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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Canterlot Meeting

"Are you sure that this will work?" asked Starlight Glimmer to Wily. The two masterminds were currently hiding out in another cavern where Starlight used to place the cutie marks she stole with the staff. Wily had decided to use Ra Moon's being to have robots build him a new fortress in an empty field beyond the cavern, "Becuase we can't draw attention to ourselves while we still have the element of surprise on our side."

"Don't worry. Mega Man and the ponies you hate so much will be too distracted with what I have in store for them one they reach Canterlot by your suggestion. The Robot Master I sent there shall throw them in for a real loop." Wily cackled, "By then, in addition to them fighting the other three Robot Masters I had left to find them, the Fortress shall be built with the aid of my endless supply of robots!" he laughed.

"But what if they get here?" wondered the unicorn.

"You're magic prowess should prove to be a problem for the ponies. With Ra Moon I shall create a mech capable of standing against Mega Man and Proto-Man! So even if they survive all of that, they have to worry about our alliance!" revealed Wily, looking at the mech already at work in addition to the fortress through a handheld monitor.

"So ya think Celestia found a Robot Master?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"Let's hope so. Wily should've found one to screw up on and leak all the data on it. Once we do that, we'll find out where he's at, what he and Starlight and stop thrm before they do anymore damage to Equestria than what's already happened." Rock said in a confident tone, leaning back on his chair.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Spike, Rock, Blues and Rush were on their way to Canterlot by orders of Princess Celestia. Proto-Man decided to join in this time in hopes of finding Wily himself instead of yet another robot used to distract them.

"At the very least, it's a start for us." Rock said. "The more Robot Maaters we find, the closer we are to Wily. That's how it always works with him."

Twilight nodded, "If you're sure, Rock. Let's just see what she has to say before we reach any conclusions."

"I just hope it's nothing too bad." Fluttershy whispered.

"It probably won't be." assured Proto-Man, "The Robot Masters aren't a bright series of robots. They probably slipped up and got themselves discovered."

Meanwhile in Canterlot, a figure hopped across buildings, his scarf flowing in the wind. The red robot smirked, seeing the bag of golden bits in his hand, "This oughta draw them here..." he muttered, jumping away. He held a hand to his ear, "Doctor Wily... I did as you told. I got the ponies' attention."

'Excellent. Now Mega Man and his new friends should be on their way to your location. You must evade them in the meantime." said Wily from the other end of their communication. The robot nodded, making sure that Wily's plan goes perfectly with his aid.

The team finally arrived in Canterlot. Rock was surprised to see such a large town in this dimension, "This is Canterlot? Huh, gotta say I'm amazed. It feels like one of those old timey towns back on Earth." complimented the robot. The mares and dragon smiled at his returning enthusiasm.

Proto-Man looked up through his visor, "Everything looks fine here. Not sure why were called here." he said, 'Then again. That could be the point.'

"I assume that the princess wanted us here to make sure that Canterlot stays that way," Rarity replied, facing the prototype robot. "It would be better that we're here to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Rarity's right. Better to be safe than sorry." Applejack added. After she said that, a thiught popped up in Rarity's head, a small reminder about something.

Rarity started to trot off, "Excuse me dearies, but I must attend to my shop here. I hope Sassy Saddles doesn't mind me paying a brief visit." as she was trotting, Spike decided to follow, getting Twilight's permission to do so, "I will be back shortly at the castle." she waved off her friends in the distance.

"In that case. How about we all hang around for a bit, and see if we can find this figure. If not, we'll all meet at the castle in half-and-hour." Twilight planned, making a decision to pass the time until Rarity and Spike got back from the Canterlot Boutique, "Does that sound okay to you guys?"

"Sure. I think we could all use a little break from all the adventures we've been having." responded Rock with a smile. "At least, until we meet up again."

The each split off into small groups. Rock, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie decided to look on their own. While Proto-Man, Twilight, and Rainbow Dash went their own path. Twilight and Blues believed that splitting off into groups would make it easier to face the supposed Robot Master should they run into it.

"Ooh! You're going to love it here, Rock! It's so fancy here!" Pinkie cheered.

"I don't think the ponies here have ever seen you here." Fluttershy recalled. She looked at the ponies around look at the trio with confused eyes, wondering what it is that is walking with the mares, "Um... Should we say something to... stop them from looking at us. I-I hate having all this attention..." she hid behind Pinkie, not looking all the ponies staring at her and Rock.

"Don't worry." he told the meek pegasus, "I think they can figure out that I'm not a threat." he said.

Pinkie saw Fluttershy behind her and smiled, "It's okay, Fluttershy! They're only looking at Rock! You have nothing to worry about!" she inhaled, "HEY EVERYPONY! SAY HI TO ROCK! HE IS THE NICEST ROBOT YOU WILL EVER MEET IN THE HISTORY OF ALL OF EQUESTRIA!" she shouted so that everypony around them heard.

"What's a robot?" they heard someone asked.

"It's, uh, kinda hard to explain. Let's just say that I cannot harm another living being like any of you ponies. So, you have my word that I am safe to be around. Also, my brother should be around here. So you don't have to worry about him also." Rock assured to the growing crowd surrounding him. A nervous smile formed on his face, "We should probably get out of here. Things are getting too crazy out here..." he said to the two mares standing behind him. The robot could hear a lot of questions be asked about him, but he scurried out of the crowd slowly.

"Sorry, but I'm kind of in a hurry!" he started to run with Pinkie and Fluttershy gaolloping after him.

"Did anypony else hear that?" asked Rainbow Dash, referring to the loud scream by Pinkie Pie. She put a hoof to her ear, trying to get rid of the ringing sound.

"It was probably just Pinkie being.... Pinkie." Twilight answered to the best of her ability.

Proto-Man crossed his arms, "That's the best you got to describe her?"

"What else do ya want us to say?" Rainbow Dash wondered.

"That mare is crazier than Guts Man and Cut Man put together..." mumbled Proto-Man.

"Who the hay are Guts Man and Cut Man?" asked the pegasus.

"Two robots that will drive you up the wall. Luckily, I don't live with Doctor Light. So, I don't have to put up with everyone there." said the red robot.

"You don't live with your creator? Why?" Twilight questioned, wondering why he would abandon his own father, as Rock put it earlier when exolaining who he was.

Proto-Man aighed, "Let's just we had a disagreement. The only reason why I'm there is help in stopping Wily. That's it. I have no purpose being there. I have long accepted that by this point."

"No purpose? He's your father! I'm sure he'd be glad to have you back!"

Shaking his head, the red robot answered, "No. It's better off this way, i go on my own path, I am a prototype after sll. My purpose? Well, there is none. I just do as I please and as my programming permits." he held up his Proto-Buster and shield as he said this, "My core is unstable and my end could be anytime... So I wanna die the way I want to."

"That's grim..." said Rainbow Dash, astonished by his method of living, "You say you have no purpose? But you're here with us stopping Wily!"

"I have no purpose beyond that. He is a threat to the world and one intend to help stop."

The three were stopped by a stallion wearing a suit, "Excuse me, dear sir. But I must commend that scarf." he complimented, getting a shrug from the two mares. Proto-Man gave him a confused glance.

"Thank you I guess..." said Proto-Man awkwardly.

"Before you go, can I just say? You look awfully familiar. I feel like I've seen you recently."

"Nah! You never seen him before!" Rainbow Dash boasted, "One of the coolest robots ever is here! So of course you'd at least heard of him!"

"Dash, sorry to interrupt, but we should head to the castle." Twilight reminded her, "I think we've done enough sight seeing."

"Oh, alright."

"Hope to meet you again, sir!" said the fancy pony,

"That was a fun trip." said Rarity, Spike walking behind her.

Rock, Fluttershy and Fluttershy were the first to arrive, "Oh, hey, Rarity! How was your little trip? Honestly, I think it's cool you got your own business here."

"Oh thank you Rock. It was nice. I am happy that Sassy Saddles made the business well in Canterlot. Nopony could've done a better job here I say. Though, we should visit Manehattan sometime, cause I'm sure Coco wouldn't mind my company." the unicorn replied to his compliment.

"Hey, girls." said Twilight. Rainbow Dash and Proto-Man made it as well.

"Nothing from your end either?"

"Nope!" replied Rainbow Dash with a shake of her head, "But I gotta say, it's weird seeing everypony just get used to you two being here!" she added.

"Yeah! It's kimda like my world in a way. But after the first Robot Masters incident, people have been a little less trustful... So this must be new for them, they'll get used to it should your technology advance to that point." Rock replied.

The doors of the castle opened, revealing two alicorns. The taller one was white with a flowing mane that had the colors of the rainbow. The shorter one was a dark blue and had a mane that looked like the night sky,

"Hey, you're the Princesses right? Celestia and Luna?" asked Rock.

Celestia nodded with a smile, "Indeed we are. You must be the new being in Ponyville. Welcome to Equestria."

"Thank you! My name is Rock, this dog right here is Rush, and that's my brother Proto-Man." he gestured to all three of them. Luna raised a brow at Proto-Man for some strange reason. The night princess leaned toward Celestia to whisper something about that matter at hoof.

"Sister? Do you think-"

"He does look like him..."

The two princess looked at the red robot, "Proto-Man... You are under arrest."

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