• Published 27th Nov 2016
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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 3: Welcome To Our Town

In the town of Ponyville, we see Pinkie Pie, along with her passenger Mason, and Twilight trotting to Sugarcube Corner to grab a bite to eat. As our characters walked through the town they passed many ponies of all colors going about their day as they hustled around the streets of Ponyville. There was that one stallion carrying groceries to his home, and maybe a mare delivering mail, there was even that one stallion down the street, for some reason I think his name was Billy.


*ahem* Anyway, part from screwing Billy over there, let's continue with our ponies of the story.

(Mason’s Pov)

Me and Pinkie were at it again, just talking away as if we were good friends and to be completely honest, I really hope we were. Along the way to Sugarcube Corner Pinkie asked some questions, probably for the party that she said she was going to host for me and my paren- uhm….for me back at the hospital.

“So,” began Pinkie as she looked at me from my position on her back, “I wanted to ask you some questions having to do with your party.”

Called it.

“Alright, lay ’em on me Pinkie.” I answered excitedly as I bounced a little in place.

Pinkie was silent for a few seconds but eventually perked a little and spoke. “What's your favorite kind of cake?”


“Favorite ice cream?”

“Mint Chocolate Chip”

“Favorite games?”

“Uh….oh that's a toughy.” I scrunched up face and tapped my forehead with a hoof. I then heard Pinkie giggle, probably seeing what she would call a, cute expression, I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm devilishly handsome.

After thinking on the question for a while I got enough ideas for games that I liked and answered truthfully. “I don't know if you have these games or if there are different versions but my favorites are, Kings in The Corner, Uno, Monopoly, and Apples to Apples.”

I saw Pinkie nod her head to my answer then spoke back to me.

“I do know some of those games by the names you gave me, like Uno and Apples to Apples. The other ones though are actually called, Ponyopoly and Princesses in The Corner.” said Pinkie who dodged a few ponies coming our way.

“Are there any games you might have that are close to the ones I played?” I asked, adjusting my position on Pinkie’s back.

“I could name a few, but the author doesn't have the brainpower, nor does he know enough about My Little Pony for him to have me tell you them, isn't that right author.” As Pinkie said this she looked off into the sky, particularly looking at nothing.

‘Hey! I hardly watched MLP ok! God lemme alone about it.’

I stared at Pinkie confusingly with my head titled. Remembering what Twilight said about the mare I shook my head.

Just don't question it, and your head won't explode.’ I thought while rubbing said head with my hooves, I mean Deapool is my favorite hero, well anti-hero, and I get all the crazy stuff that he does from comics, games, and movies. But when you experience it for real -if this place is real- it just messes with your head.

“Any other questions you have Pinkie?” I asked the party mare.

Pinkie scrunched up her face in thought. ‘Heh she thinks I'm cute when I do that, but it's funny when she does it ha hah.’ I thought while trying to suppress my giggles.

“Why yes I do have at least a few more questions, and I do try to be funny when I scrunch up my face.” Pinkie said, looking back at me with a smug smile and lightly bopping me on the nose, somehow. I just stared at Pinkie trying, emphasis on trying, to not let my head explode. Pinkie giggled.

“So you like music?” asked Pinkie.

That got me out of my brain malfunction. “Well heck yeah, I listen to music all the time.” I quickly answered.

“You like it loud?” Pinkie asked again.

“Well if it's dubstep or rock, then yes, I like it loud.” I replied.

Pinkie nodded her head. After a while we passed some stands selling stuff here and there, then turned a few corners, and trotted down a long road.

It was Pinkie again who broke the silence. “Who's your favorite pony?”

“You.” I answered perhaps too quickly. Pinkie looked at me with a smile and had a smug look on her face.

“Aww, little Masey has a crush on me, oh that's so sweet.” said Pinkie. That statement made my face heat up and ears press against my head.

“N-no I don't, I-I'm just saying you're my favorite pony!” I quickly exclaimed while stammering.

Pinkie gave a playful smile, then looked to Twilight. “Hey Twilight,” the mare in question looked to Pinkie, “Masey here has a crush on me.” When Twilight heard that she looked to me with a raised eyebrow.

This made my face heat up even more, “I-I-....I did not! She sits on a throne of lies!” I shouted, “I'm just saying that me and Pinkie have a lot in common, and she's fun to talk to. Which is why she's my favorite.”

Both mares stared at the state I was in for a while then laughed, Twilight adjusted her wings a bit and spoke up. “Oh Mason, Pinkie is just messing with you.”

“Yeah!” Pinkie said enthusiastically, “plus, I think you're fun to talk to as well, and it's funny to see your reaction when I mess with ya.”

I crossed my hooves in a pout. “I didn't think it was funny.” I said pointing my face, probably looking as red as a tomato, away from the mares.

“Oh don't be such a sore sport now, it was a good laugh.” Pinkie said. I uncrossed my hooves but still had a pout on my face. We started trotting some more till I saw a building in the distance, and, to say it looked delicious was an understatement. The entire building was like a giant gingerbread house with a giant cupcake on top, which is exactly what it was. I think I might have shed a few tears.

It’s beautiful, like every little kid’s dream.’ I thought, as I stared at the beautiful piece of sugar that was a building. Soon we came close to the building and Pinkie gestured a hoof it.

“Welcome to Sugarcube Corner, where you can get all the goody sweets and fancy treats,” Pinkie giggled, “hey I did a rhyme there, I should probably use it.” Pinkie stopped, took a notepad and pencil out of her mane, literally, and wrote down said rhyme. After she wrote down the rhyme, she put the notepad and pencil back in her mane, which I then proceeded to feel for the items. Surprisingly, I felt nothing.

Pinkie laughed, probably being tickled by my wondering hooves. “Watcha doing up there buddy.”

As I continued to search her mane, I answered her. “Trying to find out where you put that notepad and pencil, but your mane is still poofy, I can't find it anywhere. How did you do it?” I asked Pinkie as I got off her back to enter Sugarcube Corner.

“Sorry buddy, but that's a secret.” answered Pinkie. When we entered I was like, Ain't nobody got time fo dis. So I got on my rear hooves and cupped Pinkie’s cheeks with my front hooves.

“Oh but you must tell me,” I insisted, “TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!” some of the ponies sitting at their seats looked at me because of my sudden outburst. I didn't really care, all I cared about was learning this mares secrets.

Pinkie giggled at my antics. “No can do there buddy.”

I looked at Pinkie whose face was still cupped in my hooves and narrowed my eyes at her. “Oh, I will find out your secrets Pinkie Pie, and when I do…” I paused trying to think of something but thought of nothing, “well I don't know what I'll do, but I'll think of something.”

“Okie-dokie-lokie.” Pinkie replied cheerfully. I let go of her checks and got back down on all four hooves, Pinkie then proceeded to lead me and Twilight to a table. Pinkie helped a little though since I've never used hooves and I was still a bit wobbly on them, but I could tell I was getting better. Once we were seated, Pinkie pulled out the notepad and pencil again. “What will you guys have?”

“Wait, you work here Pinkie?” I asked with shock. I mean, seems like the only logical thing for someone like Pinkie to work here, but the thought never occurred to me.

“Yep, I mean it should be obvious, for someone like me, to work at a place like this.” she answered cheerfully.

Welp, can't argue with that.

Twilight ordered first. “I'll have your strawberry flavored cupcakes please.”

“Okay,” said Pinkie as she wrote down Twilight’s order, then looked at me, “what're you gonna order Mason?”

I thought about what I wanted for a second. I was gonna order something sweet, but I was after some actual food. Now here's the thing though, they're ponies and ponies on my world are herbivores, so it's only logical that they too are herbivores, which means no meat what so ever. I thought about it even more. ‘Probably wouldn't hurt to ask.’

“Do you guys have hamburgers?” At my question, Pinkie stared at me confusingly with a titled head.

“You mean hayburgers?” asked Pinkie.

Now it was my turn to looked confused. “Hayburgers?”

“Yes,” came Twilight’s voice, “it's basically a burger with hay.”

I cringed at the thought of eating hay, but thought about it for a minute. ‘I am technically a pony, so my eating habits could be the same as theirs, plus, it's basically better than nothing. How bad could it be?’

“Okay, I'll have a hayburger, along with a small hot fudge sundae please.”

“Okay, I'll be right back with the food.” exclaimed Pinkie who went to the kitchen, to get the food. I then looked to Twilight who was staring off into space probably deep in thought. Deciding to make conversation I called for her. “Twilight, what do you do for a living?”

Twilight who now came back from her own little world and looked to me. “I'm sorry, what?”

“What do you do for a living?” I repeated.

“Well I'm the Princess of Friendship, my job is to spread friendship around Equis, but I sometimes do other things like paperwork that Princess Celestia sends me. I'm also the librarian of Ponyville.” Twilight said.

I internally snicker at the title. Princess of Friendship. that could not be any more girly, but then that ‘Celestia’ name made me curious. “Whose Princess Celestia?” I asked.

Twilight seemed to smile at this, probably having a thing for spreading knowledge a lot. “Well, Princess Celestia is the main ruler of Equestria, while her sister, Princess Luna, is the co-ruler. Basically Princess Celestia and Princess Luna do what all rulers do, attend courts, talk with neighboring countries, do paperwork, and watch over their subjects.”

Twilight paused for a second to gather her thoughts, then continued. “But they both have different roles, while Celestia raises and lowers the sun and attends day court, Luna raises and lowers the moon and attends night court. Luna is also the guardian of dreams, making sure no one suffers from nightmares. Celestia and Luna are also a thousand years old.” When Twilight finished, she looked at me and chuckled at the expression I now had on my face.

I was, shocked to say the least, anymore information and my mouth would have touched the floor and my eyes would have popped out of their sockets. After a while I opened and closed my mouth, but no words came out. Twilight chuckled again at my situation.

When I could finally think again I spoke. “Ok, it's surprising that your princesses are more than a thousand years old, but they raise and lower the sun and moon, that's more illogical than Pinkie Pie!”

Twilight looked at me confusingly. “What makes you say that?”

“Hmm, let me put it this way.” before I continued I looked around to make sure there were no open ears, when I was sure it was okay to talk, I spoke to Twilight in a hushed tone. “In my world, the sun and moon aren't moved by other people, or in your case ponies, they move by themselves.”

After I said that, Twilight's eyes went wide. “WHAT!” Twilight shouted, making other ponies look at her in confusion to her outburst. Twilight looked at the ponies with her ears against her and smiled sheepishly with a blush. “Eh heh, sorry about that.” The other ponies then turned back to their own business, when they did Twilight looked back to me and cleared her throat. “What do you mean by, ‘they move by themselves’?” Twilight asked in a much quieter tone.

I looked up at the ceiling and brought a hoof to my chin in thought. “From what I remember from a book, our planet rotates around our sun, which doesn't move at all, while the moon rotates around the Planet.” When I finished, I looked back at Twilight to see her writing down on a paper and quill, I chuckled at this.

“Fascinating,” exclaimed an excited Twilight, “I never knew there would exist a planet whose celestial objects moved without magic.”

That made me raise an eyebrow. “You said that as if my planet is the only one, that you know, does that.”

“It is the only one I know.” said a confused Twilight.

This made me raise my eyebrow even higher. “Didn't you say that you went to mirrored version of this world, that didn't have magic?” Twilight nodded, which made me do a, ‘answer is kind of obvious’ gesture. Not getting anything from Twilight but a tilted head, I decided to answer for her. “If that world didn't have any magic, how did the sun and moon move?”

“Simple, they couldn't because there was no magic, so they moved by themselves.” Twilight answered with a smile that speaks, ‘I am good at this type of stuff’. Said smile was short lived as it disappeared off Twilight’s face, followed by a loud groan and Twilight smacking her head against the table.

I poked her to see if she was alright but she didn't respond, she didn't even answer me with a grunt or something. I think I killed her.

My eyes widen in horror. ‘Oh god, OH GOD, I freakin killed her with my knowledge, OOH NOO! Ah, the horror. Freakin knowledge kills, KNOWLEDGE- she's getting back up, looks like I didn't killer her. She's also talking about something.’

“Oh how could I have not noticed that before, I was literally walking in that world, how did I not notice.” Twilight groaned with flat ears while also rubbing her head with her hooves. I also saw her wings twitch randomly as she continued to wallow.

“Well from what I can tell, you have been a pony all your life which indicates you were only visiting that world right?” I said with a raised eyebrow.

Twilight stopped wallowing in her sorrow for knowledge and looked at me. “Well I wasn't exactly visiting because no one, except the princesses, knew about the portal. I went over to that world to retrieve my crown which was the Element of Magic that had been stolen by a pony named Sunset Shimmer.”

“Element of what now?” I asked confused.

“Element of magic,” repeated Twilight, “it was one of the gems that me and my friends could wield called the Elements of Harmony. I was the Element of Magic and Pinkie was the Element of Laughter.”

“Huh, sounds fitting, but anyway back to the main topic. You were mainly focused on retrieving your crown so basically you couldn't have noticed the sun and moon moving on there own probably because you were so focused on it.” After I described it to Twilight, she just blinked at me. She blinked for quite a while, she blinked for so long I was actually starting to wonder where Pinkie went off to.

My thought on Pinkie was broken by Twilight. “That's….actually a very good way of describing it, I'm surprised you were able to think that.”

I looked to Twilight feeling a little insulted by that. “Hey I may be 10 years old, but I'm smarter than I look, or act.”

Twilight stared at me with a blank expression, then smiled at me. “Well, I'll admit, you do tend to act smarter than what you let on sometimes.”

I puffed out my chest and crossed my hooves as I nodded to Twilight in agreement.

Eventually Pinkie came out with the food, but was also followed by an older looking mare. This mare had blue fur with a pink mane that looked like frosting and three cupcakes for a tattoo. ‘Which reminds me, I need to ask Twilight about those.’

When Pinkie arrived to the table, she set down our food and took her own seat. The blue mare came up to our table and looked to Twilight with a motherly smile. “Ah Twilight, so good to see you again. How are you dear?”

Twilight picked up a cupcake with her magic and looked to the blue mare with her own smile. “Good to see you Mrs. Cake, and I'm fine thank you, how have you been?”

“I have been lovely dear, although the twins can be a handful I'm not really complaining.” The mare I now know as Mrs. Cake, looked towards me and smile became brighter. “You must be the cutey that Pinkie here was talking about, my name is Cup Cake but you can call me Mrs. Cake dear.”

“It's nice to meet you as well Mrs. Cake, my names Mason. Now before I continue this conversation I have to talk to Pinkie here.” At that, I looked to Pinkie who at the moment was eating her own food and tapped my hooves together like one of those businessmen-….pony. “Now Pinkie, I just wanted to say something to you….WHY DID YOU SAY THAT I’M CUTE!” I shouted at the pink mare.

Pinkie swallowed the bit of food she was eating and looked at me with innocent eyes and fluttered them. “Why Mason I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“Don't you give me that Miss Pie I know what you're playing here.” I said with narrowed eyes and a pointing hoof.

“Might I ask,” I heard Mrs Cake say in confusion, “what's wrong with calling him cute?”

Pinkie drew her attention away from me and looked to Mrs Cake. “Mason here doesn't like to be called cute, he says that he's more of a devilishly handsome type of colt.”

“It's the truth though.” I retorted. Pinkie looked at me and ruffled my mane.

“Oh you keep telling yourself that buddy, you're still cute in my book.” Pinkie said with a smile.

I crossed my hooves and pouted. “I'm not cute.” I grumbled.

“Well cute or not,” Mrs Cake said with that warm smile, “he looks to be like a sweet heart, anyway I need to get back to work so I'll leave you all to your food, take care you three.” As she said that she headed back towards the kitchen to continue her work.

“You to Mrs Cake.” Pinkie said as she continued to eat her food.

“She seems nice.” I commented with a small smile.

“She really is, and I know that because she's my boss here at Sugarcube Corner and allowed me to live here.” Pinkie added.


The three of us then got back to our food, Twilight enjoying her cupcakes, Pinkie eating her filled plate of sweets, and me staring at this burger in front of me. I slowly touched the burger and....

Nothing. I still can't pick up squat with these hooves of mine. So I sat there staring at this junk food in front of me trying to figure out what I was going to do about. Twilight who finished one of her cupcakes grabbed another but froze mid-bite and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Are you going to eat that Mason?"

Still glaring at my food with my ears that I could now feel against my head, I nodded. "Yeah there's just one problem though, I can't pick it up."

Twilight stared blankly for a moment then looked at my food with confusion then back to me. She fluffed her wings a bit before speaking. "What do you mean you can't pick it up?"

My glare became a deadpan as I slowly looked up to Twilight. I slowly raised my hooves in front of me and moved them in tiny circles. The princess looked even more confused by what I was and went from staring at my hooves to me. Eventually realization struck her face and she made a silent 'oh'.

Twilight adjusted her wings again and put one hoof of her own out. "To tell you the truth Mason, using hooves to grab things isn't that different from hands. The only difference being that there's no fingers to grab anything." To prove her point she put her hoof on her last cupcake and picked it up with out it dropping. It was like a magnet or something.

I stared at her, then the cupcake, and then her hoof, and then back to her with growing confusion. I looked at my own food and then my hooves. After some silence I looked back to her. "Um....how do I do that?"

Twilight took the cupcake in her hoof and sat it down while taking the cupcake in her magic and taking a bite. She immediately in delight before speaking to me. "Just do what you would if it's your hands. Just grab, flex, and lift."

When she was done explaining I looked at my own hooves and then slowly reached for the burger. 'Grab.' I then stuck my tongue out as I narrowed my eyes trying to flex like I would with fingers. 'Flex.' Slowly, ever so slowly, I lifted the burger. 'Lift.'

I smiled proudly to myself as I saw I had the burger at my hooves. I would ponder it on how it was working but I'll just jot it down as magic. I also saw Twilight giving a small grin and nodding as she continued eating. Now for the moment of truth. How does this thing taste?

Slowly, I brought the food to my mouth and gently gave it a nibble. As I chewed I couldn't really taste anything so I swallowed and took a much bigger bite but not too big in case I didn't like it. To be honest it wasn't that bad really, just a little dry, but not terrible. ‘You know, this could actually go great with ketchup.’ I thought.

Lo’ and behold, I saw a pink hoof set down a bottle of ketchup next to my plate.

“Thank you Pinkie.” I received a hum from Pinkie in response. I lifted the top bun and put the ketchup on the burger, put the bun back on and took a bite. It tasted a little better this time. So as the time went on me and the two mares proceeded to eat our food.


After a while I finished my burger and had begun on eating my sundae. It was a little more difficult trying to get the spoon to stay in my hoof though. Every time I thought I got it, it would just drop from my hoof. After doing it with no success, Twilight took the spoon in her magic and began to baby feed me. I was a bit upset by this since I was no baby but that sundae looked good, so I went with it.

Every time Twilight would give me a piece I would grab the spoon to see if I could do it on my own. When I couldn't I'd just take a bite from it. Fortunately for me though, I was able to grab the spoon and keep a hold on it. Meanwhile Pinkie and Twilight had finished their food, and were chatting away. After I finished, I heard a tomboyish voice call out.

“Hey Twi, hey Pinkie!”

I looked over and saw a pegasus with cyan fur, a rainbow colored mane that reminded me of skittles and light pink eyes trotting over to us. On her flank was a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt.

Pinkie looked over to the cyan pegasus and smiled brightly as her ears perked up. “Hiya Dashie, it's so good to see you.” Pinkie said happily while hugging the cyan mare, which she happily returned.

“It's good to see you Pinkie.” she said ending the embrace, then came over to Twilight in which they both hugged. “Good to see you Twi.”

“You too Dash.” After they hugged, Pinkie came over to stand next to the cyan mare and spoke. “So what are you doing here Dashie, not that I'm complaining because it's always good to see my friends, but don't you have work today?”

Dash grunted. “Yeah I do, but I heard from other ponies that you two were heading to Sugarcube Corner along with a mysterious colt, so I'd figure that I'd come by and see him for myself.”

“Well he's right here Dashie.” Pinkie said gesturing a hoof to me. Dash looked over to me and smiled while approaching me. “So you're the kid that all the ponies have been talking about, names Rainbow Dash, the coolest and fastest flyer in Equestria.” Dash said with a boasting grin.

“Nice to meet ya, names Mason.” I greeted. Dash looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Mason huh, strange name.”


Oh really now.

“Is that so, well I think Rainbow Dash is a strange name too.” I said with a smirk, ‘Come on take the bait. Dash’s smirk disappeared. Fish on boys.

“I'll have you know my name is not strange, it's a cool name just like me.” Dash said.

My smirk became bigger. “Well I bet mines cooler.”

“No mine is totally 20% cooler.” replied Dash with a hoof to her chest.

“20% huh. Well I hate to break it to ya but my name is at least 40% cooler.” I said with a smug grin.

Rainbow Dash's ears fell slightly as she narrowed her eyes with a frown. “No mine is.”

“No mine.”



“Mine!” Now that I had Rainbow playing my game, I decided to make this go faster.

“Mine!” Which made Rainbow decide to do as well.

“MINE!” Ok just a few more times.


I saw in the corner of my eye, Twilight coming over to break it up but Pinkie stopped her and gave her a ‘just wait and see’ gesture. Thank you Pinkie.


Now to strike.

“YOURS!” I said quickly.

“YOURS!” Which Dash said just as quickly. Perfect.


Ok, now to finish it off.

“HEY! When I say your name is cooler, it's COOLER!”

Rainbow, not completely noticing what I was doing, had an angry look on her face that I think began to turn red. Or maybe purple because of her fur. “NO! When I say your name is cooler, then it's cooler and that's final!” Dash said with a stomp of her hoof while breathing heavily.

My smirk was at full force now. “So,” I started with a calm tone, “you agree both our names are cool.”

“Yup, totally do.” The cyan mare said with a smug looking grin and puffed out chest.

“Then there's no reason to argue anymore.” I said.

“Nope.” Dash responded with a still smug looking grin and puffed out chest.

It was at this moment, that Rainbow Dash just noticed… she had screwed up. Dash’s once large smug of a grin disappeared faster than it came. “Wait….” she stopped puffing out her chest and looked at me with narrowed eyes, “you little sneaker.”

At that I bursted out laughing, clutching my stomach while curled up on the floor, I was laughing so hard I didn't notice Pinkie laughing. Dash still had narrowed eyes at me along with a frown, which eventually became a small smile, followed by some chuckles of her own.

“I'll admit, that was pretty smooth,” Dash said between chuckles, “you're alright kid.” Dash then stuck out her hoof.

After I got up from my laughing fit, I wiped a fake tear from my eye and returned Dash’s fis-hoof bump. “You're not bad yourself.” Dash nodded with approval.

“Well I'd like to stay and chat with ya kid, but sadly I have to get back to work. Still have some clouds to clear here and there but hey,” Dash said while walking to the door, “I would like to get to know you more kid, you're pretty cool, well not as cool as me but still pretty cool.” Dash then turned to Twilight and Pinkie. “I'll also see you guys later.”

Pinkie waved a hoof to Dash. “Alright, say ya later Dashie.” With that Dash took off at high speed with a Rainbow trail behind her. ‘Huh, they don't call her ‘Rainbow Dash' for nothing.’ I thought. I looked to the other two mares who were still with me. “So what now.”

“Well now to give you that tour we said we'd give you.” Pinkie said with enthusiasm. As she said that she got down so I could get on her back, which I happily did with a bit of a wobble but not as much as before.

“Well then, let's get to it.” I said with just as much enthusiasm.

After Twilight and Pinkie payed for the food we exited Sugarcube Corner to begin my tour of this town called Ponyville.


The tour was rather short much to me and Pinkie’s disappointment. They showed me so many places, like a good view of Twilights castle, which for some reason I didn't notice in the distance when riding on Pinkie’s back into Ponyville, which was a giant crystal tree. It was quite the site. My mouth was open so wide I think I might have caught some bugs.

They also showed me some restaurants, the market place, town hall, and a place called Carousel Boutique, which in some way, it actually looked like a carousel. They also showed me a road down to a farm called Sweet Apple Acres. Gee, wonder what they plant down there.

Now Pinkie would have gladly showed me all these places and a few others with more detail than just showing me and moving on, along with meeting some of her good friends, but she had to cut it short mainly because she had my party to plan and Twilight had some things to get done herself.

We were trotting towards the orphanage in silence, just enjoying the beauty of the day and each other's company. I was the one to break the silence with some questions I had for Twilight.

“Twilight, why does everyo- I mean everypony have tattoo’s on their flank?”

Twilight turned her gaze to me and raised an eyebrow at my question. “What do you mean by tattoos?”

“You know, Pinkie has three balloons on her flank and you have a six pointed star.” I said as I pointed at them.

Twilight's ears perked up as realization struck her. “Oh, you mean Cutie Marks?”

I raised an eyebrow and rubbed my head with confusion. “cutie what now?”

“Cutie Mark,” Twilight repeated, “it's a mark that everypony gets when they discover their special talent.”

Now I made a silent 'oh' as I realized what she was saying. “So, what's your guys special talent?”

“Well Masey,” came Pinkie's excited voice, “My special talent is planning parties!”

“And my special talent is magic.” said Twilight as she had a proud look on her face.

“Huh, Well I hope that I can get mine soon, especially since I don't know how long I'm gonna be here because I think ponies would get suspicious for me not getting it.” I said with a bit of a frown.

“Why do you say that?” The princess asked as her wings fluffed up by her side then went back to normal.

“Well I was once human, which means that side of me could still be in here and humans from my world don't get Cutie Marks.”

The moment that left my mouth, Twilight almost tripped over herself. When she got her bearings she looked to me with a curious but shocked look. “You don't get Cutie Marks!” Twilight half shouted, “how do you find your special talent then!”

“We usually just find it through hard work. Some can have more than one talent and others can sometimes have none.” I said with a shrug.

Twilight hummed and nodded. We trotted a little more down the road when I had another question. “Dash told me she had to clear some clouds here and there, what did she mean by that?”

“Well the weather here is controlled by the pegasus, they're the ones who bring all the clear skies and storms.” Twilight said as she watched a bumblebee pass by.

That made my eyes widen in shock. “You guys control the weather on this planet?”

Twilight nodded. “Yup, we control the weather thanks to the pegasi, but there are some areas that aren't controlled, such as the Everfree Forest.”

I stared off into the distance with a still shocked expression. “Huh, really wish we had that back home.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked as she expanded her wings a small bit and put them back to her sides.

“We don't control the weather on my planet.” In response, Twilight tripped on her hooves and fell. Pinkie had to stop to help her up. When she was up she brushed herself off and looked to me with a neutral expression.

“WHAT!” Well that was short lived.

I chuckled at Twilight. “Yeah, we don't really control the weather, we just predict it which sometimes works and other times can be false prediction.”

In a flash of light I saw Twilight righting down on a piece of paper with a quill. “Not able to control the weather,” Twilight said, “that is the strangest thing ever, it's more strange than the Everfree Forest!”

I chuckled louder. “If we were on my planet Twilight, all I'd say is, welcome to planet Earth.”

Twilight just stood there and wrote down a few things on the parchment she teleported in while opening and closing her mouth wordlessly. After Twilight had shaken herself out of her situation with knowledge, we continued on our merry way. Eventually I had another question that had been on my mind. “Twilight you're good at magic right?”


“Like really good.” I asked with some hope lighting up.


“You think you could find me a way home?” I asked with perked ears. Both mares slowed down their pace and looked to each other. After a while of awkward silence and Twilight having a distant look, she spoke up.

“Well, I'd have to ask you some questions in regarding to how you got here so I can better understand what magic was used to bring you here, but when I get back to the castle I'll look into it.” Twilight responded.

I wanted to push into the matter more, but I decided to let Twilight do her thing since she understood their magic more than I did. After all, it is her special talent.

After some more walking I saw a small building coming to us in the distance. When we were closer I saw fillies and colts running in and out of the place and some were playing on the play set. We entered through the front doors and approached the front desk which was occupied by a unicorn mare who had dark purple fur with a dark pink mane and tail. From my point of view, I couldn't see her Cutie Mark.

Twilight cleared her throat before speaking. “Um, excuse me miss.”

The mare looked up to show magenta eyes and smiled while also giving a slight bow. “Hello Princess Twilight, what brings you to the orphanage today.”

Twilight sighed, probably not liking the formalities I thought. Her wings also twitched a little but stopped. When they stopped she looked to the mare with a smile of her own. “I came here with a new colt.” Twilight said gesturing over to me as I was getting off of Pinkie’s back. The mare looked to me and smiled.

“Well we’ll be happy to take him into our hooves, I just need you to sign some paperwork.” the mare said grabbing a clipboard with her magic. Twilight nodded and proceeded to sign the paperwork. Meanwhile me and Pinkie were hugging.

“Now mister, you make sure to come by Sugarcube Corner every once in awhile and visit me because I really enjoyed talking to you. Heck I'll even teach ya to cook if it's alright with Mr and Mrs Cake, and lastly don't forget your party today.” Pinkie said while tightening the hug.

“I'll make sure to do that Pinkie.”

“Pinkie Promise me.”

I tilted my head as I stared at Pinkie. “What?”

“I want you to Pinkie Promise that you will visit me so we can hang out more,” said Pinkie, “and if you break the promise, trust me when I say this, you will regret it mister.”

I blinked at Pinkie for a while but shrugged and nodded. “Alright but um,” I looked to my hooves seeing I had no fingers, “how does one simply do a, Pinkie Promise.”

Pinkie giggled. “Like this silly, cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” when Pinkie said this she went through motions of crossing her heart, waving her hooves around, and then putting a hoof to her eye.

It was a bit strange to me but I shrugged. “Cross my heart,” I crossed my heart, “hope to fly,” I waved my hooves up and down, “stick a cupcake in my eye.” I finished by sticking a hoof on my eye. Pinkie smiled and hugged me tighter which I returned.

“I'll see ya later buddy and don't forget about your party.” Pinkie reminded.

“I won't.” When we ended our embrace Twilight came over with the mare.

“Everything's filled out so me and Pinkie are gonna take our leave, it was really nice meeting you Mason.” Twilight said with a warm smile.

I smiled. “It was nice meeting you too Twilight and thanks for everything that you've done for me.” When I said that I hugged Twilight, who was a bit surprised by it, but hugged me back nonetheless. When the hug was over Twilight and Pinkie said their goodbyes and left.

After they left the mare came next to me. “Come along sweetie, I'll show you what room you'll be staying in.”

I nodded and followed the mare through the orphanage.

(Unknown Pov)

Twilight and Pinkie had just left the orphanage, heading to their own destinations deeper into the town of Ponyville.

But unknown to the mares, stood a mysterious hooded pony watching them leave with disinterest. When they were out of site the mysterious hooded pony looked to the orphanage and smiled evilly with a dark glare.

“Soon little colt,” came the sound of a mare's voice, “your magic will be ours.” After the mare said that she gave an evil chuckle and disappeared into dust.

(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

Twilight was heading to her castle that was just a few feet ahead of her. After Pinkie left to plan Mason’s party and invite all the ponies she could, Twilight said she had to take care of some things but also send a letter of Mason -mainly about his magic or powers as he said- to Celestia.

Twilight came up to the door to her castle and opened them with her magic. When she had entered she gently closed the giant crystal doors which gave a soft thud. The princess proceed to walk through the main room and up some stairs into a set of hallways. She went through many levels of these hallways and cut many corners to get to her study. Although Twilight has had the castle for a while, it was still too easy to get lost in it.

Soon enough, she was able to find the doors she was looking for and entered her study room, but not before running into Spike. “Hey Twilight,” the young drake waved, “where have you been all day, thought you were just getting a book back from Zecora.”

“Hello Spike and yes I was -along with Pinkie Pie- getting a book back from Zecora, which I still need to get, but we ran into something along the way.” Twilight said as she neared the wooden doors of her personal study.

“What kind of something was this.” Spike asked with curiosity as he followed close behind.

Twilight opened the door to her study, which Spike also followed. “Me and Pinkie ran into a young colt in the Everfree Forest who was being chased by Timberwolves. Pinkie and I fought off the Timberwolves, but soon they split us away from the colt. Before the Timberwolves could do something to him, he did something unnatural.”

Spike raised an eyebrow at the story Twilight told him and raised a claw to his chin in thought before gesturing to Twilight. “What did he do?”

Twilight who had seated herself at her desk turned to the dragon. “He used some sort of elemental magic, mainly fire and lightning to fend off the Timberwolves to protect himself.”

Spike shrugged. “So he's a skilled unicorn colt who can use elemental magic, what's the big deal.”

Twilight shook her head. “That's the thing Spike, he's not a unicorn, he's a pegasus.”

Spike’s eyes snapped open wide in shock the moment it left her mouth. “Wait, hold the scroll here, you're saying that this colt can do elemental magic, but is a pegasus? how is that even possible?!”

Twilight shook her head she slightly rubbed a hoof on her head. “I have no idea Spike.”

There was silence for a moment, until Spike spoke up. “What are you gonna do?”

To answer his question, Twilight lit up her horn and pulled out a paper and quill from her desk. “I'm going to send a letter to Princess Celestia to tell her about the discovery of him, then later on maybe tomorrow or some other day, I'm going to see if I can discover more about his magic.”

And also about his planet as well.’ Twilight thought excitedly.

“Alright then,” Spike said as he headed for the door, “I'm heading to Rarity’s for a while, then I'm gonna pick up some groceries.”

Twilight nodded but then remembered Mason’s party. “Oh Spike,” the young drake stopped at the door, “Mason is new to Ponyville so Pinkie is hosting him a party, so make sure you head over there when you drop off the groceries here.”

Spike stopped at the doorway and looked to Twilight. “Mason who?”

“The colt Spike, his name is Mason.” Twilight responded.

Spike nodded in acknowledgment. “Yeah I'll be sure to come to the party, later Twi.”

“Bye Spike, have fun at Rarity's.” Twilight said back. She then used her magic to dip her quill in ink and began to write the letter. “Dear Princess Celestia…”

(Mason’s Pov)

To be honest with you, this orphanage ain't that bad really. It's kind of like my old orphanage except it was three stories instead of two and it's had a lot of decorations to it. My old orphanage was just plain red bricks on it. This orphanage was red but it had a lot more to it. Now I don't know how to explain it but imagine a small three story building, now imagine someone gave it to a little girl and told her to decorate it. Yeah.

The front door entrance to it had decorative lines around with, hearts, as the wood frame surrounding the doors. It also had the same thing for the windows as well. Unlike the old orphanage, this one was surrounded by a few buildings. I know when me, Pinkie, and Twilight passed them, they were mostly stalls selling food and trinkets. Although, I do believe I saw one store that sold quills and sofas. Strange.

Now the inhabitants of this orphanage that has now become my abode are really nice. Two of the first to say hello to me were fillies. One was a cherry red color with a light green mane and tail and green eyes. The other was a navy blue with a grey mane and tail and blue eyes. I later learned that their names were Fruity McTooty and Midnight Blue. Both of them also didn't have any Cutie Marks. When they had introduced themselves and I to them they welcomed me to the orphanage and proceeded to introduce their own friends to me. Very friendly bunch I'll tell you what.

After a while of getting comfortable and talking to fillies and colts, mainly fillies. Actually there were a lot more fillies than there were colts now that I think about it, but anyway. After my conversations with them I decided to hunker down in the bed provided for me until time passed. I was laying on my back until I heard hooves approached me and the sound of a filly's voice.

"Hey, you the new guy?”

Giving a light groan I rubbed my eyes and opened them to see a pegasus on the side of my bed staring at me with light purple eyes. Her fur color was an orange color along with a purple mane and tail. Like most of the fillies and colts, she had no cutie mark. I turned over on my stomach and looked to the filly and in my best New York accent I answered.

“I'm the guy.”

She looked at me blankly, then gave a little giggle. “You're weird.”

I smiled. “Well thank you, I think you're weird too.”

The filly closed her eyes and puffed out her chest. “Well I'm weird in a good way.”

I chuckled as I hopped off the bed and approached her. “Guess that makes two of us then.” Going for an introduction I put out my hoof to her. “Names Mason.”

She took my hoof and gave it a firm shake. "Scootaloo' the name, going fast is my game."

I felt my ears perk up with interest. "You like to go fast eh?"

She nodded enthusiastically as her wings gave a single flap. "Yup, I like to get on my scooter and go as fast as I can through the town while also doing some tricks."

Now I was completely interested in this filly. "Well I know what that's like. Sometimes I would take my own scooter and go down a steep hill and hit ramps to see how high I could get."

I could see her eyes light up as she began to bounce in place. "You like to do that stuff to?"

Nodding I put a hoof to my chest. "Yes sir, as a matter of fact, in my old school I was the only kid in my class who knew what a broken bone feels like. Even though it was scary I still ride down that hill."

Scootaloo cringed slightly when I said I got a broken bone but shook her head and had a grin on her face. "Well while I'm not know for a broken bone I do know what it feels like to get a spranged wing."

Not exactly knowing about that since I've never had wings I decided to ask her about it. "How bad was it?"

Scootaloo opened her mouth to answer until her line of site ended up somewhere else. Her eyes widened and she gave a gasp small gasp as she came over to my side and stared at my blank flank. I began to become uncomfortable as she stood there just staring at my flank as if it was the greatest thing in the world. She was really close to me.

Geeze come any closer and you might as well kiss it.’ I thought sarcastically.

After staring at my flank for god knows how long, The filly then looked to me with….excitement? Ok, now I'm really uncomfortable.

“You don't have a Cutie Mark.”


Well that caught me off guard. I looked at my flank for a good while and stared confusingly at her. “No….no I do not have a Cutie Mark.”

The filly smiled brightly as her ears perked up. Next thing I knew, she was directly in front of me barely touching noses as her body shook in excitement. “Would you like to be in me and my friend’s club!” she said excitedly while her wings buzzed. I raised an eyebrow. While this was a quick change in topics I was interested in this club of hers.

“What kind of club?”

“I'll show you, but first we need to find my friends! Oh they're going to be so excited! come on!” As she said that she walked towards the door. Shrugging I decided to follow, a bit shakily but other than that I was ok. I'm still not used to these stupid hooves but I'll get there.

I continued to follow Scootaloo to the best of ability while she excitedly trotted out of the room, into the main hall, down the stairs that passed the floor below us, and into the main room where the desk and the same mare were. Although I took my time which made her dance in place and urging me to hurry up I was able to keep up. Slightly.

As we passed the desk, the mare -which I later learned her name was Violeta- looked to us and smiled as she waved to us and told us to be safe. Me and Scootaloo both replied with an ok as we opened the doors to the orphange and entered the outside world.

I followed the Pegasus filly as she went down the steps and to a blue scooter that was next to the building with a purple helmet hanging off its left handle. Scootaloo hopped on to the scooter and put the helmet on her head and motioned me over.

I came closer and inspected the little scooter but not for long when scootaloo tapped the space behind her with a hoof. "Alright, hop on."

I blinked on surprise as I stared at the small scooter and then her. "Pardon?"

"Get on, we're going to go meet my friends and this is the fastest way to do it." She said as she stretched her wings out a bit. I continued to stare at her and then the small scooter back and forth. There couldn't be a way for me to fit on that right?

I decided to voice my concerns. "Will I even be able to fit on that with you?"

The filly rolled her eyes as she impatiently tapped the open space with her back hoof again. "Yes I'm pretty sure. I would use the wagon but I don't know where it is. So we're just gonna do it with the scooter."

Still feeling a bit concerned I just shrugged and decided to roll with it. Couldn't really be that small. Before I got on I froze as a throught struck me and looked to her.

"Shouldn't I have a helmet?"

I don't know if she was gonna tell me to hurry up or tell me how impatient she was getting but her mouth froze and closed with a click. She stood there with a thoughtful look for a moment until she got off the scooter and went inside the orphanage. I awkwardly stood next to the scooter for the amount of time she was taking to do whatever.

Eventually I saw the familiar purple mane and orange fur come out of through the doors with a helmet being held by her teeth by the straps. She handed it to me and got back on the scooter and looked to me expectantly. Not wasting time I put it on and climbed aboard.

"Alright hang tight. Carousel Boutique is our next destination!"

With that her wings buzzed to life and we were flying down the streets of Ponyville.

Author's Note:

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