• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Hidden in the Shadows

"I never needed them..."

Mega Man grumbled while making his way to Ghastly Gorge. The Blue Bomber was annoyed, tired of being asked if he was okay over nothing. 'I'm Mega Man. Of course I'm fine. What was I thinking? That these ponies could be my friends. I never needed friends, I never needed Proto-Man to babysit me. I'm better off without them.' his eyes glowed a sinister red, scowling as the thoughts ran and computed in his systems.

The robot punched the rocky wall next to him, breaking apart the wall with a hole made from his fist. He assumed that the place he was in was Ghastly Gorge, judging by the canyons and eerie locale. Mega Man frowned, "I'm disappointed. Where's the army standing in my way like they always do? Peh, these Robot Masters are chumps anyhow... Once I find the one here, I'll tear them apart circuit by circuit..." he mumbled.

The seven returned to Twilight's castle to regroup, "It doesn't make sense. Rock doesn't seem like somepony who would hold a grudge." Twilight said. The other five mares, Rush and Proto-Man walked behind her all thinking the same thing, 'What happened to the friendly Mega Man they knew?'

"Twilight?" asked Spike, "Where's Rock?"

"He went off on his own! He thinks that he's all high and mighty now!" Dash grumbled.

"That... doesn't sound like him at all..." Spike trailed off.

"I know. Rock's never acted like this before. I'm going to stay here till my core cools down. By then, I should have an answer as to what's wrong with Rock. All of you can go, I'll make my way there." Proto-Man assured. He looked at Rush, who was whimpering, "It's fine, Rush. We'll make sure he'll be okay."

"Aleight, Proto-Man," said Applejack, "Let's just hope Rock will be willin' to talk. He didn't seem to be in a talking mood like he usually is. Heck, ah've only ever seen him like that when we were fightin' the Robot Masters at the town."

"Rock's no fun when he's angry..." Pinkie huffed.

"Nopony is fun when they're angry, Pinkie. Especially somepony like Rock. We must find him immediately before he does something he will regret." Rarity noted.


Mega Man swerved to the left, dodging three Sniper Joes standing his way. He grabbed the shield of one and decked the robot through the helmet, destroying it. "You all should know better than to mess with me! I'm Mega Man! You're all just weak Sniper Joes and Mets that are only an inconvience!"

The Blue Bomber knelt down to pick up a Met by its helmet, "See?" he threw it at a Shield Joe catching it off guard long enough to blow it up with a charged shot. Another Shield Joe tried to hit Mega Man with his mace, but the hero avoided it, "Just give up..." he sighed, grabbing the robot's arm. He aimed his Mega Buster at the Shield Joes's face, blow off the head without so much as a second thought. Mega Man chuckled, "Nothing can match my Mega Buster! Why did Wily bring you all here, again?" he asked.

Mega Man watched as a tiger like robot jumped at him. In a split second, Mega Man activated his Metal Blades, slicing the weapon through the body and cutting the tiger robot in half. Another came and this time, the Blue Bomber took a step backwards to avoid the tackle. He used his Top Spin to daze the tiger robot long enough to use his Freeze Cracker on it, stopping the animal designed robot in its tracks. Mega Man then shot the frozen robot to pieces with a smile on his face, ending it with a powerful charged blast.

The robot hero held his smoking arm cannon, wanting to stop before he overloads, 'Heh. As if that can stop me. Dr. Light gave me this for one reason..." his thoughts trailed off, trying to find the right words, as though something lingered in him to keep him from continuing his processing, 'To destroy any opposition that stands in my way.' his system finally finished, but that same process in his head told him that what he was doing was wrong, that he wasn't meant for this purpose.

Turning around, Mega Man spotted a shuriken coming his way. He ducked underneath the projectile, seeing it stick to a small crevice on the stone wall. The metal blue hero turned around, curiosity peaked. He saw nothing, but then another shuriken was about to collide with him. Mega Man slid to dodge it as it reached the ground, "Shurikens?" he spotted a familiar symbol engraved in the center of the projectiles, "Of course... Wily used Ra Moon, so of course he'd bring back the alien's greatest robot soldier." he mumbled quietly.

"You can come out, Shadow Man."

Something stepped out of the shadows upon Mega Man's instruction, it was a black robot designed like a ninja. He appeared to be nimble and a shuriken similar to the one he tosses was placed on top of his head, over and between the optics. "Mega Man. It will be an honor battling you once more."

"An honor? You say that as though you're going to win!" Mega Man cackled.

Shadow Man smirked, "And win I shall. For the glory of Ra Moon, I have been brought back to the living and in order to get my honor back, I must defeat the robot who has bested me before."

The two dueling robots glared at each other, ready for an intense battle. Shadow Man was the first to move, covering himself in a smoke screen. Mega Man growled, tripting to scan for his opponent, but nothing came up for him yet. He felt something hit him in the back, stunning him. Mega Man knelt down, shooting the ninja Robot Master on sight, "It is no use, Mega Man. I was created to be Ra Moon's greatest soldier. You got lucky last time we dueled, but now that luck has left you."

Shadow Man threw a Shadow Blade, and once it touched Mega Man, he seemingly collapsed on the ground, despite still being active. "Y-You..." he struggled to say.

"Have you forgotten my Shadow Blade? It is capable of temporarily freezing your mechanisms. You will not be doing much damage to me in the state you are in." the Robot Master boasted.

Mega Man scowled, feeling something move him, he managed to move Mega Buster up, "How?"

"Temporarily... I guess Light upgraded an immunity... Smart." mocked Mega Man, shooting Shadow Man as he got up. "Now, it's about time I followed up on my threat."

Mega Man changed his weapon to the Super Arm, before Shadow Man could vanish, the Blue Bomber punched him hard, destroying the armor he had. Mega Man snickered, throwing a couple Metal Blades and impaling the projectiles through his body. "You have no honor, Mega Man..." the robot struggled to say.

"I don't need honor." boasted the angered hero, using the Top Spin and the Super Arm to tear Shadow Man to pieces, "See? It's so much easier to do that!" he knelt on top of the broken remains of Shadow Man's body, "Now to steal your data!" he pressed his hand down, but a surge of electricity overtook his body.


Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Spike arrived to Ghastly Gorge. The seven had witnessed the broken robot soldiers lying all over the place, but the scream got their immediate attention, "That sounded like Mega Man!" shouted Fluttershy. "He might be in trouble!"

"C'mon!" ordered Rainbow Dash.

The seven paused in their tracks once they saw Mega Man standing atop Shadow's Man's destroyed body. "Rock..." moaned Twilight.

Mega Man opened his red eyes, smirking. He pointed his Mega Buster at the unsuspecting ponies, ready to end them.

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