• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Robot Masters

Top Man laughed, "Dr. Wily sends his regards, Mega Man." he said, throwing more exploding tops in their direction. The Blue Bomber shot them while they were in middair, making them explode before they could harm anyone.

Proto-Man saw an opening and shot Top Man while he still could, stunning the Robot Master in his spot, "You have no business being here, Top Man... Stay out while you can still function." the red robot hero threatened. He aimed his buster at Top Man once again, who never budged.

"I'm not alone, Proto-Man... In fact... My ally should be right behind you..." Top Man mocked.

"Too slow!" mocked Quick Man. He was a red robot with a v shaped visor over his eyes. The robot hit Proto-Man with a quick boomerang, stunning him. Rainbow Dash tried to comprehend what she just saw. Quick Man looked at the pegasus, a cocky smirk formed on his face, "Oh look. A pony hasn't seen anything like me, huh? How surprising. I am pretty quick after all."

"You? Quick?" Rainbow Dash scoffed.

"Rainbow Dash!" Mega Man shouted, shooting at Top Man as much as he could, the opposing robot was using tops to block the pellets aimed at him. "You can match Quick Man's speed! You handle him while Blues and I can face Top Man!"

The pegasus nodded and flew toward Quick Man, the speedy robot vanishing in a second. Dash wondered where he went, then suddenly she felt something hit her back hooves, causing her to lose track of herself in middair, "What the hay was that!?" she asked, rubbing the sore spot with her forehooves.

Quick Man caught the Quick Boomerang that he threw, satisfied with what he did, "Dr. Wily programmed me and the other Robot Masters to eliminate you ponies as well..." he revealed. "This is going to be easier than I thought."

"How did he know about us!?" Dash questioned, flying fast enough to drive her hooves onto the 'V' on Quick Man's helmet, pushing his head down slightly.

"Wily's not working alone, you annoying pegasus," the Robot Master grunted, rubbing his helmet. "Who it is, though? You'll have to figure it out for yourself!" he threw his boomerang once again, but this time Raimbow Dash swerved avoiding the projectile as it came to her and when it flew back to Quick Man.

"You may be too slow, Quick Man!" Dash boasted. She dove and hit Quick Man with her forehooves, bringing him to a a halt. Before she could continue the assault, the robot vanished once again, making the pegasus wonder where he was at. "Really? This the best you can do? You gotta be faster than that!"

Quick Man readied an attack, but Rainbow moved upward, dodging the attack ease, angering the Robot Master. Quick Man attempted to throw another boomerang, but Rainbow Dash kicked it once it reached her, throwing off its aim. Wondering where it was at, Quick Man didn't expect it to hit him in the back instead. Seeing the weapon on the ground, the robot growled.

"You little-" he hissed.

Rainbow Dash smirked. She then flew behind the angered robot, kicking him the back. Quick Man attempted to run, but Dash anticipated this. The pegasus flew straight ahead and dug her hooves into his chest, breaking him apart more with each time she passed him. Eventually, Quick Man attempted to move, but his joints weren't able to move.

The Robot Master held up his Quick Boomerang, but he wasn't able to move. Flying back once more, Rainbow Dash pushed herself onto his chest, destroying his core for good. The rainbow-maned pegasus panted, happy to see that her battle was over. "Now... To get back to Rock and Blues before they finish!"

Mega Man rolled out of the way of more exploding tops before they could damage him. The Blue Bomber panted, tired of Top Man's repetiive pattern in fighting. "This is the legendary Blue Bomber? A pity that I once lost to you!" boasted Top Man, seeing Mega Man in his tired state.

Proto-Man lunged at the Robot Master, punching him in the face. The red robot looked at Top Man, who growled in anger, "You got anything better, Top Man? Wily should've sent better Robot Masters than you." he taunted.

Top Man spun around while moving, hitting Proto-Man and sending him flying into a tree, "Proto-Man!" Mega Man shouted, readying his Mega Buster once more. He shot at the small tornado that Top Man was making with his ability. He shot at it, hoping to find an opening, but the pellets bounced off of him, doing no damage to him.

Top Man finished spinning, and decided to throw more tops in the Blue Bomber's direction. Three of them hovered over Mega Man, and before they could hit him, he slid underneath them, each of them drilling into the ground before the Robot Master called them back to him.

Mega Man activated his Leaf Shield and threw it at Top Man, stunning him before hitting him with his own Top Spin ability he downloaded earlier before fighting Dr. Wily back at his lair, 'I can only use eight at a time... Good. The less weapons I have the better.' he thought as he continued to damage Top Man. The Blue Bomber stopped in his place, seeing the dizzy Robot Master.

Proto-Man jumped in using his shield to slam himself down upon Top Man's body. He flipped on his shield, landing on his feet and placing it on his back. "So... You managed to pick yourself back up. Quite expected from the Break-Man."

The red robot grunted, shooting the top shaped robot with his Proto-Buster, "I am not the Break-Man!" he declared, shooting his own ammo at Top Man, the robot getting more damaged. Eventually, Proto-Man stopped once he felt an aching sensation in his core, 'No... I can't overheat. Not now.'

"Don't worry, I got this Proto-Man!" Mega Man jumped in to cover for the overheated robot. Top Man tossed more tops at him, but the hero threw his Metal Blades at them, making them explode before Top Man had the chance to move them.

Spinning around again, Top Man tried to hit Mega Man, but the super fighting robot jumped to the left, waiting for him to stop. Once Top Man was still, Mega Man hit him with a charged shot, damaging him greatly around his body.

"I'm sorry, Top Man..." he said, before grabbing Top Man with his Super Arm ability and throwing him to the now recovered Proto-Man, who blew up Top Man with a full powered charged shot. The remains of the Robot Master fell onto the ground next to the prototype robot as he held up his smoking Proto Buster.

Mega Man placed his hand on Top Man's exposed core, "Let's see if you have any useful data in here." he said, hoping that his Variable Weapon Cross system would at least find anything on Wily's wherabouts, since he already has Top Man's weapon data in his system. 'Fingers crossed, Rock.'

He downloaded the data within Top Man's systems, "I... Got nothing in here... It's like Wily made sure of it before he sent Top Man after us." he noted to Proto-Man who nodded.

Rainbow Dash flew back to where the brothers were at, "Hey, guys. Quick Man was too slow and I totally wrecked him!" she bragged, pointing to where they fought. Mega Man and Proto-Man followed her to where they ended up.

Mega Man stared at Quick Man's broken body, 'It's a neverending cycle for me...' he sighed. He touched Quick Man's core, downloading any data he had. But just like Top Man, nothing of value came up in Mega Man's databanks.

"Same thing here..." revealed Mega Man. "Wily prepared ahead this time... Smart move on his part." he said.

"Great. Now we don't know where Wily's at or where he's sending more Robot Masters our way." Proto-Man grunted. His attention was turned to Rainbow Dash, who's cutie mark began to glow, "Uh, Dash? Your thing... Is glowing..." he slowly said.

Rainbow Dash raised a brow, confused by what he meant. "He's right." noted Mega Man, "It's your cutie mark, Rainbow. It's glowing for some reason."

"Huh?" Rainbow Dash sat down to get a better look, "Oh shoot!" she yelled.

"What's wrong?" asked Mega Man.

"We gotta get back to the castle!" shouted Rainbow Dash, flying and already gone. Mega Man shrugged to Proto-Man and the duo chased after her.

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