• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Equal Ideals

"What in the name of Celestia are you!?"

Wily ignored the outburst delivered by the strange pony in front of him, "Um... Let's just say that this is going well. My name is Albert Wily and I am a human." he gestured to himself, "I need your help. Where is your mayor?"

"Ugh... You're talking about Starlight Glimmer?" a mare asked him, handing him a tray of muffins, "We kicked her out of our town sometime ago... We're in the process of getting another mayor right now, so you're out of luck."

Wily grumbled and took a muffin, "Well thank you." he said, eating it in one bite, "Whatever happened to this Starlight Glimmer you just mentioned?" he asked the white coated stallion.

"She enslaved us... Forced us to be her minions in her equal world," the stallion responded in a disgusted tone, "Luckily, Princess Twilight and her friends saved us and drove her out of town. We haven't seen her since then."

"Hmm... Peculiar. Thank you for giving me this information. I think if I should find her, I can convince her to change her ways." he partly lied, 'Maybe should could prove useful in joining my cause,' Wily thought o himself, 'She could be a pony worth talking to. Now, all I need to do is find her.'

"Well, I'll be on my way, now. Thank you for the hospitality." Wily said, walking out of the town toward the mountains that stood in the distance beyond where he was at.

After what felt like hours to the doctor, Wily reached the mountains and into a small cavern. The scientist turned on a flashlight he brought with him just in case, 'This world is already full of ponies. What else lies within this strange dimension?' he wondered, turning the light left and right constantly.

Wily heard a sound, a faint whimper if he was correct, 'Strange... Who would be here right now?' he questioned in his head. The scientist continued to listen for the sound, and he noticed that it got louder the more further he moved, meaning that he was heading in the right direction.

The doctor hid behind a stone pillar within the deep areas of the cavern, and remained still. Wily turned his head a little to get a peek at the source of the noises he heard. It was a light violet mare unicorn with a mane a shade darker and a light blue stripe of hair in the middle, dividing by her horn. 'Is that Starlight Glimmer?' he thought.

"Twilight and her friends..." she growled, the memories of her utopia ruined still running through her, "It's been a week... I'm still..." she sniffled slightly.

Wily stepped out his hiding spot, "Um... Excuse me..." he said. Starlight turned around and immediately screamed upon seeing Doctor Wily. Ner scream shook the entire cavern and caused the doctor to cover his ears from the noise.

"Sorry to frighten you like that, but my name is Doctor Albert Wily, and I'm a human from a different world. I've heard mentions of you when I arrived here, Starlight Glimmer." he introduced and revealed to the somber unicorn, who groaned in response.

"Then you've heard about what I've done. So, why did you bother coming in here? To talk to me about how I can change my ways? Because as long as Princess Twilight Sparkle still has a chance to stop me, then I'll never stop!" Starlight hissed.

"Hm... Are you telling me that you have someone that stands in the way of what you desire?" he asked her, kneeling down to face Starlight face to face.

The mare nodded, "Yes. I had the perfect world. A world where all ponies are equal. No fighting, no arguements, and nopony was superior than the other. It was great, a utopia where nopony and everypony was special at the same time..." she began her story to Wily.

"...But then Princess Twilight and her annoying friends found my ruse. I had a staff capable of removing the cuite marks, a mark that defines us ponies' special talents, and used it on the small town you were at, Our Town was what we called it." Starlight Glimmer continued, the scientist still listening.

"They took away everything from me! Now, I have nothing because of them! No friends, no family, nothing!" she cried. The scientist closing his eyes in sympathy. "All I wanted to do was help everypony and make sure we were all one," she sniffled, "But... Nopony wants that. They think they're better off with being different, to be better than one another and those who are less to be treated as a weak individual."

Wily nodded, "You know. I've been in your situation before, Starlight Glimmer." he revealed, the unicorn suddenly perking up upon hearing his words.

"Y-You were...?"

"Yes. On my world I was once a famous robotics scientist. My colleague, Doctor Thomas Light and I built weapons for the military. Of course, the good doctor quit doing so after the creation of our last true collaboration, Proto-Man." he began.

"I continued to work for the military, but I knew that we could have an advantage if I were in charge. So I installed a nuclear core into my weapon, the Wily Walker... And after that my robotic certificate was revoked while Thomas continued to create his 'peaceful assembly' of robots." Wily grumbled.

"Though, we worked together to create this new line, the Robot Masters as we called them, I realized that I would never be remembered as the man who advanced robotics because of my tainted history. Before we worked together once more, I begun the plans to rule my robotic empire where we shall move forward and advance our technology even further than where we're at."

The scientist growled as Starlight listened to his story, "But of course squeaky clean Doctor Light pleaded that we were not ready for such advancements. So to spite him, I reprogrammed his Robot Masters to begin my reign. It was all going so perfectly, they had defeated the military and my demands were met."

"Then his annoying helper robot decided to fight my army, Mega Man..." he hissed at the name, "Every time I had an army, he would show up and ruin everything!" he shouted, "So, I tried to create a world for their own good, but their savior Mega Man always stops me before I get too far in my planning."

"I-I see..."

Starlight Glimmer looked at Wily, who spoke to her, "I'll be your friend. Together we can create the world we always wanted." he said to the unicorn with hope.

"Yes... I would like that very much."

Wily chuckled lightly at the prospect, "I'm glad you think so. I think you should know why I'm here to begin with if you're going to be joining my cause."

"I got a hold of ancient technology capable of infinite power. Using it, I can recreate my old Robot Masters and army and bring my- well ours now- utopia across many worlds. I am glad to have come to this dimension first, because it means that we can unite our causes and do more together than separate."

"If we're going through any world, wouldn't that mean that there would be others willing to join our cause?" Starlight guessed.

Putting a finger on his mustache, Wily answered, "Yes... I do believe that there would be. In that cause, we shall convince them to join our cause and do more. It would especially great if we run into another scientist that is a master at robotics." he cheered.

Starlight snickered, "So... How shall we begin our plan across Equestria and beyond?"

"Well, if what you're saying is true, then this world has heroes of their own. In that case, Mega Man and his annoying brother of a prototype, Proto-Man, will have most likely joined forces with them so that could be a complication." Wily answered.

"I've already sent a robot after him and he hasn't responded back, meaning that Mega Man has defeated him. So, I shall use the portal to send the Robot Masters after him."

"I like it. With my knowledge and power, and your robots, nopony in Equestria shall stand a chance. Bring your Robot Masters here, I will attempt a spell to give them the necessary knowledge of this world to help them in fighting Mega Man and the ponies." she declared, looking at Dr. Wily.

"Indeed. I will bring them through now." Wily explained, opening the portal back to Earth.

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