• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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A Surprise

Rock awoke in the bed Twilight offered him. Despite the robot not needing sleep, he felt energized. 'I have to admit. It was pretty cozy, even though I can't sleep.' instead the robot did a manual shut down protocol where he would wake up in eight hours. It was his father installed before becoming Mega Man.

The robot opened the door from his room. He turned into the hallway, wondering where it was where Twilight wanted to meet him the night before he depowered. 'I have to remind her to give me a map of this place so I can download it.'

He opened up a door to see if he was in the right direction. Instead of finding Twilight, Rock saw Spike wearing a towel over his waist and flexing in the mirror. "Uh... Does this happen often?" the robot asked aloud, startling the dragon. Spike shamefully covered himself, his face red from embarassment.

"What are you doing in here!?" Spike questioned loudly.

Rock raised his arms defensively, "It's alright, Spike! I won't tell anyone! It was an accident!" he turned around to let Spike get some dignity back, even though he never lost any. "Anyway, do you know where Twilight is at?"

Spike pointed outside, "A few more doors down to the left." he answered quickly.

"Thanks." replied Rock, closing the door behind him, allowing Spike to admire himself in peace.

Following the young dragon's instructions, Rock opened up another door, this time he walked into a room with a large circular table made of crystal lying in the center with seven tall chairs made of crystal also surrounding it.

The robot saw Twilight reading a book, he couldn't tell what it was about from this angle, "Hey, Twilight," he greeted, getting her attention. "Sorry it took me so long to find you. The castle's pretty big." he apologized.

"That's alright, Rock." she replied, "Now, I take it you want to know where you can find Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash?"

"Yeah... I've already met Applejack and Rarity yesterday. I just wanna know all of you before you help me get back home. Plus I love this world. It's so... calm." sighed Rock, seeing the very kind of peaceful world that he strived for.

"I'm glad you think so..." Twilight said, "Anyway, Pinkie should be at Sugarcube Corner, and Rainbow Dash should be with the Cutie Mark Crusaders... I heard Pinkie's got something for you once you get there..." she hinted, the alicorn getting Rock's curiousity.

Rock walked into the lifesize gingerbread house, figuring out that it was Sugarcube Corner, 'Weird. It's all dark in here. Why would the door be open?' his logic sensors were asking him why a supposedly busy place like this would be closed at a time like this.


Rock jumped in his spot, seeing a large group of ponies cheer. The room was all decorated, with treats everywhere, a large cake on the table and a banner that read, 'Welcome to Equestria, Rock!' the boy smiled at the sight. A pink pony bounced to his side.

"Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie! Twilight told me about you yesterday and I thought 'Ooh! Somepony new? I wanna be his friend so bad!' and so I gave you a party to make you feel welcome! Do you like it?'

"Ha! Yeah I do!" Rock shouted, "Thank you so much, Pinkie!"

"Yay!" Pinkie popped from her spot and held a tray of cupcakes, "Do you want to try one?" she offered. Rock smiled, putting one into his hands and bit into it. His taste sensors savored the taste. "Well?" she questioned him.

"I love it!" responded Rock with a thumbs up. 'If only Roll and Dr. Light were here... Oh man... Those two must be worried sick about me and Blues suddenly vanishing like we did. The robot looked down to see Pinkie smiling at him. He cleared his throat as he walked to the middle of the room, where everypony simmered down.

"I can never thank you enough for this, Pinkie," he began. "All of you. I thought you all would never trust me once I got here, but... I'm glad to be proven wrong." he thanked everypony in the room. The ponies cheered at his short speech.

After spending some time talking to ponies in the town, the party ended, and Rock decided to help cleanup. Due to Pinkie's hyper attitude, they finished cleaning in a metter of minutes, giving Rock plenty of time to find Rainbow Dash.

He wandered around, finding himself at the edge of Ponyville. A woosh sound was heard in the sky, getting Rock's attention. He saw a rainbow blur and tried to scan it, but he wasn't able to get a good look at it since it vanished.

'What was that?' Rock decided to follow where the trail led. After a minute of running, he saw three fillies watching the sky in awe. 'Oh! That was Rainbow Dash! And they must be the Cutie Mark Crusaders!' the confused robot realized.

"Yeah, Rainbow Dash!" the orange pegasus cheered. The white unicorn and yellow earth pony watched in slience, letting the orange one do all the cheering for them.

Rock stood behind them, watching Rainbow Dash do tricks in middair, 'Gotta say, she's pretty fast.' he complimented, watching her corkscrew through some clouds. She slowly hovered back to the ground, satisfied with her showing for the day.

"That. Was. Awesome!"

Rainbow Dash chuckled, "Thanks, squirt," she ruffled the pegasus's mane playfully. "Oh, hey Rock." she greeted, figuring out who he was based on what Twilight told her.

The three fillies gave her a confused glance before turning around. They were surprised to see the robot helper standing behind them without them noticing.

"Eek!" the unicorn squeaked.

"Easy there, guys. I'm not gonna hurt any of you." Rock assured.

"Really?" the yellow pony with a huge bow asked.

Dash smiled, "Yeah, Twi told me about him yesterday. He's not gonna hurt ya! Even if he tried, he'd have to get past me!" she boasted to the girls.

"Oh... If Rainbow Dash can trust you then I can. My name's Scootaloo!" the orange pegasus introduced.

"I'm Sweetie Belle!" the white unicorn said.

"And I'm Applebloom! Together we are the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" the earth pony greeted.

"Applebloom? You're Applejack's sister, right?" Rock asked.

"Yeah, wait... You know her?"

The boy nodded, "Yeah, I helped around your farm while you were at school."

"Do you know Rarity?" Sweetie Belle wondered.

"Saw her after I helped Applejack... She made me put on a bunch of shirts." he replied, crossing his arms.

Sweetie Belle chuckled, "That sounds like my sister..."

"Wait, she's your sister? Is everypony here connected?"

"Eh, kinda." Dash responded in a serious tone. "Anyway, do ya three want me to help you get your cutie marks?" the three fillies cheered as a response.

"Wait! I forgot my scooter at the clubhouse!" Scootaloo realized, looking around for her scooter.

Rock raised a hand, "Don't worry about it. I'll get it for you and be back soon."

"Oh thanks, Rock! The clubhouse isn't too far from here! It's nearby the farm actually!" Applebloom explained.

"Thanks for the directions!" with that said, Rock ran off to find the CMC's clubhouse.

"This looks like the place."

Rock slowly walked up the small staircase that led into the treehouse. He had to be careful as his height and weight would probably make him collapse easily. The robot saw the scooter and picked it up once he reached it.

A sound was heard from within the house. Confused, Rock slowly walked to it and placed his ear on the wall, hoping that his hearing sensors could pick it up. The second he realized that it got louder, Rock jumped from where he was at back to the ground.

A round beam shot through the clubhouse, creating a hole where the door should be. A blue robot with red eyes and a scarf smirked as he held pur his arm cannon.

"Copy Robot..." Rock grunted, turning into Mega Man.

"My copy. I finally found you. I bring you a message of Wily's reckoning." Copy Robot revealed, aiming his Copy Buster at the angered Blue Bomber.

Mega Man released his grip on the scooter, activating his Mega Buster for battle, "Well, tell Wily that this world's not his to take!"

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