• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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The Plan

Mega Man slid underneath the crevice on the wall. Using his momentum, he stood back up, in a nonstop sprint. Unfortunately, he had to pace himself once he saw a pit ahead. On the other edge was a green robot that blocked his way and upon seeing it Mega Man stopped in his tracks. Mega Man held out his Mega Buster in front of him, aiming it at the robot. He shot at the opposing robot in front of him, but the purple rabbit shaped robot shot tops at the Blue Bomber. Mega Man hopped around, getting a shot in as much as he could.

The robot exploded after a few more shots, allowing Mega Man to jump without any interruption. "Wow. Wily's really upped the ante." he noted, looking at the large pit of spikes below him. "Then again, a large pit of spikes is nothing new for him. I'm just glad I got myself out of the room with those teleporter blocks..." he shuddered, getting bad memories of close calls many times.

Mega Man whistled, calling in some back-up. A red teleporter beam appeared next to him. A red dog-like robot barked at Mega Man, earning a smile from him. "Hey, Rush. I could use your help. Are you up for this again, boy?"

He saw Rush nod, watching the dog transform into a jetboard that he could stand on. "Good boy." he said, standing on the board. Mega Man got into a surfing position. Rugh began to hover in the air, flying past the large chasm filled with spikes. Once they reached the other side, Mega Man stepped off and Rush transformed back to his dog form, following his partner the rest of the way. The two stopped once they saw a green robot holding up a shield and a gun in front of them. Mega Man held up his Mega Buster, glaring at the opposing robot.

"Sniper Joes..." Mega Man sighed.

The Sniper Joe began to shoot Mega Man, the blue hero sliding underneath the pellet sized shots. While the shield was down, Mega Man began to shoot at the exposed robot. The green robot repeated the process a few more times before Mega Man charged his buster and finished him in one blast.

"I hate to do that... I really do, but... Wily's almost finished with whatever it is he has planned, and I have to stop him no matter what." he mourned the fallen robot, still feeling guilty about having to fight his own kind. Nontheless, Mega Man continued through the lair with Rush by his side. A door stood in their path. Mega Man walked through the small hallway and into the other door, where a large empty room awaited them. Mega Man held up his Mega Buster in worry, waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly, something aimed itself at Mega Man. The robot hopped over the beam, watching it create ash on the floor beneath his spot, luckily Rush had run away to a good spot to hide while Mega Man settled the issue until needed once again. A large robot towered over the Blue Bomber, which Mega Man looked up to see the face and the person that was sitting on top of it. An elder man wearing a lab coat and a bushy gray mustache greeted him.

"Doctor Wily." Mega Man growled.

Wily grunted, "Oh, look. The annoying helper robot has come to stop my plans again..." the elder scientist sighed from his spot on top of the giant robot glaring at his nemesis, "This time, Mega Man. You cannot hope to stop me! Doctor Light would wish he has the technology I have right now!" he gloated.

"What are you talking about?" Mega Man asked.

"Remember Ra Moon, Rock? Well, I managed to grab some bits of its remains in the temple with some help from my upgraded Mets and created a portal to another dimension! A world where you shall never return from and one I intend to send my Robot Masters to once I clone them." Wily revealed.

"Ra Moon!?" Mega Man shouted, "You've gone too far with this Wily! I'll put you back in jail where you belong! Did you not learn what happened last time you met Ra Moon!?"

Wily chuckled, "Do not think that I am crazy enough to bring him back. Oh no, I'm merely using what's left of him to further my own goals." he responded. "But enough talk!" the robot slammed its fists on Mega Man, who slid away in time, only to feel the shockwave of the hands, stagger him slightly. Mega Man got to his feet, jumping onto the platforms that were above him. Before he could focus on robot, the Blue Bomber focused his attention to the antennea that lied at the other side of the room.

Running, Mega Man jumped over the missiles Wily launched, shooting them all in middair. He jumped to the next platform, in the blink of an eye, Mega Man changed weapons. He threw a Metal Blade at the missiles in a diagonal direction, hitting all of them in one throw. Changing his weapons once more, Mega Man's armor changed color upon activating his Leaf Shield ability, covering himself in aura of leaves circuling his body swiftly, he threw the shield, blowing up a couple more missiles in his path. Mega Man jumped, reactivating his Mega Buster's default options.

In a few charged shots, Mega Man destroyed the antannae for good. Focusing back to the giant Gamma robot, Mega Man landed on the bottom of the room, where Rush awaited an order. "Rush..." he began, the robot dog ran next to the Super Fighting Robot and transformed once again, this time into a spring. Mega Man jumped onto the top of Rush's now spring body and hopped off, giving himself a higher jump that allowed him to reach the top of the room faster.

Landing on the platform, Mega Man readied his charged shot, but before he could shoot, Gamma swiped Mega Man hard in the face, making him fall off the platform back to where he started. Mega Man's blue armor was covered in dirt and a little broken. He got up, ready to repeat his previous actions with success. Using Rush as a spring and following, he jumped back onto the platform with his dog by his side, this time changing his weapons. Missiles were aimed in his direction, but Mega Man spun around with his Top Spin ability, sending the missiles back to Wily's direction.

Slamming his fists on Mega Man, the Blue Bomber used another ability he gained from a friend. He held up the giant fist with the Guts Arm, throwing it up. Wily used this opening to hit Mega Man with the other hand, crushing him. The Super Fighting did his best to use the Guts Arm move to hold both arms up without getting crushed. The robot's strength proved overwhelming for Mega Man, feeling the force of the giant fists weaken his circuits.

Luckily for Mega Man, a familiar whistle tune was heard loudly within the room. Wily's eyes widened realizing what that meant. In the blink of an eye, something shot Wily's keyboard, moving the arms away from the now weakened Mega Man, who struggled to move himself from his spot. The Blue Bomber moved his aching joints and turned his head to see a familiar face he'd knew show up once needed.

"Of course I had to save you again. Roll and Light insisted that I come to help." the robot said, crossing his arms. The robot wore a red helmet with visors covering his eyes and wore gray armor with red trimmings and wielded a buster similar to Mega Man on his red hands. Placed and strapped on his back was a large red shield shaped similar to that of a Sniper Joe's.

"Thanks for that, Proto-Man..." Mega Man panted, "That's kind of why I destoyed the anti-teleporting signal from the room." Proto-Man tossed him an E-Tank, refilling his energy needed to fight Gamma. "Thanks. But this is serious. Wily has found the remains of Ra Moon..."

"He did what?" Proto-Man shouted. The duo avoided more lasers and missiles launched by Wily. Mega Man shot the cockpit once again, destroying the robot more as he continued. Proto-Man slid underneath a projectile, charging his buster and shooting the launchers that were aimed at them.

"And he plans to use those remains to recreate some Robot Masters and send them into another dimension to test the capabilites." the blue robot explained to his brother. Proto-Man looked at Wily and shot the openong once again, destroying any control he had left on Gamma. The doctor hovered out of the robot, clearly annoyed by Proto-Man entering the battle and aiding Mega Man.

"Grr... That was just a distraction. Copy Robot now!"

The brothers turned around and saw a robot that looked similar to Mega Man, but he had red eyes, a sinister smile and wore a scarf wrapped around his neck. Smirking, Copy Robot pulled a lever, activating something unknown to the heroic robots. The brothers and dog felt something pulled them upward. Mega Man's eyes widened once he detected a rift opening right above where they were standing. "Oh man... Hold on tight!" he shouted, looking for a good vantage point.

Unfortunately, Rush flew upward into the portal, vanishing within the blue vortex, "RUSH!" Mega Man shouted, flying up to follow and rescue his beloved pet. Proto-Man sighed, realizing and regretting what he was about to do.

"I can't believe I'm doing this..." he sighed, chasing after his brother and dog and flying into the portal as well. Copy Robot deactivated the portal, watching as Wily made his way back to the computer. The scientist chuckled at how everything went according to plan. Copy Robot walked out of the way of his creator.

"Excellent work! Once I recreate the army I wish to have, then we all shall head into the very same dimension they're in! I wish to destroy Mega Man and Blues myself and show Thomas what happens when he threatens to thwart my plans!"

Mega Man felt his joints stiffen. He activated his optics once his sensors finally reactivated. "Ow... Okay. That hurt. A lot." he felt his joints loosen, allowing him to remove his helmet. Removing his armor, Mega Man turned back to Rock, the ordinary helper robot. "Okay. My sensors seem to be working fine, and my joints are loose. Good, now I gotta find out where I'm at."

"Wily could be here any minute with his Robot Masters. And I need to be ready. And I should warn the inhabitants of this world as well and get them ready for him. Last thing I or anyone else needs is Wily taking over two worlds." he grunted, rubbing the parts of his body that responded to his pain receptors. Shaking his head and focusing, Rock looked around his current location.

He noticed a small quiet house not too far away from where he was standing. "Maybe whoever lives there could help me out. At least, it looks friendly anyway." he paused, 'Like I have any other choice. They have to know what's happening and I can't just run around this world in secret without starting some kind of panic about a strange takeover and have everyone here against me.'

With that thought in his mind, Mega Man started his short trek to the small house. Where hopefully, whoever lived there, if anybody actually did, it seemed to quiet to tell, Mega Man could get some answers as to where he was at and begin warning them of Doctor Wily's oncoming robot invasion.

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