• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Lingering Doubts

The train ride back to Ponyville was a lot quieter than usual, mainly because of Rock's sudden silence. The mares and dragon all looked at him with worry, wondering what happened to him. Applejack, Spike and Rarity were especially confused since he was up there with them and looked fine until after destroying the Robot Masters. Luckily, they were able to catch the next train and could go back home, and maybe find a way to find out what is wrong with the blue hero.

Slowing down, the Friendship Express stooped at Ponyville, meaning that the gang all left. Rock slowly followed, 'What happened to me... I-I lost control of myself... I almost became as bad as the Robot Masters.' he remembered tearing apart Frost Man inhumanely, ripping apart his entire body mercilessly.

The robot held his head, 'I-I have to make sure that never happens again. I'll be sure of it this time.' he clenched his fist in determination, 'But Applejack and Rarity saw it as well, my sudden loss of control. They never saw like that before. Hey, I've never done anything like that before... I should just rest and grab the rest of that E-Tank while I still have chance.'

Spike and Twilight arrived back at the castle, Rock still too deep in his thoughts to go back in just yet. Proto-Man saw them, "About time. I had to babysit while you were gone. And it wasn't fun let me tell you. Luckily those three kids are out crusading or whatever it was they called it without me. They almost overheated my core just by all the things they did." he revealed to Twilight.

"Thank you for that, Blues. I'm sure the girls will appreciate that." said Twilight.

The alicorn left to go read a book, leaving Spike and Proto-Man alone. "Hey, Proto-Man? Can I ask you a question?" the drake asked, with the robot turning to him. "It's about Rock... When we were fighting some Robot Masters, he looked disappointed in himself, like what he's doing is wrong... He was quiet all the way back. Do you have any idea what that's about?"

"Rock's always been like that honestly from what Roll told me. He hates the idea of fighting other robots like himself, but he chose to so he could help others. That's what makes us alike, despite being robots we're able to make our own choices that go within our programming. Rock made the choice to become Mega Man, but obviously he's going to have problems when it comes to doing what he does since he's a young robot." answered Proto-Man to the best of his ability.

"Really? How does he do it then? To just keep fighting?"

Shaking his head, Proto-Man replied, "He's a robot helper. He wants to help others. It's in his programming. Being Mega Man is just another way to do that for him. How about this? I'll speak to him about it later." he offered.

"If you don't mind... Because he's out of it right now."

Rock finally stepped into the crystal castle and saw the E-Tank sitting on the table. The robot grabbed it and chugged down some of it, unsure of how much more he has left. He left the almost empty reserve oil tank on the table and wiped off the remaining oil on his face with his hand, feeling recharged after facing four Robot Masters in a single day, 'At least I have help this time. Takes the stress out of it sometimes.' he mused, happy to find others besides Proto-Man who are capable of fighting the Robot Masters by his side.

"We have to talk."

Rock turned around to see Proto-Man leaning on the wall, a frown on his face, "Sure. Uh... What is it, Blues?"

"Spike came to me about something. He wanted to know if you're okay. He mentioned that you've been acting strange ever since you fought off the Robot Masters you found at wherever it is you were sent to." Proto-Man said.

"Didn't know you cared." teased Rock.

Proto-Man groaned, "I said I'd protect you. But this is serious. What happened while you over there?"

Rock sighed, "It was strange. We were fighting Frost Man and Drill Man in the mountain caverns. Applejack, Spike and Rarity had already taken care of Drill Man for me. But then, something within my programming triggered. It was... bizarre. I felt like I needed to show Frost Man a lesson. For no reason! I tore him apart, I think I lost control of my programming for a moment there. The ponies looked at me, they never said anything, but they were scared. Of me. I almost became as terrible as Wily's Robot Masters... I knew that something was off, but they have every reason to be afraid... I'm a weapon..."

"You're not a weapon," Proto-Man assured. "We were both created by Dr. Light for a reason. To help others. You chose the path you took as did I. We chose to fight Wily... Even though you wield the Mega Buster, and I wield my own, we fight for the good of others. You are a better hero than I could ever be, Rock. I'm only here to watch your back."

Rock perked up, "Don't put yourself down like that, Blues! You're my brother. And we're in this battle together. So, I'll watch your back as you've watched mine." he comforted his brother. Proto-Man smiled slightly, glad to hear what he had said.

"Good to know, Rock." Proto-Man patted his brother's shoulder and exited the room, with Rock following behind him. The boy saw Spike walking by.

"Are you better, Rock?" the dragon asked.

"Yes. Thanks for looking out for me as well, Spike." replied Rock, giving him a thumbs up, "I just needed a reminded. But be honest with me, what did it look like. When I stopped Frost Man?"

"I've never seen you look that angry before. Granted, we've only known each other for a few days, but... We broke apart Drill Man like you did, but I guess we don't have the same type of conscious like you do. You're a robot, how does it feel to be one anyhow?" Spike wondered.

"Dr. Light built me, Roll and Proto-Man like his children. Roll and I were created after Proto-Man though, and were raised by him without ever knowing of him. He also created the first Robot Masters that Wily took over. That was why I became Mega Man. To save them... Now they live with us as well. Even after learning of Proto-Man's origins and his whereabouts, Dr. Light welcomed him back home with open arms. We're kinda like a family with Dr. Light, our father." Rock explained.

At that instant, Rush came and tackled his owner, happy to see that he alright, "Ha ha! Hey, boy! Glad to see you too!" he petted his robot dog.

"I see now... In a way you're like us, Rock. We were just worried about you that's all." Spike said.

"Thanks for that, Spike."

As they walked, Spike burped something out. It was a letter, "Um... Is that normal? Because I have never seen anything like that before." the robot wondered in confusion. The dragon held the scroll in his claws.

"It usually happens when I get a letter from Princess Celestia or Princess Luna... That can't be good." he finally realized. He and Rock made their way to Twilight's room, where said alicorn was sitting down reading a book.

"Twilight! I got a letter!"

The lavender princess turned her head, using her magic to light the scroll out of the dragon's hooves, "Dear, Twilight..." she said before mumbling the rest of the letter to herself. Once she was finished, she rolled the scroll up and laied it on the table, "That was Princess Celestia. She wants us to head to Canterlot immediately tomorrow." she revealed.

"You have other princesses here?"

"Yes. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are the rulers of Equestria. They called us over to their castle. They mentioned that a strange figure has been spotted running around Canterlot committing crimes." she revealed. "And mentioned that she'll explain the rest of the details to us tomorrow."

"Strange figure... That has to be a Robot Master!" Mega Man shouted.

"Maybe. She didn't have a whole lot to go off of. She wants us to investigate. On the bright side, we can introduce you and Proto-Man to her. You've dealt with Robot Masters plenty of times. So you should be able to do this no problem." Twilight said to the robot.

"Right..." sighed Rock.

'More Robot Masters? Hopefully Wily or Starlight is there this time...'

Rock and Rush walked out of the room, seeing that the moon was up and the sky was dark at this point... A frown formed on his face as he stared out of the balcony, 'I'm sorry, Dr. Light and Roll. I'll be home soon, I promise. I just hope you know that Wily will be stopped here. I almost lost myself today, but that will never happen again... For your sakes.'

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