• Published 27th Nov 2016
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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 2: In The Hospital

We continue our story. In a galaxy far, far, awa- wait what?


Oh we're not doing that….oh, uhm, hold on a second here, let me just...*insert paper noise here* AH! Here we are *ahem*.

We find our two favorite ponies, Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie with the mysterious colt known as Mason at Ponyville Hospital.

At the moment, Twilight was talking to one of the nurses while Pinkie was watching the colt, just in case he woke up.

(Twilight Sparkle’s Pov)

“So you don't know who this colt is?”

Twilight was standing outside the door that lead to where the colt was resting, asking the nurse if she could get the records for the colt so she could find his parents and tell them what happened, but to her shock there weren't any records of him. It was as if he didn't exist.

“I'm sorry Princess Twilight, but there aren't any records that match the colt's description, it’s possible that he could be from a different part of Equis.” replied Nurse Redheart who looked at the clipboard in her hooves that gave a description of the colt as far as looking at him went.

Twilight thought about what Nurse Redheart said with a troubled look. ‘In this situation that could be the case, but he was pretty far in the Everfree Forest, so it's also possible that he could be from Ponyville.’

Twilight started rubbing her chin deep in thought as her ears twitched. ‘But if he really was from somewhere else, then that would mean him and his parents were visiting, but then why would he go into the Everfree? Did he just wonder in or what? Hmm....’

Twilight was brought from her thoughts by a cough. Looking from the floor she saw Nurse Redheart who at the moment was waiting patiently for her response.

The princess smiled sheepishly as she clear her throat. “Sorry about that I got caught in my thoughts, but onto the subject of the colt. It is a possibility that he is from somewhere else if there are no records. Although, that doesn't make sense for him to be that far into the Everfree Forest, even if him and his parents were visiting and please, you don't have to call me Princess Twilight, just Twilight.”

Nurse Redheart gave Twilight a sheepish smile of her own while her ears fell slightly. “Sorry Princ- I mean Twilight.”

Twilight smiled at Nurse Redheart while tapping her hooves together. “It's fine, I'm just not used to the whole Princess thing yet.”

Redheart nodded. “I understand.”

Twilight nodded as she directed her gaze to the colt's room. In the room, she saw the little pony sleeping away in a hospital bed as Pinkie sat beside the bed humming a tune to herself. She then looked back to the nurse and gestured to Pinkie with a hoof. “Well I think I'm gonna tell Pinkie about the news of the colt so we can find a way to go about this problem.”

“Okay, why you do that, I'm going to give him a shot, in case he caught anything from the Everfree Forest. Celestial knows what anyone could catch from wondering that far into the Everfree.”

“Or whatever might catch you.” Twilight said with a nod.

Twilight then looked to Pinkie. “Hey Pinkie.” The party mare in question looked to her friend who motioned her over. Pinkie left her spot next to the colt and made her way towards the door but before going out she let Nurse Redheart enter, then exited, gently closing the door behind her.

“You called me Twilight?” asked Pinkie.

“Yes I wanted to tell you what I heard about the colt.” replied Twilight.

Pinkie's ears perked up at that and bounced slightly in place. “Oh goody! So did you find his parents so they could come get the little guy?”

“Not exactly," the princess answered with her ears flat, "when I asked Nurse Redheart for his records so I could find his parents, she said the hospital didn't have any of him.” she finished.

*Gasp*, You mean they don't have any records of him meaning we can't find his parents?!”

“Well,” Twilight began while rubbing her neck with a hoof, “Nurse Redheart thinks he's not from around Equestria, nor Ponyville for that matter.”

*Double Gasp*, So he's not from Ponyville?!” Twilight shook her head. “*Triple Gasp*, That means I have to throw him and his parents a ‘Welcome to Ponyville Party’!” The party pony said as she reared up to get started on said party. Before she could move, a pink cloud of magic stopped her in place.

“First I think we should ask him some questions about his parents and how he got in the Everfree before we start planning a party.” Twilight said as she unfroze her friend with her magic.


Twilight rolled her eyes with a small grin at the pink pony's antics but was filled with confusion when a shout was heard. Both mares stared confused at the door until a loud voice came from the door which made their eyes widen slightly.

In response, Twilight used her magic to burst through the door with Pinkie in tow.

“What's going on in here?!” Twilight shouted wanting to know why their was screaming.

“Please calm down, I just want to give you a shot.” came Nurse Redheart’s voice. Twilight looked over to see Nurse Redheart trying to calm down the colt who, at the moment, was wielding a q-tip in his mouth.

“SHTAND DACK 'EAST, OR I SHALL SNITE THEE!” He shouted, swinging his q-tip.

“What in the name of Celestia is going on here?” Twilight said with confusion and a raised eyebrow

The colt now noticing that other people were present ran towards Twilight and dove under her legs. He then popped his head out from her front legs and looked up to her.

“Dank god you're 'ere!” cried the colt while still having the q-tip in his mouth, “dis nurse here is tying to ghive me a shot!”

She raised an eyebrow at the child who was peeking from her front legs with just as much confusion as before. “What's wrong with that?” The princess asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

The colt spit out the q-tip and gave Twilight the stink eye. “I hate needles!”

Twilight rolled her eyes at his antics and looked at the damage that the room was in. She noticed the condition of the bed he was on had the covers were all over the place, the pillow thrown across the room and an empty pitcher that used to be full of water.

Twilight looked at Nurse Redheart to see that her mane and fur were soaked with water while looking very annoyed and glaring at the colt under Twilight’s legs. The princess could take a guess at what happened but decided to get it from the one under her. Raising an eyebrow, she brought her gaze back to the little pony.

“Okay, I know why you screamed now but, can you at least explain this?” Asked Twilight motioning over to the messy bed.

He looked over to the bed and smiled sheepishly at Twilight. "Well ya see, eh-heh….”

(A Few Minutes Earlier)
(All Pov)

Nurse Redheart had entered the room as Pinkie Pie exited the room and closed the door. She went to the shelves that were directed to her right to retrieve a shot for the young colt. As she did this, she heard the young colt groan as he shifted, probably waking up from his slumber. When she had retrieved the small shot, she came over to the side of the bed to find him rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Redheart sat the shot on the stand next to the bed and gently nudged him with her snout. “Hey hun, how do you feel?” She asked with a soft voice.

The colt rubbed continued to rub his eyes with his hooves as he yawned. “Okay I guess.”

Redheart nodded to the little colt. "I would think so, probably walking through that dark forest and running from those Timberwolves must have wiped you out."

The young pony only nodded as he yawned again which Redheart giggled at. Looking to the shot she set down, She picked it up. "Well I need to give you a shot in case you picked up anything from the Everfree so I'll make this quick hun."

It took a while for that to register for the young lad but when it did, his eyes shot wide open and looked to see a plain white mare with a light pink mane and tail. On her flank was a tattoo of a Red Cross with hearts on its corners. But his main focus was on the shot that was in her hoof. Now, let's take a trip through his mind shall we.

Is that….Oh….Oh no….No, no, no, no, NO! OH MY GOD THIS HORRIBLE!’ The colt looked at the tool of destruction with fear in his eyes, ‘NEEDLE!

The needle wasn't even that large.


Like, it was no longer than three inches.


At this point he decided to spring into action. He threw the bed covers into Redheart's face, which she shouted with a 'Hay' and proceeded to take them off.

While the enemy was distracted, he took the time to look around for anything to use and noticed a pillow and pitcher of water. Redheart got the sheets off her face only to dodge a pillow that came at her. Redheart looked at the pillow that was thrown at her for a few good seconds and slowly turned to look at the colt...

only to find him holding a pitcher of water making her eyes go wide.

Putting her hooves in a calming gesture Redheart calmly spoke to the colt. “Okay hun, just calm down, I'm just going to give you a shot.”

“NOOOO!” he shouted, then threw the pitchers contents onto Redheart which drenched her face and mane. Since the pitcher was full of cold water, Redheart yelped in surprise and quickly used the sheets to dry herself. While she was trying to wipe the water from her face, he ran to the shelves to arm himself.

Redheart on the other hand was still using the sheets to wipe her face of the cold water. when she had dried herself the best she could, she looked to the bed to not see the young colt there. Hearing a sound behind her, she turned around to see him in the shelves and slowly approached him feeling quite agitated.

The colt, turning around to look at his enemy, saw the mare with annoyance in her baby blue eyes approaching him. Since he wasn't used to his hooves, he reached inside the cubbard he was in with his face and grabbed the first thing he saw with his teeth. The weapon of chose was a….

Q-tip, he brought out a q-tip. Grand.

At this moment Twilight and Pinkie entered the room.

“What's going on in here?!”

“Please calm down, I just want to give you a shot.”


(Present time)
(Twilight Sparkle's Pov)

“…..That's basically what happened.” he finished still smiling sheepishly.

“Please, I just want to give you a shot, I promise it will be over quick.” came Nurse Redheart's voice that sounded pleading but also like she was trying to keep her temper in check.

“No!” he retaliated, “I will not allow you to use such a contraption on me, now nurse, feel the power of the force….nnngh!” He was now scrunching up his face and sticking his front hoof out trying to use the force.

“Awww, he's so cute when he scrunches his face like that.” Came Pinkie's voice who was watching the event unfold.

The colt immediately stopped what he was doing and looked at Pinkie with a stink eye. “I am not cute, I am devilishly Handsome.” he retorted.

“More like cutely handsome.” commented Pinkie.

“No devilishly. Now nurse, feel the force…. Nnnngh.”

“You are going to get this shot and that's final young colt.” replied Redheart who was getting even more annoyed by his antics.

Twilight, deciding it be best to help before things got way out of hoof thought of a different approach. “Nurse Redheart,” keeping her gaze on the colt, Redheart reluctantly looked to the princess, “let me talk to him, maybe I can get him to take it.”

Nurse Redheart kept her gaze on the princess a little longer until she finally sighed and gestured to the colt. “Please do.”

Twilight nodded and looked down at him with a gentle smile. “Ok so what's the problem?”

Having stopped with whatever he was doing, the colt kept his glare on the nurse or more specifically the shot but eventually looked up to Twilight. “The problem, is that I don't want the shot because I hate needles. Emphasis on hate.” he answered.

“Hmmm….” Twilight hummed, looking to the ceiling and tapping a hoof to her chin, then she got an idea. “What if I used my magic to help with this?”

Twilight watched as the young colt tilted his head with a confused look. “Magic?” Twilight nodded. “Um….How do you suppose that would help?”

Twilight smiled softly to the young lad. “Simple. you just close your eyes, and when Nurse Redheart gives you the shot, I'll use my magic to make it seem like nothing is happening.”

He still had the questioning look on his face and raised an eyebrow at the princess. “You promise that I won't feel a thing?”

Twilight smiled encouragingly at him while putting a hoof to her chest. “I promise you won't feel a thing.”

The lad obviously not wanting a shot, took a few glances at the nurse and then back to Twilight. He did this a few times until he sighed with his ears against his head.

“Alright, I'll do it.” As he said that he closed his eyes and waited. Nurse Redheart came over and gently took the foal’s leg, as she did, Twilight charged her horn making the foal's leg glow a pink aura.

Redheart then proceeded to give him the shot and expecting him to jump with fright, he just stayed there with his eyes still closed which gave her the green light to proceed. When she was done she sighed with relief. “Done.”

Twilight watched the young lad open his eyes and blink a few times as he stared at his leg. "Really? I didn't feel anything.” he said while twisting and turning it.

“See,” Twilight said with a smile, “I told you didn't I? you wouldn't feel a thing.”

“Yes well, as exciting as this has been I'm going to go check on other patients now and fix my mane.” Nurse Redheart said while trotting her way to the door.

“Alright,” Twilight said as the colt came out form under her, “we're gonna ask him some questions and then head out ourselves.”

The nurse nodded in response and then walked out, closing the door behind her leaving only Twilight, Pinkie, and the colt in the room.

(Mason’s Pov)

I came out from under Twilight while having the word 'magic' bounce around my head. I mean, I just thought it was purple beams or something like from Star Wars but apparently it's more than just beams. My thoughts were then interrupted by Twilight speaking.

“Alright, now that that's done…” Twilight used her, magic, to fix the bed by… levitating the sheets and pillow back on it.

“Mmh, Now I've seen everything.” I mumbled while looking off into space.

“Let's get some questions answered shall we?” Twilight said while her magic finished making the bed.

“Sure.” I then walked back to the bed and, tried, to get back on it but was having some difficulties in doing so. Twilight probably noticed me struggling because she spoke to me in a helpful manner. “Need some help there?”

I stopped what I was doing and looked to Twilight. “No I got this….aaaaaugh.” Yeah I don't got this.

I heard the Pink one giggle. “Hold on there buddy, I got ya.”

After that was said I yelped in surprise when I felt Pinkie pick me up by my neck and hoist me on to the bed. When she let go I rubbed the spot she used to pick me up by. “Um….what did you do?”

Pinkie giggled. “why silly willy, I put you on the bed.” She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which it kinda was.

“I Know that but what did you do to my neck?” I asked as I still rubbed it. It didn't really hurt, just felt weird.

“Oh, well I picked you up by your scruff of course, everypony has one, heck, even I do.” To prove her point Pinkie grabbed the scruff of her neck with a hoof and hoisted herself up. Like literally, she was hovering over the ground and everything.

I stared at the pink pony with wide eyes and open jaw. “H-h-how….are you doing that?” I asked still shocked by the amount of physics and logic she was breaking.

Pinkie set herself down and rubbed her chin with a hoof. “Well I would tell ya, but the author of this story wouldn't know how to explain it, so I guess it's a mystery." fnished the pink mare with a large smile.

I stared at Pinkie for maybe like an eternity, then my brain started working again. “Are you a horse version of Deadpool?”

Pinkie then stopped smiling and put on a thinking look. “Well I should tell you I'm not a horse, I'm a pony. As for Deadpool, I don't know who that is.”

“You don't know who Deadpool is?”

Pinkie rubbed her chin again. “You mean Deadpool, who defies all logic and physics, breaks the fourth wall, and is a psychotic killer?” I nodded with a dumb look while Twilight went wide eyed at the psychotic killer part.

“Nope, never heard of him." finished Pinkie with a big smile.

I stared at her for a while, then looked to Twilight, she was still staring at Pinkie with wide eyes but shook her head and looked to me and noticed the expression on my face. As if knowing my silent question she decided to speak.

“It's best you don't question it, it's just Pinkie being Pinkie.”

I blinked a few times, then looked back at Pinkie. “Huh.”

“Anyway,” began Twilight, “before we get sidetracked by anything else, how about we introduce ourselves properly. I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle, but you can just call me Twilight. This is my friend-”

“Pinkie Pie the greatest party pony in all of Equestria, But you can just call me Pinkie," the pink one said enthusiastically while flinging confetti everywhere and blowing a party horn she got from somewhere. When she was done she gestured to me, "and you are?”

“Mason,” I answered quickly, “and did you say, Equestria?”

“Well of course silly willy, that is the name of the continent that we're on, but we're especially in the super-duper-awesome town called Ponyville!”

I was about to question Pinkie on these names until she asked me another question. “So, you like parties!”

Taken back by the sudden question I open and closed my mouth wordlessly but eventually answered. “Well yeah I guess. I mean, parties are awesome, I'd be surprised if someone said they didn't like them.”

Pinkie smiled at my answer. “Great! Cause that means I can throw you and your parents a ‘Welcome To Ponyville’ Party!”

That stopped me, ‘...throw you and your parents a party...

“What?” I was taking deep breaths to keep myself calm. I was always very touchy on the subject of my parents, I never liked to talk about it.

“Well I mean, you can't have a party without the family.” said Pinkie, not noticing my deep breathing.

“On the subject of parents,” Twilight added while looking to me, “do you know where they are, because I think they would like to know where their son is.”

That got me. I started breathing deeply now and my eyes were becoming moist. It didn't take long for Pinkie to notice my state and came up to me with concern in her eyes.

“Hey, you ok there Mason?”

I looked at Pinkie with a few tears. “I-I-I don't really like to talk a-about it.” I closed my eyes trying to keep the dam from breaking, I really felt like curling up and crying. As I was about to I felt the hospital bed shift and felt something warm hug me.

When I opened my eyes I saw Pinkie who had her ears pressed against her head, with a flat mane, and saddened eyes hugging me. “Its alright Mason, you don’t have to tell us if you don’t like to, and I’m sorry for asking you.” Pinkie tightened the embrace and by instinct I hugged her back.

“I’m sorry as well for pushing you into the subject.” I heard Twilight say with her ears against her head.

Still hugging Pinkie, I used a hoof to wipe my eyes. “No, it's ok, You didn’t know. I forgive you." At that I smiled at them which they slowly returned.

“Okay so, let’s move on from those questions, where are you from Mason?”

“Uhm….well, let me answer a question with a question, what planet is this called?”

Twilight blinked at my question confusingly but answered nonetheless. “Equis, this planet is called Equis, the main continent were on is called Equestria and right now we're in a town called Ponyville.”

I thought about this for a moment. ‘Okay, either this all has been a dream, or, this is all real? Ok Mason, time to play detective.’ I thought about a few things that could prove this either is or isn't a dream, or, at least all the things that shouldn't happen in a dream.

“Can you pinch me?”

Twilight looked even more confused. “What? Why? What does pinching you have to do with anything?”

“Just pinch me,” I said again, “all ya gotta do is jus- ow!” I yelpled as I was pinched by none other than Pinkie. I rubbed the spot that she pinched me and looked at Pinkie with narrowed eyes. “The heck was that for?!”

“Well you needed something to prove this isn't a dream, sooo, what better way than to get something you wouldn't expect.” replied Pinkie with that oh so big smile.

At one point, she was right about that dream part, but on another, how the blue blazes did she know I was thinking all of this might be a dream. ‘Know what, I'm not even gonna bother with it, if it's one thing I learned from Deadpool, it's don't question such antics.’ I also noticed Pinkie's mane was puffy again, weird, could of sworn it was flat at one point.

On a serious note though, I felt that pinch, and man did it hurt.’ As I thought that, I rubbed the spot where I was pinched trying to ease the pain.

So that's one thing out of the way, time for another, in dreams, you hardly use any big words in them, so if I get them to use a big word I've never heard of then that's another step down.’

I looked at Twilight and decided to ask her another question. “Hey Twilight, you know some big words?”

Twilight looked to the ceiling in thought then looked at me. “Yeah I know a few, why?”

“Can you tell me one?”

Twilight raised an eyebrow at my question but sighed and answered anyway. “Auspicious.”

I blinked.


“Auspicious,” she repeated, “meaning favorable in circumstances like, getting a bunch sweets is auspicious.”

"Oh I like sweets! I think there super auspicious!" Pinkie said while grabbing some sweets from somewhere and eating them which cause Twilight to giggle and roll her eyes.

Ok, that's done, let me try something else.’ As I thought I looked at Twilight’s horn and remembered what she could do with it. ‘Perfect.’

“Can you show me what else you can do with your horn?” I asked while pointing a hoof at it.

Twilight again raised an eyebrow, and with a bigger sigh did as I asked. She closed her eyes for concentration and her horn glowed a pink aura, then the pitcher from earlier glowed the same color and in a flash of light was full of water again.

“Wow, what was that?” I asked still looking back to Twilight.

Twilight seemed to puff out her chest a little. “Just a simple spell that I knew.” said Twilight with pride in her voice. Well heck if I could make a simple thing disappear I'd be proud of my efforts.

Ok, that's another thing done, now for the last one.’

“Can I ask you both something?” The mares looked at each other then back to me and nodded. I took a deep breath, obviously this question was going to be a bit awkward, even for me.

“If I asked if you guys were all just a dream what would you say?”

Both mares this time raised and eyebrow at me, which made me a tad bit uncomfortable. It made me even more uncomfortable when Twilight repeated my question silently to herself. Expecting for her to answer, instead, Pinkie answered.

“Well, I'd say we're both as real as we can get.” She said with a shrug. I thought about her answer but was cut short when Twilight spoke.

“Might I ask why all these strange questions?” asked Twilight with a still raised eyebrow that I swear couldn't get any higher.

I sighed with my ears going against my head again. “Well, the thing is....I think all of this that's happening to me, you guys, magic, strange creatures....I just think it's all a dream but from all the answers I got in my questions, it's probably unlikely.”

“Why would you think this is a dream?” came Pinkie’s voice, who by now was off the bed and standing next to Twilight.

“Because I'm not from here, I'm from a place called Earth, where things like you and Twilight’s magic doesn't exist, and the main inhabitants are human.” I answered.

This made Twilight's eyes go wide. “Wait did you say humans, as in bipedal like creatures?” I nodded. “Hmm,” she hummed, “this could explain a lot, but at the same time it doesn't make any sense, the portal to that place isn't supposed to open yet…” Twilight started to trail off.

“Wait, what portal?” I asked confused by what she was talking about.

“There is a mirror in Equestria that opens up a portal to a mirrored version of this Equestria, where everypony is a human, they don't use magic, and had strange devices, I know because I went there.”

“Well, the way you described it doesn't sound like the type of place that I'm from.” I told Twilight.

“How could that be?!” half shouted Twilight, “you said you came from a place inhabited by humans, so it's only logical you came from there!”

“Well what did these humans look like?” I asked.

“Well, they looked like me and Pinkie here, just without fur.” replied Twilight.

“So, basically they were colorful looking humans?” I asked.

“Well if you want to put it like that, yes.” replied Twilight.

“Yeah, if it's one thing I know about my human race, it's that our skin is not colorful like your fur.” Then I got an idea. “As matter of fact let me show you.” I held my hoof out, closed my eyes, and concentrated on that tingly feeling that I've had before.

“Show me wha-” Twilight didn't get to finish, for my hoof caught fire and then my phone appeared. When I opened my eyes I saw Twilight just staring at my phone, it was kinda funny.

“Ok, I'll ask how you did that later, but first let me ask what is that in your hoof.” As Twilight said that she got closer to look at the device as I tried to use my hooves but remember they were like fingers, so instead I used my nose to open it to the home screen.

“In my world, it's called an iPhone 6.” Finally finding photos, I looked through ones I took, trying to find a good one.

“As far as I know they didn't have a device called an iPhone 6 and if they did I don't think it was that flat looking.” said Twilight with curiosity and shock.

“Well that was in that world, this is from mine.” Finally finding a good photo I tapped it, then showed Twilight and Pinkie. “This is what my kind looked like.”

Pinkie looked at the photo with curiosity and had an ‘ooh’ expression while Twilight looked at it with shocked eyes. In one quick motion Twilight took my phone in her magic and was rapidly going through the pictures.

“They don't look like anything from the human world I went to!” she shouted with a still shocked expression. When she had just about went through half of the photos, she looked back up at me. “Are you really not from either of the ‘pony’ or ‘human’ Equstria?”

I shook my head. “No, I came from that place I just told you about.” I grabbed my phone and went through the photos and found a selfie of myself. “This is what I looked like.” I said showing them the phone again.

Twilight stared at the picture with a thinking expression. “Doesn't look like you, well, all except for the eyes.”

“Well it is what I looked like, if you don't believe maybe you can use your magic to do something that will allow you to believe me.” I said with a shrug.

“That won't be necessary, when you actually think about it, it does make sense.” When Twilight said that she froze and stared blankly into space. Then she smiled….a very large smile….her smile is so large it probably rivals Pinkie’s.

“So you're from a different planet?” I nodded and Twilight’s smile brightened. “With a whole ‘nother species and history?” Again I nodded and Twilight’s eyes sparkled and her ears perked high. “With, what I've seen from that device, advanced technology?” Again, I nodded. Twilight squealed with excitement while trotting in place and her wings giving a single flap.

"This is so exciting, a whole new species, granted you don't look like yours but you still have knowledge of them, oh I have so many questions! How tall are your buildings? Just how advanced in technology are you? What-”

Twilight was cut short by a pink hoof that touched her lips, whose owner was giggling. “Now Twilight, I know you have questions. Heck so do I, like what's his favorite cake? But I think it's best we ask him later.” said Pinkie who giggled again while removing her hoof from Twilight’s mouth.

Twilight's ears pressed against her head and was now blushing in embarrassment. “Eh heh, sorry, just got excited there.”

I chuckled. “It's alright Twilight, you're just curious. Heck if I saw something that wasn't from my world, I'd be curious too.”

Twilight smiled at me with her blush disappearing. "Well I'd like to ask one more question, can you show me your magic?"

I blinked at the question. "My What?"

"Your magic silly," said Pinkie, "you know the fire and lightning stuff."

Ah, now I got what they were asking. "Well personally I wouldn't call it magic, I'd call it powers or something like that but yeah I can show you." Before I shut my eyes to concentrate, Twilight had a paper and....quill with her probably to write how my powers work or something. Brushing that aside, I closed my eyes and concentrated.

I felt nothing, I opened my eyes to see the girls looking at me with no changed expression. I furrowed my brow and clenched my eyes shot and thought about the tingly feeling that usually get but the other one. Again I didn't feel anything. I gave up and opened my eyes and looked to Twilight.

"I can't, I don't know why but it's not working."

Twilight seemed a bit disappointed at this but wrote down something anyway then she spoke.

"Ok here's what I think, It appears that what you did to the Timberwolves was just an act of instinct or basically a power surge of survival type of thing, meaning that it was just a burst of energy to protect yourself." said Twilight.

"So....what are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that your magic, or as you call it powers, were just temporary at that moment. Meaning you can't -at this time- control them. I can perhaps help you with that." With that Twilight made the paper and quill disappear.

"Aww, I really wanted to see what you could do." Pinkie said with disappointment.

I smiled at Pinkie. "Don't worry Pinkie, if I learn to control these powers at will, I'll be sure to give you a show." At my statement Pinkie seemed to cheer up with perked ears.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Twilight heading towards the door. “You stay here with him Pinkie, I'm gonna go sign him out and then we’ll be on our way.”

Twilight was about to leave when a thought came to me. “Um, Twilight...” Twilight opened the door with her magic and looked back at me, “not that I don't appreciate you getting me out of here, but to get me out don't you have to be like, my guardian or at least family to do that?”

Twilight stared at me for a while, then spoke. “Well, I don't really want to ask, but you are an orphan, right?” Again I felt my ears Press against my head and sighed sadly, but nodded. “Well since that's the case, after someone gives you a physical for hospital records, someone will escort you to the orphanage in Ponyville, since I'm here I'll be happy to do it for them.”

Well, it did make sense so no point in arguing. “Thanks Twilight.” I then heard a grumble coming from my stomach and then a giggle from Pinkie.

“Looks like someone's hungry~” Pinkie said in a sing-song voice.

I smiled sheepishly with my cheeks heating up and ears still pressed to my head. “Perhaps I am.”

“Well if that's the case then before we go to the orphanage we’ll get something to eat-”

“And give you a tour of Ponyville.” Pinkie quickly added.

“-And give you a tour of Ponyville.” Twilight added with a slight roll of her eyes.

I smiled as my ears stopped what they were doing and perked up. “Sounds good.” Twilight nodded and exited the room to sign me out and maybe get me a physical.

The room was silent for a moment, but not until Pinkie decided to break it. “Sooo.…a party colt huh?”

I looked to the pink mare as she gave me a look that one kid in the, 'so you're telling me', Meme with her hooves pressed together.

I gave a small grin as I nodded. "Most definantly."

She nodded while still having that look and leaned in a little closer. "You like pranks?"

I stared blankly at her for a good second until I had a full shit eating grin.

I think I'm going to like this mare.’ I thought.

(Twilight’s Pov)

Twilight continued her trot down one of the hallways of the hospital to find a nurse to sign Mason out and get him a physical.

Sooner or later she came to a desk which was occupied by Nurse Redheart, whose fur was all dried and her mane tied nicely in a bun that was dry as well. Twilight approached the desk and cleared her throat, gaining the nurse’s attention.

“Ah Twilight, good to see you, how's the colt?” asked Nurse Redheart seeking in a much better mood. Which is odd because hospitals you know.

“Good to see you too and he's fine. Um, I was wondering if I could sign him out?” asked Twilight as she stood infront of the desk.

“I'm sorry Twilight, but I can't allow that. Either a legal guardian, or family members can take him.” Redheart answered with a frown.

“That's just the thing,” replied Twilight as her ears slowly fell, “as far as I know, he doesn't have any.” This made Redheart raise an eyebrow.

“What do you mean, ‘he doesn't have any’?”

Twilight sighed sadly as her ears were pressed against her head. “Well I don't know the full story, but from what I know, he's an orphan.”

Redheart stared at the princess wide eyed, she looked to her own hooves in thought and then looked back at the princess sadness. “Oh the poor dear, that means we'll have to take him to the orphanage after his physical.”

“Which is what I'm asking,” Twilight offered with a smile, “I was wondering if it would be ok if I escorted him there?”

Redheart looked at Twilight, then looked back to her own hooves in thought. After a while she looked back up to Twilight. “Well you are the new princess of Equestria, so with that kind of responsibility you're more than capable of escorting the foal, so I guess it couldn't hurt.”

Twilight smiled at this. “Thank you very much Nurse Redheart.”

“Your very welcome. Now, I'll give you the papers to sign the foal out, but before you do I'd like to give him a physical so we can at least have hospital records for him.” Redheart said as she reached down into the desk for the papers.

“Of course.”


So with that Twilight signed the foal out of the hospital, got him a check up with some difficulties *cough* needles *cough*.

After that was done the three ponies left the hospital, heading for a place to eat and also to give Mason a tour of Ponyville.

(Mason’s Pov)

“But muffins can not only be good, but good for you, plus you can make muffins that can be much bigger than cupcakes.”

We had just left the hospital and were heading for a place to eat, it was some place called Sugarcube Corner. I was riding on Pinkie’s back at the moment and we were arguing about muffins and cupcakes and which is better.

“While that may be true Mason, you can make cupcakes much more flavorful and you can add a lot more to them then what you can to muffins.” replied Pinkie with a grin.

Our argument went on for a while until eventually Pinkie decided that both muffins and cupcakes were good, which I have to agree, I like cupcakes but, oh I'd do anything for a muffin.

As we were walking towards the edge of town, I took the time to go through my thoughts. ‘I'm really starting to enjoy myself, especially around Pinkie. Me and her have a lot in common. Twilight is alright, we both like books and it's pretty cool she can do magic.' As I got deeper in my thoughts I started rubbing my chin with a hoof. 'Even if this might still be a dream, I don't really want it to end.’

Eventually we came to the edge of town which Pinkie proceeded to do a gesture towards it.

“Welcome to Ponyville Mason, the most awesome and super duper fun town in Equestria!"

I leaned to my left to see past Pinkies head and looked towards the town seeing a lot of ponies going here and there. ‘Even if this is a dream, I'm going to enjoy it to the best of my ability.’

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