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I have to admit. I was cautious when approaching this programme, but after the first episode. I fell completely in love with it. I'm a Sparity shipper, and a roleplayer!


Twilight Sparkle has always been a unicorn of great intellect. She knows what she wants and how she will do it. She finally manages to perform a spell which up until recently as alluded the unicorn up until recently however, Spike who had begrudgingly agreed to be Twilight's test dummy is now left without a clue of who he is and who Twilight Sparkle is. Twilight and Rarity team up to try and jog the young dragons memory before the effect of the spell is permanent.

Hello! So, here it is the start of my very, veeeeery long series my own MLP adventure. I have currently written plots for 400+ episodes spanning a whopping twenty two seasons! First things first, I guess you could call this an AU version of MLP since we aren't starting with the full cast for the moment its simply just Twilight, Rarity and Spike however the other members of the Mane Six will make come into play at a later date. So, as for right now enjoy this first chapter of the first episode of the fiiiiiiirst season!

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Once again, she pulled a Sparkle and this time it's all her fault.

But he remembers Celestia.

7252843 Oh, he remembers Celestia for a reason. The spell is only blocking his memories of Twilight and Rarity. His memory of the Princesses (Luna will come into this later) are untouched.

7254072 He may have imprinted Celestia.

Okay. Is this a complete Alternate Universe with starting the series from the first episode showing how Twilight met her friends and retrieved the Elements of Harmony or a partial one where it changes at a certain point in the show? Or a completely different one where there are no Elements of Harmony? Seeing that you started with only Rarity, Twilight & Spike, I'm thinking this is completely different.

7254529 It's just the two most important character in Spike's life, there doesn't seem to be any AU at all, it could very well happen in the course of the current canon universe.

Twilight's so getting a tasteful of Blame Pie.

7255197 You hit the nail on the head good sir! Canon characters as well as their elements will come into play in later seasons. The first couple are just going to include, Spike, Twilight and Rarity. Pinkie will come into it sometime in the second season (When I eventually get there of course) and so on and so forth until all of the Mane Six are in the picture!

7254529 It's part AU part canon! Other ponies shall come into play later in different seasons. Pinkie next seasons and so on and so forth and the Elements of Harmony will still exist they just haven't been discovered yet. I guess the only real AU thing would be that Princess Luna never became Nightmare Moon.


I guess the only real AU thing would be that Princess Luna never became Nightmare Moon.

What about Twilight and Spike living in Ponyville? They were raised in Canterlot. What are Twilight and Spike doing in Ponyville?

7260144 She was sent to Ponyville from Canterlot to learn of friendship by Celestia who was worried Twilight was becoming too isolated with her studies. She became friends with Rarity in the same way she did in 'Mare in the Moon'

They are running out of time and they'll need Celestia's help.

She actually has done a spell like the one you described (going into someone else's mind) before to Big McIntosh in the IDW comics

Thinking of a way to continue or just forgotten?

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