• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Turning Point

"Hm. That's peculiar..."

Wily looked at the monitor, now inside of the fortress. It was once again shaped like a skull, but there were plenty of traps left for Mega Man and his friends to overcome. Starlight Glimmer overheard the doctor and trotted next to him, examining the monitor closely despite not knowing anything on the screen. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Wily pressed a button, changing the screen to show Mega Man's circuits and processors, something he stole from Dr. Light quite a while ago, "It appears that Mega Man had been infected with a virus all this time. From the looks of the data, it is unlike any virus I have ever seen." he noticed, pointing Starlight to the metal bones and processors, seeing something red overtake them entirely overtime through his examination.

"What do you mean?'

Wily placed his hands on the keyboard, "It means that I hadn't expected this turn of events. Ra Moon must've planted something in the rebuilt robots, and he must've downloaded the strange program. Of course... That explains it. When I used the technology of Ra Moon to restore my army, there was a virus and Mega Man downloaded it slowly through the Robot Masters. He should be occupied longer than we initially thought."

"With the virus, it means that the ponies will be tired and once I meet them once again, they won't be able to stop us." Starlight shuckled darkly.

Rovk snapped awake, seeing that he was lying on the bed Twilight gave him, 'Never thought I'd actually use this... How did I get back here? I only remember fighting Slash Man and Wood Man, then everything went black... Oh no! There's still one more Robot Maater left!' he thiught, not remembering any event.

"Easy there, Rock." a voice called to the Blue Bomber.

Rock turned to see Blues waiting next to his bed, "Blues? What are you doing here? What happened to me?"

"You were infected by a strange virus. It happened after you downloaded the data of the last Robot Masters. You went off the deep end once you destroyed Shadow Man mercilessly and you attacked me and the ponies in a fit of uncontrollable rage. Dr. Light upgraded us to rid our AI to rid of viruses upon rebooting." Blues explained, sitting on the bed next to Rock.

"I-I need a minute..."

Proto-Man nodded, "We'll be waiting for you." he stood up and walked out of the room, allowing Rock to process everything that had happened.

The red hero closed the door on the other side, the ponies listening in from the side in worry, "How did it go?" asked Twilight.

Blues shook his head, "He didn't take it well..."

"That sucks! This wasn't his fault! That stupid virus controlled his body!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"I think that may be why he's not easing himself up yet, Dash. Rock thinks that even though he was infected that he should still hold responsibility for his actions." Rarity suggested.

"That ain't fair on 'em." Applejack added.

"Girls. Give him time. He's always like this. Not to be rude, but he needs some alone time to process everything that's happened. He doesn't remember everything..." Proto-Man told the ponies.

"Okay, Blues..." whispered Fluttershy, seeing his point.

Rock sat on his bed, Rush hopping next to him, "I'm glad to see you, Rush... But I'm not a hero. Not anymore... I'm just glad no one close to me got hurt during my rampage." he petted the dog in a friendly manner, trying to cheer himself up. A frown remained on his face, the memories in his databanks coming back to him slowly but surely, each one proving that he became a monster.

'Do not believe that you are evil, Rock.'

The Blue Bomber looked down to find the source of the voice. He saw a glowing cloaked pony standing next to his bed. Rush looked around around, trying to find what his owner was looking at. "Uh... Who are you? My sensors aren't picking a lot up from you. It's like you're not really here."

'I apologize for my sudden intrusion in your room, but my name is Solar. I have been travelling to different Equestrias to find heroes like you for a certain reason. Of which I cannot explain yet should my theory be correct.'

"What are you talking about?"

Solar faced the robot through her hood, 'You are the Blue Bomber. A robot hero that fights for everlasting peace. Yet you doubt yourself a lot... It is because of your purpose. Whenever something beyond your programming happens, you lose yourself. If you truly are the legendary hero that many have said you were, you must put confidence back within yourself.' she explained, the robot trying to figure out what she meant.

"I am Mega Man, but I almost went beyond my programming. I almost hurt the ponies and my brother! What if it happens again while fighting Wily and Starlight?

'You do not need to worry about that. If you followed what I said, you would never worry about such an idea again while in Equestria.' she hinted once more, much to Rock's confusion. 'Now... I must leave this world. The Dark Knight must be spoken to.' she warped away, leaving Rock and Rush.

"She's right. I am Mega Man... Wily is going to be stopped no matter what! Now, to look over the data I downloaded." he paused, going over the files he transmitted into his body, "Got it!" he changed into Mega Man while stepping out of his bed, Rush following behind him as fast as he could.

Mega Man made his way to the crystal room, "Guys!" he called, the ponies happy to see their friend back to normal, "I just got Wily's location. It's just beyond the mountains of the town, nearby a town called Manehattan." he revealed.

"Are you better Rock?" asked Pinkie.

Nodding, Mega Man answered, "Yes. But now that I'm back.we have to head out! This may be the only chance Proto-Man, Rush ans I have at getting home."

"What do you mean, Mega Man?" Twilight questioned.

Mega Man explained, "Turns out while we were busy with the Robot Masters, Copy Robot, Dark Man, and me being infected with the virus, Wily and Starlight have been building a fortress and expanding the robot army for us to fight. By now, judging by how long we've been here and with Ra Moon's advanced alien technology, he should be finished and prepped for us to get there and throw in every obstacle he possibly could."

Rainbow Dash nodded, "Then what are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!"

"Are you sure he can do this?"

Wily smirked, "Of course. He is one of my finest robots. I built him to counter Mega Man's capabilities. Copy Robot was flawed, not meant to be equals with him. But he is a major improvement over that." he assured. "Especially with the upgrades I have given him thanks to the Ra Moon remnants"

"I can prove it to you lady."

"N-No, thanks, I'm fine." Starlight forced a smile.

Wily pointed at a door, "Mega Man and his friends will be here any minute. Stand guard and kill them on sight, Bass!"

Bass held up his buster, his robot dog Treble growling next to him and started walking away to his post, "Easy, boy. Yeah, yeah. We'll handle Mega Man and his pony friends. Don't lose your hair over it."

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