• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Let's Rock! - MetalJrock

The Blue Bomber fights for everlasting peace in a new world.

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Rock stepped into the throne room and looked at the giant round table in the center, "Hey, Twilight? What is this table for? Do you use it for anything, because I see things like mountain formations and even small towns on it." he pointed to the table and got the alicorn's attention.

"Oh... That's a map. Whenever there's a friendship problem it calls us using our cutie marks and we go to where it wants us to and go solve whatever is wrong there." Twilight explained, pointing at her cutie mark then back at the crystal map.

"Oh, okay." responded Rock, his curiousity satisfied, "This could be useful then..."

"What do you mean?"

Rock walked toward the map and looked down at it, "We can hink about where Wily would end up and where he would start sending his Robot Masters. Wait... What's with that small town that's all the way over there in the middle of nowhere?" he asked, gesturing to a small town that lied beyond the mountains.

"That town? We're not sure what it's called, but this is the first place the map called us to. Turns out the ponies there were being enslaved by a pony called Starlight Glimmer. She forced everypony to lose what made them special and forced them into a creepy utopia. Luckily we stopped her before she could move on beyond there, but we haven't seen her since then." explained Twilight.

"Sounds like something Wily would do. Force others to live the way he wants to. All he cares about is the far advancement of robots faster than the world can handle," Rock grumbled, "Though, we should make sure that we're prepared in case they ever cross paths with one another." he said before walking away from the map.

"Are you sure you want me to send them there?" Wily questioned Starlight Glimmer.

"Yes. I have been keeping an eye on Twilight and her friends and know that they live in Ponyville. Using my magic and your technology, I can send any of your Robot Masters there to attack them directly." Starlight explained in a sure tone.

Wily nodded, "Very well. But first I must decide on who to bring to weaken Mega Man."

Proto-Man groaned, getting stuck with helping Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner, 'How did Rock convince me to even do this?' he wondered, holding up the tray of fresh pastries in his hands. He walked out of the kitchen and to the counter where Pinkie was waiting.

"Oh! Thank you, Blues!" she said in a grateful tone, taking the tray into her hooves before placing them on her bakc, bouncing to the table that ordered them.

"Fine." was all he responded with, grumbling at the idea of him being stuck working in a bakery, 'Let's just hope we go looking for Wily soon. I'm getting tired of this already. And I've only been in this dimenson for one day.' he grunted.

Blues wrapped his scarf around him and walked out, "I'm going... on break." he slowly said.

"Okie dokie!" Pinkie cheered, bouncing her way back to the counter to work again and finish what the robot started.

Proto-Man walked around the town, getting friendly waves from those he passed. Of course, he slowly waved back to them, not wanting them to get intimidated by his appearance. 'Let's just get this over with...' he held his chest, his core still stable, 'Good. I have to be careful...' he thought to himself, worried about overworking himself to the point where his energy core would overheat.

'So... A farm. Typical.' Proto-Man mused, looking at Sweet Apple Acres once he arrived. He saw Applejack already hard at work with Big Mac, the farmpony gestured for him to go there. Once next to Applejack, Proto-Man awaited to hear what she tasked him do.

"It's mighty simple, Proto-Man. Yer brother darn nearly destroyed my orchard in the process... So can ya please be careful?" Applejack suggested to the red robot.

"I don't think you have to worry about me overdoing it..." he reassured the mare with a wave of his hand. He looked at the seemingly endless orchard in front of him. 'I can't see how many trees there are. My sensors actually lost count... Odd.'

After explaining his job, Applejack allowed Proto-Man to step forward. The robot punched the tree lightly, causing the apples to fall down perfectly into the bucket, "Nice job there, Blues. Much better first attempt than Rock, I'd say." the farmpony complimented.

"Um... Thanks. I guess." Proto-Man responded awkwardly, not used to praise from a total stranger. He rubbed the back of his helmet before continuing his job.

"Oh, I must say, Blues! The scarf matches your outfit perfectly!" Rarity complimented, admiring the robot's long scarf. Proto-Man had earlier agreed to get to know the ponies on the behalf of Rock and ensure that they can trust him as they do Mega Man. Though he was starting to regret his decision at this point.

Rarity used her magic, his helmet being covered by a light blue aura, "May I see the person underneath this helmet?" she asked, the robot forcing it down as much as he can.

"No!" he protested, still keeping the red helmet over his head and the visors over his eyes. Rarity immediately stopped among hearing his protests.

"Why ever not? You mustn't look that bad..." she tried to comfort to no avail on Blues's behalf.

"It's not about how I look, it's about who I am and what I am... I'm a prototype robot. A puppet meant to be improved upon. I'm not showing my face again ever since I discovered my fatal flaw and left my family. I am the Proto-Man, not the child robot Blues, nor the Break Man. So, I ask kindly for you to not remove my helmet." he explained to the unicorn, who looked at Proto-Man with empathy.

"Darling, if I may speak... You aren't just a prototype. I am sure that Dr. Light treated you like a son, correct?" Rarity asked him. Memories of Blue's time with Dr. Light before running away flashed in his databanks, he sighed. "You always had a family, you just weren't able to see it. Even still, Rock has still given you the benefit of the doubt and entrusted you with us. He's still your brother, Blues and we're your friends. And deep down you wish to help him as much as he wants to help you." she comforted the robot.

"He... Wanted to repair me, but I chose otherwise. I ran off, not wanting to be an experiment..." Proto-Man sighed. "And yet he still treats me like a son... Why?"

"Because you are, just like Rock now. You are his first child in a way. He created you and only wished the best for you." Rarity reassured.

"Y-You're right..." Proto-Man replied, feeling touched by her words. "But until I can truly make amends. The helmet stays on... Promise?" he asked her. The unicorn nodded, understanding his pleas.

"So, how did it go, Proto-Man?" asked Rock.

The red robot shrugged, "It was... okay." he answered continuing his walk through the castle. He chose not to discuss what Rarity said to him until they got back to Earth.

"Well, I was about to go find Wily. You wanna come along?" Rock asked, changing into his Mega Man armor. His brother nodded, pulling out his Proto-Buster. The two stepped out of the castle and began their trek for the day,

"Oh, hey guys!"

Rainbow Dash hovered down next to the robots, "So, you're going to find Wily now, Rock? And you didn't invite me?" she asked, pretending to be offended.

"Hey, Proto-Man." Mega Man began to his brother, "You don't mind if Rainbow Dash comes along, do you?"

Proto-Man shook his head, "I guess so. As long as she can handle herself and not have us cover for her at all times. Remember, we're not even sure which Robot Masters Wily's sending out, if there are any within this area to begin with."

Mega Man nodded to his reminder, "You're right. So we should be cautious."

As they continued their trek, they heard a sound once they reached the outskirts of Ponyville. "Is it me... Or does that sound familiar?" Mega Man asked.

"You're right." replied Proto-Man.

The sound grew louder, until Mega Man eventually felt his body collide with something and spun around, making him land farther from his earlier spot. "What the heck was that?!" he asked. His sensors picked up something spinning upward, "Rainbow Dash! Watch out!" he warned the pegasus.

Rainbow Dash screamed as she felt herself get pulled into a tornado of sorts. She landed face first onto the dirt. Proto-Man attempted to shoot the source of the attack, but none of his attacks made contact. He looked down and saw a few mini tops spin around him, "Wait a minute..." he said before diving out of the way.

A miniature explosion went off thanks to the tops, and Mega Man, Proto-Man and Rainbow Dash readied themselves for the fight. "Tops? Wily's not really original with his big robot reveals, huh?"

A yellow robot with a head in the shape of a top stared down the trio, readying more tops to throw, "Well, hello Mega Man and Proto-Man. I see you brought one of the puny ponies with you." he mocked Rainbow Dash, causing her to grit her teeth in anger.

"You have some explaining to do, Top Man!" declared Mega Man.

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