• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Everypony ducked for cover once they saw that Mega Man was shooting at them, "What's gotten into him!?" asked Rainbow Dash, gritting her teeth. Twilight was the first to stand up, seeing that the Blue Bomber had to cool down his arm cannon before he could continue to shoot. "Seriously! He was just fine earlier before he destroyed Wood Man and Slash Man." the cyan pegasus continued, getting herself up as well.

"That's what we're here to figure out!" Rarity shouted, ducking underneath more shots from Mega Man. The blue robot hopped up, seeing Twilight trying to ascend. The white unicorn tried to hold him down, but he proved to be stronger than she had anticipated, "Rock! Listen to us! We're you friends!"

"Yeah! You were a cool robot!" Pinkie said.

Mega Man frowned, "You think that you can reason with me? In your dreams. I'm Mega Man, I am a robot beyond normal comprehension!" he shot more pellets, 'Now if only I can go beyond my programming to kill them! They don't need to know that though... Heh heh.' he thought, realizing that no matter what he does, he was still bound by the regulations and programmings Dr. Light installed with him during his creation.

"Rock! Please! You're nicer than this!" Fluttershy pleaded.

Rainbow groaned, "Ah, forget this! He's not going to listen to us!" she took to the air and remained still, diving downward to hit Mega Man as hard as she could, "Bet ya felt that, huh?" she asked with newfound confidence. Mega Man grabbed her by the throat and scowled st the cyan mare, who was struggling out his grasp.

"You won't be able to escape the grip of the Super Arm." boasted Mega Man.

Something hit Mega Man in the back, getting his attention. He turned his head and saw that Twilight and Rarity had combined an offensive spell to hit him. He released Rainbow Dash to focus his efforts on the unicorn and alicorn. But as he readied his Mega Buster, he felt flames burn his body. The robot looked down to see that Spike had used his fire breath to burn him, "I'll say this once! Snap out of it, Rock! We're supposed to be friends!"

"Friends? With you? Ha, you wish!" mocked Mega Man, throwing Metal Blades in their direction, 'Still can't kill them... But I can hurt them. Really bad.' he thought, seeing the Metal Blades get blasted to dust by Twilight, the alicorn doing her best to hold back. "So. I see that you're trying your best not to hurt me. It is a futile effort. Since I will not pull any punches, you all should just give up right now and let me end you. For your sakes. Then Wily will get what's coming to him on my terms." he said, shrugging at the ponies.

"This isn't right!" shouted Applejack, "You were supposed to be better than that! Yer a Super Fightin' Robot meant to fight Wily and bring justice! Not kill him!"

Mega Man smirked, "As if you understand. I've been fighting Wily for years! Every single time I stop him, he just comes back again and again! I've had it! This will be the last time Wily will ever send his Robot Masters after me and the world and since he brought back Ra Moon, an alien that nearly killed me, him and the entire world, it's about time I played judge, jury, and executioner!" declared the robot boy with anger striking every word.

"Where's my friend, huh? We trusted you Rock!" Spike yelled in sorrow.

"How many times are you going to call me by that stupid name? It's Mega Man! The one who shall save all worlds the way I want to, whether you agree with it or not!" declared Mega Man. He readied a charged shot to incapacitate the ponies, but as he did so, a familiar whisteing tune echoed across the canyon.

A pellet hit Mega Man in the back, causing him to fall onto the ground, "Stay down, Rock. If you know what's good for you." said Proto-Man, holding up his Proto-Buster.

"Thanks for the assist, Blues." thanked Twilight.

Proto-Man nodded, "All of you take cover. I'm about to have a few words with my brother." he said. The ponies nodded and all hid behind a giant boulder. Mega Man got to his feet, gritting his teeth while doing so, "You're infected with a virus, Rock. That's why you're acting so off."

"Off? I've never felt better! This virus as you claimed has let me see the error of my ways! No more shall I feel remorse or any emotions, and instead I will act upon what I believe to be best for our world! We will finally be truly free!" Mega Man announced, his voice echoing all around the area.

"That's not what Mega Man does. He's a symbol of hope for our world. He's a friend to all on Earth and Equestria. Most importantly, he's my brother. And I'm not gonna lose you while I'm here." replied Proto-Man with a shake of his head. He faced his infected brother, knowing what must be done in order to save him.

Proto-Man was the first to shoot, hitting Mega Man in the face. The blue robot countered with his own pellets, but his brother deflected them with his trademark shield, and bounced them back in Mega Man's direction, hoping that they would manage to hit him. The Blue Bomber slid out of reach of the pellets as they collided with the ground. He stood back up, changing his weapons to counter with Proto-Man's lack of a variable system.

Mega Man threw a Metal Blade in the direction of his brother, Proto-Man blocking it with his shield and feeling the projectile stick to his cover. He moved his shield away from his buster arm and and shot at his brother, hoping to do some damage, luckily his charged shot proved to be too fast for the blue hero to dodge and he took a bulk of the blast, sending him flying onto the rock wall behind him. Mega Man groaned, picking himself up.

"You'll pay for that!"

Mega Man started to run, using his Top Spin to hit Proto-Man. The red robot struggled to escape the attack, but his brother continued the barrage. One he stopped, Mega Man groaned, "This is why we shouldn't be held back by our programming! You don't want to hurt me, yet you wish to stop me!"

"That's right!" whispered Twilight, "Rock wasn't able to kill us or the humans of his world since he's bound by his programming!"

"What the hay does that mean?" asked Dash.

"It means that when the time is right, we'll go out there and help Proto-Man stop Mega Man before he either gets away, or destroys Proto-Man."

Proto-Man flipped to the side, dodging the Quick Boomerang, he landed on his feet, seeing Mega Man get flustered, "Just die already, Proto-Man!"

"Never. I'm not turning away this time!" declared the red hero, punching Mega Man in the face. The Blue hero staggered backwards, the force of the punch making him do so. Mega Man prepared his Super Arm and delivered back a twice powerful jab to Blues' face, weakening him. "No... You're going to be saved, Rock. Dr. Light and Roll will never let me hear this end of this... And I won't be able to forgive myself if I let something happen to you."


The seven hiding all ran out and did their best to stall Rock, each of them running around him and hitting him or using their magic to slow him down, "What the hell? I thought I told you to take cover!"

"Mega Man cannot kill us due to his robot law! We got ya covered!" Applejack revealed.

Proto-Man readied himself, 'Let's hope my core doesn't overload.' he thought. Mega Man tried to stop the ponies but something held him back physically and mentally. Twilight and Rarity used their magic to keep Rock at bay, allowing Blues to shut him off with a powerful charged shot. Once the hit collided, both Rock and Blues collapsed, with the red hero still awake, smoke covering some of his body and cannon. The ponies looked at him, "Are you okay, Blues?" asked Rarity.

"Y-Yeah. I overdid it a little. Rock will be fine. With a system reboot he should be back to his old self. I'll give him one of the E-Tanks we have left to refuel... Because I have a feeling that Wily and Starlight's going to show up with the Robot Masters finally gone." he slowly got to his feet, seeing Twilight lift Mega Man's body with her magic.

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