• Published 15th Sep 2016
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Can a Star Have a Heart? - TheHeartsSisters

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Chapter 1

It was nine in the evening on an oddly snow less December. On a moonlit night like that one, it had to be the perfect night to look at the stars. Not a cloud was in the sky and Ruby had begged her father to take her to a near by field just so they could lay down and stare at the sky. The moon shined brighter than usual and Ruby admired how beaming it was. She was happy to be with her dad for once.

After the announcement of a new foul coming, Ruby and her father were distant for a while. This was the first time in a long time since they've had father daughter time. Ruby and her father, Short Cut, missed the old days. All the fun and laughter they shared. This night was the best time to have a reunion.

"Daddy! Daddy!" she squealed, "Look at that star!" Up in the sky, a bright star appeared to be rising later than the others. "Its beautiful."

The star rose up a bit shaky and seemed to weirdly move left and right. "That's new," Short Cut said, sitting up to get a better look. The two watched the star intently, wondering why it arose so funny. The more they stared at the star, the more it seemed to wiggle. "I don't think that's a star, Ruby."

Ruby looked puzzled at her father. "Yes it is, daddy," she smiled, "It looks just like one." The jittery star flickered in bursts of cosmic energy.

"But stars don't shake, sweetheart," her dad explained, "They can shimmer and shine, but never has a star risen so wiggly." Ruby glanced back at the star. "I'm sorry, but whatever it is, I know it's not-"

"Look!" Ruby interrupted. She pointed up at the star and gazed in wonder at it's bright glow. The star began rising normally and more gracefully. Around it, two other stars swirled round and round in a dance that seemed to quicken in pace. It shined brighter and bolder as the two other stars dances around faster and faster.

Ruby's jaw dropped in awe. The stars put her in a trance that she could not wake from. She stood to her hooves, still staring at the light show of stars in the sky and stepped closer. They were so bright that the shining light gleamed in her eyes and sparked something passionate inside her. Her eyes dilated wider with every second she watched.

"Ruby....?" Short Cut called, standing up and waved a hoof in front of Ruby's eyes trying to wake her up. She was too fixed on the beauty of the stars to answer her dad. "Ruby!"

Suddenly, the stars in the sky burst into a great array of colorful flares and solar outcasts that left Ruby breathless. "Wow," she said in awe. The bold colors highlighted the sky with shades of red, blue and green that soon swirled around and faded into a purple.

Short Cut looked up at the sky in pure shock. "Woah...." he gasped. At that moment, Ruby turned to her father and he turned to her. They exchanged wide eyes of disbelief, wonder, and amazement.

As the star settled in the night sky, Ruby snuggled up next to her father and continued to stare at the sky. "Daddy?" she called with a soft yawn.

"Yes, Ruby," her dad answered holding her closer.

Ruby closed her eyes and sighed. "Can a star have a heart?" she asked.

Short Cut fidgeted for a second. 'How do I answer that?' he thought. Ruby nuzzled her head into her dad's chest, waiting for a response. "Well...... I don't-" He was interrupted by a sigh from Ruby and her head drooping repeatedly. It was way past her bed time. Once Ruby seemed to drift into a world of sleep, Short Cut sighed in relief as he picked the little filly up and put her on his back and whispered, "I don't wanna hurt you, Ruby but that's a silly question." With his wings, he covered her and took her home so they both could get some sleep.

When they made it home, Ruby's mom, Maria Oil, was laying on floor rubbing her baby belly. "Where have you two been?" she asked in a worried tone.

"We're fine, babe," Short Cut said quietly. He glanced back at the sleeping little unicorn on his back and smiled. "We're just a bit sleepy. That's all."


For the past two days, Ruby stayed locked in her room as little sister, Honey, screamed and cried for more attention. 'Why is she still CRYING!!!' she thought in anger. Through out the house, hoof steps were heard going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth past Ruby's room. 'Does he even care that we were supposed to go see Granny Mac today?!' It was so annoying to her that she had to stuff cotton in her ears just to hear herself think. Sadly, it didn't work so well.

Ruby grow more and more angry with every clip-clop of hooves running past her door. No one checked on her in awhile either. The muffled crying was unbearable and Ruby's eye twitched as the wining baby's loud screaming exploded with a big, MMMMMAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

"That's IT!!" Ruby screamed as she jumped up and yanking the cotton from her ears, "I'm going to go see why they haven't checked on my and why were not leaving to go to Granny Mac's house!!" In a rust to unlock the door, she nearly break it down trying to got out the house.

As she stomped down the stares, her dad went past not knowing what she was doing or where she was going in such a hurry. "Whoa, where's the fire," he said.

"In your room," Ruby hissed.

Her dads playful face turn quickly into anger. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked as calmly as he could.

"Why is she still crying?" Ruby snapped, "I didn't cry that much. Plus, why aren't we going to Grandma's house. You said you would take me!" She took a few more steps down stares and made it to the bottom step before turning around to talk to her dad.

"She's a baby, Ruby!" Short Cut snapped back, "Where is this attitude coming from?!"

"I don't have an attitude!! I want my family back!!"

"What do you mean!! We're right here, in the house, doing our jobs!!"

"Not with me!! We use to do everything together, but now its just you and Honey Sweet against the world!!" Ruby broke down in sadness as ran towards the door crying, "I WANT MY DADDY BACK!!! I HATE YOU!!!"

Behind the door, her mother entered. "I-I can't believe this," she stuttered and sniffed. Out of nowhere, she collapsed on the floor and broke down in tears. She screamed with her hooves repeatedly hitting herself in the head.

Short Cut ran up to her and held her tightly, keeping her from hurting herself. "Maria, what happened!?" he asked, worriedly, "What's wrong!?"

In soft tone, she tried to make out the words. "Mommy, what's wrong!?" Ruby cried in confusion.

"It's mom...." Maria whimpered, "She passed away."

Author's Note:

This first chapter in more for my grandma, who would've been 70 this year. It fits perfectly in a special timeline called "My Life".

I miss you, Grandma Deen.

And I miss you, Granny Mac.