• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Wily's Trial

"So... Starlight Glimmer has abandoned me." Wily grumbled, seeing that she wasn't present anywhere in the presence anymore and couldn't track her. "Fine. Never needed her anyway... I have all of the information I need to take over Equestria anyway thanks to her shortlived assistance. When I find her I'll make her pay for abandoning me!"

The scientist faced the monitor, "Now, before I unleash the Ra Moon Machine upon Mega Man, I think he and his friends will appreiciate a small reunion with an oldie but goodie!" he pressed a button, releasing the weapon in the next arena room, which was right before th passageway to the lair he resided in to examine the invasion of his fortress.

Mega Man refreshed himself and Proto-Man with the second to last E-Tank they had with them. The ponies each took a bottle of water that Twilight had on standby in case they needed it. Once they felt refreshed, they walked through the next door, of course more eobots and traps stood in their paths. Sighing, Mega Man and Proto-Man took charge, ensuring that their friends remained safe the entire way through. The first robot they spotted was a tiger bot, which Twilight disintergrated with a powerful spell, surprising the robots watching. Nontheless, they continued seeing the familiar Sniper Joes, Mace Joes and Shield Joes. A robot threw its weapon down, a sword, and Proto-Man blocked it with his shield, shooting the exposed robot with his arm cannon.

A lion robot stood in their path, throwing smaller robots in their direction. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy flew to the other side of the pit to find a weak point, once they did the pegasi pointed at it. Mega Man nodded, charging up a shot strong enough to destroy the large lion bot in their path. The lion exploded for good, allowing the heroes to continue on. But of course, something stopped them in their tracks once again.

It was a pit, and on the bottom were spikes, "Alright. Glad to see that hasn't changed." said Mega Man sarcastically.

"Spikes? How oddly primitive of somepony like Wily." Rarity critized.

Mega Man shook his head, "Proto-Man and I have a weakness to spikes. Wily figured that out and went on to placing as many as he possibly can within the death traps he calls a fortress." he crossed his arms, seeing a teleporting tile appear in middair, "And of course, you can't have a pit of spikes without the teleporting platforms that follow a specific pattern..." he sighed, seeing the tile vanish and reappear in a different spot, "In the meantime, you all can avoid it. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight; you three can carry over Applejack, Rarity, Spike and Pinkie Pie to the other side, Proto-Man and I will use the Rush Jet to fly over ourselves."

The winged mares nodded, Twilight placing Spike on his back and having Pinkie wrap her hooves around her own. Rainbow Dash had Applejack hold on to her hooves, while Fluttershy grabbed Rarity. Rush morphed into his jet form, "You wanna go first, Blues?" the Blue Bomber offered his brother.

"No. You go ahead." Proto-Man answered.

Shrugging, Mega Man stepped on Rush's board, "Suit yourself." he said as he and his robot dog hovered. The blue hero looked down to see the various tiles vanish and reappear all around the area above the pit. From the looks of it, that would've proved to be a difficult challenge for him and the ponies. He and Rush finally appeared on the other side, the red dog flying over to get his owner's brother with the others.

When Rush arrived back, Proto-Man stepped on, not having used the dog often for transport. Rush guided him across the pit, the red robot seeing how much of a death trap Wily made his fortress. Again. He sighed, finally arriving and stepping off, watching Rush change back into his primary form. "Finally!" groaned Dash.

"Let's just go..." sighed Proto-Man.

Mega Man and Spike looked at each other, "So... Do you know why you're weak to spikes?"

"No. I should ask Dr. Light when I get back home." replied the Blue Bomber.

The heroes reached another door and walked through it, taking them into another arena shaped room. "Alright... Where's the trap at this time?"

Pinkie remained still and silent, "I have no idea!"

"W-What!? I thought you had your Pinkie Sense!"

The pink pony nodded, "Oh, I do, but I have no idea what would happen here!"

"Okay..." muttered Proto-Man, "So much for an advantage."

Pinkie's tail began to shake, "Oh! Nevermind!" she smiled. Mega Man and Proto-Man nodded, figuring out that something is going to fall down their way. They shoved the ponies away from their area, Pinkie's tail had stopped moving at this point and they stood there waiting for something to happen. "Okay! Now what?"

"Now just simmer down a minute, Dash." Applejack tried to soothe.

A yellow square fell from the ceiling. Mega Man's eyes went wide. "Oh no... Not him."

More yellow squares began to fall from the ceiling and landed in a perfect square shape. The goo began to morph into a body. It was round with arms and legs and had a single eye in the center. "What is that disgusting thing?" gagged Rarity at the sight of the peculiar creature. The robots held their arm cannons in front of them, ready for battle.

"The Yellow Devil." answered the Blue Bomber, "I have no idea what this thing is or how Wily found and built it, but like his other creations, it's dangerous. I remember that the weak point is the eye." he revealed, already shooting at it, but his and Proto-Man's shots were being absorbed by the creature's gooey body.

A laser shot out of its eye, nearing the grounded ponies. Proto-Man leaped, deflecting the beam with his shield right back onto the Yellow Devil's body. "Thanks for the save, partner." said Applejack in relief, "How powerful is that thing there?"

"Not too sure myself... I only ever faced the Green Devil and the one in Wily's tenth Skull Fortress before we went off to outer space." he grumbled, shooting the Yellow Devil once more. The Yellow Devil released another red laser out of its eye and this time aimed it at Mega Man who slid out of the way of the attack in time before he could be harmed. Once he saw that the laser was heading for Rainbow Dash and Twilight in middair, he jumped using his Leaf Shield to block it and threw his shield away, hitting the eye of the strange goo designed yellow robot.

Twilight shot at the eye with a spell, hurting the Yellow Devil more. The creature melted down and Mege Man braced himself for what was coming next. The Yellow Devil morphed back into squares and one by one threw himself across the room, forcing the ponies and robots take cover. Rainbow and Twilight flew all over the place trying to avoid the higher squares while the grounded heroes jumped around and ducked.

Eventually, all the squares reformed the Yellow Devil. Mega Man changed his weapon to the Thunder Beam. "Girls. Spike. I need you to get the eye to open up. The mares and dragon nodded, running to the creature all the while. "And be sure to avoid touching it!" the Yellow Devil slammed its fists down trying to crush the ponies. Twilight used her horn to shoot its eye area before letting Spike blow fire into it, the others distracting it from focusing.

Spike exposed the eye, allowing Mega Man to shoot his Thunder Beam at it, damaging the eye even moreso than they ever did before. "Mow, I'm glad that these have the same weaknesses!" he chanted, hitting the eye once again with his weapon. The Yellow Devil gloaed red. And Mega Man and Proto-Man held onto the ponies and sprinted away, while it exploded behind them.

"Nice save, Rock!" cheered Rainbow Dash.

"Yeah. That robot was strange." Fluttershy said.

"Heh. Glad to see that's over with. Wily should just be ahead. But who knows what's in store for us this time. With Ra Moon's technology at his disposal he could do virtually any type of robot he pleases." Mega Man said.

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