• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Mega Man dived underneath Copy Robot's charged shot, watching it hit a tree in the process, "You missed!" he taunted the fake, taking a shot of his own.

Copy Robot slid out of the way, causing the beam to hit the clubhouse and damage it even more, "Pathetic shot, my inferior doppelganger." he mocked. The copy aimed his Copy Buster at Mega Man once more, charging a shot.

Mega Man saw this and changed his weapons, using his Metal Blades to catch his fake counterpart off guard. The Blue Bomber changed weapons once again, using the Super Arm to grab Copy Robot with a single hand and threw the robot away. Copy Robot got his bearings and landed on his feet and on one knee.

"Cheap shot..." Copy Robot groaned.

Jumping up, Mega Man went back to his default weapon, and shot out pellets from his Mega Buster aimed directly at the robot. The fake got hit by one, shown by the rip in his armor. The Blue Bomber shot at him once more, hoping to do a little more damage.

"Stop this now, Copybot. Wily's not going to do anything while I'm here." promised Mega Man in a stern tone. The Copy Robot merely laughed at what he said. He activated his own Metal Blade weapon and threw them at the Super Fighting Robot.

"So... You doubt that he is already here?"

Mega Man growled, changing his weapon to the Leaf Shield to block the blades. He flicked his hand, throwing the Leaf Shield at his doppelganger. The Copy Robot tried to counter, but the shield managed to hit him without stopping. The fake landed on his back, growing more annoyed by his doppelganger's determination. Copybot stood back up, lunging at Mega Man with his Super Arm, but the Blue Bomber blocked it with his own, the two of them stuck in their punching position.

"Give up, Copy Robot!" pleaded Mega Man.

"Never! Wily will have his reckoning here!"

Copy Robot jumped into the air, throwing more Metal Blades at the Blue Bomber. Mega Man ran in any direction he could to avoid them. He activated his Super Arm and leaped as well, punching the fake robot in the face, slamming him into the ground. Mega Man watched as his copy got up.

The Copybot held a hand on a knee, "You..." he grunted, changing his weapons, this time to the Top Spin. He started running and twirled in place, aiming himself for Mega Man. The Blue Bomber released his Leaf Shield and blocked the spin wiih it, but the opening allowed Copy Robot to deliver an uppercut to the robot, sending him into the air.

Catching himself, Mega Man aimed his Mega Buster downward, shooting at his copy. The Copybot moved around, throwing more Metal Blades at his doppelganger. The Blue Bomber's eyes widened, not being able to dodge in time. In a split-second, he used his own Top Spin ability to block out the blades from reaching him and it worked, the blades dropping onto the floor.

Angered, Copy Robot shot a charged shot from his Copy Buster which Mega Man avoided. The fake growled, running after the Blue Bomber, he used the Top Spin again, hitting his eney repeatedly. Mega Man felt the force of each hit and tried to get himself out of the Copy Robot's combo attack.

"Take this!" Mega Man shouted, shooting his Thunder Beam at his fake. The electric beam hit Copy Robot, shocking him long enough for Mega Man to deliver a right hook followed by a pellet from his trusty Mega Buster.

Copy Robot grabbed his copy's arm and used his Super Arm to throw Mega Man over his shoulder. The Blue Bomber picked himself up, using his Slide Kick ability to damage Copybot's legs and made him trip on the spot. The Copy Robot stumbled and then landed on his back.

Mega Man shot the Thunder Beam, since the projectile aims in three directions, it managed to hit Copy Robot while he was still lying on the ground. Copybot used his Slide Kick to repeat what Mega Man did to him as payback. Mega Man fell down with an audible thud, then Copy Robot placed his foot on his chest.

Smirking, Copy Robot aimed his Copy Buster right at Mega Man's face, "Any last words, Mega Man?" he asked the dazed robot, his buster charging the fatal shot.

Mega Man realized that he wouldn't be able to use any of his weapons in his state. He closed his eyes, waiting for Copy Robot to shoot him. But before the shot was released, a rainbow blur caused the scarf wearing robot to vanish.

"Let go of him, ya look alike creep!" Rainbow Dash demanded, releasing her grasp on Copy Robot.

"Rainbow Dash?! What are you doing here?"

Dash answered, "You were taking too long and I came for ya. I left the girls with Fluttershy. Glad I did, actually. Because we get to smash this ripoff!"

Mega Man readied his arm cannon, "Well, thanks for showing up. This is Copy Robot. A lookalike created by my nemesis Dr. Wily. I'm not sure how he followed me here, but I don't intend to find out." he explained to the pegasus. "Be careful, he can copy any ability I have at anytime and use them against us."

"Ha! I can handle that just fine! You just tell me what to expect and I'll take it!" Dash boasted.

"Okay. My weapons vary and have different effects. Some are offensive and some defensive. My Leaf Shield, Top Spin, and Metal Blades are the most dangerous, you can tell those apart I bet." Mega Man replied.

"So... You made some friends, Mega Man?" Copy Robot questioned, "I'll make sure that Wily does something with them." he aimed at the pegasus, who dodged the blast in middair. Rainbow Dash flew back down, aiming her hooves directly at Copybot.

Her hooves drilled themselves right into Copy Robot's face, damaing him greatly. The fake held his dented features, "You are going to regret that, pony,,." he hissed, shooting at Rainbow Dash once again, the pony dodging each shot. While Copybot was shooting at Dash, the Blue Bomber took it upon himself to use his Super Arm to grab his doppelganger once again.

Stuck in Mega Man's grip, Copy Robot flailed about, unable to activate any weapons. The Super Fighting Robot tossed the copy into the air, allowing Rainbow Dash to hit him once again, sending him back to the ground.

"And stay down, will ya?!"

Copy Robot held his head and snarled upon hearing Rainbow Dash's comment, "I never back down from a fight! Especially against something like you!"

Meanwhile, standing in the trees was a strange figure wearing a scarf. "Let's see where this goes..." he whispered, not wanting to intervene in the fight to see if Mega Man can handle himself with the new pegasus, "I wanna know if they're worth saving..." he joked, readying himself to join in once he felt it was right.

Mega Man shot him with a charged shot, making him stumble back, "Just... Be quiet... Please..." he begged. "I don't want to destroy you again. Please..."

"Never..." Copybot smirked, throwing a Metal Blade at the Blue Bomber. Mega Man dived to the left, avoiding the sharp projectile. Mega zman knelt, activating his Leaf Shield once he saw his enemy toss another blade at him. The shield covered him from the attack, and he ran, using his Top Spin to stun Copy Robot.

While he was dazed, Rainbow Dash spun around him, trapping Copy Robot in a rainbow-colored tornado. The fake robot tried to shoot the pegasus, "Stay still! My sensors can't track you!" he shouted, flailing his Copy Buster around, shooting pellets into the air.

Rainbow Dash eventually stopped, turning to Mega Man, "He's all your's Rock!"

Mega Man prepped his Mega Buster for a Charged Shot, "Thanks, Rainbow Dash..." he sighed, 'I am sorry you have to see this. And I am sorry, but I have to do this... For my friends.' he thought, not wanting to destroy another robot.

Before Mega Man could release his shot, a familiar tune was whistled loudly, then something else managed to hit Copy Robot, causing him to explode on the spot. Rainbow Dash's eyes went wide upon the sight, "Was that you!?" she asked in disbelief at seeing how quick he was finished.

"No..." gasped Mega Man.

"I have to say... You're awfully slow, Rock. He could've gotten the upper hand on you again." a voice said. Mega Man lowered his arm cannon upon seeing him.

"You know him?" Dash wondered.

"Yeah, he's someone I was looking for earlier before I met you..." he looked at the scarf wearing robot with the red helmet, smirking as he held his arm cannon wih his free hand, it smoking from the attack. "That's my brother... Proto-Man."

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