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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 6: The Dread Of A Colt


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(Mason’s Pov)

I was trotting next to Pinkie and the rest of the girls with the princesses leading us through a particular hallway that had guards stationed here and there who stood to complete attention when the princesses came by. As we continued to walk, I was taking my sweet time to take in all the sites f this place. I mean it's not everyday you get to see a castle that's not reduced to old stone or rubble. Heck I haven't even seen a place that had castle ruins, so bonus for me I guess.

As we continued to trot Princess Celestia spoke up, pulling me from my sightseeing. "So what did you think of Canterlot Mason?” she asked without looking back at me.

“I think it's really big place and it has a lot of cool places to see, especially this donut place I saw.” I replied with a smile.

I saw Celestia nod her head with a smile. “And what about the castle?”

“It's big too.” I heard the girls including the princesses giggle at that which made my cheeks turn red.

“Yes, the castle is quite large.” Luna said with her own giggles.

“Well on the base of questions, why exactly are we here Celestia?” asked Twilight with curiosity.

Celestia looked to Twilight with what looked like concern on her face. “I'll explain that later, but first we need to show you something that me and Luna have known for a very long time.”

When Celestia said that she stopped at a plain white wall. She and Luna looked to each other, nodded and lit up their horns. Nothing happened for some time leaving me and the girls confused as to what was supposed to happen. Twilight was about to ask Celestia what she was doing until a loud bang and the sound of moving stone reached our ears. Everyone looked to the wall and watched in awe as the stone revealed a secret passage that was lit with torches.

The princesses went into the passage with the rest of us following with some hesitation. When we all entered the passage behind us closed. The trot down the stairs was long, it was a bit dark and felt somewhat cold to. It was really dusty as well.

We soon reached the end of the stairs and came to a large wooden double door with a strange symbol in the middle of it. Celestia walked up to it and lit up her horn and tapped the symbol. A click sound came and the symbol split open allowing the double doors to open leading into a dark room. We all filed into the room which resulted in the doors closing behind us and causing the room to light up showing many stone slabs on the walls that showed images of a few ponies, a griffon, a dragon and other creatures, each having a symbol or Cutie Mark under them.

Twilight looked at the slabs confusingly but also curiously and looked to the princesses. “Celestia, what are these slabs for?”

Celestia closed her eyes and sighed then opened them. “These slabs Twilight, are slabs that were made by a pony that me and Luna knew when we were just fillies. The pony was given the nickname Elder Time, due to her ability to see the future in her dreams and because of her age.”

“She was quite the aged pony, she told a lot of good stories to.” Luna added.

Celestia nodded with a smile and continued the story. “Now the reason these slabs are here is because of Elder Time herself. Her ability to see the future allowed her to sometimes see visions in her dreams of a certain part of time, no matter how far in the future they were, thus came these slabs.”

“At first we didn't know what these slabs meant, but since most of the things she predicted came true, these slabs must have been equally important.” Luna said.

“So what does this have to do with Mason?” Dash asked with a raised eyebrow.

Celestia looked to Dash, then looked to Twilight. “Twilight you mentioned that Mason had performed some type of elemental magic.”

Twilight nodded. “Yes, he was able to perform the elements of fire and lightning.”

Celestia nodded and went to one of the slabs that had a griffon and her horn glowed. The slab opened revealing a scroll inside. Celestia took the scroll and gave it to Twilight.

Twilight looked a bit confused by this but nonetheless took the scroll from Celestia's magic with her own and read it to herself. When she was finished she had a look of surprise on her face and looked to the rest of us.

“This griffon….it says he could perform elemental magic as well!” Twilight said looking back down at the scroll.

The rest of the girls had a look of shock on their faces, except the princesses.

“Ya mean to say that there griffon could perform elemental magic like Mason?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, but the only difference is that this griffon could perform elemental magic of wind while Mason can do fire and lightning. Which actually brings me to another question.” Twilight looked up from the scroll to Celestia.

“Are there any others who could do more than one element?”

Celestia shook her head. “No, Mason is the only one who can do two.” Celestia along with her sister grew somber expressions. “Which also means he is the last one to receive this type of magic.”

Twilight had a look of concern by how Celestia said this with a somber expression. “What do you mean ‘he is the last one’?”

Celestia sighed and walked to one of the slabs nearest to the door and gestured a hoof to it. “The minotaur on this slab was the first creature Elder Time predicted to receive elemental magic,” Celestia then pointed to the end of the room where the was a slab of a dragon and a pony, “the dragon at the end there was the second to last one to show up while Mason is the last one.”

The girls were deep in thought after hearing this, I however was shocked to hear this. I mean I'm not the only one who could do this elemental magic. I was brought out of my shock by Twilight's voice.

“So Elder Time predicted that they would appear with these abilities in some point in time. Does that mean that she predicted Mason?”

Celestia said nothing for a while. Instead she walked to the other end of the room and arrived at the two slabs of the dragon and pony, then she spoke. “In a way yes. Although Elder Time could not predict their names or what part of the planet they would come from, she could predict what creature they would be and what the ability they possessed was. This also included a symbol or a Cutie Mark for that creature that represented their ability.”

Celestia lit her horn and the pony slab opened revealing a scroll and levitated it to Twilight. Twilight rolled the other scroll up and unrolled the one levitated to her and read it. “This one is most definitely Mason’s….fire and elemental magic….” Twilight’s expression went from curious to complete and utter shock. Twilight looked up to the rest of us with that still shocked expression.

“Are you alright darling?” Rarity asked with concern for friend.

“She predicted Mason is from another world.” Twilight said almost in a whisper but still loud enough to hear.

Everyone except me, Pinkie, and strangely the princesses looked at her with confused expressions.

“Um, what do you mean by that sugarcuber?” Applejack asked with a raised eyebrow.

Twilight looked to her friends with that still shocked look. “Well I didn't tell you all because I thought you wouldn't believe me, but Mason isn't from this world.”

That earned glances of disbelief from her friends and a fit of laughter from Rainbow Dash.

“BWAHAHAHA! Oh man, that's funny Twilight. I mean the whole elemental magic thing was a bit skeptical and even after this it still is to me, but that is just ridiculous! AAHAHA-”

“I can tell you right now Rainbow Dash that Twilight is not lying.” came Luna’s voice.

The girls including Twilight looked to the princess with shocked expressions, except for Dash who laughed some more.

“Ahaha! Ok, I find that hard to believe because I mean he's a pony, the other stuff I'll take your word for but this is just too much ehehe….” Dash’s laughter began to die down as she continued to stare at the unchanging face of Luna. She stopped completely and was beginning to have shock of disbelief herself.

“You're not joking are you?”

“Although I could joke about some things Miss Dash, for this particular subject, I don't find a single part of it a joke.” Luna said with a serious tone as her face became stern.

Rainbow Dash's ears fell as her face became just as shocked as the others.

“So you're saying that uhm….Mason is from a different….world?” Fluttershy spoke timidly.

Luna nodded. “That is exactly what I'm saying.”

“But how do you know that?!” Twilight have shouted, “I thought only me and Pinkie knew about Mason being from a different world!”

Celestia looked to Twilight and took the scrolls in her magic and levitated them back in there places. She then made the slab with the dragon open and levitated a scroll out of it. “That is because Mason was not the first.”

She then handed the scroll to Twilight who immediately unraveled it and read. As she did, Celestia spoke again. “When we first read this scroll we did not really believe it. But later on a dragon was said to have randomly appeared in a part of equestria and said things that ponies thought was nonsense. When we went to meet him, we still had our doubts, but those changed when we later got to know him.”

Twilight looked up from the scroll and looked to Celestia with a bit of curiosity. “Was he from the same world as Mason?”

Celestia looked to the ground in thought, then looked to me. “Mason what world did you come from?”

I was still in my shocked state but I answered nonetheless. “Earth, I c-came from a p-planet called Earth.” I stuttered.

Celestia sighed, then looked to Twilight and nodded. “That is exactly what the dragon would say when we always asked him, so yes, they are from the same world.”

For some reason the room got a strange feeling to it. Some of the girls had distant looks and the other girls, including Dash, had looks of some disbelief. I then spoke up.

“Why am I here exactly?”

The princesses looked at me with sad looks which made me feel uneasy.

“Sadly I do not know, all we know is that a type of creature in Equestria with the ability of elemental magic along with a strange symbol or cutie mark representing it would be spotted like these ones,” Luna said gesturing to the other slabs, “or would appear like you and the dragon did.” she finished gesturing to mine and the dragon’s slab.

I pondered this and looked to my flank seeing no Cutie Mark. “How come I don't have a cutie mark then?” I asked looking back to the princesses.

Celestia shook her head. “We do not know. It never said it in the scroll, nor does it show on the slab of stone, but we do know you will someday receive it just like the dragon did, because just like you, when he came into this world he too did not have a symbol representing his elemental abilities, but later on he earned it like a Cutie Mark. We came to the conclusion that this is because of you being from a different world.”

I nodded at this but still had a lot of questions running a million miles per hour in my head but one came to a screeching halt. I looked to the princesses with some feeling of little hope for a right answer to it. I mean I love this world but Earth is still my home.

“Since you guys know about my world, can you find a way to send me back?”

The princess were silent. They were silent for more than what I would like them to be which made me feel more uneasy. After a while they looked to me with sad expressions as their ears fell. I felt my heart fall for I had a felling of what was coming.

“I'm sorry Mason, but when the dragon asked us if we could perform that type of spell we did search for one. We found many spells and tried everything we could. After every spell we tried, we felt as if it was being denied and whatever brought him here would not let us send him back. So we're sorry to say this Mason, but we cannot send you back to your home.”

My eyes widened and my heart shattered. I felt tears coming to my eyes as I took in the news hard. Like I said, I love this place and I do have friends here but it's not home. Earth is my home where my species are and I still have life-long friends there and I still have family there as well. I fear a lot of things but if it's one thing I fear more than others is being alone and knowing I can't return to my home and my family, it makes me feel alone. I'm all alone.

“I'm all a-alone….” First I loose my parents and now I loose my planet entirely. I couldn't take it anymore and I burst into loud sobs and cover my face with my hooves. I'm all alone. No friends I actually knew for most of my life, but the worst of all is knowing I have no family here.

I think the princesses might have said something but I wasn't paying attention, I just kept crying. I had no one to call family, no one. I'm all alone in this wor-

I felt a warm body hold me close and tight. I didn't know who it was but I didn't care. I immediately held on to the warm body as tight as I could and cried into it. I soon heard a voice come to my ears sounding comforting and soothing. After awhile I knew who it was.

Pinkie Pie.

“Shh….it's okay buddy, it's okay, shh….I'm here for you.” Pinkie cooed. She kept comforting me until I calmed down to only small hiccups.

“I'm a-all a-alone.” I said with tears still streaming down my face.

“No you're not alone buddy, you still have me and the girls.” Pinkie said softly trying to cheer me up.

“But I h-have no o-one t-to call family here.” I said with a silent sob.

Pinkie hugged me tighter and gently rubbed my back. “Well I know you might not have any family here Mason, but if you want you can consider me family. I know it's not the real thing but I don't really care. Heck if you really want, you can call me Auntie Pinkie Pie if you want.” she said reassuringly.

I sniffled and rubbed my eyes. “R-really?”

“Yes really, I may not be your real family but no matter what I'll be here for you and so will the girls.” Pinkie said.

“Yes darling,” came Rarity’s voice who was sniffling herself, “if you ever need someone for comfort you can come to any of us, we are your friends after all. To actually be honest I wouldn't really mind if you considered us family.”

“Neither would ah sugarcube.” Applejack said reassuringly.

“Me neither.” came Dash’s voice.

I looked out from Pinkie’s body to see the girls looking at me with saddened eyes some shedding a few tears themselves but with smiles nonetheless. I felt Pinkie’s hoof wipe a few stray tears on my cheek and I looked up to her seeing her with a flat mane and saddened eyes as well but a smile on her face to.

“You can always count on me to be there if you ever need me buddy, the girls to.” Pinkie said.

I smiled and hugged Pinkie tighter and quietly replied. “Thank you.”

After that I heard Celestia speak up. “Well I think that will be enough for today, um Luna,” Luna looked to her sister, “could you take Mason up to the kitchen and maybe give him something to eat, I would like to speak to Twilight and her friends privately.”

Luna nodded and came up to me and Pinkie. “Shall we go Mason?”

I looked to Pinkie for confirmation and she nodded. “You go on ahead, I'll be up there in a bit.” I nodded and came up to Luna who surprised me by gently picking me up with her magic and set me on her back.

“Come along now Mason we shall go use the heated machine that makes bread become quite enjoyable to eat.” Luna said while heading towards the stairs.

I blinked at the princess. “Don't you mean a toaster?”

“I do not know of such a device but I will name it that for now.” she said which made me give a, if only a little giggle. I was still down from the news I had just received. I at least took some comfort. I wouldn't be alone.

(Celestia’s Pov)

Celestia watched as her sister left the room with Mason in tow. When she was sure they had left she looked to the others with urgency on her face which made them feel concerned since she showed such a change in her mood.

“Now, what I’m about to tell you all must stay with us. I didn't want to say this for I didn't want to make Mason paranoid and it is important that you take this matter very seriously.”

Hearing the urgency and concern in Celestia’s voice made the girls mood become very serious and they all nodded waiting for the princess to continue. Celestia took a breath.

“Now I don't know how it was possible or who did it but a long time ago when the minotaur came to Equestria showing his elements, somepony found out how to steal their element for their own use and no doubt if they find out about Mason they will try and do the same.”

The mares looked to each other with worry and looked to Celestia. “What exactly makes this so concerning?” Twilight asked.

Celestia sighed. “When the elements were stolen from the creature that possessed it, it was like it was forcefully and painfully ripped from their very soul and killed them in the process.”

The mares had wide eyes and now had looks of even more worry and even fear for Mason. “So the rest of them had their elements stolen and died from it?” Rainbow Dash asked.

Celestia nodded but showed a looked of relief. “But luckily we don't have to worry about that for now, sadly when the element of the dragon was stolen from him, it only happened when he received his symbol.”

The girls sighed with relief at this. “So Mason is safe until he gets his Cutie Mark?” Pinkie asked wanting to be sure for the colt's safety.

Celestia nodded with a smile but then put on a serious face again. “But on the fact of Mason, I'd advise that you all keep a very close and watchful eye on him, for this particular group doesn't mess around. I'd think it be better if he stays with one of you for the time being so you can keep an eye on him.”

Pinkie immediately rose her hoof up with her mane poofing up to its natural state. “I would be happy to do that!”

Rainbow Dash looked to Pinkie with a raised eyebrow. “Are you sure you can do that Pinkie? Especially with the cakes having the twins and everything?”

Pinkie looked to her friend with a smile. “I'm sure I can convince them to let him stay and I'm sure he won't be any trouble.”

“Well just in case I'd think he should live with Twilight if it can't work out.” Celestia suggested which made Twilight go wide eyed.

“Wait! Me?! Why do you want him to stay with me, I mean I'm not saying no and I'm sure he won't be any trouble but why me?” Twilight said with surprise.

“Well the first reason is that you can always reach me the fastest if something bad were to happen and the second is you can help him control his elemental abilities so he can protect himself or give himself time to come to one of you if he were in trouble.” Celestia stated.

Twilight looked to the side in thought but eventually looked to Celestia with determination. “I will be happy to do it. I won't let you down Celestia.” When she said this Pinkie grew a sad look which didn't go unnoticed by Dash.

“Oh don't worry Pinkie,” she said reassuringly while patting her back, “Celestia said 'just in case he can't stay with you he'll stay with Twilight', so you still have a chance.”

Celestia nodded with a smile. “Yes if he can't stay with you Pinkie then he'll stay with Twilight but if he can stay with you I at least want him to go to Twilight so she can teach him about his elemental abilities and Twilight, I'll send you some scrolls on how to teach him.”

Pinkie, now feeling much better, nodded along with Twilight to the princess.

Celestia smiled. “I thank you for listening, I hope you take extra caution to keep Mason safe.”

Rainbow Dash started hovering in the air with a confident smirk. “Don't worry Celestia, you can count on us to keep him safe. Heck if they so much as come near him, I'll kick their sorry flanks.” Dash emphasized this by throwing some air punches.

Celestia nodded and headed towards the stairs. “Well now that that's out of the way let us go and retrieve him and we can send you all back to Ponyville.” The girls nodded and followed the sun princess out of the room.


Celestia and the elements continued through the castle looking for the kitchen to find Luna and Mason. Eventually they located it but the sounds they heard coming from the kitchen put them a bit on edge.


No doubt that was Mason but what shocked them more was when they heard Luna shout.


After that there was a bang that came from the doors to the kitchen which made the groups have looks of worry. Something was going on down in there. Celestia used her magic to open the doors to the kitchen and entered the kitchen followed by the rest of the girls.

“Sister what are you-”. Celestia stopped when she saw a shocking yet hilarious scene from her sister and the colt.

In one part of the kitchen, which looked like a war zone, was Luna, who was behind a table that had been flipped on its side. She was wearing some type of camouflaged looking attire with her mane in a ponytail firing large ketchup bottles like cannons at magical flying toasters that fired back. Celestia shook her head, seeing her sister tried to cast a spell on the toasters again.

But what surprised her more which also made her giggle was Mason, who was wearing the same attire which looked a bit too big for him and had a pot on his head that went over his eyes along with a funny look on his face, grabbed a large bottle of kethup and aimed them at the toasters.


“AND ME!” added Luna.

“And us.” Celestia calmly said. The duo looked to the group waiting at the doors, who were trying to suppress their giggles, with wide eyes. Luna immediately lit her horn and un-casted the spell on the toasters and returned the kitchen to its natural look but left the attire on herself and Mason, which they both tried to look as natural as possible.

Mason lifted the pot on his head and smiled sheepishly at the group. “Eh-heh, hey guys, what brings you here?”

“Oh just coming by and checking on you two and may I ask what exactly were you two doing.” Celestia said with a smile and raised eyebrow.

Luna chuckled sheepishly and rubbed her neck with a hoof. “Funny you should ask dear sister because we were about to explain.”

(A Few Moments Ago, Luna’s Pov)

Luna trotted through the castle hallways towards the kitchen to give the young colt a snack. Surprisingly Mason hadn't said a single word the entire time she had him, though Luna could tell he was a highly spirited colt with much energy, she knew that the news told to him probably sucked the energy out of him like a black hole.

Luna looked back to see the colt was looking down with a distant look on his face. Luna frowned at this. ‘I remember when I felt like that when I was banished, but he is so much younger and my banishment wasn't permanent while this is, he must be so heartbroken.’ the moon princess thought. Wanting to at least know he was okay the princess decided to strike conversation.

“Mason, are you alright?” Luna said and cringed while mentally slapping herself. 'Great, ask him if he's alright after hearing that kind of news Luna.'

He looked up to her with a look that broke her heart. “Hm?” he said.

“I asked if you are feeling alright?” Mason looked back to the ground.

“I guess so.” He said grimly.

Luna’s frown deepened. ‘Why did it have to be such a young colt. I don't like the fact, no, I hate the fact that this magic has taken him from his own world and won't allow him to return. It angers me so much that such a young colt is stuck in a world with no family and a place he has never been able to call home,’ Luna then put on a face of determination, ‘well even if this isn't his home I'll make sure to make his time here happy as ever even if it's the last thing I do.’

Luna then reached the kitchen and opened the doors and saw some chef ponies at their stations. When she entered the ponies saw their princess and bowed to her.

“You may rise and also take your leave, I will handle the kitchen for now.” Luna commanded. The ponies nodded to their princess and left the kitchen. When everypony was gone, Luna closed the doors and went to one of the tables and set Mason on it with her magic.

She then went to one of the walls and retrieved one of the machines that was called a toaster and brought it to the table Mason was on.

“Would you like some toast Mason?” Luna asked softly. He shrugged which made Luna frown.

Luna took some bread out with her magic and put it in the toaster and tried to figure out how to operate it, eventually she found the thingy that made it toast the bread and put it down.

Only for it to come back up. She tried again.

It would not stay down. Luna growled as she repeatedly pushed the toast down but was met with the same result. The lunar princess snorted in agitation and threw her hooves in the air.

“Why will this bread not stay down and toast?!” She shouted.

Mason looked up and examined the toaster and had a look of realization on his face. “Oh I know this type of toaster, you just gotta push it down in a special type of way.” He grabbed the toaster and pushed the thingy down and held it there. Eventually a clock sounded and he let go of it. It didn't come back up and started to toast.

Luna was a bit surprised by this.

“How did you do that?” Luna asked with bewilderment.

Mason shrugged. “It's not that hard, you just gotta push the thingy down and hold it there till it clicks, I know this because we had a similar one at my parents house.”

Luna nodded clearly liking this new information. She then put a hoof close to the pushy thingy. “So I just gotta hold it do-” Luna didn't finish since she was cut off by Mason.

“NO DON’T TOUCH- OUCH!” Mason was cut off when his hoof got too close to the metal and thus burnt his hoof. Luna watched as he blew on his hoof and started to get moist eyes.

Luna's eyes narrowed at the contraption. ‘This vile machine dares burn my friend’s hoof! I WILL NOT LET THIS SLIDE!’ Luna then grabbed Mason and cradled him like a mother protecting her child and flared her wings.

“YOU DARE HURT MY FRIEND YOU VILE MACHINE, TASTE THY WRATH!” She shouted with her canterlot voice and shot a magical beam at the toaster. But little did Luna know that this spell did not fare well with these type of toasters. When it was hit, it vibrated violently and spread the magic to the other toasters. When that happened they started to float and pointed their slots at Luna.

Luna’s eyes widened. “Oh buck.”

The toasters magically fired burning toast at Luna who took cover behind a table by flipping it on its side. She then peeked from behind the table with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth.

“So you dare fight the Princess of the Night! Well if it's a fight you want, then it's a fight you'll get!” Luna lit her horn and put on camouflaged attire and put her mane in a ponytail. She then turned to Mason and put him in the same attire, of course it was a bit big on him but that didn't stop her from d’awwing at it, and also put a pot on his head that went over his eyes.

Mason lifted the pot above his head and looked confusingly at Luna. “What are we doing?”

“We are going to fight these toasters and claim our revenge upon them.” Luna stated.

Mason looked to the toasters that were reloading their ammo and then back to Luna. “Can't we just smash them?”

Luna raised an eyebrow and smirked playfully. “But where's the fun in that?”

Mason shrugged. “There is none.”

His eyes widen in realization. “There is none.”

Luna smiled. “Exactly, now quickly, go get us some ammunition so we can strike back!”

Mason gave a firm salute. “Yes ma’am.” Which also resulted in the pot coming back over his head which made Luna giggle. Mason ran off to some part of the kitchen to grab ammunition while Luna stared at the toasters to come up with a plan.

As quickly as he went, Mason returned with some ketchup bottles. Luna raised an eyebrow which Mason shrugged to.

“Hey it was the closest thing to us.” Luna grabbed a few bottles with her magic and took aim.

“It will have to do.” and opened fire upon the toasters. Mason grabbed his own bottles and started firing to. Thanks to Luna's magic he was able to make it look like a machine gun. He also started doing weird noises during it.

“Augh, augh, augh, you have been targeted for termination augh!” Luna laughed at the colt's antics which he too laughed. Luna was also starting to smile brightly, knowing she was cheering up the colt.

This went on for a while and Mason soon left for more ammunition. When he came back he brought bigger ketchup bottles which proceeded to use as cannons. The fire radius of the ketchup canons was so large he also hit pots and pans which clanked to the floor.


Which Luna took no time in firing some of hers.

“LAUNCH THE CANONS!” With her magic, her ketchup fired with a loud bang sending humongous amounts of ketchup at the toasters which also brought down one of them. The other toasters seeing their fallen comrade decided to advance on the enemy while firing a ton of toast at them. Luna and Mason noticing their advance readied their bottles for the final battle. Luna looked to see Mason had a funny look on his face which made her giggle.



“And us.”

(Mason’s Pov)

“And that's basically what we've been doing.” I finished while taking the pot off my head. The girls shook their heads while giggling. I smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry about that just got caught in the moment you know.”

“It's quite alright Mason,” Celestia said with her own giggle, “I'm sure my sister gave you a good time, but sadly it is time for you to depart.”

I gave a disappointed aw at that which made Luna chuckle. “Oh don't worry Mason, I am a princess so I can always come to Ponyville to visit you, as long as I don't have any duties though.”

I smiled at that and nodded my head. “Ok!”

“Well as much as I'd like you all to stay a while longer you should be heading out and I must get back to my own duties, so come along, me and Luna well see you out.” Celestia said heading towards the door. We all nodded and followed the sun princess.

After a silent walk through the hallways of the large castle we came to the large doors that lead outside. Celestia saw us head out and bid us goodbye. “I'm happy that you all came on such an important notice, especially you Mason.”

“We were happy to come to help Celestia.” Twilight said while nuzzling her goodbye which Celestia happily returned.

“As did I Twilight, I'm glad I could answer any questions you might of had.” After Celestia said this she lowered to my height.

“And I hope you find it in your heart to call this place home Mason and again I'm sorry I cannot send you back.” she said with much sympathy.

I smiled. “It's okay, I'll at least try to make the best of this place as much as I can.”

She smiled and nuzzled me which made my cheeks flare up a bit. “Good, you take care now Mason.” she said as she ended the nuzzle and raised to her natural height. I nodded with much enthusiasm.

“I will!”

After that I joined the group and we made our treck to the train station to head back to Ponyville. When we made some distance I waved back to the princesses which they returned.

Back at the castle, Celestia and Luna waved goodbye as the elements and Mason left to head back to Ponyville. Celestia smiled.

“He's such a nice colt.” she said.

“Indeed he is sister, I very much like him.” Luna said while heading back into the castle with a bright smile that made Celestia raise and eyebrow.

“You're going to visit him in his dreams aren't you.” Celestia said with a deadpan.

Luna giggled. “Very much so.”


Back at Ponyville, the train from Canterlot arrived and coming off of it were a certain six mares along with a colt who at the moment was riding a pink mare’s back while rubbing his belly and groaning.

“Oh my stomach hurts.” I groaned.

“I told ya Mason, you shouldn't have eaten that last large donut.” Applejack scolded.

“But it was soooo goooood.” I said while having a dreamy face of that delicious donut in front of me. I then looked to Twilight and groaned again.

“Twilight can you get rid of this stomach ache please.” She looked at me and sighed.

“Alright but don't do that again ok.” I nodded and her horn lit. After a few seconds my stomach ache went away and I smile and adjusted myself on Pinkie's back.

“Thank you Twilight.” I said.

“Your welcome.” she said with a smile.

We made our way through Ponyville and soon we stopped by Sugarcube Corner with girls making their own farewells.

“Well I think I'll take my leave darlings, I have quite the orders to fill today, ta-ta.” Rarity said heading to her boutique.

“I need to take off as well and check up on tank and stuff bye.” Dash said taking to the skies.

“And I need to go to the farm and see if any work still needs to be done, bye y'all and take care Mason.” Applejack said walking to her farm.

“Bye Applejack.” I said waving to the farm mare.

“Oh I need to go and check on my animals so I'll see you all tomorrow.” Fluttershy said while walking to her cottage.

Pinkie waved bye to Fluttershy. “See you tomorrow Fluttershy!” After that she headed into Sugarcube Corner, but I remembered that I would go crusading with the crusaders today. So with that I got off of Pinkie's back and was about to gallop to the clubhouse until Pinkie stopped me.

“Hey where you going Mason?” she asked.

“I need to go meet the crusaders because I told them I would go crusading with them.” I said.

“Well if you go there now you'll probably miss a surprise I have for you.” she said with a smile while entering Sugarcube Corner with Twilight. That stopped me as I turned around and entered the place after Pinkie and Twilight. When I entered I saw them waiting for me with smiles on their faces.

“What surprise?” I asked curiously. Pinkie giggled.

“Well I can't tell you that or it would ruin the surprise silly.” she said while booping me on the nose. I scrunched up my nose while crossing my eyes at it.

“But it doesn't hurt anyone to give a hint.” I said booping her nose which she scrunched up her nose and crossed her eyes.

“But that just makes you guess it much easier and you won't be surprised as much as you would have been in the beginning.” she replied with a hoop on my nose.

“But I-” I was cut short as Mrs. Cake entered where we were and greeted us with a tired smile.

“Why hello there Twilight, Pinkie, and Mason, what brings you all here.” When she asked this Pinkie looked at me with a huge smile and walked up to Mrs. Cake.

“Mrs. Cake the princess had put us up to a very important task and one of these tasks was to watch Mason because of some certain gifts of his. So I was wondering if you could allow him to stay with us?” Pinkie asked.

My eyes widened when I heard Pinkie say this and I basically leapt up at her with excitement. “You mean I can stay here with you!” I said hopping around Pinkie with a large smile.

Pinkie smiled. “Well it's all up to Mrs. Cake buddy.” I looked to Mrs Cake who was a bit unsure about this decisions.

“Well I don't know Pinkie, it's hard enough with the twins and all and I'm not sure about making a decision today.” Pinkie smiled to Mrs. Cake with reassurance.

“Don't worry Mrs. Cake, Mason here is very well behaved and I can keep a close eye on him and if it cost you extra to house him I will gladly give you some of my bits to help and he can even help around. Heck he even said he can cook some pastries himself.”

Mrs. Cake still looked a little unsure about it so I decided to help with it. “Please Mrs. Cake, can I please stay.” Mrs. Cake looked down to me and I gave her the biggest puppy dog eyes I could muster. Mrs. Cake looked to me and sighed while averting her gaze in thought. Her gaze went to Pinkie and she sighed again.

“If he doesn't become too much trouble and you keep a good eye on him when he helps in the kitchen then he can stay.”

Pinkie and I beamed Joy as we both hugged the air out of the older mare.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyou.” we both said which made her chuckle.

After we stopped hugging her I hugged Pinkie next which took her by surprise and gave her my own thanks.

“Thank you so much for this Pinkie, you've made me very happy.” I said as I squeezed my hug tighter.

Pinkie smiled and hugged me back. “Aw, anything to make you smile Mason.” After that Twilight cleared her throat.

“Well since he'll be staying with you Pinkie I guess I'll take my leave but Mason, you should come to my castle sometime. Celestia wanted me to teach you a bit about your magic and help you learn how to use it.”

Smiling ever brighter, I nodded to Twilight. “I'll be sure to be there Twilight.” Twilight nodded and bid her goodbyes which we returned and she left. Not to long after she left Scootaloo came in and smiled when she saw me.

“Mason you're finally back,” she said walking up to me. When she was close she put my cape around my neck and tied it for me, “now we can finally do some crusading!” she beamed.

I grinned to the filly. “I'm excited to see what we'll do. Oh and guess what, Pinkie is letting me stay here with her at Sugarcube Corner.” Scootaloo looked at me curiously and titled her head at Pinkie.


Pinkie nodded rapidly. “Yup he's going to be staying here with me for awhile.”

Scootaloo smiled and patted me on the back. “Congrats on that Mason.”

“Thanks and sorry I won't be able to be with ya at the orphanage.” I said sheepishly, rubbing the back of my head with a hoof.

Scootaloo waved the air with her own hoof. “Oh it's nothing I can always come here and visit ya plus we can always see each other during our crusades since you're a member, now come on, we're wasting daylight on a bunch of crusades!” she said galloping to the door.

I started to gallop with Scootaloo, but not after I hugged Pinkie Pie. “I'll see ya later Pinkie.”

Pinkie hugged back. “You too buddy and don't stay out too late okay.” she said as I headed after Scootaloo. As I caught up to her I couldn't help but smile to myself, thinking that making this a new home probably won't be so bad, as long as I make the best of it.

Author's Note:

Well, that took a while to edit. Lot of new things in this one