Redheart nodded. “I understand.”

Twilight nodded as she directed her gaze to the colt's room. In the room, she saw the little pony sleeping away in a hospital bed as Pinkie sat beside the bed humming a tune to herself. She then looked back to the nurse and gestured to Pinkie with a hoof. “Well I think I'm gonna tell Pinkie about the news of the colt so we can find a way to go about this problem.”

“Okay, why you do that, I'm going to give him a shot, in case he caught anything from the Everfree Forest. Celestial knows what anyone could catch from wondering that far into the Everfree.”

“Or whatever might catch you.” Twilight said with a nod.

Twilight then looked to Pinkie. “Hey Pinkie.” The party mare in question looked to her friend who motioned her over. Pinkie left her spot next to the colt and made her way towards the door but before going out she let Nurse Redheart enter, then exited, gently closing the door behind her.

“You called me Twilight?” asked Pinkie.

“Yes I wanted to tell you what I heard about the colt.” replied Twilight.

Pinkie's ears perked up at that and bounced slightly in place. “Oh goody! So did you find his parents so they could come get the little guy?”

“Not exactly," the princess answered with her ears flat, "when I asked Nurse Redheart for his records so I could find his parents, she said the hospital didn't have any of him.” she finished.

*Gasp*, You mean they don't have any records of him meaning we can't find his parents?!”

“Well,” Twilight began while rubbing her neck with a hoof, “Nurse Redheart thinks he's not from around Equestria, nor Ponyville for that matter.”

*Double Gasp*, So he's not from Ponyville?!” Twilight shook her head. “*Triple Gasp*, That means I have to throw him and his parents a ‘Welcome to Ponyville Party’!” The party pony said as she reared up to get started on said party. Before she could move, a pink cloud of magic stopped her in place.

“First I think we should ask him some questions about his parents and how he got in the Everfree before we start planning a party.” Twilight said as she unfroze her friend with her magic.


Twilight rolled her eyes with a small grin at the pink pony's antics but was filled with confusion when a shout was heard. Both mares stared confused at the door until a loud voice came from the door which made their eyes widen slightly.

In response, Twilight used her magic to burst through the door with Pinkie in tow.

“What's going on in here?!” Twilight shouted wanting to know why their was screaming.

“Please calm down, I just want to give you a shot.” came Nurse Redheart’s voice. Twilight looked over to see Nurse Redheart trying to calm down the colt who, at the moment, was wielding a q-tip in his mouth.

“SHTAND DACK 'EAST, OR I SHALL SNITE THEE!” He shouted, swinging his q-tip.

“What in the name of Celestia is going on here?” Twilight said with confusion and a raised eyebrow

The colt now noticing that other people were present ran towards Twilight and dove under her legs. He then popped his head out from her front legs and looked up to her.

“Dank god you're 'ere!” cried the colt while still having the q-tip in his mouth, “dis nurse here is tying to ghive me a shot!”

She raised an eyebrow at the child who was peeking from her front legs with just as much confusion as before. “What's wrong with that?” The princess asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

The colt spit out the q-tip and gave Twilight the stink eye. “I hate needles!”

Twilight rolled her eyes at his antics and looked at the damage that the room was in. She noticed the condition of the bed he was on had the covers were all over the place, the pillow thrown across the room and an empty pitcher that used to be full of water.

Twilight looked at Nurse Redheart to see that her mane and fur were soaked with water while looking very annoyed and glaring at the colt under Twilight’s legs. The princess could take a guess at what happened but decided to get it from the one under her. Raising an eyebrow, she brought her gaze back to the little pony.

“Okay, I know why you screamed now but, can you at least explain this?” Asked Twilight motioning over to the messy bed.

He looked over to the bed and smiled sheepishly at Twilight. "Well ya see, eh-heh….”

(A Few Minutes Earlier)
(All Pov)

Nurse Redheart had entered the room as Pinkie Pie exited the room and closed the door. She went to the shelves that were directed to her right to retrieve a shot for the young colt. As she did this, she heard the young colt groan as he shifted, probably waking up from his slumber. When she had retrieved the small shot, she came over to the side of the bed to find him rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Redheart sat the shot on the stand next to the bed and gently nudged him with her snout. “Hey hun, how do you feel?” She asked with a soft voice.

The colt rubbed continued to rub his eyes with his hooves as he yawned. “Okay I guess.”

Redheart nodded to the little colt. "I would think so, probably walking through that dark forest and running from those Timberwolves must have wiped you out."

The young pony only nodded as he yawned again which Redheart giggled at. Looking to the shot she set down, She picked it up. "Well I need to give you a shot in case you picked up anything from the Everfree so I'll make this quick hun."

It took a while for that to register for the young lad but when it did, his eyes shot wide open and looked to see a plain white mare with a light pink mane and tail. On her flank was a tattoo of a Red Cross with hearts on its corners. But his main focus was on the shot that was in her hoof. Now, let's take a trip through his mind shall we.

Is that….Oh….Oh no….No, no, no, no, NO! OH MY GOD THIS HORRIBLE!’ The colt looked at the tool of destruction with fear in his eyes, ‘NEEDLE!

The needle wasn't even that large.


Like, it was no longer than three inches.


At this point he decided to spring into action. He threw the bed covers into Redheart's face, which she shouted with a 'Hay' and proceeded to take them off.

While the enemy was distracted, he took the time to look around for anything to use and noticed a pillow and pitcher of water. Redheart got the sheets off her face only to dodge a pillow that came at her. Redheart looked at the pillow that was thrown at her for a few good seconds and slowly turned to look at the colt...

only to find him holding a pitcher of water making her eyes go wide.

Putting her hooves in a calming gesture Redheart calmly spoke to the colt. “Okay hun, just calm down, I'm just going to give you a shot.”

“NOOOO!” he shouted, then threw the pitchers contents onto Redheart which drenched her face and mane. Since the pitcher was full of cold water, Redheart yelped in surprise and quickly used the sheets to dry herself. While she was trying to wipe the water from her face, he ran to the shelves to arm himself.

Redheart on the other hand was still using the sheets to wipe her face of the cold water. when she had dried herself the best she could, she looked to the bed to not see the young colt there. Hearing a sound behind her, she turned around to see him in the shelves and slowly approached him feeling quite agitated.

The colt, turning around to look at his enemy, saw the mare with annoyance in her baby blue eyes approaching him. Since he wasn't used to his hooves, he reached inside the cubbard he was in with his face and grabbed the first thing he saw with his teeth. The weapon of chose was a….

Q-tip, he brought out a q-tip. Grand.

At this moment Twilight and Pinkie entered the room.

“What's going on in here?!”

“Please calm down, I just want to give you a shot.”


(Present time)
(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

“…..That's basically what happened.” he finished still smiling sheepishly.

“Please, I just want to give you a shot, I promise it will be over quick.” came Nurse Redheart's voice that sounded pleading but also like she was trying to keep her temper in check.

“No!” he retaliated, “I will not allow you to use such a contraption on me, now nurse, feel the power of the force….nnngh!” He was now scrunching up his face and sticking his front hoof out trying to use the force.

“Awww, he's so cute when he scrunches his face like that.” Came Pinkie's voice who was watching the event unfold.

The colt immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at Pinkie with a stink eye. “I am not cute, I am devilishly Handsome.” he retorted.

“More like cutely handsome.” commented Pinkie.

“No devilishly. Now nurse, feel the force…. Nnnngh.”

“You are going to get this shot and that's final young colt.” replied Redheart who was getting even more annoyed by his antics.

Twilight, deciding it be best to help before things got way out of hoof thought of a different approach. “Nurse Redheart,” keeping her gaze on the colt, Redheart reluctantly looked to the princess, “let me talk to him, maybe I can get him to take it.”

Nurse Redheart kept her gaze on the princess a little longer until she finally sighed and gestured to the colt. “Please do.”

Twilight nodded and looked down at him with a gentle smile. “Ok so what's the problem?”

Having stopped with whatever he was doing, the colt kept his glare on the nurse or more specifically the shot but eventually looked up to Twilight. “The problem, is that I don't want the shot because I hate needles. Emphasis on hate.” he answered.

“Hmmm….” Twilight hummed, looking to the ceiling and tapping a hoof to her chin, then she got an idea. “What if I used my magic to help with this?”

Twilight watched as the young colt tilted his head with a confused look. “Magic?” Twilight nodded. “Um….How do you suppose that would help?”

Twilight smiled softly to the young lad. “Simple. you just close your eyes, and when Nurse Redheart gives you the shot, I'll use my magic to make it seem like nothing is happening.”

He still had the questioning look on his face and raised an eyebrow at the princess. “You promise that I won't feel a thing?”

Twilight smiled encouragingly at him while putting a hoof to her chest. “I promise you won't feel a thing.”

The lad obviously not wanting a shot, took a few glances at the nurse and then back to Twilight. He did this a few times until he sighed with his ears against his head.

“Alright, I'll do it.” As he said that he closed his eyes and waited. Nurse Redheart came over and gently took the foal’s leg, as she did, Twilight charged her horn making the foal's leg glow a pink aura.

Redheart then proceeded to give him the shot and expecting him to jump with fright, he just stayed there with his eyes still closed which gave her the green light to proceed. When she was done she sighed with relief. “Done.”

Twilight watched the young lad open his eyes and blink a few times as he stared at his leg. "Really? I didn't feel anything.” he said while twisting and turning it.

“See,” Twilight said with a smile, “I told you didn't I? you wouldn't feel a thing.”

“Yes well, as exciting as this has been I'm going to go check on other patients now and fix my mane.” Nurse Redheart said while trotting her way to the door.

“Alright,” Twilight said as the colt came out form under her, “we're gonna ask him some questions and then head out ourselves.”

The nurse nodded in response and then walked out, closing the door behind her leaving only Twilight, Pinkie, and the colt in the room.

(Mason’s Pov)

I came out from under Twilight while having the word 'magic' bounce around my head. I mean, I just thought it was purple beams or something like from Star Wars but apparently it's more than just beams. My thoughts were then interrupted by Twilight speaking.

“Alright, now that that's done…” Twilight used her, magic, to fix the bed by… levitating the sheets and pillow back on it.

“Mmh, Now I've seen everything.” I mumbled while looking off into space.

“Let's get some questions answered shall we?” Twilight said while her magic finished making the bed.

“Sure.” I then walked back to the bed and, tried, to get back on it but was having some difficulties in doing so. Twilight probably noticed me struggling because she spoke to me in a helpful manner. “Need some help there?”

I stopped what I was doing and looked to Twilight. “No I got this….aaaaaugh.” Yeah I don't got this.

I heard the Pink one giggle. “Hold on there buddy, I got ya.”

After that was said I yelped in surprise when I felt Pinkie pick me up by my neck and hoist me on to the bed. When she let go I rubbed the spot she used to pick me up by. “Um….what did you do?”

Pinkie giggled. “why silly willy, I put you on the bed.” She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it kinda was.

“I Know that but what did you do to my neck?” I asked as I still rubbed it. It didn't really hurt, just felt weird.

“Oh, well I picked you up by your scruff of course, everypony has one, heck, even I do.” To prove her point Pinkie grabbed the scruff of her neck with a hoof and hoisted herself up. Like literally, she was hovering over the ground and everything.

I stared at the pink pony with wide eyes and open jaw. “H-h-how….are you doing that?” I asked still shocked by the amount of physics and logic she was breaking.

Pinkie set herself down and rubbed her chin with a hoof. “Well I would tell ya, but the author of this story wouldn't know how to explain it, so I guess it's a mystery." fnished the pink mare with a large smile.

I stared at Pinkie for maybe like an eternity, then my brain started working again. “Are you a horse version of Deadpool?”

Pinkie then stopped smiling and put on a thinking look. “Well I should tell you I'm not a horse, I'm a pony. As for Deadpool, I don't know who that is.”

“You don't know who Deadpool is?”

Pinkie rubbed her chin again. “You mean Deadpool, who defies all logic and physics, breaks the fourth wall, and is a psychotic killer?” I nodded with a dumb look while Twilight went wide eyed at the psychotic killer part.

“Nope, never heard of him." finished Pinkie with a big smile.

I stared at her for a while, then looked to Twilight, she was still staring at Pinkie with wide eyes but shook her head and looked to me and noticed the expression on my face. As if knowing my silent question she decided to speak.

“It's best you don't question it, it's just Pinkie being Pinkie.”

I blinked a few times, then looked back at Pinkie. “Huh.”

“Anyway,” began Twilight, “before we get sidetracked by anything else, how about we introduce ourselves properly. I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you can just call me Twilight. This is my friend-”

“Pinkie Pie the greatest party pony in all of Equestria, But you can just call me Pinkie," the pink one said enthusiastically while flinging confetti everywhere and blowing a party horn she got from somewhere. When she was done she gestured to me, "and you are?”

“Mason,” I answered quickly, “and did you say, Equestria?”

“Well of course silly willy, that is the name of the continent that we're on, but we're especially in the super-duper-awesome town called Ponyville!”

I was about to question Pinkie on these names until she asked me another question. “So, you like parties!”

Taken back by the sudden question I open and closed my mouth wordlessly but eventually answered. “Well yeah I guess. I mean, parties are awesome, I'd be surprised if someone said they didn't like them.”

Pinkie smiled at my answer. “Great! Cause that means I can throw you and your parents a ‘Welcome To Ponyville’ Party!”

That stopped me, ‘...throw you and your parents a party...

“What?” I was taking deep breaths to keep myself calm. I was always very touchy on the subject of my parents, I never liked to talk about it.

“Well I mean, you can't have a party without the family.” said Pinkie, not noticing my deep breathing.

“On the subject of parents,” Twilight added while looking to me, “do you know where they are, because I think they would like to know where their son is.”

That got me. I started breathing deeply now and my eyes were becoming moist. It didn't take long for Pinkie to notice my state and came up to me with concern in her eyes.

“Hey, you ok there Mason?”

I looked at Pinkie with a few tears. “I-I-I don't really like to talk a-about it.” I closed my eyes trying to keep the dam from breaking, I really felt like curling up and crying. As I was about to I felt the hospital bed shift and felt something warm hug me.

When I opened my eyes I saw Pinkie who had her ears pressed against her head, with a flat mane, and saddened eyes hugging me. “Its alright Mason, you don’t have to tell us if you don’t like to, and I’m sorry for asking you.” Pinkie tightened the embrace and by instinct I hugged her back.

“I’m sorry as well for pushing you into the subject.” I heard Twilight say with her ears against her head.

Still hugging Pinkie, I used a hoof to wipe my eyes. “No, it's ok, You didn’t know. I forgive you." At that I smiled at them which they slowly returned.

“Okay so, let’s move on from those questions, where are you from Mason?”

“Uhm….well, let me answer a question with a question, what planet is this called?”

Twilight blinked at my question confusingly but answered nonetheless. “Equis, this planet is called Equis, the main continent were on is called Equestria and right now we're in a town called Ponyville.”

I thought about this for a moment. ‘Okay, either this all has been a dream, or, this is all real? Ok Mason, time to play detective.’ I thought about a few things that could prove this either is or isn't a dream, or, at least all the things that shouldn't happen in a dream.

“Can you pinch me?”

Twilight looked even more confused. “What? Why? What does pinching you have to do with anything?”

“Just pinch me,” I said again, “all ya gotta do is jus- ow!” I yelpled as I was pinched by none other than Pinkie. I rubbed the spot that she pinched me and looked at Pinkie with narrowed eyes. “The heck was that for?!”

“Well you needed something to prove this isn't a dream, sooo, what better way than to get something you wouldn't expect.” replied Pinkie with that oh so big smile.

At one point, she was right about that dream part, but on another, how the blue blazes did she know I was thinking all of this might be a dream. ‘Know what, I'm not even gonna bother with it, if it's one thing I learned from Deadpool, it's don't question such antics.’ I also noticed Pinkie's mane was puffy again, weird, could of sworn it was flat at one point.

On a serious note though, I felt that pinch, and man did it hurt.’ As I thought that, I rubbed the spot where I was pinched trying to ease the pain.

So that's one thing out of the way, time for another, in dreams, you hardly use any big words in them, so if I get them to use a big word I've never heard of then that's another step down.’

I looked at Twilight and decided to ask her another question. “Hey Twilight, you know some big words?”

Twilight looked to the ceiling in thought then looked at me. “Yeah I know a few, why?”

“Can you tell me one?”

Twilight raised an eyebrow at my question but sighed and answered anyway. “Auspicious.”

I blinked.


“Auspicious,” she repeated, “meaning favorable in circumstances like, getting a bunch sweets is auspicious.”

"Oh I like sweets! I think there super auspicious!" Pinkie said while grabbing some sweets from somewhere and eating them which cause Twilight to giggle and roll her eyes.

Ok, that's done, let me try something else.’ As I thought I looked at Twilight’s horn and remembered what she could do with it. ‘Perfect.’

“Can you show me what else you can do with your horn?” I asked while pointing a hoof at it.

Twilight again raised an eyebrow, and with a bigger sigh did as I asked. She closed her eyes for concentration and her horn glowed a pink aura, then the pitcher from earlier glowed the same color and in a flash of light was full of water again.

“Wow, what was that?” I asked still looking back to Twilight.

Twilight seemed to puff out her chest a little. “Just a simple spell that I knew.” said Twilight with pride in her voice. Well heck if I could make a simple thing disappear I'd be proud of my efforts.

Ok, that's another thing done, now for the last one.’

“Can I ask you both something?” The mares looked at each other then back to me and nodded. I took a deep breath, obviously this question was going to be a bit awkward, even for me.

“If I asked if you guys were all just a dream what would you say?”

Both mares this time raised and eyebrow at me, which made me a tad bit uncomfortable. It made me even more uncomfortable when Twilight repeated my question silently to herself. Expecting for her to answer, instead, Pinkie answered.

“Well, I'd say we're both as real as we can get.” She said with a shrug. I thought about her answer but was cut short when Twilight spoke.

“Might I ask why all these strange questions?” asked Twilight with a still raised eyebrow that I swear couldn't get any higher.

I sighed with my ears going against my head again. “Well, the thing is....I think all of this that's happening to me, you guys, magic, strange creatures....I just think it's all a dream but from all the answers I got in my questions, it's probably unlikely.”

“Why would you think this is a dream?” came Pinkie’s voice, who by now was off the bed and standing next to Twilight.

“Because I'm not from here, I'm from a place called Earth, where things like you and Twilight’s magic doesn't exist, and the main inhabitants are human.” I answered.

This made Twilight's eyes go wide. “Wait did you say humans, as in bipedal like creatures?” I nodded. “Hmm,” she hummed, “this could explain a lot, but at the same time it doesn't make any sense, the portal to that place isn't supposed to open yet…” Twilight started to trail off.

“Wait, what portal?” I asked confused by what she was talking about.

“There is a mirror in Equestria that opens up a portal to a mirrored version of this Equestria, where everypony is a human, they don't use magic, and had strange devices, I know because I went there.”

“Well, the way you described it doesn't sound like the type of place that I'm from.” I told Twilight.

“How could that be?!” half shouted Twilight, “you said you came from a place inhabited by humans, so it's only logical you came from there!”

“Well what did these humans look like?” I asked.

“Well, they looked like me and Pinkie here, just without fur.” replied Twilight.

“So, basically they were colorful looking humans?” I asked.

“Well if you want to put it like that, yes.” replied Twilight.

“Yeah, if it's one thing I know about my human race, it's that our skin is not colorful like your fur.” Then I got an idea. “As matter of fact let me show you.” I held my hoof out, closed my eyes, and concentrated on that tingly feeling that I've had before.

“Show me wha-” Twilight didn't get to finish, for my hoof caught fire and then my phone appeared. When I opened my eyes I saw Twilight just staring at my phone, it was kinda funny.

“Ok, I'll ask how you did that later, but first let me ask what is that in your hoof.” As Twilight said that she got closer to look at the device as I tried to use my hooves but remember they were like fingers, so instead I used my nose to open it to the home screen.

“In my world, it's called an iPhone 6.” Finally finding photos, I looked through ones I took, trying to find a good one.

“As far as I know they didn't have a device called an iPhone 6 and if they did I don't think it was that flat looking.” said Twilight with curiosity and shock.

“Well that was in that world, this is from mine.” Finally finding a good photo I tapped it, then showed Twilight and Pinkie. “This is what my kind looked like.”

Pinkie looked at the photo with curiosity and had an ‘ooh’ expression while Twilight looked at it with shocked eyes. In one quick motion Twilight took my phone in her magic and was rapidly going through the pictures.

“They don't look like anything from the human world I went to!” she shouted with a still shocked expression. When she had just about went through half of the photos, she looked back up at me. “Are you really not from either of the ‘pony’ or ‘human’ Equstria?”

I shook my head. “No, I came from that place I just told you about.” I grabbed my phone and went through the photos and found a selfie of myself. “This is what I looked like.” I said showing them the phone again.

Twilight stared at the picture with a thinking expression. “Doesn't look like you, well, all except for the eyes.”

“Well it is what I looked like, if you don't believe maybe you can use your magic to do something that will allow you to believe me.” I said with a shrug.

“That won't be necessary, when you actually think about it, it does make sense.” When Twilight said that she froze and stared blankly into space. Then she smiled….a very large smile….her smile is so large it probably rivals Pinkie’s.

“So you're from a different planet?” I nodded and Twilight’s smile brightened. “With a whole ‘nother species and history?” Again I nodded and Twilight’s eyes sparkled and her ears perked high. “With, what I've seen from that device, advanced technology?” Again, I nodded. Twilight squealed with excitement while trotting in place and her wings giving a single flap.

"This is so exciting, a whole new species, granted you don't look like yours but you still have knowledge of them, oh I have so many questions! How tall are your buildings? Just how advanced in technology are you? What-”

Twilight was cut short by a pink hoof that touched her lips, whose owner was giggling. “Now Twilight, I know you have questions. Heck so do I, like what's his favorite cake? But I think it's best we ask him later.” said Pinkie who giggled again while removing her hoof from Twilight’s mouth.

Twilight's ears pressed against her head and was now blushing in embarrassment. “Eh heh, sorry, just got excited there.”

I chuckled. “It's alright Twilight, you're just curious. Heck if I saw something that wasn't from my world, I'd be curious too.”

Twilight smiled at me with her blush disappearing. "Well I'd like to ask one more question, can you show me your magic?"

I blinked at the question. "My What?"

"Your magic silly," said Pinkie, "you know the fire and lightning stuff."

Ah, now I got what they were asking. "Well personally I wouldn't call it magic, I'd call it powers or something like that but yeah I can show you." Before I shut my eyes to concentrate, Twilight had a paper and....quill with her probably to write how my powers work or something. Brushing that aside, I closed my eyes and concentrated.

I felt nothing, I opened my eyes to see the girls looking at me with no changed expression. I furrowed my brow and clenched my eyes shot and thought about the tingly feeling that usually get but the other one. Again I didn't feel anything. I gave up and opened my eyes and looked to Twilight.

"I can't, I don't know why but it's not working."

Twilight seemed a bit disappointed at this but wrote down something anyway then she spoke.

"Ok here's what I think, It appears that what you did to the Timberwolves was just an act of instinct or basically a power surge of survival type of thing, meaning that it was just a burst of energy to protect yourself." said Twilight.

"So....what are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that your magic, or as you call it powers, were just temporary at that moment. Meaning you can't -at this time- control them. I can perhaps help you with that." With that Twilight made the paper and quill disappear.

"Aww, I really wanted to see what you could do." Pinkie said with disappointment.

I smiled at Pinkie. "Don't worry Pinkie, if I learn to control these powers at will, I'll be sure to give you a show." At my statement Pinkie seemed to cheer up with perked ears.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Twilight heading towards the door. “You stay here with him Pinkie, I'm gonna go sign him out and then we’ll be on our way.”

Twilight was about to leave when a thought came to me. “Um, Twilight...” Twilight opened the door with her magic and looked back at me, “not that I don't appreciate you getting me out of here, but to get me out don't you have to be like, my guardian or at least family to do that?”

Twilight stared at me for a while, then spoke. “Well, I don't really want to ask, but you are an orphan, right?” Again I felt my ears Press against my head and sighed sadly, but nodded. “Well since that's the case, after someone gives you a physical for hospital records, someone will escort you to the orphanage in Ponyville, since I'm here I'll be happy to do it for them.”

Well, it did make sense so no point in arguing. “Thanks Twilight.” I then heard a grumble coming from my stomach and then a giggle from Pinkie.

“Looks like someone's hungry~” Pinkie said in a sing-song voice.

I smiled sheepishly with my cheeks heating up and ears still pressed to my head. “Perhaps I am.”

“Well if that's the case then before we go to the orphanage we’ll get something to eat-”

“And give you a tour of Ponyville.” Pinkie quickly added.

“-And give you a tour of Ponyville.” Twilight added with a slight roll of her eyes.

I smiled as my ears stopped what they were doing and perked up. “Sounds good.” Twilight nodded and exited the room to sign me out and maybe get me a physical.

The room was silent for a moment, but not until Pinkie decided to break it. “Sooo.…a party colt huh?”

I looked to the pink mare as she gave me a look that one kid in the, 'so you're telling me', Meme with her hooves pressed together.

I gave a small grin as I nodded. "Most definantly."

She nodded while still having that look and leaned in a little closer. "You like pranks?"

I stared blankly at her for a good second until I had a full shit eating grin.

I think I'm going to like this mare.’ I thought.

(Twilight’s Pov)

Twilight continued her trot down one of the hallways of the hospital to find a nurse to sign Mason out and get him a physical.

Sooner or later she came to a desk which was occupied by Nurse Redheart, whose fur was all dried and her mane tied nicely in a bun that was dry as well. Twilight approached the desk and cleared her throat, gaining the nurse’s attention.

“Ah Twilight, good to see you, how's the colt?” asked Nurse Redheart seeking in a much better mood. Which is odd because hospitals you know.

“Good to see you too and he's fine. Um, I was wondering if I could sign him out?” asked Twilight as she stood infront of the desk.

“I'm sorry Twilight, but I can't allow that. Either a legal guardian, or family members can take him.” Redheart answered with a frown.

“That's just the thing,” replied Twilight as her ears slowly fell, “as far as I know, he doesn't have any.” This made Redheart raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean, ‘he doesn't have any’?”

Twilight sighed sadly as her ears were pressed against her head. “Well I don't know the full story, but from what I know, he's an orphan.”

Redheart stared at the princess wide eyed, she looked to her own hooves in thought and then looked back at the princess sadness. “Oh the poor dear, that means we'll have to take him to the orphanage after his physical.”

“Which is what I'm asking,” Twilight offered with a smile, “I was wondering if it would be ok if I escorted him there?”

Redheart looked at Twilight, then looked back to her own hooves in thought. After a while she looked back up to Twilight. “Well you are the new princess of Equestria, so with that kind of responsibility you're more than capable of escorting the foal, so I guess it couldn't hurt.”

Twilight smiled at this. “Thank you very much Nurse Redheart.”

“Your very welcome. Now, I'll give you the papers to sign the foal out, but before you do I'd like to give him a physical so we can at least have hospital records for him.” Redheart said as she reached down into the desk for the papers.

“Of course.”


So with that Twilight signed the foal out of the hospital, got him a check up with some difficulties *cough* needles *cough*.

After that was done the three ponies left the hospital, heading for a place to eat and also to give Mason a tour of Ponyville.

(Mason’s Pov)

“But muffins can not only be good, but good for you, plus you can make muffins that can be much bigger than cupcakes.”

We had just left the hospital and were heading for a place to eat, it was some place called Sugarcube Corner. I was riding on Pinkie’s back at the moment and we were arguing about muffins and cupcakes and which is better.

“While that may be true Mason, you can make cupcakes much more flavorful and you can add a lot more to them then what you can to muffins.” replied Pinkie with a grin.

Our argument went on for a while until eventually Pinkie decided that both muffins and cupcakes were good, which I have to agree, I like cupcakes but, oh I'd do anything for a muffin.

As we were walking towards the edge of town, I took the time to go through my thoughts. ‘I'm really starting to enjoy myself, especially around Pinkie. Me and her have a lot in common. Twilight is alright, we both like books and it's pretty cool she can do magic.' As I got deeper in my thoughts I started rubbing my chin with a hoof. 'Even if this might still be a dream, I don't really want it to end.’

Eventually we came to the edge of town which Pinkie proceeded to do a gesture towards it.

“Welcome to Ponyville Mason, the most awesome and super duper fun town in Equestria!"

I leaned to my left to see past Pinkies head and looked towards the town seeing a lot of ponies going here and there. ‘Even if this is a dream, I'm going to enjoy it to the best of my ability.’

Chapter 3: Welcome To Our Town

View Online

In the town of Ponyville, we see Pinkie Pie, along with her passenger Mason, and Twilight trotting to Sugarcube Corner to grab a bite to eat. As our characters walked through the town they passed many ponies of all colors going about their day as they hustled around the streets of Ponyville. There was that one stallion carrying groceries to his home, and maybe a mare delivering mail, there was even that one stallion down the street, for some reason I think his name was Billy.


*ahem* Anyway, part from screwing Billy over there, let's continue with our ponies of the story.

(Mason’s Pov)

Me and Pinkie were at it again, just talking away as if we were good friends and to be completely honest, I really hope we were. Along the way to Sugarcube Corner Pinkie asked some questions, probably for the party that she said she was going to host for me and my paren- uhm….for me back at the hospital.

“So,” began Pinkie as she looked at me from my position on her back, “I wanted to ask you some questions having to do with your party.”

Called it.

“Alright, lay ’em on me Pinkie.” I answered excitedly as I bounced a little in place.

Pinkie was silent for a few seconds but eventually perked a little and spoke. “What's your favorite kind of cake?”


“Favorite ice cream?”

“Mint Chocolate Chip”

“Favorite games?”

“Uh….oh that's a toughy.” I scrunched up face and tapped my forehead with a hoof. I then heard Pinkie giggle, probably seeing what she would call a, cute expression, I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm devilishly handsome.

After thinking on the question for a while I got enough ideas for games that I liked and answered truthfully. “I don't know if you have these games or if there are different versions but my favorites are, Kings in The Corner, Uno, Monopoly, and Apples to Apples.”

I saw Pinkie nod her head to my answer then spoke back to me.

“I do know some of those games by the names you gave me, like Uno and Apples to Apples. The other ones though are actually called, Ponyopoly and Princesses in The Corner.” said Pinkie who dodged a few ponies coming our way.

“Are there any games you might have that are close to the ones I played?” I asked, adjusting my position on Pinkie’s back.

“I could name a few, but the author doesn't have the brainpower, nor does he know enough about My Little Pony for him to have me tell you them, isn't that right author.” As Pinkie said this she looked off into the sky, particularly looking at nothing.

‘Hey! I hardly watched MLP ok! God lemme alone about it.’

I stared at Pinkie confusingly with my head titled. Remembering what Twilight said about the mare I shook my head.

Just don't question it, and your head won't explode.’ I thought while rubbing said head with my hooves, I mean Deapool is my favorite hero, well anti-hero, and I get all the crazy stuff that he does from comics, games, and movies. But when you experience it for real -if this place is real- it just messes with your head.

“Any other questions you have Pinkie?” I asked the party mare.

Pinkie scrunched up her face in thought. ‘Heh she thinks I'm cute when I do that, but it's funny when she does it ha hah.’ I thought while trying to suppress my giggles.

“Why yes I do have at least a few more questions, and I do try to be funny when I scrunch up my face.” Pinkie said, looking back at me with a smug smile and lightly bopping me on the nose, somehow. I just stared at Pinkie trying, emphasis on trying, to not let my head explode. Pinkie giggled.

“So you like music?” asked Pinkie.

That got me out of my brain malfunction. “Well heck yeah, I listen to music all the time.” I quickly answered.

“You like it loud?” Pinkie asked again.

“Well if it's dubstep or rock, then yes, I like it loud.” I replied.

Pinkie nodded her head. After a while we passed some stands selling stuff here and there, then turned a few corners, and trotted down a long road.

It was Pinkie again who broke the silence. “Who's your favorite pony?”

“You.” I answered perhaps too quickly. Pinkie looked at me with a smile and had a smug look on her face.

“Aww, little Masey has a crush on me, oh that's so sweet.” said Pinkie. That statement made my face heat up and ears press against my head.

“N-no I don't, I-I'm just saying you're my favorite pony!” I quickly exclaimed while stammering.

Pinkie gave a playful smile, then looked to Twilight. “Hey Twilight,” the mare in question looked to Pinkie, “Masey here has a crush on me.” When Twilight heard that she looked to me with a raised eyebrow.

This made my face heat up even more, “I-I-....I did not! She sits on a throne of lies!” I shouted, “I'm just saying that me and Pinkie have a lot in common, and she's fun to talk to. Which is why she's my favorite.”

Both mares stared at the state I was in for a while then laughed, Twilight adjusted her wings a bit and spoke up. “Oh Mason, Pinkie is just messing with you.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie said enthusiastically, “plus, I think you're fun to talk to as well, and it's funny to see your reaction when I mess with ya.”

I crossed my hooves in a pout. “I didn't think it was funny.” I said pointing my face, probably looking as red as a tomato, away from the mares.

“Oh don't be such a sore sport now, it was a good laugh.” Pinkie said. I uncrossed my hooves but still had a pout on my face. We started trotting some more till I saw a building in the distance, and, to say it looked delicious was an understatement. The entire building was like a giant gingerbread house with a giant cupcake on top, which is exactly what it was. I think I might have shed a few tears.

It’s beautiful, like every little kid’s dream.’ I thought, as I stared at the beautiful piece of sugar that was a building. Soon we came close to the building and Pinkie gestured a hoof it.

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, where you can get all the goody sweets and fancy treats,” Pinkie giggled, “hey I did a rhyme there, I should probably use it.” Pinkie stopped, took a notepad and pencil out of her mane, literally, and wrote down said rhyme. After she wrote down the rhyme, she put the notepad and pencil back in her mane, which I then proceeded to feel for the items. Surprisingly, I felt nothing.

Pinkie laughed, probably being tickled by my wondering hooves. “Watcha doing up there buddy.”

As I continued to search her mane, I answered her. “Trying to find out where you put that notepad and pencil, but your mane is still poofy, I can't find it anywhere. How did you do it?” I asked Pinkie as I got off her back to enter Sugarcube Corner.

“Sorry buddy, but that's a secret.” answered Pinkie. When we entered I was like, Ain't nobody got time fo dis. So I got on my rear hooves and cupped Pinkie’s cheeks with my front hooves.

“Oh but you must tell me,” I insisted, “TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!” some of the ponies sitting at their seats looked at me because of my sudden outburst. I didn't really care, all I cared about was learning this mares secrets.

Pinkie giggled at my antics. “No can do there buddy.”

I looked at Pinkie whose face was still cupped in my hooves and narrowed my eyes at her. “Oh, I will find out your secrets Pinkie Pie, and when I do…” I paused trying to think of something but thought of nothing, “well I don't know what I'll do, but I'll think of something.”

“Okie-dokie-lokie.” Pinkie replied cheerfully. I let go of her checks and got back down on all four hooves, Pinkie then proceeded to lead me and Twilight to a table. Pinkie helped a little though since I've never used hooves and I was still a bit wobbly on them, but I could tell I was getting better. Once we were seated, Pinkie pulled out the notepad and pencil again. “What will you guys have?”

“Wait, you work here Pinkie?” I asked with shock. I mean, seems like the only logical thing for someone like Pinkie to work here, but the thought never occurred to me.

“Yep, I mean it should be obvious, for someone like me, to work at a place like this.” she answered cheerfully.

Welp, can't argue with that.

Twilight ordered first. “I'll have your strawberry flavored cupcakes please.”

“Okay,” said Pinkie as she wrote down Twilight’s order, then looked at me, “what're you gonna order Mason?”

I thought about what I wanted for a second. I was gonna order something sweet, but I was after some actual food. Now here's the thing though, they're ponies and ponies on my world are herbivores, so it's only logical that they too are herbivores, which means no meat what so ever. I thought about it even more. ‘Probably wouldn't hurt to ask.’

“Do you guys have hamburgers?” At my question, Pinkie stared at me confusingly with a titled head.

“You mean hayburgers?” asked Pinkie.

Now it was my turn to looked confused. “Hayburgers?”

“Yes,” came Twilight’s voice, “it's basically a burger with hay.”

I cringed at the thought of eating hay, but thought about it for a minute. ‘I am technically a pony, so my eating habits could be the same as theirs, plus, it's basically better than nothing. How bad could it be?’

“Okay, I'll have a hayburger, along with a small hot fudge sundae please.”

“Okay, I'll be right back with the food.” exclaimed Pinkie who went to the kitchen, to get the food. I then looked to Twilight who was staring off into space probably deep in thought. Deciding to make conversation I called for her. “Twilight, what do you do for a living?”

Twilight who now came back from her own little world and looked to me. “I'm sorry, what?”

“What do you do for a living?” I repeated.

“Well I'm the Princess of Friendship, my job is to spread friendship around Equis, but I sometimes do other things like paperwork that Princess Celestia sends me. I'm also the librarian of Ponyville.” Twilight said.

I internally snicker at the title. Princess of Friendship. that could not be any more girly, but then that ‘Celestia’ name made me curious. “Whose Princess Celestia?” I asked.

Twilight seemed to smile at this, probably having a thing for spreading knowledge a lot. “Well, Princess Celestia is the main ruler of Equestria, while her sister, Princess Luna, is the co-ruler. Basically Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do what all rulers do, attend courts, talk with neighboring countries, do paperwork, and watch over their subjects.”

Twilight paused for a second to gather her thoughts, then continued. “But they both have different roles, while Celestia raises and lowers the sun and attends day court, Luna raises and lowers the moon and attends night court. Luna is also the guardian of dreams, making sure no one suffers from nightmares. Celestia and Luna are also a thousand years old.” When Twilight finished, she looked at me and chuckled at the expression I now had on my face.

I was, shocked to say the least, anymore information and my mouth would have touched the floor and my eyes would have popped out of their sockets. After a while I opened and closed my mouth, but no words came out. Twilight chuckled again at my situation.

When I could finally think again I spoke. “Ok, it's surprising that your princesses are more than a thousand years old, but they raise and lower the sun and moon, that's more illogical than Pinkie Pie!”

Twilight looked at me confusingly. “What makes you say that?”

“Hmm, let me put it this way.” before I continued I looked around to make sure there were no open ears, when I was sure it was okay to talk, I spoke to Twilight in a hushed tone. “In my world, the sun and moon aren't moved by other people, or in your case ponies, they move by themselves.”

After I said that, Twilight's eyes went wide. “WHAT!” Twilight shouted, making other ponies look at her in confusion to her outburst. Twilight looked at the ponies with her ears against her and smiled sheepishly with a blush. “Eh heh, sorry about that.” The other ponies then turned back to their own business, when they did Twilight looked back to me and cleared her throat. “What do you mean by, ‘they move by themselves’?” Twilight asked in a much quieter tone.

I looked up at the ceiling and brought a hoof to my chin in thought. “From what I remember from a book, our planet rotates around our sun, which doesn't move at all, while the moon rotates around the Planet.” When I finished, I looked back at Twilight to see her writing down on a paper and quill, I chuckled at this.

“Fascinating,” exclaimed an excited Twilight, “I never knew there would exist a planet whose celestial objects moved without magic.”

That made me raise an eyebrow. “You said that as if my planet is the only one, that you know, does that.”

“It is the only one I know.” said a confused Twilight.

This made me raise my eyebrow even higher. “Didn't you say that you went to mirrored version of this world, that didn't have magic?” Twilight nodded, which made me do a, ‘answer is kind of obvious’ gesture. Not getting anything from Twilight but a tilted head, I decided to answer for her. “If that world didn't have any magic, how did the sun and moon move?”

“Simple, they couldn't because there was no magic, so they moved by themselves.” Twilight answered with a smile that speaks, ‘I am good at this type of stuff’. Said smile was short lived as it disappeared off Twilight’s face, followed by a loud groan and Twilight smacking her head against the table.

I poked her to see if she was alright but she didn't respond, she didn't even answer me with a grunt or something. I think I killed her.

My eyes widen in horror. ‘Oh god, OH GOD, I freakin killed her with my knowledge, OOH NOO! Ah, the horror. Freakin knowledge kills, KNOWLEDGE- she's getting back up, looks like I didn't killer her. She's also talking about something.’

“Oh how could I have not noticed that before, I was literally walking in that world, how did I not notice.” Twilight groaned with flat ears while also rubbing her head with her hooves. I also saw her wings twitch randomly as she continued to wallow.

“Well from what I can tell, you have been a pony all your life which indicates you were only visiting that world right?” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Twilight stopped wallowing in her sorrow for knowledge and looked at me. “Well I wasn't exactly visiting because no one, except the princesses, knew about the portal. I went over to that world to retrieve my crown which was the Element of Magic that had been stolen by a pony named Sunset Shimmer.”

“Element of what now?” I asked confused.

“Element of magic,” repeated Twilight, “it was one of the gems that me and my friends could wield called the Elements of Harmony. I was the Element of Magic and Pinkie was the Element of Laughter.”

“Huh, sounds fitting, but anyway back to the main topic. You were mainly focused on retrieving your crown so basically you couldn't have noticed the sun and moon moving on there own probably because you were so focused on it.” After I described it to Twilight, she just blinked at me. She blinked for quite a while, she blinked for so long I was actually starting to wonder where Pinkie went off to.

My thought on Pinkie was broken by Twilight. “That's….actually a very good way of describing it, I'm surprised you were able to think that.”

I looked to Twilight feeling a little insulted by that. “Hey I may be 10 years old, but I'm smarter than I look, or act.”

Twilight stared at me with a blank expression, then smiled at me. “Well, I'll admit, you do tend to act smarter than what you let on sometimes.”

I puffed out my chest and crossed my hooves as I nodded to Twilight in agreement.

Eventually Pinkie came out with the food, but was also followed by an older looking mare. This mare had blue fur with a pink mane that looked like frosting and three cupcakes for a tattoo. ‘Which reminds me, I need to ask Twilight about those.’

When Pinkie arrived to the table, she set down our food and took her own seat. The blue mare came up to our table and looked to Twilight with a motherly smile. “Ah Twilight, so good to see you again. How are you dear?”

Twilight picked up a cupcake with her magic and looked to the blue mare with her own smile. “Good to see you Mrs. Cake, and I'm fine thank you, how have you been?”

“I have been lovely dear, although the twins can be a handful I'm not really complaining.” The mare I now know as Mrs. Cake, looked towards me and smile became brighter. “You must be the cutey that Pinkie here was talking about, my name is Cup Cake but you can call me Mrs. Cake dear.”

“It's nice to meet you as well Mrs. Cake, my names Mason. Now before I continue this conversation I have to talk to Pinkie here.” At that, I looked to Pinkie who at the moment was eating her own food and tapped my hooves together like one of those businessmen-….pony. “Now Pinkie, I just wanted to say something to you….WHY DID YOU SAY THAT I’M CUTE!” I shouted at the pink mare.

Pinkie swallowed the bit of food she was eating and looked at me with innocent eyes and fluttered them. “Why Mason I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“Don't you give me that Miss Pie I know what you're playing here.” I said with narrowed eyes and a pointing hoof.

“Might I ask,” I heard Mrs Cake say in confusion, “what's wrong with calling him cute?”

Pinkie drew her attention away from me and looked to Mrs Cake. “Mason here doesn't like to be called cute, he says that he's more of a devilishly handsome type of colt.”

“It's the truth though.” I retorted. Pinkie looked at me and ruffled my mane.

“Oh you keep telling yourself that buddy, you're still cute in my book.” Pinkie said with a smile.

I crossed my hooves and pouted. “I'm not cute.” I grumbled.

“Well cute or not,” Mrs Cake said with that warm smile, “he looks to be like a sweet heart, anyway I need to get back to work so I'll leave you all to your food, take care you three.” As she said that she headed back towards the kitchen to continue her work.

“You to Mrs Cake.” Pinkie said as she continued to eat her food.

“She seems nice.” I commented with a small smile.

“She really is, and I know that because she's my boss here at Sugarcube Corner and allowed me to live here.” Pinkie added.


The three of us then got back to our food, Twilight enjoying her cupcakes, Pinkie eating her filled plate of sweets, and me staring at this burger in front of me. I slowly touched the burger and....

Nothing. I still can't pick up squat with these hooves of mine. So I sat there staring at this junk food in front of me trying to figure out what I was going to do about. Twilight who finished one of her cupcakes grabbed another but froze mid-bite and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Are you going to eat that Mason?"

Still glaring at my food with my ears that I could now feel against my head, I nodded. "Yeah there's just one problem though, I can't pick it up."

Twilight stared blankly for a moment then looked at my food with confusion then back to me. She fluffed her wings a bit before speaking. "What do you mean you can't pick it up?"

My glare became a deadpan as I slowly looked up to Twilight. I slowly raised my hooves in front of me and moved them in tiny circles. The princess looked even more confused by what I was and went from staring at my hooves to me. Eventually realization struck her face and she made a silent 'oh'.

Twilight adjusted her wings again and put one hoof of her own out. "To tell you the truth Mason, using hooves to grab things isn't that different from hands. The only difference being that there's no fingers to grab anything." To prove her point she put her hoof on her last cupcake and picked it up with out it dropping. It was like a magnet or something.

I stared at her, then the cupcake, and then her hoof, and then back to her with growing confusion. I looked at my own food and then my hooves. After some silence I looked back to her. " do I do that?"

Twilight took the cupcake in her hoof and sat it down while taking the cupcake in her magic and taking a bite. She immediately in delight before speaking to me. "Just do what you would if it's your hands. Just grab, flex, and lift."

When she was done explaining I looked at my own hooves and then slowly reached for the burger. 'Grab.' I then stuck my tongue out as I narrowed my eyes trying to flex like I would with fingers. 'Flex.' Slowly, ever so slowly, I lifted the burger. 'Lift.'

I smiled proudly to myself as I saw I had the burger at my hooves. I would ponder it on how it was working but I'll just jot it down as magic. I also saw Twilight giving a small grin and nodding as she continued eating. Now for the moment of truth. How does this thing taste?

Slowly, I brought the food to my mouth and gently gave it a nibble. As I chewed I couldn't really taste anything so I swallowed and took a much bigger bite but not too big in case I didn't like it. To be honest it wasn't that bad really, just a little dry, but not terrible. ‘You know, this could actually go great with ketchup.’ I thought.

Lo’ and behold, I saw a pink hoof set down a bottle of ketchup next to my plate.

“Thank you Pinkie.” I received a hum from Pinkie in response. I lifted the top bun and put the ketchup on the burger, put the bun back on and took a bite. It tasted a little better this time. So as the time went on me and the two mares proceeded to eat our food.


After a while I finished my burger and had begun on eating my sundae. It was a little more difficult trying to get the spoon to stay in my hoof though. Every time I thought I got it, it would just drop from my hoof. After doing it with no success, Twilight took the spoon in her magic and began to baby feed me. I was a bit upset by this since I was no baby but that sundae looked good, so I went with it.

Every time Twilight would give me a piece I would grab the spoon to see if I could do it on my own. When I couldn't I'd just take a bite from it. Fortunately for me though, I was able to grab the spoon and keep a hold on it. Meanwhile Pinkie and Twilight had finished their food, and were chatting away. After I finished, I heard a tomboyish voice call out.

“Hey Twi, hey Pinkie!”

I looked over and saw a pegasus with cyan fur, a rainbow colored mane that reminded me of skittles and light pink eyes trotting over to us. On her flank was a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt.

Pinkie looked over to the cyan pegasus and smiled brightly as her ears perked up. “Hiya Dashie, it's so good to see you.” Pinkie said happily while hugging the cyan mare, which she happily returned.

“It's good to see you Pinkie.” she said ending the embrace, then came over to Twilight in which they both hugged. “Good to see you Twi.”

“You too Dash.” After they hugged, Pinkie came over to stand next to the cyan mare and spoke. “So what are you doing here Dashie, not that I'm complaining because it's always good to see my friends, but don't you have work today?”

Dash grunted. “Yeah I do, but I heard from other ponies that you two were heading to Sugarcube Corner along with a mysterious colt, so I'd figure that I'd come by and see him for myself.”

“Well he's right here Dashie.” Pinkie said gesturing a hoof to me. Dash looked over to me and smiled while approaching me. “So you're the kid that all the ponies have been talking about, names Rainbow Dash, the coolest and fastest flyer in Equestria.” Dash said with a boasting grin.

“Nice to meet ya, names Mason.” I greeted. Dash looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Mason huh, strange name.”


Oh really now.

“Is that so, well I think Rainbow Dash is a strange name too.” I said with a smirk, ‘Come on take the bait. Dash’s smirk disappeared. Fish on boys.

“I'll have you know my name is not strange, it's a cool name just like me.” Dash said.

My smirk became bigger. “Well I bet mines cooler.”

“No mine is totally 20% cooler.” replied Dash with a hoof to her chest.

“20% huh. Well I hate to break it to ya but my name is at least 40% cooler.” I said with a smug grin.

Rainbow Dash's ears fell slightly as she narrowed her eyes with a frown. “No mine is.”

“No mine.”



“Mine!” Now that I had Rainbow playing my game, I decided to make this go faster.

“Mine!” Which made Rainbow decide to do as well.

“MINE!” Ok just a few more times.


I saw in the corner of my eye, Twilight coming over to break it up but Pinkie stopped her and gave her a ‘just wait and see’ gesture. Thank you Pinkie.


Now to strike.

“YOURS!” I said quickly.

“YOURS!” Which Dash said just as quickly. Perfect.


Ok, now to finish it off.

“HEY! When I say your name is cooler, it's COOLER!”

Rainbow, not completely noticing what I was doing, had an angry look on her face that I think began to turn red. Or maybe purple because of her fur. “NO! When I say your name is cooler, then it's cooler and that's final!” Dash said with a stomp of her hoof while breathing heavily.

My smirk was at full force now. “So,” I started with a calm tone, “you agree both our names are cool.”

“Yup, totally do.” The cyan mare said with a smug looking grin and puffed out chest.

“Then there's no reason to argue anymore.” I said.

“Nope.” Dash responded with a still smug looking grin and puffed out chest.

It was at this moment, that Rainbow Dash just noticed… she had screwed up. Dash’s once large smug of a grin disappeared faster than it came. “Wait….” she stopped puffing out her chest and looked at me with narrowed eyes, “you little sneaker.”

At that I bursted out laughing, clutching my stomach while curled up on the floor, I was laughing so hard I didn't notice Pinkie laughing. Dash still had narrowed eyes at me along with a frown, which eventually became a small smile, followed by some chuckles of her own.

“I'll admit, that was pretty smooth,” Dash said between chuckles, “you're alright kid.” Dash then stuck out her hoof.

After I got up from my laughing fit, I wiped a fake tear from my eye and returned Dash’s fis-hoof bump. “You're not bad yourself.” Dash nodded with approval.

“Well I'd like to stay and chat with ya kid, but sadly I have to get back to work. Still have some clouds to clear here and there but hey,” Dash said while walking to the door, “I would like to get to know you more kid, you're pretty cool, well not as cool as me but still pretty cool.” Dash then turned to Twilight and Pinkie. “I'll also see you guys later.”

Pinkie waved a hoof to Dash. “Alright, say ya later Dashie.” With that Dash took off at high speed with a Rainbow trail behind her. ‘Huh, they don't call her ‘Rainbow Dash' for nothing.’ I thought. I looked to the other two mares who were still with me. “So what now.”

“Well now to give you that tour we said we'd give you.” Pinkie said with enthusiasm. As she said that she got down so I could get on her back, which I happily did with a bit of a wobble but not as much as before.

“Well then, let's get to it.” I said with just as much enthusiasm.

After Twilight and Pinkie payed for the food we exited Sugarcube Corner to begin my tour of this town called Ponyville.


The tour was rather short much to me and Pinkie’s disappointment. They showed me so many places, like a good view of Twilights castle, which for some reason I didn't notice in the distance when riding on Pinkie’s back into Ponyville, which was a giant crystal tree. It was quite the site. My mouth was open so wide I think I might have caught some bugs.

They also showed me some restaurants, the market place, town hall, and a place called Carousel Boutique, which in some way, it actually looked like a carousel. They also showed me a road down to a farm called Sweet Apple Acres. Gee, wonder what they plant down there.

Now Pinkie would have gladly showed me all these places and a few others with more detail than just showing me and moving on, along with meeting some of her good friends, but she had to cut it short mainly because she had my party to plan and Twilight had some things to get done herself.

We were trotting towards the orphanage in silence, just enjoying the beauty of the day and each other's company. I was the one to break the silence with some questions I had for Twilight.

“Twilight, why does everyo- I mean everypony have tattoo’s on their flank?”

Twilight turned her gaze to me and raised an eyebrow at my question. “What do you mean by tattoos?”

“You know, Pinkie has three balloons on her flank and you have a six pointed star.” I said as I pointed at them.

Twilight's ears perked up as realization struck her. “Oh, you mean Cutie Marks?”

I raised an eyebrow and rubbed my head with confusion. “cutie what now?”

“Cutie Mark,” Twilight repeated, “it's a mark that everypony gets when they discover their special talent.”

Now I made a silent 'oh' as I realized what she was saying. “So, what's your guys special talent?”

“Well Masey,” came Pinkie's excited voice, “My special talent is planning parties!”

“And my special talent is magic.” said Twilight as she had a proud look on her face.

“Huh, Well I hope that I can get mine soon, especially since I don't know how long I'm gonna be here because I think ponies would get suspicious for me not getting it.” I said with a bit of a frown.

“Why do you say that?” The princess asked as her wings fluffed up by her side then went back to normal.

“Well I was once human, which means that side of me could still be in here and humans from my world don't get Cutie Marks.”

The moment that left my mouth, Twilight almost tripped over herself. When she got her bearings she looked to me with a curious but shocked look. “You don't get Cutie Marks!” Twilight half shouted, “how do you find your special talent then!”

“We usually just find it through hard work. Some can have more than one talent and others can sometimes have none.” I said with a shrug.

Twilight hummed and nodded. We trotted a little more down the road when I had another question. “Dash told me she had to clear some clouds here and there, what did she mean by that?”

“Well the weather here is controlled by the pegasus, they're the ones who bring all the clear skies and storms.” Twilight said as she watched a bumblebee pass by.

That made my eyes widen in shock. “You guys control the weather on this planet?”

Twilight nodded. “Yup, we control the weather thanks to the pegasi, but there are some areas that aren't controlled, such as the Everfree Forest.”

I stared off into the distance with a still shocked expression. “Huh, really wish we had that back home.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked as she expanded her wings a small bit and put them back to her sides.

“We don't control the weather on my planet.” In response, Twilight tripped on her hooves and fell. Pinkie had to stop to help her up. When she was up she brushed herself off and looked to me with a neutral expression.

“WHAT!” Well that was short lived.

I chuckled at Twilight. “Yeah, we don't really control the weather, we just predict it which sometimes works and other times can be false prediction.”

In a flash of light I saw Twilight righting down on a piece of paper with a quill. “Not able to control the weather,” Twilight said, “that is the strangest thing ever, it's more strange than the Everfree Forest!”

I chuckled louder. “If we were on my planet Twilight, all I'd say is, welcome to planet Earth.”

Twilight just stood there and wrote down a few things on the parchment she teleported in while opening and closing her mouth wordlessly. After Twilight had shaken herself out of her situation with knowledge, we continued on our merry way. Eventually I had another question that had been on my mind. “Twilight you're good at magic right?”


“Like really good.” I asked with some hope lighting up.


“You think you could find me a way home?” I asked with perked ears. Both mares slowed down their pace and looked to each other. After a while of awkward silence and Twilight having a distant look, she spoke up.

“Well, I'd have to ask you some questions in regarding to how you got here so I can better understand what magic was used to bring you here, but when I get back to the castle I'll look into it.” Twilight responded.

I wanted to push into the matter more, but I decided to let Twilight do her thing since she understood their magic more than I did. After all, it is her special talent.

After some more walking I saw a small building coming to us in the distance. When we were closer I saw fillies and colts running in and out of the place and some were playing on the play set. We entered through the front doors and approached the front desk which was occupied by a unicorn mare who had dark purple fur with a dark pink mane and tail. From my point of view, I couldn't see her Cutie Mark.

Twilight cleared her throat before speaking. “Um, excuse me miss.”

The mare looked up to show magenta eyes and smiled while also giving a slight bow. “Hello Princess Twilight, what brings you to the orphanage today.”

Twilight sighed, probably not liking the formalities I thought. Her wings also twitched a little but stopped. When they stopped she looked to the mare with a smile of her own. “I came here with a new colt.” Twilight said gesturing over to me as I was getting off of Pinkie’s back. The mare looked to me and smiled.

“Well we’ll be happy to take him into our hooves, I just need you to sign some paperwork.” the mare said grabbing a clipboard with her magic. Twilight nodded and proceeded to sign the paperwork. Meanwhile me and Pinkie were hugging.

“Now mister, you make sure to come by Sugarcube Corner every once in awhile and visit me because I really enjoyed talking to you. Heck I'll even teach ya to cook if it's alright with Mr and Mrs Cake, and lastly don't forget your party today.” Pinkie said while tightening the hug.

“I'll make sure to do that Pinkie.”

“Pinkie Promise me.”

I tilted my head as I stared at Pinkie. “What?”

“I want you to Pinkie Promise that you will visit me so we can hang out more,” said Pinkie, “and if you break the promise, trust me when I say this, you will regret it mister.”

I blinked at Pinkie for a while but shrugged and nodded. “Alright but um,” I looked to my hooves seeing I had no fingers, “how does one simply do a, Pinkie Promise.”

Pinkie giggled. “Like this silly, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” when Pinkie said this she went through motions of crossing her heart, waving her hooves around, and then putting a hoof to her eye.

It was a bit strange to me but I shrugged. “Cross my heart,” I crossed my heart, “hope to fly,” I waved my hooves up and down, “stick a cupcake in my eye.” I finished by sticking a hoof on my eye. Pinkie smiled and hugged me tighter which I returned.

“I'll see ya later buddy and don't forget about your party.” Pinkie reminded.

“I won't.” When we ended our embrace Twilight came over with the mare.

“Everything's filled out so me and Pinkie are gonna take our leave, it was really nice meeting you Mason.” Twilight said with a warm smile.

I smiled. “It was nice meeting you too Twilight and thanks for everything that you've done for me.” When I said that I hugged Twilight, who was a bit surprised by it, but hugged me back nonetheless. When the hug was over Twilight and Pinkie said their goodbyes and left.

After they left the mare came next to me. “Come along sweetie, I'll show you what room you'll be staying in.”

I nodded and followed the mare through the orphanage.

(Unknown Pov)

Twilight and Pinkie had just left the orphanage, heading to their own destinations deeper into the town of Ponyville.

But unknown to the mares, stood a mysterious hooded pony watching them leave with disinterest. When they were out of site the mysterious hooded pony looked to the orphanage and smiled evilly with a dark glare.

“Soon little colt,” came the sound of a mare's voice, “your magic will be ours.” After the mare said that she gave an evil chuckle and disappeared into dust.

(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

Twilight was heading to her castle that was just a few feet ahead of her. After Pinkie left to plan Mason’s party and invite all the ponies she could, Twilight said she had to take care of some things but also send a letter of Mason -mainly about his magic or powers as he said- to Celestia.

Twilight came up to the door to her castle and opened them with her magic. When she had entered she gently closed the giant crystal doors which gave a soft thud. The princess proceed to walk through the main room and up some stairs into a set of hallways. She went through many levels of these hallways and cut many corners to get to her study. Although Twilight has had the castle for a while, it was still too easy to get lost in it.

Soon enough, she was able to find the doors she was looking for and entered her study room, but not before running into Spike. “Hey Twilight,” the young drake waved, “where have you been all day, thought you were just getting a book back from Zecora.”

“Hello Spike and yes I was -along with Pinkie Pie- getting a book back from Zecora, which I still need to get, but we ran into something along the way.” Twilight said as she neared the wooden doors of her personal study.

“What kind of something was this.” Spike asked with curiosity as he followed close behind.

Twilight opened the door to her study, which Spike also followed. “Me and Pinkie ran into a young colt in the Everfree Forest who was being chased by Timberwolves. Pinkie and I fought off the Timberwolves, but soon they split us away from the colt. Before the Timberwolves could do something to him, he did something unnatural.”

Spike raised an eyebrow at the story Twilight told him and raised a claw to his chin in thought before gesturing to Twilight. “What did he do?”

Twilight who had seated herself at her desk turned to the dragon. “He used some sort of elemental magic, mainly fire and lightning to fend off the Timberwolves to protect himself.”

Spike shrugged. “So he's a skilled unicorn colt who can use elemental magic, what's the big deal.”

Twilight shook her head. “That's the thing Spike, he's not a unicorn, he's a pegasus.”

Spike’s eyes snapped open wide in shock the moment it left her mouth. “Wait, hold the scroll here, you're saying that this colt can do elemental magic, but is a pegasus? how is that even possible?!”

Twilight shook her head she slightly rubbed a hoof on her head. “I have no idea Spike.”

There was silence for a moment, until Spike spoke up. “What are you gonna do?”

To answer his question, Twilight lit up her horn and pulled out a paper and quill from her desk. “I'm going to send a letter to Princess Celestia to tell her about the discovery of him, then later on maybe tomorrow or some other day, I'm going to see if I can discover more about his magic.”

And also about his planet as well.’ Twilight thought excitedly.

“Alright then,” Spike said as he headed for the door, “I'm heading to Rarity’s for a while, then I'm gonna pick up some groceries.”

Twilight nodded but then remembered Mason’s party. “Oh Spike,” the young drake stopped at the door, “Mason is new to Ponyville so Pinkie is hosting him a party, so make sure you head over there when you drop off the groceries here.”

Spike stopped at the doorway and looked to Twilight. “Mason who?”

“The colt Spike, his name is Mason.” Twilight responded.

Spike nodded in acknowledgment. “Yeah I'll be sure to come to the party, later Twi.”

“Bye Spike, have fun at Rarity's.” Twilight said back. She then used her magic to dip her quill in ink and began to write the letter. “Dear Princess Celestia…”

(Mason’s Pov)

To be honest with you, this orphanage ain't that bad really. It's kind of like my old orphanage except it was three stories instead of two and it's had a lot of decorations to it. My old orphanage was just plain red bricks on it. This orphanage was red but it had a lot more to it. Now I don't know how to explain it but imagine a small three story building, now imagine someone gave it to a little girl and told her to decorate it. Yeah.

The front door entrance to it had decorative lines around with, hearts, as the wood frame surrounding the doors. It also had the same thing for the windows as well. Unlike the old orphanage, this one was surrounded by a few buildings. I know when me, Pinkie, and Twilight passed them, they were mostly stalls selling food and trinkets. Although, I do believe I saw one store that sold quills and sofas. Strange.

Now the inhabitants of this orphanage that has now become my abode are really nice. Two of the first to say hello to me were fillies. One was a cherry red color with a light green mane and tail and green eyes. The other was a navy blue with a grey mane and tail and blue eyes. I later learned that their names were Fruity McTooty and Midnight Blue. Both of them also didn't have any Cutie Marks. When they had introduced themselves and I to them they welcomed me to the orphanage and proceeded to introduce their own friends to me. Very friendly bunch I'll tell you what.

After a while of getting comfortable and talking to fillies and colts, mainly fillies. Actually there were a lot more fillies than there were colts now that I think about it, but anyway. After my conversations with them I decided to hunker down in the bed provided for me until time passed. I was laying on my back until I heard hooves approached me and the sound of a filly's voice.

"Hey, you the new guy?”

Giving a light groan I rubbed my eyes and opened them to see a pegasus on the side of my bed staring at me with light purple eyes. Her fur color was an orange color along with a purple mane and tail. Like most of the fillies and colts, she had no cutie mark. I turned over on my stomach and looked to the filly and in my best New York accent I answered.

“I'm the guy.”

She looked at me blankly, then gave a little giggle. “You're weird.”

I smiled. “Well thank you, I think you're weird too.”

The filly closed her eyes and puffed out her chest. “Well I'm weird in a good way.”

I chuckled as I hopped off the bed and approached her. “Guess that makes two of us then.” Going for an introduction I put out my hoof to her. “Names Mason.”

She took my hoof and gave it a firm shake. "Scootaloo' the name, going fast is my game."

I felt my ears perk up with interest. "You like to go fast eh?"

She nodded enthusiastically as her wings gave a single flap. "Yup, I like to get on my scooter and go as fast as I can through the town while also doing some tricks."

Now I was completely interested in this filly. "Well I know what that's like. Sometimes I would take my own scooter and go down a steep hill and hit ramps to see how high I could get."

I could see her eyes light up as she began to bounce in place. "You like to do that stuff to?"

Nodding I put a hoof to my chest. "Yes sir, as a matter of fact, in my old school I was the only kid in my class who knew what a broken bone feels like. Even though it was scary I still ride down that hill."

Scootaloo cringed slightly when I said I got a broken bone but shook her head and had a grin on her face. "Well while I'm not know for a broken bone I do know what it feels like to get a spranged wing."

Not exactly knowing about that since I've never had wings I decided to ask her about it. "How bad was it?"

Scootaloo opened her mouth to answer until her line of site ended up somewhere else. Her eyes widened and she gave a gasp small gasp as she came over to my side and stared at my blank flank. I began to become uncomfortable as she stood there just staring at my flank as if it was the greatest thing in the world. She was really close to me.

Geeze come any closer and you might as well kiss it.’ I thought sarcastically.

After staring at my flank for god knows how long, The filly then looked to me with….excitement? Ok, now I'm really uncomfortable.

“You don't have a Cutie Mark.”


Well that caught me off guard. I looked at my flank for a good while and stared confusingly at her. “No….no I do not have a Cutie Mark.”

The filly smiled brightly as her ears perked up. Next thing I knew, she was directly in front of me barely touching noses as her body shook in excitement. “Would you like to be in me and my friend’s club!” she said excitedly while her wings buzzed. I raised an eyebrow. While this was a quick change in topics I was interested in this club of hers.

“What kind of club?”

“I'll show you, but first we need to find my friends! Oh they're going to be so excited! come on!” As she said that she walked towards the door. Shrugging I decided to follow, a bit shakily but other than that I was ok. I'm still not used to these stupid hooves but I'll get there.

I continued to follow Scootaloo to the best of ability while she excitedly trotted out of the room, into the main hall, down the stairs that passed the floor below us, and into the main room where the desk and the same mare were. Although I took my time which made her dance in place and urging me to hurry up I was able to keep up. Slightly.

As we passed the desk, the mare -which I later learned her name was Violeta- looked to us and smiled as she waved to us and told us to be safe. Me and Scootaloo both replied with an ok as we opened the doors to the orphange and entered the outside world.

I followed the Pegasus filly as she went down the steps and to a blue scooter that was next to the building with a purple helmet hanging off its left handle. Scootaloo hopped on to the scooter and put the helmet on her head and motioned me over.

I came closer and inspected the little scooter but not for long when scootaloo tapped the space behind her with a hoof. "Alright, hop on."

I blinked on surprise as I stared at the small scooter and then her. "Pardon?"

"Get on, we're going to go meet my friends and this is the fastest way to do it." She said as she stretched her wings out a bit. I continued to stare at her and then the small scooter back and forth. There couldn't be a way for me to fit on that right?

I decided to voice my concerns. "Will I even be able to fit on that with you?"

The filly rolled her eyes as she impatiently tapped the open space with her back hoof again. "Yes I'm pretty sure. I would use the wagon but I don't know where it is. So we're just gonna do it with the scooter."

Still feeling a bit concerned I just shrugged and decided to roll with it. Couldn't really be that small. Before I got on I froze as a throught struck me and looked to her.

"Shouldn't I have a helmet?"

I don't know if she was gonna tell me to hurry up or tell me how impatient she was getting but her mouth froze and closed with a click. She stood there with a thoughtful look for a moment until she got off the scooter and went inside the orphanage. I awkwardly stood next to the scooter for the amount of time she was taking to do whatever.

Eventually I saw the familiar purple mane and orange fur come out of through the doors with a helmet being held by her teeth by the straps. She handed it to me and got back on the scooter and looked to me expectantly. Not wasting time I put it on and climbed aboard.

"Alright hang tight. Carousel Boutique is our next destination!"

With that her wings buzzed to life and we were flying down the streets of Ponyville.

Chapter 4: Called Ponyville

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(Mason's Pov)

This dynamic filly wasn't kidding when she said that she likes to go fast. I couldn't really tell how fast we were going because all I could see were colorful blurs. I could at least tell that we were getting closer to the Carousel Boutique because it wasn't that far. We would be there in no time.

Now I really wish I could use my wings.

As we made the distance between the shop shorter, Scootaloo quickly turned the scooter to the right making it come to a skidding stop just a few inches from the front door. Having tightened my grip on the filly, I loosened up and stared at the shop that was directly in front of us.

"Wow, that was quick." I exclaimed as I eyed the shop up and down.

Scootaloo huffed with smugness as she took her helmet off and turned to me with her chest puffed out. "I did tell you. When I'm on this scooter, I like to make it go as fast as I can."

As I discarded my own helmet I lightly tapped Scootaloo's shoulder. "Well until I see for my self, I'd say you were going just as fast as Rainbow Dash."

As she set her helmet on one of the handles, I could see a hue of pink touch her cheeks as her ears slightly fell. "W-well I wouldn't say that I'm as fast as Rainbow Dash but thank you."

I nodded in response as we both made our way to the door. Scootaloo opened the door to the shop and motioned me inside with her head. I thanked her and stepped inside with the filly following close behind me. As we entered, a small bell chimed which was followed by a voice.

“Coming~” came a posh, sing song voice. Since I've never exactly been in this place before, I decided to wait and see where Scootaloo went to. When I saw she was waiting for the pony that be,one to the voice to come I decided to take the time to look around. I could now see that this store was a specialty shop specifically made for making clothes. Whoever worked here was extremely well experienced. The dresses that aligned the mannequins were very well designed, of course there were a few that had no clothing to show.

As I continued to take in the sights of the store, I heard hooves approaching.

“Welcome to the Carousel Boutique where- oh, hello there Scootaloo."

The mare that came to us from the deeper part of the store had white fur with a purple mane and tail that had curls. I could also see that this mare was wearing makeup and eyeliner on her blue eyes. I also smelled perfume, a lot of perfume. Taking a quick glance at her Cutie Mark I saw that she had three gems.

“Hi Rarity!” Scootaloo greeted the fancy pony, “is Sweetie Belle home?”

“Why yes she is and I can call her down for you, but first,” her gaze shifted to me, “who might your friend be?”

Scootaloo gestured a hoof to me. “Rarity meet my friend Mason, Mason this is Rarity, Sweetie Belle’s sister.”

“A pleasure to meet you darling.” Rarity greeted as she gave a small bow of her head.

’So it's one of those peop- ponies huh, well might as well be a little formal.’ I thought.

“Um, the pleasures all mine Miss Rarity.” I said politely as I too gave a small bow of my head.

I lifted my head to see that Rarity had a look of mild surprise on her face as she put a hoof to her mouth that had a small smile. “Oh my, such manners for a young colt such as you.”

“You can thank the two people who raised me well. It's all from my parents, they did raise me well.” I said with my head held up high.

“I bet they did darling. Anywho, you said you came for Sweetie Belle?” she asked as her gaze shifted to Scootaloo.

“Yup.” Scootaloo said with a excited nod. Rarity nodded back as she went to a set of stairs. Which reminds me, how did I not see those?

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity called loudly, “your friend Scootaloo is here!”

We didn't have to wait long as a squeaky voice answered back. “I'll be down in a minute!”

Rarity nodded to herself again and looked back at us. “She'll be down in a minute darlings, now if you'll excuse me I must finish some clothes for a client.” she said walking back into the store.

“Wait, you made all these?” I asked with astonishment.

Rarity stopped mid-way of a door frame -without the door- and turned her attention to me. “Why yes darling, I did make them.”

I looked at all of the clothes that surrounded me and gaped in shock. "Did- did you make all of them? By yourself?"

Seeming to light up at my astonishment the fashioneta turned her body completely towards me with a her head held high. "Why yes I did. Every piece of clothing, accessory, or drawing you see around you was created by moi. I am a fashioneta after all darling so it's only fit that I created the clothes by myself."

I blinked in even more astonishment. Now I remember how my dad looked best for the job he went to. While I was a bit frustrated by how expensive a piece of clothing was, he soon explained how long it can take for people -even with help- to make clothes like a suit or dress. So hearing that this mare could make them by herself was astonishing.

"Well I thinks it's incredibly astonishing on how you make all of these by yourself. My dad would tell me how long and how much work it can take to make clothes like these so you must have a special talent for them."

It was real clear that Rarity seemed to beam at my compliment. “Why thank you very much darling! I do work very hard on them and put all the effort I can into them. Now you two along with Sweetie Belle enjoy yourselves, I must get back to work.” she said walking into her work area. As she disappeared I heard another set of hooves approaching from the stairs.

What came from the stairs was a small unicorn filly. She had the same white fur like Rarity along with a light pink and purple curly mane and tail. Like Scootaloo, she too didn't have a Cutie Mark. As the filly approached us, she perked up at seeing her friend Scootaloo.

“Hi Scootaloo!”

“Hey Sweetie Belle!”

As the two friends got closer they both came in and hugged. If I wasn't a boy and probably still human I would say that it was cute looking. Probably.

“What are you doing here Scootaloo, got any ideas for more crusading?” asked Sweetie Belle as their hug ended.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Nope, I got something better.” To put emphasis to her statement she gestured her head to me with a smile. Sweetie Belle looked to me with a raised eyebrow.

“What about him?” The unicorn filly asked. Scootaloo put her hooves around her mouth and moved closer to her friend to whisper into her ear. When she was done, Sweetie Belle looked to Scootaloo with disbelief, then looked to me with said expression while raising an eyebrow. She walked over to me and looked at my flank and gasped as her disbelief became shock.

“Oh my gosh your right, he doesn't have a Cutie Mark!” Sweetie said as she looked to Scootaloo. “Does Apple Bloom know about this?!”

“Nope, we were gonna head to Sweet Apple Acres to show Apple Bloom as soon as we got you to come with us.” Scootaloo replied with increasing excitement.

“Well then let's go!” Sweetie excitedly said as she headed for the door, which Scootaloo happily followed. I was still trying to find out what was going on with these two and the fact I don't have a Cutie Mark. I quickly went outside and galloped to catch up to the girls. This time I didn't even wobble. Yay for achievements.

“Might I ask again,” I started as I caught up and watched the fillies attach a wagon to the scooter, “what exactly is the big deal with me having no Cutie Mark?”

“You'll find out soon enough.” Scootaloo replied. I groaned in impatience but nonetheless, put my helmet on, got in the wagon with Sweeite Belle, and waited for the speedy ride to the farm.


During another need for speed ride to the farm, I took the time getting to know Sweetie Belle some more while on occasion getting to know some things about Scootaloo when she wasn't doing anything crazy. It took a bit longer to get to the farm than it did to Rarity's store, especially since it was on the far side of the town. When we finally arrived, Scootaloo parked the scooter and wagon next to the white picket fence allowing for all of us to disembark and heading through the main gate that had a wooden apple sign hanging above it.

As we trotted up to the farm I took a look around to take in its sights. Obviously like any other farm or place of had working labor there was a large red barn with some fences on the side probably for some of the animals to roam around. Although, unlike most barns I've seen, this one was coneoletely decorated to the point it almost look like a house. As we continued walking up the dirt trail, we passed by a well that had large vegetable patches behind it. Next to the large patches was a building that probably had all the picked ones inside of it. A couples yards away from the barn and vegetable house was a regular looking house that the residents lived in.

I had been taking in the sights for so long that I didn't notice the two filly's take a sharp turn until I looked ahead of myself. As I turned to follow, I gaped in awe as I saw the main part that gave the farm its name. Infront of me were hundreds upon hundreds of trees that had shiny red apples ready for the pickin. I was surprised by how many there were. Of course it surprised me more that before we came here I asked about this Apple Bloom character. She lived and worked on the farm with her Granny Smith and older brother and sister. The fact that the two youngest ponies did the hard labor of harvesting this many trees was darn near amazing.

As we entered through the trees, I caught the site of many buckets filled to the brim with apples and could also hear the faint sound of a hard thwack amongst the trees. I looked ahead and felt my ears swivel and tried to make out what it was. I heard the track again but more closely and relized that it was somepony hitting the trees and to prove my point, I caught the slights of a tail peaking out of them as I heard another thwack, followed by the apples following out of the tree and into the buckets.

As we drew near, the tail happened to belong to a mare that came out from behind the tree. She had light orange fur with a long blond mane and tail that were tied up in a ponytail. On her flank was a Cutie Mark of three apples. As we drew near, her eyes -which were a emerald green- spotted us which caused her to stop her work and smile to us as she spoke in a southern accent.

“Howdy there girls, what brings ya’ll to the farm? And who's the feller walken ya?”

“Hi Applejack,” the duo said together, “we were coming to get Apple Bloom to show her our friend Mason here.” Scootaloo answered as she gestured back to me. Applejack looked to me with a smile still on her face. As I stared into her eyes, I could tell they spoke levels of honesty and that sent a shiver down my spine. Hmm, I'm starting to regret lying to my parents.

I was pulled from my thoughts when Applejack tipped her hat and greeted me.

“Well howdy there partner, names Applejack! Proud owner and worker here on Sweet Apple Acres, where we grow the best apples in Equestria!”

I smiled and gave nod of my head. “It's nice to meet ya Applejack, my name is Mason and I gotta say, I'm really impressed on the amount of apple trees that are here. Do you really harvest them all?” I said with curiosity and amazement.

Applejack tilted her head up slightly with pride as she answered truthfully. “We sure do sugarcube, now it may look like tough work but we manage what we can.” Applejack turned to walk back into the trees before casting her gaze upon the two fillies. “If ya’ll want Apple Bloom, she's up in the house with Granny Smith.”

The duo nodded and started their trek to the house, Sweetie stopped however and turned to me. “You stay out here Mason, we'll be right back out when we get Apple Bloom.” Nodding in response, the fillies continued their way out of the field of trees and into the house.

When the duo were out of sight, I turned my gaze to Applejack. “So how do you guys harvest all these apples?” I asked, “it must be hard work without any magic or wings.”

Applejack gestured for me to walk with her as she started walking back into the field of trees. I gladly followed as she spoke up. “While that might be true sugarcube, we earth ponies have something better than unicorns or a pegasus to help us farm our land.”

“What's that?” I asked with just as much curiosity as before.

“Well, unicorns have magic that is used through there horn, pegasi have magic that allows'em to walk on clouds and fly, but us earth ponies have magic that allows us ta farm our land and gives us enhanced strength.” Applejack explained. The farm mare continued walking past trees with filled buckets until we came up to a tree with empty buckets underneath it. “Allow me to show ya.”

Applejack got next to the tree, turned around, and bucked it. The impact of her buck was so powerful that all the apples fell from the tree and into the bucket, filling it to the brim. I stared with my mouth agape in amazement. Applejack chuckled at my state.

“Daaang, you practically knocked all of the apples out of it! That was impressive!” I shouted with amazement as I threw my hooves in the air.

Applejack smiled as she rubbed her leg with a hoof. “Ah shucks sugarcube, it ain't nothen really, just doing my job on the farm.” The mare picked up one of the buckets filled with apples and set it on her back and proceeded to carry it to a nearby cart that for some reason I didn't see. When we got to the cart, I saw the two fillies along with another one approaching.

The new filly looked at me with a shocked expression. “Wow, you girls weren't kidden when ya said he didn't have a Cutie Mark!”

“Told ya Apple Bloom.” Scootaloo exclaimed with a grin

As the new filly approached, I saw that like her sister she was an earth pony- er filly. She had light yellow fur with a red mane and tail along with a large pink bow tie. Of course like the other two, she didn't have a Cutie Mark.

“Sooo, does this mean he can join our club?” Apple Bloom asked curiously.

“Well, I mean if he wants to.” Sweetie said as she gestured to me.

“Again, what club are you talking about?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

The three fillies looked at me, then to each other and nodded, then looked back to me.

“We’ll tell you all about it at the treehouse, come on.” said an excited Scootaloo who began to move -almost hop- in the direction of said treehouse. I and the other two began following her but not before saying my goodbyes to Applejack.

“Bye Applejack, it was nice meeting you!” I said to her as I left with the fillies.

“It was nice meeting you too sugarcube, you four be safe now.” she replied back as the farm mare continued her work.

I kept following the three fillies into god knows where. We took some turns here and there, went around in circles there, pretty sure I saw Chuck Norris somewhere in these fields. Nah, I'm kidding. We approached the treehouse and It was pretty nice looking. It was like a small house….on a tree....hence the name tree house.

The girls walked up the ramp to the main door and entered, with me following close behind. It was really well decorated on the inside, had a few banners, drawings, and rugs here there with a table, chairs and a podium, and could be lit by a single lantern when night came.

“So Mason, you want to know what our club is about?” asked Sweetie as she and her friends walked up to the podium.

“Yeees, I've been asking you guys ever since you started talking about it.” I whined.

The girls giggled at my impatient whinning. “Our club consists of us three and any other pony that don't have a Cutie Mark, that is if they want to join.” explained Apple Bloom.

Scootaloo nodded and continued for Apple Bloom. “Basically we go on adventures like the ones I told you about trying to look for our Cutie Marks.”

“We call ourselves…” the trio trailed off as they looked to each other, then took a deep breath. A large deep breath. Realizing what was coming I tried to cover my ears but I was too late.


It was so loud that I think I actually heard my ear drums explode. I fell to the ground withering in slight pain as all I could hear was slight ringing. To be honest it shouldn't have been that bad but since I'm a pony I guess my sense of smell and hearing is better. I could see from my watery eyes that the girls were looking at me with worried expressions as I still withered in pain on the floor.

Scootaloo came up to me with concern as she tapped me. “You all right there Mason?”

“Well the full force of that didn't kill me so I think I'm alright, but I'm gonna be down here for a while.” I replied rubbing my ears.

Scootaloo rubbed the back of her neck as her ears fell and smiled sheepishly. “Heh, sorry about that.”

“It's alright,” I started while getting up, “I think I'm good now.” To be honest I can still hear the ringing.

The three fillies smiled. “Good because it's time for your initiation to the club.” Sweetie said happily as she clapped her hooves together. I raised an eyebrow.

“Time for my initiation?” the three nodded, “as in right now?” they nodded again seeming to get excited, “why?”

They're excitement immidiatley fell as they stared at me in confusion. “You do want to join our club right?” asked Apple Bloom.

“Yeah we could have so much fun together!” encouraged Scootaloo.

“Yeah!” agreed Sweetie, “we could help each other get our cutie marks!”

“Uh…” I had a strange feeling that I would regret this if I accepted, but at the same time it could be fun.

“Oh come on you gotta join!” Scootaloo cried desperately. Faster than I could blink the trio came up to me and gave the biggest puppy dog eyes I have ever seen.


Ak, I think something happened to my heart came the author's voice as he fell out of his chair.

Oh god, author down! We got an author down. Came another author.

I stared at the trio who were giving me puppy eyes and quivering their lips for emphasis, they were desperate. Now normally this doesn't work unless the kid doing it is younger than me, of course I didn't know how old these three were, but those puppy eyes were huge, oh I can feel my defenses slowly going away.

How bad could it be?’ I thought.

I looked to the fillies and smiled. “Sure, could be fun.”

They gave a happy ‘YAY’ and hugged me which caused my cheeks to heat up a bit and gasp from the breath getting squeezed out of me.

Fortunately for me they let go and were prepared for the initiation, I took the time to actually look at the sun and to see it was behind the highest mountain which had a building on the side of it. How the heck did I not notice that!

I turned to the girls. “Look I know you guys are excited to initiate me, but I think we should do it later.” The moment it left my mouth I could see the girls become deflated and give a sad 'aww'.

“How come?” asked Scootaloo as her ears fell.

“Because it's getting a bit late and I need to be at Sugarcube Corner for my party which is being hosted by Pinkie Pie.” I explained as I gestured my head to the window.

The girls gave me a curious look with tilted heads. “You mean yer not from Ponyville?” asked Apple Bloom.

I looked at her with a shocked expression. “How'd you know?”

“Well everytime a new pony comes to Ponyville, there's usually a party hosted by Pinkie Pie for that pony.” said Scootaloo.

“Come to think of it….” began Sweetie as she tapped her chin, “shouldn't we ha- omf!” Faster than anyone could see, a pink blur stuck a pink letter in Sweetie Belle’s mouth and left. I out of the three were surprised by such speed, it'd make The Flash jealous.

“I'm guessing that's the invitation?” said Scootaloo nonchalantly as if she'd seen into beofore.

“Yuf.” Sweetie said, muffled by the letter in her mouth.

She spat out the letter and opened it, resulting in a bunch of confetti to come out of it. Shaking away the confetti, she began to silently read it, the other two looking over her shoulder to read it for themselves.

I was about to come over and see what it says but Sweetie looked up and smiled stopping me. “Welp the invitation says here that your party is in another hour, so we should probably start heading over there.”

“Huh, guess we'll have ’ta skip the initiation then.” Apple Bloom spoke up, sounding a bit disappointed. I looked to the others who looked a bit disappointed to.

I smiled to all three of them. “Hey, how about tomorrow, when you gals are free you can give me the initiation then.”

The girls seemed to lighten up a bit when I said that. “That's a great idea, and we don't have school tomorrow so we'll totally be free to do it!” Scootaloo said buzzing her wings a little.

“Yeah!” jumped in Sweetie, “but it won't come any faster if we stand here all day!”

“Well let's head to that party then!” I said heading to the door with the girls following close behind.


Sugarcube Corner was just dead ahead as I and the other passengers in the wagon enjoyed the ride of Scootaloo buzzing her little wings on the scooter, but there was something off. The streets didn't seem so lively, and the lights in the building were off. It was quiet, too quiet.

I turned to look at the two girls on either side me, they looked very calm, as if this was normal. I get it was late in the day but, there should have a been at least one pony coming by. We came up to the door with haste and the girls immidiatley disembarked. I being a little slower. As I followed, Scootaloo quickly opened the dorm and motioned for me to go inside first.


Ok, I have a feeling what's going on but this place is all new to me, so it could be anything. I hesitantly walked in, all the lights were off and it was quiet. The only light was from what the open door would give off.

The girls soon came in with me, closing the door behind them that basked everything in complete darkness.

“Um,” I said squinting my eyes to adjust to the dark, “is it me or is something strange happening here.”

Just as I said that, the lights flicked on.


I think my heart exploded, the impact of it going from my chest to my other end. Before I felt around my chest to see what remained of my heart, I saw a lot of ponies and I mean a lot, I even saw some of the ponies I've already met.

Before I could say anything, my vision was obscured by pink. “So what did you think of your surprise?! Did ya like it?! Huh! Huh! Huh!”

I took the time to catch my breath and looked to pinkness that clouded my vision. “Yeah, I'd say I was more surprised than any other surprise I've gotten.”

Pinkie gave a happy ‘YAY’ then turned to all of the ponies.

“Alright everypony, you all know the drill, let's PARTAY!” When Pinkie said that all of the ponies cheered and got to the party. I then heard music start up, and I got to say it was really good.

Pinkie then looked to me with ever increasing excitement. “Come on Masey let me show what I have for your party!” she said happily. She started walking into the heap of ponies with me and the fillies following.


The party was really great, there were a lot of games, heck even a game of Apples to Apples and there were so many sweets. I ate so many of them with Pinkie that thought I was going to have a cavity, Pinkie on the other hand or hoof looked like she could eat so many and it wouldn't even affect her.

I also got to meet a lot of ponies and by a lot of ponies I mean every single pony, even the cool DJ at the party. She even said my mane was pretty cool. Not only that but I saw the two fillies at the orphanage, Fruity and Midnight. I also met the rest of Pinkie's friends, by that I mean I re-met most of the mares I already met.

The two new friends I met was a yellow furred mare with a pink mane and tail with three butterflies as a Cutie Mark who was named Fluttershy who actually lived up to her name and a purple scaled and green spiked dragon named Spike, not a talking lizard but a talking dragon, which was AWESOME!

After playing many of the games and somewhat have a disaster on the dance floor, I was now playing a game of Chess with Twilight. Pinkie said it wouldn't have been fun but that was proven wrong when I started beating her in the beginning. Eventually a lot of ponies watched as the smart librarian and Element of Magic was being beaten by a colt in a game of Chess.

Right now Twilight was checking over the board with two pawns, a rook, a knight, and her king. I had three pawns, both rooks, my queen, and my king. Sweetie and Scootaloo were behind me cheering me on while Spike -being behind Twilight- was giving pointers and holding notes she took of the game and certain strategies she could use, but every single one was soon demolished when I changed it up.

Right now we had a small crowd do to most of the people leaving the party. It was mainly consisted of the two fillies, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, a sleeping Apple Bloom, Spike who looked like he was dozing off himself, Pinkie, and some other ponies.

Twilight looked to my poker face that just stared into her very soul. I could see her sweating. She touched one of her rooks and looked up to see my unchanging face. Sweating even more, she changed directions to her knight. Still not seeing any change in my face, she winged it and then moved it. I looked to the board and my eyes widen which made Twilight smile. Said smile was short lived when I moved my queen in a space she didn't notice.

Twilight’s eyes widened and looked to me with her mouth agape.

“Checkmate.” I said calmly.

The crowd of ponies murmured in applause while Twilight looked with shock.

“WHAT!” she shouted, “how is that possible I studied all your moves the last few games and properly made a plan to make sure you couldn't do any major changes!”

“Guess I'm full of surprises.” I shrugged. In the corner of my eye I saw a grumpy Rainbow Dash handing gold coins over to a smug looking Applejack. I chuckled. It's surprising what you can learn from your mother when she was first place in a few lady Chess Matches.

“Well as fun as it has been darlings, me and Sweetie Belle should be heading home.” said a tired looking Rarity.

“Awww but I want to stay a little more.” Sweetie said disappointedly.

“Now-now Sweetie, you can play with your coltfriend later.” Rarity said with what sounded like a teasing tone.

Sweetie blushed at that and folded her ears back. “Wh-what? H-he isn't my coltfriend, he's just a friend!”

Rarity smiled teasingly. “Oh, that's what they all say Sweetie.”

I looked at them confusingly. “Might I ask what does she mean by coltfriend?”

Sweetie looked to me with an even brighter blush and nervously pawed at the ground. “She m-means l-l-like a s-special somepony.” As she said this she stared at the ground not making eye contact. I raised an eyebrow at this.

“What?” I asked still confused.

“She means someone you date Mason.” said Twilight who was helping Pinkie clean up.

I stared at Twilight unmoving, then it finally hit me. “Oh.” I felt my cheeks heating up at that. I heard some of the girls giggling, especially Pinkie.

“Well teasing aside, we need to take our leave Sweetie.” Rarity said as she went for the door. “It was nice seeing you again Mason, take care.”

“Bye Mason, see you at the treehouse tomorrow.” said a much calmer Sweetie Belle as she followed her sister. I said my goodbyes and then noticed Applejack leaving with a sleeping Apple Bloom on her back.

“Ah need to go as well, got some farm work tomorrow in the morning, see ya later everypony.”

“Bye Applejack.” I said to the farm mare. Scootaloo then came up next to me.

“We should be going back to the orphanage as well.” I nodded and started heading to the door while saying my goodbyes to Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and Spike who by this point was already asleep.

Before I went out the door I was stopped by Pinkie. “Now where do you think your going mister.”

I looked back to the party pony with confusion. “Uh, the orphanage.”

“Not without giving me a hug you're not.” Pinkie then motioned her hooves for a hug. I shrugged and walked to the party pony and gave her a big one which she happily returned.

“Make sure to visit me.” Pinkie said as she tightened the embrace.

“Will do.” I said while tightening mine.

After the hug I walked outside to see Scootaloo on her scooter waiting patiently, I put my helmet on and looking between the two, shrugged and got on the scooter behind the filly. Soon we were calmly off to the orphanage.

After a while of enjoying the ride in silence, I heard Scootaloo speak up. “So what did you think of your party Mason?”

“It was really good, I loved the music, the games, the food, and all the ponies were very nice. Pinkie really knows how to make a good party.” I answered with a smile.

“That's why they say Pinkie is the best party pony in Ponyville.” she added with a nod.

As I felt Scootaloo make a small turn down one of the roads that led to the orphanage, I saw her peek over her shoulder at me. “So, you still want to join our club?”

“Haven't changed my mind since.” I said with a shrug.

“Cool, it's nice to have my friends on our adventures for our Cutie Marks, but with other ponies it's just the more fun, so we're very happy that you joined.”

I smiled and nodded to the filly. ‘And I think it will be fun as well,’ I looked ahead to see the orphanage, stuck in my thoughts, “and I think being in this town will be too.’

(Somewhere in Canterlot)

The small sound of paper being flipped was heard in a quiet room that had a large sun emblem on its door and was faintly lit by a small candle. The occupant of the room studied the paper with light pink eyes as she held a cup in her golden magic.

Princess Celestia was finishing some more paperwork at her desk inside her chambers while sipping some tea. It was another busy day in the castle for the sun princess. Nobles acting like foals, more paperwork, discussing trade with neighboring countries, and even more paperwork. Not the most easiest life of a princess.

Celestia set down the quill with her magic, deciding on finishing the rest tomorrow, but before she went off to the land of dreams, hoping not to get pranked by her sister, she looked to a letter she got not a few moments ago from the newly crowned Princess of Friendship.

Celestia picked up the letter and began to read it. “Dear Princess Celestia….everything is fine….walking through the Everfree….found a strange pegasus colt named Mason….can perform elemental magic of fire and lightning…. hmm, seems Twilight has found quite the discovery there.” The princess, not really paying attention took another sip of her tea. Until she realized what she just read, making her eyes go wide.

Still sipping the tea, which was a very long sip, re-read the letter.

Elemental magic….fire and lightning.’

The princess did a large spit take of her tea and quickly teleported to her sister Luna. When she had teleported, still spitting the tea which was now going into Luna’s face, began to talk about the letter which only resulted in more spitting of the tea.

Soon the sun princess’s lips were sealed by a blue aura, said aura now having a towel wipe the face of the moon princess’s face.

“Do tell, dear sister, what is the meaning of spitting into our face?" said an agitated Luna.

Celestia didn't speak but instead showed her the letter. Luna raised an eyebrow while taking the letter in her magic and began reading. Luna then looked back up to Celestia.

“Sister, it is just Twilight saying she found a pegasus colt who can perform elemental magic, it's not that big of a deal.” Who'd know that such wording would come right back to deliver a right hook, a large uppercut, and rain the mighty power of Morgan Freeman upon the moon princess.

Luna now with wide eyes stared at the letter, teleported her own tea, sipped it and then spat it out.

“Sister,” said Luna as she looked at the letter, “could it be….”

Celestia nodded. “I am afraid so sister, it appears another one was chosen.” Celestia then used her magic to teleport a quill and paper and began writing.

“What are you going to do Tia.” Luna said with urgency.

Celestia finished writing the letter and sent it away in a green flame and watched it exit a window. “We're going to have to tell the elements and that colt of what we know, so I have now sent a letter to Twilight and told her to bring the elements and the colt to the castle tomorrow as soon as possible.”

Luna looked out of one of the windows, then back to her sister. “You don't think….that they know do you?”

Celestia looked to the ground and furrowed her brow in thought, then looked up to Luna. “Let us hope not Lulu,” Celestia then looked out the window with narrowed eyes.

“Let us hope not.”

Chapter 5: To Canterlot

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What? you think I'm gonna make a joke here, make ya laugh reader. Get a little giggle from time to time. Well I would but I'm running out of jokes for these introductions to the new chapters.

Let's continue shall we.

It is now a new day in Ponyville. Ponies from all over are waking up for the morning to go about their daily business. Especially a certain group of ponies named Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack.

Right now our heroes are heading to the orphanage to pick up Mason before they take a train to Canterlot.

(Twilight Sparkle’s Pov)

“Do tell us darling, why does the princess want Mason to come with us? I mean the dear is far too young to do what the princess will need us for don't you think?” asked a perplexed Rarity.

At her friends question, the young princess looked to her hooves in thought. ‘It is kind of weird for Princess Celestia to suddenly want us at Canterlot especially with Mason. I know the way he can do magic is unnatural but for the princess asking to see him immediately, especially in Canterlot, it's strange.’

Twilight looked up from her hooves to her friends and answered. “I don't know. All that Celestia said in the letter was that there was something that we, along with Mason, needed to know and that it was very important. What I do know, is that it has to do with Mason’s gifts.”

The girls all gave their own looks of confusion from the way Twilight said gifts, but were more curious to find out what their friend was talking about.

“What exactly do you mean by, ‘Mason’s gifts’?” Rainbow Dash said as she lazily floated in front.

Twilight thought for a moment on how to answer. She mainly wanted to keep it a secret and tell her friends later, but since they were called along with Mason, it was probably the best time to tell them about his magic. Of course they probably wouldn't believe her, but that won't stop her from trying now.

“Basically Mason can do special magic.” when Twilight said this her friends looked at her as if she said the most obvious thing in the world, which she kind of did.

“Uh, what exactly is that suppose’ to mean sugarcube, I mean we can all do magic in our own special way.” asked Applejack with a brow raised.

Twilight was about to answer, but Pinkie had beaten her to it. “While that is true Applejack, Mason can do some other special type of magic. Remember when we told you about the attack with the Timberwolves at his party?” All the girls nodded, except for Twilight, who already knew the story.

“Well we kinda left out some other detail. You see, Mason actually did this super-duper awesome magic with fire and lightning against them when we fought.”

The girls now looked to Pinkie as if she grew a second head which could have been the case since it was, well, Pinkie Pie .

“You mean to tell us, that Mason, who is a pegasus colt, can do fire and lightning magic?” Rainbow asked the party pony.

“Yup.” Pinkie answered happily.

Rainbow stared at Pinkie for a while then looked to the rest of the girls. “Am I the only one who finds that hard to believe.” The rest of the girls shook their heads which caused Rainbow to look at Twilight with confusion.


“It's true Rainbow, trust me. If any of you girls told me, I wouldn't believe it. But I saw him do it.” Twilight said before Dash could ask.

Dash was still skeptical about this and looked to Applejack, who already knew what the rainbow maned Pegasus was gonna say.

“Ah might not be able to tell if a certain pony is lying all the time Dash. But whether you believe it or not, I can most defiantly say that she ain't lyen’.” Applejack said.

The sporty pegasus wanted to protest and say she didn't but she stopped and looked off to the side in thought. After some time she looked back to her friends. “Well I still find it hard to believe that, but I'll take your word for it. For now at least.”

Twilight nodded in satisfication and continued their way to the orphanage which was now coming into her sights. After a few moments of silence, Pinkie Pie was the one to break it. “On the subject of Mason, what do you girls think of him?”

Dash then came next to Pinkie with a grin on her face. “I like the kid, he's pretty chill and I think he might be built for some speed. I mean his wings are small now but I think if he put some training in and grows up a bit he could become pretty fast, well, not as fast as me though.”

Rarity rolled her eyes at the boasting pegasus before setting her gaze on her pink friend and gave her thoughts. “I think that he is a real gentlecolt, his parents really knew how to raise him,” Rarity then grew a somber look, “it's a shame though they had to leave him so soon, I do wonder what happened to them.”

Applejack looked at the fashioneta. “Well it's not really our business to ask him that, Ah think he'll tell us when he's ready. But on mah thoughts of him, I think he could be a real hard worker, I don't know what he'll be capable of, but I can sense a strong spirit on him and an energetic one too like most fillies and colts.”

“I agree on that too.” said Twilight with an increasing smile. “I think he's really capable of a lot of things, especially since he's very smart for a colt his age.”

It was silent when Dash looked to the other pegasus of the group which made her 'eep' a little. “What do you think of him Flutters?”

“Oh….uhm, I think he's a real sweetheart and uhm….very kind too.” the shy pegasus answered quietly. All the girls nodded at this, then they looked to the pony who had brought up the question.

“So what do you think of him Pinkie. You gotta have a very good reason because you and Mason seem very close.” asked Dash.

“Darn tooten, Ah'd say you and him are more close than two peas in a pod.” Applejack added with a stomp of her hoof.

Pinkie was silent for a moment, but then looked to her friends with a smile. “I think Masey is very cute and funny, but I also think he's super-duper fun and we’re so much alike too.”

Rarity nodded. “I'll say, during the beginning of his party I always saw you and him talking about things. If it weren't for the activities and ponies, I'd think you and him would talk until the sun rose.”

“Probably.” said the party mare. For the rest of the way the group walked closer to the orphanage, talking of their daily activities and what not until Twilight spoke up.

“Here we are.” The princess exclaimed. The girls looked to see that they were at the entrance of the small orphanage and saw Twilight walk up the small steps to the doors. Before she entered, she looked to her friends.

“You girls wait here, I'll fetch Mason and we’ll head out.” The others nodded and seated themselves to wait for their friend and the colt.

As Twilight entered through the doors of the orphanage, many fillies and costs ran past her shouting in some excitement. Twilight smiled as she saw the little pony's run and proceed to the counter. As the princess came up to the counter, she saw the same unicorn mare from yesterday, sitting at the counter looking at paperwork and probably bills.

Twilight approached the mare and cleared her throat gaining her attention. When the mare looked up, she smiled and gave a slight bow of her head. “Good morning princess, what brings you to the orphanage?”

Before Twilight responded, she internally sighed. ‘Always with the formalities, I'm never used to them.’ Twilight looked to the mare with a smile nonetheless.

“I'm here to see Mason, the pegasus colt I brought in yesterday.” Twilight asked.

The mare looked at the ceiling in thought for a while, then looked to Twilight with fallen ears. “I'm sorry princess, but if I remember correctly, him and Scootaloo had just left not too long ago.”

Twilight stared at the mare for a while then sighed. “So he's not here?” The mare shook her head. Twilight sighed again, but nonetheless, thanked the mare and went outside to see her friends waiting patiently. Rarity spotted Twilight and smiled, but raised an eyebrow when she didn't see Mason with her.

“Twilight darling, where's Mason?”

Twilight’s friends all looked to her with there own eyebrows raised, silently asking the same question.

“He's not here, apparently him and Scootaloo left not too long before we arrived.” Twilight said. This caused Applejack to furrow her brow a bit in thought.

“Now why in Equestria wou-” Applejack stopped mid sentence when she had a look of realization on her face. “Oh, that's probably whah.”

Twilight looked to her friend confusingly. “What is?”

“Mason doesn't have a Cutie Mark and ya all know how the girls get when they find someone who doesn't have a Cutie Mark.” responded the farm pony.

“They ask them to join their club.” finished Rainbow Dash with a knowing expression.

Twilight sighed again in a bit of agitation. “So does that mean they're walking around somewhere in Ponyville?"

“Probably,” said Applejack, “but I reckon we go to the treehouse first to see if they're there.”

The others nodded in agreement along with Twilight.

“Well let's go get our colt and head to Canterlot.” Twilight said heading in the direction of Sweet Apple Acres with her friends following.

(Mason’s Pov)

Me and the girls had just arrived to the treehouse and were preparing for my initiation. I was standing in the middle of it all with the girls in front of me. Sweetie was at the podium in front, Apple Bloom standing at my left holding a cape, and Scootaloo was on my right playing some drums. They also were wearing capes with the CMC logo on it.

Scootaloo had stopped banging on the drums which gave Sweetie the cue to speak, only to be cut off by Scootaloo’s sick drum solo.

Which was to repeatedly pound the drum at random with no beat whatsoever.

When Scootaloo finished, Sweetie eyed her and waited, then raised a hoof to begin, only to again be cut off by Scootaloo tapping the drums once. Sweetie eyed Scootaloo with a small glare who only for her to stare back in innocence, then finally began.

“We the Cutie Mark Crusaders welcome our new member Mason.” Sweetie paused to pick up a parchment and cleared her throat. “We welcome you, Mason, as a friend, brother, and close member of our club.”

Sweetie motioned to Apple Bloom who nodded and walked forward with the spare cape in hoof. “We want you to accept this cape to wear as a member of our club. It will signify that you are ready for any challenge to gain a Cutie Mark”

Apple Bloom handed me the cape with a smile which I gratefully took and examined the cape. It was well made, especially the logo that was stitched on it.

“We now accept you as an honorary member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.” Sweetie said happily.

“Thanks guys and I must say this is a nice looking cape.” Like for a single colored cape with only a logo stitched on it, it was pretty cool. Because capes.

“Thanks Mason, I actually made that myself.” Sweetie said with pride in her voice.

“Well you did a good job.” I complimented. My compliment made Sweetie look to the side with a blush.

“Thanks. Oh and good job on the new speech Scoots.” Sweetie said as her blush went away as quickly as it came.

“Thank you.” Scootaloo replied with a smile.

Sweetie then climbed down from the podium and walked towards the center of the treehouse.

“Well now that you're a member, we should go see what kind of crusading we can do!” Sweetie said excitedly.

“Yeah, with Mason now part of our club we can make even more ideas to get our Cutie Marks!” Scootaloo said, making her wings buzz.

“Well let's ge-” Apple Bloom didn't get to finish, for a voice called for us from outside the treehouse.

“Mason, girls, are ya in there!” it was Applejack.

“Yeah sis’ we are.” Apple Bloom called back while going to the door with me and the other two following. When we came outside I saw all of the girls below waiting for us. Twilight even had what looked like bags on her back.

“Hey guys, what are you all here for?” Scootaloo asked.

“We're here for Mason.” said Twilight as she gestured a hoof to me.

This made me raise an eyebrow. Before I could ask why, Apple Bloom beat me to it. “What do ya’ll need him for?”

“The princess wants to meet Mason.” Twilight answered plainly.

The fillies gasp. Sweetie looked to the group with a shocked expression as did Apple Bloom. “The princess wants to meet Mason?!”

“Why would they want to meet Mason?” Scootaloo asked with a tilt of her head.

Twilight looked to the ground for a while, then looked to the fillies. “They want to meet Mason for something very important, they didn't really explain what it is though.”

The trio of fillies looked a bit skeptical and very curious about the princesses wanting to meet me, even I was curious as to why. Sweetie Belle then spoke up. “Well, can we come with you guys?”

“Sorry guys, but this is for us and Mason only.” Dash said floating near the treehouse.

They gave a disappointed ‘aww’. Then Scootaloo spoke to the group. “Will you at least bring him back so he can go crusading with us?”

“Don't worry darlings, we'll be sure to bring back your coltfriend so you can go on your crusades.” Rarity answered with a teasing smile.

This made all three fillies ears press against their heads and blush furiously.

“HE’S NOT OUR COLTFRIEND!” all three shouted quickly which made Rarity, Applejack, and Dash chuckle.

Trying to keep my own checks from flaring, I cleared my throat. “Welp, best not to keep them waiting I guess.” I headed for the ramp to join the mares, but before I did I looked to the fillies.

“I'll see you when I come back girls and could you maybe hold on to my cape for me, I don't think I'll have enough time to drop it off at the orphanage.” I said handing my cape to the girls. Scootaloo nodded and took my cape.

“Don't worry Mason, I'll hang on to it till you get back so we can go crusading.”

I nodded and waved to them which they waved back as I went down the ramp. I came up to Twilight and her friends and we headed off to go meet the princesses.

The girls stayed on the platform of the treehouse in silence watching the group head for the exit of Sweet Apple Acres. After a while Scootaloo looked to her friends. “You guys don't think of him as a coltfriend do you?”

Both Sweetie and Apple Bloom looked to Scootaloo with perplexed looks.

“I don't think I do.” Sweetie said with a shake of her head.

“Ah don't think ah do either,” Apple Bloom said, “what about you?”

Scootaloo looked to where the group was disappearing behind some trees and slight hint of pink touched her cheeks.

“No, I don't think I do either,” Scootaloo then put a hoof to her chin, “at least I don't think I do.”


I was along side Pinkie with the rest of the mares leaving Sweet Apple Acres. It was a silent trot for quite some time until Pinkie broke the silence while crouching on the ground.

“Hey Masey, want to climb on top again.” she said with a smile. I was about to gratefully accept Pinkie's offer when I looked to Dash to see her flying around, doing spins and even backwards flying. Not sure how that's possible.

“Actually, I was wondering if I could maybe….” I trailed off rubbing my hooves together.

“What did you say Mason, I didn't quite catch that last part.” Pinkie asked.

“I was wondering if I could maybe ride on Dash’s back?”

“Well of course you-”

“While she flies.” I finished, cutting Pinkie off.

Pinkie stopped smiling and had a look of concern on her face, it was an odd way she made it look though, it almost looked like a look my mom would give me.

Pinkie was about to answer when Dash herself came up to us. “Hey guys what's up? I noticed that you stopped walking with us.” True to her words, the rest of the girls were coming back to us, noticing we had stopped.

Pinkie looked to her friend with that still concerning look. “I was asking Mason here if he wanted to ride on my back for fun. But he asked me if you could give him a ride.”

Dash landed next to Pinkie and smiled. “Well of course I can give him a ride, I won't be able to fly though, but for him I don't really mind.”

Pinkie's look seemed to become more noticeable. “Actually that's just it Dashy, he wants you to give him a ride while you fly.”

Dash now looked to her friend with a confused look, then to me. “Can't you fly on your own Mason?”

I scrunched up my face in thought and looked to my wings. To be honest I couldn't really feel them, it was like they weren't there. Although that could be because I never had them before. This kind of made me a bit sad.

I looked to Dash with a sad expression and shook my head.

Dash put on a look of sympathy and put a hoof to her chin in thought. She then looked to me with a smile and nod of her head.

“Alright kid, hop on.” Dash said while crouching down.

I had a look of shock on my face, but I was also excited. “Y-you really mean it?”

Dash nodded her head firmly. “Absolutely positive, just make sure you hang on.”

I nodded my head and excitedly came over to Dash and hopped on her back. When I was secure I gave a nod of my head to her.

Dash nodded and prepared to take flight until Rarity spoke up. “Do be careful darling, I'd hate to see Mason get hurt.”

Dash looked to Rarity with a confident smile. “Don't worry Rarity, I've done this with Scootaloo a bunch of times, I got this.” With that, Dash adjusted her wings a bit, then carefully lifted herself into the air with a few flaps. When I felt the lift I immediately grabbed Dash’s neck. We didn't go really high, just above the others heads.

I looked down to them to see they were watching intently, I think I saw Twilight’s horn glowing dimly, probably just in case I fell.


My attention was then gained by Dash who was looking at me. “Wanna have some fun?”

I didn't know what she meant by that, but hey, I'm all for fun. I smiled and nodded to her.

She smiled as her eyes narrowed with mirth. “Alright hang on.”

She didn't have to tell me twice. I firmly grasped her neck preparing for what she had in store.

Before Dash did anything I heard Twilight speak.

“Dash what are you-” Twilight didn't get to finish for Dash took off with blinding speed. I immediately tightened my grip harder on her neck while she rocketed through Ponyville.

Now on one hand...hoof...whatever, I was a bit scared for my life, but on the other.


I was having the time of my life.

Dash then came back to the group in record time, almost as if we never left them. I was behind Dash’s mane, giggling like a mad man….colt.....stallion….whatever, trying to keep myself from falling off do to being dizzy from that roller coaster. I was about to compliment Dash on how awesome that was but Pinkie spoke up first.

“Dashie! What were you thinking! You could've hurt him, or worse, you could of dropped him!” Pinkie shouted with what sounded like scolding.

There was a pause from all the girls for a moment. I heard Rarity speak up but not before I heard her slightly mumble something like, 'never Pinkie was one to scold Dash for having some fun', but I wasn't sure.

"She is right darling. Mason could have fallen off your back while you did that." She said with a wave of her hoof.

“Oh lighten up guys, I was just giving him a little fun, right kid.” Dash said looking back to me. When I was certain that the world stopped spinning I came from behind Dash's head giggling.

“It was so awesome!” I said excitedly. Dash nodded in approval and looked to her friends.

“See, the kid is alright, so everything's cool.” I saw most of the girls shaking their heads, Pinkie however was giving a scolding look to Dash. It was almost scary, but I was pondering it more than fearing it. I swear that I've seen that look from my mother before.

But honestly I was more surprised that it wasn't Twilight or maybe Applejack who scolded Dash. It was then I heard a gasp come from one of the girls that broke me from my thoughts.

“Darling Look what you did to his mane! It's absolutely horrible!” Rarity exclaimed. her horn glowed a blue aura which then encased my mane in said aura. “I mean for goodness sake darling, we're going to see the princess and I will not allow him to meet her looking like that.” I felt the aura fix my mane which probably looked like I went through a tornadoe. I didn't really care, that was fun.

I heard Dash groan. “I'll be sure to go a little easier on him next time.” Dash said with annoyance.

“Ah’d advise not doing a next tahm. We're going ta’ be late for the train.” Applejack spoke up. Twilight gasped.

“Ohmygosh we're going to be late. Come on girls we got to get there quickly.” Twilight said, who began to gallop towards the direction of the train with the others following.

We galloped, well Dash flew, through Ponyville passing other ponies and buildings. Soon enough we came up to the train station to see a few other ponies boarding the….wait that's the train?

The train looked like a little girl made it, in other words it was really colorful. Now if I remember correctly this is a steam powered train and those things used to have only a few colors but this train is just ridiculous. Oh well, a trains a train I guess.

Dash landed next to her friends on the platform of the train station. I got off her back and followed them up to it. We boarded into one of the carts and found some seats and sat ourselves down. After some time passed the train jerked and started to move. Twilight sighed with relief.

“Whew, we made it.” she said with a smile.

The girls nodded and made themselves comfortable in their seats. I then heard some hoof steps coming our way.

You won't believe who showed up at our seats.

“Tickets, tickets please!” Fricken Tom Hanks that's who. It was the complete image of him, well as a pony though. He was a royal blue unicorn stallion, with a brown mane and tail along with his signature mustache. And on his flank was one of them ticket punchers punching a ticket. How fitting.

Twilight pulled out the tickets from her bags and gave them to Tom Hanks which he took except for one and used his magic to pull out a ticket puncher and started punching the ticket. When he was done he handed it to me and winked, then walked off to get more tickets.

“Tickets, tickets please!”

I don't think I stopped smiling. I was completely lost for words. I looked to the ticket and read what it said.

BE A LEADER. I'll tell you what, Tom Hanks inspiration is best inspiration.

I heard Applejack chuckle. “Shoot, for you to look like that Mason you must know who that stallion is.”

I nodded and looked to Twilight. “Could you hold on to this for me Twilight.”

Twilight smiled and nodded. “Sure Mason.” Taking the ticket in her magic she levitated it and put it in her bag.

“So where are we heading to meet the princess?” I asked curiously as I got situated in my own seat.

“We are heading to Canterlot which is the capital city of Equestria. There we will head to the castle to meet them.” Twilight said as she took a book out of her bags and began to read it.

“Cool.” I shifted in my seat and stared out the window watching the trees roll by waiting for the approach to Canterlot.


The train ride was pleasant. I talked to some of the girls and got to know them better. I even found out that Twilight lived in Canterlot. Me and Pinkie though had our usually conversations and we even had a staring contest that Pinkie won. I don't know how that mare does it but she is an unblinking champion.

After an hour long train ride we came up to Canterlot and departed the train. When I exited the doors, I silently gasped at the site. The city was big, bigger than most of the buildings in Ponyville and definantly a lot finer looking.

“Wow this place sure is big.” I said with amazement.

“It sure is Mason, you should see what it looks like at night.” Twilight said.

We made our way through the city, passing by some ponies who had their noses held up high. I'm pretty sure when some looked to the girls they scoffed. I looked to Pinkie who I was next to and nudged her.

“Hey Pinkie what's with these ponies here?”

Pinkie looked over to me. “Well Mason, unlike the ponies at Ponyville, these ponies are a bit to high up there alley.” I tilted my head.


“She means that these ruffians can be quite uptight.” Rarity said.


“They mean to say they're snobs Mason.” Dash explained with some annoyance as she eyed the passing ponies.

“Oh.” That kinda makes me wonder how Twilight survived these ponies.

After much more walking we came to a gate being guarded by two guard ponies in golden armor but I wasn't interested in that. I was interested in the humongous castle that was behind. We came up to the guards who bowed towards Twilight.

“Princess Twilight, the princess is waiting for you.”

Twilight nodded back. “thank you.”

We walked into the castle and my jaw dropped to the floor. The castle was awesome. Whoever made the inside of it must have been paid a lot because it was very well decorated with architecture and stuff. The girls walked down a hallway towards some large doors. As we did we passed some windows that showed the girls shooting light at some bad looking guys.

Twilight was about to open the doors until she started floating in the air.

“Twi what are yo- AH!” Applejack was cut off by surprise when she started floating. All of us started floating. I looked over to Dash to see her trying to fly but to no avail.

“Ugh, I can't fly in this. It's like there's no air or something.” Dash grunted with annoyance.

I pondered this for a moment. No air, and floating hallways. I started to smile.

“Cool we’re in zero gravity.” I said excitedly. It was then that I heard a strange chuckle in the air which made the mares in the room groan.

“Discord put us down!” screamed Rainbow Dash.

“This is no way to treat a lady!” shrieked Rarity as she tried to fix her mane.

“Wheeeeeeeeee!” Pinkie said with happiness. Typical Pinkie.

“Discord please, we have to meet the princesses, they said it was very important!” Twilight shouted with urgency.

“Oh alright,” said a figure that came out of the wall paintings, literally, “if you guys insist.” He snapped his fingers and all the mares tumbled to the ground in a heap of limbs, except for Fluttershy who was levitate down gently and I was caught by the strange figure.

“Oh and who might this young chap be?” said the figure. As I got a better look at him I noticed he was a combination of many animals. He had a head for a pony with an antler and horn. He had a lion's paw and a griffins talon for hands, a dragon foot and a horse's leg for legs. He also had a dragon tail and two different wings, one was a pegasus wing and the other was a bat wing. Don't know what the middle of his body was, probably that of a griffin perhaps.

“Uh, Mason.” I replied after I was done taking in his appearance.

“Well it is certainly good to see you Mason, I am Discord, the spirit of chaos and disharmony.” Discord greeted with a raised talon.

“Uh, nice to meet you too.” I greeted while shaking his talon.

During our greeting the girls were getting off of the ground with grunts of annoyance.

“Discord! Did you really have to just drop us like that!” shouted and irritated Rainbow Dash.

“My dearest Rainbow Dash, I did not drop you. I just turned off the zero gravity effect and you simply just fell.” Discord said with a paw to his chest.

Dash grunted and mumbled something while rejoining her friends.

Twilight brushed herself off and readjusted her bags then looked at Discord with an annoyed look. “Well shenanigans aside we need to see the princesses with Mason.”

Discord gasped with wide eyes, they actually became so wide they popped out and scurried away. “Oh do tell what the princesses could want with such a young colt?” After he said that, new eyes popped up in the empty sockets.

“I don't know but we will find out if you put him down and let us see them.” Twilight finished by gesturing a hoof to the large doors. Discord raised his eyebrows with a smile.

“Are sure you want me to do that Twilight?”

“Yes.” Twilight said with annoyance. Discord raised his eyebrows even higher.

“Are you really sure?”

Yes I'm really sure.” Twilight said now looking very annoyed as her wings twitched by her side. Discord raised his eyebrows to the point they popped off and fluttered towards me. When they were close they attached to my snout and turned into a full grown mustache. I giggled and looked to discord who had a full beard going on which made me laugh.

“Are you really, really, rea-”

“YES I’M REALLY SURE I WANT TO TAKE MASON TO SEE THE PRINCESSES!” Twilight fumed who now had steam coming from her ears.

Discord looked to the ceiling while stroking his beard. “Hm, well I want to get to know the colt before I do that, do if you'll excuse me.” Discord then raised his talon and snapped them before Twilight could argue.

I saw Twilight tried to say something but instead of words, only silence reached my ears. Twilight blinked in shock and tried to say something else but ending in the same result. I saw the mare snort as her eye twichted and the watched with slight amusement as she silently stopped on her hooves in anger. The others watched with concern as they tried to talk but were met with the same result so gave up.

Meanwhile, Discord looked to me with a raised eyebrow. "Is this what dear Princess Twilight has been acting while you were hear?"

Shaking my head I continued to watching the fuming princess rage. "Well no not exclactly. Although you weren't there to do this type of stuff."

Discord nodded as he watched with mirth at the princess. He turned his attention back to me and put a talon on his hip. "So Mason was it? What do you like to do for fun?"

I shrugged and anserwed nonchalantly. "Not much, just anything that strikes my fancy."

The chaos being nodded before bring his talon to the large beard he had. "How about pranking, you like to do those?"

I nodded my head slightly. "A little, but I've never done them that much."

I could see a smile form on his face as he picked at the beard and leaned closer to me and spoke in a hush tone. "Not even with your human friends on earth?"

I froze as those words struck me and stared at him in shock. The draconequus looked at me with a smug grin as I tried to form words. Eventually I found found voice again.

" did-"

"I know?" he interrupted with a chuckle as he took my mustache and ate it like it was chocolate, "because I'm the spirit of chaos of course!" He said with a waved talon as lights and confetti erupted behind him.

"To prove my point, I know exactly when this one human is about to begin writing this new story he has." Discord than grabbed the air infront of the girls and pulled it revealing a human taking a shower. Said human looked to us and began freaking out which discord immidiatley shut it back to its actual position. As he did I could see the girls looking at us with confusion. He chuckled in embarrassment.

"My, my," he said as he looked at a watch that made no sense, "is it that time already?"

Shaking myself at my stuper, I looked to the girls to see their reactions. All of them still had confusion on their faces as they stared silently while Twilight was huffing air through her nose telling me she was really peeved. I looked to Discord and put my hooves around my mouth to whisper to him.

"Did they see any of that?"

Shaking his head he snapped his talons and I could now here noise from the girls again. "Do not worry that was a one sided thing, so no they don't know."

Nodding I looked to Twilight whose mane was disheveled along with one of her eyes twitching. Oh yeah, she was peeved.

"Discord," she said through clenched teeth as her ears and wings twitched, "can you pleeeeaaase put Mason down so we can see the princesses?"

Discord looked with mirth as he clearly wanted to mess with the princess some more but was stopped by a quiet yet stern voice.


Looking over to the owner who happened to be Fluttershy, Discord immediately became calm. “Yes my dear Fluttershy?”

“Could you please let us take Mason to see the princesses? They said it was very important and I'd hate to keep them waiting.” Fluttershy said.

Discord looked to the ceiling for a while, then nodded his head. “Alright Fluttershy, only because you asked nicely.” With that, Discord sat me down next to the girls. I heard Twilight try to say something but couldn't find words to say.

“Bu- I- you- but- uuugh!” Twilight groaned dragging a hoof down her face as her wings twitched more. I think she could use a hug.

“Well as fun as this has been I'm going to take my leave now, ta-ta.” Discord waved and disappeared with a snap of his talons.

I heard a series of sighs from the girls.

“Mah stars, ah don't think ah’m ever going ta’ get used ta’ that feller.” Applejack said.

“I couldn't agree with you more,” Twilight said as her eye twitched again. I could tell that she was trying her hardest to calm her nerves but wasn't being quite successful. Feeling sympathy for the princess I can up to her and gave her a nice hug. The princess stopped what she was doing and looked to me which I only smiled warmly to her. She sighed as she took deep breathes and returned the smile and hug.

"Thank you Mason I really needed that, now, let's not waste any more time."

Twilight ended the hug and moved to the large doors and opened them. When she opened the doors we were greeted by a large room that had a red carpet and more windows with pictures and at the end were two thrones that were both being occupied by two figures.

Me and the girls walked closer to the two figures and I took the time to take in their features. They seemed big, at least bigger than any other pony I've seen.

The first one who sat on the main throne seemed to be the tallest. She had fur that was white as snow and had a multicolored mane and tail that flowed even though there was no wind. Not only that but she had a very large horn along with wings. She wore a golden crown that had a purple ruby in the middle along with a golden necklace that had the same ruby in the middle along with golden shoes. My deduction is that this is Princess Celestia. It was hard to tell but her Cutie Mark looked to be like the sun.

The second one standing next to the throne seemed smaller than Celestia. She had dark blue fur with a mane and tail that looked like the night sky itself which was really cool, it also flowed without wind like Celestia’s. She too had a large horn and wings. She wore a black crown with a black necklace that had a crescent moon on it along with silver shoes. I'm gonna say that's Princess Luna. Her Cutie Mark looked like a crescent moon.

Twilight approached Celestia and nuzzled her which she gratefully returned while the girls bowed to the princesses which I did as well. When the princess was done nuzzling Twilight she spoke.

“It is so good to see you Twilight and as well for you elements,” Celestia said in a motherly tone, “please rise, there is no need to be formal.”

“Sorry princess force of habit.” Pinkie chirped.

Celestia nodded and spoke again while Twilight rejoined us. “It is quite alright. Now I believe you are all wondering why we have called you here so quickly?”

“Yeah, we've been wondering what you needed us for, especially why you asked for Mason.” Dash asked a bit perplexed and much calmer than With Discord.

“Yes we will explain it all to you but first I would like to meet him.” Celestia said while coming to the base of the throne.

“Well he's right.” Pinkie said while pushing my unmoving self towards the princess. I craned my neck to look up at her and see she had a motherly smile on.

“It is good to finally meet you Mason, I am Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria and mover of the sun and this is my sister Princess Luna co-ruler and mover of the moon.” Luna bowed her head in greeting.

“It is good to meet you young Mason.” she said.

I stared astonishingly at the princesses, mainly Luna and her awesome mane, like really, where can I get on of those. It took me a while to find out they greeted themselves so I shook out of my stupor and cleared my throat and thought of the first thing that came to mind.

“You're very tall.”

Flipping grand.

The princesses chuckled as the girls behind me giggled. I blushed a bit in embarrassment. “You must be surprised to see us for the first time hm.” asked Celestia.

I nodded slowly with that still astonished look on my face. “Yeah, to be completely honest I kind of imagined you guys….smaller.”

Luna blinked at me, then looked to her sister. “Tis a first time I've heard that one.”

Celestia nodded. “Indeed,” Celestia along with Luna started heading for another door, “come my little ponies, we will explain why we have called you here.”

The girls and I complied and followed the princesses, all of us hoping to find out why we were called here to the castle. Especially me.

(Somewhere at an Unknown Location)

A lone hooded pony walked through a dark part of the large Everfree Forest. But this area was not like any other part of the deadly forest. This part of the forest spoke true evil, not even the toughest creatures walked these lands, but this single pony did not care about the evil air. As a matter of fact, this pony loved the feeling of it. It made them feel powerful.

The pony walked some more through the dark foliage of the trees and bushes until she soon came to a large wall of rock. They walked up to the rock and placed their hoof on it and in a split second the rock reacted to the figure hoof and crumbled away.

In front of the figure there revealed a large entrance to a cave. The pony entered the cave and walked down the dark hallways while the entrance closed.

The figure now knowing they were alone took off their hood revealing a mare who smiled darkly. She walked down the hallway of rooms that were built for torture and prisoners and even ones that practiced dark magic.

After passing many rooms the figure came to a door and opened it. The door opened to a large room that was made entirely out of enchanted stone, what its purpose was she didn't know, but she didn't really care. At the end of the room sat a throne, a large throne, and behind it on a wall were glowing cutie marks and symbols and under each one was a space that had glass balls that glowed with different colors.

The mare came to the throne and bowed. “My master, I come with great news.”

At those words a terrifying howl sounded and dirt flew to the throne. The dirt started to create hooves and then a body, along with the a body a head, mane, and tail appeared. When it was finished, the now occupied throne had a stallion who looked to the mare with a neutral expression.

“And what news do you bring me my disciple.” the stallion spoke with a dark, ragged tone. Think of Megatrons voice when you hear this stallion. Yeah, he sounds like that.

“I have found the last one.” the mare said with a smile.

The stallion’s expression then became shocked, but only for a second for it was replaced with a toothy smile. He chuckled. “Well it's about time, you know what to do.”

The mare nodded. “I do my master but,” she looked up to the stallion to see his smile was faltering, “there is going to be a problem.”

His smile now fully gone, was now a frown. “Just what kind of problem do you speak of.” he growled.

She now had a frown herself. “He is a pony without a cutie mark and though I can detect his magic, it is very faint. I believe that he has not unlocked his elements to the point it can be used at will.”

He now had a thoughtful expression and brought a hoof to his chin. “This is a problem. Alright I want you to watch him and wait. When the time is right I want you to take him and bring his magic to me.”

She pondered this for a moment and looked to her master. “But what about-”

“His cutie mark? That we will have to wait for now, for the process will never work properly since he is a pony. As for his magic I want you to wait until he can unlock it himself, but only if it doesn't take to long.”

“And if it does.” she asked.

The stallion smiled to the mare. “Then force it.”

She nodded and walked to the door. When she had left the room the stallion looked to the wall at one vacant spot that had a blank glass ball and no cutie mark. The stallion chuckled evilly.

“My time of power, will come.”

Chapter 6: The Dread Of A Colt

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(Mason’s Pov)

I was trotting next to Pinkie and the rest of the girls with the princesses leading us through a particular hallway that had guards stationed here and there who stood to complete attention when the princesses came by. As we continued to walk, I was taking my sweet time to take in all the sites f this place. I mean it's not everyday you get to see a castle that's not reduced to old stone or rubble. Heck I haven't even seen a place that had castle ruins, so bonus for me I guess.

As we continued to trot Princess Celestia spoke up, pulling me from my sightseeing. "So what did you think of Canterlot Mason?” she asked without looking back at me.

“I think it's really big place and it has a lot of cool places to see, especially this donut place I saw.” I replied with a smile.

I saw Celestia nod her head with a smile. “And what about the castle?”

“It's big too.” I heard the girls including the princesses giggle at that which made my cheeks turn red.

“Yes, the castle is quite large.” Luna said with her own giggles.

“Well on the base of questions, why exactly are we here Celestia?” asked Twilight with curiosity.

Celestia looked to Twilight with what looked like concern on her face. “I'll explain that later, but first we need to show you something that me and Luna have known for a very long time.”

When Celestia said that she stopped at a plain white wall. She and Luna looked to each other, nodded and lit up their horns. Nothing happened for some time leaving me and the girls confused as to what was supposed to happen. Twilight was about to ask Celestia what she was doing until a loud bang and the sound of moving stone reached our ears. Everyone looked to the wall and watched in awe as the stone revealed a secret passage that was lit with torches.

The princesses went into the passage with the rest of us following with some hesitation. When we all entered the passage behind us closed. The trot down the stairs was long, it was a bit dark and felt somewhat cold to. It was really dusty as well.

We soon reached the end of the stairs and came to a large wooden double door with a strange symbol in the middle of it. Celestia walked up to it and lit up her horn and tapped the symbol. A click sound came and the symbol split open allowing the double doors to open leading into a dark room. We all filed into the room which resulted in the doors closing behind us and causing the room to light up showing many stone slabs on the walls that showed images of a few ponies, a griffon, a dragon and other creatures, each having a symbol or Cutie Mark under them.

Twilight looked at the slabs confusingly but also curiously and looked to the princesses. “Celestia, what are these slabs for?”

Celestia closed her eyes and sighed then opened them. “These slabs Twilight, are slabs that were made by a pony that me and Luna knew when we were just fillies. The pony was given the nickname Elder Time, due to her ability to see the future in her dreams and because of her age.”

“She was quite the aged pony, she told a lot of good stories to.” Luna added.

Celestia nodded with a smile and continued the story. “Now the reason these slabs are here is because of Elder Time herself. Her ability to see the future allowed her to sometimes see visions in her dreams of a certain part of time, no matter how far in the future they were, thus came these slabs.”

“At first we didn't know what these slabs meant, but since most of the things she predicted came true, these slabs must have been equally important.” Luna said.

“So what does this have to do with Mason?” Dash asked with a raised eyebrow.

Celestia looked to Dash, then looked to Twilight. “Twilight you mentioned that Mason had performed some type of elemental magic.”

Twilight nodded. “Yes, he was able to perform the elements of fire and lightning.”

Celestia nodded and went to one of the slabs that had a griffon and her horn glowed. The slab opened revealing a scroll inside. Celestia took the scroll and gave it to Twilight.

Twilight looked a bit confused by this but nonetheless took the scroll from Celestia's magic with her own and read it to herself. When she was finished she had a look of surprise on her face and looked to the rest of us.

“This griffon….it says he could perform elemental magic as well!” Twilight said looking back down at the scroll.

The rest of the girls had a look of shock on their faces, except the princesses.

“Ya mean to say that there griffon could perform elemental magic like Mason?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, but the only difference is that this griffon could perform elemental magic of wind while Mason can do fire and lightning. Which actually brings me to another question.” Twilight looked up from the scroll to Celestia.

“Are there any others who could do more than one element?”

Celestia shook her head. “No, Mason is the only one who can do two.” Celestia along with her sister grew somber expressions. “Which also means he is the last one to receive this type of magic.”

Twilight had a look of concern by how Celestia said this with a somber expression. “What do you mean ‘he is the last one’?”

Celestia sighed and walked to one of the slabs nearest to the door and gestured a hoof to it. “The minotaur on this slab was the first creature Elder Time predicted to receive elemental magic,” Celestia then pointed to the end of the room where the was a slab of a dragon and a pony, “the dragon at the end there was the second to last one to show up while Mason is the last one.”

The girls were deep in thought after hearing this, I however was shocked to hear this. I mean I'm not the only one who could do this elemental magic. I was brought out of my shock by Twilight's voice.

“So Elder Time predicted that they would appear with these abilities in some point in time. Does that mean that she predicted Mason?”

Celestia said nothing for a while. Instead she walked to the other end of the room and arrived at the two slabs of the dragon and pony, then she spoke. “In a way yes. Although Elder Time could not predict their names or what part of the planet they would come from, she could predict what creature they would be and what the ability they possessed was. This also included a symbol or a Cutie Mark for that creature that represented their ability.”

Celestia lit her horn and the pony slab opened revealing a scroll and levitated it to Twilight. Twilight rolled the other scroll up and unrolled the one levitated to her and read it. “This one is most definitely Mason’s….fire and elemental magic….” Twilight’s expression went from curious to complete and utter shock. Twilight looked up to the rest of us with that still shocked expression.

“Are you alright darling?” Rarity asked with concern for friend.

“She predicted Mason is from another world.” Twilight said almost in a whisper but still loud enough to hear.

Everyone except me, Pinkie, and strangely the princesses looked at her with confused expressions.

“Um, what do you mean by that sugarcuber?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

Twilight looked to her friends with that still shocked look. “Well I didn't tell you all because I thought you wouldn't believe me, but Mason isn't from this world.”

That earned glances of disbelief from her friends and a fit of laughter from Rainbow Dash.

“BWAHAHAHA! Oh man, that's funny Twilight. I mean the whole elemental magic thing was a bit skeptical and even after this it still is to me, but that is just ridiculous! AAHAHA-”

“I can tell you right now Rainbow Dash that Twilight is not lying.” came Luna’s voice.

The girls including Twilight looked to the princess with shocked expressions, except for Dash who laughed some more.

“Ahaha! Ok, I find that hard to believe because I mean he's a pony, the other stuff I'll take your word for but this is just too much ehehe….” Dash’s laughter began to die down as she continued to stare at the unchanging face of Luna. She stopped completely and was beginning to have shock of disbelief herself.

“You're not joking are you?”

“Although I could joke about some things Miss Dash, for this particular subject, I don't find a single part of it a joke.” Luna said with a serious tone as her face became stern.

Rainbow Dash's ears fell as her face became just as shocked as the others.

“So you're saying that uhm….Mason is from a different….world?” Fluttershy spoke timidly.

Luna nodded. “That is exactly what I'm saying.”

“But how do you know that?!” Twilight have shouted, “I thought only me and Pinkie knew about Mason being from a different world!”

Celestia looked to Twilight and took the scrolls in her magic and levitated them back in there places. She then made the slab with the dragon open and levitated a scroll out of it. “That is because Mason was not the first.”

She then handed the scroll to Twilight who immediately unraveled it and read. As she did, Celestia spoke again. “When we first read this scroll we did not really believe it. But later on a dragon was said to have randomly appeared in a part of equestria and said things that ponies thought was nonsense. When we went to meet him, we still had our doubts, but those changed when we later got to know him.”

Twilight looked up from the scroll and looked to Celestia with a bit of curiosity. “Was he from the same world as Mason?”

Celestia looked to the ground in thought, then looked to me. “Mason what world did you come from?”

I was still in my shocked state but I answered nonetheless. “Earth, I c-came from a p-planet called Earth.” I stuttered.

Celestia sighed, then looked to Twilight and nodded. “That is exactly what the dragon would say when we always asked him, so yes, they are from the same world.”

For some reason the room got a strange feeling to it. Some of the girls had distant looks and the other girls, including Dash, had looks of some disbelief. I then spoke up.

“Why am I here exactly?”

The princesses looked at me with sad looks which made me feel uneasy.

“Sadly I do not know, all we know is that a type of creature in Equestria with the ability of elemental magic along with a strange symbol or cutie mark representing it would be spotted like these ones,” Luna said gesturing to the other slabs, “or would appear like you and the dragon did.” she finished gesturing to mine and the dragon’s slab.

I pondered this and looked to my flank seeing no Cutie Mark. “How come I don't have a cutie mark then?” I asked looking back to the princesses.

Celestia shook her head. “We do not know. It never said it in the scroll, nor does it show on the slab of stone, but we do know you will someday receive it just like the dragon did, because just like you, when he came into this world he too did not have a symbol representing his elemental abilities, but later on he earned it like a Cutie Mark. We came to the conclusion that this is because of you being from a different world.”

I nodded at this but still had a lot of questions running a million miles per hour in my head but one came to a screeching halt. I looked to the princesses with some feeling of little hope for a right answer to it. I mean I love this world but Earth is still my home.

“Since you guys know about my world, can you find a way to send me back?”

The princess were silent. They were silent for more than what I would like them to be which made me feel more uneasy. After a while they looked to me with sad expressions as their ears fell. I felt my heart fall for I had a felling of what was coming.

“I'm sorry Mason, but when the dragon asked us if we could perform that type of spell we did search for one. We found many spells and tried everything we could. After every spell we tried, we felt as if it was being denied and whatever brought him here would not let us send him back. So we're sorry to say this Mason, but we cannot send you back to your home.”

My eyes widened and my heart shattered. I felt tears coming to my eyes as I took in the news hard. Like I said, I love this place and I do have friends here but it's not home. Earth is my home where my species are and I still have life-long friends there and I still have family there as well. I fear a lot of things but if it's one thing I fear more than others is being alone and knowing I can't return to my home and my family, it makes me feel alone. I'm all alone.

“I'm all a-alone….” First I loose my parents and now I loose my planet entirely. I couldn't take it anymore and I burst into loud sobs and cover my face with my hooves. I'm all alone. No friends I actually knew for most of my life, but the worst of all is knowing I have no family here.

I think the princesses might have said something but I wasn't paying attention, I just kept crying. I had no one to call family, no one. I'm all alone in this wor-

I felt a warm body hold me close and tight. I didn't know who it was but I didn't care. I immediately held on to the warm body as tight as I could and cried into it. I soon heard a voice come to my ears sounding comforting and soothing. After awhile I knew who it was.

Pinkie Pie.

“Shh….it's okay buddy, it's okay, shh….I'm here for you.” Pinkie cooed. She kept comforting me until I calmed down to only small hiccups.

“I'm a-all a-alone.” I said with tears still streaming down my face.

“No you're not alone buddy, you still have me and the girls.” Pinkie said softly trying to cheer me up.

“But I h-have no o-one t-to call family here.” I said with a silent sob.

Pinkie hugged me tighter and gently rubbed my back. “Well I know you might not have any family here Mason, but if you want you can consider me family. I know it's not the real thing but I don't really care. Heck if you really want, you can call me Auntie Pinkie Pie if you want.” she said reassuringly.

I sniffled and rubbed my eyes. “R-really?”

“Yes really, I may not be your real family but no matter what I'll be here for you and so will the girls.” Pinkie said.

“Yes darling,” came Rarity’s voice who was sniffling herself, “if you ever need someone for comfort you can come to any of us, we are your friends after all. To actually be honest I wouldn't really mind if you considered us family.”

“Neither would ah sugarcube.” Applejack said reassuringly.

“Me neither.” came Dash’s voice.

I looked out from Pinkie’s body to see the girls looking at me with saddened eyes some shedding a few tears themselves but with smiles nonetheless. I felt Pinkie’s hoof wipe a few stray tears on my cheek and I looked up to her seeing her with a flat mane and saddened eyes as well but a smile on her face to.

“You can always count on me to be there if you ever need me buddy, the girls to.” Pinkie said.

I smiled and hugged Pinkie tighter and quietly replied. “Thank you.”

After that I heard Celestia speak up. “Well I think that will be enough for today, um Luna,” Luna looked to her sister, “could you take Mason up to the kitchen and maybe give him something to eat, I would like to speak to Twilight and her friends privately.”

Luna nodded and came up to me and Pinkie. “Shall we go Mason?”

I looked to Pinkie for confirmation and she nodded. “You go on ahead, I'll be up there in a bit.” I nodded and came up to Luna who surprised me by gently picking me up with her magic and set me on her back.

“Come along now Mason we shall go use the heated machine that makes bread become quite enjoyable to eat.” Luna said while heading towards the stairs.

I blinked at the princess. “Don't you mean a toaster?”

“I do not know of such a device but I will name it that for now.” she said which made me give a, if only a little giggle. I was still down from the news I had just received. I at least took some comfort. I wouldn't be alone.

(Celestia’s Pov)

Celestia watched as her sister left the room with Mason in tow. When she was sure they had left she looked to the others with urgency on her face which made them feel concerned since she showed such a change in her mood.

“Now, what I’m about to tell you all must stay with us. I didn't want to say this for I didn't want to make Mason paranoid and it is important that you take this matter very seriously.”

Hearing the urgency and concern in Celestia’s voice made the girls mood become very serious and they all nodded waiting for the princess to continue. Celestia took a breath.

“Now I don't know how it was possible or who did it but a long time ago when the minotaur came to Equestria showing his elements, somepony found out how to steal their element for their own use and no doubt if they find out about Mason they will try and do the same.”

The mares looked to each other with worry and looked to Celestia. “What exactly makes this so concerning?” Twilight asked.

Celestia sighed. “When the elements were stolen from the creature that possessed it, it was like it was forcefully and painfully ripped from their very soul and killed them in the process.”

The mares had wide eyes and now had looks of even more worry and even fear for Mason. “So the rest of them had their elements stolen and died from it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Celestia nodded but showed a looked of relief. “But luckily we don't have to worry about that for now, sadly when the element of the dragon was stolen from him, it only happened when he received his symbol.”

The girls sighed with relief at this. “So Mason is safe until he gets his Cutie Mark?” Pinkie asked wanting to be sure for the colt's safety.

Celestia nodded with a smile but then put on a serious face again. “But on the fact of Mason, I'd advise that you all keep a very close and watchful eye on him, for this particular group doesn't mess around. I'd think it be better if he stays with one of you for the time being so you can keep an eye on him.”

Pinkie immediately rose her hoof up with her mane poofing up to its natural state. “I would be happy to do that!”

Rainbow Dash looked to Pinkie with a raised eyebrow. “Are you sure you can do that Pinkie? Especially with the cakes having the twins and everything?”

Pinkie looked to her friend with a smile. “I'm sure I can convince them to let him stay and I'm sure he won't be any trouble.”

“Well just in case I'd think he should live with Twilight if it can't work out.” Celestia suggested which made Twilight go wide eyed.

“Wait! Me?! Why do you want him to stay with me, I mean I'm not saying no and I'm sure he won't be any trouble but why me?” Twilight said with surprise.

“Well the first reason is that you can always reach me the fastest if something bad were to happen and the second is you can help him control his elemental abilities so he can protect himself or give himself time to come to one of you if he were in trouble.” Celestia stated.

Twilight looked to the side in thought but eventually looked to Celestia with determination. “I will be happy to do it. I won't let you down Celestia.” When she said this Pinkie grew a sad look which didn't go unnoticed by Dash.

“Oh don't worry Pinkie,” she said reassuringly while patting her back, “Celestia said 'just in case he can't stay with you he'll stay with Twilight', so you still have a chance.”

Celestia nodded with a smile. “Yes if he can't stay with you Pinkie then he'll stay with Twilight but if he can stay with you I at least want him to go to Twilight so she can teach him about his elemental abilities and Twilight, I'll send you some scrolls on how to teach him.”

Pinkie, now feeling much better, nodded along with Twilight to the princess.

Celestia smiled. “I thank you for listening, I hope you take extra caution to keep Mason safe.”

Rainbow Dash started hovering in the air with a confident smirk. “Don't worry Celestia, you can count on us to keep him safe. Heck if they so much as come near him, I'll kick their sorry flanks.” Dash emphasized this by throwing some air punches.

Celestia nodded and headed towards the stairs. “Well now that that's out of the way let us go and retrieve him and we can send you all back to Ponyville.” The girls nodded and followed the sun princess out of the room.


Celestia and the elements continued through the castle looking for the kitchen to find Luna and Mason. Eventually they located it but the sounds they heard coming from the kitchen put them a bit on edge.


No doubt that was Mason but what shocked them more was when they heard Luna shout.


After that there was a bang that came from the doors to the kitchen which made the groups have looks of worry. Something was going on down in there. Celestia used her magic to open the doors to the kitchen and entered the kitchen followed by the rest of the girls.

“Sister what are you-”. Celestia stopped when she saw a shocking yet hilarious scene from her sister and the colt.

In one part of the kitchen, which looked like a war zone, was Luna, who was behind a table that had been flipped on its side. She was wearing some type of camouflaged looking attire with her mane in a ponytail firing large ketchup bottles like cannons at magical flying toasters that fired back. Celestia shook her head, seeing her sister tried to cast a spell on the toasters again.

But what surprised her more which also made her giggle was Mason, who was wearing the same attire which looked a bit too big for him and had a pot on his head that went over his eyes along with a funny look on his face, grabbed a large bottle of kethup and aimed them at the toasters.


“AND ME!” added Luna.

“And us.” Celestia calmly said. The duo looked to the group waiting at the doors, who were trying to suppress their giggles, with wide eyes. Luna immediately lit her horn and un-casted the spell on the toasters and returned the kitchen to its natural look but left the attire on herself and Mason, which they both tried to look as natural as possible.

Mason lifted the pot on his head and smiled sheepishly at the group. “Eh-heh, hey guys, what brings you here?”

“Oh just coming by and checking on you two and may I ask what exactly were you two doing.” Celestia said with a smile and raised eyebrow.

Luna chuckled sheepishly and rubbed her neck with a hoof. “Funny you should ask dear sister because we were about to explain.”

(A Few Moments Ago, Luna’s Pov)

Luna trotted through the castle hallways towards the kitchen to give the young colt a snack. Surprisingly Mason hadn't said a single word the entire time she had him, though Luna could tell he was a highly spirited colt with much energy, she knew that the news told to him probably sucked the energy out of him like a black hole.

Luna looked back to see the colt was looking down with a distant look on his face. Luna frowned at this. ‘I remember when I felt like that when I was banished, but he is so much younger and my banishment wasn't permanent while this is, he must be so heartbroken.’ the moon princess thought. Wanting to at least know he was okay the princess decided to strike conversation.

“Mason, are you alright?” Luna said and cringed while mentally slapping herself. 'Great, ask him if he's alright after hearing that kind of news Luna.'

He looked up to her with a look that broke her heart. “Hm?” he said.

“I asked if you are feeling alright?” Mason looked back to the ground.

“I guess so.” He said grimly.

Luna’s frown deepened. ‘Why did it have to be such a young colt. I don't like the fact, no, I hate the fact that this magic has taken him from his own world and won't allow him to return. It angers me so much that such a young colt is stuck in a world with no family and a place he has never been able to call home,’ Luna then put on a face of determination, ‘well even if this isn't his home I'll make sure to make his time here happy as ever even if it's the last thing I do.’

Luna then reached the kitchen and opened the doors and saw some chef ponies at their stations. When she entered the ponies saw their princess and bowed to her.

“You may rise and also take your leave, I will handle the kitchen for now.” Luna commanded. The ponies nodded to their princess and left the kitchen. When everypony was gone, Luna closed the doors and went to one of the tables and set Mason on it with her magic.

She then went to one of the walls and retrieved one of the machines that was called a toaster and brought it to the table Mason was on.

“Would you like some toast Mason?” Luna asked softly. He shrugged which made Luna frown.

Luna took some bread out with her magic and put it in the toaster and tried to figure out how to operate it, eventually she found the thingy that made it toast the bread and put it down.

Only for it to come back up. She tried again.

It would not stay down. Luna growled as she repeatedly pushed the toast down but was met with the same result. The lunar princess snorted in agitation and threw her hooves in the air.

“Why will this bread not stay down and toast?!” She shouted.

Mason looked up and examined the toaster and had a look of realization on his face. “Oh I know this type of toaster, you just gotta push it down in a special type of way.” He grabbed the toaster and pushed the thingy down and held it there. Eventually a clock sounded and he let go of it. It didn't come back up and started to toast.

Luna was a bit surprised by this.

“How did you do that?” Luna asked with bewilderment.

Mason shrugged. “It's not that hard, you just gotta push the thingy down and hold it there till it clicks, I know this because we had a similar one at my parents house.”

Luna nodded clearly liking this new information. She then put a hoof close to the pushy thingy. “So I just gotta hold it do-” Luna didn't finish since she was cut off by Mason.

“NO DON’T TOUCH- OUCH!” Mason was cut off when his hoof got too close to the metal and thus burnt his hoof. Luna watched as he blew on his hoof and started to get moist eyes.

Luna's eyes narrowed at the contraption. ‘This vile machine dares burn my friend’s hoof! I WILL NOT LET THIS SLIDE!’ Luna then grabbed Mason and cradled him like a mother protecting her child and flared her wings.

“YOU DARE HURT MY FRIEND YOU VILE MACHINE, TASTE THY WRATH!” She shouted with her canterlot voice and shot a magical beam at the toaster. But little did Luna know that this spell did not fare well with these type of toasters. When it was hit, it vibrated violently and spread the magic to the other toasters. When that happened they started to float and pointed their slots at Luna.

Luna’s eyes widened. “Oh buck.”

The toasters magically fired burning toast at Luna who took cover behind a table by flipping it on its side. She then peeked from behind the table with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth.

“So you dare fight the Princess of the Night! Well if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!” Luna lit her horn and put on camouflaged attire and put her mane in a ponytail. She then turned to Mason and put him in the same attire, of course it was a bit big on him but that didn't stop her from d’awwing at it, and also put a pot on his head that went over his eyes.

Mason lifted the pot above his head and looked confusingly at Luna. “What are we doing?”

“We are going to fight these toasters and claim our revenge upon them.” Luna stated.

Mason looked to the toasters that were reloading their ammo and then back to Luna. “Can't we just smash them?”

Luna raised an eyebrow and smirked playfully. “But where's the fun in that?”

Mason shrugged. “There is none.”

His eyes widen in realization. “There is none.”

Luna smiled. “Exactly, now quickly, go get us some ammunition so we can strike back!”

Mason gave a firm salute. “Yes ma’am.” Which also resulted in the pot coming back over his head which made Luna giggle. Mason ran off to some part of the kitchen to grab ammunition while Luna stared at the toasters to come up with a plan.

As quickly as he went, Mason returned with some ketchup bottles. Luna raised an eyebrow which Mason shrugged to.

“Hey it was the closest thing to us.” Luna grabbed a few bottles with her magic and took aim.

“It will have to do.” and opened fire upon the toasters. Mason grabbed his own bottles and started firing to. Thanks to Luna's magic he was able to make it look like a machine gun. He also started doing weird noises during it.

“Augh, augh, augh, you have been targeted for termination augh!” Luna laughed at the colt's antics which he too laughed. Luna was also starting to smile brightly, knowing she was cheering up the colt.

This went on for a while and Mason soon left for more ammunition. When he came back he brought bigger ketchup bottles which proceeded to use as cannons. The fire radius of the ketchup canons was so large he also hit pots and pans which clanked to the floor.


Which Luna took no time in firing some of hers.

“LAUNCH THE CANONS!” With her magic, her ketchup fired with a loud bang sending humongous amounts of ketchup at the toasters which also brought down one of them. The other toasters seeing their fallen comrade decided to advance on the enemy while firing a ton of toast at them. Luna and Mason noticing their advance readied their bottles for the final battle. Luna looked to see Mason had a funny look on his face which made her giggle.



“And us.”

(Mason’s Pov)

“And that's basically what we've been doing.” I finished while taking the pot off my head. The girls shook their heads while giggling. I smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry about that just got caught in the moment you know.”

“It's quite alright Mason,” Celestia said with her own giggle, “I'm sure my sister gave you a good time, but sadly it is time for you to depart.”

I gave a disappointed aw at that which made Luna chuckle. “Oh don't worry Mason, I am a princess so I can always come to Ponyville to visit you, as long as I don't have any duties though.”

I smiled at that and nodded my head. “Ok!”

“Well as much as I'd like you all to stay a while longer you should be heading out and I must get back to my own duties, so come along, me and Luna well see you out.” Celestia said heading towards the door. We all nodded and followed the sun princess.

After a silent walk through the hallways of the large castle we came to the large doors that lead outside. Celestia saw us head out and bid us goodbye. “I'm happy that you all came on such an important notice, especially you Mason.”

“We were happy to come to help Celestia.” Twilight said while nuzzling her goodbye which Celestia happily returned.

“As did I Twilight, I'm glad I could answer any questions you might of had.” After Celestia said this she lowered to my height.

“And I hope you find it in your heart to call this place home Mason and again I'm sorry I cannot send you back.” she said with much sympathy.

I smiled. “It's okay, I'll at least try to make the best of this place as much as I can.”

She smiled and nuzzled me which made my cheeks flare up a bit. “Good, you take care now Mason.” she said as she ended the nuzzle and raised to her natural height. I nodded with much enthusiasm.

“I will!”

After that I joined the group and we made our treck to the train station to head back to Ponyville. When we made some distance I waved back to the princesses which they returned.

Back at the castle, Celestia and Luna waved goodbye as the elements and Mason left to head back to Ponyville. Celestia smiled.

“He's such a nice colt.” she said.

“Indeed he is sister, I very much like him.” Luna said while heading back into the castle with a bright smile that made Celestia raise and eyebrow.

“You're going to visit him in his dreams aren't you.” Celestia said with a deadpan.

Luna giggled. “Very much so.”


Back at Ponyville, the train from Canterlot arrived and coming off of it were a certain six mares along with a colt who at the moment was riding a pink mare’s back while rubbing his belly and groaning.

“Oh my stomach hurts.” I groaned.

“I told ya Mason, you shouldn't have eaten that last large donut.” Applejack scolded.

“But it was soooo goooood.” I said while having a dreamy face of that delicious donut in front of me. I then looked to Twilight and groaned again.

“Twilight can you get rid of this stomach ache please.” She looked at me and sighed.

“Alright but don't do that again ok.” I nodded and her horn lit. After a few seconds my stomach ache went away and I smile and adjusted myself on Pinkie's back.

“Thank you Twilight.” I said.

“Your welcome.” she said with a smile.

We made our way through Ponyville and soon we stopped by Sugarcube Corner with girls making their own farewells.

“Well I think I'll take my leave darlings, I have quite the orders to fill today, ta-ta.” Rarity said heading to her boutique.

“I need to take off as well and check up on tank and stuff bye.” Dash said taking to the skies.

“And I need to go to the farm and see if any work still needs to be done, bye y'all and take care Mason.” Applejack said walking to her farm.

“Bye Applejack.” I said waving to the farm mare.

“Oh I need to go and check on my animals so I'll see you all tomorrow.” Fluttershy said while walking to her cottage.

Pinkie waved bye to Fluttershy. “See you tomorrow Fluttershy!” After that she headed into Sugarcube Corner, but I remembered that I would go crusading with the crusaders today. So with that I got off of Pinkie's back and was about to gallop to the clubhouse until Pinkie stopped me.

“Hey where you going Mason?” she asked.

“I need to go meet the crusaders because I told them I would go crusading with them.” I said.

“Well if you go there now you'll probably miss a surprise I have for you.” she said with a smile while entering Sugarcube Corner with Twilight. That stopped me as I turned around and entered the place after Pinkie and Twilight. When I entered I saw them waiting for me with smiles on their faces.

“What surprise?” I asked curiously. Pinkie giggled.

“Well I can't tell you that or it would ruin the surprise silly.” she said while booping me on the nose. I scrunched up my nose while crossing my eyes at it.

“But it doesn't hurt anyone to give a hint.” I said booping her nose which she scrunched up her nose and crossed her eyes.

“But that just makes you guess it much easier and you won't be surprised as much as you would have been in the beginning.” she replied with a hoop on my nose.

“But I-” I was cut short as Mrs. Cake entered where we were and greeted us with a tired smile.

“Why hello there Twilight, Pinkie, and Mason, what brings you all here.” When she asked this Pinkie looked at me with a huge smile and walked up to Mrs. Cake.

“Mrs. Cake the princess had put us up to a very important task and one of these tasks was to watch Mason because of some certain gifts of his. So I was wondering if you could allow him to stay with us?” Pinkie asked.

My eyes widened when I heard Pinkie say this and I basically leapt up at her with excitement. “You mean I can stay here with you!” I said hopping around Pinkie with a large smile.

Pinkie smiled. “Well it's all up to Mrs. Cake buddy.” I looked to Mrs Cake who was a bit unsure about this decisions.

“Well I don't know Pinkie, it's hard enough with the twins and all and I'm not sure about making a decision today.” Pinkie smiled to Mrs. Cake with reassurance.

“Don't worry Mrs. Cake, Mason here is very well behaved and I can keep a close eye on him and if it cost you extra to house him I will gladly give you some of my bits to help and he can even help around. Heck he even said he can cook some pastries himself.”

Mrs. Cake still looked a little unsure about it so I decided to help with it. “Please Mrs. Cake, can I please stay.” Mrs. Cake looked down to me and I gave her the biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster. Mrs. Cake looked to me and sighed while averting her gaze in thought. Her gaze went to Pinkie and she sighed again.

“If he doesn't become too much trouble and you keep a good eye on him when he helps in the kitchen then he can stay.”

Pinkie and I beamed Joy as we both hugged the air out of the older mare.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou.” we both said which made her chuckle.

After we stopped hugging her I hugged Pinkie next which took her by surprise and gave her my own thanks.

“Thank you so much for this Pinkie, you've made me very happy.” I said as I squeezed my hug tighter.

Pinkie smiled and hugged me back. “Aw, anything to make you smile Mason.” After that Twilight cleared her throat.

“Well since he'll be staying with you Pinkie I guess I'll take my leave but Mason, you should come to my castle sometime. Celestia wanted me to teach you a bit about your magic and help you learn how to use it.”

Smiling ever brighter, I nodded to Twilight. “I'll be sure to be there Twilight.” Twilight nodded and bid her goodbyes which we returned and she left. Not to long after she left Scootaloo came in and smiled when she saw me.

“Mason you're finally back,” she said walking up to me. When she was close she put my cape around my neck and tied it for me, “now we can finally do some crusading!” she beamed.

I grinned to the filly. “I'm excited to see what we'll do. Oh and guess what, Pinkie is letting me stay here with her at Sugarcube Corner.” Scootaloo looked at me curiously and titled her head at Pinkie.


Pinkie nodded rapidly. “Yup he's going to be staying here with me for awhile.”

Scootaloo smiled and patted me on the back. “Congrats on that Mason.”

“Thanks and sorry I won't be able to be with ya at the orphanage.” I said sheepishly, rubbing the back of my head with a hoof.

Scootaloo waved the air with her own hoof. “Oh it's nothing I can always come here and visit ya plus we can always see each other during our crusades since you're a member, now come on, we're wasting daylight on a bunch of crusades!” she said galloping to the door.

I started to gallop with Scootaloo, but not after I hugged Pinkie Pie. “I'll see ya later Pinkie.”

Pinkie hugged back. “You too buddy and don't stay out too late okay.” she said as I headed after Scootaloo. As I caught up to her I couldn't help but smile to myself, thinking that making this a new home probably won't be so bad, as long as I make the best of it.

Chapter 7: After A Busy Day...

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So….any of you readers catch that game last night? Because I sure didn't….

Well on to the story I guess.

(Mason’s Pov)

It was late, the sun was beginning to set and my legs were tired. I never knew the girls could have so many ideas in their crusading. Of course I should have seen it coming a mile away but I tell ya, I don't know where they get those kind of ideas but I'm surprised none of the ideas have killed them yet.

I continued my path back to Sugarcube Corner, passing by random ponies and what not. I recalled through my brain some of the crusades me and the girls did. I couldn't help but smile at a particular one.

(A Few Hours Earlier)

Me and the girls were trotting through the market of Ponyville looking for some good things to do for our Cutie Marks and so far we haven't found much. We passed by many stands and stuff, selling food and many trinkets. We came up to a stand that was occupied by a earth pony mare cutting up watermelons.

Scootaloo eyed the stand for a while while tilting her head left and right indicating she was deep in though. Her face visibly brightened up to an idea and motioned us over to her. “Guys come over here.”

We all came over with quizzical looks to the pegasus filly, the main one being Apple Bloom.

“What did ya fahnd Scoots? Somethin’ fer our Cutie Marks?” Apple Bloom asked.

Scootaloo nodded with a smile and pointed to the mare, who was still cutting up the melons. “We can probably get our Cutie Marks for being fruit cutters!” she said excitedly.

The other two fillies looked to the mare cutting watermelons thoughtfully and eventually smiled. They looked to their friend and nodded in approval. I on the other hand was getting vibes of Fruit Ninja, but on the other han- I mean hoof, I wasn't too sure that handling a large knife would be safe.

“I don't know girls, do you really think that it's safe to handle such a large knife?” I asked with a concerned look.

The girls looked to me, then to each other, and then back to me with a shake of their heads.


I looked at them with a raised eyebrow. After some time I closed my eyes and sighed. “Alright, I suppose it couldn't hurt as long as we're careful.” I said, slightly worried.

The girls nodded. When we looked back to the stand, the mare behind it was rummaging through things and mumbling words to herself. After some more rummaging she put up a ‘Be Back Later’ sign and went somewhere else in the market, leaving her stand completely open….unsupervised.

Oh no.

The trio of fillies looked to each other, nodded and quickly went behind the stand to start with their fruit cutting Cutie Marks or whatever. I was totally against this.

“Girls! We can’t just go behind someone's stand, we could get in trouble!” I half-shouted with urgency while also looking around to make sure nopony noticed us.

Sweetie Belle then popped her head from behind the counter with one of the large knives. “Oh don't worry Mason, we're just gonna cut a couple watermelons and see if we get our Cutie Marks, if we don't then we'll leave. It will be like nothing ever happened.”

“But what if she comes back and catches us behind her stand.” I said with worry while rubbing my hooves together. I'm not a fan of getting in trouble, it was always the one thing I tried to avoid. Even when doing pranks. Of course the ones I did were never really that big.

“If she does,” came Apple Bloom’s from behind the stand, “then we'll run an’ hide from er.”

I sighed and shook my head. I really don't like doing this, but the girls have done this longer than me so I'll just roll with it. “Well alright. Is there anything you need me to do?” I asked as I came behind the counter with them.

Scootaloo came out from a cart that was close to the stand. In this cart was a lot of watermelons, large and small.

“For right now you can help me pick out some watermelons for each of us to try and cut.” She said while going back into the cart to pick out a watermelon. I did as she said and climbed in the cart and started looking for one.

“So who's going first?” I asked, picking up a small watermelon with my hooves.

“I am.” replied Sweetie, who had the large knife in her magic. I nodded and started looking for a good sized watermelon. I picked up a decent one that was no bigger than my head and nodded to myself and brought it to the side of the cart.

“I think….huff….this one should do.” I said trying to carry the heavy melon. Apple Bloom came to the side and motioned for me to hand….hoof it to her. I was a bit skeptical but did so anyway. When the entire watermelon was hoofed to her, she took in some breaths trying to keep it in her hooves. When she had a good grip, she hoisted it onto the counter of the stand and pushed it towards Sweetie Belle.

Sweetie nodded in thanks and narrowed her eyes trying to align the knife with the watermelon. When she had it in place she stuck her tongue out in concentration while raising the knife.

“Now!” shouted Sweeite.

Apple Bloom then grabbed the large watermelon, with some difficulty, and tossed it in the air. Sweetie wildly slashed the knife here and there trying to be a fruit ninja or something and she was doing it with her EYES CLOSED!

I took in consideration to hide in the cart from the wild and blind slashes but peeked out only a little to see what was going down.

The watermelon, not even scathed by Sweeties onslaught, slammed back down onto the counter making her yelp in surprise and lose all concentration on the knife and having finished up on an upward slash made the sharp object hurtle into the air.

Oh no.

Sweetie opened her eyes to look around and then settled her eyes on the watermelon. Seeing it unscathed, she formed a frown on her face.

“Dang it I didn't even hit it once.”

“You hit somethin’ though.”

Sweetie looked to Apple Bloom who was glaring at her while holding a sliced pink bow tie in her hoofs that had suffered from her onslaught.

Sweetie's ears fell as she smiled sheepishly at her friend. “Eh-heh, sorry Apple Bloom. Did I at least get my Cutie Mark?”

Apple Bloom casting her glare away looked at her friend’s flank and frowned as well. “No.”

Sweetie’s head dropped. “Aw dang-” the little unicorn didn't get to finish for the knife had come back and hit her on the head. Thank god with the wooden part. The sheer size of the knife was too much for the little filly and knocked her out, which made her slam her unconscious face on the counter of the stand. Which also made Apple Bloom giggle a bit, forgetting about her destroyed bow tie.

Unknown to the group, a watermelon was shaken by Sweetie’s unconscious face and rolled off the counter and hit the wheel of the cart. Right where the brake was and made it move.

Oooh nooo

I felt the sudden jerk of the cart and looked to see it was moving away from the stand still occupied by Apple Bloom, who at the moment was trying to wake up her friend. Okay, I think it might be a good time to leave.

I proceeded to get off the cart but then remembered Scootaloo. I turned to the hill of watermelons to see if I could see her poking out somewhere. Gosh this was a big cart.

“Scoots! I think it's time to go.” I said loudly.

“Hold on, I'm still looking for- AH HAH!” Scoots then came out of the mound holding a small watermelon that was as big as her hoof.

“I think I’ll try this one.” Scoots said with a smile. Said smile soon disappeared when she looked to me and raised an eyebrow. She shrugged.


“Oh nothing, it's just that the cart is moving and I thought we should GET OFF!” I said urgently.

Scootaloo’s eyes widen and dropped her small watermelon. “WHAT!” With some difficulty, she ran over the other watermelons and looked out from the cart to see it was actually moving.

“How is this thing moving?!” She asked with confusion.

“I think something might have hit it but I really don't want to be on it whe-” I stopped talking when I noticed something we were heading for and my eyes widened.

Scootaloo noticed my change in mood and worriedly fidgeted. “What?”

I pointed a hoof behind her. “Is that a hill?”

Scootaloo slowly turned around to see what I was talking about and then turned back to me and nodded her head.

My eyes widened more and my ears when flat against my head. “Oh no.” I then started to feel the cart slowly pick up speed.

“Um, what do we do?” she asked noticing the change in speed as well.

The only thing we could do.

“Hang on to something.”

As soon as I said that we wasted no time hanging on to something in the cart for the joy ride that was about to commence. At this point the cart started to quickly pick up the pace and the next thing we knew, we were rolling down the hill at top speed passing other ponies who watched the cart go by or jumped out of the way of its path. The entire time me and Scootaloo were screaming, not knowing how this joy ride would end.

We went up and down hills and around different paths of the market. After some time we both gasped for what was next. A flipping ramp that's what.

Me and Scootaloo both hugged each other, embracing for the ramp that was ahead. When we hit it, we went flying over some more ponies who watched as the cart flew with a colt and filly aboard screaming the whole way.

The cart dropped to the ground with a bang causing some watermelons to fall out and us bouncing off our haunches. Me and Scootaloo, who I was still hugging and she the same, blinked a few times and we looked to each other. A grin started to form on her lips and soon some giggles followed. After some staring I started to join in and we were soon in a fit of laughter.

When we both calmed ourselves I shared my thoughts to the pegasus filly. “Ya know, that was kinda fun.”

Scootaloo getting a few more giggles out spoke too. “Yeah, that wasn't so bad.” she replied with a smile which I happily returned. After some time she looked away and her smile disappeared and her eyes widened. She started tapping me with her hoof.

“Uhm Mason, we got trouble ahead.” she said while her ears flattened against her head. I raised an eyebrow and looked where she was staring and was struck with fear when I saw a huge tree in our path.

“Quick! We need to jump before we crash!” She said as she prepared to jump. I quickly grabbed her and pulled her back into the cart. She glared at me from stopping her escape.

“What are you doing! We need to get off of here!” she shouted while trying to get out of my grip.

“No! At the speed this cart is going we could get hurt severely without slowing it down a little.” Letting go of her, she turned to me with a questioning and fearful look.

“What do you suppose we do?” Scootaloo asked. I thought for a moment and remembered what this cart had at one of the wheels.

“The brake!” I quickly exclaimed. I climbed over the many melons to get where it was located with Scootaloo following close behind. When I reached it I turned to Scoots with a serious face.

“Okay, with the amount of weight on this cart we won't be able to stop it but maybe we can slow it down long enough for us to jump out.”

Scootaloo nodded with confidence. We proceeded to get close to the handle and both grabbed it. I looked to Scootaloo and she looked to me.

“On three.”

Scootaloo tightened her grip on the handle as did I.

“One….two….three!” At the same time we both pulled the handle as much as we could to slow down the cart. Fortunately the cart slowly began to slow down.

“Hnng….just a bit more Scoots!” I said, gritting my teeth trying to keep a good grip on the brake.

Scootaloo having her own trouble with the brake nodded. “Ok.”

We held the brake like this for a few minutes and finally the cart slowed down to a reasonable pace. Trying to keep my tired hooves on it, I turned to tell Scootaloo that it was ok to jump off. That is until the brake snapped off. Me and Scootaloo, who were caught off guard, landed on our haunches with the broken brake in our hooves.

We both looked to each other and gulped as the cart began to pick up speed again. Scootaloo looked to me with worry.

“What now?”

I looked behind Scootaloo to see the tree was only a few feet infront of us. I looked back to her with a little bit of worry myself.

“Brace for impact.”

I bunkered down into the cart again making sure I was prepared for the impact with Scootaloo doing the same. When the tree was close enough we both got down to our stomachs and closed our eyes bracing for the impact.

The cart crashed into the tree making a loud bang in the process. I felt myself get buried by the many watermelons that didn't fly out of the cart and I gotta say, it hurt. After the crashing and banging of the cart and stray watermelons that went flying was done, I opened my eyes to see nothing but melons.

I groaned in pain as I pushed the melons off of me. When I got enough off I squeezed my body out of the others and started rubbing my head groaning some more.

“Well that didn't go well. Hey Scoots, you okay?” I asked still rubbing my head. I didn't get an answer except for a few groans from the filly. I opened my eyes and looked for my friend to see if I could see her. Eventually I caught her tail hanging out of a pile of watermelons that buried her as well. I went over and started pushing the melons off her body so she could get out. When I got enough melons off, I helped her to her hooves making her groan in pain and rub her head.

“Ow….that really sucked.” Scoots said with eyes closed and teeth clenched.

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, it did suck.” I looked around to see other ponies in the distance checking over the crashed cart.

“I think we should get off before we get caught or something.” I suggested. Scoots nodded and we began to get off the cart. When we were off we snuck away from it hoping not to get caught. Before we could make more than a few steps we were stopped by a familiar voice.

“Now where do ya think yer goin’.”

Me and Scootaloo stopped like deer caught in headlights and turned to find Applejack a few feet away giving us a scolding look. Behind her was Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom who smiled sheepishly and waved. Behind them was the mare from the stand glaring at us.

“Ya’ll are in so much trouble.” Applejack said as she started making her way towards us, still having that scolding look.

I gulped, not really knowing what Applejack was going to do to us. Then I got a really stupid idea that might not work.

I turned to Scootaloo. “Hey Scoots.”

Scootaloo turned to me. “Yeah?”

“Have you ever tried getting Cutie Marks for running?” I asked.

Scoots put a hoof to her chin, then shook her head. “No, why?”

I looked back to Applejack to see she was getting closer and quickly backed up. “I think it might be a good time to try now!” I quickly said as turned tail and booked it with Scootaloo not far behind.

“Hey! Ya’ll get back ‘ere and apologahze for this mess!” shouted Applejack as she gave chase.

(Present Time)

I chuckled at the little memory. Although we got caught by Applejack and had to apologize and help put the melons back in the cart, it was good fun. After Applejack had let us go -with a stern talking of course- we went on less extreme crusades for the rest of the day. We got no luck of getting Cutie Marks but it was still fun.

Having finally reached Sugarcube Corner, I went through the door to enter the building, ready for some rest after a rough day of crusading.

“Hi Mason! You're finally back.” came a cheery voice.

I looked over to find Pinkie playing with the Cakes children, the twins.

I smiled tiredly to the pink mare. “Yeah, it was a busy day with the girls but I eventually made it.”

Pinkie stopped playing with the twins to look at me and became concerned. “Hey, you okay there Mason?”

I nodded with a slight yawn. “Yeah, just a little tired is all.”

Pinkie giggled. “Well don't fall asleep on me yet mister, Mrs. Cake is almost done with dinner for us.”

I nodded as I came over to Pinkie and sat on my haunches by her. Pinkie brought her attention back to the twins and started making funny faces at them which they giggled and laughed at. I giggled along with them even though I couldn't clearly see what faces Pinkie was making. I yawned and leaned against Pinkie with my eyes closed.

I felt Pinkie shift a little and giggle again. “You're really that tired huh.”

I nodded my head and nuzzled deeper into Pinkie's fur. It was really soft and warm and her heart beat was so soothing. I didn't get to stay like that for long, for Mrs. Cake came into the room.

“Alright all you ponies, dinners ready.” she said as she picked up one of the twins named Pound. Pinkie picked up the other twin name Pumpkin and followed Mrs. Cake into a room that must of had the dinning table with me following close behind.

Mrs. Cake sat Pound down into a high chair and Pinkie sat Pumpkin in another one, then the two mares seated themselves at the table. Pinkie patted a seat right next to her which I gladly took and looked at the food set at the table. There was a bowl of green beans with mashed potatoes and pesto and some glasses for a jug of milk that was on the table. Near the twins was their own set of baby food in little bowls.

Mrs. and Mr. Cake got their food along with Pinkie Pie. Pinkie also put some food on my plate and a glass of milk which I thanked her for. After everyone had their own plates filled we began eating. I took a bite out of my pesto and mashed potatoes and they were really good. I focused my attention to Mrs. Cake who was eating her own green beans.

“This pesto and mashed potatoes are very good Mrs. Cake.” I said after taking another bite and humming in delight.

“Well thank you hon,” Mrs. Cake said while giving Pound some food, “but I didn't make the mashed potatoes, Mr. Cake made them.”

I swallowed another bite I took and smiled. “Well they're very good especially the potatoes Mr. Cake.”

Mr. Cake smiled while giving Pumkin some baby food. “Why thank you sonny, I do put my time in mashed potatoes.”

I nodded and continued eating. After sometime of silence Mrs. Cake spoke up. “So how was your day you two?”

Pinkie finished up her few bites that she took and happily answered Mrs. Cake. “Well I was able to finish those orders you assigned me to, of course you knew that because you were there with me. Then I went and hanged out with Rainbow Dash for a while and on my way back to Suagrcube Corner I found two bits on the ground.” Pinkie finished with a smile and one single breath too.

Mrs. Cake nodded to Pinkie and directed her attention to me. “How about you Mason, how was your day?”

I finished up my green beans and looked at Mrs. Cake. “Well for most of the day I went on a lot of crusades with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle. Nothing else really happened after that.”

Mrs. Cake nodded. “Hm, well that must have been fun but correct me if I'm wrong, didn't you meet the princesses?”

I nodded as well. “Yeah they were pretty cool. I especially liked Princess Luna.”

Mrs. Cake smiled. “Well that must have been fun.”

I nodded with a smile of my own and continued my meal. The rest of dinner continued with small talk between the Cakes and Pinkie with me sometimes asking questions to them. After dinner Mrs. and Mr. Cake cleaned the table while Pinkie took the twins upstairs to put them to sleep. I, not doing anything walked up to Mrs. Cake who was cleaning the dishes in the sink.

“Uhm, Mrs. Cake, do you need any help?”

Mrs. Cake stopped what she was doing and looked to me with a warm smile. “Oh don't worry Mason, my husband and I can handle cleaning up, but I do appreciate you asking dear.”

I looked around the place for a moment and then turned back to Mrs. Cake. “So what can I do?”

Mrs. Cake still keeping her focus on the dishes spoke. “You can just go upstairs and wait for Pinkie to show you where you'll be staying as it's quite late.”

“Okay and thanks for letting me stay Mrs. Cake.” I said with a smile.

Mrs. Cake looked back to me with her own smile. “You are very welcome dear. Now go upstair hon, you look tired.”

I nodded and headed to where I think the stairs were. When I had found them I climbed them up to see where Pinkie was. After the first flight of stairs I found an open door with some noises coming behind it. I slowly crept up to the door and peeked in to find Pinkie singing a lullaby to Pumpkin. After Pinkie finished her lullaby, she looked at Pumpkin to see she was asleep and slowly put her in the crib with Pound. When that was done she turned to see me waiting at the door and gestured for me to be quiet.

I nodded and slowly stepped away from the door for Pinkie to step out and close the door quietly. When she closed the door she leaned down to my level.

“Follow me and I'll show you where you'll be sleeping okay.” Pinkie whispered.

“Okay.” I whispered back to the party pony.

Pinkie then started climbing the other flight of stairs with me following close behind. We eventually reached a door that actually you couldn't really mistake for anypony’s room except Pinkie’s, especially with it being pink and having balloons on the frame.

Pinkie entered the room with me following after and closed the door then turned to me with a big smile.

“Well Mason, allow me to welcome you to Pinkie Pie headquarters.” Pinkie said. Then in the blink of an eye, Pinkie zoomed over to the large pink bed that had balloons tied to the posts.

“This is my bed which is really super-fun to bounce on.” Pinkie then bounced off her bed and propelled herself near her closet.

“This is my closet where I hold all my party planning items along with some board games and even some of my party cannons.” To emphasize her point Pinkie opened her closet to find it filled to the brim with party streamers, deflated balloons, and a ton of board games. Pinkie then squinted her eyes into the filled closet, reached in through them and pulled out a giant party cannon that shouldn't have fit in the filled closet. I think my head is starting to hurt.

Pinkie held the giant cannon with one hoof and rubbed her chin with the other. “Hm, I forgot all about this particular canon. I'll have to use it for my next party.” Pinkie then slammed a ‘Use For Next Party’ sign on it and stuffed it back in the closet.

She then zoomed her way back to me with that still large smile. “Well that's basically all I should tell you about my room since you probably already know about the drawers, bathroom, and all that other stuff. Oh, but there's someone I need to introduce you too.”

Pinkie then hopped on her bed, grabbed something off of it and hopped back to me holding a baby alligator in her hoof.

“This is my pet alligator Gummy. Gummy this is Mason, he's going to be staying with us today.” Pinkie said.

I looked to the alligator and waved. “Hi.”

Gummy slowly blinked his eyes at me.

“Gummy says hi back.” Pinkie says.

I nodded and yawned again and looked to Pinkie. “So where will I be sleeping Pinkie?”

Pinkie went over to a miniature bed and put Gummy down on it and turned to me. “Well you'll be sleeping with me for tonight until I can get you a bed to fit in this room.”

I stared at pinkie with a raised eyebrow. “Sleep with you?”

Pinkie nodded her head with a smile while trotting over to her closet. “Yup, you'll be sleeping with me tonight. It's going to be so fun, we could even be snuggle buddies.”

I felt my cheeks blush a little to that last part. “Snuggle buddies?”

Pinkie nodded again and rummaged through her closet. “Yeah, I mean you have snuggled before right?”

I nervously looked to the floor. “Well yeah, sometimes I've snuggled with my mom when I was really young but not with a stranger, not that I'm saying you're a stranger Pinkie.”

Pinkie pulled out a board game and sat it down and went back to rummaging in the closet. “Well we don't have to snuggle if it makes you uncomfortable but I'm not going to let you sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag. Now what game would you like to play?”

I was out of my blushing state and raised an eyebrow. “Why are we going to play a game?”

“Because silly,” said Pinkie, “this is like a sleepover and it's not a sleepover without some games.”

I nodded my head and went over to Pinkie’s bed and grabbed a pillow. I sat the pillow down on the floor and made myself comfortable on it. “I guess I can play one game but I don't know how long I'll be up for it.” I finished with a yawn.

Pinkie giggled and pulled out another game. “Alright, I'll make sure it's a quick little game we can play. Also, how do you feel….”

It started to get harder to hear Pinkie as I started to feel tired. Mmmm….this pillow is very soft and it smells like cupcakes. I felt my eyes start to get heavy as they drooped.

I guess I could use a nap for just a moment….wow this pillow….is so….soft….

(Pinkie’s Pov)

Pinkie was still going on about what was going to happen tomorrow for the colt. Of course unknown to Pinke, the colt had fallen asleep.

“....So if we were to go tomorrow, we would have to wake up somewhere around 8:00 just to sign you in and then-” Pinkie stopped talking when she noticed the sleeping colt on the pillow. Pinkie cooed at how cute he looked curled up on it. Pinke then remembered the games she picked and looked to the three boxes that were out.

“I guess we can play them another time.” Pinkie said to herself as she picked up the games and put them back in the closet and closed the door. She then walked over to the sleeping colt and gently picked him up in her forearms and then used her teeth to pick up the pillow he was on.

She walked to her bed and hopped on and pulled the covers off. Pinkie put the pillow down in its vacant spot and gently placed the colt on the bed and tucked him in. When that was done she got comfortable herself and pulled the covers over her body. When she was done getting comfortable she took one last look at Mason and slowly leaned in and kissed his forehead.

“Night Mason, sleep well.” Pinkie said as she laid her head on her pillow and closed her eyes to go to sleep.

Gummy from his own little bed blinked his eyes slowly.

Pinkie opened her eyes and bonked herself on the head. “Oh that's right Gummy, I forgot to do the most important thing when going to sleep.” Pinkie then put out both hooves and clapped them twice making the lights go off. When that was done Pinkie laid back down to go to sleep.

Gummy slowly blinked his eyes again.

“Goodnight to you too Gummy.” Pinkie said before going to sleep.

(In Canterlot)

In the throne room of Canterlot Castle sat a dark furred alicorn with a mane that resembled the night sky. Said alicorn was sitting on the throne with her eyes closed and to some ponies she might look like she was meditating or resting her eyes for a bit. But of course, to others she was actually using her magic to enter the dream realm.

The alicorn sat like this for a moment with her eyes closed and a straight face showing no emotion. Until a smile spread across her face for she found a particular dream that was being dreamt by a particular colt.

Oh how she was going to make this his best dream ever.

Chapter 8: ...There's Still Time To Play

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I wanna make some sort of reference here but I can’t think of one.

(Mason’s Pov)

I was running.

I was running from something that wanted me dead. It wanted to take me and eat my guts out.

So I ran.

I ran as fast as my feet could carry me through the never ending hallway of grey. It was dark, barely even lit, and nothing painted the walls that surrounded me. It was like the entire hallway were made of metal and it only went straight.

And it also turns out I can still dream of myself as a human, of course I was a human for 10 years of my life so why not. But even so, this thing still haunts me and it's drawing closer.

I can still hear the music coming from behind me.

I turned the only corner of the hallway at full speed, breathing heavily, only to run into a dead end with only two doors on either side. I turned my head to listen for the monstrosity that was chasing me.

I heard the faint tune it was singing.

I panicked and went into the first room on my right and shut the door behind me. I backed up into the darkness of the room or whatever I was in, hoping to be hidden for what was outside.

I heard the tune it was humming, coming closer until it was outside the door. And then it stopped.

I held my breath in fear, thinking the moment I took it, the thing would come and grab me and drag me off to nothingness.

It was quiet.

I took a breath thinking I had finally lost it. Man that was close, it had almost-

“I love you~….”

I froze and slowly lifted my head to where I think the door was with fear.

“You love me~….”

It found me. I started quietly saying ‘no’ as I backed against the wall, praying that it hadn't found me.

“We’re a happy family~!”

Just then, the door bursts open sending splinters of wood at me as the creepiest and most fearing monster came into the room.


The monstrosity known as Barney laughed his evil and diabolical chuckle as he flailed his hands here and there. I shouted in fear as my body shook.

“Haha, you're my bestest frieeend.” Barney said stepping forward.

“No,” I shouted at the purple monster, “I'm not your best friend Barney!”

Barney stopped flailing his hands and looked to me. Then shrugged. “But why pal?”

“Because, ever since my friend told me that horrific story, you have never been the same to me!” I shouted while trying to press myself into the wall as far as it would let me.

“Awww,” Barney said in disappointment, “guess you won't like the friend that I brought with me today.”

I then confusingly raised an eyebrow to this being in front of me. “Who did you bring?”

My question at the sound of grinding metal and clanking footsteps coming from outside the door. Then a metal hook came out from behind the door frame. My eyes widen in realization and fear as I knew who it was.


A snout with sharp teeth then appeared after.

“No god, please no!”

Then a foxes head with an eye patch appeared and looked at me with an open maw. Foxy the Pirate.

“You are a pirate….”

“Noooooo!” I shouted to the heavens with my eyes closed as he started dancing.


I started screaming as the loud and annoying song started playing. I mean I used to like the song but after have heard it over thirty times, it gets annoying.

Then all of us went silent with wide eyes as a loud boom echoed through the room and everything became lit by a bright light.


Then a blast of blue energy came out from the heavens and blasted Barney and the dancing Foxy away to oblivion. Went it was all done, Luna came out from the sky gracefully and gently landed next to me.

“A-art thou a-alright Mason.” Luna asked while for some reason trying to keep a straight face and biting her lip.

“Yeah, thanks for doing that Luna.” I said with a smile.

“Oh it truly was nothing Mason,” Luna then gave a soft snort and took a deep breath to collect herself, “it is my job to make sure all colts and fillies have good dreams.”

I eyed Luna when she made that snort sound. It's almost as if she were laughing at something but what?


I deadpanned at Luna. “You watched the whole thing before coming in now didn't you.”

Luna’s snout scrunched up and looked off to the side. “Nooo, I have no idea what thou are talking about.”

Oh yeah she's definitely guilty.

I crossed my arms in a pouted while glaring at Luna. “I can’t believe you watched all that!”

Luna, not being able to keep it in any longer, bursted in laughter as I blushed in embarrassment. After Luna collected herself, she looked to me with a smile. “Oh I'm sorry Mason but I couldn't really tell if it was a nightmare even though my magic said otherwise.”

I pouted more at Luna. “I can't help it if my nightmares are weird.”

Luna smiled as she came to nuzzle me. “I'm sorry Mason, I'll be sure to get rid of any nightmares you might have, no matter how weird they are.”

I uncrossed my arms and put on a smile of my own and nodded. I took a good look at Luna and frowned a little. Even as a human Luna is still bigger than me, I barely even reached her shoulders.

Luna then looked around the now lit room we were in and looked back to me.

“So….this is what thou looked like in your world.”

I nodded as I looked at my hands. “Yeah, this is the real me under all that mane and fur.”

Luna then laid herself down next to me. “Well I must say, thou are cuter in this form then thou was as a colt.”

I blushed and scrunched up my face. “I'm not cute! I'm devilishly handsome! And why do you keep saying thou?!”

Luna chuckled at my antics. “To me I think it's more of devilishly cute, and to answer your question, it is because I tend to talk like that in the dream realm, but I can stop doing as such.”

I nodded then looked around feeling quite bored and looked back to Luna. “So….what now?”

Luna then smirked and leaned in closer to me. “Now….we have some fun. This is your dream after all Mason, and now that I'm here, you can do more than what you could before.”

I pondered this. What do I want to do? My face brightened up when an idea came to mind. “Well, there is one thing I've always wanted to try.”

Luna smiled and lit up her horn. “And pray tell what did you have in mind?”


I scaled the massive cliff with all the strength I had in my muscles. Taking a breather of climbing so much, I looked around to find any faster routes to the top. Spotting a few holes and cracks in the earth, I took in a few breaths and jumped to the holes grabbing them with ease.

After what felt like hours of climbing, I finally reached the top and what laid ahead of me took my breath away. It was a vast paradise that spread on for miles as far as I could see. The scene of trees, waterfalls, and the sounds of wildlife made it look stunning. It was absolutely beautiful.

But I wasn't after this paradise, I was after something in the middle of it. An abandoned temple with treasure waiting to be found.

Wasting no time I ventured through the foliage of the jungle to reach it. After some time and no trouble delaying my travel, I made it to the large door of the temple. It was big, completely made out of dirty stone and vines, almost all of it was taken over by nature do to it being abandoned for so long. Of course that's expected of an old temple.

The temple was almost like a pyramid, except on the top was like a small building but partial of it was crumbled to nothing along with what looked like old pillars on the four corners of it. Pretty sure this temple had a specific name but I couldn't remember what it was called.

Shrugging my shoulders I ventured into the temple. Before I did I remembered I had brought something with me. Reaching into a leather pouch near my back pocket, I took out a notebook and wrote down some notes and a picture of the temple. When I was done, I put it back in the pouch and walked to the door of the temple. Like any other abandoned temple or building, it was dark, very dark. I took out my flashlight and clicked the button. Immediately the darkness was gone, replaced by the light of my flashlight.

After some time of walking and taking notes of the old writings and drawings on the wall, I continued my way through the passageways of the temple, looking for anything that might lead me to the treasure. After a while, I frowned for not finding anything, that is until I passed a hallway with light coming from it.

Curiously I made my way into it. When I came to the end of it, I found myself in a room with what looked like a puzzle in front of me. I put my hands on my hips and bit my lower lip, studying the puzzle carefully. The puzzle consisted of many symbols that could be turned into a paticular area, probably to unlock the door. After taking a good look at it again I rubbed my hands together.

“Let's get to it.”


After some hard work and more than five tries I finally got the puzzle complete. Turning the last piece, I heard some satisfying clicks and turns and then the sound of a large old lock being unlocked.

I pressed against the stone doors and pushed them open with all my might. Eventually after some more effort the doors cracked open and then fully, leading me into a room that made my jaw drop to the floor.

It was a large room, made entirely out of stone, obviously, with an occasion of dirt peeking out the walls and roof that collapsed from age. It was also held up by three supports with one being nothing but a stump of stone.

But at the very end was a pile of gold and lots of it. I took my time walking to the large pile at the end of the room. Before I picked one of the coins I stopped myself from stepping on a suspicious slab.

“Looks like a trap no doubt.” I said aloud.

Stepping around the slab I then picked up a coin and inspected it. My inspection was short lived when I felt a presence behind me. Whirling around and drawing my hand in the form of a gun, I aimed at the one person that I did not want to see. Standing in a camouflage uniform with tan skin and black hair with hands on her hips was my number one enemy.

General Luna, along with her goons who were all pointing their own hands at me.

Luna put on a smug grin. “Well, well, if it isn't the number one pain in my side, Mason the archeologist.”

Still holding my hand out, I made a smirk of my own. “And if it isn't General Luna and her goons, whom I should say make great target practice.”

Luna’s smirk became more smug as she gestured a hand to her goons. “Well as you can see Mason, it is you who has become the target, that is if you surrender.”

Tightening the grip of my fingers in my palm, I looked at the eight goons behind Luna who all had their sights on me. After some tense waiting I sighed and dropped my gun to the side, but carefully placed the coin down on the ground as well and put my hands up in surrender.

Luna gave a toothy smile and gestured a hand to herself. “Now come down from my treasure, slowly.”

With nothing else to do, I took slow steps down to Luna whose smile kept getting bigger. When I came face to face with her, she told two of her goons to grab my arms and pulled me off to the side while three more went to the treasure.

Luna looked to the treasure with a grin. “I must say Mason, you did a fine job of leaving the door wide open for us to the treasure, if it weren't for you we would have not found this.”

“What can I say,” I said with the goons still holding my arms, “I like a little action.”

Luna looked back to me. “Well, while I do like action myself, you should know by now that this action always results in you being captured and me getting what I want.”

“Yes.” I started while looking at the empty holster to the goon on my right. I smirked. “But sometimes when you come into an old temple for treasure this size, you always have to watch where you step.”

Luna looked back at me with a raised eyebrow. She then narrowed her eyes at my smirk and looked to one of her goons who walked to pick up the coin I set down. Unknown to him, he was walking right over to the slab that would start a trap.

Luna then became shocked and quickly tried to stop him.


She was too late. The goon stepped on the pressure plate and activated the trap. For a few seconds nothing happened. Then the entire temple shook and rumbled making Luna and her goons stop and look around.

Taking this to my advantage, I stomped on the left goons foot making him loosen his grip which I quickly took my arm out of. With my free arm I used my elbow to knock the air out of him. With him out of the way I formed my hand into a fist and punch the other goon in the face making him stumble back and letting go of my arm.

With both my arms free I quickly went to the goon still dazed from my punch and grabbed his empty holster which I quickly formed my hand into a gun. Most of the goons now recovering from the temples rumbles and shakes took aim at me. Before they took the first shot I fired my hand near them, forcing them to drop aim and take cover which allowed me to take cover.

At this point part of the room was falling to rubble which indicated my most hated trap. I hate the ones that take you, but I despise the ones that take you and the temple and treasure with it.

I looked from my cover and saw Luna herself look from her cover. She glared at me and growled to her goons.

“Stop him! Do not let him get away with this!”

The goons taking her order, got out from their cover and opened fire. Waiting for most of them to stop and reload, got out from my cover and opened fire on two of the goons that didn't get to cover.

"PEW-PEW-PEW!" I shouted as I did a pretend kick back with my hand. I made several more gun sounds until I downed the two goons.

This gun fight went on for far longer than I liked with all the 'pew-pews' and the 'kraaaa-ka-ka'. The temple rumbled and shook even more making more of its stone fall and collapse. Not wanting to stay any longer I ran from my cover while yelling 'too-too-pew-pew' at the cover of the enemies so they would stay there. As soon as my weapon ran out of ammo I had already reached the door and wasted no time running through it.

To say that the collapsing hallway wasn't good was an understatement. It was worse running through it than it was in the room but I didn't not stop nor falter. With a few more minutes of turning and running I finally reached the stairs that lead outside.

I sprinted faster after a bigger rumble shook the temple and the sound of falling rock hit the ground behind me. When I reached the top of the stairs I dove out of the entrance just as it collapsed.

Coughing up the dust, I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I was brought back to earth when I heard a groan to the left of me. Turning to my left my eyes widen when I saw Luna still alive and not buried in the temple.

My attention was then drawn to people making a gun cocking sound. Turning I saw more of her goons aiming their hands in my direction. I'm pretty sure one was doing something with his hands that made it look like a RPG. How the heck is that fair. Not wanting to get shot, I got up and dived towards a nearby jeep and pressed my back against it. I peeked out just enough to see the others help Luna up.

Not wanting to stay long I looked around to find something to help my escape and I found it. Luna had made some very specific jeeps ranging from regular ones, to cargo, to explosive caring jeeps. The jeep I was taking cover with was one for explosives.

Opening the door I looked at arsenal of explosives to find something of use and then found an empty belt filled with grenades. Taking the belt I peeked from the jeep to see the goons advancing. What really caught my attention was a few explosive barrels near the other jeeps.

I rolled my eyes. ‘Idiots.’

Making a 'tink' sound which indicates me pulling the pin, I tossed them near the barrels and took cover. I cupped my hands around my mouth and made an loud explosion sound which caused all the goons to dive to the ground and scream. One even exaggerated his acting by saying 'I'm burning'. Nonetheless it gave me the time to run towards the trees. By the time I entered the jungle some of the men started shooting again but I was already gone. I then scaled a steep rock hill and took a glance at the temple where some of the other men were comically acting dead and heard a shout of anger.

“CURSE YOU MASOOON!” shouted an angry Luna.

Smirking to my job well done, I turned to leave until a crossed arm and smiling Luna appeared in front of me making me jump in fright.

“I must say Mason, that was really fun,” Luna's smile then faltered a bit, “but it's going to have to stop here.”

Sensing her seriousness, I looked at her with a frown. “Aww really, I was having so much fun.”

Luna smiled and in a fume of smoke turned back to her pony self while the scenery changed and I shrunk from 40 year old man to a ten year old boy.

“As much as I had fun in this...uncharted business, it's time for you to wake up Mason.”

When I was done shrinking and the scene turned to a white room, I stared at Luna confusingly. “You can detect when it's time for me to wake up?”

Luna nodded with a smile. “Yes Mason, sometimes I will be so busy in the realm of dreams that I stay in them until morning. So I use some magic to detect when it's morning so I can come out of the realm, get something to eat, and then head to bed.”

I nodded and then smiled. “Will you come into my dreams for another night?”

Luna smiled warmly at me. “If I'm not to busy with other nightmares I just might. But be sure to have more fun for me okay.”

I nodded. “I will.”

I then got up and hugged Luna catching her by surprise. “Thanks for doing this with me Luna, you're a fun friend to have.”

I felt Luna falter a moment and then tightly wrapped her wings around me in a hug. “You as well Mason, now.”

Luna ended the embrace and lit up her horn. “It's time to wake up.” and touched my head.


I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in the warmest and softest bed ever. The sound of a cheery voice opulent me from my thoughts of this bed.

“Wakey, wakey Masey.”

I lifted my head to see Pinkie standing off to my side of the bed with a soft smile.

“Pinkie,” I said with a yawn and rubbing the sleep from my eyes, “what time is it?”

“It's 7:40 at the moment.” Pinkie softly said.

I looked at her with a raised eyebrow. “Why did you wake me so early.”

Pinkie giggled and walked to the door. “Because today Mason, you are going to school.”

It took me a while to ponder her words and when they did I groaned loudly and let my head fall on the pillow, which was followed by another giggle from Pinkie.

Chapter 9: Back To School

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“Ohhhh back to school, back to school, to prove to my Dad that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope that I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh back to school.”

If you get this reference, you deserve a pie.

(Mason’s Pov)

I was tiredly riding on Pinkie Pie's back to the school house. I've never been this tired before, both me and my mom were early risers so it's quite surprising to me.

Quite some time had passed as Pinkie walked, don't really know how long because I was just too out of it. But I did hear the laughter of children. I looked passed Pinkie’s head to see the school just ahead with fillies and colts running through the doors to get to class.

The schoolhouse was do I say it...bright looking building. I never knew a building could have so much pink and red, of course it had a bit of white here and there but good lord there was so many bright colors. The school had one pathway which lead to the main entrance and was lined by a white picket fence. It obviously had a sign outside that read ‘Ponyville Schoolhouse’ along with a flag pole near the building. On top of it was a school bell. Now that I think about it though, the building looks like one of those schools during the pilgrimage times or something.

Pinkie walked up the path to the door of the school while a few more fillies and colts ran past to get to class. Pinkie walked through the door just as the bell to the school rang and headed for another door in the building. When we neared it she motioned for me to get off her back, which I did, and turned to me with a white looking bag in her hoof.

“Ok Masey, this will be your class from now on,” Pinkie said as she handed me the bag looking thing, “here is your saddlebag which has some pencils, paper, and your lunch in it.”

I took the bag and took a peek in one side finding the paper and pencils and on the other was my lunch. When I was done peeking in it Pinkie took it and draped it over my back and smiled.

“Looking good Mason, now, ready to go in.”

I nodded with confidence but slight nervousness. Pinkie nodded back and opened the door to the classroom and walked in with me following from behind. As I walked in, all eyes of the present colts and fillies turned to me and Pinkie which made me a little more nervous.

The pink party pony stopped near a desk with an earth pony behind it that had the brightest smile on her face. She was a dark violet pony with a mane and tail that had two shades of pink. Her Cutie Mark was also three flowers that had smiles on them.

“Why hello Pinkie Pie, I'm guessing you're bringing the new student for my class today?” she asked with a cheery tone.

Nodding happily to the pony, Pinkie replied. “Yup, he's right here.” and motioned a hoof towards me.

The pony looked to me and her smile brightened. She came out from behind her desk and approached me and gestured a hoof to herself. “Well it's nice to meet my new student, my name is Miss Cheerilee.”

I gave her a tired, but small smile of my own. “It's nice to meet you, my name is Mason.”

“Well it's nice to meet you Mason. Why don't you go sit down while I talk to Pinkie here, I believe there's an open seat in the back.” Cheerilee said while pointing towards the class.

Nodding, I headed towards the empty seat. As I passed by, most of the students gave me smiles, except for one pink filly that scoffed. Ugh, I gotta bad feeling about her but I'll just ignore it. As I started to pass the pink filly I noticed Apple Bloom on the left of me who smiled in greeting which I happily returned.

When I reached the back I saw the empty seat in the middle with two other fillies I recognized. I sat my saddlebag down and seated myself in the seat which was a bit weird but I'm sure I'll get used to. I then looked to my left to see Sweetie Belle smiling and giving me a small wave which I returned. On my right was Scootaloo who did the same thing which I returned as well.

After getting settled and greeting my friends I looked to the front of the room to see Pinkie giving her farewells to Miss Cheerilee and heading for the door. When she arrived at the door she turned to me and waved which I gladly returned and watched as she left, closing the door behind her.

Miss Cheerilee cleared her throat gaining the attention of the class. “Now, as if you hadn't realized already, we have a new student with us named Mason and I'd like you all to make him feel welcome.”

The class nodded there heads in understanding, except for that pink filly who scoffed again. I really don't have a good feeling about her. And is she wearing a tiara?

I shook my head to ignore the filly and focus on what we were doing today, some part of me was really eager while the other part was hoping this was going to be an easy day.

“Now let's begin on literature today.” Miss Cheerilee said.

I saw all of the filly's and colt's taking out their notebooks and pencils which I did as well but then I relized something. How the heck am I gonna write. I looked around to see the unicorns using their magic to write while the pegasus and earth ponies were using their hooves or mouths to write. Taking a glance at my pencil, I picked it up with my hoof and opened my notebook to begin writing. To say it wasn't that good was probably be an understatement.

Bloody hell I jinxed it.


As I was trying to write on one of my papers while having a book Miss Cheerilee gave me I heard the bell rang indicating it was recess time. My favorite time of the day.

I packed my things in my saddlebag and took out my lunch and followed the fillies and colts outside. I stopped myself from going and further and looked around for a good place to eat my lunch. It was the sound of my name being called that got my attention. I turned my head to see my friends waving me over with smiles on their faces.

Smiling as I trotted towards my three friends with the lunch bag in my mouth, I sat myself down next to them.

“It's so good to see ya again Mason, and it's really cool that you're in the same class as us.” said a cheery Scootaloo.

“It's good to see you gals to and I am a bit surprised that I'm in the same class as you three but I am happy about it.” I replied happily.

The three nodded in agreement and continued to eat there lunch. I opened my bag and started rummaging in it for the first thing I'd eat. As I continued looking in the bag I heard Sweetie Belle speak up.

“So who packed your lunch today Mason?” she asked as she bit into a apple.

To answer her question I pulled out a cupcake that was in good condition. The frosting wasn't smeared all over and it wasn't squished. I looked into the bag to see there was no mess and looked back at the cupcake in my hoof with a raised eyebrow and a question going in my head.

How did she pull that off?’


I looked over to see all three fillies looking at me with curious looks. I looked back at the cupcake for a moment then looked back at the girls.


The three fillies nodded and proceeded with their lunch while I did the same.

After some time of eating and snacking on our lunches, we had finally finished and were figuring out on what to do until the bell rang. So far we had no idea on what to do.

“Why don't we go play on the playground?” I offered.

Apple Bloom shook her head. “We would Mason but we can't due to Tirek destroying most of it.”

I was surprised by this. First, I'm asking who this Tirek guy is but my second is how does that happen.

“How does a guy destroy a playground but doesn't destroy the school as well?” I asked with a tilt of my head.

The girls just shrugged. We all sat where we were thinking hard on something that we could do. Our train of thought, if it was moving at all, was interrupted by a snobby voice.

“Well if it isn't the blank flanks.”

We all turned our heads to see that pink filly with a purple and white mane along with a grey filly that had a mane with two shades of grey coming our way. The girls scowled at her direction but I just had a questioning look on my face. Like seriously, why is she wearing a tiara?

“Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, what do you want?” Scootaloo said with annoyance.

Hold up.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.’

My word. At first I thought these names couldn't get anymore silly in this place.

(In Sugarcube Corner)

A certain pink pony named Pinkie was taking milkshakes to a happy couple that were sitting at a table. When she had gotten to the table to give them their order she had suddenly stopped with a neutral look.

The couple stared at Pinkie for a while with raised eyebrows.

“Um, you ok there miss?” the stallion asked.

Pinkie didn't say anything except turn her head towards the door of the building with narrowed eyes.

“Somewhere...somepony just said our names were silly…”

The couple exchanged looks of confusion as the pink pony kept staring at the door. After a moment of silence, she shrugged and gave them their drinks.

“Enjoy.” she said happily and walked off.

The couple just stared as she walked off. It was the mare that brought her gaze towards the stallion with narrowed eyes.

“It was your idea to come here.”

(Back At School)

I shook my head as I stared at this, Diamond Tiara, who only smiled mockingly.

“Why Scootaloo, I'm just saying hello to my favorite blank flanks. Is that too much to ask?” she said with a snobby tone.

Sweetie Belle grit her teeth. “It is when you only come to insult us.”

Diamond Tiara gave a small chuckle. “Oh I just can't help myself. It's much too fun to make fun of you three when you have no talent.” Diamond Tiara then put her gaze on me and smiled smugly.

“It appears you also have a new addition to the blank flanks club.” she said as she came near me. I heard the girls snort at her.

“Tell me blank flank, how is it that you came to be a loser like them?” she asked smugly.

I just stared at her for a while with narrowed eyes. As I stared I noticed most of the colts and fillies had stopped what they were doing to see what was going to happen. Feeling like I stared long enough, I slowly pointed a hoof at her and answered.

“Why are you wearing a tiara?”

It was silent for a while until the colts and fillies broke into giggles after the fact I completely ignored her insult. Diamond Tiara just stood there mouth agape with a raised eyebrow.

“Excuse me?” she asked.

I pointed at her tiara again. “Why are you wearing that? Is it wear your shiny crowns day or something? If it is then silly me, I must have forgotten it at home.” I said with a hoof to my head for dramatic effect.

Now the crowd around us were laughing a small bit at the little show I was making for them. Diamond Tiara was now standing with her mouth wide open, not believing what I was doing. Her shocked look turned to a small glare.

“ least my tiara is diamond, heck, I bet your crown is blank just like your flank.” Diamond said with a small laugh of her own. Seeing she was the only one laughing, she nudged her friend and she laughed along to, only slightly.

I just stared at her with a neutral expression as her laughs died down and she just stared at me confusingly. I then slowly raised both my hooves and gave a small clap.

“Wow, that was a good one, you write that down yourself?” I said with a smirk. I was then resulted in more laughter from our crowd including my three friends.

The pink filly opened and closed her mouth with wide eyes. “I- but- you- I don't-”

I held my hooves in mock surrender. “Ok lassy, I think you've had enough. How about we go our separate ways like good friends okay.”

“But- but- but I-” Tiara stammered.

I came up to her and gently patted her on the back. “Oh don't worry champ we’ll meet again someday but for now, toodles.” I said as I walked away towards my friends who couldn't stop their fit of giggles.

As I walked away I heard Diamond Tiara behind me trying to say something but only making incoherent words. Before I reached my friends she blurted something that hurt me deep down.

“Well at least I'm not a disappointing blank foal to my parents!”

I stopped dead in my tracks at how she said that. Everypony in the crowd went silent and had shock written on their faces. I slowly turned around to see she was smiling smugly.

“Oh I'm sorry, did I hit a nerve mister blank flank. Don't like me talking about your daddy and mommy.”

I felt my heart ache at those words. Why above all things does this still have to be a touchy subject for me.

Putting on my best confident look but I knowing their was some falter in my voice I replied. “My parents are none of your business.”

Diamond was now all smug looking knowing she hit a soft spot. “Why? Did they forget you because you don't have a talent. Because I'm not really surprised if they did.”

I could feel tears coming to my eyes but I held them back the best I could. “They didn't forget me!”

The rich filly's look hardened. “Oh please, I bet your parents were so disappointed because your a blank flank that they put utter shame upon you.”

At this point some tears were coming down my face and I knew I was gonna break but a voice came out from behind me which made me falter.

“That's enough Diamond! There is no way his parents did that to him because he's a blank flank. I bet his parents loved him and raised him to their best ability so you know nothing!” Scootaloo defended while coming to my side.

She scoffed. “And what about your parents huh, can you say the same about them?”

Scoots flinch at that and her ears press against her head.

Diamond smiled. “Just what I thought. Even if your parents did love you, they clearly didn’t do a good job at it. Which proves that they were just pathetic.” Diamond said with a laugh.

Now those words. Struck a different nerve.

I may be touchy on the subject of my parents but when someone thinks they can insult them and to insult my friend about it as well. I get mad.

Glaring harshly at Diamond Tiara, I spoke with anger in my voice. “My parents were not pathetic. If they were, then at least they weren't as pathetic as your’s.”

Diamond Tiara’s entire smug look changed to shock.


My harsh glare didn't falter. “You heard me, I bet your parents aren't any better. That is, if your bratty and insulting attitude has anything to prove about it. It just shows that they do as much of a poor job as our parents did.”

Diamond had a shocked look on her face. Then it turned to a look of confidence. “T-that's not true! My parents raise me just as any other rich filly should be!”

“Oh and what's that? Being a bully to others just because they ain't fancy which just puts you on top! Does it also consist of doing nothing but sipping tea all day! Because if that ain't it, then please do enlighten me on how they raised you Daimond!” I said with my glare hardening.

That shut Diamond up completely. She didn't do anything but look at me with shock again.

I nodded my head. “That's what I thought.” I then trotted away from her and out of the crowd to get myself some alone time.

Before I went far I stopped. “Oh and one more thing,” I said as I turned to look at Diamond, “I happen to have seen my parents death because I was involved in it. So thanks for bringing it up.” I said as I turned and continued away from everypony.

“Brat.” I said under my breath.


Back in the group, Diamond Tiara along with the crowd watched the colt trot away to who knows where. Scootaloo looked to Diamond with utter hate and ran after the colt with her other two friends following close behind.

After some time the other colts and fillies recovered from their shock and went about their playful ways. Diamond still stood shocked at what happened. By that shock quickly turned to anger.

“That good for nothing blank flank. Who does he think he is to say that about me and my parents,” Diamond Tiara scoffed, “ridiculous, right Spoon.”

Diamond’s friend Silver Spoon was just as shocked at what transpired but nonetheless nodded to her friend. “Yes.”

The rich filly looked back at the way the colt went and snorted. “Ugh I need to talk about this to Mr. Snupples.” Diamond said as she walked in a certain direction.

“So…we’re going to have tea with Mr. Snupples?”

She scoffed again. “No, that colt was wrong about that. I don't always have tea with my bear Mr. Snupples. I sometimes have brownies with him to.” she finished with a smile.

Silver Spoon rolled her eyes.


I sat by a tree after being far enough from the group of colts and fillies. I sniffed, wiping the tears away to collect myself. I stared at the ground deep in my thoughts trying to keep it together but to no avail. If only I had my phone.

A memory then clicked into my mind reminding me where I had put it. I raised my hoof to look at it and wondered if it still worked. Looking around to make sure no one was around I then closed my eyes and concentrated, imagining that tingling feeling.

To my surprise I heard the sound of a quick fire, almost like the sound of ruffling leaves, and felt a weight in my hoof. I opened my eyes to see my phone there and smiled.

I pressed the home button and saw I had 34% charge left. I shrugged that off and opened it to get to my music. When I was in the app I opened a certain playlist with one of my favorites whose music made it good for these sort of times.

Eric Church and Dierks Bentley.

Yeah their songs do have a bit of emotion in them like heart break and stuff but for most of them, I just like the meaning behind them and the instruments played in most of the songs. I scrolled through the playlist until I found a certain song that I like.

Making sure the volume was down I pressed play and put it to my ear and listened to Riser by Dierks Bentley.

It was soothing me very much. As I got ready to play another one I heard a voice from behind me getting louder as it came closer. After a while I figured it was Scootaloo.


Thinking fast I quickly tried to put my phone away but it didn't work. Turning behind me I saw her, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom coming closer. Panicking a bit, I close my eyes and imagined that tingling feeling again. When it didn't do it, I was going to just hide it until the weight finally left my hoof and just in time as Scoots and the rest of the other two came up the hill.

Catching her breath, Scoots looked to me with concern. “Are you alright Mason.”

I nodded slowly. “Yeah, it's just a touchy subject to get into, I'll get over it after some time.”

The girls didn't seem so convinced about. “Are ya sure ya don't want to talk ‘bout it?” said Apple Bloom.

I nodded again. “Yeah, I'll be fine.”

“Well if you do need someone to talk to just come to us ok.” Scootaloo said.

She surprised me as she gave me a hug. “We're your friends Mason and we don't want you feeling down about anything.”

Hugging the filly back, I replied with some happiness in my voice. “Thanks Scoots.”

We ended the hug and just stared at each other with smiles. Our attention was brought to Sweetie Belle who cleared her throat.

“Well why don't we go back to the school, I think the bell should ring in a few minutes.”

We all silently agreed with Sweetie and headed back for the school. I then remembered Scootaloo standing up for me and decided to give her my thanks.

“Hey Scoots,” she turned to me, “I just wanted to say thanks for standing up for me back there.”

She smiled. “It's what friends are for Mason.”

I smiled back to her.


Diamond Tiara was sitting at a small grass hill with tiny teacups and teapot in front of her. On the left was her bear Mr. Snupples and on the right was her friend Silver Spoon.

The pink filly hummed. “It's just not right for that blank flank to do that to me. I need to do something to get back at him.”

She went silent for a moment and then turned to her bear.

“What was that Mr. Snupples?”

Silence came from the small brown teddy bear as Diamond Tiara leaned in closer to it. Meanwhile, Spoon was contemplating if her friend is insane or not.

“That's not bad of an idea Mr. Snupples and it would most definitely hurt those three fillies if it worked.” Diamond said menacingly.

Silver Spoon not knowing what was happening looked to Diamond with a confused look. “What did he say?”

She looked to her friend with a evil smile. “Mr. Snupples purposes that we get that colt onto our side, he could make a very nice friend if we did.”

Silver Spoon now looked even more confused. “And how exactly do we do that?”

She raised her nose high and closed her eyes. “Simple, after school we find him, be all nice to him and then get him to join us.”

Silver Spoon didn't really follow. “How exactly do you plan for that to work when you just insulted his parents and his friend Scootaloo.”

Diamond opened her eyes in realization and brought a hoof to her chin as she thought about that. Then her face brightened up to an idea. “Ah, I got it!”

Silver Spoon rolled her eyes but nonetheless listened to her friend.

“We can just apologize to him but make sure that the apology is sincere as possible. Then we smooth talk him into joining us. It's just brilliant.” Diamond said while rubbing her hooves and smiling evilly.

Silver Spoon was still not convinced. “And just how do you plan on doing that?”

The filly lazily waved a hoof at her friend. “Oh please Spoon, he's a colt. Any colt could follow anything if you give him enough bribes, and if a cute filly just bats her eyelashes at them. Heck, if I could get that Apple Bloom’s cousin to join us I think can get him to as well. Trust me it's foolproof.” she said as she took a sip of her teacup but only to spit out its contents.

“Ugh, Mr. Snupples! You put too much sugar in the tea!”

“Uhm Diamond.” came the voice of Silver Spoon.

The filly turned to her friend. “What?”

“First of all,” Silver Spoon said as she held up a hoof, “this is lemonade, not tea. Second, you were the one who made it.”

The pink filly did nothing except mumble a few angry words and forcefully drink the lemonade.


I went down the stairs of the school. It was a very good day of it too. Surprisingly the subjects for the grade I was in were not all that hard, of course English had a few different ways of saying things then they did in my world, but nonetheless I flew by them as if I had always learned it. The only one I had trouble with was history and trying to write the stuff down.

This was because I hardly knew the history of this place and all of its past, heck, I hardly knew most of its holidays. Not to mention it was hard trying to conceal the fact I couldn't write with my mouth or hoof. So, to my disappointment I had to decline going crusading today to the girls and said I'd be going to Twilights to get a lesson on some of Equestria's history. To my surprise they wished me good luck as if I was going to battle or something. Weird.

Anyway, I was heading down a path that would probably lead me straight to the tree castle until a voice I didn't want to hear came up.

“Hey colt, wait up.”

Gritting my teeth, I took a deep breath and turned around to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Strangely, they seemed guilty but I wasn't letting my guard down.

“What do you want Tiara.” I said with clear annoyance in my voice.

Diamond looked to the ground with her ears pressed against her head and a look of...sadness?

“I just wanted to apologize for what I did. I didn't know that your parents It's just that, I sometimes bully people because I'm afraid they would find me weak and bully me. So for what I did, I'm sorry.”

I looked at her to try and find any deceiveness in her eyes or movement. There was either none in her movements or I couldn't find any.

She did seem pretty sorry about it though and her friend does to. Plus she does make a point on the bullying part. Some people do bully just to make themselves not seem weak to other bullies.

“Well, if you're truly remorseful about it then I guess I can forgive you but if you're so much as lying, you can kiss the rear end of my forgiveness goodbye.”

Diamond looked to me with some hope in her eyes. “So you'd like to make amends.”

I shrugged. “If you're willing to not bully me and my friends then yes.”

She nodded but looked as if she had more to say.

“So since we're basically making amends, how about you join our little group.” she offered with a smile that looked forced.

I raised an eyebrow skeptically. “And what does this group consist of?”

She seemed to get closer to me as she looked off to nowhere. “Oh nothing, just the fact if you join us, you'll immediately be on top. Just think, you could have so many friends and if any bully were to bother us you could fend him or her off like you did with me.”

I couldn't help but become more skeptical at that last part. It sounded like she forced herself to say it but I didn't say anything since she had more.

“And if you want, I could probably hook you up with a nice filly.” she said as she came closer and batting her eyelashes.

That made me falter a bit and also feel and bit defensive for somepony in particular. “And what's that suppose to mean?”

“Oh nothing it's just that I couldn't see you being with any other filly. Especially one in particular.” she said as she brushed up against me.

Now I was becoming really defensive. “You mean Scootaloo?”

The rich filly smiled. This one wasn't forced. “Why of course, I mean surely you don't want a filly friend who can't even fly do ya? I could get you with somepony who can actually do something with their wings or I could get you with one whose rich and can get you anything you want.” she said as she came in to close for comfort.

“So what do you say? Want to be recognized as a regular pony and not some blank flank?” she said.

I thought about what she said and smiled which in return she did as well. I then slowly leaned towards her and took a breath.


Diamond Tiara’s posture completely shattered. “What?”

“I said no,” I repeated, “I don't know where exactly you're coming from Diamond but I don't want any part of it even if I am recognized as a blank flank or not, because I never abandon my friends just for what you're offering, which might not even be true.”

Diamond was now shocked all over again which tells me this isn't going at how she planned it to.

“And on top of that, I don't care if Scootaloo is flightless or not. She might be now but that doesn't mean it could change in the future. But as of now, I don't care at all. She is smart, fun, and if I dare say, cute for a filly and she is my best friend and there ain't nothing you can do or say to change that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take myself and my forgiveness off to somewhere else, toodles.”

With that said I turned around and began walking away from a shocked and wide open mouth Diamond Tiara. Silver Spoon on the other hand was just shaking her head probably thinking this wasn't going to work.

When I was a distance away I heard Diamond Tiara shout to me.

“Well I hope you enjoy being a blank flank, cause that's all you'll ever be!”

I slightly turned my head back to her. “Well at least this blank flank is cooler than you.” And with that I continued my trek to Twilight's with a victory smirk.

Little did the three realize was that they were being watched by a pair of small light purple eyes peeking out from a bush.

And in these eyes was an all new admiration of the young colt.

Chapter 10: A Lesson In Magic

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I got a new chapter here. But you know what I like more than new chapters, stories! That's why I have 938 stories in my ‘read later library’. I read at least one story every day.

Not gonna lie. That was funnier in my head.

(Mason’s Pov)

I took a deep breath of fresh air as I trotted down the path to Twilight’s castle. Honestly, it wasn't that hard to find. All ya gotta do is look up and just walk to where ya see it. Seriously, how did I not notice that when I first came into Ponyville?

Well I'm not gonna dwell on it now, I've got some knowledge to learn.

Picking up the pace, I made a turn down one of Ponyville's pathways that was just a straight shot to the castle. As I walked I couldn't help but think on why the girls would wish me luck in this. I get that studying can be a bit laborious but it couldn't be that bad could it? I continued to mull over my thoughts until a large shadow brought me out of them. Looking up I saw that I was directly in front of the large crystal structure. Shaking my head to clear any other thoughts, I made my way up the stairs and to the large gold doors and gave them a quick knock and waited.

Waiting for maybe a minute or two, I heard somepony coming to the door to answer. Expecting Twilight to open them, instead I saw Spike done so instead. Now I might not know the drake all that much but I have gotten to the point to say he's a friend. I probably wouldn't have known him that much if he didn't come crusading with the girls a few times.

Spike, now noticing who was at the door, gave me a friendly smile and held out a fist...claw?

“Hey there Mason, what brings you here?”

I smiled back and hoof bumped it. “Just coming to see Twilight to ask if she can give me a few lessons in history and possibly-" I stopped myself short on that one. Spike here doesn't know I'm from a different world so wouldn't he find it a bit weird that I can't write? Probably should play safe for now.

"Actually that's about it, just history.”

Spike’s smile disappeared. He now looked at me with wide eyes that seem to have a hint of horror in them. It was almost as if he'd seen a ghost.

“You...want to ask teach you the history...of Equestria.”

I darted my eyes side to side and back to him. Ok to be completely honest now, I was beginning to have second opinions on this and wasn't sure if I wanted to do this anymore. “Uh...yes?”


Spike now had a strange look on his face which I had no reason as for why. I mean it's just a little history lesson. right? Nothing huge, just a little learning and stuff.

“Alright follow me, Twilight should be in the library.” Spike said with a wave of his claw. I entered the castle and shut the door behind me and followed him to wherever the library was.

Now this being my first time inside the crystal fort I decided to look around. As I looked at the many sights of the castle I couldn't help but whistle in awe, especially since it looks even bigger inside than it did outside. Studying most of the walls, I could see some that had some old looking art work and other decorations, while other parts of the walls were just bare.

As I continued looking, Spike climbed some large stairs which I followed closely behind. Man, there's a lot of large things here.

We then did some lefts and rights in the hallways of the large castle and passed by some rooms. It almost felt like we were gonna get lost in this building but I trusted Spike here to know the in's and out's of it so I wasn't worried. As we continued to pass by the rooms, I was able to see one that had some chairs with Cutie Marks on them along with a map looking thing in the middle.

After we made another turn I decided to ask Spike a question.

“Spike, what's this castle called?”

“It's called the Friendship Castle.” he answered without hesitation. I couldn't help but give a small snort to that. The Friendship Castle. I wonder what the guards would be like if there were any in this castle.

I laughed silently at that thought. I could just imagine a guard coming to some trespasser or thief and saying, ‘Halt! Do you have the time to talk about friendship?’

I was about to share my thoughts to Spike but he had stopped at a door with lettering at the top that said, ‘Library’.

The drake knocked on the door which was followed by a soft and muffled 'come in' from the other side. He then opened the door and motioned for me to continue in.

“Twilight is just inside.”

Nodding and saying my thanks to Spike, I walked into the library. Before I went any farther Spike spoke up.

“Oh and Mason,” I turned to the dragon, “good luck.” With that said he closed the door with a soft thud.

I couldn't help but wonder why he wished me luck. I swear it's as if I'm going to a battle or something. It's just a lesson in history. I shook my head to think about it later and walked into the, rather huge, library. The room was massive. It was a circular like shape room with four large tree roots acting as pillars or something and had some nice looking banners hanging on the wall next to the windows. On the walls were shelves upon shelves of books.

Looking at one of the wooden tables in the center, I saw Twilight reading a book that was in her magic. I walked up next to her but she didn't seem to notice since she was to engrossed into whatever she was reading. Not being noticed by the mare I cleared my throat.

I was resulted with Twilight jumping slightly in her seat with a quite ‘eep’. She then looked around for a moment till her eyes settled on me. Her startled expression then turned into a welcoming smile.

“Oh hello Mason, you startled me a bit.” She said while putting her book down.

I smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that I just needed to ask you for a favor.”

Twilight, directed her gaze to her table and grabbed a piece of paper and quill and wrote something on it. “What do you need?”

“Well I was just in school today and we went through subjects like you usually do and I did pretty well with them.” I explained, with Twilight just nodding her head, telling me she was listening.

“But since I'm from a different world, I didn't do that well in writing and I also didn't know so much in history since I have never been here before. So I came here to ask if you could give me a lesson in it?” I asked with a bright smile.

The purple pony immediately stopped what she was doing and slowly turned to look at me with wide eyes. Not gonna lie, it creeped me out a little.

“You want me to give you a history and hoofwriting lessons?”

I nodded happily forgetting the creepy head turn. I desired knowledge today and god bless it I was going to get it.

She looked at me with slight disbelief yet some part of her looked hopeful. She then looked around the library as if someone else was in here and looked back to me.

“Are you serious about this?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

I looked at her with a tilt of my head and slowly nodded. “Uhm yeah, I need some help with it since I don't know much about it nor have I ever written with hooves before.” To emphasize this I held out my hooves to her.

The princess just stared at me unmoving. The princess just sat there while her ear or wing would twitchy randomly. Then she got a very big smile on her face, that probably could rival Pinkie’s, as her eyes sparkled with joy. She then proceeded to teleport to different parts of the library, grabbing all kinds of books while repeating words of joy.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh this is so wonderful!”

Teleporting to one final part of the library, she appeared next to a clean table and slammed the books on it. When she did that she immediately teleported to me, grabbed me, and teleported back to the table, setting me down in one of the chairs.

“Oh this is so exciting! I don't remember the last time I taught anyone a lesson but now I can. And a lesson in history and hoofwriting at that!” Twilight said with more excitement growing while her wings gave some exciting flaps.

While Twilight was rambling on, I held my hoof to my head trying to stop the dizziness that followed when she teleported me. When I had regained most of my senses and kept myself from barfing, I looked at the amount of books on the table and groaned internally.

To say that I now understood why my friends wished me good luck would be an understatement.

A gasp from Twilight brought me out of my thoughts. I looked to the purple pony to see she had even more excitement than before. Only one thought came to my mind.

Oh no.

“Now that you're here Mason, I can also teach you about your elemental magic! You wait right there, I'll be right back!” With that she teleported to god knows where.

Shaking the last bit of dizziness from my head, I took a good look at what it was that she had got. Before I could even touch a single thing, Twilight teleported out of thin air making me jump slightly. When I saw the amount of scrolls and paper she had I groaned internally. Again.

“Ok, I have everything here. Now lets begin.” With that Twilight levitated a chair next to me and sat herself down.

“We’ll begin with the story that tells of the finding of Equestria. It began at least a couple thousand years ago…”

Oh dear god help me.


I don't like being rude around people but I was really close to slamming my head on this table until it broke in two. She just goes on and on and on, my god it's not even funny.

“And so began the war between the griffons and the ponies….”

Oh god just kill me now.

“ was a battle that lasted many months….”

Not being able to take much more of this, I decided to venture off into my thoughts. Which in my perspective was a lot worse than what I'm in right now. My thoughts started going to what that pink filly Diamond Tiara said about my parents. Thinking more on it just put a huge frown on my face and made my ears go flat.

“And so, the griffons and ponies stopped the fighting and decid-” Twilight stopped her lecture that she was now writing on a very large chalk board when she noticed the expression on my face.

“Mason are you okay? You seem to be very troubled by something.” She asked with a concern in her voice.

I sighed with my ears still flat. “Yeah, something is troubling me at the moment.”

“Is it the lesson? Did I go a little overboard? Or did I not get enough materials? Shoot, I knew I should have gotten the much larger books.” Twilight said with her own frown.

My eye twitched a little but I took a deep breath to keep myself under control. “No it's not that at all Twilight. I just had some trouble with some bullies at school.” my frowned deepened remembering that scene that had occurred.

Twilight made a silent ‘oh’ to herself and walked over to me. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Shaking my head I looked up at Twilight. “No I'll be fine, it's just a touchy subject is all.”

I could see that princess looked very unconvinced. “Are you sure? I'm here if you need me.”

Shaking my head again, I gave Twilight my best smile. “I'm sure I'll be fine.”

Still looking unconvinced, Twilight nodded slightly. “Alright, but if you do need to talk about it, you can come to me or any of the girls. We're your friends after all.”

I smiled gratefully. “I'll be sure to do that.”

She nodded with a smile of her own. “Good, now I think that's enough on the war between griffons and ponies so let's try some of that hoofwriting again.”

Before she could use her magic, I put a hoof on her shoulder to stop her. “Actually, can we do something else for now? I think we did enough of history and hoofwriting.” I asked pleadingly. I swear if I have to listen to another lesson in history I'm going to blow up this library.

Twilight looked at me with a pout on her face, which I have hardly seen on any grown ups face. Besides Pinkie.

“But I haven't gotten to some of the best parts of the history yet.”

I raised an eyebrow rather high at that and pointed to the open book in front of me. “Twilight, we just about went through half of the book.”

Twilight blinked at me and looked at the large book of knowledge and blinked again because sure enough, the book was just about to the halfway point of it. After blinking a few times Twilight looked back to me with a sheepish smile and rubbed her hooves together.

“Eh-heh, oops, I must have went overboard again.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “Yeah, so is there something else we can do?”

Twilight nodded her head and adjusted her wings a bit as she gestured to the old looking scrolls on the table. “Actually yes there is something else we can do. Since you can do elemental magic, Celestia asked me to teach you the basics of how to control it.”

I nodded, getting rather excited about something that would be fun to learn. “Can we go learn right now.”

Twilight giggled at my excitement and nodded. “Of course we can Mason.” Using her magic, Twilight levitated me on her back and the scrolls in midair. When she made sure I was situated, she made her way outside of the library.


Twilight had now taken me outside to the back of the castle to train me in my elemental magic. I was sitting on a nice spot of grass as Twilight read through the scrolls, probably to get a better understanding of how to train me in using it.

Twilight read through one last scroll and nodded to herself. She put the parchments off to the side and looked to me with determination. “Alright Mason, I have read through all the scrolls and have a few ideas on how to get you started. The only thing that will make this a little difficult is the fact that you don't have a horn. So don't get too disappointed if you can't get it.”

I nodded while trying to keep myself from bouncing in place. I was really excited to learn this, it felt like I was training to be a superhero. Which in a way I kind of was.

Twilight lit her horn with magic and, in turn, so did my body. As this happened Twilight began to explain what she was doing.

“Now what I'm doing Mason is checking your body for something that has been, for now, called magic cells. Now, there are such things as magic cells but these are different. After reading the scrolls I have noticed that for the creatures like you, who could do elemental magic, did them through cells that were in certain parts of their body.”

Twilight started circling me to my backside and used her magic to gently lift my wing, which for some reason I didn't feel all that much. Strange.

“Some creatures, like minotaurs for example, were capable of doing it through their horns. Creatures like a dragon could mainly use them through their claws or maws. The ones that were ponies could do them through their hooves, wings, or sometimes both. The others could do it through horns.”

Twilight then put my wing down and started examining my hoof.

“Right now I am using my magic to pick up any of these cells that are embedded on your body and I have caught some in your wings and the rest in your hooves.”

When Twilight was done with my hoof she cut her magic off and stood back in front of me.

“Right now I'm going to help you channel the magic and get a feel for it so you can turn it on and off willingly. Now this part should be easy since you basically unlocked your magic that one time in the forest.”

I gave a firm and determined nod to the princess. “I'm ready when you are.”

Twilight nodded and lit her horn again. “Ok Mason, first you need to take a deep breath and relax. When you do that close your eyes.”

I nodded and took a few deep breaths to calm myself and closed my eyes. As I did that I thought of some calming thoughts to ease myself.

I heard Twilight hum in approval and took a scroll in her magic. “Ok now here comes the difficult part. I want you to imagine something, like a little ball of light. Once you've done that I want you to imagine it expanding through you to your hooves and wings.”

I nodded with my eyes still closed and concentrated on the little ball of light. After about what felt like 15 minutes I saw nothing but blank. I was just about to tell Twilight that I couldn't imagine it until I saw a small flicker. Going back to concentrating I saw the flicker again and tried to reach out for it. Before I could make it brighter it disappeared. I opened my eyes in excitement and looked to Twilight while I bounced around in my spot.

“I saw it! I saw the little light!”

Twilight giggled again at my excitement and used her magic to stop me from bouncing. “That's good Mason, this means we're getting somewhere. Were you able to make it expand?”

My face fell along with my ears as I shook my head. “No it only flickered for a bit then disappeared before I could concentrate on it.”

Twilight nodded with a quiet hum and took a quill out of thin air and wrote on a blank scroll. “This is expected so don't be too disappointed about it. The good thing is that we are getting somewhere. Now I want you to try again and focus on that little flicker.”

I nodded again and closed my eyes to try and bring the flicker again but nothing happened. I grunted in determination and closed my eyes tighter while sticking my tongue out but still nothing happened. Twilight must have noticed me having difficulty because I felt her hoof on my back.

“Mason it's alright if you can't get it. Since you're having difficulty with it, I want you to try something else. Now the scroll said that one pony could do elemental magic with happy thoughts so I want you to think of something that makes you happy.”

I nodded and took a deep breath to calm myself and thought of something that made me happy. I started by thinking of my family, thoughts of them always made me happy. But instead I became saddened by other thoughts that followed them, like never seeing anyone who was part of my family again.

I immediately shook those thoughts out and tried some different ones. I thought of ones like my favorite animals, my friends, some funny videos, but none of them seemed to give me happiness.

After many thoughts, I decided to try some from this world and one in particular was of Pinkie Pie and her reading me stories, baking together, cheering me up from when I had a rough day, and that one day in Canterlot she said she would treat me as if I was family. When I thought of these it brought a smile to my face and an all familiar flicker.

When I saw the flicker I thought of more thoughts with Pinkie and it became brighter. When it was to the point that I could compare it to a bright flame. When the light, or ‘flame’, was bright enough I tried expanding it to my body. When I tried that I was immediately hit with resistance from the flame. I focused much harder to try and get it to expand but it kept fighting. When it got to the point where it was too much I opened my eyes and took a few breathes that I was holding.

Twilight wrote a few things that I couldn't see and looked to me with encouragement and excitement. “So were you able to see the light?”

I nodded while taking a few more breaths. “Yeah, it almost looked like a flame.”

Twilight wrote on the scroll again and looked to me. “Did you try reaching out to it and expanding it?”

“Yeah,” I responded with few more breaths, “but when I tried doing it, it fought back like it had a mind of its own. So I tried fighting it back but it resisted to the point that I had to stop.”

Twilight nodded and brought a hoof to her chin with a thoughtful expression. “Hm, you said you tried fighting back?”

I nodded in confirmation.

Twilight thought deeper on it. “What if you tired calmly spreading it.”

I looked at her with confusion. “What do you mean?”

Twilight looked to the ground while waving her hoof around. “Like, getting it to work with you instead of getting it to work for you.”

I thought about it for a second and looked to her with a raised eyebrow. “Like the force?”

Twilight blinked at me and looked to me with complete confusion. “What?”

I blinked at Twilight but then made and ‘oh’ expression remembering that this is a different world and began to explain. “The force is some powerful thing from a movie on my world which is a sort of entertainment for us humans. Basically if you're one with the force, the force is one with you. So that's what I'm saying I should do, be one with my light and it will be one with me.”

Twilight blinked at my explanation and slowly nodded. “I mean, I don't think it's the same but yeah you could try it.”

I nodded and closed my eyes again and thought happy things. Just like last time I saw the flame and watched it. I then started to reach out for it and expand it to my hooves and wings but like last time it resisted but instead of fighting back I settled and waited.

Instead of pushing me out the flame stopped and grew brighter, as if telling me to reach out which I did. This time instead of resistance I felt it come to me. When I, or at least I think I did, touch it it immediately shrunk and as quickly as it did, it expanded into a bright light blinding me.

I immediately opened my eyes with a startled yelp. I looked down to my hooves and felt a tingling sensation. Twilight activated her horn and encased my hooves in magic which made her smile.

“Congrats Mason, you can now use your magic through your hooves.” As fast as Twilight’s smile came it went away when she encased my wings in magic.

“Hm, that's strange, you have your cells activated in your hooves but your wings aren't even touched.”

True to her word I could not feel anything coming from my wings. I couldn't even move them as far as I was concerned. Thinking that made me worried that my wings were not meant to be used.

“Uhm, are my wings, dysfunctional?”

Twilight noticing the fear in my voice rubbed my back with her own wing comfortingly. “No, I don't think they are dysfunctional Mason.” As Twilight said that she had a look of uncertainty on her face.

“How can you be sure?” I asked while rubbing one of my unresponsive wings.

Twilight quickly came behind me with a quick explanation. “Well when I used my magic to inspect your wings. Not only did I detect the magic cells, I also detected your muscles and veins in your wings and as far as I know, there's nothing wrong with them. But just to be sure.”

Twilight took my right wing in her hooves and brought it to its full length and began, what looked like, putting pressure on different parts of it while mumbling things like, ‘this is how Dash said to do it’ or ‘this is what the book said to do’.

Before I could contemplate it any longer Twilight went to the very tip of my wing and looked to me expectantly.

“Can you feel this?” To that I shook my head which Twilight then moved down my wing a small bit and put pressure on that.

“How about this?” Again I shook my head and it repeated. She'd go down a small bit and put pressure on my wing and ask me if I could feel it which I shook my head. After many points of my wing, She came to a point that was, what might have been, one finger length above the base of my wing.

“Can you feel this?” Twilight said as she put a little pressure on my wing. I didn't feel anything at first until I focused on it and felt a small sensitive tingle. It wasn't much but it was there.

“Yeah, I can sort of feel a tingly feeling.” To my answer Twilight nodded with a hum as she adjusted her wings a bit.

“Hm I'll have to talk to Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy about this, but at least you can use your hooves. So now let's see what you can do.” She said as she put my wing down and came to the front of me.

“Alright Mason, try and do something with your hoof.”

I nodded my head and raised my hoof to eye level and tried to do something with it. Twilight and myself were startled when my phone, with a quick flicker of fire, appeared out of thin air and landed on the ground.

Twilight shook her head to clear her shock and looked to me. “Ok, how about something different.”

I nodded in agreement and tried again. Nothing happened except for a tingly feeling as if my hoof was being lightly shocked. I got a crazy idea which made me look to Twilight and her at me. She was about to say something until I touched her leg and sent a shock through her to her mane which made her give a slight ‘eep’.

I laughed as I saw Twilight’s mane was all over the place with different strands sticking here and there. Twilight took a look at her crazy mane and frowned at me while I continued to laugh.

As I laughed Twilight got a smirk and created a small spark from her horn and zapped my mane making it the same state which made her laugh. I couldn't help but laugh along with her.

When the crazy mane princess collected herself she fixed both our manes and let out a few more chuckles. “Ok, that was a good start and pretty funny but let's see what else you can do.”


It has been a few hours and I was making some decent progress. Twilight had been training me through different things like giving me a piece of metal and seeing if I could make electricity carry through it or giving me a piece of paper and seeming if I could light it with fire. It was weak at first but Twilight said it will all get better the more I practice.

At the moment I was trying to make a small bolt between my hooves but so far I could only feel static between them. What I didn't notice was a certain filly come up behind me until it was too late.


“Aaah!” Was the response I gave as I lost concentration and turned to see Scootaloo behind me, giggling like a wild animal, along with a chuckling Rainbow Dash. As she giggled I gave a small teasing glare at her.

“I'll get you back for that.”

The filly giggled into her hooves again and looked to me with challenge in her eyes. “I liked to see what you got up your hooves.”

I chuckled accepting that challenge and looked to Rainbow Dash. “So what are you guys doing here.”

Dash, now getting some chuckles out of herself, gave a small snort and came over to ruffle my mane. “Well today is the day I help Scoots in her flying and she thought it would be a good idea to include you in training, so we came here to ask if ya wanted to come along for the ride.”

I shrugged with a nod of my head. “Sure, I'd like to do that with you gals,” I said as I turned to Twilight with pleading eyes, “can I go with them Twi?”

The princess rolled her eyes with a smile and nodded at me. “Sure, just let me talk to Dash real quick and you can go with them.”

I nodded as Dash went over to Twilight to hear whatever she needed to say. Me and Scootaloo sat next to each other, me on her left and her on my right, and waited for them to finish they’re little chat.

During their conversation, Dash had a surprised look and her face and looked to me with concern before looking to Twilight and saying something in return. I was confused by this but decided not to think much of it. Then to me and Scoot’s surprise, Dash launched a few feet above Twilight and a hoof to her chest pronouncing something with determination.

While she was going through this Twilight took a quick glance to me. When she had focus back on Dash she quickly shot her wide eyes at something next to me and looked to me. I raised and eyebrow at her sudden behavior which she answered by tailoring her head towards me. I didn't get the gesture and tilted my head.

Wide eyed, Twilight quickly averted her eyes to the right of me and then back to me. It took a few seconds but it eventually clicked that something was to the side of me. Turning I saw Scootaloo next to me with her attention on Rainbow Dash but it wasn't Scootaloo that Twilight looked worried about. More like the object that was next to the orange filly.

My phone.

From my world.

My eyes widened with worry. Scootaloo can NOT know about me being from a different world. She could tell anyone and not only that, it could ruin our friendship. Just thinking that made me go pale.

Quickly forming a plan, I walked to the other side of Scootaloo and sat down, blocking the view of my phone. Scoots, feeling my movement to her right, looked to me and smiled which I nervously returned. When she returned her attention back to something else, I quietly grabbed my phone and tried to put back to whatever my powers put it, but I was so nervous that it wasn't working.

I started sweating as I tried to put it back but before I could calm my nerves any longer, Dash came over confidently with a worried Twilight which prompt me to hide my phone behind my back.

“Alright Mason, Twilight says it's all good to come with me and Scootaloo to do some training.” said Rainbow Dash with a beaming grin.

I tried my best to hide my nerves by smiling. “G-great, heh, can't wait.”

Taking notice of my nervousness, Dash looked and noticed me with my hoof behind my back. “Uh Mason, what's behind your back?”

I shifted my eyes nervously and shrugged. “N-nothing?”

She didn't buy it one bit. “Mason let me see what you have.”

I shook my head a little too quickly. “I'd r-rather not.”

Dash narrowed her eyes and approached me like a mother whose child wouldn't give back a cookie they stole.

“Mason, show me and Twilight what you have right now.”

I shifted my eyes left and right trying to get out of this situation. If I wanted to succeed, I needed to be smart about it. I needed to calculate my options and be smart about my tactics of how I proceed with th-

“That's a strange place to put a piano…”


To my astonishment though, both Rainbow and Scootaloo directed their gaze to my right which was where I was looking. What was even better was that their attention was away from Twilight.

Not wasting anytime I quickly tossed my phone to Twilight. Having spotted it out of the corner of her eye, the princess caught the phone with her magic with surprised eyes and looked to me as if to silently say, ‘What do I do with this?!’

Apparently we didn't have time to talk about it due to Dash turning around.

Before she turned fully around, Twilight quickly used her magic to teleport my phone to god knows where while I put my hooves behind my back to find something to show the hasty pegasus.

“I'll admit, that was pretty clever, but it's not going to keep you from showing me what you got. Now give it up.” She said sternly.

I sighed in fake defeat and showed her what I quickly grabbed behind me.

Which turned out to be a dandelion.

The rainbow maned pegasus blinked confusingly at the flower in my hoof and stared at me with equal confusion. “Uhm Mason, that's a dandelion.”

I looked to the flower and back to the mare and slowly nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Dash blinked again with a raised eyebrow. “Why did you hide a flower from me?”

I blinked while sweating slightly. While trying to come up with an excuse, I looked to my left and saw Scootaloo who was just as equally or more confused as Dash was. Not wanting to stall any longer I said the first thing that came to mind.

“I was going to give it to Scootaloo.”

Both Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo looked to me with surprise. Not only that, but Scootaloo had a light blush on her cheeks and fidgeted with her hooves a bit while avoiding eye contact.

“Y-you were going to g-give that flower to me?” Scootaloo said with a stutter.

Having a light blush of my own, I nodded. “U-um, y-yeah. U-uh, h-here you g-go.”

I slowly handed the flower to Scootaloo who gently took it from my hoof and looked at it with thought. She looked at me with a small, awkward smile. “Uhm, t-thanks.”

I nodded to her with a small awkward smile of my own. We continued staring at each other until we both broke eye contact with our blushes deepening.

A cough made us look to Dash who was looking between us with slight awkwardness. “Um, right, well let's get going you two.”

Dash then walked past us to the front of the castle with Scootaloo who was, to my utter surprise, putting the flower on her ear.

Before I joined them I walked over to Twilight with a questioning look. “Um Twilight, where did you teleport my phone?”

The princess seemed to come out of her thoughts with a jump and looked to me for a few seconds and then smiled with reassurance as her wings twitched. “Oh I just teleported it somewhere safe in the castle, now go along with Rainbow Dash.”

(Somewhere in The Friendship Castle)

A certain purple drake was in the middle of restacking books in the castles large library. Having done all his chores, the drake just had to finish up stacking the books accordingly and then he could go off to his own business.

Right now this drake, also known as Spike, was on a large ladder with a large stack of light books in one hand while professionally putting a book back in the other.

Before he could push the book back in its respectable place, a silent pop was heard and then something bonked him on the top of his head.

Being startled from the strange object, Spike yelped while wildly flailing on the ladder trying to grab books to stay steady. It was a fruitless attempt as he fell off the ladder bring the books he was carrying and the ones he grabbed with him.

The young dragon then hit the ground with a small ‘oof’ along with the books that fell on top of him.

Spike laid there in his knowledge tomb in silence for some time, trying to stay calm about losing maybe hours of working to put books back.


For about a solid 10 seconds.

Chapter 11: Flying Lessons

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Flying….yes…..such goodness….yeah….


Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

(Mason’s Pov)

Walking at a steady pace in front of me was Rainbow Dash who lead me and Scootaloo around the Friendship Castle to take part in flying lessons. Althought, it's actually quite pointless to me since I can't use my wings what so ever.

But that doesn't mean I can't have fun with them. Besides, I'm trotting next to Rainbow Dash who is the fastest pegasus I know, so I'm sure she can help me out with it.

We continued to walk around the castle until we were at the front of it. Dash then stopped walking and stretched out her wings to get the kinks out of them. When she was done she crouched down and turned to us with a smirk.

“Alright squirts, hop on and I'll fly us to the park for some flight training.”

Scootaloo, wasting no time, hopped on the mare’s back and settled herself down while smiling in excitement. I looked on with some hesitation, but with a quick gesture of Dash’s head to her back, I too came over and hopped on with excitement.

Dash looked at us and asked if we were settled in which we both replied with a yes. Dash then nodded her head and prepared to take off.

“Alright guys, hang on tight and we'll be at the park in no time.”

And with a quick thrust of her wings, we were in the sky and heading towards the park, and at a decent pace mind you, especially since she has two small passengers with her. As we flew through the sky, I couldn't help but marvel at all the houses and ponies below us. All my life I have always wanted to fly. And who would've thunk that I'd be doing it right now, but of course I'm not the one flying but it's still cool.

After a few minutes of flying and passing over some other houses and a few airborne pegasi, we finally came to the park. Although Pinkie showed me the park, I have never actually walked through it, and let me just say, it's a lot bigger than what I imagined it to be.

While I was still marveling at the sight before me, Rainbow Dash slightly dipped down towards the ground ready for a landing. I and Scootaloo braced ourselves as the ground came closer.

Rainbow Dash landed on the ground smoothly with no trouble at all, of course she's an experienced flyer so it's likely she would. When the dust cleared she tucked her wings in and knelt down allowing Scootaloo and me to disembark from her back.

When we were off, Dash looked to us with a grin still plastered on her face. “Alright squirts, today I'm gonna teach ya some flying lessons. Scoots you already know the drill, some stretches along with wing-ups.”

Scootaloo nodded with a smile and went over to a random spot and started her stretches. Meanwhile Dash came up to me with no smirk, but a slight frown.

“Hey bud, Twilight told me you couldn't really use your wings before we left the castle.”

My ears drooped a little at this, guess that's what they were talking about privately to each other. “Yeah, Twilight believes that it's because I've never had these type of muscles before.”

Dash nodded her head in sympathy. “Is it because you...,” Dash quickly turned to Scootaloo who was now doing what I think are wing-ups and looked back to me, “...were a human?”

I nodded in response with sadness. “Yeah, humans aren't exactly born with wings.”

Dash looked to me with worry as her ears fell, but they quickly perked as she grinned. “Don't worry kid, I think I can help with this.” She said as she came around me to my back.

I looked back to Dash with a questioning look as she sat down and looked at my wings for a moment. “How are you going to do that?”

Dash gently grabbed my right wing and started feeling around it. “Well, since I'm born with wings and it's very natural for pegasi to know, care for, and study their wings. I'm sure I can figure something out.”

I nodded and left her to work. For a few minutes Rainbow Dash just fiddled with my wings, feeling here and there. Eventually she went to the tip of my wing and put pressure on it just like Twilight and looked to me expectantly. Before she could ask I had already answered.

“I can't feel anything but the slightest of pressure.”

Rainbow shut her mouth and nodded and removed pressure from my wing, but instead of going down the wing, she moved down to one of the feathers and pulled a little which I felt a tiny bit.

Dash then looked to me again. “Could you feel that?”

I nodded a little. “Yeah but only a little bit.”

She nodded again and moved to a spot Twilight went to when she moved from the tip of the wing and like Twilight she put pressure on it.

And again this repeated itself. Dash would move down to a spot of my wing, put pressure and I'd give the answer I gave Twilight. But instead of moving to a new spot, she would go to one of my feathers and pull on it a little. Instead of me feeling close to nothing, I would feel a slight prick of her pulling on it, and it got more noticeable when she moved to my larger ones.

After having gotten close to the joint of my wing, dash moved to one of my larger feathers and pulled on it. The moment she did I felt a slight pain from it.

“Ow!” I yelped with a flinch.

I looked back to Dash who was rubbing her chin in thought and nodded to herself. She then put my wing back and looked to me with a thoughtful expression.

“My conclusion is Mason, that the nerves in your wings are functional to the point where you can feel your feathers being pulled slightly, but not to the point you can feel pressure on the tip. Now I haven't really experienced something like this, but I have learned a technique that might work. So I'll need you to lay down for me.”

When I heard this I was a bit worried that this little experience wasn't going to be all that pleasant. “A-are you sure about this?”

Sensing my discomfort, Dash looked to me with kind and encouraging eyes. “Oh not to worry Mason, I know exactly what I'm doing. Trust me, this will be over before you know it.”

Still feeling a little hesitant about this, I looked to Dash for confirmation. “You sure?”

She nodded with a encouraging smile. “I Pinkie Promise.”

I still felt a little worried, but I decided to trust Dash’s words and got down on my belly. Dash then scooched a little closer to me and spread out both my wings. She then started feeling around my back near the joints where my wings were connected, putting pressure here and there. She eventually put pressure on a certain spot and kept her hoof there. Then she put her other hoof on the same spot and put the same amount of pressure there.

“Alright, you ready kid?"

I swallowed a bit to try and ease my nerves and slowly nodded. “Y-y-yeah.”

Nothing happened for a few seconds. Then I felt Dash quickly put pressure on that one spot and spread her hooves out a little while still keeping pressure.

The first thing I felt was a small crack, then I felt a quick but big amount of pain. I had to clench my teeth tightly just to keep myself from giving out a sharp yell. Eventually the pain subsided and nothing else happen.


Until I heard that which I was immediately confused by, but then I gasped as I felt a breeze go through my feathers which made my eyes widen. I then slowly turned my head and gasped again to see my wings were sticking straight out.

And I could actually feel them.

My shock and confusion immediately turned into excitement as I smiled brightly at my wings and then to Dash who had a smile of her own.

“Well looks like you can now use those wings after all Mason.”

Still smiling, I quickly got up and hugged the air out of Dash.

“Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, I can't believe you actually did it! I can actually feel my wings now!”

The mare now getting the air back in her, hugged me back with one of her hooves. “Hey what did I tell ya Mason, I'm an awesome flyer after all. Now let's see if you can move them.”

Quickly nodding I moved away from Dash looking at my wings while the rainbow maned mare stepped in front of me with her own wings stretched out.

“Alright Mason, I'm gonna have you do some positions with your wings to see how well you can use them, but first we need to make sure you can feel and flex the muscles for it.”

Taking my attention off my wings and onto Rainbow Dash, I nodded in acknowledgement which the mare nodded back.

“Ok, now to feel those muscles Mason, it's almost like flexing your legs, except you're doing it in your back. So first, I want you to try and feel for the muscles there and try to flex them.”

Nodding, I closed my eyes to try and feel for the muscles in my back and tried flexing them. I didn't get it the first time or the other times, I was always flexing my back or my shoulders. After a few more tries I felt some unknown muscles flex. My only thought was my wings.

I then opened my eyes and looked at Dash with more excitement. “I flexed them!”

She nodded. “Alright, now I want you to try and move them. Just do what I do.”

I nodded in return and waited for her to do the first position.


She first moved her wings straight up.


And then moved her wings down to where the tip touched the ground and then back up. She repeated these a few times and kept going. Eventually she gestured for me to try it.

I stuck out my tongue as I watched her do it a few more times and then I tried to move my wings up and down as if they were arms. I looked back to see if I was making any progress but to my dismay I wasn't really moving them except for a small bit.

I then heard Dash give a small chuckle as she stopped moving her wings. “Don't get to upset about it, just keep trying and you'll get it.” After she said that she kept moving her wings in the same position.

Not wanting to give up I kept trying to move mine like hers. After a few more times and with still no success I tightly closed my eyes and tried to move my wings even an inch.

After what felt like 5 minutes I finally asked. “Am I doing anything yet?”

I heard another chuckle from Dash as she answered. “I don't know, why don't you take a look.”

Opening my eyes and seeing Dash with a smirk on her face, I looked back to my wings to see they were slowly going up and down. With a beaming smile on my face I did it a few more times and my wings responded but very slowly.

“Hey! I'm moving them!”

I heard a laugh from Dash as she responded. “Yup, you sure are Mason. Now how about we see if you can do any other positions.”

I stopped moving my wings to look at Dash with excitement ready for the next positions.


It has been at least an hour now and I had gotten a lot of practice into using my new appendages. Dash had showed me many positions like, moving them forward and back, one up while the other goes down, and doing them in a circular motion. Heck, she even showed me how to tilt them which I wasn't very good at since it's my first time with them -including the circular motion- but the other ones I got down.

After trying to tilt them again with little success Dash then folded her wings back to her sides. “Alright I think you got most of them down. Although you could use some work and exercises for them, you did pretty good for your first try.”

Now tucking my wings in, I looked to Dash with beaming eyes. “Thank you so much Rainbow Dash, I'm so happy I can finally use my wings.”

The mare looked to me with a proud smile of her own. “Oh, it was nothing Mason, just helping a friend out.”

Dash then looked over to the other pony with us which happened to be Scootaloo.

I also looked over to see Scootaloo was now finishing up her other exercises Rainbow Dash gave her when she was showing me some positions. This exercise, if I heard correctly, was for Scoots to run a certain distance from one point and then try to fly to the other. If she didn't make it, she would run the rest of the way and then try again going back to the other point.

Scoots was getting some good distance with this last run but eventually hit the ground and ran the rest of the way. When she reached the end point, she sat down panting and swiped some sweat from her head.

“Good job Scoots,” Dash shouted as she trotted to Scoot’s side and gave her a pat on the back, “really, for a second there, I could've sworn you were gonna go all the way.”

Still panting, she smiled as she looked to Dash. “Thanks…huh...thanks Rainbow Dash...hoo...I thought I was...hah...gonna make it this time.”

Giving another pat on her back, Rainbow Dash smiled. “Well you were really close, so I'm sure you'll make it next time.”

Nodding, Scoots got up while taking deeper breaths. Rainbow Dash then left her side and came in front of both of us as I came to Scoot’s side.

“Nice job on those exercises Scootaloo.” I congratulated.

“Thank you Mason,” she responded as she got her breath back, “and nice job on your exercises as well.”

In response I rubbed the back of my head with my hoof. “Well, it's nothing like yours but thanks.”

Scoots smiled to me in return as she then looked to Dash and I the same. We both saw Dash doing her own wing stretches, probably for the last exercise.

“Alright guys, for our last exercise, we are going to do laps around the biggest pond in the park. I will be flying while you Scoots will be running and flying for as long as you can next to me. You Mason will be running with us while repeatedly flapping your wings up and down. I would ask you to try and fly but since you're just getting used to these exercises, I don't want you to hurt yourself.”

I was a bit disappointed at this because I wouldn't get to practice flying, but she was right that I was all new to this so it was the best idea for me to just train them out.

“Alright squirts, let's get to it.”


I was getting tired real fast. We had started at least 39 minutes ago and I was already feeling exhausted from this running and flapping. I could barely lift my wings anymore. Scootaloo had started to drag next to me because she too was starting to feel exhausted. Dash however was keeping a reasonable pace ahead of us with no sign of slowing down but heck, she's older than us and she's been doing this for far longer.

The flying pegasus eventually looked back at us to see us tiring ourselves out and then stopped in mid-air.

“Alright guys I think that's enough for today, you can take a break now.”

After hearing those words, I finally collapsed into the dirt about ready to pass out. Scootaloo slowed down a few inches in front of me, then collapsed on her stomach just about out of breath.

“You did good kids,” I heard Dash say as she flew closer, “you really put in your all for this.”

“Thank…, my heart.” I wheezed out.

“Yeah...hah...thanks...heh...a bunch.” Scootaloo breathed.

“Just you guys wait,” Dash continued as she started to fly backwards, “the more you guys do this -especially when you get older- you'll be going on for miles.”

Still trying to catch my breath I wheezed out again. “Yeah…hooh...miles.”

Dash chuckled in response as she started to fly in circles waiting for me and Scootaloo to catch our breath. Eventually we both caught our breath enough to sit ourselves up but we still needed to give ourselves a break. Probably me more than Scoots.

“Well,” I started to break the silence, “that was quite the run.”

“Yeah,” Scootaloo responded, “definitely not getting easier for me yet.”

I looked to the orange pegasus in disbelief. “Really? I thought you were doing pretty good. At least, a lot better than I was doing.”

Scootaloo looked to me. “Yeah but this is your first time doing this with me- I mean us, with us and I've been doing this with Rainbow Dash for about two years now.”

“Well,” I said, “you still did pretty good. Heck, like Rainbow Dash said, if you keep this up you'll be going on for miles. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if you start doing what she is.” As I said that I pointed to Rainbow Dash doing flips in the air.

Scootaloo looked at me for a while with a little bit of hope in her eyes. “You really think that?”

“Why wouldn't I?" I said truthfully. “You've been doing really good so far.”

At this Scootaloo looked to the ground with drooped ears. “Well, It's just that, some of the fillies and colts at our school have heard from Diamond that I can't fly, they are starting to believe her since one of them who is younger than me can fly yet I still can't.”

I looked at Scootaloo with sympathy as she stared at the ground in sadness. I then scooched closer to her and draped a hoof around her.

“Well who cares what they think. Just because you can't fly now doesn't mean you won't be able to in the future. Heck, I bet when you get older, you'll be flying as fast as Rainbow Dash, and you'll be rubbing it in their faces.”

I heard Scoots sniff a little. “You really think so.”

“I don't think so,” I said as she looked to me, “I know so.”

Scoots looked to me with a blank expression, but it then changed to a bright smile as she hugged me.

“Thank you.”

I hugged her back. “Hey now, this is what friends are for.” I said as I pulled out of the hug with a smile

“And like Dash said, if you keep this up, you'll probably be just as fast as her one day.” I said as I pointed a hoof to her chest.

To that Scootaloo’s smile got brighter. Then Rainbow shouted to us as she came passing by.

“While I really think Scootaloo has great potential Mason, you have to remember that I'm the fastest pegasus in Equest-”

Except she didn't finish do to a tree meeting her face head on with a loud thunk. Both me and Scootaloo cringed as Rainbow Dash slid down the tree with a groan and feel backwards off of it.

After a while of staring at Dash I snicker and looked to Scootaloo who looked to me.

“Yeah, she's definitely the fastest, but probably not the most alert.” I said as I laughed.

Scootaloo just looked to me with a raised eyebrow as I continued to laugh. But as they say, laughs can be contagious, and eventually she started to laugh with me.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash sat up while rubbing her head. But she was fully brought back to the planet when she heard my little joke and then both of us laughing. She then turned her head with a small glare in our direction.

“ two think that's funny huh?”

Trying to keep my laughter in, I covered my mouth with both my hooves and shook my head. “No, I don't think it's funny.”

“Oh really,” the blue mare accused, “so it's probably wouldn't be funny to you if I decided to chase you.” With that Dash got a playful smirk as she got on all fours and crouched in a pouncing position with her wings flared.

Still in a laughing fit I got on all fours and backed up as Scoots did the same, who at the moment was still snickering. “Well if you did that, then we would just run.”

“Run? From me? As in me, Rainbow Dash. Surely you can't be serious Mason?” She responded.

Not wanting to spoil this before the, probably very short chase, I responded. “Oh I am serious.”

Dash then crouched lower but before she pounced I finished my sentence.

“And don't call me Shirley.”

With that Rainbow Dash stopped dead in her tracks and looked to me with confusion.

“Wait, wha-”


But was then caught off guard as me and Scootaloo bolted in the opposite direction. Not wanting to lose us, she quickly shot in the sky and followed closely behind us.

“Hey get back here!”

Not wanting to slow down I turned my head to her. “You’ll have to catch us first!”

Starting to quickly catch up, the mare quickly responded. “Oh I don't think that will be a problem for me Mason!”

And with that she quickly shot at us full speed. It was so fast that Scootaloo and me didn't have enough time to register that we had been caught and then dropped in the shallow end of the pond we were exercising next to.

By the time I knew I was in cold water I quickly resurfaced with a breath of air and Scootaloo doing the same thing. We then looked to each other and then to a laughing Rainbow Dash who was flying above us.

“So how was that for an alert pegasus like me.”

Swimming to shore to quickly dry off, I responded. “Well, it wasn't exactly alert but it was definitely fast.”

Shrugging her shoulders, the blue pegasus landed next to us. “Eh, good enough I guess.”

“But you gotta admit,” Scootaloo said as she shook off the excess water, “that was still kinda funny.”

Dash through a hoof in the air. “Yeah, yeah, I guess it was kinda funny. But not as funny when you all got dunked in the pond.”

“I thought that was kinda fun to be honest.” I said as I too shook the excess water off.

Rainbow Dash nodded her head and then looked to both of us. “Well I think that's enough activities for today, what say I take you guys back home to eat and rest up.”

“Yeah I could use some food.” Scootaloo said as she came next to Rainbow Dash to hop on her back.

“And I could use some dry towels.” I said with a snicker as I too came next to Rainbow Dash. Both the mare and filly snickered as Scootaloo and me hopped on the mare’s back and took off for home.


The castle was just in sight now. Rainbow Dash had just dropped off Scootaloo at the orphanage and was ready to take me back to Pinkie’s. But then I remembered I need my phone so I asked if she could quickly take me to Twilight’s so I could get it from her.

Dash landed next to the doors and allowed me to get off as she knocked on them. We didn't have to wait long as the lavender pony herself answered the door and greeted us with a warm smile.

“Well it's nice to see you both here,” the princess pony said, “I take it the flight lessons went well.”

“Yup, they were really fun and Rainbow Dash taught me a lot. I can even use my wings now!” I said enthusiastically. To prove this I gave my wings a tiny flap.

Rainbow Dash nodded in agreement. “Yup, the little squirt can now move those little feathers of his. And I gotta say he's quite the fast learner and I'm really looking forward to teaching him a little bit more.” She said as she ruffled my mane.

Twilight smiled brighter at that. “Well that's very good to hear you two. Now what can I do for you guys.”

“Well I was about to take Mason here to Pinkie’s but then he asked if I could take him here so he could get this...fone from you.” Rainbow Dash said.

Twilight looked to Rainbow Dash with a raised eyebrow but then quickly made an ‘oh’ expression as she teleported my phone in front of her. “Ah yes I almost forgot about that. Here you are Mason and by the way Rainbow Dash, it's phone with a p-h.”

Taking my phone in my hoof, I quickly engulfed it in flames and made it disappear into god knows where. I seriously, for the life of me, still don't know where that goes.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I still need to take him to Pinkie’s so we’ll see you later Twilight.” Rainbow Dash said as she crouched down for me.

“Wait,” Twilight quickly said before I could get on Dash’s back, “I need you to take these Mason.” She finished as she handed me some rolled up paper with her magic.

I took the paper with a questioning gaze and looked to Twilight. “What are these?”

Twilight gestured her head to the paper. “That is a schedule for when I need you to come in for your elemental magic lessons. Celestia said it's very important that you're taught how to use it, so I made a schedule for you to come in and learn.”

“Oh,” I said as I engulfed the paper in a flame to be tucked into space with my phone, “thank you Twilight.” I finished as I climbed on Dash’s back.

Twilight nodded her head to me as Rainbow took off and waved a goodbye which I responded with a wave of my own. I turned my attention ahead of me to take in the sights again. I will never get tired of seeing this. As the swift pegasus continued to drift in the sky, I looked ahead to see the cupcake of Sugarcube Corner approaching.

“So Mason,” Rainbow Dash said as she kept flying,” tell me about what this...fone of yours can do.”

I looked to Dash and answered. “It's phone with a p-h.”

She then looked to me with a playful raised eyebrow and tsked to herself.


Chapter 12: To Be A Mother

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Author used time lapse by 2 months! It's not very effective!


Welp, I'm never doing this again.


It has been two months since Mason’s first day of school, lessons in elemental magic, and flight. In these two months Mason has gone to his new school with his friends and dealing with or ignoring Diamond Tiara if she's ever a bother, much to the annoyance of the rich filly. Mason has also gotten time in with Twilight to get more lessons and even learn more about the history of Equestria, much to the excitement of the egghead pony. Not only that but he has also got a few extra flight lessons here and there but has he progressed? No, not really, but he keeps on trying though.

During these two months, the young colt has also spent more time with the crusaders and has been in a lot of adventures with them, some being a little more troublesome than others. Mason has taken more time to know Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and even Rarity with an occasion of talking to Fluttershy when she's around.

The main pony he has gotten even closer to, is Pinkie Pie. They have done a lot of things together for the days they've been with each other -even though it's only been two months- and have formed a close bond with each other. And this particular bond is about to make itself known today. Not like it hasn't but you know what I mean.

And this particular bond might lead them both to a big decision.

(Pinkie’s Pov)

Pinkie was humming a bouncy tune to herself while baking some cupcakes. While she was baking some goodies, she had assigned Mason to frost some of them which is what the colt was doing now. While Pinkie was busy with the last batch she couldn't help but sigh happily.

She didn't know why, but she loved having Mason with her. Not like he already was but more like spending time with her. It made her so happy that the Cakes agreed to let him stay. It made her bounce off the walls! THE WALLS OF HER MIND!

*Ahem* Sorry about that.

Pinkie didn't even know what she would have done if he couldn't stay. Having the colt around made her have a new feeling for the little guy, a feeling to protect and watch over the colt and even be there to comfort and support him. Although she would do it anyway because he's her best friend but when she thought about it, she felt like he was more than a friend. Almost like he was something else. She didn't quite understand why she was getting this feeling but she decide that it's because of the very tight bond they made in their friendship.

Either that or the author is planning something.’ thought the pink party mare. Pinkie shrugged her shoulders and took out the fresh tray of cupcakes from the oven and sat them on the counter. Mason was about to start frosting them but was stopped by the party mare’s pink hoof.

“I think I'll take this batch Mason, you should probably head out to Twilight’s. I mean you already did like 5 trays worth of cupcakes.” Pinkie said with her bubbly voice.

“What! Why!? I still want to finish this last batch with you.” Mason whined to the mare.

Pinkie giggled. The colt really loved to bake with her. Heck she would dare say he liked baking more than her. Which was very unlikely because she's Pinkie Pie.

“Sorry buddy, but we both know that you promised Twilight you'd be at her place early to practice your elemental magic. Even though I don't want you to leave yet and I want to bake more things with you, you shouldn't break your promises to your friends.” Pinkie scolded to the little colt.

Mason sighed and sat down the frosting. “Alright, I guess it is important I don't break my promises.” Mason then got down off the stool he was on and walked towards the door that lead out of the kitchen, but not before giving Pinkie a quick hug.

“I'll see ya later tonight Pinkie.” Mason said.

“I'll see you later Masey, you be careful out there ok.” Pinkie said after the embrace ended.

“You know I'm always careful when I go through Ponyville Pinkie.” Mason groaned while walking to the door.

Pinkie laughed with a smile. “I know, just reminding ya so you don't forget.” Mason put his hoof against the door and looked to Pinkie with a small grin.

“I'll be sure to keep it mind, bye Mom.” Mason said while walking out the door. Pinkie stared blankly at the door for a while and soon had a small smile on her face.

“Heh-heh, he called me mom.” Pinkie then turned around and grabbed a few sprinkle shakers with her tail and picked up the frosting to decorate the batch of cupcakes, but suddenly stopped when realization hit her.

“He called me mom.”

All the items hit the floor as Pinkie put her hooves to her face and gasped loudly. “Oh sweet Celestia! Mason called me mom!” Pinkie then started rapidly prance in place while spinning in circles.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh! What do I do? What do I do?” At this point, Pinke was on the ceiling of the kitchen while trying to think on how to deal with the situation. Before she could get to the other side of the ceiling, she stopped dead in her tracks.

Could it be that this is the feeling that she had for him? Perhaps it felt different because she saw him as a...son?

Maybe that's what I've always felt? I mean it's gotten quite noticeable when I think about it. Like when I tuck him in and kiss him to bed at night. Or like what I said to Dashie when she gave him a wild ride on her back before we ran to the train. Oh is this what you were planning author? I mean it's quite obvious, but is this the main part of your story. Oh boy I should probably talk to someone shouldn't I?’ Pinkie thought quickly to herself. As she thought more and more about it, certain doubts began to come to her.

“Oh this is quite the doozy. I should talk with somepony about this, but who do I go to?” Pinkie then plopped her flank onto the ceiling and tapped her head with a hoof. Soon an idea came to her mind but before she could say it out loud she fell back to the floor with a loud thump.

The party mare shook off the little fall and raised a hoof into the air. “I know! I'll go to Rarity, she could probably help me on how to approach this.”

Probably not the best idea.

“Be quiet author, for I shall progress this story!” Pinkie said to the heavens.

But I'm the one writing it!

“Then progress away!” She shouted.

Pinkie left the kitchen with great speed and zoomed to the front door. Before she reached the front door she stopped in midair and tapped a hoof to her chin. In the blink of an eye she zoomed back into the kitchen, decorated the cupcakes, and cleaned the kitchen in record time.

When she was done she zoomed back out to the front door and took out a stopwatch from her mane that read 0.07 seconds. Pinkie frowned.

“Aww, I was three milliseconds too long.” Pinkie smiled and then shrugged. “Oh well.”

She then put the stopwatch back in her mane and went at top speed towards Rarity’s. Pinkie passed by many buildings and ponies that were nothing but blurs. As a matter of fact, she went so fast she was about to pass Mason who was still walking towards Twilight’s castle. Not wanting the colt to figure out what she was doing, she quickly changed directions and cut through an alleyway.

When she came out she spotted Rarity’s boutique just ahead and put her speed in full force. She came to a screeching halt at the door and proceeded to calmly and gently knock on the door.

By repeatedly pounding on it like it was the apocalypse.


The door then swung open revealing an irritated tailor with pins and needles in her magic, measuring tape around her neck, and glasses on her muzzle.

“What on earth are you doing banging on my door like that Pinkie? I'm trying to finish these orders that need to be filled out!” Rarity said annoyed from the sudden and loud interruption from her friend.

Pinkie not really taking in consideration for what her friend said, took a deep breath and in one sentence spoke.

“So earlier today I was baking cupcakes with Mason and I said ‘hey Mason you need to go to Twilight’s to study your elemental magic’ and he was like ‘but I don't want to’ andthenItoldhimhowheshouldn'tbreakhispromisestohisfriendsandthenwehuggedandthenhestartedtoleaveSugarcubeCornerbutbeforehedidhecalledmemom!”

Rarity blinked to her friends rapid speaking and calmly replied. “Although I picked up most of that darling, I didn't catch what you said in the end.”

Pinkie took in a deep breath but before she could speak, a blue aura of magic closed her lips making her only mumble her sentence just as fast.

“Pinkie.” Pinkie stopped speaking and looked to the white mare. “I need you to slow down and tell me what happened that's got you acting like this, okay?”

Pinkie took in some smooth breaths through her nose and nodded. Rarity then cut her magic off from her friends mouth.

“Now tell me, what happened.” Rarity asked calmly.

Pinkie took in another breath and then replied. “Mason called me mom.”

It was at this moment that everything went silent. It was so silent that you could probably hear a bit drop on the ground. Which I think one just did. Ooh look there it goes.

“What?” asked a baffled Rarity.

“Mason called me mom.” Pinkie repeated.

Rarity stared at her friend for a while and then her eyes gleamed and a large smile formed on her face. The white pony then squealed in delight and grabbed Pinkie by her magic and rushed her into the boutique and plopped her down on a couch. Rarity quickly took off her glasses, measuring tape, and with the pins and needles, put them somewhere on a table and sat herself down on a chair across from her friend leaning towards her.

“Tell. Me. Everything.” Rarity said with her smile never faltering.

Pinkie blinked at Rarity but decided to tell her friend everything that had happened. Which she would have done anyway.

“Like I said before. Today me and Mason we're baking, well I was baking and he was decorating and after the last batch was done I stopped Mason and told him that he had to go to Twilight’s to learn another lesson with her. But he didn't want to leave because he wanted to be with me, but I told him that he shouldn't break his promises that he makes to his friends. So before he left we hugged and said our goodbyes and I told him to be careful when he leaves and he said, ‘he'd keep it in mind’, and before he left he said, ‘bye mom’.”

Rarity sat there with her still beaming smile and glimmering eyes as she took in every word Pinkie said. And I mean every word. When Pinkie had finished she squealed again. “Eeeee, this is so exciting darling. Mason is looking up to you now and not only as an idol but as a parent figure too! oh it's just so cute! It's so wonderful!”

Pinkie’s ears began to droop a little. “Yeah, wonderful.”

Rarity who was noticing her friends lack in excitement came over and sat next to Pinkie. “Is everything alright Pinkie, you don't seem so thrilled by this. Aren't you excited about Mason seeing you as a mother?”

Pinkie looked up to the posh pony and sighed. “I am very much excited about this Rarity, but I'm just worried that I'll take his appreciation from his real parents. Some part of me thinks that he'll probably forget about them.”

The couturiere pony was taken back by Pinkie’s answer and soothingly rubbed her back. “Pinkie I'm sure that's not what would happen to Mason. Sure he might see you as a new mom but that doesn't mean he's going to forget the first parent to tuck him in at night or the first parent who comforted him when he needed it the most.”

Pinkie took in her friend's words and nodded to them but still had her other doubts. “But what if he actually doesn't see me as such? What if he just sees me as a pony to look up to and called me mom by accident?”

Rarity shook her head and spoke. “Darling I might not have gotten to know Mason as much as you do but I'm absolutely sure he wouldn't think that. As far as I can see, the young colt thinks too highly of you to not think of you as such.”

The pink pony looked up to her friend with new found hope in her eyes. “You really think so?”

Rarity smiled and nodded. “I really do.”

Having gotten encouragement from the couturiere, Pinkie smiled and hugged her friend. “Thank you Rarity.”

The young fashion designer smiled as well and hugged back the party mare. “You are very welcome darling.”

Pinkie ended the embrace but then had a thought. ‘What should I do now?’

Wanting to share her thoughts, Pinkie looked to her friend with a questioning look. “What should I do now?”

Rarity looked to the side with a hoof to her chin with a thoughtful look. Then turned her gaze back to Pinkie. “What do you think you should do?”

Pinkie looked to the floor with a conflicted gaze. “I don't know. I feel like I should do something about this with Mason but I don't know if I'm ready to talk about it.”

Rarity looked to her friend with a slight frown. “Do you still feel doubtful about this?”

Pinkie didn't say anything as her ears fell. Saying not a word, the mare looked to Rarity with a sad frown and nodded.

Rarity’s frown deepened but changed to a determined look . “Well I don't know how else to encourage you Pinkie but I do suggest you go to Applejack if you still feel doubtful.”

Pinkie raised an eyebrow at her friend. “Why should I go to Applejack?”

Rarity put both hooves on Pinkie’s shoulders as she answered. “Because darling, Applejack’s family are the only ones -as far as I really know- who are extremely close to each other. So I do believe that if you were to get any form of encouragement from someone, it's Applejack.”

Staring at her friend for a moment, Pinkie thought what Rarity had told her. It was true for the Apple family to be extremely close, so it would only be logical for her to get some of the best encouragement from AJ.

“Alright Rarity, I'll head to AJ’s and ask her about it. Thanks for listening.” Pinkie said while giving a hug to her friend.

The posh pony smiled and hugged her back. “Oh it was nothing at all darling. I really hope you make a good decision about it.”

Ending the hug, Pinkie got off the couch and headed towards the door. “I will and thanks again Rarity.”

As soon as Pinkie Pie exited the boutique, she broke off at top speeds heading for Sweet Apple Acres at the speed of-

“Um author, could we actually just skip this speedy adventure and do a timelapse please?” Pinkie interrupted while she stopped running in midair.

But I need to give my readers more information in my stories so they feel satisfied. As it goes from my experience of reading books Pinkie, too much info and the reader becomes bored and skips a few paragraphs. Too little info, and the reader thinks the story is being rushed.

“Oh I'm sure you can give this chapter one little timelapse couldn't you.” Pinkie said with a big smile.

.....Fine, I guess I can do with one timelapse.

(At Twilight’s Castle)

Mason hummed a cheery tune as he walked through Twilight’s castle. Although he could get lost in the giant crystal tree thingy, he had memorized quite well how to get to the library.

Taking the last turn, Mason thought about him and Pinkie. They had grown very close together over the past two months. It was almost like they were family. Mason laughed.

It might as well have been that since he called her mom.

Mason chuckled a little at that as he began to slow down. His laughter went silent as he stopped in his tracks with a blank expression.

He called her mom.

Should he feel something about this? Just thinking about it makes it feel like he meant it. Like it was supposed to be something more than a tight bond between friends.

The colt brought a hoof to his chin in thought. Did he actually mean that? More importantly did he want that?

Mason shrugged to himself and continued his way to the place of knowledge.

“I'll ask Pinkie about it when I get back.”

(Sweet Apple Acres)

Pinkie stared blankly at Applejack who bucked a tree, causing many apples to fall from its branches and into the buckets below it. When the last apple fell, Applejack turned to the energetic party mare.

“Personally, ah think you should go along with it.”

Pinkie blinked. “What?”

Applejack raised an eyebrow at Pinkie. “About you and Mason, ah think you should go along with it. Ya know, on the whole ‘parent thing’ that we jus' talked about.”

Pinkie blinked again. “We talked about that?”

Now Applejack looked nothing but confused at her friend. “Uh, yeeeaaah. We jus’ talked about it a few minutes ago.”

Pinkie brought a hoof to her chin to think back to the few minutes that she missed. After some thought on it, realization hit her in the face.

“Oh thaaaat, yeah I must have not been here for that because of the time lapse that just happened.” Pinkie said with a smile.

Now it was Applejack’s turn to blink. "Say what?”

“You know, the time lapse that the author used just a few minutes ago for the story.” Pinkie said as she waved a hoof around.

If Applejack thought she was confused then, well now the word confused was an understatement.

“Ya know what,” Applejack said while rubbing a hoof to her head, “Ah’m just gonna roll with it, or have Celestia help me an' mah headache. So you know what we talked about.”

“Yup!” Pinkie said enthusiastically.

Applejack nodded as she picked one of the buckets and put it on her back. “Well as ah said before, ah think you should go along wit it.”

Pinkie Pie, now knowing what the farm mare was talking about, gave a look of doubt. “While I appreciate your opinion Applejack, I still don't know if I should go along with it. I mean, what if Mason says no?”

Applejack sighed at her friend’s doubt as she walked to the cart filled to the brim with buckets of apples. “Pinkie, for the way you an' Mason are together, I would be more than surprahsed if he said no.”

While Pinkie could see that as a good point, for some reason she still felt doubt about it. She didn't know why she didn't just go with it. Was it because Mason is from a different place entirely or the fact that she was scared of him rejecting an adoption?

Pinkie was brought from her thoughts when AJ sighed heavily and looked back at her with a critical stare. “Let me ask ya something’ Pinkie. Does Mason like being with you?”

Pinkie didn't have to think about that questions. “Well yeah but-”

“Do you enjoy spending your time with the young colt?”

Pinkie nodded again and was about to say something but the farm pony beat her to it.

“Would you be there for him if he ever needed some comfort?”

Again Pinkie nodded while her friend continued.

“Do you, at any point when yer with him, feel like he is more than jus’ yer friend? Ah mean, in a parent to child kind of way.”

Pinkie had just discovered what that was today so she nodded.

“And do you think that Mason -for the way that he is around you- would decline calling you Ma?”

Pinkie thought about that one. He was a really nice colt and anytime they were doing something together -especially when it's baking- he's always excited to do it with her so in response, Pinkie nodded.

Applejack looked to her friend with softer look. “Then why in Equestria, do ya think he would say no?”

To be honest, the party mare didn't have an answer for that. She didn't know why she had these doubts. It could really be because some part of her is scared to find out the answer from her. When she didn't answer, AJ spoke up.

“Because I can tell ya right now sugarcube. He ain't gonna say no. You an’ that colt are closer than two peas in a pod.”

Pinkie didn't know what to say but she definitely felt more encouraged to give it a try. Mason was a real sweetheart and she felt real close to him as he probably did to her.

“You're right AJ,” Pinkie said with determination, “I should just ignore my doubts and ask Mason if he wants to be adopted!”

Now liking her friends determination in full swing, Applejack reared and kicked her front legs out in excitement. “Hoowee! That's what I like ta hear Pinkie! Now how ‘bout you go an’ get those adoption papers, head back to Sugarcube Corner to meet Mason, and ask ‘im if he wants to be adopted!”

Now with even more determination Pinkie quickly hugged her friend and headed towards the front gate. But before she left, she quickly turned around and shouted back to AJ.


Pinkie didn't have to wait long as she soon heard a response from the farm pony.


Pinkie nodded to herself and headed to get the adoption papers.

(Twilight’s Pov)

“So it's important that if you ever do this Mason, that you don't do it near water. Because if somepony ends up in it, you could really hurt them.”

It was at this point in time that our lovely lavender princess was teaching Mason some more magic. A little while ago he came into the library and like always, Twilight had gotten down to business with teaching him some history, hoofwriting, and then teaching him more on his elemental magic.

Right now our Princess of Friendship was teaching and showing him the hazards of using his lightning near ponies. Although he hasn't officially unlocked his magic, he can still do harm with his tiny lightning bolts.

Twilight looked back to see how her little student was doing, but frowned when it was obvious he wasn't quite paying attention.


Still no response, the purple pony came up to his side of and could clearly see something was bothering him.


Seeing him jump slightly made her giggle a little bit as the little colt looked at her with a questioning gaze.


Twilight pulled up a chair and sat in it right next to the colt and asked in a worried voice. “Are you feeling okay? You've been like this ever since we started our sessions today.”

Twilight got a little more worried as she saw the young colt shake his head rapidly. “Oh yeah it's fine really. Just something that happened early today when I was with Pinkie.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” She pressed further.

Mason shook his head. “No, I'll just ask Pinkie about it later today.”

Twilight was about to ask something else until she was interrupted from a knock on her door. Her wings twitched in agitation.

“Oh now who could that be.” She said, a little upset with someone interrupting her. Twilight teleported to the door and opened it to see Spike and Rainbow Dash -whose wings wouldn't stand still- standing there with very large smiles on their faces. Which actually confused the mare.

“Um, can I help you two with something?”

Taking a look over her shoulder, Rainbow Dash came closer to Twilight in a hushed tone. “Yes, we need your help with something big.”

This only raised Twilight’s confusion even more. “How so?”

Rainbow Dash who looked like she just got asked to marry a wonderbolt, quickly said. “Pinkie Pie is going to adopt Mason.”

It took a moment for that to register. Registered. Twilight smiled very brightly. She smiled so brightly you could've sworn you saw the sun in it.

“Ohmygosh! That's such exciting news! When is she going to do it?” She said in a hushed tone.

Rainbow looked over Twilight’s shoulder again and then back to her. “Today at Sugarcube Corner. The girls are gonna be there so we just need you to bring him.”

Nodded with excitement, Twilight answered back. “Alright I'll bring him over.”

Both Spike and Rainbow Dash nodded to their friend and took off down the hallway. Twilight closed the door and headed towards Mason -who was still staring off into space- with a plan already forming in her head.

“Ok Mason I think we've done enough for today. I actually have to run some errands.” The Twilight said, preparing to put her plan in motion.

Mason looked to Twilight for a second and then nodded while climbing off of the chair he was on. “Alright, I'm gonna head to Sugarcube Corner to talk with Pinkie.”

“Oh,” said Twilight with fake realization, “do you mind if I walk with you? I need to pick up some cupcakes from Sugarcube Corner.”

Mason shook his head as Twilight began to walk with him. “No I don't mind. As a matter of fact, me and Pinkie just finished a batch of them today.”

Twilight smiled to the colt as she opened the door to the library. “Well then, I'll be sure to buy an extra dozen of them.”

(Pinkie’s Pov)

“So what can I help you with today Miss Pie?”

Pinkie Pie had just arrived to the orphanage from Sugarcube Corner. After telling Mrs. Cake about what she was going to do, she immediately gave Pinkie what she needed and almost pushed her out the door with haste while she set up things for the big event.

That is if Mason said yes.

Pinkie shook her head. ‘You've already been over this Pinkie. It's unlikely that Mason is going to say no.’

Pinkie then looked over to the mare in front of her and cleared her throat. “I would like to make an adoption please.”

The purple mare at the desk seemed to gleam with joy as ears perked up. “Oh well isn't that exciting! And who will be the lucky colt or filly today.”

Pinkie Pie closed her eyes and took a few breaths to calm herself. When she felt calm enough she opened her eyes and put on her best confident smile. “I would like to adopt a colt named Mason.”

(Mason’s Pov)

We had finally arrived at Sugarcube Corner. For most of the walk Twilight had been quiet and seemed rather excited about something which was quite odd but I thought nothing of it. The only thing that I have been thinking is when I called Pinkie mom.

Ugh. It makes my head hurt just thinking so hard on it. What do I say to her? Does she maybe feel the same way? Do I even see her that way?.’ I thought.

I shook my head to clear the doubts. ‘I’ll talk to Pinkie about it first because if I don't, it's going to bother me all day and possibly for a long time until I tell somepony.’

I walked up to the door of the sweet shop with Twilight close behind and opened the door. When I opened it my eyes widened at what was before me. The inside of the shop was decorated for a party no doubt. And there were a lot of ponies for this one.

I saw my teacher, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, AJ, Rarity, Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and some of my friends from school. Even Dinky and her mother Ditzy were here. And they had very large smiles on their faces. Maybe there's someone new in town?

But if that were the case then where’s Pinkie?

“Uhm, hey guys. What's with all the decorations and stuff? Is there someone new in town?”

When I asked that Rainbow Dash floated in the air towards me. “You could say that. But it's not only for somepony, it's for a very special pony.”

“It is?” I asked, “then who is this special pony?”

Dash looked past me and out one of the windows and smiled. “I think I'll let Pinkie Pie tell you that.”

Raising an eyebrow, I turned to the door just in time to see Pinkie Pie walk through it and freeze for a second as she looked at all the ponies around. She then smiled and it only got brighter and if not nervous when she looked at me.

“Mason!” Pinkie shouted happily as she gave me a large hug, “you're just the pony I wanted to see.”

I looked to the pink pony confused. “I am?”

She nodded as she came in front of me while the others including Twilight stood behind her.

“Mason do you know what this little party is for?” Pinkie asked me while rubbing her hooves together nervously.

I looked around as I slowly shook my head and looked to the mare urging her on to finish speaking.

“Well it's for you.” She finished by pointing a hoof at me.

I raised an eyebrow and tilted my head. “It is? Why is it for me?”

“Well,” Pinkie started as she looked to her friends who nodded her on and turned back to me while pulling a piece of paper out of her mane, “it's because I wanted to ask you a very important question.”

Still titling my head I came closer to Pinkie and looked to the paper wondering what it was for as she began to unfold it.

“We've gotten to know each other very well and I feel very close to you Mason. Almost to the point where I think of you as more than a friend. So I wanted to ask.”

As Pinkie spoke she showed the paper in front of me and as I read it my eyes widen with tears threatening to spill out as I looked back to her.

“Would you like to be adopted by me?”

It was silent. Nothing happened. Pinkie kept the paper held out in front of me as I kept reading it over and over again. I looked to her as she looked to me with hope.

“So, if I say yes...does that mean I can call you mom?”

Pinkie gasped silently and slowly smiled as tears began to come to her eyes.


I stared at her and as quick as my legs would let me embraced Pinkie as she did the same and said the one word that would change my life in this world forever.

“Yes, I would love to be adopted by you.”

When I said that all the ponies present awed and clapped with congrats as me and Pinkie embraced tightly. All of it got better as Rainbow Dash began to get everypony’s attention.

“Well what are we sitting around for? Let's celebrate!”


I slid in Pinkie's bed exhausted from the party that just transpired as she finished up her bedtime routine. To be honest, I felt great. Like I could take on any problem that comes my way.

As I continued to swim in my thoughts while fighting to keep my eyes open, Pinkie came into the room and closed the door behind her. She then made sure that her pet alligator Gummy was all nice and cozy in his little bed. When she was sure he was settled she came over and hopped in her bed next to me.

“Did you have fun Mason?” She asked as she began to tuck me in.

Feeling all warm from being tucked in again, I smiled as I looked to Pinkie. “Yeah,” I answered as I yawned, “I had a blast.”

Pinkie smiled back to me. “Well I'm glad you did. And even though I like to stay up a little longer after the party, we should really get to bed. Especially you mister.”

I nodded in agreement as I yawned again and snuggled in the covers of Pinkie’s bed. Pinkie herself covered up and snuggled in them as well. When she was done I decided to get closer to her and snuggled against her which she didn't mind. When I was comfortable I yawned and felt my eyes close.


Pinkie smiled to me as she kissed my forehead and laid her head down to sleep.

“ little colt.”

Chapter 13: A Crusade for Cutie Marks

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Hey guys! Look what I did! I made a new intro sequence for this chapter!

A camera fades as it reveals a golden city with spot lights all over the place. A large statue of a pegasus that looks half cyborg stands in a pouncing pose with spot lights waving around it. Under the pony are large golden letters that read ‘Cyber Pony’. The intro begins….




Camera fades into black….

Ya like it?

(Luna’s Pov)

A black majestic form flew through a black, star-filled void. As she flew through the dark void, she passed by many floating orbs of light that reflected ponies and some other creatures having dreams. Some were of their imagination, others of happiness and love, and the others….

We don't really mention those ones.

The form though, as we were saying, flew with calmness as she watched her little ponies dream the night away. No nightmares. No problems. Only bliss.

Princess Luna sighed in relaxation as her realm carried her off gently. The amount of warmth and joy she feels when sweet dreams reach her never gets old.

As the Princess of The Night continued to fly through the void, she felt another presence that seemed to radiate with warmth. Not only that but it seemed to be so much more lively as the host continued to dream the world away. Princess Luna tilted her wings to arch her body towards the dream. As she drew near a small smile touched her lips as she watched a particular colt dream away.

“What might you be dreaming of tonight, Mason?” The princess asked herself. The goddess of night touched down into a black floor that could not be seen as she circled the tiny light that held the colts dreams.

“Let's have a look shall we.” Gingerly lifting her hoof, Luna touched the orb as it sucked her into the colt’s dream.

(Mason’s Pov)

The wind blew against my wings as it carried me aloft. With my eyes closed I professionally glided through the air with ease as I gave a flap to keep myself aloft. Sometimes I would dream of myself flying, it was always something that could be fun to imagine in your own world, but when you can do it in real life, it's so much better.

As I continued to fly, I didn't notice the muffled voice that called to me below until something bopped me on the head.

Suddenly stopping in air, I rubbed my head as to figure out what hit me. Looking down I couldn't see anything but grass, until that same voice called me again. Directing my gaze behind me I saw her. There standing on a small hill with one tree on top of it and Ponyville behind it, I saw Pinkie Pie.

My friend.

My mother.

Wasting no time, I propelled myself forward with one flap and tucked my wings in making my body go for a dive bomb. As I neared the ground I immediately expanded my wings to catch the wind and glide towards the one pony I wanted to see.

Pinkie Pie smiled brightly as she opened her hooves for an embrace. Smiling to myself, I picked up speed to get to the mare faster. As I got closer I quickly tucked in my wings and opened my own hooves as the wind and momentum carried me the rest of the way to the pink mare.

Quickly catching me, Pinkie and I giggled as we rolled in the grass from my small impact. When we stopped, Pinkie adjusted her hooves around me and hugged tighter while I did the same.

As we embraced, Pinkie sat up on her haunches as she rubbed my mane gently.

“Well look at who's been getting better at flying! You’re getting much better bud!”

Pushing myself from her chest to look up at my mother, I happily bounced in her lap. “I know right! I lasted a whole 15 minutes in the air and I still wasn't exhausted!”

The mare giggled as she booped my nose. “Guess those lessons with Rainbow Dash are really starting to pay off aren't they?”

I nodded enthusiastically as I looked at my ruffled wings. While it's fun to fly, it can be a bit rough on the feathers, making most of them get all over the place which causes most pegasi to preen them every now and again. For how much Rainbow Dash flies, I can only imagine how much she preens them.

Turning back to Pinkie, I became confused when I saw the look on her face. She had a bit of a frown where her smile was as she tilted her head left and right while staring at my wings.

Suddenly, the mare picked me up and turned me around as she took an even closer look at my appendages. I was starting to become more confused by the way she was acting.

“Oh Masey…” The mare said as she grabbed one of my wings.

“Look at what you did to your wings, the feathers are all ruffled up.”

I raised an eyebrow as I eyed my ruffled feathers. Some of them looked like they were ready to fall out while others were sticking this way and that.

I shifted my confused gaze back to my mom. “Uh yeah, they tend to get like that when I fly. I was going to preen them soon.”

My mother hummed as she tapped her chin. To add more to my confusion, she shook her head as she kept hold of my wing.

“No, later will not do. My colt is not going around with ruffled wings.”

Before I could speak, I felt a sensation from one of my feathers as Pinkie Pie began to preen my ruffled feathers. Now, preening wings was sort of like taking a bath but different. Being the ten year old that I was, I decided to act on this.

By quickly spring out of my mother's lap and expanding my wings at ful mast.

“No thank you mom, I can preen my own wings.” I said hastily as I back away from the mare.

Looking surprised from my sudden movement, I could clearly see the mirth in her eyes as she got up and slowly stalked towards me. “Now Mason, it's perfectly normal for a mother to preen her child's wings. It won't take me that long to do it.”

“No-no-no-no, I can do it myself, I'm a big boy after all. Don't need help preening.” I said as crouched down, ready to run for the hills.

Pinkie stopped with an amused grin as she crouched down herself. “And what makes you say that my little colt.”

I said nothing as I stared at the mare who stared right back. We kept that gaze for a few tense seconds until finally. I made my move.

Acting quickly, I spun around with a squeal as I ran for Ponyville while shouting behind me.

“Because you'll have to catch me first!”

I didn't get far though as I could plainly hear the fast bounces of my mother right behind me.

“Than that's a challenge I'm up for!” Pinkie shouted with a laugh.

(Luna’s Pov)

Unknown to the colt, the Princess of The Night watched with amusement from a cloud as the colt laughed from being chased by his new mother, the Element of Laughter.

Standing to her full height, Luna expanded her wings as she began to leave the dream world.

“I guess for tonight, I'll let him enjoy this one on his own.”

Taking one last look at the happy colt who got pounced on by the pink mare. Luna flapped her wings and took to the sky and out of the dream world.

(The Next Day)
(Mason’s Pov)

I walked down the dirt path tiredly yet happily as the school house came into view. Although I was tired from waking up in the morning, I couldn't be any more happy from what happened yesterday and the dream I had. Never would I think that I would get adopted in another world by a creature that has never been seen by my kind, but yet, here I am. A human turned colt, living in a world unlike my own, and the son of Pinkie Pie. It was just marvelous. With the positive thoughts remaining in my head, I caught site of my friends on the doorstep of the school house waiting for me. Scootaloo had spotted me behind the other two fillies and gave a small wave to me which caused Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to turn around and wave at me as well. Happily returning the wave I joined them with some hellos and together we entered the building and into our class to take our seats.

Situating myself in my seat with my friends doing the same, the other fillies and colts entered the building along with Miss Cheerilee just as the bell rung. As the last few ran to get into their seats, Miss Cheerilee cleared her throat and waited for everyone to be seated. When she was satisfied she spoke up loud and clear.

“Alright class, settle down now, I have an important announcement to make today.” The teacher said as the class quieted down. When all was settled she continued with her announcement.

“Now as you all should know, the Student Pony President Election Day is tomorrow! Which means tomorrow we will be electing for our student pony president. Our runners for this event are Pipsqueak and Diamond Tiara.”

All the students, including myself looked to the candidates. I could instantly tell that Diamond Tiara had a smug look on her face as she held her head high. I quietly huffed at the snobbish filly before turning my attention to Pipsqueak. While I didn't know the colt personally I did meet him a few times on the school premises and sometimes in the town.

Pipsqueak really lived up to his name. For somepony his age, he was one of the smallest colts I have ever seen but a nice one at that. His fur was a mix of white and brown while his mane and tail were two shades of brown. He also did not have a Cutie Mark.

What kind of caught me off guard though was that he spoke in a British accent. It was really surprising to me.

Shaking my thoughts out of my head I brought my attention to Miss Cheerilee as did the rest of the class.

“Now students, tomorrow our candidates will make a speech on how they wish to improve the school and their input on why they should be voted. On that same day after school, everypony will make their vote and I will make the announcement for it.”

All of the students nodded in understanding which Miss Cheerilee smiled at. The mare reached into her desk and took out an english book to begin the lesson of the day.

“Now let's continue where we left off on chapter fourteen of our equestrian literature books…”

(After School In The CMC HQ Because The Author Is Lazy)

I sat at one of the small tables of the CMC HQ with my head in my hooves, trying to think of ideas. The girls were gathered around two large sheets of paper, one filled with pictures of the many ideas they did that were crossed off and the other was a blank one that had on the top of it, some scribbley lines and the CMC emblem.

As the girls talked about their ideas and gave each other encouraging speeches and what not about getting their Cutie Marks, I dwelled in my own thoughts.

I didn't dwell in them for long when I started to hear music playing along with somepony singing. Blinking my eyes a bit, I directed my gaze on Apple Bloom who was singing along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. I raised an eyebrow as I turned my head around to see if there was a band playing or something but found nothing. Ok, now I'm confused.

Looking at the three singing fillies again, I also realized they were singing in perfect sync with a song I wasn't familiar with. As a matter of fact, did we have a song? If we did how come I've never heard of it before?

The fillies seeming oblivious to me started to sing the ending of the song. I think.

“On the day that we discover”
“The ultimate reward of our Cutie Marks!”

Just like that, the short song ended along with the music fading out to god knows where. Ok I'm really confused right now. Is this natural? Did they make a song without telling me? I think it's for the best because I don't think I can sing for crap.

Before I could mull over this some more, all four of us were brought to the sound of a distressed voice.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

The door to the tree house slammed open as a distressed Pipsqueak came in.


Having forgotten the shenanigans of the song they just sung, the CMC came up to the tiny colt with concern and confusion in their eyes.

“What's wrong Squeaks?” Apple Bloom asked as she stopped in front of the colt. Being curious myself I got up and came next to the girls to hear what the guy had to say.

The distressed colt took a few breaths before he began. “As you four know, I'm running for Student Pony President against Diamond Tiara. However, I don't think I can get far enough without some help. So I was hoping you all could be my campaign managers to help me in the run?”

The three fillies took the time to register his words for a moment and when they clicked inside their heads, all three got big smiles on their faces.

Wonder what kind of idea they got this time?’ I thought as I could just imagine the gears turning in the heads of these girls.

“Girls this is a great idea! We've never tried getting our Cutie Marks in campaign managing before!” Apple Bloom exclaimed with excitement.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo added with as she extended her wings, “we could totally get the most awesome Cutie Marks as best campaign managers ever!”

Apple Bloom looked back and forth between her two friends with a wide grin. “What do ya say, Crusaders?”


The three fillies, somehow, stood expertly on their hind hooves as they clapped one of their front hooves together in a sort of high five kind of thing. I saw Pipsqueak come over and try to high five but couldn't reach due to his small size. Sweetie noticing his struggle, used her magic to lift the colt in the air to join the hoof five. All four looked to me expectantly with wide smiles.

I stared for a moment before shrugging and joining this hoof five. “Meh, could be fun.”


(The Next Day, Because I'm Still Lazy)

The time was now recess and I, the CMC and Pipsqueak came to stand in front of a small group of colts and fillies. Sweetie Belle pushed forward a small crate that she got from somewhere while Scootaloo put the colt on top of it. Us four stood around the crate while the group started to gather around him.

As more students began to fill in around the small colt, Apple Bloom quickly whispered to us behind her hoof. “Alright guys, just follow the idea we discussed yesterday and we'll get some votes for you Pip.”

Nodding to her, the farm filly cleared her throat.

“As everypony here knows, our dear friend Pipsqueak is running for Student Pony President and would like to make a speech about it.”

Turning her attention to Pip, she gestured to the group of students with a hoof. “So Pip, what would you do for the school if you became Pony President?”

Taking that as his cue, Pipsqueak cleared his threat before throwing a hoof to the air. “My fellow students, as you know our playground took quite the beating with Twilight’s battle against Tirek.”

To prove his point, one of the swings that a colt occupied broke sending him to the ground with a soft thump.

The colt continued his speech with a hoof to his chest. “If I’m elected your Pony President, I'll go to the School Board and right this wrong and get the school a new playground!”

Most of the colts and fillies cheered in agreement to Pip’s idea of getting a new playground which put a smile on our faces.

“Well I think that's just a ridiculous waste of money.” Came a snarky voice.

All the cheers stopped as a certain pink filly pushed herself through the group of students. Our smiles disappeared from our faces and were replaced by frowns as both me, the girls, and Pip recognized the filly.

Diamond Tiara. Also followed by Silver Spoon.

Getting in front of the crowd, Diamond Tiara lazily gestured a hoof to a filly who had cream colored fur with a curly red mane and tail who also had a Cutie Mark as two candy canes in the shape of a heart.

“It's just like when Twist here purposed to repair the window that Discord destroyed. She just wanted to repair it like an ordinary window.”

I exchanged a confused glance with Scootaloo who did the same as we stared at the rich filly. Diamond Tiara continued as she pranced around the group of students.

“You all should know that voting for me is a much better choice than voting for Pipsqueak, because I've convinced the School Board to give that window visual appeal.”

As the snobby filly said that, she pointed to the window on the school house which everyone turned their gaze to. What was their made me cringe in disbelief. On the window was a colored glass pane of Diamond Tiara in a pose with the sun behind her.

With a frown, Apple Bloom leaned next to Pip as she brought a hoof to her mouth. “Course it don't help that her mother, Spoiled Rich, is President of the School Board.”

I mentally cringed more at that. The mother of this filly being the President of the School Board makes me surprised that nothing else has badly happened to the school. But with her name being ‘Spoiled Rich’, just raises red flags to me. I was brought out of my mental cringe when Silver Spoon spoke startling AB and Pip.

“Exactly! Which is why when Diamond is voted as President, the school will be putting a statue of her in the center of the school yard!”

Silver tapped her hooves together with a huge smile on her face as if it was the greatest thing in the world which in my perspective, really wasn't. I was however surprised when Diamond pulled on the grey filly’s ponytail with a scowl which made her ears fall.

“What are you doing! That was my big announcement for when I won.” As the snobby filly spoke, she emphasized ‘big announcement’ and ‘won’ by harshly tapping her friend's chest and bumping noses.

I raised an eyebrow at this. As far as I'm concerned that's not how you treat a friend. With her ears still down, Silver gingerly rubbed her leg.

“I was only trying to help.”

Still having a scowl on her face, Diamond pointed a hoof at Silver as she spoke through clenched teeth. “Well I don't need that kind of help Silver.”

Before Diamond could continue Apple Bloom appeared next to the two as she threw her hooves towards them.

“Haven't we all had enough of Diamond Tiara and her ranting?”

Nodding my head in agreement I decided to voice my own opinion. “I'd have to think about this one with AB. I don't think we need a giant sized statue of her.”

Scoots nodded in agreement as she presented a hoof. “Mason is right. Do we really need that kind of thing with our school?”

“Especially since that is exactly where our school equipment is. If a giant statue is there, we won't be able to build a new playground.” Sweetie added in with a small frown.

As the girls made their accusations on Diamond Tiara’s idea, I could see her scowl becoming that more tense as she started to growl like an animal. To tell the truth, it kinda amused me.

Diamond was cut short though as chattering came around the group of students who took in consideration of our accusations. I was so occupied by the chattering I didn't notice the girls, along with Pip, had moved to put him on a high point. Turning I saw Scootaloo get as much air as she could to push the colt on top of a...giant horseshoe….how did I not notice that.

As I silently raised an eyebrow to myself, Pipsqueak waved a hoof to the whole schoolyard. “A vote for Pip is a vote for the playground!”

All the students cheered as some got on their hind hooves and kicked the air. All cheering was stopped when Diamond got under the horseshoe and put a hoof to her chest.

“A vote for Diamond Tiara is a vote for MORE Diamond Tiara!” The filly exclaimed on her hind hooves.

Diamond’s statement however was cut short when music began to play from, somewhere, again. I looked up the horseshoe to see the three CMC defying gravity as the walked up the horseshoe and began to sing to a song.

“It's time to make a change”
“This is our chance”

“Don't be afraid to do what's right”
“He's it! Vote for Pip!”

As the girls continued to sing, they made gestures towards the group of colts and fillies while also gesturing towards Pipsqueak. They even lifted him up for the ponies to see and jumped off the horseshoe with him. When they landed they started marching around the school yard while still singing their mysterious tune. I was watching with amusement so much that I didn't notice that I was walking behind the group and singing along.

Wait what?’

“We got an opportunity”
“To have fun again”

“A vote for Pip, and you can join the fight”
“It's time for a new leader”

Why am I singing and moving along with them? I didn't rehearse for this!’

“It's time to make a change”
“We're here to fight for what we believe”

“Vote for Pip!”

The girls continued their song while going to different ponies, who only smiled and looked like they were getting in the groove. They even went to a two fillies who soon fell of the merry-go-round.

Please make it stop.’

“It's finally time we beat her”
“And play a better game”

“'Cause when we vote together”
“There's nothing that we can't achieve”



Three flipping minutes later and this song is still going.’ I thought bitterly as I sat in my little spot. For the past three minutes I tried to stop myself from doing whatever the hell I was doing but with no success. Eventually I was able to put some dirt in my ears -uncomfortably mind you- which drowned out most of the music and singing. Fortunately for me, I stopped singing and could move to my own accord again. Unfortunately, my rear end was still bouncing to the beat.

Let me give you a quick visual of this. Have you ever seen that one video with that kid dancing with a dog that keeps bouncing it's butt in the air? Alright, now picture that on me. Ya got it? Good. Great. To other people it would probably be funny but to me it's annoying.

So I sat there with my rear end jumping up to the beat while annoyingly watching these ponies sing this song and go into a large booth to vote. One thing that amused me the most was when Diamond tried to get people on her side with threats and cruelty but with no success either. My ears perked up when I saw Silver Spoon come up to the pink filly and tap her shoulder.

“I've a tiny suggestion”
“That you should be aware”

“You could probably win this election”
“If you show them all you real—”

Diamond had an even bigger scowl as she glared at her friend. “I don't recall asking you to speak!”

When she said, all of the ponies gasped in shock like it was the most disgusting thing ever. While it was rude I didn't think it was that bad, she probably could have said worse. I'll be honest though, I was half expecting a pony to come out and say ‘oooohhh’.

Speak of the devil, a colt next to me put his hoof to his mouth as he looked left and right. “Oooohh.”

Ah, there he is.

Out of the corner of my eye, Sweetie Belle’s eyes narrowed. “Well, if that's how you treat your best friend, then I choose Pipsqueak!”

So does that mean the song is-



Taking my head I banged it against the fence that was behind me and repeatedly did it until I felt dizzy. The ponies still continued their song.

“Stand strong and don't be afraid, ponies”
“Let's free ourselves from the past”

“For Pip! Vote!”

S’gonna be a long day.’

“He's it! Vote for Pip! Vote!”


I have no idea what's happening right now. I simply just layed down, put my head in my hooves and fell asleep. I'm pretty sure Pip won and Diamond lost her friend -if she was her friend- Silver Spoon. After that, I got nothing.

A poke to my side brought me back to the living as I groggily opened my eyes and looked at the pony responsible. Who stood before me was Apple Bloom as she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Did ya really sleep through that whole ordeal?”

I stared at her blankly for a moment before rubbing my eyes and taking a look around. Most of the ponies were gone while a few remained. Behind Apple Bloom was Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo who had somewhat looks of bewilderment.

Getting up I stretched my back and wings as I blinked the sleep away. “I think, not quite sure to be honest.”

AB sized me up once and shook her head as she walked past me.

“Nevermahnd, we're going after Diamond Tiara.”

As the filly walked past, I took my time to mull over those words. When they clicked I raised in eyebrow in confusion.

“If I may ask, why are we going after Diamond Tiara?”

Without stopping, Sweetie Belle turned her head towards me. “Because we're going to make sure she's ok. Like AB said, just because she doesn't care for ponies don't mean we can't care for her.” With that she and her friends continued on her way.

I stared at the fillies as they walked towards the town. On one hoof, I didn't want anything to do with that rich filly but on the other, they had a point.


Screw it.

“Hey guys wait up!”


Me and the Crusaders followed after the pink filly as she sulked through the town. The entire time we watched her, she payed no mind to the ponies she passed, with her head down and ears flat. It was almost sad. Almost.

Okay maybe just a little sad.

We peered around the corner of a building as the filly passed by a...oh how do I say this lightly...snobbish, crooked, and possibly spoiled mare who watched the filly walk by. The mare’s appearance was that of a salmon pink I believe, with a well done purple mane and tail. She also wore a blue shirt, or at least I think it was a shirt, With a jeweled necklace. Her cutie mark was that of a diamond ring.

“Diamond Tiara, why are you making that face?”

Wow, even the voice sells it.

Having finally noticed the mare, Diamond went wide eyed for only a second before going back to her sulky mood. The mare walked around Diamond as she continued to speak.

“If I recall correctly my dear, that is not the face of a winner.”

I raised an eyebrow as my mouth slightly opened in shock. She's not one of those mares is she?

Diamond seemed to look even more depressed as her ears pressed firmly against her head. “It's because I didn't win.”

The mare gasped with wide eyes. “What! You mean I hefted all these party supplies to celebrate nothing!”

Me and the crusades looked ahead of the two to see some maids carrying bags, balloons, and even an old stallion carrying the statue of her. Didn't last until he was crushed under it and of course, he's still alive from it. That is if his frantic sweeping hooves is anything to go by. I looked to the mare again and raised an eyebrow.

I’m starting to think she's one of those mares.’

Leaning next to Sweetie Belle, I put a hoof to my mouth as I whispered. “Hey, who's the mare over there?”

Sweetie still watching the mare and filly conversation leaned in without taking her gaze off them. “That's Diamond’s mother, Spoiled Rich.”

My eyes widen slightly as I looked back at the mare. ‘That’s Spoiled Rich?! Man, talk about fitting the description.’

I was brought from my thoughts when the pair continued to conversate.

“As a rich pony my dear, you must always think of your social standing,” Spoiled looked off to the side of other rich ponies and waved with a smile before looking back at Diamond with what looked like s bored expression, “that starts here in Ponyville and reaches all over Equestria.”

The mare cupped the filly’s chin with her hoof as she got real close to her face which prompted Diamond’s ears to fall. “Never forget that Diamond Tiara, EVER!”

Me and the girls cringed at the harshness in that. I may not like the filly but that was a little too far for my liking. Boy, now I feel bad for accusing of how her parents raised her on my first day of school.

We continued to spy on the filly as she watched her mother go. When she was far enough away from Diamond, she walked over to a glass window of a jewel shop that had a large diamond on display. While she did that I heard that mysterious music start to play again. My ears fell.

She’s not going to…

“If I'm a diamond”
“Then why do I feel so rough?”

Yes, yes she is.’

“I'm as strong as a stone”
“Even that's not enough”

“There's something jagged in me
And I've made such mistakes
I thought that diamonds were hard
Though I feel I could break”

“Would you believe
That I've always wished I could be somepony else?
Yet I can't see
What I need to do to be the pony I want to be”

“I've been told my whole life
What to do, what to say
Nopony showed me that
There might be some better way”

“And now I feel like I'm lost
I don't know what to do
The ground is sinking away
I'm about to fall through”

“Would you believe
That I've always wished I could be somepony else?
Yet I can't see
What I need to do to be the pony I want to be”

“To be the pony I want to be”

As the filly sang, she went around the town looking at many ponies. She even stopped at a bridge and sadly watched as a stallion and filly walked by happily. We followed her as she sulked through town with her head and ears down low.

When the song ended the Crusaders and I stopped a few feet away from her.

“Is it weird,” I heard Sweetie Belle say causing us to look at her, “that I feel bad for her?”

As we all had frowns on our faces, Scootaloo rubbed the back of her neck. “If it is, then I guess I'm weird too.”

Apple Bloom's ears fell in sympathy for the rich filly. “She wants to change but she doesn't know how.”

I rubbed my chin with a hoof as I watched the filly go. “We should help her shouldn’t we?”

The girls cast a glance at me before exchanging glances with each other. Each of them smiled as they nodded.

“She needs help changing,” Sweetie gestured to the filly, “and we can help her out with it!”

“So how are we going to do that?” I asked as the filly went behind a building and out of view.

“Simple,” AB began as she walked back the way we came, “we invite her to our treehouse and work from their.”

The rest of the fillies followed while I raised an eyebrow. “Are you telling me you only have a plan that goes as far as asking Diamond Tiara to come to our treehouse?”

Excitedly trotting ahead, Scootaloo nodded. “Yup!”

I shook my head. “Well you girls are the boss so I guess I'll follow.” I answered as I followed the Crusaders.

(Next Day After School)
(I'm Still Lazy, Don't Judge Me)

As the bell to the schoolhouse rang, the fillies and colts quickly left with haste to finish the rest of their day. A certain rich filly however was depressingly walking away from the schoolhouse by herself while I and the Crusaders watched.

The three fillies ran ahead as I strayed behind not really knowing any idea on how we were going to do this. The Crusaders only said that we would talk about things, show her things, and etcetera on things. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention but I'll still go with this. A chance to change Diamond Tiara for the better is a darn good deed done.

“Hey Diamond Tiara! Wait up!”

The rich filly stopped in her tracks as she turned to us with a scowl. “What do you four want? To gloat and rub my failure in my face?”

“Actually,” AB said with a nervous smile, “we were wondering if you'd like to come to our clubhouse.”

Diamond Tiara froze in her tracks as she slowly turned to us with disbelief. “Really.”

We all exchanged grins and I nodded. “Really, really.”

Diamond stared at us with a raised eyebrow. She tsked as a slight scowl came back. “Well thanks to you guys, I don't have any important Class President business to attend to. As a matter of fact, I don't have anything to do, so I might as well.”

The filly finished speaking with crossed hooves and a large frown that looked comical. My friends and I exchanged looks before setting them on the filly. Sweetie Belle was about to speak before I beat her to it.

“So is that a yes or a no?”


I guess it was a yes. I sat in the club house with the Crusaders as they showed Diamond Tiara the abode. Diamond crucially eyed the insides of our HQ as she walked around asking about things and criticizing us with an attitude. At this point I think she was playing it as an act.

As Diamond continued walking around, she came up to the list of ideas that we make for our Cutie Marks. “So do you four just sit around all day coming up with different ways to earn your Cutie Marks?”

The girls exchanged looks as they nodded with me answering her. “Yup, pretty much.”

Diamond critically started at the paper and looked to me. “And you do it with these three all day?”

I stared blankly at her as I thought about it and shrugged.

She exchanged a look between each of us before pointing a hoof. “You four….are….really lucky.”

There she goes again, acc- I'm sorry, what?

The girls and I eyed her with baffled looks, although them more than me. I've heard of the ways she's treated the fillies and I can say it's not much that you hear a compliment from the filly.


Diamond nodded. “Yeah, you all get to explore these options, learning who you really are before you're stuck with something you don't understand.”

Us four exchanged looks of sympathy before AB stepped forward. “But you've done that, right?”

The filly huffed. “Pff, yeah, ‘cause I have my Cutie Mark and I'm not struggling at all to figure out what the heck it means, what the heck it's supposed to mean, and what the heck I'm supposed to be doing. Specifically with the mark that's on my flank.”

Again, possibly for the fourth time today, me and the fillies exchanged look as AB raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure ‘bout that?”

Diamond Tiara comically scrunched up her face. “Pff, that's a weird question to ask.”

“Not really,” I said catching her attention, “because we may or may not have spied on you and overheard everything you said.”

Diamond narrowed her eyes and point accusingly at me. “Is that the next talent you were going for? A Cutie Mark for spying?”

“No, not really….although I don't think we actually tried that.” I said with my hoof to my chin. This earned a disbelieving look from the filly.

“Uh, what Mason means to say is that we were worried about you when you lost the election and from losing your friend.”

When Sweet finished, Diamond’s look immediately went from shocking disbelief, to depressed with fallen ears. AB continued for Sweetie Belle which made the poor filly become even more crestfallen.

“We know now that you want to change Diamond and we think we-”

Of course, Apple Bloom didn't get to finish for that same voice from a few days ago came back, but more distressed.


We looked to the door with raised confusion and concern as the tell-tale sign of Pipsqueak calling for our help again. We went to the door to find the little colt prancing in place.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

“What's wrong this time Pip!” I asked as I came out of the clubhouse.

He looked at us pleadingly. “I was at the School Board Meeting today to talk about the new playground, but they didn't approve because there isn't enough in the budget for it. So when I went to check my little peggy bank for some bits.”

Pipsqueak pulled out what looked like a small piggy bank he was carrying and shook it upside down. What came out was some dust balls and a piece of candy.

“But it wasn't enough!” Pip cried.

I stared at the things that came out of the bank with a raised eyebrow. ‘I don't think that's anywhere near to be called enough.’

The girl's faces of worry became that of determination as they looked at the small colt. “Don't worry Pip, we’ll sort this out.” Sweetie said.

“We’ll meet you back at school.” Added Scoots.

“And help you find a solution!” Finished AB.

The colt looked to me and I just nodded. At this point I was just here for the ride. I didn't really know what to do in this whole ordeal....I should probably get practice for it.

The colt sighed as relief washed over his face and tipped a hoof to us. “Thank you Crusaders! I'll see you at the school!”

As the colt left, Diamond Tiara came out from behind us with a smug grin. “Oh I already have a solution. Our dear New Pony President is going to be kicked out of the office and I'll be reinstated. It's foolproof!”

With that, the rich filly ran off the ramp of the clubhouse and made a beeline for the town. The girls looked with worry and panic while I just narrowed my eyes. I'm starting to see not much will change.

Apparently the girls were still determined. “Come on Crusaders we have to stop her before she makes a big mistake!”

Bless their hearts.

As they ran ahead and I stayed behind, I got an idea. She's going to be running from them the entire time so why not slow her down.


I just got an idea that might or might not work and is probably not really needed for this so that I don't have to listen to another song. Because I can clearly see their singing, that is if the music in the background is anything to go by.


Screw it, i'm still gonna do it.

Bringing myself to full speed, I galloped out of the farm and towards the town. If this plan -that most definitely isn't needed- is gonna work, I need some help planning it.

And I know just the mare.’

Arriving at the town I looked around to see if the mare in question was around. Not finding her I took a random street while passing other ponies who looked to me in confusion.

As I ran I caught site of the Crusaders a few times still chasing after Diamond Tiara. They were actually keeping a good pace on her. But they were still singing. How can they do that and still have enough stamina to gallop?

Shaking my head I continued to run looking left and right. When I took a turn down a random street I froze in my tracks when I heard the tell-tale sign of bouncing. Smiling I turned towards it and galloped faster. Eventually I saw the mare I needed to see, bouncing smoothly and happily down the street. She even still had that smile on her face. It's so pleasing to see it.

Still going at full speed, I went to call her name but was stopped by a pink blur that caught me in a tight hug. It took me a while to register what happened and when it did I happily hugged the pink blur back.

“How are you doing my little colt.” Pinkie said calmly. I smiled as I looked to the mare who gave me a motherly one back.

“Good, but I need your help with something.”

Nodding Pinkie ended the embrace. “What do you need?”

Taking a few breaths, I told my new mother my plan. “Let's just say that a certain pony is not really having the right idea right now so we have to slow them down so we can possibly talk to them and give them some common sense.”

My mother stared at me for a moment before a smile touched her lips. “Ah I see what your getting at here.”

As quick as I could respond, Pinkie took a giant chalk board out of nowhere and set on the path in front of us. She took a piece of chalk that sat on the board and began to draw a small map of Ponyville. Somehow, my mother was able to draw the three fillies and Diamond Tiara on it heading towards the school. She drew us a couple blocks away from them and sat the chalk down.

Pinkie put a cap on her head that said ‘thinking cap’ and stared critically at the chalkboard, probably trying to devise a plan. Shrugging I did the same. We stood their for a few minutes while other ponies stared confusingly, but shrugged when they saw Pinkie sitting next to the board.

Mom’s face lit up when she started bouncing and pointed at the board.

“Oh-oh, what if we- wait.”

Her hoof fell as she went back to thinking. My hoof then went up when an idea came to me.

“What if we- um….no that's not right.”

But was shot down when I thought about it. Me and my mother continued staring at the board in silence until Pinkie got and idea. Looking at the board, she took out a piece of paper and started writing on it. When she was done, she looked at her work and nodded. Handing it to me she ruffled my mane and gave me a kiss on the head.

“Hopefully that will help out bud, have a nice day!” With that the party pony took her chalk board and bounced off.

I smiled at her and stared at the paper she gave me. This plan was crazy the more I looked at it. It was completely crazy.

So crazy….it just might work.

Shrugging, I made a beeline for the schoolhouse.


Bad news, I won't get to use that plan Pinkie gave me. It looked really fun and would give tons of laughs I'll tell you what. So I'll have to save it for later.

Good news, there was no more singing.

And the new playground equipment was enormous. Guess Pipsqueak is still Pony President. Although, I was mainly asking myself how they built that so quickly but shrugged it off on them using magic or something. Also Diamond Tiara seems happy about something and so do the Crusaders. Like seriously, they were bouncing all over the place.

As I came closer I was tackled by an orange blur. The impact was so great, me and the attacker rolled in the grass a few times before coming to a stop with me underneath an orange filly who looked really irritated.

“Where the hay were you! You just missed something that could have changed your life!”

I confusingly looked up at the filly as she stared me down. “Um, what thing?”

Seeming to become even more enraged, she got up in my face till we were touching noses. “The thing! The thing that you missed because you were off somewhere and missed the biggest opportunity of your life!”

“I see that but I don't know what the thing is!” I said with confusion. Before Scootaloo could say anything else, AB pulled her off which she struggled to while Sweetie Belle helped me to my hooves.

“Thanks.” Sweetie only nodded and settled her gaze on Scoots who tried to get out of AB’s grip but with no cigar.

“Jus’ calm down Scoots, Mason doesn't know what happened because he wasn't here.”

Stopping in her struggling for a moment, the pegasus filly looked at the farm filly with a glare. “That's why I'm struggling, he missed an opportunity that we have been trying to get our whole life and doesn't even know what it is!”

“Ok what is this big opportunity exactly?” I asked to diffuse this situation. From the scene we were making the students with some mares and stallions were starting to gather around.

“Well Mason, do you notice anything different about us?” Sweetie asked with a grin. I stared at her before I looked over her. I could still see the same horn, mane, fur, eyes, and whatever else she had in her appearance. The only difference was that Cutie Mark on her flank.

Wait. Pause.

I stared wide eyed at the Cutie Mark that rested right on Sweetie’s flank which only made her grin bigger. I looked at the other two to see they had a Cutie Mark as well.

Their Cutie Mark was a shield of three different colors, red, pink, and a light purple. While that was the same for all three of them, the shapes on their Cutie Marks were different.

Sweetie Belle had a purple star with a pink musical note on it, AB had a purple apple with a pink heart on it, and Scoots had a purple wing with a pink lightning bolt on it.

I stayed in that potion with my mouth agape and my eyes wide as I stared at their Cutie Marks. Sweetie and AB looked at me with smug grins while Scoots still seem irritated. Eventually I closed my mouth and blinked.

“Huh, you guys finally got your Cutie Marks.”

Apparently that might have not been the right answer for Scoots.

“That's all you can say? After all that we've been through to get our Cutie Marks, all you can say is THAT!”

I cast a gaze to both Sweetie and AB who both shrugged with confusion and back to Scootaloo. “Uh….yes?”

The filly blinked until her gaze hardened and she doubled her efforts to lash out at me. AB was clearly struggling to keep her friend under control so Sweetie joined in to help her.

“My gosh Scoots calm down! What is so wrong about Mason not having a Cutie Mark?!”

Scoots stopped her struggling as she immediatly folded her wings out surprising Apple Bloom into letting her go. Being freed from the farm mare she pried Sweetie's hooves off. When she was free she walked away from them and rotated her feathery appendages to get the kinks out. She then put her hardened gaze on them.

“It's so important because he missed out on it! Because he wasn't here, we don't know if he was suppose to get the same Cutie Mark as us. Now all three of us have one except him.”

Our two other friends exchanged looks as they mulled over her words. I mulled over them as well. It was understandable that she'd act like this because I don't have a Cutie Mark but yet again, it couldn't be my true talent. To be honest I didn't know quite what to do in that situation. I was mainly there for the ride if anything.

“Well that may be the case Scoots, but something tells me that isn't my special talent.”

Scootaloo looked to at me with what almost looked like tears in her eyes. “B-but...what if you don't want to go on adventures with us because you don't have a Cutie Mark?”

I raised an eyebrow. Unexpected answer but I see where she's coming from. I grabbed the filly in an embrace with one hoof over her shoulders.

“Now just because I don't have a Cutie Mark doesn't mean we can't go on adventures to find mine.”

“But what if that moment was your Cutie Mark?” She asked as her ears fell.

I shrugged. “What does your Cutie Mark mean?”

Sweetie held a hoof to her flank as she answered for Scoots. “It means that our special talent is finding out what another pony’s special talent is. Basically helping them find out who they really are, like Diamond Tiara being good at telling people what to do as a leader!”

Looking over to the filly, she smiled and nodded in response. I looked back at Sweetie and took a glance at her Cutie Mark.

“What about the shape of that music note?”

She blinked as she took a glance at it and blushed a little. “I think it means I can sing well?”

It was more of a question than a statement but I'll take her word for it because on occasion, I would hear the filly sing when she cleans the clubhouse. This prompted me to guess that AB's apple was representing her life on an apple farm and Scoot's represented her speed.

Coming out from my thoughts I brought my attention back to the pegasus. “Well either way, your guys special talent is helping others find theirs so it's the perfect thing for you guys to help me.”

I could see hope in Scoot’s eyes as her ears perked. “So you'll still hang out and go on adventures with us?”

I nodded truthfully. “Of course! Just because I don't have my own mark doesn't mean I'm not gonna hang out with you.”

Scootaloo immediately lit up as she hugged the air out of me. I hesitantly hugged the filly back. We didn't stay like that for long as she seemed to tense up and ended the embrace with a blush and sheepish smile.

“Uh-heh, um, sorry about that.”

I just grinned at the filly. “Ah it's no trouble.”

It was an awkward silence for a while as the other ponies around us began to disperse from our little scene. Some of the fillies and colts even started playing on the new equipment. I casted a glance around until my eyes settled on the three ponies in front of me.

“So what now?”

Putting a hoof to her chin, Apple Bloom thought for a moment and shrugged. “Go crusading?”

Thinking about it I shrugged as well. “Meh, could be fun.”

The fillies giggled as they walked back into town. I followed behind with a little smile of my own as Scootaloo was next to me.

And she still had a faint blush on her face.

Chapter 14: Attack At Friendship Castle

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Which website did Chewbacca get arrested for creating?....Wookieleaks!

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Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road?.....To get to the Dark Side!


Why did the clone buy an iPhone?.....Because he couldn't find the droid he was looking for!




(Still Somewhere At a Still Unknown Location)
(All Pov)

A stallion impatiently paced back and forth on the rocky floor of his chamber. In the background, his followers looked on with worry but mostly fear as all of them could tell that their master’s temper was rising.

The mysterious stallion suddenly stopped in his tracks as he snorted in anger. Silence followed as the ponies in his chamber looked in his room.

“Too long.”

Your could hear the breath of everypony in the room catching in their throats as their master spoke with a growl. They all watched with tails between their legs and ears flat against their heads, ready to bolt should he strike out.

“For so long I have waited. For years to come I have vanquished and taken the powers of those that had them. Now my time is here but yet I can't do anything about it because this damn colt can't get a bucking Cutie Mark! So tell me!”

He turned his deprecation to the ponies who all flinched back from the eyes that burned with anger as he raised a hoof.


His hoof struck down hard at the rock, making it crack as his elemental powers cracked it all the way to the wall and up the ceiling making, the room rumble.

The stallion looked at his followers with disgust as they forwarded in fear. Although he hated it when ponies stuck up to his power, but at the same time he loved it because that showed ponies with power and liability.

He opened his mouth to ask them again until a female voice spoke up.

“Master? Perhaps it's better if you calm yourself. The colt might not have his Cutie Mark now but he will soon and when he does you'll be sitting on the throne of Canterlot with everything under your rule.”

So much anger. There was so much that his eyes could probably melt until only a flame was left in his sockets. Slowly turning his head, he spotted a mare that was crouched low as his gaze was on her. Almost like a omega being punished by the alpha.

“Please master, just calm yourself, there is no reason to get so frustrated over something that requires patience.”

The stallion breathed through his nose as he glared at the mare. She looked on with fear as she crouched lower to the ground in submission.

The tension was high. Everyone held their breath as their master didn't lift his cold glare. Then he breathed. Deeply.

Putting a small smile on his face. The stallion walked over to the mare and gestured her to rise which she did while shaking like a leaf.

“My dear you might be right. Anger will do me no good like it has done in the past. I thank you for reminding me of that.”

The mare began to calm herself as her master didn't change. After a few minutes of nothing happening she looked at him with caution. “R-r-really?”


Gasps were heard as the mare quickly looked down to see her front hooves cuffed together with rock. The follower shook even more than before as she looked fearfully at her master, knowing what was coming.

Not lifting his gaze on her, he chuckled as his gaze hardened with a scowl.


Before the mare could speak, rock shot out from under her and like a hook, grabbed her neck and squeezed.

Her mouth opened like a silent scream as she felt herself lift from the ground. She tried to hit the earth away from her neck but couldn't due to her front hooves being shackled by rock.

The stallion stared darkly as the mare struggled to breath, begging for him to stop, to show mercy.

“Did you think you have command over me! Think because I'm frustrated over something that will grant me power you have the nerve to tell me what to do! Calm myself I should, but to get it from the likes of you I shall not!”

Th stallion formed more earth under the struggling mare and shaped them like hooks. With them he ripped off her cloak and what he saw made him scowl. She was a light green pegasus mare with a two-shaded black and grey mane and tail. Her Cutie Mark was that of a horseshoe with one wig on its right side. This is not what made him scowl, what made him scowl was the mark she had on her shoulder’s.

The mark of a scout.

“A lowly scout thinks she can tell me what to do. If you were anything higher I would probably spare you, but somepony of this rank along with the amount of ponies that our scouts have. You are not so lucky.”

Having her eyes bulging and tongue hanging out, the mare could feel the earth around her neck squeeze tighter threatening to break her neck. She flapped her wings to give her body some leverage allowing herself to plead for her life.

“P-please m-master, I-I- ack...I meant no ill-will towards your comma-...ugk! pony can command you my lord. Please, hah...I beg of you, spare me please!”

Her master stared with slight amusement as her wings tried to keep her aloft so she wouldn't choke to death. Having enough he gestured his head allowing two pillars of rock to clamp around her wings shackling them together.

She stared wide eyed at her shackled wings as tears spilled for her eyes. “NOOO, MASTER PL- ECH!” Gurgling sounds only followed as gravity claimed the mare and brought her back to her demise. She struggled with new vigor as she hit the earth with her rear hooves but was granted little success.

Her movements began to weaken as she struggled for air with her tongue hanging out and tears falling. The other ponies looked with dread and fear as they saw the life from their comrade drain away. When they thought it was the end, they heard the stallion sigh as he tapped his hoof once.

The earth that was once shackling and choking the mare disappeared allowing her to fall harshly on the ground. When she noticed she could breath again, the mare coughed violently as she sucked in as much air as she could.

The leader looked at the pitiful mare with not a single mount of emotion as she withered in small sobs and coughs. Slowly, he approached the mare. When she noticed his advances her ears fell and her wings tucked in as she tried to scoot away. She didn't get far before the earth encased her hooves, locking her in place.

She whimpered fearfully as the stallion stood before her.

He continued to stare at the mare as she tried to avoid his emotionless gaze. Eventually he lifted a hoof to her cheek which she flinched from but couldn't move away.

“I must say, to think you could tell me what to do was quite, brave. Pleading for your life as you told me no one could command me somewhat moved me.”

Rock slowly started to incase her wings as she mare looked into his cold, almost lifeless eyes. The stallion shook his head as he removed his hoof.

“Sadly, that won't save you from a punishment. So as to remind you to never do this again…”

The rock around her wings lifted the mare up in a standing position as it dawned on her what he was about to do.

“I'll take your wings.”

She shook her head weakly as more tears fell from her eyes. “P-p-please do- cough...d-d-d-don't do t-t-this. I plead.”

He shook his head as the rock pulled her wings making the mare wince. “When I punish, I show no mercy.”

“You should for this one.”

The stallion growled as his ears fell slightly in anger. He turned his head to the voice that dared to command him again. This one will not live like this one did.

“Who dares to command me!”

The pony came out of the shadows with her face covered by the hood of her cloak. “I think you know who I am, Cold Stone.”

The Stallion growled again but snorted in amusement. “How could I forget you Dark Blossom? My most trusted assassin.”

The hooded figure pulled down her hood to reveal a light brown unicorn mare with a dark brown mane, like the color of chocolate. The rest of her figure was shielded by her cloak. The mare smiled.

“Because then I would feel quite hurt if my master forgot about little ol’ dangerous me.”

Her smile dropped when she passed by the stallion and to the mare who looked to her pleadingly.

“And I command you stone because I would just hate for my most valuable scout to lose the one thing that makes her the top of her ranks.”

The stallion raised an eyebrow as he glanced between Blossom and the pegasus mare.

“Why should I care how high she is in ranks to spare her wings?”

Sighing the mare turned to Stone with a hard glare. “Because she was the reason you're still alive when that fiasco happened years ago with that elemental dragon.”

The stallion's eyes widened for a moment before they hardened into a glare. “That's exactly what you said for the last scout.”

Blossom nodded her head. “True, but I didn't tell you that it was multiple scouts, she being one of them. It's a little different this time because that other scout wasn't at the top of the ranks.”

Stone held his glare for a moment before he stomped his hoof and snorted. Looking at the pegasus as she seemed to be breathing normally and was no longer crying, he glared with a growl. Shaking his head, he tapped his hoof releasing the mare who sighed with relief.

“Get this scout out of my site along with the rest of you!”

Not wanting to be in his presence any longer, the other followers quickly put their hoods on and ran for the door to get out of their master's sight. Two other mares came over and covered the pegasus with a blanket and carried her out as they left.

Blossom was the only one who remained who looked with no emotion at her master.

“I've told you before Stone, treating your followers like that is going to create problems in the future.”

Still staring at the door, Stone took a deep breath as he made his way to his stony throne and sat on it. Rubbing his head with a hoof he spoke in a softer but still deep tone.

“As long as they still follow me Blossom, they won't create any problems.”

The unicorn shook her head as she neared the steps to the throne but dared not to climb it. “Still, you shouldn't make it seem like you'll kill anyone on a whim because it will make them fear you so much, that they will loose trust and faith in you and when you need them most, will leave you behind.”

The stallion stopped rubbing his head as he stared at the mare and chuckled. “If I didn't like nor trust you as much as you think Blossom, you would be choking on your own blood while your body hangs from a rocky spike.”

The only indication that Blossom gave to her master was a blink. She rolled her eyes as she huffed. “I'm surprised you haven't, I was only a mare you picked up from when my, incident, happened.”

Stone chuckled. “Ah, I remember clear as day. You were bawling your eyes out like a weak insect because your-”

Stone didn't finish as a sharp kunai embedded itself next to his head. Narrowing his eyes he looked to the mare who had more of the deadly knives in her magic as she used the earth to bring herself closer to Stone.

“I told you many times before and I am slowly losing my patience to tell you again before I slowly shove these knives through your skull. Don't ever bring that past up again, ever.”

He continued to stare blankly at the mare who breathed heavily through her nose. Instead of anger showing, amusement glazed his eyes as he smiled.

“This is the reason why I picked you as an assassin.”

Blinking a bit the mare eyed Stone before scoffing and using the earth to go back down the steps. “Sometimes I wonder why I still follow you.”

Stone chuckled again as his eyes narrowed with mirth. “Oh, I believe we know why Blossom.”

Looking to the stallion she shook her head and put the kunais into her cloak and looked to him with a neutral expression as she bowed.

“News?” She said with a boring tone.

Seating himself he leaned on one of the arms of the throne and waved a hoof around. “News.”

The mare got up from her bow and with a straight expression and monotone voice answered. “He's still blank.”

The stallion slammed a hoof on his throne as it cracked. Blossom didn't even flinch from as she has seen it for the past few years. However, it did amuse her on how much of a tantrum he's starting to throw after getting the same news for the past two months on the same colt.

“Blast this damn colt. Why can't he just get that bucking Cutie Mark already so I can begin my plans.”

Blossom shrugged as she kicked the dirt out of boredom. “Patience my lord, you'll pop a blood vessel again if you let your head throb too much. Even though we can force his powers to come out, except there's no need to now, we can't force his Cutie Mark. We just have to wait.”

The stallion slammed both hooves this time as a blood vessel showed on his forehead. “Buck waiting and having patience! I've done that crap for too long now! I want that damn colt having his Cutie Mark now!”

When Stone slammed both his hooves, he created a shockwave that blasted a small pebble Blossom was playing with away from her. Frowning as her small toy was blasted away she look back to the stallion.

“What do you tend to do about it? Do the same thing that happened with the dragon?”

Growling he looked at the ground with anger as if it insulted him. “I have no idea what-” a small ping happened as his eyes widened and he looked to the mare with confusion.

“What does that dragon have to do with a colt?”

“Well I am the one who brought you the news that I saw the colt go into the orphanage and I am the one whose been watching him for two months so-”

“Get to the point Blossom.” Stone spat.

Showing mock hurt of being interrupted causing Stone to growl threateningly which she rolled her eyes at, Blossom got to the point.

“If my hunch is correct, that colt and dragon might be the same. They both came out of nowhere in some random part of the world, they both talk of things that no pony, not even the princesses have ever heard of and to top it off, that colt has no parents nor any clue about our world as if he's never lived in it his whole life, just like the dragon.”

Stone tapped his chin as he mulled over her words. He became more confused when he couldn't decipher what this mare was saying. “Where exactly are you going with this?”

Rolling her eyes again she gestured a hood. “Do you remember when we fought that dragon and he got his symbol due to protecting Princess Luna and the other ponies so he could unleash his powers?”

The stallion nodded slowly as she continued. “Well that colt could be the same. If my hunch is correct and they are the same being from celestia knows where, then who's to say they can't have the same mark?”

The stallion looked off into the distance as he thought it over. A toothy smile graced his lips as his eyes widened with gratitude to the mare. “My dear Dark Blossom, what would I do without you?”

Blossom shrugged. “Probably killing most of your followers.”

The stallion chuckled as he rubbed his hooves together ignoring that comment. “This is excellent.”

Looking to the mare with that still, toothy smile on his face, he pointed at Blossom. “I have a job for you my dear, I want you to go into that dirty town and track down that colt. When you've found him I want you to attack him and anyone around him so that we can see if his Cutie Mark is what you say it might be.”

Blossom raised an eyebrow at the blunt plan and gestured a hoof again. “Exactly how am I supposed to make a small colt fight? He’ll probably run and hide in fear.”

His smile disappeared as his ears fell. It was replaced by a raised eyebrow as he pointed at her. “You said that he was a friend with those, Elements of Harmony, and that he was adopted by one of them right?”

Nodding to his answer, Stone’s smile returned in full force. “Then there's you answer.”

Nodding to the stallion, she bowed and made her way to the door. Before she left Stone cleared his threat loudly gaining her attention.

“I to, am losing patience to remind you of your place Blossom,” pulling out the kunai that was embedded in his throne, he crushed it with his earth element and flicked it down the steps, “so don't do that ever again.”

Staring at him with narrowed eyes, she silently left the room. When the doors closed she sighed in agitation and turned to make her way down the hallway to the exit.

When she turned around she was stopped by the two mares that held the other one who was rubbing her hooves together. Blossom narrowed her eyes, she was beginning to think that this mare had a death wish or something. As she eyed the mare who in turn couldn't meet her gaze, Blossom could see the crucial marks on her neck, legs, and wings of where the earth had bound her. Blossom cringed, slightly.

“Why are you still near this door scout? Do you have a death wish or something?”

Shaking her head, the mare rubbed her hooves, wincing slightly from the pain and finally met Blossom’s gaze. “I j-j-just wanted t-to thank you for-”

Blossom held up a hoof cutting the mare off as she flinched. “Do not thank me for saving your flank from something so stupid. You're just lucky that little lie was able to save your wings this one time or for the fact he has patience with me, because we all know you were not one of the two scouts that saved his life.”

The green mare nodded as she looked down to the ground. Blossom sighed as she looked at the other, possibly two scouts.

“Take her to the medical wing to treat those wounds, I need my best scout in top shape.”

Both mares bowed before gently coaxing the mare towards the other end of the hallway. Blossom turned and made her way to the exit before slightly turning to the mare again.

“And I would advice scout,” she watched as the scout stopped limping and turned to her, “don't go anywhere near Cold Stone.”

Not waiting for a response, she turned back down the hallway to begin her mission.

(Mason’s Pov)

I bounced happily down the road to a large crystal castle occupied by Princess Twilight and Spike that was just ahead. As I whistled my merry way down the road, I didn't notice a filly come up from behind me.

“Hey Mason!”

Jumping a bit, I quickly turned around to see my friend from the orphanage, a filly with no horn or wings, named Fruity McTooty. She giggled a bit from the startled expression that was on my face as I tried to play it cool.

“Uh, hey Fruity, what are doing out here.”

The filly shrugged as she stared at me with her green eyes. “Oh you know, enjoying the morning air and what not since I have no school today. What about you?”

I shrugged as I turned my body towards the small filly. “Nothing much myself, just heading to Twilight’s castle to do some…..stuff.”

My vision was suddenly filled with fur as the cherry red filly came up to my face with the biggest smile ever.

“You mean you know Princess Twilight?!”

Going cross eyed a bit to look at the filly, I slowly nodded. “Yeaaah, I'd say we are good friends. She helped me with my homework a lot.”

The excited filly seemed to get closer. “Wow! That's so-” she cut herself off as she seemed to realize how close she was and backed off while rubbing her neck with a blush.

“I's pretty neat that you know the princess.”

I nodded as my wings twitched awkwardly. “Yeah I guess it is.” Awkward silence fell as me and the filly stood their looking at our own hooves. I would have left but I was stopped when she looked like she wanted to say something else with that fierce blush still on her face.

“Anything else you want to say Fruity?”

She seemed to get a little flustered as she opened and closed her mouth wordlessly. Seeming to get a little frustrated with herself she clenched her eyes shut as she spoke quickly in one sentence.


She slammed her hooves into her mouth as she stared wide eyed at me. I just blinked.


Taking a few breaths through her nose, she slowly lowered her hooves while closing her eyes to calm herself. Slowly, she opened them and spoke with a much calmer tone but with that blush still present.

“I-I was wondering i-if you want to come over to my friends house here in Ponyville for a sleepover?”

I raised an eyebrow silently as I stared at the filly who only seemed to fidget more over the look I was giving her. I shook my head and gestured a hoof to no on in particular.

“Isn't that for, you know, fillies?”

She nodded in understanding as she seemed to become a little more confident in her request. “Yeah some are, but this one is completely different I promise you. There will be a few colts there that you know from the orphanage.”

I puckered my lips as I mulled it over in my head. “So it's like a get together of sorts with all genders?”

She seemed to get confused as she tilted her head slightly. “If that's how you want to put then yes, it's like that.”

Putting a hoof to my chin I directed my gaze elsewhere as I thought about it. I wasn't like that for more than a few seconds before I shrugged. I had nothing to do anyway so might as well.

“Yeah sure, could be fun.”

Fruity’s eyes lit up as she hugged me tightly and bounced in place which I couldn't help but smile in amusement at.

“Oh thank you, thank you, than-” again she stopped herself as her body tensed up a bit. Quickly pulling away, the cherry red filly straightened herself up as a blush appeared on her face again.

“Eh-heh, um, I'll...uh...tell you when and where it is when I get the chance ok?”

Still having that smile on my face I quickly gave her a hug which made her speak quietly. When I ended the embrace, I turned to continue my trek to the castle. “Sure, I'll see ya then Fruity.”

Getting ready to leave herself she chuckled. “Uh yeah, see ya then Mason.” With that she turned and quickly walked away. I shook my head at her weird behavior but didn't think too deeply on it.

Walking the rest of the distance to the castle I opened the door freely and walked through the giant structure. Although I would knock, both Twilight and Spike insisted that I could come freely into the castle if I'd like, especially when it came to my appointments.

Little did I know that a brown mare in a cloak, was following closely behind.

(Dark Blossom’s Pov)

This was starting to look a little too easy.

Dark Blossom calmly sipped on some tea as she sat outside a restaurant. Not even a block down she could see the colt talking to a cherry red filly that had no horn or wings. As they talked, Blossom kept a large smirk gracing her lips.

Sometimes I think Stone gives me too many of the easy jobs, but still, I know better than to get ahead of myself.’

She watched as the colt said something to the filly and turned to take his leave. The filly who had an obvious blush on her face said something in return and quickly walked away herself. Blossom chuckled.

Ah, young love.’

While Dark Blossom might have been a part of Stone’s group which consisted of having half of the ponies being cold hearted and dangerous. There were a few who still had a soft side to things and Blossom was one of them. She just couldn't help but admire the innocence that little colts and fillies have. They always remind her of-

Blossom shook head, setting her tea down with narrowed eyes. She would not be reminded of those memories. They were just too painful.

The mare jerked her head up when she saw the colt just across the dirt road of where she was. She sighed as she put down some bits for her tea and made her way to him.

Although some part of her hated doing this and especially now to a colt, she needed to do it. She had been doing this for one reason and one reason only.

To get revenge on that, that bastard. I swore to myself and by celestia that I would make him pay for what he did to me...for what he did….to her.’

Shaking her head to concentrate on her task she sped up to shorten the distance between the colt.

There were a lot of ponies around and it was in the open. A perfect opportunity to attack him and some other residents to see if he'll fight back and hopefully get a Cutie Mark for...something.

As she neared him, she felt the tingle of the element’s that Stone gave her for this mission that would prove quite useful. She started up her earth element and prepared to attack until she noticed the destination the colt was heading for.

Up ahead was a large crystal castle, which she found out was called The Friendship Castle and later learned that it was home to Princess Twilight Sparkle after being in Ponyville for a while.

Blossom stopped dead in her tracks as she stared at the castle ahead of her. Her gaze shifted back to the colt as he walked up the steps and into the crystal structure.

She stared at the door for a while until she remembered what Stone said.

“You said that he was a friend with those, Elements of Harmony, and that he was adopted by one of them right?”

Nodding to his answer, Stone’s smile returned in full force. “Then there's you answer.”

Blossom blinked a bit before she sighed again and made her way to the doors.

This is not going to turn out very well for me.’

When she arrived at the entrance she took a deep breath while thoughts of how this would turn out -consisted of mostly bad ones- ran through her head.

Ok, time to get to business.’

Taking a hoof, she banged loudly on the gold doors and waited for somepony to answer them. The assassin didn't have to wait long as one of the entrances opened slightly. Expecting to see a maid or a guard, the mare was surprised when she found a baby purple dragon on the other side of it. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Uhh….can I help you?”

Shaking herself out of her stupor, she put on a smile as she looked at the small drake. “Yes, I am here for a special meeting with the princess about my little group.”

The dragon blinked a few times before bringing a claw to his chin. “A meeting huh, I don't remember Twilight telling me anything about a meeting.”

Blossom gestured a hoof in circles. “It's a bit of a private meeting, we told her that it should just be between us for uh…..secrecy and stuff.”

Blossom began to shift awkwardly as the drake’s eyes eyed her up and down as they began to narrow. “Well that is completely unlike Twilight, as her special and number one assistant, it's my job to put things in her schedule. If your, meeting, was to be secret then Twilight would still have at least told me.”

Blossom began to sweat drop a little. She was sort of expecting this dragon to be a pet or maybe a friend that came and go, but for him to be her assistant that wrote down her schedule, just changed her plans on how to get in here. With pleading eyes, she put her hooves together in a begging gesture.

“Please I insist, I must see the princess, I would have not come here if it wasn't so important.”

The drake still didn't look convinced but nodded nonetheless. “Hm, well I'll at least go to Twilight and ask her about doing this, meeting with you.”

The mare sighed with relief. She's in. “Oh thank you, if you wouldn't mind I could wait inside for the princess.”


Or maybe she's not in.

“I'd prefer if you'd stay out here and wait for her. You know, just to be cautious and what not.” He said as he began to, rather quickly, close the door.

Blossom mentally shook her head. ‘Sorry little drake.’

Blossom quickly held a hoof to the door stopping the drake in his tracks as he looked at her with confusion and slight fear in his eyes. The mare’s horn lit as she felt a tingle in her hooves, making the crystal beneath her shift.

“That wasn't a request.”

His eyes widen as he opened his mouth to blow her cover but was quickly silenced by a small pillar of crystal knocking him in the back of the head. His eyes rolled up as the drake passed out and was dragged into the castle by Blossoms magic. Quickly looking behind her, she entered the castle herself and closed the doors.

Feeling the tingle again, Blossom watched as the crystal frame around the gold doors shifted, creating spikes that locked them in place from the inside and out. When that was done, her gaze shifted to the small baby dragon that laid unconscious on the floor.

Shaking her head with annoyance, she made a crystal dome from the element Stone gave her, caging the dragon where he laid. Making her way towards the main stairs, she stopped and looked at the small dome the dragon was in. Biting her lip she quickly made small holes in the dome allowing him to breathe and then made the rest of her way to the stairs.

I may have killed older ponies and creatures in the past, but I'll be damned if I'm responsible for the death of a small, innocent baby dragon.’

Now standing at the base of the main staircase, The assassin closed her eyes as she lit her horn. With her eyes still closed, she shifted her head left in right as if searching for something, which is exactly what she was doing.

Shifting to the right a bit, her head came to a quick stop as she canceled the magic flow and opened her eyes with a grin.

Ready or not little colt.’

Blossom quickly began to walk up the stairs until she came into a hallway that would lead her directly to the colt to begin her work.

Here I come.’

(Twilight Sparkle’s Pov)

“No erase that, your ‘S’ looks like the number five.”

Twilight watched as Mason groaned and quickly erased the letter in his sentence. While he was definitely getting better at writing with his hoof and mouth, he still had trouble with some words and letters. Preferably drawing, the letter ‘S’.

As he began to re-write it. Twilight watched with a critical eye to make sure the colt got it right. When he was done he looked at his work and then to her.

Twilight nodded with a smile. “Much better.”

Smiling in accomplishment, Mason continued to write his sentence. He didn't do it for long as a rather loud knock came from the door of the library. Shifting her gaze at the door, Twilight raised an eyebrow as she stared at it.

Now that's strange, Spike said he was going to Rarity’s to hang out and last I checked no one else lives in this castle. Unless Spike came back for something.’

Before Twilight could mull over her thoughts more, the knock came back but much louder as the being behind it became impatient.

Twilight’s body began to tense as she stared at the door. It didn't occur to her then but she could feel something with power behind the oak door. Slightly lighting her horn she got up from her seat to make her way to it but was stopped by a tapping on her shoulder. Turning she saw Mason who look rather worried.

“Um….is that Spike behind the door?”

Turning back to the door that seemed rather silent now, Twilight shook her head. “No, I don't think it is.”

Out the corner of her eyes she could see Mason shift uncomfortably in his seat. “It's not some like, robber or anything, right?”

Setting her gaze on the colt, the princess rubbed his back with a hoof which seemed to ease him up a little. “Don't worry Mason, I'm sure it's just one of my frie-”


Twilight didn't get to finish as the oak door to her library was forced open by a powerful force sending wood and splinters in their direction. On instinct, the princess expanded her wings as she brought the startled and scared colt to her chest and put a shield around them to keep her and Mason safe from the flying wood.

When Twilight was sure it was over with, she canceled the shield turned around to see her library somewhat destroyed from the amount of wood that went flying in all directions. Becoming a little peeved from having some of her books being destroyed and having scared Mason, she brought her gaze to the one responsible.

Standing out in the hall with a shit-eating grin, was a light brown mare with a dark brown mane. Her orange eyes looked at the destruction she caused with satisfaction until her gaze landed on Twilight who had a shaking colt in her hooves.

Twilight snarled as the mare’s grin became a toothy smile. The mysterious mare slowly walked into the library towards the princess which Twilight responded by dropping the shield again and lighting her horn for a spell.

The mare stopped as she saw the princess tighten her hold on the colt who hugged her chest and lit her own horn with an orange aura. “Really princess, it that anyway to treat your subjects who come to say hello.”

Twilight bared her teeth as her horn became brighter. “If your version of saying hello is destroying my door that could have injured myself or this colt, then yes, yes it is a way to treat a subject like you.”

The mysterious mare tsked as she circled the princess. “Oh this is not the welcome I was promised when I came to meet the Princess of Friendship.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes at the mare as she circled her, when she got to close Twilight would light her horn causing the mare to back up. As she continued to circled the princess, Twilight instinctively shielded Mason with her wings as the mare’s eyes landed on him with a smile.

As the mare did another full circle around the princess like a predator to prey, she stopped in front of Twilight with the destroyed door behind her. The mare then gestured a hoof to herself.

“I guess I should introduce myself now shouldn't I? My name is Dark Blossom, a pleasure to meet you Princess of Friendship.”

Twilight watched with no amusement as the mare mockingly bowed with her shit-eating smile on her face. Twilight, feeling her movements were limited with Mason in her hooves should the mare try anything, sat him down as he fearfully looked at the mare who blew him a mocking kiss. Twilight glared at the mare as she pushed Mason under her and expanded her wings in an intimidating manner.

“While I wish I could return the feeling of meeting another pony, sadly I cannot for the likes of you. So state your business and what reason you have to be here.”

The mare seemed to have a scowl on her face until she smiled again. “But of course, it's only fair that I tell a princess of why I stumbled upon her humble abode.”

Still standing over Mason as he stood behind her leg, the mare grabbed a chair with her magic as she sat herself down. When she got comfortable she look at the princess.

“To put it in short honey, I'm here for a specific pony and that specific pony is standing right under you.”

Mason huddled closer under Twilight as she shifted her stance. “What do you want with him? He's just a colt.”

The mare nodded as she got up and kicked the chair across the room with her hind leg. “Oh I can see that he's just a colt, however, he's no ordinary colt if you catch my drift.”

Her muscles tensed up as Twilight’s eyes widen. She got a good idea as to who this mare was but she needed to be sure and at the same time, figure out a way to get out of here safely with Mason.

“Where are you going with this?”

Blossom tsked again. “Oh come now, you must already know who I am with that look you got on your face and what my clan do to, special, creatures like him.”

Twilight felt Mason poke his head out as he looked at the mare confused. “Twilight, what is she talking about? How does she know?”

Bringing her purple eyes to the colt, she wordlessly open and closed her mouth at him which only increased his confusion. As she tried to come up with words to explain the situation to the colt, she heard Blossom laugh.

“Ah-ha-ha! The princess, whose job is to protect her subjects, didn't tell this witty-bitty colt about what we do to creatures like him?”

Twilight could see the fear in his eyes as he began to crouch low to the ground. “T-tell me w-w-what?”

The brown unicorn shook her head as she pointed to herself again. “As you should know young colt, I'm a follower from a group called The Stone Clan, a name that needs a little bit of work but that's not important. My group have gone around the world, capturing creatures like yourself and bringing them back to our base, or at least some of them we have.”

As Blossom spoke, she began to make little circles with her hoof as she approached the duo slowly. “Either way, we basically are there to take away their powers from them, but sadly it's not the greatest of things since the process basically, kills them.”

Eyes wide, Twilight looked at Mason who was shivering like a leaf as he looked at the mare with fear. “Y-y-you k-kill them?”

Twilight went to comfort the scared colt but was stopped when the mare laughed with a roll of her eyes.

“To tell you the truth that wasn't really supposed to happen but,” her horn lit up with an orange aura as she drew near to the duo, “you take what you get right?”

Twilight growled as she casted a spell that created a shockwave knocking the mare back. When the mare came to a skidding stop Twilight instantly picked up Mason and unfurled her wings to their full expansion.

You will not touch a single hair on him!”

The mare, still on her hooves, snorted as crystal covered her legs making Twilight’s eyes widen in shock. “Sorry honey…”

Crystal spires and shards floated in the air facing the direction of Twilight as she enhanced the strength in her shield. Blossom’s look became a hard glare as she snarled.

“It wasn't a request.”

(Spike’s Pov)

Spike woak up with a groan as he rubbed the back of his head with a claw. As he continued to rub it, he went to stand up but stopped when his head hit something solid.


Looking up, he saw crystal in his vision as he blinked with confusion. Looking around he saw that he was surrounded by nothing but crystal. It was small to. He could probably only come up in a sitting position without hitting his head.

As the drake looked around his crystal dome prison,he rubbed his chin as he tried to remember why he was here in the first place.

Spike didn't think for long as he remember that mare that somehow knocked him out. She was probably on her way to steal something from the castle or worse!

She’s after Twilight.’

His thoughts were correct when the drake’s ears picked up the sound of rumbling and a large bang that went throughout the castle.

Eyes widening, Spike felt around the crystal dome to see if there was a flaw in it that would let him out. He was relieved when there were tiny holes in the dome allowing him to breathe but frustrated when there wasn't a way out.

Sitting down he tapped a fist to his noggen as he tried to think on how to get out of here. As he thought on different ways that would not help him in the slightest, one idea clicked in his head as he stared at his claws.

I am what ponies call a gem dragon, so maybe….’

Wanting to test his idea, Spike firmly pressed his claws against the crystal dome. Closing his eyes, he put pressure on them as he dragged the appendages down. The sound of scraping came to his ears as he opened his eyes to see that their were, while small, noticeable indents in the crystal.

Smiling to himself he looked at his claws as he wiggled them. ‘Nice.’

His thoughts were stopped when he felt another rumble along with another huge bang. His brow furrowed in determination as he scratched at the crystal dome with gusto.

Hange on Twilight, I'm on my way.’

Spike stayed in that position with his claws going at the crystal wall scratch after scratch. While his progress was successive, it was slow. At one point the drake began to tire, but the sound of a small explosion gave him more determination to get out of his prison.

After what felt like hours, Spike silently cheered to himself as his claws finally broke through a small part of the dome. He went faster in his goal to get out as the hole became bigger. Eventually he had a hard time to make the hole big enough for him to fit through, but was large enough for him to take a bite out.

Well, it's basically like a gem, so.’ Opening his mouth to reveal small, sharp teeth, he sunk them into the crystal and with a growl shook side to side. Spike felt his teeth begin to sink into the crystal and eventually broke it off. As he chewed, his face grew a look of disgust as he spat out the crystal.

“Blech, it's like gems but definitely doesn't taste the same.” Shaking his head with his tongue hanging out, Spike went back to biting out chunks of the crystal to make the hole bigger while spitting it out from the bad taste that it gave him.

When the hole was big enough, he squeezed out of it and threw his hands in the air with a cheer.

“Yeah! Now to help Twilight!”

Tuning on his heels he quickly made his way to the main stairs. The little dragon didn't get far though when a big explosion sounded, shaking the walls of the castle. Spike cringed in worry.

Geez, sounds like Twilight is fighting for her life.’ To clarify his thought another rumble sounded. Spike’s shoulders dropped with defeat.

If that fight is as bad as it sounds then I won't be much of help in fighting.’ Another rumble sounded as the drake looked at the stairs. Another idea came to his head as he narrowed his eyes and took off full sprint out the door.

Only for it to slam in his face.

Spike rubbed his nose as he glared at the door. His eyes widened however when he noticed crystal spikes covering the doors like locks sealing them shut.

Spike however was not gonna let that stop him as he went to another room. Not finding what he was looking for he went to the next which he pumped a fist in the air when he saw a window. Opening the window he jumped outside and began his trek through the town which its occupants were now worriedly looking at the castle after hearing the commotion coming from within it.

The drake payed no mind to the crowd that flinched when another loud bang sounded from one part of the structure. Instead he went full sprint through the town to fetch his other friends.

Just hang in there Twilight, help will be on the way.'

Chapter 15: The Battle Against Dark Blossom

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And so it continues……

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It still continues….

(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

Twilight breathed heavily as she protectively held Mason in her hooves. Bruises and scratches covered her body as small drips of blood came from some of them. Her opponent didn't have as much scratches as she did nor did she look as winded but that was mostly because she used Mason to get a open hit on the princess.

A few times Twilight tried to run, but was blocked when a crystal jotted in front of her path or when a orange beam of magic hurled towards her, forcing the mare to retreat with Mason in tow.

Twilight’s eyes widened when small shards of crystal came at her with great speeds. Not having enough energy to quickly put up a shield, she unfurled her wings and took off in the air, barely avoiding the deadly shards.

She was unlucky however as the princess screamed in pain as other shards she didn't see embedded themselves in her right wing. Pain only followed when she tried to flap it forcing her to fall to the ground. The lavender mare quickly spun her body around and painfully landed on her back to keep Mason from taking the blow.

Twilight took deep breaths as the air was knocked out of her and exhaustion quickly began to grasp at her body. Movement drew her gaze downward as she noticed Mason fearfully looking at her battered body and brought his gaze to her eyes.


Although exhausted and clearly hurt, she still put a smile to ease the colt up. “I-its fine Mason….huh...I'll be fin- ngh...I'll be fine, it's just some scratches.”

Mason didn't look convinced as he looked at her bleeding wounds with sad eyes. “B-but you're hurt.”

The princess huffed a little as she shakingly got on her hooves while still holding the colt close to her chest. “Don't...huh...worry about it...ah...I'll be alright just as long as you are.”

Her ears swiveled when she heard a noise and quickly looked to her opponent. Acting quickly she produced a shield in front of her but cringed in pain when the orange blast shattered it instantly.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, I expected better from you princess. Especially from all the other beings you have defeated.”

Twilight coughed as small drops of blood came from her nose. Looking up with a glare, she saw her opponent still standing with the elements of crystal, air, and water floating around her. Even her magic was still active. Although her magic was much more experienced than Blossom’s, she couldn't protect herself and Mason from her magic, the three elements she had active, and fight at the same time. It was exhausting her mana and energy quicker than she liked.

“Honestly, I thought you would put up more of a fight than that drake did at the door, of course I did just knock him out.”

When the word ‘drake’ came to her ears,Twilight Instantly glared at the mare as her horn found new power of magic and lit up. “What did you do to Spike!”

Chuckling the mare stepped forward a bit. “Oh nothing to the little thing yet, just locked him up in a little crystal dome so he wouldn't bother us. Although I don't think he'll be a problem considering how hard I hit him.”

Anger boiled within the princess as she fired a bolt of energy at the mare. Blossom smirked as without effort, put up a wall of crystal blocking the blast and quickly pinned Twilight against a wall with a rush of water as her anger left her wide open.

The princess squirmed as she was struck from the cold liquid and tried to use her magic to teleport away. However when she tried to use her horn, Blossom would take her away from the wall and slam her against it again. After a few more times of being slammed against the hard surface, Twilight fell limp as the rest of her energy left her.

The assassin walked forward as she looked at the princess who groaned in pain. “Expected so much more.”

Opening her eyes, Twilight eyed the mare as she brought her gaze onto the colt who backed away. As the mare advanced towards him, Twilight tried to struggle against the water but couldn't get out of it.

“No….huh...leave him alone.”

Blossom stopped as she turned to the pinned alicorn and smirked. “Why so willing to protect him? He's just getting you hurt.”

Having stopped her struggling to get her energy back, Twilight glared at Blossom with determination. “Because I protect my friends...hah...and you'll kill him...huh...if I don't.”

The assassin rolled her eyes as she looked at the princess with narrowed eyes. “Oh don't go tying your tail in a knot princess, I'm not going to steal his powers and kill him, at least not until he gets his Cutie Mark.”

Not believing the mare one bit, Twilight tried to swim her way out of the water but her body stayed in place so she went still again. “Then if you're not going to try and steal him, then why are you here?”

Twilight felt the water begging to climb her neck which made her narrow her eyes at the mare who only smirked. “Because, I believe he's just like the dragon that we killed a few years ago. If we threaten his life or the lives of others he cares about, then he might get his Cutie Mark just like the dragon did, which is why I need you to struggle for your life.”

Twilight eyes widen. “What do yo- Blablab.” She didn't finish as water quickly surrounded her head cutting off her air. Twilight struggled with new vigor as she tried to get out the water that threatened to drown her.

Outside she could hear voices but they were muffled from the water covering her entire body. She felt her lungs begin to burn as they begged for her to breath. Without thinking she opened her mouth to breath but only resulted in sucking water through her mouth which made her choke in gurgling sounds.

Her movements died down as her watery vision began to darken. What she saw next was a white flash and the floor meeting her as she fell from the wall.

(Mason’s Pov)

I looked on in horror as the water quickly engulfed Twilight’s head and caused her to thrash around to try and escape. Without thinking I quickly ran and crashed into the mare which only cause her to glare at me.

“Please stop! You'll kill her!”

She just snarled as she roughly pushed me off and glared at me. I cried as I continued to watch Twilight thrash in the floating water without much success. If nothing happened I knew she would drown. I heard the mare chuckle as she looked at me with a cold smile.

“Then do something, if you care about her then save her life.”

Hatred burned in my heart for this mare right now, but I knew I couldn't do anything. My hooves would just go through the water and my elements weren't strong enough to push it or Blossom away. I clenched my eyes shut as it dawned on me that I, my fire, and lightning would be too weak to save Twilight.

I opened my eyes in realization. My lightning.

Looking at the ground I could see puddles of water leading up to the mare. She smiled coldly as she watched the princess’s struggles became weaker.

“Hm, as an assassin I've killed others before, but a princess was never one of them.”

Ignoring her, I looked at my hooves and remembered what Twilight told me.

“It's important that you keep that lightning and fire in control, especially the lightning. Although it's small now you could still put in enough through metal or water to give someone quite the shock, maybe even enough to render them unconscious.”

Smirking to my teary self, I rubbed my hooves together to get the lightning going. I could see from the upper part of my eyes the mare looking at me with confusion. Eventually, sparks were showing on my hooves as I put them above the water.

“What do you thin-.”

I didn't let her finish as I pushed them to the water and gave it my all causing tingles to shake through my legs. I was successful when, in a flash, arcs of lightning traveled along the water and to the mare who looked with wide eyes.

She didn't have enough time to avoid it as the Lightning touched her hooves and made her do a silly dance. When I lifted my hooves, her hooves were singed a bit while her fur and mane stuck out in different directions. The last thing she did was give a spasm with sparks traveling across her horn and fell to the floor unconscious.

The elements immediately died down along with the water trapping Twilight. I watched in worry as she fell to the ground in a heap and didn't get back up. Running to the lavender mare, I nudged her head with my snout hoping for a response.

“Twilight get up!”

No response, I wasn't sure if she was breathing or not. I began to tear up thinking that I was too late until I heard a small gurgle from her. Quickly looking up I could hear the sounds coming from her mouth along with some water. Prancing in place I tried to come up with a quick way to help her. A stupid idea came to my head as I ran and grabbed a chair and brought it over to the princess. Climbing it, I aimed myself and looked to Twilight with an apologetic look.

“Sorry Twi.”

Jumping off the chair I, none too gently, landed on her stomach forcing the water she sucked down to her throat. Twilight's eyes opened slightly with a slight cough. Her eyes then immediately shot open in a instant as she began to violently cough up water. I got up from her stomach to give her room to breath, watching her flip over as she continued to violently cough.

When she was done coughing up the water, she took in deep breaths as she looked around. Her gaze settled on me as she squinted.


I choked a sob as I quickly hugged the mare around the neck who grunted but slowly brought a hoof up to return the hug. I sobbed quietly on her shoulder as she rubbed my back.

“Your alive…'re still alive…”

Twilight chuckled but stopped when she visibly cringed in pain but still chuckled a little. “Heh...of course I'm alive...cough...I'm a lot tougher than you think.”

I ended the hug as I happily stared at the mare. My attention was stolen from her to the other mare as she groaned in pain from the shock I gave her.

“Twilight we need to get out of here before she wakes up so we can get your friends, they'll help us.”

Coughing a bit more. Twilight looked at the assassin and nodded. “You're right, we need to get the girls and find Spike as well so we can contact Celestia.”

I nodded in response. Twilight put her hooves under her as she shakingly tried to get up. Groaning in pain, she barely stood to her full height as she swayed back and forth.

“Can you walk?”

Looking at me she slightly she nodded. “I'll manage, we just need to get out of the castle and find at least one of the girls or hopefully Spike.”

Taking a step forward, she faltered as she caught herself from falling. Although I was small in size, I still ran over and did my best to support her.

Twilight smiled in appreciation as we slowly made our way to the door. Before we could exit, a small knife that I forgot the name of embedded itself in the floor next to us. Turning around my ears fell flat along with my wings as Blossom stood behind us with more knives in her magic.

“I'll give you credit for that little stunt you pul-,” she was cut off as her body spasmmed along with some sparks coming out of her horn, “pulled...but that won't save you from-.”

I jumped when a wooden table came flying at the mare cutting her off again. With a pained yelp, she was knocked to one of the book shelves with a slam. As the mare fell limp on the ground with a groan, a pink aura dropped books on top of her.

Looking to Twilight, I saw she had her horn glowing and with a slight grin, snorted. “That should give us some time to get out of here, come on!”

Not wasting time we made our way out of the library. Our trek was slow as we navigated the many hallways. It felt like hours as we continued to walk down the corridors until we finally reached a set of stairs. At this point, Twilight had gained some energy back since the walking was giving her a break from the fight. She walked with a wince and a slight limp, but other wise was ok.

Walking down the rest of the stairs, we made notice that it was the main stair case that lead to the main door. Not wanting to stay any longer I made the rest of the way down while Twilight took a little longer. As we approached them we both took notice a small crystal dome in the middle of the room that looked as if someone bit and clawed their way out of it.

Behind me I heard Twilight give a hum as she studied the dome with a worried look. I didn't want to mull over it for long so I trotted the rest of the way to the doors but stopped dead in my tracks.

The giant golden doors had large crystal spikes jutting from its frame acting like giant locks. I came closer to them and gave a slight push but was met with resistance. Putting more force into it didn't do much as the doors didn't even budge. Twilight limped over to stand next to me as she looked at the sealed entry ways.

Groaning in annoyance, she and I went into another room that had some windows along the wall. One of them was open as well.

Something nudged me towards the window which I looked back to see Twilight pushing me towards it.

“Come on Mason, let's not stay in here any longer than we need to.”

Nodding in agreement, I ran to the window and climbed on it. I waited to see Twiligt was quickening her pace to the opening. Nodding for me to continue, I climbed out of the exit and onto the ground. Sighing in relief I made my way onto the road to see other ponies turning their gaze on me while some stayed on the castle.

I heard the sound of clip-clopping behind me and gasps from the crowd as Twilight herself stood behind me. She looked over the crowd and then activated her horn. Clearing her throat she announced to the worried looking ponies.

“Everypony, as you can see a problem has transpired in my castle and for you safety, I'd ask that you quickly and calmly make your way to your homes and stay inside until the problem is taken care of!”

Murmurs went about the crowd as some took glances at the castle. Some of the ponies, including the ones with fillies and colts, took their leave away from the castle. Other however stayed to Twilight's annoyance.

“What's happened at the castle?”

“Is Ponyville in danger?”

“Have the other princesses been contacted?”

Before more questions could be asked, Twilight expanded her wings, silencing the crowd. “I assure you, everything will be under control! My assistant has gone to collect the other Elements of Harmony along with contacting the princesses! I ask that you please-”


Shouts and screams were heard as the doors to the castle were blasted towards the crowd. Thankfully, they were caught in Twilight’s pink aura as she sat them down on the dirt road. Most of the ponies galloped away in fear as they cleared the castle grounds while a few still stayed looking at the entrance.

Who stood there was a peeved off Dark Blossom. She scanned the crowd until her eyes landed on me and Twilight.

Snorting, her horn lit up as she made her way down the steps. Touching dirt with her hooves, she activated her elements making the last few ponies gasp and back away in fear and confusion. I and Twilight gulped as not only did she activate the three elements she had, but another one as well.

“You know I was having some fun a little while ago, but now I'm just annoyed. So I think I'll just end this right here so I can deal with the colt myself.”

A sickly orange glow came from her horn as it became brighter. I felt Twilight push me away which I stared worriedly at her. She only gave me a smile and gestured to a building. Getting the message, I ran over to some boxes that stood at the front of the small house and hid behind them. The princess activated a shield which blinked out of existence a few times but eventually held firm while Twilight breathed heavily.

Blossom smirked as her horn stopped getting brighter and held a small light at the tip of it, ready for a spell. “Goodbye Princess of Friendship.”

As she reared her head back to fire off the spell, I closed my eyes not wanting to look at the results that would transpire. My eyes however shot open when I heard a battle cry and looked just in time to see a rainbow blur smack into the mare, knocking her back a few feet.

The pony that stood in her place was none other than Rainbow Dash in all her glory. She glared hatefully at the mare who took some time to get up from the blow.

“If anyone dares to mess with my friends, then they dare to mess with me!”

Blossom clutched her chest in pain as she glared at Rainbow Dash. “Why you little-”


Apparently this mare was known for getting cut off as she slowly turned around to see a large cannon pointing right at her face with a very, very angry looking Pinkie Pie behind it who looked at the mare with a snarl.

“Oh hello…..and goodbye.”

The assassin didn't even get a scream in as the cannon fired huge amounts of confetti knocking the mare into the air and all the way into a fruit cart. I mockingly cringed as I could imagine how uncomfortable that fall was. Before I could cheer for my mom, a pink blur filled my vision as my lungs were crushed from a bone breaking hug.

“Oh my little colt you're alright! You're alright!”

I nodded as the air continued to leave my lungs. “Yeah I'm alright...heh...but I won't be let go mom.”

I don't know if she heard me or didn't really care what I said as she let me go and went to inspecting my body by looking at my legs and turning my head left and right.

“Are you alright? Did she hurt you? Do you feel woozy? Does anything hurt? Do-”

I cut my mother off as I gave her a warm hug which she returned warmly. “Mom I'm fine, Twilight was there to protect me.”

I felt her nod until she tensed. “Oh-no! Twilight!”

As quickly as she said that, she put me on her back and hurried over to her friend who at the moment was being helped by the rest of the girls. Applejack kept her supported while Fluttershy checked over her wounds and bandaged them. Rarity and Rainbow Dash stood on the side of them as they looked at their friend with great concern.

As Pinkie Pie came closer to the girls, Rarity looked over at us from the corner of her eyes and quickly turned to us as they widened.

“Pinkie Pie darling, is Mason alright?!”

Nodding she sat me down next to Rarity who also checked me over to my annoyance as my mom went to Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash came next to me as she watched Rarity continue to check me over.

“Rarity, Pinkie already checked me over, I'm fine.”

The fashionetta shook her head as she then proceeded to fix my mane. “Now you hush darling, it doesn't hurt to double check especially after that fiasco.”

I groaned in annoyance as Dash chuckled at my predicament. Having enough of watching my torment to the posh pony, she snatched me out of Rarity’s grip.

“I think the little guy is fine Rarity, I don't see many scars on the tough colt.”

Rarity blinked as she scoffed with a roll of her eyes. “Oh fine, but when this is over I'm fixing that horrendous mane of yours.”

I rolled my eyes as the fashionetta turned back to Twilight who looked better than when I saw her. If anything she looked really tired.

“How….how did you girls find out about this?”

“I can answer that question princess.”

Blinking to herself, the princess turned around and gasped as she brought none other than Spike in a hug who gladly returned it as he looked as if he would shed some tears.

“Oh Spike, I was so worried about you!”

The drake scoffed as he tightened the hug. “Worried about me? I was more worried about you when I heard the bangs and booms of that fight!”

Twilight chuckled as she ended the embrace. “Well she was a tough one to take care of, but me and Mason pulled through.”

“Speaking of she,” Applejack broke in as her gaze hardened at the mare who was still in the food cart, “what are we gonna do about her?”

Twilight's eyes narrowed as she looked at the direction of Blossom and snorted. “First, we need to contact the princesses immediately so they can take care of her and then we make sure she's secured until they get here.”

“Why do we need the princesses?” Rainbow Dash said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, wouldn't it be better if we just took care of her ourselves?” Pinkie said as she came back to stand behind me.

Twilight visibly gulped as she looked at me as I glared at her. She knew that I knew full well as to why that wouldn't work and boy did I want some answers on that. Huh, saying that to myself makes me feel like a detective or something.

“Because remember that group that Celestia told us about?” the girls nodded in confirmation as they grew confused at the look Twilight and I were giving each other, “well, she's apart of it and she came for Mason.”

All five mares gasped as Pinkie slowly brought me closer to herself. They all stared wide eyed at me as I glared at each and everyone of them.

“You all knew that these, whatever type of pony she is, we're coming after me because of what I have?!”

Although I didn't raise my voice too loud, the girls still flinched at my accusation of what they did. They all exchanged glances between each other as they thought about what to say. I however was going to get an answer right now and not wait.

“So, how long have you known and why were you not going to tell?”

Their ears fell as they gave knowing glances to each other. They knew no matter how they went about this, I was going to want answers one way or another.

The lavender alicorn cleared her throat as she gave me a sheepish look. “I think after experiencing this, it's only fair that you know what's going on.”

I crossed my hooves as I waited but Twilight shook her head as my gaze hardened.

“While I want to tell you now Mason, we need to take care of her first. Spike, I need you to take a letter.”

The drake nodded but before anyone moved, the sound of a groaning mare caught our attention over to Blossom who glared at the girls.

“While I have been angry before, you six take the cake all the way.” Blossom snarled with her ears down. Water began to surround her body making the girls and spike gasp with widened eyes. Blossom used the water to wipe her fur of fruit juice as she disembarked her cloak.

Now seeing her full body, I could see that all her fur was a light brown with her tail being like her mane which was a chocolate brown. Her Cutie Mark fit the description as it was a blood red flower with smoke surrounding it.

“Now that I'm more than peeved at you annoyances, I think I'll be done playing games.” Reaching in the cloak that laid on the ground, she took out a yellow vile, opened it and drank all its contents. Her eyes glowed the same yellow until they became her regular orange irises. She gave a primal shout as she activated her magic and four elements around her.

“What do we do now Twilight.” Fluttershy whispered fearfully.

Twilight groaned as she eyed the angry mare in front of them. “She just drank a adrenaline vile of sorts that's giving her an extra boost in magic. We'll have to restrain her completely until the princess get here but it's going to be hard now that she's boosted.”

All the girls glared at the mare as she snorted again and kicked at the dirt like a bull. Twilight leaned next to Spike and whispered something which he nodded to and ran off. A bit shakingly, Twilight stood on her hooves with the girls coming to her sides getting ready for a fight. I felt a pair of hooves turn me around to face my mother who looked extremely serious.

“Mason I want you to run and hide somewhere and no matter what, don't come out here ok?”

I nodded as she kissed my forehead and nudged me away.

I ran away from the girls as they all got down in fitting stances. I ran a bit of ways away until I came up to a wagon full of hay. Ducking under it, I hid behind one of the wooden wheels as I watched the showdown.

No one moved a muscle in the barren streets. Rainbow Dash flared her wings as she got in a pouncing pose as Pinkie took out a small cannon. Next to them, Rarity activated her magic and lifted different pieces of debris and rocks. On the other side, Twilight flared her own wings and activated what magic she had left while Applejack took out some rope and Fluttershy stood behind her shaking slightly.

Across from them, Blossom crouched low as the sound of her elements of water, air, crystal, and earth began to sway behind her.

The air became tense as both sides eyed each other with intense glares. Everypony stood at the ready, waiting for one to make the first move.

The tense moment had not last for long as Blossom reared up on her hind legs and slammed her hooves into the dirt making a wave of rock come at the six mares.

“SPLIT!” I heard Twilight shout as the six mares split away from the shockwave of dirt and rock. Rainbow Dash quickly took to the sky to avoid it and arched her trajectory at the mare with great amounts of speed. Eyeing the swift pegasus, Blossom jerked her head sending shards of crystal at her. As if it was nothing, Dash dodged the huge amounts of shards as she drew nearer to the mare.

While her attention was solely focused on the rapid mare, Applejack came from the side of her spinning the lasso around. Throwing the long rope perfectly, it tied around the mares horn which Applejack tugged on causing her volley of shards to go off course. It was all that Dash needed as she closed the distance to slam the mare into the ground. Before Dash could pound her into the ground, Blossom used her earth element to cover her body with stone and rock. Dash yelped in slight shock and pain as her hooves went full force into the armor. Not wanting her to get away, Blossom shot a beam of orange at Dash throwing the mare off her back.

Bringing her gaze to AJ, she stomped her hooves causing a dirt pillar to shoot the farm mare in the air. Using the element of air, she kept AJ aloft before bring her down to the earth with great force. Blossom was caught off guard when a valley of small rocks and debris started hitting her by Rarity’s magic.

The distraction gave the recovered Rainbow Dash enough time to take to the air and catch AJ before she hit the ground and settle her down safely. Fluttershy who kept away from the fight checked Dash over before letting her continue in the fiasco. At this point, Blossom had a wall of crystal guarding her as she conjured earth and water together making mud. Waiting for the right opportunity, she fired the mud ball at Rarity who yelped as she barely ducked it.

“That was completely uncouth of you, you brute!”

“Alls fair in a battle frizzy!”

Rarity scoffed as she picked up more things with her magic. “Oh it is on!”

As their battle continued with Rarity throwing random objects, Rainbow Dash trying to swing in for a hit, and AJ circling around to tie her with the lasso, Pinkie Pie somehow popped out of random places as she drew near to the mare.

As Pinkie Pie does, she popped out from behind Blossom who looked at the pink ball of energy with confusion. The only thing she got was a high pitched hello from Pinkie before being blasted by her party cannon.

Taking this as her opportunity, Dash flew in and caught the mare and brought her high in the air before slamming back into the earth. Clearly using her element of air was the only thing that slowed her descent from a bone shattering impact. Blossom reeled in pain as the air was knocking for her lungs by both the impact and Dash slamming into her from the stomach.

AJ not wasting time lassoed the mare's legs together with a ‘yeehaw’. As the assassin struggled to get out of her binds, she caught Twilight approaching her with her horn lit.

“This time, do us a favor and stay down!” Reeling her head back she fired off a pink beam of magic at the wide eyed mare. I smiled to myself as I saw the fight was going to end quicker than expected, but that hope went down the drain when the mare disappeared through a dust cloud.

The girls all gaped in disbelief as the mare reappeared a few feet away from them in rock and dirt. Not even for a second did she appear, her hooves turned into sharp crystal as she cut the rope off. Getting up with a look that could kill, she picked herself off the ground with the element of air as she had volleys of rock and water on her sides.

Dash angrily glared at the mare as the threw her hooves in the air. “Oh come on!”

Not giving them a chance to recover, Blossom spread her hooves apart, causing pillars of earth to knock the six away. Going for a dazed Rainbow Dash first, she sped towards her and slashed at her wings causing the cyan mare to shriek in pain. Not being done with her she engulfed her entire body in water and, harshly, slammed her body into the ground. Dash groaned as she tried to stand up but was immediately stopped when Blossom landed beside her and kicked the mare in the head causing Dash’s head to jerk violently before landing in the dirt out cold.

AJ who had quickly gotten up stared wide eyed at Rainbow Dash before glaring at the mare who glared right back. Kicking at the dirt she charged the mare who did the same. Before they made contact, AJ threw dirt in Blossom’s eyes causing her to rub them out. Taking that distraction to her advantage, she reared her hind legs up and gave a mighty buck to her abdomen causing Blossom to grunt in pain as she was knocked back.

Not even waiting for her to recover, AJ charge the mare intent on beating the heck out of her. Applejack’s intention however, were cut short when the mare created a bright flash from her horn that blinded Applejack which Blossom took to her advantage. Creating a dirt pillar she knocked it into the farm mare’s side making a crack sound and throwing her into a building.

Blossom nodded to herself as she took two down and looked at the remaining four. Fluttershy seeing she couldn't get to Rainbow without getting in the crossfire went to Applejack to make sure she was alright. Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie nodded to each other as they circled the brown elemental pony.

Twilight used her magic to create a dust cloud screwing Blossom’s vision. Rarity galloped around the mare throwing as many objects as she could from one direction. Pinkie Pie, using her party cannon, fired sweets at the mare from another. Twilight stood on the sidelines as she parried the mare's spells and elements with her magic as she got bested from all sides. The girls doubled their efforts as the assassin was clearly showing signs of collapsing from using excessive magic and being hit by all sides.

I went wide eyed as Blossom seemed persistent and with a feral cry, jumped in the air and slammed all four hooves in the ground creating a wave of earth, shards, and air from the blast.

Twilight quickly formed small shields around her two friends as they were closer but was unlucky as the blast hit her dead on and knocked her back into the dirt.

As the two recovered, Rarity gave her own feral cry as she berated the mare for hurting three of her friends with large and small objects. Small to beat the mare into the ground and large to keep her from forming a wall or shield. Pinkie stood by ready to aid her friend if Blossom tried anything while Fluttershy pulled Twilight’s limp body away from the fight.

I could see that Rarity was doing well as she walked closer to the mare continuing to berate her with objects but was quickly tiring herself out from using so much magic that she wasn't used to. As her attack began to slow, Dark Blossom used her magic to strike Rarity in the chest making her flinch in pain. The assassin quickly got on her hooves as she used the element of water to knock Rarity back into the dirt.

Rarity groaned as she shakingly got onto her hooves and glared at the mare who scowled in return. As Rarity went to step forward, her body only jerked forward as her hooves were stuck to the ground. The posh pony shrieked as she tried to lift her hooves that were quickly sinking into the makeshift quicksand.

As Rarity opened her mouth to shout for help, and orange aura closed her mouth shut as the same aura holding a crystal shard came to her lips. When the shard touched the mare’s lips it instantly became a gag as it expanded around her mouth.

Blossom smirked as she let go of Rarity’s mouth watching her struggle with muffled screams and shouts as she used her element to make her sink lower in the ground. Tears fell from Rarity’s eyes as the dirt reached her chest and continued to travel higher.

Her sinking demise was cut short thankfully by Pinkie Pie who appeared in front of the mare with a large party canon knocking her back. As her focus was lost on Rarity she stopped sinking causing her to give a muffled sigh around her crystal gag.

The entire time this fight happened I was worriedly looking at my friends forms as Rainbow Dash seemed to come to but was quick on getting up. Shifting my gaze I watched my mother angrily berate the mare with cannon shots after cannon shots.

Dark Blossom shouted in anger as she tried her best to hit Pinkie Pie where she was at one point, but was gone the next having her only hit open air. Pinkie giggled madly with a glare as she continued to beat the mare back and forth with sweets and confetti fired from her cannon.

As I continued to watch Pinkie fight the mare and Fluttershy sneakily go to Rainbow Dash’s dazed body, I failed to see a orange filly fearfully come from behind me.

I shouted in alarm as I quickly turned around to see Scootaloo behind who quickly looked back and forth between the fight happening and me.

“What are you still standing around for? To get found?! We have to go hide!”

I looked at the pegasus filly until my gaze landed on my mother who barely dodged a large spike of crystal.

“I can't, I'm not going to leave my mom and friends behind!”

Scootaloo blinked as she narrowed her eyes and pointed at the brawl. “Have you seen how that fight is going?! I hate saying this myself but they aren't doing so hot in that fight and if that's the case we won't be of much help now let's go before she finds us.”

I shook my head as my wings anxiously twitched. “I'm not leaving them behind to this mare. It's not them she wants, it's me!”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened as her wings fearfully buzzed at her sides. “No, if it comes to it, don't you doing anything stupid!”

I ignored the filly as I watch Blossom begin to tire as Pinkie started circling the mare like a predator. I was brought from the fight as Scootaloo shook me violently to get my attention as her eyes looked pleadingly into mine.

“Please Mason! I don't want you to get hurt! If it makes you feel better, I saw Spike send off a letter to Canterlot so the princesses should be here any moment now! Please I don't want you to get hurt!”

I was about to answer the pegasus until a pained cry caught our attention. My eyes widened in alarm and dread as I watched my mother skid and roll across the dirt until coming to a stop a few feet in front of our wagon.

“MOM!” Not even thinking I went from my cover to reach my mother who had a visible bruise on her side.

“MASON!” My run was short lived as I felt Scootaloo’s body slam into mine. Still wanting to get to my mother I struggled while Scoots tried to drag me away. We both stopped when we spotted Blossom slowly walking towards us while swaying. When I got a good look at her I noticed she looked worse than Twilight did when they fought inside the library.

Her body was full of bruises and cuts as some bled. Her left eye looked like it was beginning to swell as she walked with a slight limp from her right hind leg. Her glare became ice cold as she snarled at me and drew nearer.

As I felt the weight leave me, I sat up on my haunches as Scootaloo fearfully stood behind me. I instinctively expanded my small wings in a protective manner as the mare drew closer with each step and limp.

Pinkie breathed in heavily with a wince which made my heart call out for her. As Blossom passed by her she picked her head up to look at me with dread.

“No! Leave my colt-” She was quickly cut off as a pillar of earth knocked her back into a building. Pinkie fell to the ground with a groan and went limp.

As I looked at my mother, I felt something snap in me and demand vengeance as it burned. It didn't hurt but I could feel it burn and want to lash out at this mare as she drew near with her teeth bared.

“I had a feeling this would go somewhat wrong with me like it has in my last assignments, but this is just bucking ridiculous.” As the mare stopped in front of me and Scootaloo she eyed me with an intense glare that made me visibly gulp. Her gaze then shifted to Scootaloo who began to shiver in fear.

Her eyes narrowed as she eyed Scootaloo which made us both nervous. Her cold glare became neutral as her element of wind picked up.

“I came here to complete a task, guess I'll have to break one of my rules to complete it.”

I became confused at what she meant. Confusion quickly became fear as the wind picked me up and threw me away from Scootaloo making her shriek. I landed hard on the dirt as I quickly looked as the filly who was crouched low under the mare's gaze.

Scootaloo shrieked again with tears shedding from her eyes as earth clapped around her hooves and held her wings out.


Blossom ignored me as she lifted Scootaloo’s chin to see her teary gaze and leaned in.

“Make sure you scream nice and loud for him.”

More tears dropped from Scootaloo’s eyes as she weakly tried to get out of her earthly shackles. The filly froze when two sharp pillars of crystal popped up on either side of her wings.

Ready to cut them off.

I stared angrily at the mare who was daring to hurt my friends and my mother. Now she’s threatening to take the wings of my friend.

“Lets see how well you fare without those.”



First she hurts Twilight and tries to take her life!


Then she hurts my other friends and almost takes or could have taken some of their lives!


Then she beats and hurts my own mother and threatens to cut Scootaloo’s wings off!


It was quick. Every time she hurt my friends I felt that burning feeling in my gut wanting to come out and make her stop. I don't know how but at this moment I didn't care as I felt that feeling travel along my tail, mane, wings, hooves, and eyes. It wasn't the tingly feeling I usually felt, it was a sickening burn that wanted to show revenge.


Where I was staying only a few feet away from the mare and filly, as quick as I could blink I was flying at the mare who looked at me with alarm in her eyes as I tackled her to the ground a flurry of lightning and fire.


Chapter 16: Powers Unleashed

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Now I know what you are thinking….is this some fan fiction based around Avatar The Last

While I do like that anime or cartoon or whatever the f*ck it was, it's not based around that. So stop thinking about it ok?


(Mason's Pov)

I don't know how. I don't know why. But this is flipping awesome.

While I was standing on the side lines watching a mare ready to cut the wings off of my friend, the next I see myself plowing this same mare across the street as I give a feral shout of rage.

I also feel hot...and staticy if that makes any sense.

Now I was standing in front of my friend as her mouth was agape with shock and awe and maybe slight fear as lightning arced around my wings and legs and fire spew from my mane and tail. To tell you the truth, I felt powerful.

Really powerful.

Dark Blossom groaned as she rubbed two singed hoof marks on her chest. She slowly looked up at me with disbelief as I snorted in annoyance. As she got up with that look still on her face, I smiled a toothy smile.

Let's do this for real shall we?”

Disbelief quickly became anger as she fired a volley of shards at me. With speeds I didn't even know I had, I went over to Scootaloo and destroyed her earthly cuffs around her hooves and wings, picked her up and quickly flew her to an alleyway of a building.

Scootaloo blinked confusingly from how fast she ended up from the street to an alleyway. She looked at me with slight fear in her eyes as she gulped.


I looked at the filly with small mirth in my eyes as I grinned. “I'm the guy.”

Her eyes widened slightly as she looked me up and down. “H-h-how are y-you doing that?”

Taking a peek at myself I saw that indeed, streaks of blue lightning arced around my hooves without hurting Scootaloo somehow as Fire somewhat touched the tip of my hooves. While I could do simple tricks with fire and lightning, this was something new.

To tell ya the truth, I have no idea. I could do simple tricks with my elements but nothing this extreme.”

The filly’s eyes seemed to get bigger as my words graced her ears. “You've had these, whatever elements, for a while!”

I shrugged my shoulders with a nod. “Pretty much.”

Her gaze became quizzical as her eyes narrowed. “How lon-”

Her question died in her throats as she noticed that I was still hanging on to her as her hooves were around my neck. A blushed graced her cheeks as she stared at me for a while but didn't let go. Eventually she looked into my eyes blankly as I looked into hers confusingly.

Scootaloo blinked. “Mason, your orange and blue eye, they’re glowing.”

I simply looked at her with slight shock as I blinked a few times as if I would be able to see it myself. Before I could ask she cut me off.

“And your voice sounds different too.”

Again I went to ask the filly if she was alright but again she cut me off.

“And you're covered in fire and lightning.”

My eyebrows slowly raised as I eyed the filly whose blush seemed to take a deeper shade of red. Her eyes the met mine and she seemed to get a dreamy look on her face.

Feeling a bit awkward I cleared my throat. “Uh….do I look good in it?”

She seemed to become nervous as she swallowed. “You look….look…”

My confusion slowly became concern as the way the pegasus filly was acting and went to ask her if she was alright. My mouth quickly clicked shut from the next word she said.


A small blush touched my cheeks as I looked at the filly with wide eyes as her look became more dreamy and her blush darkened. I shifted my gaze left and right as her grip tightened a bit around my neck.

I was going to say something but was quickly stopped by the shouts coming from Dark Blossom.


I narrowed my eyes at the entrance of the alley in anger as it suddenly clicked what I was doing and why I was doing it, I had a score to settle. Scoots looked over my shoulder fearfully to eye the entrance as well.

Alright Scoots I'm gonna go real quick to deal with something, I want you to get out of here and hide from this crazy mare.”

As I turned to leave, a orange hoof stopped my advances as I turned to Scoots. She was giving me a worried look as she eyed the entrance a few times. “W-where are you going?”

I only smirked as I felt my lightning and fire become more noticeable on my body. “Me? I'm going to settle an unfair score with this mare.”

Not waiting for her response I quickly shot out of the alleyway leaving a trail of lightning streaks behind me. As I came to the middle of the road, I saw Dark Blossom searching high and low for me. I waited until her gaze settled on me and in turn gave her a mocking wave. The mare growled from her throat as crystals began to form into tiny shards.

I snorted to myself while feeling my lightning intensify and my fire become hotter around my body. I crouched low in a fighting stance as I glared angrily at the mare who did the same.

Both of us didn't move as we stared each other down on the barren dirt road of Ponyville. The only thing ringing through my ears was the sound of my own heartbeat as I stared down the assassin in front of me. The air was tense as her and I waited for the first move to be made.

As my body tensed up waiting for the first move, I could see out of the corner of my eye Fluttershy tending to the others wounds. Fluttershy must have dragged Rainbow Dash out of the crazy mare’s site since she was laying down next to AJ. Both the mare's were staring with wide and alarmed eyes as they saw me in the open.

Dash tried to get up but found it to be no use as she fell to the ground in a daze. Having nothing else to do she looked in my direction with pleading eyes that told me to run and hide.

I didn't stare for long when a battle cry from the mare turned my gaze to her. She had her head down as she fired off a spell with a volley of shards at my direction.

Both the girls cried out in alarm as the deadly forces of crystal and a spell came at me. I blinked at the dangerous projectiles as my powers drove my instincts into overdrive telling me exactly what to do.

Go right

Not even stopping for a second, I listened to the voice in my head as my lightning, with break necking speeds, shot me on top of a house with a crack of thunder. The shards down below hit nothing but sparks that began to disperse from my earlier position and the spell blasting into nothing. I slowly turned to the mare as she looked at me with disbelief while Dash and AJ looked at me with shock.

Smirking to the mare, I channeled my lightning to my hooves and wings as I glared at the mare who seemed to gulp.

Let's wallop.”

Without missing a beat, I threw my right hoof forward sending a large bolt of electricity at the mare who yelped in response. She dodged to the left to avoid my lightning and quickly formed her elements to fire another attack.

I didn't give her the chance.

Expanding my wings out to my sides, I took to the sky as the small hum of the bolts kept me aloft near the clouds that were above me. As I stayed in the air I fired bolt after bolt as the mare did her best to dodge the bolts with her already exhausted body.

A pained cry reached my ears as the mare got too close to one of my bolts that sent a painful shock through her body. To my dismay, she wasn't close enough for it to render her immobile or unconscious.

As I prepared another volley of lightning, I yelped myself as a large crystal shard came in my direction. More followed forcing me to zap back in forth to avoid her attacks.

I zapped to the left avoiding another attack from her elements but didn't see the cloud until I entered it. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by electricity that dance around my body with a static hum. Looking around I could see I was inside the cloud that gave small flashes of white with a rumble of thunder. Turning my gaze down I could see the mare that eyed the cloud with confusion which I smirked to.

Looking to the other clouds, I quickly zipped to them with a quick flash of white and a large crack of thunder as I made random turns and twist to confuse the mare so I could get another hit.

I underestimated the mare as either she got lucky or had a good aim as she summoned a pillar of water trapping me inside which immediately douse my flames rendering it useless. I thrashed around the water that held me like a vice grip as I tried to use my lightning but didn't get a satisfying result. Fortunate for me, I heard a muffled yelp as the water dropped me to the ground. I expanding my wings to slow my descent which did me good but didn't make the impact any less pleasant.

With a small grunt, I picked myself off and shook my wet fur. Looking through my damp mane, I could see Rarity had her head turned as far as it could go in her earthly prison to fire off small rocks at Blossom.

They were enough to distract Blossom to allow me escape, but not enough to keep her protected. A large appendage of water, bigger than the other ones I've seen, appeared and headed straight for Rarity with the intent of drowning her. I saw the mare close her eyes waiting for the appendage to strike but only got a few splashes dampening her mane and fur.

She looked confusingly at Blossom who, to even my confusion, panted as she wobbled. I could see the wet dirt as the water dispersed, no longer obeying her command.

It didn't sway the assassin as she growled and commanded her earth element to drag the posh pony under the earth until she was buried alive. Rarity gave a muffled shriek through her crystal gag as her head began to sink in the dirt.

I however was not going to allow this. Blossom was distracted which gave me the advantage of surprise. Quickly galloping over, I reactivated my lightning allowing me to zip under the mare. She blinked in confusion as she looked down at me with her mouth agape.

I simply smiled as my fire came back ten fold.


With a quick buck I sent the mare screaming in pain and shock as she hurtled in the air and onto the ground with a pained grunt.

Having her out of the way, I galloped up to Rarity who was terrifyingly eyeing the dirt that almost reached her cheeks. Her eyes widened however as she eyed me but that quickly became a glare as she talked to my with muffles and grunts.

I raised an eyebrow at the look she gave me that clearly said, ‘Why the buck are you still doing out here with this mare?’ which I could understand but I really needed to settle the score with her.

Um, hi Rarity, how are you?” Apparently that wasn't the right thing to say as her glare hardened and she gave a muffled shriek.

I shook my head as I looked for a way to dig the pony out. “Look I know I'm not supposed to be out here but I really need to settle the score right now.”

Her eyes became pleading as she tried to talk to me with no success. I sighed in agitation as she gave a muffled that said, ‘are you listening to me!’

Having enough of her muffles, I quickly gave a swipe of fire that shattered her gag. Rarity gave a sigh of relief as she could finally talk but immediately glared at me again.

“Mason darling, why are you out here and not hiding like you were told?!” She seethed through clenched teeth.

I shrugged as I pawed at the dirt around her cheek. “Like I said, I need to settle a score with her, now be quiet while I figure a way out for you.”

My friend scoffed at me as she clearly struggled to get out of the dirt. “Score or not you shouldn't be-”


The sound of Scootaloo’s voice cut off Rarity as my instincts told me to look at my attacker. My gaze widened when my sights landed on her.

She had tiny shards directed at me and Rarity, ready to cut through us until we looked like shredded cheese. Her face darkened with a smirk and a slight wince as her burnt fur was known but shook it off.

“Make a choice.”

Without a second to waste, she sent the wave of shards at us, which only gave me a second to think.

'If I leave then Rarity would take the blow, but if I stay we will both get hurt or worse, end up dead.'

I choose both

My gaze became a hard glare as my right blue eye hummed with power. Quickly hopping over Rarity who yelled at me to run, I brought my hooves out and clapped them together.

A loud crack that made even my own ears ring, sounded as a shockwave of lightning was sent at the shards. As the two waves connected, I could clearly see my lightning zapping her shard into tiny dust as it progressed.

Eventually my wave of thunder ended just before it reached Blossom as her wave reached us with tiny pebbles that didn't hurt.

Her hoof stomped in frustration as conjured more crystals. Her hoof immediately went to her head as she gave a pained groan and her crystals crumbled into pebbles.

I raised an eyebrow at this in confusion until it clicked in my head. I can remember Sweetie doing this once when she used to much magic for a crusade we went on. My confusion became a smirk when I had an intended goal to take this mare down.

'All I have to do is waste her elements and eventually her magic and then I can take her down.'

With a new goal in mind, I zipped over to the mare with the intention of wasting her remaining two elements and magic.

When she was done nursing her head, her eyes widen as she saw me approaching fast. Not wanting to be to close, she used her wind element to float herself in the air while firing spells of different kinds at me.

I easily dodged them as they looked clearly weak, if her panting face was anything to go by. When I was close enough I gave a punch to the mare with my fire causing her to grunt and fall to the ground.

Not wanting to be beaten, she caught me with a levitation spell and threw me into a building, hard. I wheezed as I felt the air leave my lungs and dropped to the ground. My pain was somewhat forgotten when Blossom groaned again and fell to her knees, clearly exhausted with no mana left.

I silently cheered as I shakily got up and galloped full speed at the mare with the intention to finish this quickly.

That was my mistake however when in my excitement I forgot she still had one element left. Her earth element.

Again the air was forced from me as a earthly claw caught me, dragging me in the air and kept me there. Blossom chuckled darkly as she came to eye level with me with a toothy smile.

I felt a throbbing pain in my face as her hoof connected with it. Tears threaten to spill from my eyes as her other hoof connected with my other cheek. I gave a choke sob as I could feel my powers dying down quickly from the sudden burst it had earlier.

“For a colt so young, your elemental burst lasted longer than I expected.” She said as her hoof slapped my face causing me to cry out. She looked me up and down with a critical gaze that began to harden. She opened her mouth to speak her words but was cut off.

“L-leave him a-alone you brute!” Rarity said as she shook her somewhat buried head hoping it would get her out. Blossom snarled as she sunk Rarity down to almost her bottom lip causing her to shriek.

Blossom gave a groan from using her elements again but glared again. “Q-quiet you!”

Her gaze then looked back to me and slowly lowered to my flank. “Still no Cutie Mark even after all that.”

Shaking her head, she raised her hoof that became a small rocky spear that cause my eyes to widen in fear. Reeling back she gave a sinister scowl.

“I'm sure Stone can deal without two pointless elements.”

Time seemed to slow down as her hoof came hurtling forward with the intent to spear my gut. I was surprised however when a blur stopped the spear from reaching me and went off skidding to the side and went still in the dirt.

My fear became confusion which quickly became horror as the blur was pink last I saw. Looking to my right, I saw a pink body with a pink mane and tail and three balloons for a Cutie Mark.

And a spear jutting from her gut.

Tears began to spill from my eyes as I horrifyingly looked at my unmoving mother that had a spear in her gut that began to bleed. I tried to call for her but all that came out was a choked sob as I tried to wiggle out of the rocky claw that held me.

Blossom scoffed. “Bucking waste of a life.”


My gaze slowly turned to Blossom as she stared emotionlessly at my mother that made me growl. She heard my growl and turned to me with that stare and scoffed again.

“Don't look at me like that, she should have just kept herself out of it and she might have still been alive.”

Her words only fuels my anger as I grabbed the claws and slowly began to crumble them under my hooves that began to glow with a menacing color of orange and heat. My mane began to burn with power as lightning cracked and skittered around my small body.

Blossom’s eyes began to widen as she took a small step back. “What the bu-”

She didn't finish as I gave a loud and booming war cry, obliterating the earthly claw and knocking Blossom back into the buildings behind her. I landed on the ground as my vision began to turn red with rage and my teeth bared menacingly. My gaze slowly rose to Blossom who tried to get up with much difficulty making me growl again.

Her gaze turned to me and her eyes widened in fear as her mouth hanged in disbelief.

Now let's visualize what our dear Blossom is seeing shall we.

So imagine Mason, white fur and wings, blue tips on his feathers, a mane and tail that looks like fire with small streaks of blue through it, an orange, almost amber iris for his left eye and a blue one for his right. You got that? Ok now let's give a description of what he looks like now.

His entire body hummed with power as it glowed a light blue with lightning arcing around it with small cracks. His mane and tail flowed in a non existent wind with three different shades of dark red as flames flicked about. His wings had become bigger as they looked to be made out of lightning with fire licking the tips of his feathers. Fire also licked the tips of his hooves as it burned and melted the earth beneath him. His eyes flowed with rage and hate as they glared at the mare who stared back in fear. His amber eye had now become a brighter orange as flamed seemed to dance within it. His light blue eye had become a darker shade of blue as lightning dance within his iris.

The only thing the colt gave off was immense power with sheer rage as he intended to beat the life out of the mare in front of him.

Oh yeah, shits about to go down.

I eyed the mare as she shakily got to her hooves and backed up a bit, clearly feeling the power that radiated off me. Even I could feel it and I intended to use it.

Images of my parents in their graves from Earth flashed my mind and were replaced of Pinkie in her grave which made my eyes blaze with raging sadness. This mare came along and hurt my friends and had the intent to kill me, but instead she hurt my mother who might never recover.

A life that made mine heaven and she took it. Since that's the case.

I'll take hers.

Not even wasting anymore time, I took in a deep breath as I reeled my head back. I held it until I had taken enough and gave a large shout as I spewed fire like a flamethrower.

Right from my mouth.

Blossom yelped as she dodged and ducked from the burning inferno that followed her. To my dismay she got her backside away from the buildings and to the open road giving her enough room away from my raging fire to not touch her.

I stopped spewing fire as I growled and expanded my larger wings and took to the sky. I heard Blossom give a small whimper as I tilted my body to her.

First you hurt my friends.”

Faster than Rainbow Dash, I zipped in front of the mare and gave a powerful punch that would send AJ running for her bits sending the mare slightly in the air.

Then you threaten to kill them more than a few times.”

Not giving her time to fall to the ground, my body turned to ash and quickly formed my body behind her in a flaming type of teleport and bucked her into the air. I soon went in front of her body and dived down, hitting her stomach. I did this a few times, juggling her in the air as she went one direction and I met her there with a hit, buck, and occasion of fire and lightning with the intent to make her bleed.

Then you threaten to cut the wings off of Scootaloo.”

Kicking her one last time directly in the air, I zapped my body into a small bolt directly into a small cloud that began to expanding into a raging thunder cloud. Blossom’s stayed suspended in the air until gravity claimed her and threatened to bring her back to Equestria. I wouldn't allow it.

Two lightning bolts judged out grabbing the mare who screamed in pain as her body spammed from the bolts that circled around her body with a tight, painful grip, keeping her in the air. The clouds departed revealing myself with my wings expanded and large, numerous bolts behind me that cracked and boomed loudly.

I saw her eyes widen in fear as she continued to spasm. I bet I look like a god to her.

I sure as hell felt like one.

Then you hurt my own mother!”

Throwing my hooves forward, a large boom that made the six girls wince with fallen ears, sounded around Ponyville as a streak of lightning knocked Blossom back with a scream directly into the ground.

The clouds dispersed as I landed on the dirt with a thud and slowly walked up to the mare who groaned in pain. Her body was full of singe marks, burnt fur, cuts and bruises, and her eye was completely swollen. I think I could even see her horn cracked a bit.

I ignored her injuries however as I passed by Rarity who stared at me in horror. I continued to walk up to Blossom as she struggled to get to her hooves but with no success. The closer I got, the hotter and more powerful my powers became. The mare must have been panicking so much that she found new energy to stand up. I could see the earth shift between us to form a wall.

I didn't let it get any higher than her barrel as I fired a fireball at the wall obliterating it to dust, causing Blossom to wobble a bit.

I stopped a few feet away from the mare as she eyed me fearfully, unmoving as I spoke in a saddened tone.

“Then, you hurt my mother in a way that she may never get to awaken from ever again. Because of you, I'm going to loose my second family and for that, I'd like you to do me a favor...”

Crouching down low, my fire bright and my lightning became more menacing as it cracked around me. My face darkened to a scowl as the mare began to shiver from what I was about to do.

“I'd like you to burn.”

Not even waiting for a reply, I charged directly at the mare who covered her face with her hooves, waiting for her demise. As I drew closer I took to the air as I pushed my hooves out with the intent to finish her off. She took Pinkie Pie’s life away from me, so I'll take hers.

Being only a few feet away from the mare, I gave a roar cry as my fire blazed on my hooves ready to deal the finishing blow. However, instead of hitting the mare, I hit something else.

A golden shield.

Stumbling away from the sudden intrusion, I glared hatefully at the shield that blocked me from getting to the mare, so I responded by hitting it a few more times hoping it would break.

Roaring in anger, I spewed fire at it while also firing bolts at the blasted shield. Again, I got the same result. Nothing.

My eyes narrowed as the shield stayed up keeping the mare inside of its golden containment. I raised an eyebrow as I studied the shield in front of me. Strangely, it felt like I've seen this golden magic before.

As I continued to study it, my elements picked up a power far more greater than myself, standing behind me. As a matter of fact, I felt two of them. Turning my head, my eyes slightly widened in shock as I saw the two deities of Equestria standing in all their glory.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

(Celestia’s Pov)

Everything was nice and calm in the castle. Celestia had woken up to raise her sun while her sister lowered her moon. During this time she had done her daily routine for the morning before heading to the dining room to have breakfast which was some toast and delicious, calming tea.

When her routine was done she had begun her work starting with the throne room to deal with ponies that asked the princess for not-so-great requests and ones that could actually matter.

Her work was interrupted when smoke had entered through the window and appeared in the form of a scroll. Politely pausing a noble who was pestering about some orphanage and how it should be taken down for something else and what not, the princess unfolded the scroll and read its contents.

She hadn't flown out of the throne room so fast before, commanding guards to rally up and for a pegasus to get her sister.

Luna didn't even wait for her sister as she took off with her own valley of guards.

Now she was soaring through the air, going as fast as she could to reach Ponyville with Luna by her side and a valley of guards behind them. Some kept to the air while others rode chariots.

As the town drew near, Celestia’s eyes narrowed as the power of unwelcome elements became known to her along with the tall tale sign of Mason's power. She could also see some of her little ponies taking refuge away from Twilight’s castle grounds.

Snorting to herself, she followed her sister that banked slightly, but quickly to the right to approach the fight that was taking place. Below the two princesses, some ponies began to cheer that their two deities had arrived with an army of guards as well.

Celestia mentally raised an eyebrow at the amount of guards Luna had requested with her. But she couldn't really blame her younger sister.

She lost one friend from another world once. Luna would be damned if she was going to lose another.

As the two princesses approached the castle grounds, they suddenly stopped in mid air as they felt a very powerful surge that they hadn't felt in a long time.

“Sister do you think?” Celestia asked worriedly. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Luna’s features becoming a scowl as she kept herself aloft.

“It is sister, quickly we must move!”

Luna didn't wait for a reply as she flew the rest of the way to the ground with Celestia soon following. As the two royal sisters passed over the last few buildings they heard a large crack of thunder bringing their attention to something that made their eyes widen.

On the ground just a few feet away were the Elements along with Twilight, being treated by the Element of Kindness. A bit of a ways away from them was a pony that made Celestia’s eyes narrow and made Luna growl to herself. But what really surprised them was the little colt that didn't even look as how they remembered him.

He was slowly walking along the barren dirt road as red flames licked and flicked where his mane and tail were and lightning expanded on his much larger wings, making him as intimidating as he could get. As he drew near to the mysterious pony that struggled to get up, his power increased with rage.

As the princesses and their guards landed on the ground, Celestia blinked at the amount of power that such a small and young colt was radiating off. Not even the dragon that she and her sister met a few years ago radiated this much power. Even if he was angry.

As Celestia watched Mason come closer to the pony, she was brought from a hoof tap on her shoulder. Looking to the side, she saw Luna who had a fallen look on her face as she looked to the side as well. Knowing the gesture, Celestia followed Luna’s line of sight and felt her heart drop at what she saw.

Laying on her side with hardly any rise or fall to her chest, was the Element of Laughter, who had a large rocky spike jutting from her gut. The sight made her breath catch in her throat as she understood why Mason had such a power surge with his elements.

This realization also made her eyes widen in alarm as she looked back at Mason who was crouched in a pounce with his fire flaring wildly.

“Sister he's going to-”

“I know Luna and I will stop him before he does something horrible, stay here and heal her, I can still feel her life force.” Celestia interjected as she approached Mason quickly. As she walked, she heard the sound of her sister's magic activating to aid Pinkie Pie and the sound of her guards following. The princess gestured a hoof to them telling them to stay behind while she took care of the problem. As she drew near, Mason shot away from the ground and quickly approached the mare who covered her face with her hooves.

Quickly thinking, power surged through her horn and she brought up a golden shield immediately stopping Mason in his tracks. She could hear the colt growl as his power became all the more furious. The princess winced in pity as the colt attacked her shield hoping to break the golden wall that separated him from the mare.

Although Celestia knew her shield wouldn't break, she could still feel the power from Mason’s attacks as they hit it. Mason eventually stopped his attack and stared at the shield with his back turned to her. Celestia went to speak to the colt but was stopped as her sister joined her side.

That seemed to stop the colt as he quickly turned around with shocked eyes to see the princesses in all their glory with a lot of guards behind them.

Celestia took in a breath as she searched her thoughts on what to say to the colt as she looked into his glowing irises that stared back at her.

“Mason, I know that you are angry right now-”

I'm a little more than angry right now Celestia.”

Celestia flinched back slightly from the change in his voice. It was no longer that sweet innocent voice they heard when they first met, it was now one that had power and seemed revenge. However, he at least spoke kindly to her which was a good sign.

“I understand that Mason, truly I do. But you must stop this and calm yourself before you do something you'll regret.” Celestia pleaded as she eyed the mare.

The colt snorted as he glared back at the mare. “What I'm going to do to her is something I won't regret. Considering for what she had done.”

Celestia sighed to herself as she's seen this type of stubbornness before. ‘Are humans always this stubborn when they seek revenge?’

Before Celestia could negotiate with the colt, Luna had voiced her own words.

“While you might want revenge on this mare for what she has done today, this is not the way to do it Mason. She will answer for her crimes in the most justfull way possible.”

Luna slightly flinched herself when Mason’s eyes jerked back to the Princess of the Moon and his fire flared brighter.

I don't want her to suffer in a cell or by justice, I want her to suffer through death’s judgment!”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed as she took a small step forward wanting to make the colt step down, but he didn't even budge.

“Mason, you need to stop and think about this. What would your mother say if she saw what you were about to do.”

Celestia took a few steps back and tensed up as Mason took to the air to be eye level with her as his eyes burned with hatred and answered through clenched teeth.

What does it matter when my mother, my new family, is DEAD!”

Celestia frowned in sadness as tears fell from the colts eyes. She would have said something to comfort the colt but her sister beat her to it.

“She is not dead Mason.”

His fire immediately stopped raging as he looked at Luna with big eyes. “What?”

Luna stepped to the side as she gestured a hoof to the medics who were aiding an unconscious Pinkie Pie, who no longer had a rock jutting from her gut.

“I used my magic to heal her Mason. Her element is giving off a life source that indicates she is still alive.”

Mason looked blankly at the unconscious form of his mother as tears spilled from his eyes. Slowly, he descended to the ground as his wings and shoulders slumped and his powers died down.

She's still alive?”

Celestia nodded slowly as the colt seem to give a relieved sigh. “Yes she, she'll be unconscious for a few days but she will live Mason.”

The colt sniffles as tears freely spilled from his eyes. He stopped sniffling when he turned to look at the mare who stared blankly at the princesses.

“Mason, please stop what you are doing and let us bring proper justice on this mare.”

Celestia began to worry as Mason didn't answer her for a time and continued to stare at the mare who eventually met his gaze. They stared at each other until Mason turned back to the Princesses with sorrow in his eyes and nodded.

Celestia sighed in relief. ‘That was a lot easier than I thought it would be.’

Celestia was brought from her thoughts as Luna slowly approached the colt and reach a hoof out to him as she looked at the colt with comforting eyes.

“Come Mason, I'll take you to the hospital with your mother.”

A frown replaced Luna’s features as the colt gently pushed her hoof away and made his way to the Element of Laughter.

“J-just...get t-that mare away f-from me.”

Celestia became shocked when the colt became ash and floated to his unconscious mother. The medics reeled back in surprise as the colt reappeared next to the pink mare.

A frown crossed her face when the colt slowly approached Pinkie and nudged her face with his snout. Her heart ached when his ears fell and he curled up under her hoof and layed his head down next to her.

The medics looked to each other and to the princesses on what to do. Celestia gestured a hoof, silently telling them to leave him be.

Her attention was brought to the mare who started all of this as she slightly growled. Her horn lit up as Luna commanded the guards to surround the mare trapped inside the shield which they did with pointed spears.

The mare chuckled. “Well it's a surprise to see you here again Princesses.”

Luna growled as her horn glowed menacingly. “You should know better than to bring an attack to a princess's castle and upon the Elements.”

The mysterious mare nodded as she took in some breathes. “Yes I guess I should know better, but better doesn't happen with our group when we're busy taking what we want. You should know this Luna when you lost, oh what was your little coltfriend’s name again, Lucas the Dragon was it?”

Celestia eyed her sister as Luna’s wings unfurled and she took a step forward at the shield.

“You don't have the right to speak of his name heathen.”

The mare scoffed as she pawed at the dirt. “Maybe I don't, but it was still nice to see such a large dragon fall.”

Luna went to walk into the portal but Celestia held out a hoof, stopping Luna’s advancement who only snorted in response when Celestia shook her head at her.

Wanting to take charge for her short tempered sister, Celestia stepped forward to the shield as the mare eyed her with disinterest.

“It matters not of anything else, you will have to pay for you crimes that you committed and you will cooperate under high interrogation.”

The mare chuckled a bit as she shook her head. “I don't think I'll be able to do that princesses.”

Celestia’s eyes narrowed as she charge a spell to render the mare unconscious. “And why is that?”

A toothy smile graced the mare's lips as she eyed the princesses. “Well my master needs to know that this plan was a success and that we will be able to take a step forward.”

Eyeing the mare, Celestia slowly took off power so the shield would drop immediately when needed. “A step forward into what.”

The mare smirked as dirt began to circle around her body and slowly made her disappeared.

“A step into taking what's ours.”

Luna’s eyes widen as she grabbed Celestia's shoulders. “Celestia drop the shield!”

Knowing what her sister was doing she immediately dropped the shield which her guards responded by jumping the mare. When they landed, the only thing that indicting she was there was a cloud of dirt.

Said cloud of dirt appeared behind the pile of guards as the mare smirked ad continued to disappear. Luna charged forward as her horn glowed.

“No!” Was the last thing she shouted when her horn blasted a spell at the mare but only struck ground. Luna stared with disbelief at the empty space in front of her and stomped a hoof to the ground cracking the dirt.


All guards saluted their princess as they followed her orders to find the culprit that caused the attacks. Celestia saw a few guards left ready to leave but stopped them.

“The rest of you! Go around and see if any ponies have been injured! Medics, go to the Elements and aid them please!”

The rest of them saluted their princess as they did as they were told. The rest of the guards went around the area in search of any bystanders that were caught in the attack. The medics that weren't taking care of Pinkie and her colt went to the Elements to help treat their injuries.

Celestia gave an annoyed, yet tired sigh at the events that have transpired. She shook her head though, as she began her slow walk to the colt she needed to see. As she passed, she blinked as she saw the Element of Generosity being slowly dug out of the ground by two guards.

Celestia blinked as she activated her horn and with a small yelp from the mare, pulled her out of the ground and sat her down. Rarity looked to her princess and gave a small bow of her head.

“Thank you Princess Celestia.”

Celestia smiled as she nodded and continued on her way to the colt. As she approached closer, she could see out of the corner of her eye an orange filly being check over by a guard mare. Celestia didn't think anything of it as she approached the sleeping forms of Pinkie Pie and Mason.

Mason had rested close to Pinkie’s chest, curled up in a little ball. A pink leg was unconsciously draped over the colt as he slept soundly. He no longer had red fire on his mane or tail, instead he had his regular orange and yellow colored mane and tail along with his white fur and small wings with blue tips on the feathers.

However, Celestia frowned sadly with slight anger as she saw something that wasn't on the colt before. Something that filled her with dread.

If only we came here sooner.’

She could sense her sister come to her side and give a sigh of dread herself. Luna stared directly at what Celestia saw. She didn't need the connection to Luna’s mind to know what she was thinking.

“They'll be back for him.”

Celestia nodded in confirmation. “I know they will Luna.”

“I know they will.”

(Stone's Pov)

Stone quickly trotted through the dark hallways of his rocky lair as the doors to the medical wing approached.

Bursting through the doors, he looked around at the amount of medics and small portion of patients that looked at him startled. He payed them no mind as his eyes landed on a beaten mare that was being treated by two nurses and one doctor.

Approaching the mare, the three ponies dispersed for their master as he approached the mare that was barely hanging on to consciousness.

“What's the news Blossom.”

Blinking a bit, Dark Blossom looked at Stone with tired eyes. She slowly smiled as she shifted to get comfortable on the bed.

“He has it.”

Stone froze slightly as a toothy smile slowly graced his lips. He knew exactly what Blossom was talking about but he wanted to hear it from her.

“Has what?”

Blossom's eyes narrowed slightly as her smile got bigger.

“His Cutie Mark.”

Chapter 17: The Grief of The Night Princess

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Man, I never knew how tiring it would be as a senior in high school who is also coming into his last year while also making a schedule that keeps a good balance between YouTube videos and story writing. Really takes a toll on ya.

It's like a job, except you don't get paid to do any of it. Not that I want to get paid for this because this shit is fun to do.

(Luna’s Pov)

Luna gave a tiny yawn as the number on the screen in front of her changed from forty to forty-one. Not wasting any time, Luna began to refill her ammo and even gave her weapon another Pack-A-Punch.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, Luna, Princess of The Night…

Was playing COD Zombies.

Along with her friend Mason who was having a hard time keeping up. Granted, the little colt was good at the game, but by the time the fifteenth round passed, he was having trouble keeping himself from getting knocked down.

Luna on the other hand, due to doing this type of thing with Mason, had become so skilled in the game that she could easily head shot the zombies and keep herself from getting hit. She could even take out or distract an entire horde to give herself enough time to revive Mason’s character.

So our dear Luna with a neutral and somewhat bored expression began to shoot the first zombies that came through the windows that Mason had rebuilt to somewhat slow them down. firing her Pack-A-Punched Ray Gun, she took out the horde that was coming to end her character with precision and skill.

Mason however was having trouble with his own horde as he could only get body shots other than headshots with his Pack-A-Punched Galil which gave the horde of AI a chance to surround him. Mason quickly tapped the buttons with his fingers -since he could be in his human from in the Dreamscape- trying to get out of the horde with bunny hops but found it to be for naught.

“Son of a buck…”

Although he tried to whisper it over the sound of the dead zombies, Luna's ears were much more trained in picking up light sounds. She gave a sideways glance at the human boy as he sat crossed legged with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands that was sporting a pouting look.

Using her magic she gave a slight tug to the boys hair making him yelp as he rubbed the back of his head and looked at her with narrowed eyes.

“Language.” Was all Luna said causing the boy to widen his eyes and avert his gaze from the princess.


Luna hummed as she continued to use her magic with the PS4 controller to finish off the horde that surrounded Mason. Her concentration was broken as she felt a small weight on her chest and between her front legs causing her to glance down. What she saw was Mason, sitting between her two front legs and resting his back against her chest that was vacant of her regalia. The sound of a zombie hitting her character brought Luna back to the game as she downed the zombie with precision and ran away from Mason’s character before the horde could down her.

“You can leave my character, I'll just watch for now.” She heard from Mason as he shifted to get more comfortable. She hummed as she let his character die and continued her assault. This went on for a few minutes before a bored sigh came from the young boy.

“Luna can we do something else.”

Pausing her game, Luna looked down at the boy who looked back up at her with pleading eyes.

The princess nodded as she sat down the controller with her magic. “Very well, what would you like to play? Perhaps that PAC-Man game, Uncharted, Spider-Man, maybe even that one game with all that fighting and-”

“Actually, can we play pretend like we used to? I still want to finish where we left off when we were pirates and fighting each other's ships.”

Luna froze as she looked back at the boy who was looking at her with puppy dog eyes. For four days this is what he and Luna had been doing, playing life-sized board games or the advanced technology ones that he knew from his world. She could tell that he was entertained by this, but doing the same thing for four nights without playing their pretend had made the young lad become bored.

Yet Luna just couldn't bring herself to do something dangerous with him. Of course it was a dream and he wouldn't actually get hurt but Luna couldn't help herself but to avoid those type of things, especially what had happened four days ago.

What could have happened four days ago.

Luna shook her head and gave a small smile to the boy. “Of course Mason, we can play pirates. Just let….finish this round real quick and we will do our little pretend of pirates.”

A beaming smile adorned the boy’s face which made Luna’s heart warm up but also ache. “Ok, but just this round. Captain Bubbles needs to claim his booty from Captain Black Night.

The princess gave a small chuckle as she grabbed the controller with her magic and unpaused the game, continuing her fight against the undead. However, unknown to Mason, Luna went at a much slower pace to make the game last longer. She loved playing pretend with Mason, she truly did, but she couldn't get over the fact of something happening to his character even though he couldn't get hurt.

But that wasn't the case from four days ago. That was all real and he could have not only been hurt but he could have been killed. Faust, if the Elements hadn't been there, Mason probably would have been a shriveled corpse with pain and horror etched on his face, and it would have been all my fault. Just like when they bucking took-.’


Luna’s eyes shot wide open as she unfurled her wings and shot up to her hooves. While she did this she used one hoof to bring Mason to her in a protective manner and activated her magic on her horn as she looked to and fro for the danger that was present.

“What! What is it! Where is thine danger!”


The sound of her name being called at a lower volume cause her to look at Mason who was pressed against her chest rather tightly by her hooves.

“I was just trying to get your attention to tell you that your character died.”

Luna blinked as she looked at the screen to see the white letters that adorned it.

You Survived 41 Rounds

Luna stared blankly at the screen for a good long while. As she continued to stare she could feel Mason squirming in her grip, trying to escape it. Eventually she sighed with her ears falling flat and her wings tucking back to her sides. Finally she cut off her magic and let the boy go from her death grip which caused him to fall on his bottom and look confusingly at the princess.

“I'm sorry for that Mason, I guess I got distracted by something.”

Silence only greeted her. She waited to hear a response from him but didn't get no such luck. Turning her glaze she saw Mason had a look of concern and sadness on his face.

“Luna,” he said in a quiet voice, “why are you crying?”

The night princess blinked again as she brought a hoof to her cheek and felt a damp wetness on it. Feeling a little embarrassed she began to quickly dry her teary eyes.

“I'm not crying Mason, I just caught something in my eye is all. Things tend to float around the Dreamscape and can sometimes get in your eyes.”

She would hope that he would buy that lie so the little boy wouldn't worry. However it seemed to not be the case as he came closer to her chest and looked sympathetically into her eyes.

“Luna, what's wrong?”

She didn't know why but she couldn't help but avert her gaze from the young boy in front of her and look towards the ground.

“Nothing is wrong dear Mason, I just got something in my eye is all.”

Silence fell in the Dreamscape as the princess found the ground quite interesting with her hoof. A few times she casted a few glances at Mason to see he was still staring at her. Luna was about to say something to change the subject but was cut off when Mason spoke.

“You're lying.”

That accusation made her visibly flinch. “I-I-I have n-no idea w-what you're talking a-about.”

Luna mentally cringed at the failure to change the subject. Maybe it would be better if she just made an excuse to leave early. Maybe tell him that she has work to do so she can avoid this conversation. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. Just tell him that she has duties to attend to and that she will have to end their fun there. Then when she gets back to the throne room she'll tell all her guards to leave her be and then continue to cry her eyes-

A gentle hand on her chest stopped her planning thoughts as she looked down at Mason who had concern and worry behind his innocent eyes. This time Luna could feel her tears slowly falling from her eyes as she continued to stare down at her young friend.

“Luna I know your lying. I know because you always avert your eyes and look down when something's bothering you.”

Luna averted her eyes again as she gave a little sniffle.

“And it's also because your crying again.”

Stifling another sob, Luna quickly got down on her belly and brought Mason in for a hug which he quickly returned. Her body shook as her quiet sobs reached her ears and more tears fell from her eyes. Mason only hugged her tighter and gave a small pat on her back to let her know that he was there for her.

“I-I-I….I am sorry Mason, I j-just….can't get w-what happened four days ago out of m-my head. I can't h-h-help but think o-of what would h-happen if Twilight a-and her friend weren't there. I-.....I can't help….but blame myself for it.”

Mason continued to hug her shaking body as he did his best to comfort the grieving princess. “I told you, your sister, and the girls that I don't blame any of you for anything.”

The princess nodded at that. “I know you don't, but I can't help but still take blame for thou. If we had just taken better precaution, sent thou some guards, may be visited once in a while, or send thou with some highly trained guards. We...we should have done better for what happened last time.”

The Diarch of The Night continued to wallow as she held the smaller human boy. Through her sobs she could still hear Mason speaking to her.

“Your speaking that fancy stuff again Luna.”

She paused for a moment and opened her teary eyes in realization. She lightly shook her head with a dry chuckled as she brought Mason in closer. “We- I am now aren't I?”

She smiled lightly as all she felt was a nod of his head. Not wanting to end the embrace yet, the princess stayed on the floor still hugging the young boy as he felt more content to hug her. Eventually her tears came to an end and her breathing was steady again. She was about to give her thanks until Mason spoke up.


Using her hooves, she softly pushed Mason away from her chest to look down at him. He was keeping his gaze at her chest as his fingers twiddled with the tuft of fur as if he was nervous to ask something.

“Yes Mason?”

Seeming to freeze a moment, Mason kept his hand on her tuft of fur before looking up at her with unsure eyes. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he swallowed and spoke.

“What….what do you mean by ‘last time’?”

Her whole body froze. Although her facial expression didn't change, her body did as it seemed to become more tense.

Buck! I must have said that without thinking! Oh, now I got him curious. I'll have to tell him that it's a little touchy with me and I don't normally speak about that past. The only pony who has ever known is Tia and no pony-.’

“I-I’m sorry Luna, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I was just curious.”

Her musings stopped as she saw the boy looking down at his twiddling thumbs with a guilty look. She responded by giving him a light nuzzle on his head which seemed to soften his expression.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to tell the little colt. It's the least I can do for what's happened to him and it's not like he would tell anyone if I asked him not to. Sure he’s young but I’m sure that he can keep a little secret for my sake. Plus the only pony that knows the story and is able to comfort her is her sister. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have another.’

“No, it is quite alright my dear Mason. I was just thinking was all and I think I'll tell you a little story about it.”

Mason seemed to beam a little at the idea of getting a story from Luna. He's always liked to hear her little adventurous stories along with Celestia’s.


Luna nodded with a small smile. Said smile soon fell along with her ears as she gave the boy a pleading look. “Yes, but I want you to promise me that you will only keep this between me and my sister and only me and her. Can you promise me that?”

The little boy nodded quickly as he started to do gestures. “Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

A grateful smile adorned her lips as she nuzzled the boy who only giggled at the affection.

“Thank you Mason, thank you so much. Now, let me just get ourselves comfortable.” With that said, Luna used her magic to rid of the technology and brought herself and Mason onto a nice, cozy bed along with some soft blankets covering them.

“Are you ready.” Receiving a nod in reply, Luna used her magic to fix her mane and dry her tears. Collecting herself and her emotions, the princess cleared her throat to begin.

“Now Mason, do you remember when you first came to the castle and we showed you those stone slabs?” As he nodded again in reply, Luna continued. “Do you remember the one about the dragon who had come from your world?”

With a confused look, Mason nodded.

“Well, this story is about him. As you were told, he came into this world as the second to last creature, just before you who will be the last. I'll start from when we first met him.

“It was a very long time ago, about a few thousand years to be exact. Me and my sister had heard word from some ponies that were acting as if they were suddenly in a play for Hoofspeare, he was a very good poem writer by the way.” She finished at Mason’s confused look who then nodded in understanding.

“Continuing the story, we were told that a dragon was ‘terrorizing’ their town and that we must strike it down with great prejudice before it burns their buildings and steals there gold. That pony also put a bigger emphasis on gold then houses.

“Well, I proposed that we go meet this dragon and find out what it's really doing. So we decided to head out towards a settlement where the dragon was said to be, which happened to be the old Ponyville. When we arrived there we saw a small, yet large dragon that was only two hooves taller than my sister and-”

“I'm sorry to interrupt Luna but when you say two hooves taller do you mean like two feet taller?”

Luna blinked with a head tilt. “What do you mean by feet? Is that how your kind measure height?”

Mason nodded. “Yeah pretty much, since I'm ten years old and I haven't exactly hit a big growth spurt yet, I'm about 4 foot and 9 inches tall. At least as a human that is.”

Luna nodded in understanding. “That's very interesting. By pony standards, we measure our height by hooves.”

The young boy nodded as he snuggled in his blanket a little more. “Ok, you can continue now.”

Nodding herself, Luna continued from where she left off. “Now where was I? Oh yes, so the dragon was about two hooves, or feet taller than Celestia. He wasn't very bulky, actually quite lean but had obvious signs of strength if his muscles were any indication. He was the type of dragon who walked on four legs. He had small spikes going from his neck all the way to his tail where it ended with four spikes on the end of it like a….a um...whatever it was he said? A stegasos or-”

“Stegosaurus.” Mason quickly said.

Luna smiled in thanks. “Ah yes, a stegosaurus, thank you Mason. Back to it, he had two large horns on top of his skull that faced backwards along with three spikes on both sides of his jaw line. His head was also that of a narrow shape and somewhat of a short muzzle but not too short. His scales from his legs to his under belly, neck, and tail were a black kind of color. From the rest of his body, his scales were a dark purple and his horns were that of yellow or gold as he described it. He was also a leathered winged dragon and those wings had the same shade of purple.

“So we approached him and we became confused when he spoke nonsense and the language that is used today. You must know that this was a thousand years ago Mason and back then we ponies used to use, as you put it, the ‘fancy talk’.

“After some confusion, learning what his intentions were, and much shouting,” Luna paused for a moment as a light blush adorned her cheeks, “mostly from my part, we decided to bring him to our castle.”

Luna paused when a confused look was given to her by the young boy. “Just like that? Twilight told me that during those times it was a bit different if not difficult when it came to things such as dragons coming very close to pony settlements. Wasn't there any conflict or a small fight?”

The pony princess shook her head. “While it is true that those times were different, there was not any conflict between us or the dragon. As a matter of fact, he didn't want any trouble with us nor any fights. If anything, he seemed to get more scared when we began to describe where he was and who we were.

“So my sister took pity on him and decided to let him come into the Castle of The Two Sisters which was an old castle of ours back then. Although it took quite a while to get there as for some reason he couldn't fly, we did learn a bit about him like this weird job he had, what he did in his spare time, and his name which was Lucas.

“When we had gotten to our castle we settled him down and took our leave to the library where we tried to find this, home, of his that he explained to us on the way to the castle. We were confused at first on what home he belonged to, yet at the same time, we were no stranger to the theory of other dimensions thanks to Starswirl.

“A few months had passed and he had become somewhat accustomed to our world, although he would mainly talk to myself or my sister and nopony else really.”

“As the days past he became more of a strange fellow, always being confused by our customs and doing things that any regular pony would do instead of a dragon and always saying, ‘Why did I get the world full of Shakespeare ponies’,” Luna gave a slight pause just in time to hear Mason giggle, “and not to mention that he would tell everypony that he was a human and not a dragon.”

“Going forward at least a few more months, me and my sister couldn't help but feel as if he had some importance to him or something. You see Mason, me and my sister were waiting for the next creature to appear with the next element but had no such luck with our guards or neighboring allies in finding anything. We found it strange that he appeared out of nowhere, couldn't fly or walk as if he was a newborn foal, and spoke nonsense, or at least we thought as such. Who would have known that it was him that was chosen to be the next bearer of an element and from a different world.”

As she was about to continue, she was stopped by Mason raising a hand in the air. Blinking a bit she gestured a hoof to him.


Having been called on he put his hand down. “Didn't you say at the castle that Elder...something gave you guys some slabs to tell you where the creatures came from?”

Luna nodded. “Yes we did say that and even though Starswirl created the theory of other dimensions and spells that could allow those to visit them, we never had hope for them to actually work and none of them really did. But of course, Starswirl did create a portal to a world that was mirrored to our own but that was all there was. Because of that we had strong doubts about him being from a different world but that all changed when he used his elements.

“It all started when certain ponies started hating Lucas for living with us so they would sometimes send ponies or griffons to scare him off or to get rid of him. So fearing for his life, he asked me and my sister to train him in self defense which we agreed to. Eventually he was more than able to defend himself. The training we gave him also allowed us to get to know each other a little more and thus we became very good friends.

“Now there were a few of our subjects who weren't so, keen, on us seeing this dragon as a friend and some of them went so far as to think they could send a message on how, barbaric or un-pony like it was for us to do such things.”

She heard a snort from Mason. “That must have been the stupidest thing for them to do.”

The princess looked to Mason with a smirk and a bit of mirth in her eyes. “Indeed it was, I never thought that some of our little ponies could think of such things. Anyway, I and Lucas had become quite the duo in pranks, shenanigans, and enjoying the night. Sometimes we would even go on walks together under my moon.

“It was at this time that we were ambushed by a pony who really did not like the idea of there being a dragon amongst our kind. So skipping the fight and all, something happened and the group was able to get a few lucky hits on me. Although I wasn't badly hurt by it Lucas saw otherwise as he had used his element to, his words not mine by the way, ‘beat the everliving snot out of them.’ It was kind of funny actually. But at the time it wasn't all fun and games when I saw him use an element.”

“What was his element?” Mason asked with strong curiosity.

“His element was that of earth,” Luna answered which caused Mason to real back with shock. She only nodded in confirmation, “yes Mason, the elements you saw that one pony use was the element that the dragon used…..are you alright? Should I continue?”

Her expression became one of worry as Mason still had a shocked look on his face and seemed to be shaking a little. He shook his head as he took a deep breath and gestured a hand to Luna.

“I'm fine, you can continue.”

Still having concern for the boy, Luna nodded anyway and decided to quickly steer away from that realization. “Well, I was shocked and worried to see that he was the next creature. Shocked because he was from a different world entirely and worried because I knew that the one group of ponies would come after him.

“So I and my sister told him this news and for the most part he seemed to take it calmly but we could tell that he was nervous and scared for his life. So we both continued his training but with his element as well. Soon after he became more advanced in his element and got a symbol that looked like this.”

The princess then used her magic to search in her memories and used them to create an image of a symbol in thin air. Her eyebrow rose as she saw Mason cock his head at the strange image as if he had seen it before. She would ask but felt that the sun would be nearing its time so making the image disappear, she continued the story.

“So at least a week passes and Lucas began to ask us if we could perhaps send him back home. At that time we did not know it would work like we do today so we agreed to it, thinking it would be better to send him back where he would be safe.

“We did not know what would happen but he was confident that we could do it, so after some time of studying and conversing, we came up with a spell that should have sent him home. I was a bit saddened that he would be leaving but happy that he would be safe from the ponies that would want his element. So we had gathered in the library, said our goodbyes, and committed the spell that wiscked him away to his home world.

“However, after only but a minute, he reappeared in a shaken state with heavy breathing, almost as if he ran a marathon. There was much confusion in anger after that incident so we tried again. When it still didn't work we tried other things, spell combinations, runes, anything we could use but it was for naught.

“He became distraught and depressed when we told him that we couldn't send him home. He...he never really showed himself to us, never left his room. He didn't even come out of it to eat.

“I began to worry greatly for him. I tried bringing food to his room but it would only pile up. I tried talking to him through the door but he wouldn't answer back.”

Luna paused a moment to take a breath of air and collect herself before she continued with Mason hanging on every word.

“I became...saddened, like the day just didn't matter without him being there. I never knew how much I liked his weird jokes, his somewhat fanged smile, and just his company in general.

“It was also apparent that he didn't even sleep because I couldn't not find his dreams. He had been doing that all to himself for four days. I became distraught and was worried sick for his health. I didn't want to intrude but I had no other choice. So every day and night I would visit his room. The first time I did it I saw he was a mess and his bed was untouched, his body seemed to be malnourished and he was incredibly tired.

“So every time I visited I knew he wouldn't talk so I just sat in silence with him for hours, sometimes until it was time to raise the moon. One day he asked me why I was doing it, why I would care when he should just be left to die when he had no other home for him.

“I told him that I cared for him very deeply. That my day never really felt the same without him. I told him that I understood, that I saw that he wasn't home, but if I had to do anything in my power, even give up my magic, I would help him feel at home no matter how long it took me. I said a little more on that but I'll skip the details. He didn't say anything after I was finished but he did seem to think on it. When nothing else was said I put a small plate of food in front of him and asked him, no begged him, to eat.

“The next day was the happiest day I could ask for, I saw the same plate outside of his room with the food gone. I became ecstatic to know that he was giving it a try and I didn't let the opportunity go to waste.

“So I would always visit him when I could and on occasion I would bring some ponies with me to converse with him and eventually he started taking care of himself. I don't know if it was him becoming himself again or if it was the complaints from the ponies.”

Luna heard Mason giggle at that as she did herself. Clearing her throat she continued the tale.

“After a week of doing this, he finally came out of his room which I decided to give a small celebration for him. During that little party I told him that I would always be by his side to make sure that he was happy in our little world which he was very grateful for. It was also on that day that I felt something that I hadn't felt in a long time. Every time he came out of that room I felt the day get brighter, every time he was with me my heart would pound, and every time he would smile, laugh, or make a joke I couldn't help but do it with him.”

“Oh no.”

Luna rolled her eyes at Mason as she gave a chuckle. “Yes Mason, I had the, goo-goo eyes for Lucas.”

Mason cringed playfully with a small groan as any other ten year old boy would when it came to love or something frilly. Luna couldn't help but chuckle again.

“Just bare with me child. So I had fallen in love with him, that was apparent. As a matter of fact, my sister knew it before I found out. So being the big sister that she is, she helped me with winning his heart. Sometimes it wasn't all that bad and other times, well to put it bluntly they would fail embarrassingly.

“But it seemed to be working as he started paying more attention to me and even went so far as to tease me a little bit. With all this happening I knew he had a thing for me so I asked him out and he happily agreed to it.

“So skipping all that mushy stuff for you child, we dated more and became more personal with each other. I began to love him more than I ever could and he the same to me. Sometimes we would things in private areas.”

Luna couldn't help but blush a little at that with her wings twitching a little bit. Shaking herself she continued.

“I was the happiest mare alive, nothing could have taken it all away from me…..and then…..that one day happened.”

She could feel her eyes becoming watery as the memories of that day came to her mind. She could feel herself slowly falling apart but she steeled herself and continued on.

“Lucas had decided to go out and about now that he could fly and wanted some time to himself. I agreed with him and asked if I should come along with him. He declined and said he would be back later on.”

A shaky breath came from the princess as her ears fell and her lip quivered. She could feel herself shaking. The scream of pain, the sight of his soul being torn, his once radiant body being reduced to a shriveled-

Luna froze as she felt something on her hoof. Looking down she saw Mason had scooched closer to her and was comfortingly stroking her leg. Taking a deep breath she proceeded.

“I should have gone with him, I should have sent somepony with him, I should have at least told him to stay at the castle a little longer but I didn't and I can't change the past.”

Taking one more breath, Luna closed her eyes as she proceeded to tell the hardest part of her story.

“A scout, one of my sister’s, came to us saying that there were attackers near a flower field and that Lucas was the one fighting them.

“I became...horrified...terrified that my lover was all alone fighting the one group that has been causing chaos with the creature who were given a gift with no information about it whatsoever. I told my sister to gather as many guards as possible while I quickly left without waiting for a reply. I didn't even hear her calling for me when I left.

“I flew so fast. I didn't wait for anything as I prayed to the gods, as I prayed to Faust that they wouldn't take him away from me. When I saw the field I flew faster than I ever did, hoping that I wasn't too late.

“But sadly, I was. I saw them draining his elements. I tried to stop them but there were more than I had bargained for and all of them kept me from getting to him, no matter how many I took down with my magic. I could only watch as they took his life and left with the earth element and left his body in the field.”

Tears began to fall from Luna’s face as she stifled a sob. But she wouldn't stop now, she was this far and she wouldn't quit yet.

“I cried over his body, begging him, begging anything to bring him back. I cried when my sister arrived and pried me away from him. I cried when we took his body and buried it. I cried far longer when the next day arrived and he wasn't there to greet me.”

A sniffle came for below her. Looking through her watery eyes, she saw Mason had a few tears as well and was about ready to mourn his heart out. She gave him a light-hearted smile and brought him in close for a hug which he returned. Giving herself a minute to keep her emotions in tact, she continued.

“I did exactly what he did when he found out he couldn't go back home. I didn't see anypony, not even my own sister. Some ponies who did not like him, mainly nobles, said mean things about him and said they were happy that the beast was gone.”

She paused as she thought about what to say next. However she thought the boy would become confused so she had to ask him if he knew the story.

“Mason do you know the story of Nightmare Moon?”

Seeming to not want to leave her embrace, he lightly nodded his head. “I think Twilight might have told me about it.”

Nodding in acknowledgement, Luna continued. “Well, the story goes that I became Nightmare Moon and tried to turn the day into eternal night because I...because it became jealous of all the intention that my sister was getting from our ponies. That is far from the truth.

“In reality, Nightmare Moon didn't exist until I heard the things ponies were saying about my dear Lucas. I became enraged and something inside my awakened. It wanted to punish those ponies for what they said and how they were treating my lover. Thus, Nightmare Moon was created.

“Day by day, it became worse. I would sometimes lash out or bring fear to some of our citizens who dared to talk badly about him. Because of it, most of my subjects turned away from me and looked to my sister instead which had officially brought out the Nightmare.

“Nightmare would tell me from inside my head on what I should do with the ponies who spoke of Lucas badly. That I should punish them and let them know that I wouldn’t take such words lightly. It was no different about my sister.

“She would say bad things about her that weren't true. That she had forgotten about Lucas and would soon forget me in favor of the glory of her ponies. She said other things but I won't go into those details.

“Eventually Nightmare was brought out and tried to turn the day into night but failed and was banished to the moon taking me along with it. A thousand years pass and I returned to be purged of that entity by Twilight and her friends.

“Then it all started over. I didn't really show myself to anypony and rarely to my sister. I thought it was going to happen all over again. I would sometimes think about hiding far away where I wouldn't hurt anypony.

“But then a dream came to me one night. I saw him. He was standing there not as a dragon but as what must have been a human. The way he presented himself with his chest puffed out and his head high hadn't change, the way he smiled that made the sun shine, the way he looked to me with such love.

“I cried in his arms. All I could do was apologize but he said that it didn't matter, that all would be forgiven. I told him that I couldn't do it without him, that it wouldn't be the same but he only shook his head and said, in different words but with the same meaning, what I said to him.

“I shouldn't look into the past so much. What happened, happened. He understood and saw that I was greatly depressed on what had been done. But even though he wasn't there, couldn't be seen or touched, he would always be by my side. My sister, Twilight, and her friends would be by my side and would do anything, even give up their magic, to make me feel happy again.

“I don't exactly remembered what happened next but I remember those words and I took them to heart. I even promised to do what he said and that, when the next element came, No matter who they were I would do anything in my power to protect them. But first I had to take care of myself. So, I got out a little more and talked with others and did activities with my sister and the friends I made. Years passed and I am as you see today. I dare say that I might have forgotten about the last element coming to our world. That is until the letter came.”

Mason’s eyes widened a little as he leaned in waiting for the next words. Luna gave a light smile at this and continued.

“I didn't know what to think. Memories of what happened came flooding back along with the promise. It almost caused me to panic when I read the word, ‘colt’. So I told my sister to immediately send a letter to Twilight to bring you to the castle so that we could meet.

“You innocent when I watched you walked through those doors and looked around the castle. I don't know what sick, twisted thing thought it was a good idea to bring a child here with the strange magic. I didn't know what to feel about it. I felt saddened, confused, and above all furious.

“But I kept my cool and did my part on my promise. I visited your dreams to not only get to know you but to also check up on you. I even secretly sent some of my night guards to check on you in Ponyville every once in a while.”

A long pause seemed to follow as the princess stared blankly at the covers of the bed she made with her magic. Not a single part of her moved as she stared intensely at the sheets. Mason appeared to want to say something but stopped himself when she opened her mouth.

“I knew I should have sent some guards with you, visited you, did something but I don't know why. I don't know if it was because I put all my trust in the elements or what. But the moment we got a letter from Spike…..I almost fainted on the spot. Memories of how it all played out when I left Lucas came back and I just...took off.

“I'm glad the elements were there because if they weren't, I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you. Of course I knew they couldn't do anything with you not having a Cutie Mark, but I still wouldn't forgive myself if they took you, or worse. I should have taken more precaution and for that I am sorry Mason.”

Luna ended her tale with a small sob. She had just told him one of her biggest, darkest secrets. She didn't know if she should feel good or bad about it. The Princess of The Night continued to wail her heart out in the abyss of the Dreamscape. She felt as if she should hide herself from looking so fragile or to wake him up so she could have some peace for herself. But she couldn't bring herself to use magic to do so. She could only sit and cry her eyes out.

A gentle hug around her neck brought her out of mourning as a little form pressed into her chest. Not even having to look she brought her legs around Mason and hugged him back as her loud cries became stifled sobs. A small but gentle rub was felt above her wings as Mason did his best to comfort her.

“I already forgave you,” she heard him say through her sniffles, “I even forgive your sister and Twilight. Sure you didn't tell me but you were just doing it to protect me and you all did protect me. Twilight could have died by just keeping me away from Blossom so I forgive all of you. And I don't know if it will be any comfort but, if it means anything, I'll do my best to keep myself from going anywhere. I promise Luna.”

Feeling touched by his words, Luna hugged the boy a little tighter but not enough to hurt him. She couldn't help but give a bright smile as she nuzzled the top of his head.

“And I thank you for that Mason, truly I do.”

The pair stayed like that for a long while in silence, just enjoying the company of one another without anyone or anypony to interrupt them. The silence was broken when Mason pulled away and looked into Luna’s eyes as she did the same. She raised an eyebrow as he fiddled with his fingers.

“I know it might not be the same, but if you want, you can be apart of my little family. You could be my aunt or even my bigger sister.”

Luna wiped a few tears from her eyes with a feathered wing as she raised an eyebrow at Mason. “Bigger sister?”

Mason shrunk a little bit out of embarrassment. “Well if you want to, I've never really had a sibling before, of course you could be my aunt if you'd like.”

Luna stared at the boy who continued to fiddle with his thumbs. A bright and big smile slowly graced her lips as she brought Mason into a big, bone crushing hug which made him yelp.

“I would love that my little, nephew.” Luna finished with a giggle and a big nuzzle to his head. Mason gave a shout of surprise as he tried to escape the affection.

“AH! Family cuddles!”

Luna giggled at his antics as she let him go. He laughed a bit as he fixed his messed up hair from the onslaught of affection. When it was fixed he smiled up at Luna who smiled back down at him with a new found light in her heart.

Such a nice moment was broken when she sensed the sun reaching the sky, so with a sigh the princess got off the bed and stretched her muscles and wings.

“I wish I could stay with you Mason but appears our time is up.”

Mason gave a dejected ‘aw’ as he sadly got off the bed and stretched. “Will I see you tomorrow?”

Giggling a bit, Luna nodded. “We will see, if I'm not that busy with other dreams.”

“And maybe play pirates.”

A sigh escaped her lips as she stared at the boy who only stared at her with puppy dog eyes. Another sigh escaped her.

“Yes, and maybe play pirates.”

Giving a small yay, Mason gave Luna another hug as the Dreamscape began to brighten, telling her that he was waking up.

“Now you have a great day Mason, oh and one more thing.”

Lighting her horn, Luna prepared herself to come back into the throne room.

“Tell Twilight I said hello and give my condolences to Pinkie Pie.”

(Canterlot Castle)

Luna’s eyes opened up only to close tiredly to the bright sun that assaulted her. She gave a big yawn as her wings extended in a stretch for being still for so long. Smacking her lips, she stretched her limbs as she got off the throne and walked down the steps toward the large doors.

As she walked past the guards that were at the foot of the steps she stopped and looked out of the window that showed a view of Equestria in the morning sunlight. As she continued to stare, thoughts began to cloud her mind on what had happened a few hours ago.

She, had just told her biggest secret to Mason. The only story that only her sister knows and nopony else. She had just put all that was bottled up inside her for a thousand years and more into a little colt.

She didn't know what to feel. Should she feel sad, embarrassed, angry with herself. Should she feel ashamed. How should she feel…

A big deep breath came through her nose as she looked out into the land with a relaxed posture.


“Princess?” Said one of her bat ponies who looked about ready to crash into a bed.

Shaking her head she proceed to walk to the doors. “Nothing, just speaking to myself. You are all dismissed.”

Giving a bow, the guard, including the rest present, gave their thanks and took their leave out of the doors with the princess following. As they went down one hallway, the princess went down the other towards her tower, ready to embrace her bed.

She didn't walk with a tired stride, mostly. She didn't even walk with haste to skip all the chipper morning ponies that probably would be walking around. Her strides were slow and relaxed as she took her sweet time to her destination.

As she continued down her path, she caught sign of her sister turning a corner, probably going to eat in the dining room. Celestia gave a yawn as she continued to walk but stopped when she caught sign of Luna. She smiled as she gave a quick nuzzle to her who gave it back in return.

“Good morning Lulu, I guess that you are going to bed after Night Court yes?”

Giving a slow nod, Luna ruffled her wings. “Indeed, I had just woken from a moment with Mason and will now be taking my leave to my bed.”

Celestia gave a nod as she studied her sister's relaxed posture. With a raised eyebrow she playfully gestured to Luna.

“Has something happened today Luna? You're not usually this relaxed in the morning.”

Nodding her head, Luna began to pass Celestia who watched her with a raised eyebrow. “Yes something did happen. I had a very, emotional conversation with the young colt during one of his dreams.”

Celestia's expression changed from playful teasing to one of great worry as she watched her sister begin to slowly walk away.

“Do you...want to talk about it Lulu?”

All she got was a head shake as Luna still walked towards her tower. “No, I am perfectly fine Tia. Mason may be a colt but he was quite comforting in the conversation.”

She couldn't see her sister’s expression but she could just feel Tia staring at the back of her head with great amount of shock.

“You told him the story?!”

Stopping in her tracks, Luna turned back to her sister with a calm and relaxed expression.


She was right when Tia had a shocked expression with eyes wide and wings twitching. Taking an audible gulp, the day princess took a deep breath and relaxed her posture.

“And, how do you feel about it?”

Luna was quick to reply to that as she already knew how she felt. “I trust him to keep it a secret for me and honestly, I feel content about it.”

Celestia nodded as her posture and expression became one of relief and happiness. “Well I am glad that you are talking to more ponies about it Luna. I know it's a touchy subject and that it brings many painful memories back but it's good to have more friends who can help you with it.”

Luna nodded as she turned back around and continued her trek. “I know sister, you and Twilight have always told me that. I'd say it was very much worth it since I am now part of Mason’s family as his aunt. Anyway, I am tired sister so I shall see myself to bed. Goodnight.”

Celestia nodded as she seemed to have a new sense of joy in herself. “Very well. Goodnight Lulu.”

(Celestia’s Pov)

Luna gave a hum in return as she walked away from her sister. Celestia couldn't help but smile brightly as she continued her trek to the dinning room for her morning tea with a hop in her step. It was true that the story was painful to tell, more so for her dear sister Luna. It brought back too many painful memories and was quite too touchy to talk about, even to the point where only ponies who could be trusted could learn of what happened. But she only left that for her sister to decide.

As she continued to walk down the halls of the castle, she couldn't help but remember what her sister had said at the end of the conversation. Her hop began to die down as she started to remember the exact words that were said.

Now part of Mason’s family as his aunt.’

She stopped in her tracks as she now took those words into full consideration. Said realization made her eyes become wide as she looked back at the empty space where her sister once was.

“Wait, what?!”

Chapter 18: A Little Bit of R&R

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I need some R&R……

God I hate school.

(Mason's Pov)

My eyes opened up groggily as I blinked away the morning sunlight in the room. A loud groan followed as I tried to turn away from the light but had no success in doing so. Sighing in defeat, I succumbed to the morning and sat up in my bed.

I rubbed my eyes with a yawn as my mind started to wake up a little more, memories of what happened in the Dreamscape with Luna started to come forth. It was truly sad what happened to Lucas and it was heartbreaking to see how much it had done to Luna. I couldn't help but feel awful for the princess and how she was mistaken for doing something by a false reason when the reason for it was something else entirely.

However I couldn't just tell anypony. I had made a Pinkie Promise on it. Talking about promises, a light smile graced my face as I remembered what I had done to comfort Luna. Sure I might be young and new to the comforting thing but I sure was glad that I could comfort the mare in her grief and even made a promise to keep myself safe even if I’m just a kid.

It’s also apparent that Luna is my aunt now. Another member for the family circle. Yay!

The sound of chirping birds brought me from my thoughts as I looked out the open window in the wide room I was in. Around this room were other beds, some made and some weren't. There was also the sound of children laughing.

If you haven’t guessed by that observation then I’ll just flat out say that I’m back in the orphanage. Now to me, that seems like a bad move but apparently Violeta Heart -who is the owner of the orphanage- had other ideas. Apparently -unknown to me- Twilight had been lying to the mare when she would asked on why I haven’t been coming back to the orphanage, saying that the princess wanted me to stay with her for some special or minor reasons.

But in reality, I was being kept at Pinkie’s for the past few months and it was under, not special or minor circumstances, but completely dangerous ones that could have endangered my life. To say that Violeta was pissed would have been an understatement. A huge understatement. Like I’m saying that she marched all the way to the hospital to chew her out and when she did, oh boy.

Now mind you this was at least one day after the battle, so even though Twilight was injured badly she was still awake and to tell you the truth I have never seen her try to look so small to a regular unicorn. Even if Twilight wasn't injured she still probably would have tried to hide in her wings.

That day I also found out what her Cutie Mark meant which was an image of a curled up newborn foal that was inside a giant red heart. She apparently took that talent very seriously, saying that it was her job to watch over the fillies and colts as if they were her own children which granted her that mark. It took both Celestia and Luna to calm the mare down and allowed the injured Twilight to explain herself. Apparently, to her own accord, she only did it to keep her from panicking and possibly causing myself to panic since I didn't know that such dangerous ponies were after me. By Twilight’s words, that probably would have put me in more danger.

Although Violeta was still clearly agitated, she said that she would forgive and forget about that as long as I was put under her watch until Pinkie Pie was able to watch me again since I was, by law, her son. The princesses tried to persuade the mare into reconsidering by saying it would be better if I stay with one of the elements and that they would also add guards into the mix as well.

Violeta however was having none of that and after a very loud and awkward fight between her and the princesses -mostly on her side- the princesses agreed that I would stay with her if I was to be visited by one of the elements or the princesses everyday and kept under heavy guard by, well guards. With a stiff nod the mare agreed to it and proceed to take me back to the orphanage with some guards chosen by Celestia and Luna -mostly Luna- back to the orphanage.

Of course by take, I mean carried me by the scruff of my neck the entire way there and keeping me away from anyone that got to close. Yeah, she took her job very seriously. After we made it to the building, the guards had made a perimeter around the orphanage and would occasionally switch roles for guarding outside and inside.

I didn’t get to witness all that as Violeta, still carrying me by the scruff, carried me to her office and proceeded to give me a long lecture on why I shouldn’t lie. I probably would have ignored most of it if I wasn't so terrified by this mare and how she sees kids. So I took in every word with a honest answer if I was asked a question.

Now here I am, four days later in the orphanage with the guards still patrolling the building. Some of the children are a bit weary of them but Violeta had assured them that they wouldn’t hurt anypony. Some of them became curious enough to ask them questions which they truthfully answered but always declined if asked to play, saying that they had a job to do by orders of the princess.

But not only did I get daytime guards but I also got nighttime ones as well. Apparently Luna, who has been constantly visiting my dreams and taking away any nightmares that I have been having, had taken extra precautions to give me the protection that they should have sent to Ponyville with the girls.

Being honest here, Luna really lives up to the title Princess of The Night. Because she sent these ponies that were called bat ponies as my night guards. Apparently it’s a pony but has leathery wings, pointed teeth, ears with extra fur on the tips, and slit eyes that glow in the dark. They also have much softer and thicker fur than most ponies which protects them from cold nights. Now I know that their eyes glow in the dark and their fur is soft because I met one.

I’ll tell ya what. It wasn’t the first impression that I would have liked to make on that one guard.

(Day Two After Battle With Blossom)
(Night Time: All Pov)

It was a cold night and not so much of a good sleep for a little colt. He turned and tossed in his bed as nightmares clouded his dreams of his mother and what happened to her.

Except this time she wasn’t able to be saved.

“No mom...don't…..don't leave me.” The colt unconsciously said as he shifted in his bed again. Unknown to him, a certain guard was doing their rounds around the rooms of all the fillies and colts. As the guard came up to the room where the colt resided, they opened the door and took a peek inside to check on him, only to see his form shifting and rolling.

This particular guard was a female pony and could only look with concern at the colt. Mumbling to herself, she silently opened the door and crept into the room, keeping an eye on the other fillies and colts to make sure she wouldn't wake them. When she arrived at Mason’s bed, she crept up to the side and lightly nudged the colt.

“Hey,” her smooth voice whispered, “hey lad, wake up. You're have’n a nightmare.”

She flinched her hoof back when the colt suddenly jerked awake with heavy breathing and panicking eyes. She was about to calm the colt down until his eyes had locked onto hers and widened in fear.

Now Mason has seen a lot of things that has scared him in his life. But nothing could prepare him for waking up in a cold sweat from a horrible nightmare and then coming face-to-face with a fanged, glowing slit-eyed creature. So being the mature colt that he is…

He screamed. Loudly.

The pony guard reeled back with her ears pinned against her head as the colt screamed loudly and fell off his bed with a thud. She cringed as she heard the other children in the room start to shift around from being awoken by the colt as he was now huddling under his head and quietly sobbing.

“What's going on?”

“What woke me?”

“Morning already?”

“Geez and I'm still hungry after eating all that food.”

“I have to pee.”

The guard cringed even more as more of the children were tiredly waking up and started looking around the room for the disturbance of their sleep. One filly in particular had already found it.


All voices stopped as the eyes of the fillies and colts directed their gaze to Scootaloo who was on the edge of her bed trying to look under the one bed that was missing said colt and a guards pony standing next to it.

“Mason are you okay?”

Scootaloo practically ignored the pony that was standing next to his bed as she got out of her bed and walked over to the unoccupied one. Stopping, she knelt down on her belly and could faintly see in the darkness the shaking form of her friend.

“Mason?” She called again but was unanswered. Her ears swiveled, picking up the noises from some other colts and fillies getting out of their beds.

“Hey Scoots, what's going on?”

“Is Mason okay?”

“Yeah is he okay?”

“Should we go get Miss Heart?”

Scoots could only look at her friends and shrug her shoulders in the dark. She flinched when she saw the pony guard move towards the bed and knelt down herself to see under the bed, though she could completely see the colt.

“Lad, are you alright?”

She only got a shuffle with a whimper in response. Coming back to her full height with a thoughtful expression, she looked around to see more of the children beginning to huddle around. Knowing full well on what the owner of the orphanage would do if she saw all the children awake, she got down on her belly again and slowly reached for the colt. She slightly flinched when the colt whimpered louder and swat at the hooves that tried to grab him.

Taking a deep breath, the guard reached for the colt again while whispering words of comfort to him.

“It’s alright lad, I won't hurt ya. It's okay to come out now.”

Mason was shaking a storm up from the nightmare, that close up to whatever was to the side of his bed, and now the hooves coming to grab him in the dark. However the words of comfort reached his ears and encouraged him to calm down. The voices of his orphanage buddies also reached his ears trying to coax him out from under the bed. Still a little shaken, he slowly inched himself closer to the hooves which in turn gently grabbed him and pulled him from out of the bed.

The first thing he felt was the incredible softness of fur as the mysterious pony brought him to their chest. His shaking began to slowly die down as the mysterious pony whispered words of comfort to the colt as they rocked him back and forth.

The guards pony watched the colt calm down and snuggle into the thick chest fur that's stuck out of her armor. When she felt his shaking stopped she looked to the other fillies and colts who looked at their friend with worry. She sighed as she began to walk around the mass of children.

“Alright ya lovelies, it’s time ta get yerselves to bed before ol’ Heart sees ya out an’ about.”

As she walked to the door, her ears swirled to pick up the many voices of the children.

“But what about Mason?”

“Yeah, is he gonna be alright?”

“Should we do something?”

“I still have to pee.”

She raised an eyebrow when she picked up the last one but shook her head as she reached the door and turned back to see most of the children hadn't made any move back to their beds.

“Look, your lad here will be alright. I'll take ‘em to Miss Heart and she will take care of it. Now all of ya, get back to yer beds.”

She became satisfied when she saw all the colts and fillies slowly get back into their beds. She saw one particular orange filly still looking reluctant to get to hers but eventually started walking to it.

With a hum she closed the door and then looked down at the colt who looked as if he was about ready to fall asleep in her hooves. The guard sighed.

“Well let's get ya to Miss Heart so she can deal with ya laddie.”

Before she could take the first step, she froze with a hiss as she used, not a feathered, but a leathered wing to shield her eyes from sudden light that assaulted them. As she tried to adjust to the sudden light, she heard the sound of hooves approaching her and felt something taking the colt from her hooves. She was about to throw some insults to the pony but stopped when she heard their voice.

“I don't think that will be a problem.”

The guard pony froze as she heard the tired and agitated voice of Violeta Heart. Slowly she squinted her eyes open to see the mare sitting on her haunches while cradling a very tired looking colt in her hooves. Her mane and tail were disheveled and her eyes were somewhat bloodshot as she glared at the guard pony.

The guard pony could only avert her gaze as she opened and closed her mouth trying to form words with it. Eventually she found her voice.

“Ma’am, I can explain.”

“Oh I'm sure you can,” Violeta spat as the guard seemed to shrink, “please, enlighten me on why I hear the children awake in that room and you leaving it with Mason in your hooves.”

Taking a gulp, the pony slowly removed her wing since her eyes were finally adjusted to the light and proceeded to tell her little story.

“I was just passing by the rooms and doing me rounds to check for anything that might have gotten in. When I came to the colts room and opened the door to check up on him, I saw that he was shaking in his sleep. I decided to calm him down from his nightmare but instead I spooked the poor lad and woke up the other children.”

She shrunk a little more when Violeta’s glare became harder as her ears twitched in agitation.

“And are the children still awake?” She seethed through clenched teeth.

The guards pony quickly shook her head. “No, I told the lovelies to get back to their beds and that I would bring the lad to you.”

Violeta opened her mouth to say something but stopped herself when the door to the room opened revealing an orange pegasus filly poking her head out. Said filly squinted her eyes as she rubbed them with a hoof.

“Miss Heart, is Mason okay?”

A sigh reached the guards sensative ears as Heart shifted the barely awake colt in her hooves.

“Yes Scootaloo, I'm sure he will be fine. As a matter fact, you, guard.” Violeta said with a stern voice.

Said guard immediately stood at attention when she was called. However, said attention became shock as Heart handed her the colt and harshly pointed down the hallway.

“Take him down to where the main room is, there you will see a room with the light on. That is my room, take him there and stay there until I come back.”

Nodding in confirmation the guard quickly left the hallway and made her way to the stairs with the colt still in her hooves.

Violeta, meanwhile watched the guard disappear through the door that lead to the stairs. With a tired sigh, she used her horn to dim the lights as she entered the room pushing Scoots along with her.

“Wait, but Miss Heart-”

“Scootaloo.” Was all Heart had to say to get the filly to stop and splay her ears back. She would only use the full names of the children if they were in trouble or needing to stop a conversation from becoming an argument.

“I know you are worried for him, I am to. But right now it is way too late in the night for you or anypony else to be up right now, so you can check up on him in the morning. Right now I would like it if you could go back to bed, that goes for the rest of you.”

She heard a collective okay’s from the fillies and colts as they got in their respective beds. Scootaloo slowly got into her bed and got under her blankets, however she didn't lay down as she caught the sight of Mason’s bed and frowned sadly. Violenta sighed sadly for the filly as she went over and gently pushed her down.

“I know you're worrying for him but I promise, he'll be alright and you can check on him in the morning okay?”

Getting a nod in reply, Miss Heart kissed the filly’s forehead and bid her and the rest of the children goodnight, after a few more goodnight kisses for the children who asked for them.

Finally kissing the last colt goodnight she went to the door to close it. She stopped in her tracks however when another colt spoke up in the dark.

“Miss Heart, I have to pee.”

Rolling her eyes she looked back to faintly see a colt sitting on his bed twiddling with his hooves.

“Well your a big boy now Tinny, I'm sure you can go to the bathroom yourself now can't you?”

The colt nodded as he continued to play with his hooves. “I know it's just that….”

Violenta raised an eyebrow as the colt seemed to look to and fro as if he was embarrassed about something. Her eyes began to widen slightly as an idea of why came to her head and the colt only sealed the deal.

“I already did.”

It was silent in the room as Violeta stood still in her spot. The colt became a little nervous as most of the children in the orphanage knew how stressful Miss Heart can get when she's woken up early. She didn't stay like that as a big sigh came from her and she walked back into the room.

“Go clean yourself up, I'll change the sheets.”

Back with the guard pony that we can now all agree is a bat pony, was just putting the colt on a spare bed in what seemed to be Violeta’s room. It was a small regular room with a single bed, a dresser, and a large mirror. The walls were decorated with shelves that had many knick knacks on them along with pictures of Violeta and young children with smiles on their faces. In one corner of the room was a door that probably led to a bathroom and spare bed put up next to it which she was now using to tuck the colt in to get him comfortable.

“There ya go lad, all nice and warm eh.”

She only got a tired mumble from the colt who fought long and hard to keep his eyes open. The bat pony frowned at the colt who seemed to be having trouble falling asleep.

“Is everything alright lad?”

The colt lightly shook his head as he adjusted it on the pillow. “I can't fall asleep.”

The guards frown deepened as she looked at the colt. Sure she was a tough and hard core Lunar Guard like her other comrades, but they still had a heart for the little ones. Especially since this one seemed to have caught the attention of the night princess.

“Why’s that? Gotta take a tinkle? Perhaps a glass o’ water?”

The colt shook his head as his eyes scanned the room as if he was looking for something. He buried himself deeper in the covers as he looked back at the mare.


The bat pony made a silent ‘oh’ with her lips as she put on a thinking look. With a shrug of her shoulders, she removed her armor and got into the bed with a colt. He stared confusingly at the mare as she laid down beside him and got herself comfortable. When she was settled, she pat the area between her front legs that was next to her chest while looking at Mason.

He looked a bit reluctant but eventually crawled to the little space the mare made. When he settled himself down, the bat pony curled her legs around him, bringing him in close to the tuft of her chest fur. She smiled lightly when she heard a sigh of content from him.

“Comfortable laddie?”

A nod was felt against her chest as the colt snuggled in deeper. “Yeah, your chest fur is very soft.”

She chuckled as she adjusted her position. “Yup, us bat ponies are know fer thick fur to keep us warm in the cold nights. Especially around the chest area. It's good fer snugglen with chur special somepony or with little ones. I should know since I had a few siblings.”

He looked up at the pony with a quizzical look. “Is that what you are?”

The bat pony nodded. “Yes sir laddie, I'm a proud bat pony of the night. You can tell from the fangs, pointy ears, and cat like eyes. We can also see in the dark which makes our eyes glow in the dark brightly.”

“Oh.” Was what Mason said as he looked down in slight guilt. The bat pony was about to voice her concerns until he looked back up at her with an apologetic look.

“I'm sorry for screaming at you in the room, and for getting you in trouble with Miss Heart. I was just a little jumpy from the nightmare.”

The guard shook her head as she snuggled the little colt close. “Nah, don't worry about it lad, truth be told I shoulda been a little more careful in waking ya up so all is forgiven. Although you did do a number on me ears.”

He looked confusingly at the mare with a head tilt and one of his ears going down like a puppy. Realization crossed his face as he smiled sheepishly.

“Right, bat pony, sorry about that.”

She shook her head again. “It's quite alright lad.”

The duo stayed like that for the rest of the time. The bat pony was more than content to wait for the colt to completely fall asleep before she got back to her rounds. Mason however was finding it harder to sleep as the soft chest fur of the pony was quite comfortable, if his constant yawning was any indication.

Mason snuggled deeper as his eyelids started to become more heavy. Giving one more yawn he decided to ask the bat pony one more question before he went to sleep.

“I never,” he gave another yawn, “I never got your name.”

The mare, who had closed her eyes for a moment, opened them to look down at the colt who was almost passed out.

“Midny Oíche is me name.”

Mason tiredly titled his head. “Eehuu?”

The bat pony now named Midny chuckled as she shook her head. “No, Oíche. It means night in Nieghrish.”

Mason nodded in confirmation as he gave one last yawn and closed his eyes for a nice slumber.

Just as Midny watched the colt fall asleep, she heard the sound of hoofsteps causing her to look up and see Violenta looking at her with a raised eyebrow. With a slight blush and pinned ears, Midny cleared her throat.

“He couldn't fall asleep.”

Violenta stared for a good long while until she sighed for what was probably the tenth time that night and went over to her own bed while slowly turning off the lights to the room.

“Just be sure to get back to your rounds or whatever when you think he's fully asleep.”

Midny only nodded in confirmation as the lights completely going out and Violenta hitting the sack herself.

(Present Day)
(Mason’s Pov)

Yeah, so that's the gist of it. She shows, I see her, I scream, she comforts me, and then we're all friends just like that. What a good way to find friendship.

So apparently her name was Midny Oíche, Oíche meaning Night in Neighrish and she is a bat pony as well. Honestly, I think I have a new favorite species on this planet.

I mean, who doesn't love the ability to see in the dark, walk silently, have echolocation, and get this, she's able to climb on the walls like Spider-Man!

It's really cool, I've actually seen her do it.

Creepy, but cool at the same time. It's creepy cool.

Anyway, apparently she made a connection with me, either that or she likes scaring the hairs off me when she visits. When all jump scares are cast aside she just lays around and we quietly talk. Some of the fillies and colts will be up to ask her some questions themselves. When we're all done talking, she always stays around until I fall asleep. I'll tell you what, the soft fur of a bat pony is an instant knockout when it comes to sleep.

Anyway, I should probably make my bed and head downstairs for breakfast before Violeta comes up here to promptly drag me down or bring my breakfast up here.

Not wanting to go through that I get off my bed with a stretch of my limbs and promptly make my bed that was less messy than it usually gets. After pulling some blankets here and there, I finally finished making my bed. Nodding with satisfaction I walked out of the room and headed towards the stairs while passing the other rooms.

Reaching them, I made my way down them and to the main floor and towards the dining room. Opening the door, I looked in to see four fillies, two colts, and Miss Heart eating at the table.

Violeta’s ears perked up at the sound of the door opening and looked up to see me. With a wave of her hoof, she gestured me to sit down next to her which I complied to without complaint. As I passed the chairs on the left side of the table, the three fillies and one colt on the same side looked at me and waved their hoof in greeting to which I gave a nod in return.

Finally reaching the seat, I climbed the slightly tall chair and sat myself down with a light thump. I was about to say a good morning to Miss Heart until a dark purple aura from her horn put out a bowl of oatmeal in front of me.

“Good morning to you to Mason.”

Smiling in thanks, I began eating me meal for the morning. As I ate, the same aura put a glass of milk in front of me which I hummed in thanks as well. Still eating, Miss Heart swallowed her food and looked at me.

“So Mason, what are you planning on doing today?”

Did I also forget to mention that she's constantly checking on me now? No. Well she is. Every morning she will ask what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and when I'm doing it. She never likes to leave any detail out of my schedule that I give her.

“I was thinking about visiting the hospital again today.”

She nodded as a spoon, that was grasped in her magic, floated some cereal into her mouth. Chewing it for a while, she swallowed and looked to me expectantingly.

“And after that?”

Putting a hoof to my chin, I began to think on what else to do. With nothing coming to mind I shrugged as I scooped up another mouthful of oatmeal.

“Don't know, maybe I and the crusaders will try and do something today. Although, I don't know how we will do that when I have this.”

I finished that sentence by pointing at the new Cutie Mark that was on my butt. I'll tell you what, I was shocked to wake up and find a Cutie Mark of a shield made of fire with lightning arcs surrounding it. When I was free to roam around the orphanage -after my long lecture with Violeta and with two guards to accompany me- I was tackled to the ground by a grateful Scootaloo who thanked me over and over again on what happened and then for her mood to immediately do a turn around when she saw I had my mark.

I'll tell you what, I've never seen her ride on her scooter and then come back with both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle that fast. I think they were still puking their lunch as Scootaloo told them the news.

A cough brought me out of that memory as I looked at Heart who had apparently taken care of her bowl at some point.

“Well in that case I will accompany you to the hospital, as I have been doing, and then let you run off with Scootaloo and her friends.”

Nodding in agreement, I finished my oatmeal and began to drink my milk. As I drinked it, I saw Violeta picking up the discarded bowls and glasses of the other occupants who were just there and stacked them with her magic. When she came to me she took my bowl and glass when I finished them.

“Come with me Mason, I want to ask you something.” Was what I heard as she disappeared behind the door into the kitchen. With slight curiosity I followed the mare. When I went through the door I saw her cleaning the dishes with great skill. Her magic was expertly cleaning bowls, plates, glasses, and silverware in the sink and then drying them and putting them away in their respective places.

As I watched the mare work, she cleared her throat to get my attention.

“So I wanted to ask, how have the other children been treating you after your...elemental discovery?”

I couldn't see her as her attention was mainly focused on the dishes but I could hear great concern in her voice as she shifted her weight left and right. I lightly kicked a hoof at the floor as I shrugged, mostly to myself.

“I get a few looks, but none of them are mean to me or ignore me if that's what your asking. They mostly just ask me to show them how I do it or to see if I can do any neat tricks.”

Miss Heart hummed as she washed the last few dishes. It was true that none of the children had ignored me or feared me. I was more surprised by it really. I guess I can thank the first few friends that I made here as they helped with growing everypony’s curiosity in what I could do and stuff.

Scootaloo was a big help in that case. Since she was the one to see it all she talked with all the children, telling them how cool I was and what I was able to do. She even said that I could probably do neat tricks with my powers.

So that's what most of the children did. To be honest I think they were more curious than scared to begin with. The moment I roamed around the orphanage -after getting a death gripping and excited Scootaloo off me- all the fillies and colts were asking me to show them my magic as they were calling it or to show them any neat tricks.

“Well that's good to hear,” Violeta said, breaking me out of my thoughts, “I'm glad that the children are still playing with you.”

I watched as Violeta stopped shifting her weight and seemed to relax from hearing my answer. She put away that last few dishes with her magic and opened the drain in the sink. As she rinsed it out she looked to me and gestured to the door.

“Well if we're going to the hospital you best clean yourself up. I don't think you'd like to go there wearing that bed head of yours.”

She finished that with a smile as I raised an eyebrow. Raising a hoof I felt around to see that my mane was sticking out in odd angles. Smiling sheepishly with my ears down I quickly left the room to clean up as she chuckled behind me.


I, Violeta, and at least three Solar Guards, one of each race were walking down the streets of Ponyville towards the hospital. As we walked, most of the ponies watched us walk by while some were whispering to each other. I watched with my ears slightly down as they all seemed to be staring at me from the corners of their eyes.

It was a mix of emotions. Some were a bit worried, probably for me or themselves, some were shocked, others seemed to have slightly narrowed eyes. Others who would see me that I knew would give slight smiles with sympathetic looks. Others who I didn't really know would avert their eyes if I saw them.

As we continued to walk, we passed by one cafe that had a few ponies outside eating and talking. A couple that had a stallion and a mare stopped their talking when they noticed us walking by and began to whisper. My ears perked up as I could slightly hear what they were saying.

“Is that the colt that has that strange magic like that one mare?” The stallion said as he eyed me from the corner of his eyes.

“Yes hon it is, now stop staring at the poor dear. It's bad enough some ponies are creating awful rumors about him.” The mare said as she took a sip of something.

“I know, I know, but what if that mare comes back because of him or what happens if he turns on us? How can you not talk about that.”

“Oh would you stop it! He's just a little colt, he's not going to do anything bad to us, with who his mother is and the friends she has.”

“That's a big if though. No pony has ever done that kind of magic and he's not even a unicorn. It's unheard of, I mean the kid was able to create storm clouds with lightning! Not only that but did you see how beaten up that one strange mare was when he fought her? What if he goes and does that to somepony else?! Now that's something to fear.”

I stopped listening as my ears fell and looked down with a hurt expression. Word of what happened at the battle had gotten around incredibly fast. As I would go around the town with Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle, I would hear most of the things that the mares and stallions would say like he just did.

Most of them hurt and just made my day into a bad one. I mean I knew what I did wasn't anything that somepony has seen but they didn't have to be so mean about it. It was the other ponies that I had gotten to know thanks to Pinkie that had persuaded most of the townsfolk into thinking otherwise, saying I was just a colt and I was under watch of Twilight Sparkle. But that didn't change the mind of most.

Unknown to me though, Violeta saw my downed look and glared at the stallion who was ranting on about something I didn't want to hear. Using her magic she picked up his drink that had steam coming off it and poured it on his lap making him shout in shock and slight pain.

He turned to look around for the pony who did it, only to shrink away when he caught sign of the menacing glare directed at him by Miss Heart.

Turning back in his seat, he was about to voice a small insult about the mare until a piece of toast slapped him across the face. Rubbing his cheek with a shocked expression, he looked to his mare friend only to see her glaring at him which made his ears fall.

“What was that for?”

Her glare only intensified. “That is for making the poor colt sad and for having stupid ideas, like voicing your thoughts.”

He gave a pout like a child as he crossed his hooves. “How the buck was I supposed to know that Sugarcube Corner place had weird mares.”

That remark cost him another slap to the face by a plate which knocked him out of his seat.

“Ow! What the heck!”

The mare only glared. “You idiot! That mare is his mother!”

Poor stallion, can't seem to catch a break. Well back to Mason!

I continued to walk next to Violeta as the three guards followed but as we went farther down the path, I started to get closer to Miss Heart as more ponies seemed to stare making me uncomfortable. I felt a tap on my head, causing me to look up and see the mare smiling warmly down at me.

“Don't worry Mason, just ignore them and I'll take care of them okay?”

I didn't know what she meant by that but I was at least touched by her words. My attention was then brought from the mare to one of the Solar Guards, who happened to be a pegasus mare who only smirked.

“And don't worry luv, if any of them try anything we’ll be sure to put them in their place.” She said with a British accent. Don't know the pony word for that one.

I smiled gratefully to the mare and gave my thanks to her and Miss Heart. I then faced my head forward and continued onward with my group, trying my best to ignore the stairs that were given to me. Apparently, my early thought on what Violeta meant by what she said was answered as I saw the mare using her magic to pull manes, flick ears, or throw tiny objects at the ponies staring.





“Oi! Hey a bit!”

As this continued on, the ponies would then stare at Violeta with narrowed eyes, only to shy away as she glared awfully hard at them with her magic glowing brighter. Yeah if word of what I could do got around in a matter of four days, I think what Violeta did to the Princess of Friendship did as well.

A sigh of relief escaped my lips as the number of ponies diminished and the hospital was just in view. Not wasting any time, I trotted ahead of our little group to get to the doors quicker. When I approached them I looked back to see Violeta and the guards moving just a little faster to catch up.

Finally caught up, we all moved through the main doors and into the waiting room. Violeta told us to wait as she went up to the counter and began talking to a mare behind the counter. It didn't take long for them to converse as the mare, being a unicorn, lit her horn for a second and then stopped it. Not too long after, Nurse Redheart came in and smiled when she saw me.

“Ah, good morning Mason, I take it your here to see the two patients we have today?”

I nodded to which she did in return. Motioning a hoof for us to follow her, she began walking down the hallway she just came from. As we followed in step with her, she turned to me with a questioning look.

“So who would you like to visit first?”

I didn't hesitate to answer. “Can I visit Twilight please?”

Nodding, Redheart began to walk towards a door not far ahead of us. Stopping in front of it, she reached a hoof up and turned the knob. When the door fully opened, it revealed a partially healed Twilight Sparkle who was in a green gown that allowed her wings open access, revealing only a few bandages on them and one wrapped around her right leg. Her body was voided of any scratches and cuts along with her fur and mane being properly cleaned and her wings preened.

Before the door opened, she was busy reading a book and stopped to see Nurse Redheart at the door. Twilight sighed as she sat the book down with her magic that was fully charged after four days of rest.

“Let me guess, am I due for another check up again?”

Shaking her head, Nurse Redheart gestured to me as I came in front of the door myself.

“Nope a visitor.”

Twilight's slight frown turned into a bright smile as she settled down in her hospital bed.

“Well then, send him in.”

Nodding to the princess, the nurse looked down to me.

“Okay, you go ahead and talk with the princess Mason. When your done, just come out the door and I'll lead you to your mother okay?”

Nodding, I began to walk in with the pegasus guard following close behind. The other two who were stallions stationed themselves at the door as Violeta looked in.

“I'll just be at the waiting room Mason. Come find me when your finished with your visits today.”

Giving a nod to the mare, I continued inside to get to Twilight's bed while the guard closed the door. Finally arriving to the bed, I crouched down and got myself ready to jump in it. Instead of jumping in the bed, I yelped as a magical aura lifted me off my hooves and gently set me on it. Shaking myself out of my slight shock I looked to see Twilight smirking with her horn lit.

“Magic is getting a little better don't you think?”

My only response to that was to slightly knock the air out of her lungs as I hugged the princess. I heard her take a deep breath as she slowly hugged me back.

“Yeah, I'm happy to see you again to.”

I felt her give one gentle squeeze before she ended the hug and looked down to me with a smile. She then directed her gaze to the guard who was standing at attention near the door with a slight smirk on her face.

“Good morning Solar Flare.”

“Good morning to you princess. Lovely day isn't it?” The guard whose name I now said with a bow.

Twilight nodded in agreement. “Indeed it is. So, how is my favorite colt?”

“Pretty good,” I said with a shrug as I got settled down next to the princess, “how are you feeling?”

Twilight waved a hoof around. “Not that bad actually. You'd be surprised on the perks of being an alicorn are and one of them being quicker healing. So I should be out either today or tomorrow depending on what the doctor says. But then again, he might be worrying too much because I'm a princess.”

I giggled as I saw the slight distaste in Twilight's expression. “I’m guessing you don't really like that kind of thing.”

Shaking her head, she used her magic to fluff her pillow. “No, I don't think I'll ever get used to it.”

Giggling again, I started pawing at the sheets with a hoof. “So your magic is better.”

A smile was her response as she picked up a glass of water. “After four days of rest, I'd say it's gotten a lot better. A few more days and I'll be back to my old self again.”

I nodded in response as I continued to play with the sheets. I was contemplating on whether to tell Twilight about the ponies talking about me or not. I didn't have to battle with myself long as she seemed to read my actions long enough to know something was wrong.

“Mason, what's wrong?”

I shrugged in response as my ears fell slightly. “It's just, a lot of the ponies seem to be talking about me lately and are giving me stares a lot. It's starting to make me feel uncomfortable.”

Twilight only shook her head with an eye roll as she brought me in close with her bandaged hoof. “That's just Ponyville for you Mason. Trust me, ponies will talk about what happened for a while and might start coming up with things that won't actually happen, but trust me when I say this, I've lived here long enough to know that it will all blow over.”

I shrugged again. “Maybe, but it's still a little hurtful. I mean I didn't even know about any of it.”

I felt a squeeze from Twilight as her ears lowered in sympathy. “I know it is Mason. Heck I got some of them when I became the new princess. But eventually it all blew over with the help of ponies who knew me and my friends. Trust me, if you tell Rainbow Dash what they are doing, she'll probably say that she'll buck them into next week.”

I giggle as my spirits lifted at the princess’s words. My friends would always have my back. “Thanks Twilight.”

She only smiled as she gave me another squeeze. “Your my friend Mason and friends look out for each other.”

Smiling a little brighter, I hugged the princess who did so in return. We stayed like that to enjoy the moment until the princess ended it with a smile and a gesture of her head.

“Well I think my schedule for a check up will be due, so why don't you go and visit Pinkie. She's been itching to see you again.”

Nodding I went to get off the bed but stopped myself and turned back to the princess who looked to me expectantly.

“I forgot to mention, Luna says hello.”

She smiled as her horn lit up and I was grasped in her magic and set down onto the floor. “Well you tell Luna that I said hello back.”

Giving her a smile I walked towards the door which Solar Flare opened with her wings. I raised an eyebrow at how she did that but only got a wink from her in response. I flexed my own wings as I looked to them thinking on how I could do that.

When I was completely out of the room, I looked to the side to see Nurse Redheart looking off into space, thinking deeply. Solar snorted as she closed the door with a bow to Twilight and walked over to the nurse and gave her a light tap with the tip of her wing. Red heart blinked a few times in response and looked to the guard and then me. Making a silent ‘oh’ with her lips, she got up and began to walk up to me.

“Finished meeting with Twilight already?” When I nodded in response she hummed and began to walk down the hallway to another door that was near the end of it.

My steps didn't slow down nor showed signs of feeling down. Instead I strained myself from getting ahead of the nurse to meet the occupant of that exact door.

Nurse Redheart stopped at the foot of the door and looked to me with slight sympathy. Crouching down a little, she brought her head close to whisper to me.

“Ok Mason, just like last time, I'll leave you to your mother alone. I'm sure you can find your way out of the hospital with these guards right?”

Giving a somewhat impatient nod, Redheart bid her goodbyes and walked back the way we came. Solar walked up to the door and quietly opened it to reveal a room with the shades down, making it slightly dim. Towards the back of the wall was a bed with a form sleeping peacefully in it. The only sounds emitting from the room was the sound of a heart monitor.

I gulped, not out of nervousness, but in slight terror to the reason why she was in this room. I shook them off though as I went to go into the room but before I did, I turned to Solar who looked down to me.

“Um, can me and her”

A raised wing caused me to stop as Solar shook her head. “Say no more luv, you go on ahead and spend some time with your mum.”

I gave a smile in thanks as I walked into the room with the mare gently closing the door behind me. When I heard the click, I let out a deep breath that I didn't know I was holding. Shaking my head again, I kept myself steady as I walked to the side of a room where a chair was.

With as much gentleness as I could muster and the skills of stealing a cookie from the cookie jar when I was little, I slowly moved the chair over to the bed. It squeaked a few times, causing the form to shift in bed but didn't wake up. I let out a satisfied sigh as it was a good distance to the bed and got on it.

When I was balanced I carefully jumped onto the bed and made my way over to the form who only had her head and hooves showing out of the covers. Her pink fur was cleaned and her poofy mane was a little straight, perhaps from exhaustion. The sheets that covered her were somewhat showing her shoulders, allowing some bandages to show, but not the spot where there was more of them.

Frowning a bit, I hopped over her back legs and looked at the sleeping face of my mother, Pinkie Pie. Her breaths were steady as one leg was curled up to her chest and the other one was somewhat sticking straight out with wires hooked to it. With careful steps, I made my way up the bed and laid myself down by the leg that was out, being mindful of the wires and IV that adorned it.

Before I could lay down, the leg that was curled to her chest reached out and gently pulled me closer to the warm body of my mother. I then felt her lips on top of my head as she gently kissed me and curled up around me, with her tail curling in front of me. I responded by snuggling closer to the body as she sighed in content.

“Hello my little colt, how are you.”

Nothing brightened my day more than to hear her voice. Although it was a bit raspy, it still had that slight bubbliness to it.

“Fine, although some of the ponies are staring at me every time I walk through the town.”

I felt a little squeeze from my mother as she gave another sigh. “Well Twilight is right in what she said. They'll eventually stop and everything will be back to normal.”

“I known,” I said with a nod, my ears fell against my head as I continued, “but it's still uncomfortable and it feels like I'm the odd one out in the whole town.”

Pinkie shook her head as she snuggled into her pillow and pulled me closer. “That's why you have friends Masey, they will help you out, especially Dash. She can get really persuasive when she wants to.”

I blinked as if Pinkie was implying that that could end badly. Certainly it couldn't, I mean I know Dash was a hard core type of mare but she still had a soft spot in there. I've seen it enough times when she's around Scootaloo to know and AJ always says so.

“She can't be that bad, can she?”

All I got was a peek from Pinkie's calming baby blue eyes as she looked at me with a knowing smile. Closing her eye she sighed again as she snuggled into the covers.

Shrugging to myself I snuggled into my mother and prepared for some rest. After all, a little R&R never hurt anyone.

Before I could try and rest myself though, a thought came across my mind.

“Oh and Princess Luna is my aunt now.”

(Meanwhile, in Ponyville)

A certain stallion was walking down the streets towards his house. After having a fiasco with his mare friend he thought it would be a good idea to head home early and make sure nothing happened to his face when she tried to smash it with a teapot.

“It's not my fault that colt can do some scary things and for the fact that that mare is after him.” He mumbled as he neared his abode.

Before he could walk up the stoned path to his front door, the area around him became darker as if a storm had suddenly came in. He raised an eyebrow as he didn't remember hearing anything about a scheduled storm.

However a certain cough brought his attention upward where he saw a certain mare sitting on a rather, menacing looking storm cloud and a glare on her face with her wings extended.

His ears fell as his eyes became pinpricks as any pony could recognize the mare that had a rainbowed colored mane. Said mare stomped on the cloud creating thunder.

“A little birdy told me what you said about a certain colt.”


“Aw buck.”

That was the last thing heard from the stallion as a loud boom of thunder sounded across the sky.

Poor chap.