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Can you imagine waking in the middle of an unfamiliar forest with no memory of your friends, family, name, or even yourself? This is the world a lone changeling finds herself in one night. Join her as she struggles to answer questions about her own identity, and what kind of place she wants in the world of ponies around her.

Set shortly after the defeat of the changelings in Canterlot, before Twilight's ascension. It takes place mostly in Ponyville, so you can expect we will be running into the mane six and several other of our favorite ponies!

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If said changeling was voiced, what would she sound like?

Comment posted by Everace deleted Jun 8th, 2016


If you listen to the voice of Queen Chrysalis, you may notice an odd vibration that gives her voice an alien quality. I imagine this to be a common quality among changelings, which is what I'm trying to describe when I say her voice is rough and alien sounding. Comparing her voice directly to that of Chrysalis, this changeling has a much deeper alto. If I could pick an actress to voice her, I might go with Mariah Carey giving me her best deep and husky.

Artists Interested in Creating Cover Art:

I had two possible scenes in mind. First is a scene where our main changeling discovers that the fruit from a tree won't ease her hunger, and so she smashes a piece against the tree in frustration. It's set at night in White Tail Forest, so it will be a much more welcoming atmosphere than the Everfree Forest. Also the sky is visible from the ground, which offers the option of illustrating moonbeams. The tree is described only as having bright fruits, so go nuts as long as you don't make them something like swastika fruits :p

Second is the scene in which our changeling stumbles upon the pony Pivotal Pledge in chapter 1. I'd like Piv to still be pinned under the boulder, our main character only just having arrived on the scene, with his partially buried saddlebags visible in the picture. The saddlebags themselves are not given much description, so consider them at the artists discretion. Despite the fact that Piv's fall shortly thereafter becomes fatal, please no gore. I'm looking to maintain a rating consistent with the MLP show itself.

Thank you in advance for your consideration, I look forward to seeing wonderful artwork from any who are interested!

I logged on recently to find that there had been a recent spike in readership for this story. I even got another like, which rather made my day! I figure if people are reading it again, I'm quite happy to start writing it again. The latest chapter, "Zecora's Promise", has been posted!

Well... Murphy is lurking! can't wait for the Next!

8112659 Thanks for your support! Piv is likely hoping to continue his new persona with impunity at this point. In order to do that he'll have to find ways to deal with Meta, Zecora, Twilight, and even Veil herself. Easy!

The first scene of "From Light to Darkness" is actually a bonus scene, not included in the original outline. Please enjoy the extended cut!

as I just started this story I can say the first chapter is good, if a bit rough around the edges.
but as this is your first story and first chapter I can say this is a vary good and I am sure things will smooth out as the story progresses.

I kind of guessed about the wedding but dang this is going to get interesting fast.

a trip to the Everfree forest.
things are about to get compacted.

8177248 I'm pleased that it kept you reading, thanks for commenting!

ok it looks as if the site is messed up and not pinging me when I have direct comments agene.

ok I am now up to date with this story.
first is it a good story? yes.
I am vary happy to see you are learning as you go and have corrected one of the things authors seam to miss.
lack of describing things. it is the details that bring a story to life and is vary hard to do at the same time.

I was going to point this out a few thing hear and their needed to be expanded on but you seam to be self fixing your chapters as you go.
I will defiantly be watching for more chapters and to see how you develop your righting grows.
If you ever have question or just want to throw ideas around feel free to contact me or if you want I do host a chat for everypony on this site check my blog for details.

8177814 Practice makes perfect! My writing skills had been rusting for years before I decided to write Pony Persona, but every page I write helps to change that. It is also the first work of this length that I'm actually going to finish (the nearest runner up never got past Chapter 4) which I suppose just goes to show that I must be much more enthusiastic about MLP than any of the other things I used to write about, haha!

after talking with several friends (authors) I can give you one bit of advice,
never force a chapter if it does not want to be put on paper it wont be.
on the other side of the if you feel the need to get words out do it never allow it to just sit and be forgotten.
I know of 2 authors that keep paper or tablet handy at all times just for that reason.

I do not right, that is not saying I do not have a story trapped in side my head I just am not able to put it to paper my mind does not work that way you and all authors do not under stand the gift you have in putting word to paper.

Who made the cover art, and where can I find him?

8178314 It ended up being me, but sadly I have no artistic talent. I used Pony Creator to make Piv's face:


Then I spliced it together with a good shot of a changeling using paint and added a cool border between them. I'm happy with how it turned out, although I'd still really love something drawn by a real artist.

bout time Twilight needs a good ass whopping to teach her some manners.
love this chapter.

8192278 Oh, actually I like Twilight as much as any pony. She may have come off a bit brusque in this most recent chapter due to her strong feelings about changelings at this point in the timeline, since the Canterlot Wedding just happened. Doing bad things to a pony's brother and childhood babysitter is a great way to get on their bad side!

yep I kind of guessed this is ware you ware going with this.

Good lord, the gender identity conflict is quite compelling. This has definitely been worth my time and makes me want to write again! Thx!

So pleased to have you join the party! Thank you for reading!

Thank you for sharing this story...
It really touches my heart and I sincerely look forward to reading more or this.
I see many relatable thought patterns here, Unification definitely hit home.

Thanks again~~~<3

I've thumbed it up and will there be more?

i'm eager to read more if it ever gets written.

Not dead. Possibly an Ent? Three and three quarters years for one chapter is pretty good for an Ent.

I'm lost.time to reread

Interesting. That kind of mental glitch is not common. Wonder what flavor this is?

It sounds like Operation Plan 28 part C, but something went wrong in the release? In any case, what a (mostly) seamless transition into Operation Plan 12a!
Bet that S.M.I.L.E. agent is suspicious....

Had to go away? Was going to get married? Yeah, this is definitely number 28. Whelp, time to salvage the situation...

Considering they were to be wed immediately it's a small wonder they weren't already living together. But it's fortuitous he has a separate domicile.

Interesting. So the schism may not have been an accident...

Was kinda wondering if he would taste their emotions on the food, but that's probably later.

An infiltrator trying to recover them? Curious.

Wait, were they a rogue splinter group? Oh boy...

Luckily he caught up.
Learned Magic Blast!

It's always the subtle things.

Well there goes those theories. Just a coincidence then. Oh well.
The Voice is very concerning, caution will be required when taking the advice and reactions rendered.

Yeah, it's tough to resolve cognitive dissonance, especially when it gets so bad you split personalities because of it. Wonder why this case is special...

Heh, trust the crazy mares to make something it's not.
Frankly surprised he wasn't panicking at the sudden ambush.

As always, it's too late to apologize...

Yeah. They haven't fully developed protocols, but that's the main reason you don't let them self-apply the dispell salve.
Why is it storming anyways? Who scheduled that?!

That was not nearly as painless as expected. Time to break the mould!

Well despite their lack of organization it seems the operation is so far successful. Time to sneak up from behind!

No, of course it doesn't make things right. But it's a start...

It's funny, because her name means "truth".

Happy to have a new reader! Thanks for your comments! So now all that's left is to see how things get on now that the conflict has been Resolved.

a grate few chapters.
things are looking up for this story and i am happy to see it back.

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