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Can a Star Have a Heart? - TheHeartsSisters

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Chapter 3


After finding out that she was one of the rightful daughters of Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor, and after moving into the Cantorlot castle for the time being, Ruby thought her and her new boyfriend would be together forever. On a happy day like that one, the couple laid in a field not far from the castle and cuddled up with each other.

"This really is the best birthday I have ever had," Kasper said.

"Yeah?" Ruby questioned, "Did you have a favorite before this one?"

Kasper shook his head. "Nope. Me and my brothers would always fight about the presents my mom and aunt Luna would give us."

"Well what did you get?"

Kasper smirked at Ruby. "True story. Aunt Luna gave me a moon rock that Flare was so jealous of. He tackled me to ground, teleported away with it, and soon we found out he went to some alternate universe with creature called 'humans'."

Ruby giggled. "That's crazy!" she said in awe.

"Yeah? Guess how long it took us to calm him down after the incident." They both laughed. Kasper then put a wing around Ruby and sigh as he looked her in the eyes.

They stared endlessly at each other until Ruby spoke up. "Can I ask you something?" she said nervously.

"You just did," Kasper said sticking his tongue out. Ruby rolled her eyes at him. "Ru-Ru, you know you can ask me anything. Whatever you need, I'm here."

Ruby sighed. "Well," she said shaken, "It's kind of weird but...." Ruby closed her eyes and exploded with her question. "Can a star have a heart?"

Kasper looked a bit puzzled and chuckled at the scared little unicorn. "Although that's a question for me aunt," he started, "I think anything can have a heart. Living or not." Kasper pulled Ruby closer. "Look at me and you. I have a star for a cutie mark and you have a heart. You are my heart." Ruby faced Kasper and to his surprise, she began to cry. Kasper shook his head in denial. "Oh-no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to-" Before he could finish his statement, Ruby planted a kiss on his warm, soft lips. Kasper kissed back and held on tightly to his loving mare.

When the kiss was broken, Ruby smiled with tears of joy streaming from her eyes. "I love you, too," she said. Without a reply, Kasper held Ruby even closer in a warm embrace they both never wanted to get out of. By the time the sun had fled and the moon took it's place, they laid there, looking at the beautiful night sky with their star shining over them.

~~ 1 YEAR LATER ~~

It was a day quiet like no other. Ruby laid peacefully in a field, waiting for the sun to fully set with her eyes half open. Her whole day was stressful. In fact, she had a stressful couple of mouths. Could it have been her fights with Kasper. Or maybe the fact that she might not have known what love was in the first place. Or did she just misses him....? A lot...?

She couldn't quiet figure it out, but it haunted her ever seems Kasper left on some "family trip" with his brothers. "Family trip my flank," she mumbled in anger. Ruby took in a big breath of air and let it out with a large sigh. "Today of all days and you aren't back yet nor have you visited." The sun slowly lowered into the ground and as it did, Ruby's eyes flooded with tears. "I can't believe I have to wait every night around the same time as always for you to show me you're still alive and well."

Ruby shivered and blinked the tears away, but it was too much. The white unicorn broke down in the short, soft grass. Every breath she tried so desperately to take sucked in the dirt and pollen from the ground. Every exhale pushed out hard and heavy coughs of sadness. The tears wouldn't stop no matter how badly Ruby wanted them to.

It was conformed right then and there. Ruby didn't just miss her lover. She missed her star. She missed her protector. She missed her bright knight light in the darkness of night skies. She longed for it to come home to her and on that day, she expected it to return.

"Why did you leave me?" she cried, "WHHHHYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!"

Author's Note:

Dear Darwin,
I know we've had a fallout or two.... or three... and I know everyone's turning on you, but no matter what I've done and what you've done, we will always be one person. We will always be together. You say you don't deserve me and sometimes I think you're right, but I feel the same about you everyday and every night. Do you know how much really love you? Do you know how much I truly need you? I bet you do but I'll tell you anyways. You are my love. You are my life. I've said this day in and day out. I swear, if I ever lost you, I wouldn't have another love ever again. You are my last blazing bright star in the darkest of night skies. I lost my first bright star this same year and I'm not losing another one. I know you're a one way trip away, but it feels like you're in far, far away land. I want to touch you. Even the graze of your dark chocolate fingertips across my shoulder would be enough for me right now. I want to kiss you again. If you only peaked my cheek the next time we meet, it would appease me enough to the point where I wouldn't even beg for more. I want to see your brown eyes with the flame of our love wrapped around them. I miss the way you love me. Hearing your voice is the only thing keeping me happy inside, and yet, it haunts me every night. I can't just call you anymore.... I need your physical body right next to me... talking with me... talking to me.... I need it badly. I miss you so much. I love you, Darwin.

Your one and only,
~ Linise

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7567433 Sad fact, I based literally all of it off of what's happening in my real life....... The whole story pretty much happened this year..... *sigh* yep.... :fluttershyouch:

7567448 sometimes live can be pretty mean...

7567470 Ruby was adopted by Short Cut and Maria Oil (the couple you meet in chapter one). The whole backstories is Short and Maria wanted to adopt and see if they could take care of a foul before having one of their own. Short saw Ruby and fall in love with her (as a father, not an incestuous butthole) and they took her home. Ruby's real mom and dad are Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor. For more clearafication see Ruby. Its not quiet done yet but it explains better than I do.

7606845 It's alright... It's not like he cared for me in the first place.... My only true friend was my grandmother..... I miss her so much... :fluttercry:

Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up,
I need your loving hands to come and pick me up,
And every night I miss you
I can just look up
And know the stars are
Holding you, holding you, holding you
-"Tonight" by FM Static

They may not have hearts, but they do hold the people who care for you.

7626180 Oh my God...! You're gonna make me cry... I don't know weather I should thank you or not but I'll do it anyways! Thank you :fluttershysad:

This story is so beautiful! :fluttercry::heart:

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