• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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In Our Town

Rainbow Dash, Mega Man and Proto-Man all made an effort to reach Twilight's castle as soon as they could. Eventually, they reached it and the pegasus forced the doors open, hoping the reach the desired room as quick as she could. Granted, what with being the fastest flyer in all of Equestria, she managed to do just that, and the robot suo were trailing behind her, still trying to catch up.

Rainbow Dash sat in her crystal chair, "Oh man..."

"You too, Rainbow Dash?" asked Twilight.

"It looks like we're all called by the map once again." Rarity noticed, putting a hoof on her chin, thinking about where they're being sent too next.

Mega Man ran in, "Hey! What's going on?"

Twilight looked at the robots, "The Crystal Map is calling us to a certain location to solve a problem. What that is, we're not sure..." she trailed off, also wondering what it is they're being call for. The six were ever called together once before.

"Sorry to intrude, but we just faced two of Wily's Robot Masters. Maybe it's calling you to wherever he's at." suggested Proto-Man, who was looking at the six confused mares. Each of them except Rainbow Dash raised a brow at what he had said.

"You fought a Robot Master already? How did they get here and know you two were here to begin with?" Applejack questioned. At this point, Mega Man was petting his dog Rush, who had just ran into the room to see what had everypony worried.

"Yeah... Two of them. Top Man and Quick Man. We tried to find the location of Wily, but there was no useful data for us to find other than the weapon data I downloaded. I can only hold eight, but my databanks allow me to download any extra should I need it. But I already had the Top Sin and the Quick Boomerang were useless to me since I already had the Metal Blades."

Nodding, Proto-Man spoke to the ponies, "But it seems that this map of yours can give us a lead."

"Oh yeah! That Quick Man robot mentioned that Wily was working with somepony that we faced before!" Rainbow Dash revealed, "So that's how they knew to come here!"

"Interesting." mused Twilight, "Well, hopefully the place we're sent to give us a clue."

A light overtook the Crystal Map standing in the center of the room. It faded near the edge beyond the mountains, onto the small town that Mega Man pointed to earlier. The mares' eyes widened once they realized the location that was glowing on the map.

"There...?" gasped Fluttershy.

"I-It would appear so, Fluttershy." Rarity responded with a concerned look on her face and worry in her voice.

"Why on Equestria would we need to go back there?" wondered Applejack, curious like everypony else.

"You don't think..." Rainbow Dash began to say before she was cut off by Twilight.

"Why would Starlight Glimmer go back there? Nopony would welcome her back and the staff she used to control everypony was destroyed when we stopped her!" said Twilight, trying to figure out what could truly be going on there.

"I have an idea... Wily knew to send the Robot Masters here to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash said that Quick Man told her that he had some help. This Starlight Glimmer pony you mentioned might be that 'help' that he got. Now, she might be taking her revenge on you by attacking that town again to get your attention." Mega Man deduced.

"Aw. I was going to say that." moaned Pinkie Pie.

"Enough of that! We have to get there as soon as possible!" hurried Twilight and her friends. All of them rushed out of the door as quickly as they could.

Rush looked at his owner, "Alright, boy. We'll be right back." Mega Man said happily, the robot dog barking once he heard his owner, "Hey, Proto-Man, you want to join us, or does your core still need time to recover?"

Shaking his head, Proto-Man answered, "Sorry, Rock. I'm not able to this time. I need to keep myself in check and overdoing my battles may be too much for my core." he said to his brother. Mega Man knew that this would happen and gave his brother a thumbs up, okay with him staying for his own good. "But I'll keep an eye on Rush in the meantime."

"Got it. I'll let you know if we need the backup should we really come to it." gestured Mega Man.

Proto-Man chuckled, "Heh. Knowing you, I'd have to save your core again." he joked. Mega Man got a laugh out of that and ran out to follow the girls before they got too far ahead.

"What's so important about this town, anyhow?" asked Rock, sitting in the chair. The Friendship Express continued its journey to the desired destination of the ponies. Rock was actually surprised to see that hey had working trains to begin with, but chose not to say anything on the matter for now.

"That was the town where we found Starlight Glimmer. She used a staff to remove their cutie marks, taking away what made them individuals and forced to live in a regime under her control. We arrived there and destroyed the staff before she could reach anywhere else in Equestra. But she got away and we haven't seen her since." Twilight explained to the robot.

"Alright. Since I can't harm another organic being, if needed you'll have to step in should she be there." said Mega Man, 'The time has come where there is another human-er pony- as evil and malevolent as Wily. Is this world as peaceful as I thought it was?' thought the Blue Bomber, beginning to doubt his earlier claims.

The heroes left the train and began the brief trek to the town. They crossed bridges, and walked through a forest before reaching a small canyon on the other side, "There it is..." gestured Twilight to her friends, all of them walking next to her.

"That's the place?" Spike asked.

Mega Man looked at it, "It doesn't look that bad... Hopefully that means we got there before Wily and Starlight..." he hoped, stepping down from the canyon.

They all made it to the town, but all wasn't as it seemed. Sniper Joes patrolled the town, keeping the ponies who resided here in their houses while Mets remained outside houses, ensuring that they remained where they were at. The mares and Spike's eyes went wide at the sight while Mega Man readied his Mega Buster to battle should Wily reveal himself once more.

"Hello, Twilight."

The heroes turned to face the source of the sinister voice. A purple unicorn glared at the ponies and Mega Man, "I see you finally arrived to My Town. Isn't it grand? How we can all be united whenver we so choose to be?"

"United? Starlight, you're enslaving these ponies!" Twilight responded with concern in her voice.

"Slaves? They're living under what they were meant to be! I will let them out when I say, and when they do the robots here will make sure they don't do anything that will prove themselves different! See, its so simple!" cheered Starlight,

"Wily put you up to this!" yelled Mega Man. "You have no idea what you're doing!"

"You must be Mega Man. The doctor told me about you. He also told me that you couldn't harm another living being due to your so called programming. So you can do nothing about me!" bragged the unicorn with a smirk.

"He may not able to do anything, but you're wrong if you think we're going to just stand by while you force these ponies to live your lifestyle!" Rainbow Dash growled.

"I wish I could attend to you all, but the Robot Masters Wily left here on the mountains are getting rather impatient. Till we meet again, my foes." after saying that, Starlight Glimmer vanished with her magic, sending her to an area the ponies have no clue to look. Mega Man prepared himself to face the army waiting around the town.

"Okay, girls. This should be easy for you. Sniper Joes and Mets aren't too difficult to take down." assured Mega Man. The Blue Bomber shot at the first Sniper Joe he spotted, making him drop his shield, Rainbow Dash and Applejack kicked down the robot, blowing him up. Twilight and Rarity used their magic to grab the hidden Met robots through their hats and shoot them with their magic.

Fluttershy accidentally stepped on a Met's helmet, causing her to squal in fright upon seeing that it was a robot. She kicked it upon seeing it, allowing Applejack to throw it away from the easily scared pegasus, making her exhale in relief. Pinkie Pie also smashed one to pieces by bouncing on it by accident as well, without her even being aware of doing so.

Mega Man attented to the Sniper Joe robots, destroying each of them with ease. Eventually the number of robots dwindled and there were none left. "You can all come out now!" comforted Mega Man. The ponies each stepped out of their houses one by one, glad to see that everything was better.

"Thank you." a mare said to the Blue Bomber and the ponies. "And especially you all. You saved us from her wrath again."

"You're welcome." said Mega Man, "We're just glad to see that you're all okay. Wily's someone you have to be careful with."

"Is... Wily willing to kill?" asked Fluttershy.

"No. He will hurt others through his robots though," replied the blue super fighting robot, "Now. Have you all seen Wily? He kinda looks like me, but with hair on his face?"

"Yes. He went up to the mountains. We didn't think he'd actually find Starlight Glimmer and that he was evil." a stallion answered Mega Man's question.

Rarity looked at Mega Man, "She did mention that there wore Robot Masters waiting at the mountains."

"Right. Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash. Can you stay behind and make sure there is nothing else that Wily left here as a surprise? Applejack, Rarity and Spike can join metl find the Robot Masters. Is that fine?"

"Yes. It'd be best if we split our efforts." said Twilight. "Are you three going to be fine?" she asked her friends.

"I'll always be fine, Twilight! Plus, I can finally see Mega Man in action!" cheered Spike.

"It'd be nice to see what Rainbow Dash was talkin' about with these Robot Masters." Applejack adjusted her stetson.

"And I wish to pay these robots a visit for harming an innocent town like this one." Rarity said.

"Alright then. We'll be back soon."

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