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The Colt of Fire and Lightning - ShagPony

Mason, a 10 year old boy who had a good life until his parents died in a car crash. Now living in a orphanage he wants a little more in life, and he gets it, in the form of a pegasus foal, with fire and lightning powers. Goody.

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Chapter 13: A Crusade for Cutie Marks

Author's Note:

Well f**king hell has it been a long time since I posted something like f**k. I bet your all wondering why I've been gone for a long time and I'm more than happy to tell ya. So to first start off I'm now a senior in high school and my last year to say the least wasn't the greatest so now I'm working extra hard to keep my shit up. Also I'm looking for a college to go to so that's a thing.

Not only that but I've been practicing in sfm animations for my YouTube channel while also recording some game play for it so I've been a bit busy with that.

The last thing however had to do with this story. See, I couldn't write this next chapter without some knowledge of the story from the mlp universe, so to get the best information I had to.......watch mlp. Yes, I had to actually watch it just for the information. Now I have never watched it because personally -not to offend anyone of you guys, your all lovely people- it's just too......girly for me. Like just a smidge. To tell you the truth.....it's not that bad really. (Don't tell anyone I said that)

So while I'm dealing with hell to make a new chapter for my story, making sfm animations and gaming videos, and school because schools a bitch, that's all the reason of why I am late so yeah.

Hey guys! Look what I did! I made a new intro sequence for this chapter!

A camera fades as it reveals a golden city with spot lights all over the place. A large statue of a pegasus that looks half cyborg stands in a pouncing pose with spot lights waving around it. Under the pony are large golden letters that read ‘Cyber Pony’. The intro begins….




Camera fades into black….

Ya like it?

(Luna’s Pov)

A black majestic form flew through a black, star-filled void. As she flew through the dark void, she passed by many floating orbs of light that reflected ponies and some other creatures having dreams. Some were of their imagination, others of happiness and love, and the others….

We don't really mention those ones.

The form though, as we were saying, flew with calmness as she watched her little ponies dream the night away. No nightmares. No problems. Only bliss.

Princess Luna sighed in relaxation as her realm carried her off gently. The amount of warmth and joy she feels when sweet dreams reach her never gets old.

As the Princess of The Night continued to fly through the void, she felt another presence that seemed to radiate with warmth. Not only that but it seemed to be so much more lively as the host continued to dream the world away. Princess Luna tilted her wings to arch her body towards the dream. As she drew near a small smile touched her lips as she watched a particular colt dream away.

“What might you be dreaming of tonight, Mason?” The princess asked herself. The goddess of night touched down into a black floor that could not be seen as she circled the tiny light that held the colts dreams.

“Let's have a look shall we.” Gingerly lifting her hoof, Luna touched the orb as it sucked her into the colt’s dream.

(Mason’s Pov)

The wind blew against my wings as it carried me aloft. With my eyes closed I professionally glided through the air with ease as I gave a flap to keep myself aloft. Sometimes I would dream of myself flying, it was always something that could be fun to imagine in your own world, but when you can do it in real life, it's so much better.

As I continued to fly, I didn't notice the muffled voice that called to me below until something bopped me on the head.

Suddenly stopping in air, I rubbed my head as to figure out what hit me. Looking down I couldn't see anything but grass, until that same voice called me again. Directing my gaze behind me I saw her. There standing on a small hill with one tree on top of it and Ponyville behind it, I saw Pinkie Pie.

My friend.

My mother.

Wasting no time, I propelled myself forward with one flap and tucked my wings in making my body go for a dive bomb. As I neared the ground I immediately expanded my wings to catch the wind and glide towards the one pony I wanted to see.

Pinkie Pie smiled brightly as she opened her hooves for an embrace. Smiling to myself, I picked up speed to get to the mare faster. As I got closer I quickly tucked in my wings and opened my own hooves as the wind and momentum carried me the rest of the way to the pink mare.

Quickly catching me, Pinkie and I giggled as we rolled in the grass from my small impact. When we stopped, Pinkie adjusted her hooves around me and hugged tighter while I did the same.

As we embraced, Pinkie sat up on her haunches as she rubbed my mane gently.

“Well look at who's been getting better at flying! You’re getting much better bud!”

Pushing myself from her chest to look up at my mother, I happily bounced in her lap. “I know right! I lasted a whole 15 minutes in the air and I still wasn't exhausted!”

The mare giggled as she booped my nose. “Guess those lessons with Rainbow Dash are really starting to pay off aren't they?”

I nodded enthusiastically as I looked at my ruffled wings. While it's fun to fly, it can be a bit rough on the feathers, making most of them get all over the place which causes most pegasi to preen them every now and again. For how much Rainbow Dash flies, I can only imagine how much she preens them.

Turning back to Pinkie, I became confused when I saw the look on her face. She had a bit of a frown where her smile was as she tilted her head left and right while staring at my wings.

Suddenly, the mare picked me up and turned me around as she took an even closer look at my appendages. I was starting to become more confused by the way she was acting.

“Oh Masey…” The mare said as she grabbed one of my wings.

“Look at what you did to your wings, the feathers are all ruffled up.”

I raised an eyebrow as I eyed my ruffled feathers. Some of them looked like they were ready to fall out while others were sticking this way and that.

I shifted my confused gaze back to my mom. “Uh yeah, they tend to get like that when I fly. I was going to preen them soon.”

My mother hummed as she tapped her chin. To add more to my confusion, she shook her head as she kept hold of my wing.

“No, later will not do. My colt is not going around with ruffled wings.”

Before I could speak, I felt a sensation from one of my feathers as Pinkie Pie began to preen my ruffled feathers. Now, preening wings was sort of like taking a bath but different. Being the ten year old that I was, I decided to act on this.

By quickly spring out of my mother's lap and expanding my wings at ful mast.

“No thank you mom, I can preen my own wings.” I said hastily as I back away from the mare.

Looking surprised from my sudden movement, I could clearly see the mirth in her eyes as she got up and slowly stalked towards me. “Now Mason, it's perfectly normal for a mother to preen her child's wings. It won't take me that long to do it.”

“No-no-no-no, I can do it myself, I'm a big boy after all. Don't need help preening.” I said as crouched down, ready to run for the hills.

Pinkie stopped with an amused grin as she crouched down herself. “And what makes you say that my little colt.”

I said nothing as I stared at the mare who stared right back. We kept that gaze for a few tense seconds until finally. I made my move.

Acting quickly, I spun around with a squeal as I ran for Ponyville while shouting behind me.

“Because you'll have to catch me first!”

I didn't get far though as I could plainly hear the fast bounces of my mother right behind me.

“Than that's a challenge I'm up for!” Pinkie shouted with a laugh.

(Luna’s Pov)

Unknown to the colt, the Princess of The Night watched with amusement from a cloud as the colt laughed from being chased by his new mother, the Element of Laughter.

Standing to her full height, Luna expanded her wings as she began to leave the dream world.

“I guess for tonight, I'll let him enjoy this one on his own.”

Taking one last look at the happy colt who got pounced on by the pink mare. Luna flapped her wings and took to the sky and out of the dream world.

(The Next Day)
(Mason’s Pov)

I walked down the dirt path tiredly yet happily as the school house came into view. Although I was tired from waking up in the morning, I couldn't be any more happy from what happened yesterday and the dream I had. Never would I think that I would get adopted in another world by a creature that has never been seen by my kind, but yet, here I am. A human turned colt, living in a world unlike my own, and the son of Pinkie Pie. It was just marvelous. With the positive thoughts remaining in my head, I caught site of my friends on the doorstep of the school house waiting for me. Scootaloo had spotted me behind the other two fillies and gave a small wave to me which caused Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle to turn around and wave at me as well. Happily returning the wave I joined them with some hellos and together we entered the building and into our class to take our seats.

Situating myself in my seat with my friends doing the same, the other fillies and colts entered the building along with Miss Cheerilee just as the bell rung. As the last few ran to get into their seats, Miss Cheerilee cleared her throat and waited for everyone to be seated. When she was satisfied she spoke up loud and clear.

“Alright class, settle down now, I have an important announcement to make today.” The teacher said as the class quieted down. When all was settled she continued with her announcement.

“Now as you all should know, the Student Pony President Election Day is tomorrow! Which means tomorrow we will be electing for our student pony president. Our runners for this event are Pipsqueak and Diamond Tiara.”

All the students, including myself looked to the candidates. I could instantly tell that Diamond Tiara had a smug look on her face as she held her head high. I quietly huffed at the snobbish filly before turning my attention to Pipsqueak. While I didn't know the colt personally I did meet him a few times on the school premises and sometimes in the town.

Pipsqueak really lived up to his name. For somepony his age, he was one of the smallest colts I have ever seen but a nice one at that. His fur was a mix of white and brown while his mane and tail were two shades of brown. He also did not have a Cutie Mark.

What kind of caught me off guard though was that he spoke in a British accent. It was really surprising to me.

Shaking my thoughts out of my head I brought my attention to Miss Cheerilee as did the rest of the class.

“Now students, tomorrow our candidates will make a speech on how they wish to improve the school and their input on why they should be voted. On that same day after school, everypony will make their vote and I will make the announcement for it.”

All of the students nodded in understanding which Miss Cheerilee smiled at. The mare reached into her desk and took out an english book to begin the lesson of the day.

“Now let's continue where we left off on chapter fourteen of our equestrian literature books…”

(After School In The CMC HQ Because The Author Is Lazy)

I sat at one of the small tables of the CMC HQ with my head in my hooves, trying to think of ideas. The girls were gathered around two large sheets of paper, one filled with pictures of the many ideas they did that were crossed off and the other was a blank one that had on the top of it, some scribbley lines and the CMC emblem.

As the girls talked about their ideas and gave each other encouraging speeches and what not about getting their Cutie Marks, I dwelled in my own thoughts.

I didn't dwell in them for long when I started to hear music playing along with somepony singing. Blinking my eyes a bit, I directed my gaze on Apple Bloom who was singing along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. I raised an eyebrow as I turned my head around to see if there was a band playing or something but found nothing. Ok, now I'm confused.

Looking at the three singing fillies again, I also realized they were singing in perfect sync with a song I wasn't familiar with. As a matter of fact, did we have a song? If we did how come I've never heard of it before?

The fillies seeming oblivious to me started to sing the ending of the song. I think.

“On the day that we discover”
“The ultimate reward of our Cutie Marks!”

Just like that, the short song ended along with the music fading out to god knows where. Ok I'm really confused right now. Is this natural? Did they make a song without telling me? I think it's for the best because I don't think I can sing for crap.

Before I could mull over this some more, all four of us were brought to the sound of a distressed voice.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

The door to the tree house slammed open as a distressed Pipsqueak came in.


Having forgotten the shenanigans of the song they just sung, the CMC came up to the tiny colt with concern and confusion in their eyes.

“What's wrong Squeaks?” Apple Bloom asked as she stopped in front of the colt. Being curious myself I got up and came next to the girls to hear what the guy had to say.

The distressed colt took a few breaths before he began. “As you four know, I'm running for Student Pony President against Diamond Tiara. However, I don't think I can get far enough without some help. So I was hoping you all could be my campaign managers to help me in the run?”

The three fillies took the time to register his words for a moment and when they clicked inside their heads, all three got big smiles on their faces.

Wonder what kind of idea they got this time?’ I thought as I could just imagine the gears turning in the heads of these girls.

“Girls this is a great idea! We've never tried getting our Cutie Marks in campaign managing before!” Apple Bloom exclaimed with excitement.

“Yeah!” Scootaloo added with as she extended her wings, “we could totally get the most awesome Cutie Marks as best campaign managers ever!”

Apple Bloom looked back and forth between her two friends with a wide grin. “What do ya say, Crusaders?”


The three fillies, somehow, stood expertly on their hind hooves as they clapped one of their front hooves together in a sort of high five kind of thing. I saw Pipsqueak come over and try to high five but couldn't reach due to his small size. Sweetie noticing his struggle, used her magic to lift the colt in the air to join the hoof five. All four looked to me expectantly with wide smiles.

I stared for a moment before shrugging and joining this hoof five. “Meh, could be fun.”


(The Next Day, Because I'm Still Lazy)

The time was now recess and I, the CMC and Pipsqueak came to stand in front of a small group of colts and fillies. Sweetie Belle pushed forward a small crate that she got from somewhere while Scootaloo put the colt on top of it. Us four stood around the crate while the group started to gather around him.

As more students began to fill in around the small colt, Apple Bloom quickly whispered to us behind her hoof. “Alright guys, just follow the idea we discussed yesterday and we'll get some votes for you Pip.”

Nodding to her, the farm filly cleared her throat.

“As everypony here knows, our dear friend Pipsqueak is running for Student Pony President and would like to make a speech about it.”

Turning her attention to Pip, she gestured to the group of students with a hoof. “So Pip, what would you do for the school if you became Pony President?”

Taking that as his cue, Pipsqueak cleared his threat before throwing a hoof to the air. “My fellow students, as you know our playground took quite the beating with Twilight’s battle against Tirek.”

To prove his point, one of the swings that a colt occupied broke sending him to the ground with a soft thump.

The colt continued his speech with a hoof to his chest. “If I’m elected your Pony President, I'll go to the School Board and right this wrong and get the school a new playground!”

Most of the colts and fillies cheered in agreement to Pip’s idea of getting a new playground which put a smile on our faces.

“Well I think that's just a ridiculous waste of money.” Came a snarky voice.

All the cheers stopped as a certain pink filly pushed herself through the group of students. Our smiles disappeared from our faces and were replaced by frowns as both me, the girls, and Pip recognized the filly.

Diamond Tiara. Also followed by Silver Spoon.

Getting in front of the crowd, Diamond Tiara lazily gestured a hoof to a filly who had cream colored fur with a curly red mane and tail who also had a Cutie Mark as two candy canes in the shape of a heart.

“It's just like when Twist here purposed to repair the window that Discord destroyed. She just wanted to repair it like an ordinary window.”

I exchanged a confused glance with Scootaloo who did the same as we stared at the rich filly. Diamond Tiara continued as she pranced around the group of students.

“You all should know that voting for me is a much better choice than voting for Pipsqueak, because I've convinced the School Board to give that window visual appeal.”

As the snobby filly said that, she pointed to the window on the school house which everyone turned their gaze to. What was their made me cringe in disbelief. On the window was a colored glass pane of Diamond Tiara in a pose with the sun behind her.

With a frown, Apple Bloom leaned next to Pip as she brought a hoof to her mouth. “Course it don't help that her mother, Spoiled Rich, is President of the School Board.”

I mentally cringed more at that. The mother of this filly being the President of the School Board makes me surprised that nothing else has badly happened to the school. But with her name being ‘Spoiled Rich’, just raises red flags to me. I was brought out of my mental cringe when Silver Spoon spoke startling AB and Pip.

“Exactly! Which is why when Diamond is voted as President, the school will be putting a statue of her in the center of the school yard!”

Silver tapped her hooves together with a huge smile on her face as if it was the greatest thing in the world which in my perspective, really wasn't. I was however surprised when Diamond pulled on the grey filly’s ponytail with a scowl which made her ears fall.

“What are you doing! That was my big announcement for when I won.” As the snobby filly spoke, she emphasized ‘big announcement’ and ‘won’ by harshly tapping her friend's chest and bumping noses.

I raised an eyebrow at this. As far as I'm concerned that's not how you treat a friend. With her ears still down, Silver gingerly rubbed her leg.

“I was only trying to help.”

Still having a scowl on her face, Diamond pointed a hoof at Silver as she spoke through clenched teeth. “Well I don't need that kind of help Silver.”

Before Diamond could continue Apple Bloom appeared next to the two as she threw her hooves towards them.

“Haven't we all had enough of Diamond Tiara and her ranting?”

Nodding my head in agreement I decided to voice my own opinion. “I'd have to think about this one with AB. I don't think we need a giant sized statue of her.”

Scoots nodded in agreement as she presented a hoof. “Mason is right. Do we really need that kind of thing with our school?”

“Especially since that is exactly where our school equipment is. If a giant statue is there, we won't be able to build a new playground.” Sweetie added in with a small frown.

As the girls made their accusations on Diamond Tiara’s idea, I could see her scowl becoming that more tense as she started to growl like an animal. To tell the truth, it kinda amused me.

Diamond was cut short though as chattering came around the group of students who took in consideration of our accusations. I was so occupied by the chattering I didn't notice the girls, along with Pip, had moved to put him on a high point. Turning I saw Scootaloo get as much air as she could to push the colt on top of a...giant horseshoe….how did I not notice that.

As I silently raised an eyebrow to myself, Pipsqueak waved a hoof to the whole schoolyard. “A vote for Pip is a vote for the playground!”

All the students cheered as some got on their hind hooves and kicked the air. All cheering was stopped when Diamond got under the horseshoe and put a hoof to her chest.

“A vote for Diamond Tiara is a vote for MORE Diamond Tiara!” The filly exclaimed on her hind hooves.

Diamond’s statement however was cut short when music began to play from, somewhere, again. I looked up the horseshoe to see the three CMC defying gravity as the walked up the horseshoe and began to sing to a song.

“It's time to make a change”
“This is our chance”

“Don't be afraid to do what's right”
“He's it! Vote for Pip!”

As the girls continued to sing, they made gestures towards the group of colts and fillies while also gesturing towards Pipsqueak. They even lifted him up for the ponies to see and jumped off the horseshoe with him. When they landed they started marching around the school yard while still singing their mysterious tune. I was watching with amusement so much that I didn't notice that I was walking behind the group and singing along.

Wait what?’

“We got an opportunity”
“To have fun again”

“A vote for Pip, and you can join the fight”
“It's time for a new leader”

Why am I singing and moving along with them? I didn't rehearse for this!’

“It's time to make a change”
“We're here to fight for what we believe”

“Vote for Pip!”

The girls continued their song while going to different ponies, who only smiled and looked like they were getting in the groove. They even went to a two fillies who soon fell of the merry-go-round.

Please make it stop.’

“It's finally time we beat her”
“And play a better game”

“'Cause when we vote together”
“There's nothing that we can't achieve”



Three flipping minutes later and this song is still going.’ I thought bitterly as I sat in my little spot. For the past three minutes I tried to stop myself from doing whatever the hell I was doing but with no success. Eventually I was able to put some dirt in my ears -uncomfortably mind you- which drowned out most of the music and singing. Fortunately for me, I stopped singing and could move to my own accord again. Unfortunately, my rear end was still bouncing to the beat.

Let me give you a quick visual of this. Have you ever seen that one video with that kid dancing with a dog that keeps bouncing it's butt in the air? Alright, now picture that on me. Ya got it? Good. Great. To other people it would probably be funny but to me it's annoying.

So I sat there with my rear end jumping up to the beat while annoyingly watching these ponies sing this song and go into a large booth to vote. One thing that amused me the most was when Diamond tried to get people on her side with threats and cruelty but with no success either. My ears perked up when I saw Silver Spoon come up to the pink filly and tap her shoulder.

“I've a tiny suggestion”
“That you should be aware”

“You could probably win this election”
“If you show them all you real—”

Diamond had an even bigger scowl as she glared at her friend. “I don't recall asking you to speak!”

When she said, all of the ponies gasped in shock like it was the most disgusting thing ever. While it was rude I didn't think it was that bad, she probably could have said worse. I'll be honest though, I was half expecting a pony to come out and say ‘oooohhh’.

Speak of the devil, a colt next to me put his hoof to his mouth as he looked left and right. “Oooohh.”

Ah, there he is.

Out of the corner of my eye, Sweetie Belle’s eyes narrowed. “Well, if that's how you treat your best friend, then I choose Pipsqueak!”

So does that mean the song is-



Taking my head I banged it against the fence that was behind me and repeatedly did it until I felt dizzy. The ponies still continued their song.

“Stand strong and don't be afraid, ponies”
“Let's free ourselves from the past”

“For Pip! Vote!”

S’gonna be a long day.’

“He's it! Vote for Pip! Vote!”


I have no idea what's happening right now. I simply just layed down, put my head in my hooves and fell asleep. I'm pretty sure Pip won and Diamond lost her friend -if she was her friend- Silver Spoon. After that, I got nothing.

A poke to my side brought me back to the living as I groggily opened my eyes and looked at the pony responsible. Who stood before me was Apple Bloom as she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Did ya really sleep through that whole ordeal?”

I stared at her blankly for a moment before rubbing my eyes and taking a look around. Most of the ponies were gone while a few remained. Behind Apple Bloom was Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo who had somewhat looks of bewilderment.

Getting up I stretched my back and wings as I blinked the sleep away. “I think, not quite sure to be honest.”

AB sized me up once and shook her head as she walked past me.

“Nevermahnd, we're going after Diamond Tiara.”

As the filly walked past, I took my time to mull over those words. When they clicked I raised in eyebrow in confusion.

“If I may ask, why are we going after Diamond Tiara?”

Without stopping, Sweetie Belle turned her head towards me. “Because we're going to make sure she's ok. Like AB said, just because she doesn't care for ponies don't mean we can't care for her.” With that she and her friends continued on her way.

I stared at the fillies as they walked towards the town. On one hoof, I didn't want anything to do with that rich filly but on the other, they had a point.


Screw it.

“Hey guys wait up!”


Me and the Crusaders followed after the pink filly as she sulked through the town. The entire time we watched her, she payed no mind to the ponies she passed, with her head down and ears flat. It was almost sad. Almost.

Okay maybe just a little sad.

We peered around the corner of a building as the filly passed by a...oh how do I say this lightly...snobbish, crooked, and possibly spoiled mare who watched the filly walk by. The mare’s appearance was that of a salmon pink I believe, with a well done purple mane and tail. She also wore a blue shirt, or at least I think it was a shirt, With a jeweled necklace. Her cutie mark was that of a diamond ring.

“Diamond Tiara, why are you making that face?”

Wow, even the voice sells it.

Having finally noticed the mare, Diamond went wide eyed for only a second before going back to her sulky mood. The mare walked around Diamond as she continued to speak.

“If I recall correctly my dear, that is not the face of a winner.”

I raised an eyebrow as my mouth slightly opened in shock. She's not one of those mares is she?

Diamond seemed to look even more depressed as her ears pressed firmly against her head. “It's because I didn't win.”

The mare gasped with wide eyes. “What! You mean I hefted all these party supplies to celebrate nothing!”

Me and the crusades looked ahead of the two to see some maids carrying bags, balloons, and even an old stallion carrying the statue of her. Didn't last until he was crushed under it and of course, he's still alive from it. That is if his frantic sweeping hooves is anything to go by. I looked to the mare again and raised an eyebrow.

I’m starting to think she's one of those mares.’

Leaning next to Sweetie Belle, I put a hoof to my mouth as I whispered. “Hey, who's the mare over there?”

Sweetie still watching the mare and filly conversation leaned in without taking her gaze off them. “That's Diamond’s mother, Spoiled Rich.”

My eyes widen slightly as I looked back at the mare. ‘That’s Spoiled Rich?! Man, talk about fitting the description.’

I was brought from my thoughts when the pair continued to conversate.

“As a rich pony my dear, you must always think of your social standing,” Spoiled looked off to the side of other rich ponies and waved with a smile before looking back at Diamond with what looked like s bored expression, “that starts here in Ponyville and reaches all over Equestria.”

The mare cupped the filly’s chin with her hoof as she got real close to her face which prompted Diamond’s ears to fall. “Never forget that Diamond Tiara, EVER!”

Me and the girls cringed at the harshness in that. I may not like the filly but that was a little too far for my liking. Boy, now I feel bad for accusing of how her parents raised her on my first day of school.

We continued to spy on the filly as she watched her mother go. When she was far enough away from Diamond, she walked over to a glass window of a jewel shop that had a large diamond on display. While she did that I heard that mysterious music start to play again. My ears fell.

She’s not going to…

“If I'm a diamond”
“Then why do I feel so rough?”

Yes, yes she is.’

“I'm as strong as a stone”
“Even that's not enough”

“There's something jagged in me
And I've made such mistakes
I thought that diamonds were hard
Though I feel I could break”

“Would you believe
That I've always wished I could be somepony else?
Yet I can't see
What I need to do to be the pony I want to be”

“I've been told my whole life
What to do, what to say
Nopony showed me that
There might be some better way”

“And now I feel like I'm lost
I don't know what to do
The ground is sinking away
I'm about to fall through”

“Would you believe
That I've always wished I could be somepony else?
Yet I can't see
What I need to do to be the pony I want to be”

“To be the pony I want to be”

As the filly sang, she went around the town looking at many ponies. She even stopped at a bridge and sadly watched as a stallion and filly walked by happily. We followed her as she sulked through town with her head and ears down low.

When the song ended the Crusaders and I stopped a few feet away from her.

“Is it weird,” I heard Sweetie Belle say causing us to look at her, “that I feel bad for her?”

As we all had frowns on our faces, Scootaloo rubbed the back of her neck. “If it is, then I guess I'm weird too.”

Apple Bloom's ears fell in sympathy for the rich filly. “She wants to change but she doesn't know how.”

I rubbed my chin with a hoof as I watched the filly go. “We should help her shouldn’t we?”

The girls cast a glance at me before exchanging glances with each other. Each of them smiled as they nodded.

“She needs help changing,” Sweetie gestured to the filly, “and we can help her out with it!”

“So how are we going to do that?” I asked as the filly went behind a building and out of view.

“Simple,” AB began as she walked back the way we came, “we invite her to our treehouse and work from their.”

The rest of the fillies followed while I raised an eyebrow. “Are you telling me you only have a plan that goes as far as asking Diamond Tiara to come to our treehouse?”

Excitedly trotting ahead, Scootaloo nodded. “Yup!”

I shook my head. “Well you girls are the boss so I guess I'll follow.” I answered as I followed the Crusaders.

(Next Day After School)
(I'm Still Lazy, Don't Judge Me)

As the bell to the schoolhouse rang, the fillies and colts quickly left with haste to finish the rest of their day. A certain rich filly however was depressingly walking away from the schoolhouse by herself while I and the Crusaders watched.

The three fillies ran ahead as I strayed behind not really knowing any idea on how we were going to do this. The Crusaders only said that we would talk about things, show her things, and etcetera on things. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention but I'll still go with this. A chance to change Diamond Tiara for the better is a darn good deed done.

“Hey Diamond Tiara! Wait up!”

The rich filly stopped in her tracks as she turned to us with a scowl. “What do you four want? To gloat and rub my failure in my face?”

“Actually,” AB said with a nervous smile, “we were wondering if you'd like to come to our clubhouse.”

Diamond Tiara froze in her tracks as she slowly turned to us with disbelief. “Really.”

We all exchanged grins and I nodded. “Really, really.”

Diamond stared at us with a raised eyebrow. She tsked as a slight scowl came back. “Well thanks to you guys, I don't have any important Class President business to attend to. As a matter of fact, I don't have anything to do, so I might as well.”

The filly finished speaking with crossed hooves and a large frown that looked comical. My friends and I exchanged looks before setting them on the filly. Sweetie Belle was about to speak before I beat her to it.

“So is that a yes or a no?”


I guess it was a yes. I sat in the club house with the Crusaders as they showed Diamond Tiara the abode. Diamond crucially eyed the insides of our HQ as she walked around asking about things and criticizing us with an attitude. At this point I think she was playing it as an act.

As Diamond continued walking around, she came up to the list of ideas that we make for our Cutie Marks. “So do you four just sit around all day coming up with different ways to earn your Cutie Marks?”

The girls exchanged looks as they nodded with me answering her. “Yup, pretty much.”

Diamond critically started at the paper and looked to me. “And you do it with these three all day?”

I stared blankly at her as I thought about it and shrugged.

She exchanged a look between each of us before pointing a hoof. “You four….are….really lucky.”

There she goes again, acc- I'm sorry, what?

The girls and I eyed her with baffled looks, although them more than me. I've heard of the ways she's treated the fillies and I can say it's not much that you hear a compliment from the filly.


Diamond nodded. “Yeah, you all get to explore these options, learning who you really are before you're stuck with something you don't understand.”

Us four exchanged looks of sympathy before AB stepped forward. “But you've done that, right?”

The filly huffed. “Pff, yeah, ‘cause I have my Cutie Mark and I'm not struggling at all to figure out what the heck it means, what the heck it's supposed to mean, and what the heck I'm supposed to be doing. Specifically with the mark that's on my flank.”

Again, possibly for the fourth time today, me and the fillies exchanged look as AB raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure ‘bout that?”

Diamond Tiara comically scrunched up her face. “Pff, that's a weird question to ask.”

“Not really,” I said catching her attention, “because we may or may not have spied on you and overheard everything you said.”

Diamond narrowed her eyes and point accusingly at me. “Is that the next talent you were going for? A Cutie Mark for spying?”

“No, not really….although I don't think we actually tried that.” I said with my hoof to my chin. This earned a disbelieving look from the filly.

“Uh, what Mason means to say is that we were worried about you when you lost the election and from losing your friend.”

When Sweet finished, Diamond’s look immediately went from shocking disbelief, to depressed with fallen ears. AB continued for Sweetie Belle which made the poor filly become even more crestfallen.

“We know now that you want to change Diamond and we think we-”

Of course, Apple Bloom didn't get to finish for that same voice from a few days ago came back, but more distressed.


We looked to the door with raised confusion and concern as the tell-tale sign of Pipsqueak calling for our help again. We went to the door to find the little colt prancing in place.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders!”

“What's wrong this time Pip!” I asked as I came out of the clubhouse.

He looked at us pleadingly. “I was at the School Board Meeting today to talk about the new playground, but they didn't approve because there isn't enough in the budget for it. So when I went to check my little peggy bank for some bits.”

Pipsqueak pulled out what looked like a small piggy bank he was carrying and shook it upside down. What came out was some dust balls and a piece of candy.

“But it wasn't enough!” Pip cried.

I stared at the things that came out of the bank with a raised eyebrow. ‘I don't think that's anywhere near to be called enough.’

The girl's faces of worry became that of determination as they looked at the small colt. “Don't worry Pip, we’ll sort this out.” Sweetie said.

“We’ll meet you back at school.” Added Scoots.

“And help you find a solution!” Finished AB.

The colt looked to me and I just nodded. At this point I was just here for the ride. I didn't really know what to do in this whole ordeal....I should probably get practice for it.

The colt sighed as relief washed over his face and tipped a hoof to us. “Thank you Crusaders! I'll see you at the school!”

As the colt left, Diamond Tiara came out from behind us with a smug grin. “Oh I already have a solution. Our dear New Pony President is going to be kicked out of the office and I'll be reinstated. It's foolproof!”

With that, the rich filly ran off the ramp of the clubhouse and made a beeline for the town. The girls looked with worry and panic while I just narrowed my eyes. I'm starting to see not much will change.

Apparently the girls were still determined. “Come on Crusaders we have to stop her before she makes a big mistake!”

Bless their hearts.

As they ran ahead and I stayed behind, I got an idea. She's going to be running from them the entire time so why not slow her down.


I just got an idea that might or might not work and is probably not really needed for this so that I don't have to listen to another song. Because I can clearly see their singing, that is if the music in the background is anything to go by.


Screw it, i'm still gonna do it.

Bringing myself to full speed, I galloped out of the farm and towards the town. If this plan -that most definitely isn't needed- is gonna work, I need some help planning it.

And I know just the mare.’

Arriving at the town I looked around to see if the mare in question was around. Not finding her I took a random street while passing other ponies who looked to me in confusion.

As I ran I caught site of the Crusaders a few times still chasing after Diamond Tiara. They were actually keeping a good pace on her. But they were still singing. How can they do that and still have enough stamina to gallop?

Shaking my head I continued to run looking left and right. When I took a turn down a random street I froze in my tracks when I heard the tell-tale sign of bouncing. Smiling I turned towards it and galloped faster. Eventually I saw the mare I needed to see, bouncing smoothly and happily down the street. She even still had that smile on her face. It's so pleasing to see it.

Still going at full speed, I went to call her name but was stopped by a pink blur that caught me in a tight hug. It took me a while to register what happened and when it did I happily hugged the pink blur back.

“How are you doing my little colt.” Pinkie said calmly. I smiled as I looked to the mare who gave me a motherly one back.

“Good, but I need your help with something.”

Nodding Pinkie ended the embrace. “What do you need?”

Taking a few breaths, I told my new mother my plan. “Let's just say that a certain pony is not really having the right idea right now so we have to slow them down so we can possibly talk to them and give them some common sense.”

My mother stared at me for a moment before a smile touched her lips. “Ah I see what your getting at here.”

As quick as I could respond, Pinkie took a giant chalk board out of nowhere and set on the path in front of us. She took a piece of chalk that sat on the board and began to draw a small map of Ponyville. Somehow, my mother was able to draw the three fillies and Diamond Tiara on it heading towards the school. She drew us a couple blocks away from them and sat the chalk down.

Pinkie put a cap on her head that said ‘thinking cap’ and stared critically at the chalkboard, probably trying to devise a plan. Shrugging I did the same. We stood their for a few minutes while other ponies stared confusingly, but shrugged when they saw Pinkie sitting next to the board.

Mom’s face lit up when she started bouncing and pointed at the board.

“Oh-oh, what if we- er...no wait.”

Her hoof fell as she went back to thinking. My hoof then went up when an idea came to me.

“What if we- um….no that's not right.”

But was shot down when I thought about it. Me and my mother continued staring at the board in silence until Pinkie got and idea. Looking at the board, she took out a piece of paper and started writing on it. When she was done, she looked at her work and nodded. Handing it to me she ruffled my mane and gave me a kiss on the head.

“Hopefully that will help out bud, have a nice day!” With that the party pony took her chalk board and bounced off.

I smiled at her and stared at the paper she gave me. This plan was crazy the more I looked at it. It was completely crazy.

So crazy….it just might work.

Shrugging, I made a beeline for the schoolhouse.


Bad news, I won't get to use that plan Pinkie gave me. It looked really fun and would give tons of laughs I'll tell you what. So I'll have to save it for later.

Good news, there was no more singing.

And the new playground equipment was enormous. Guess Pipsqueak is still Pony President. Although, I was mainly asking myself how they built that so quickly but shrugged it off on them using magic or something. Also Diamond Tiara seems happy about something and so do the Crusaders. Like seriously, they were bouncing all over the place.

As I came closer I was tackled by an orange blur. The impact was so great, me and the attacker rolled in the grass a few times before coming to a stop with me underneath an orange filly who looked really irritated.

“Where the hay were you! You just missed something that could have changed your life!”

I confusingly looked up at the filly as she stared me down. “Um, what thing?”

Seeming to become even more enraged, she got up in my face till we were touching noses. “The thing! The thing that you missed because you were off somewhere and missed the biggest opportunity of your life!”

“I see that but I don't know what the thing is!” I said with confusion. Before Scootaloo could say anything else, AB pulled her off which she struggled to while Sweetie Belle helped me to my hooves.

“Thanks.” Sweetie only nodded and settled her gaze on Scoots who tried to get out of AB’s grip but with no cigar.

“Jus’ calm down Scoots, Mason doesn't know what happened because he wasn't here.”

Stopping in her struggling for a moment, the pegasus filly looked at the farm filly with a glare. “That's why I'm struggling, he missed an opportunity that we have been trying to get our whole life and doesn't even know what it is!”

“Ok what is this big opportunity exactly?” I asked to diffuse this situation. From the scene we were making the students with some mares and stallions were starting to gather around.

“Well Mason, do you notice anything different about us?” Sweetie asked with a grin. I stared at her before I looked over her. I could still see the same horn, mane, fur, eyes, and whatever else she had in her appearance. The only difference was that Cutie Mark on her flank.

Wait. Pause.

I stared wide eyed at the Cutie Mark that rested right on Sweetie’s flank which only made her grin bigger. I looked at the other two to see they had a Cutie Mark as well.

Their Cutie Mark was a shield of three different colors, red, pink, and a light purple. While that was the same for all three of them, the shapes on their Cutie Marks were different.

Sweetie Belle had a purple star with a pink musical note on it, AB had a purple apple with a pink heart on it, and Scoots had a purple wing with a pink lightning bolt on it.

I stayed in that potion with my mouth agape and my eyes wide as I stared at their Cutie Marks. Sweetie and AB looked at me with smug grins while Scoots still seem irritated. Eventually I closed my mouth and blinked.

“Huh, you guys finally got your Cutie Marks.”

Apparently that might have not been the right answer for Scoots.

“That's all you can say? After all that we've been through to get our Cutie Marks, all you can say is THAT!”

I cast a gaze to both Sweetie and AB who both shrugged with confusion and back to Scootaloo. “Uh….yes?”

The filly blinked until her gaze hardened and she doubled her efforts to lash out at me. AB was clearly struggling to keep her friend under control so Sweetie joined in to help her.

“My gosh Scoots calm down! What is so wrong about Mason not having a Cutie Mark?!”

Scoots stopped her struggling as she immediatly folded her wings out surprising Apple Bloom into letting her go. Being freed from the farm mare she pried Sweetie's hooves off. When she was free she walked away from them and rotated her feathery appendages to get the kinks out. She then put her hardened gaze on them.

“It's so important because he missed out on it! Because he wasn't here, we don't know if he was suppose to get the same Cutie Mark as us. Now all three of us have one except him.”

Our two other friends exchanged looks as they mulled over her words. I mulled over them as well. It was understandable that she'd act like this because I don't have a Cutie Mark but yet again, it couldn't be my true talent. To be honest I didn't know quite what to do in that situation. I was mainly there for the ride if anything.

“Well that may be the case Scoots, but something tells me that isn't my special talent.”

Scootaloo looked to at me with what almost looked like tears in her eyes. “B-but...what if you don't want to go on adventures with us because you don't have a Cutie Mark?”

I raised an eyebrow. Unexpected answer but I see where she's coming from. I grabbed the filly in an embrace with one hoof over her shoulders.

“Now just because I don't have a Cutie Mark doesn't mean we can't go on adventures to find mine.”

“But what if that moment was your Cutie Mark?” She asked as her ears fell.

I shrugged. “What does your Cutie Mark mean?”

Sweetie held a hoof to her flank as she answered for Scoots. “It means that our special talent is finding out what another pony’s special talent is. Basically helping them find out who they really are, like Diamond Tiara being good at telling people what to do as a leader!”

Looking over to the filly, she smiled and nodded in response. I looked back at Sweetie and took a glance at her Cutie Mark.

“What about the shape of that music note?”

She blinked as she took a glance at it and blushed a little. “I think it means I can sing well?”

It was more of a question than a statement but I'll take her word for it because on occasion, I would hear the filly sing when she cleans the clubhouse. This prompted me to guess that AB's apple was representing her life on an apple farm and Scoot's represented her speed.

Coming out from my thoughts I brought my attention back to the pegasus. “Well either way, your guys special talent is helping others find theirs so it's the perfect thing for you guys to help me.”

I could see hope in Scoot’s eyes as her ears perked. “So you'll still hang out and go on adventures with us?”

I nodded truthfully. “Of course! Just because I don't have my own mark doesn't mean I'm not gonna hang out with you.”

Scootaloo immediately lit up as she hugged the air out of me. I hesitantly hugged the filly back. We didn't stay like that for long as she seemed to tense up and ended the embrace with a blush and sheepish smile.

“Uh-heh, um, sorry about that.”

I just grinned at the filly. “Ah it's no trouble.”

It was an awkward silence for a while as the other ponies around us began to disperse from our little scene. Some of the fillies and colts even started playing on the new equipment. I casted a glance around until my eyes settled on the three ponies in front of me.

“So what now?”

Putting a hoof to her chin, Apple Bloom thought for a moment and shrugged. “Go crusading?”

Thinking about it I shrugged as well. “Meh, could be fun.”

The fillies giggled as they walked back into town. I followed behind with a little smile of my own as Scootaloo was next to me.

And she still had a faint blush on her face.