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I have to admit. I was cautious when approaching this programme, but after the first episode. I fell completely in love with it. I'm a Sparity shipper, and a roleplayer!

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Twilight Sparkle has always been a unicorn of great intellect. She knows what she wants and how she will do it. She finally manages to perform a spell which up until recently as alluded the unicorn up until recently however, Spike who had begrudgingly agreed to be Twilight's test dummy is now left without a clue of who he is and who Twilight Sparkle is. Twilight and Rarity team up to try and jog the young dragons memory before the effect of the spell is permanent.

Hello! So, here it is the start of my very, veeeeery long series my own MLP adventure. I have currently written plots for 400+ episodes spanning a whopping twenty two seasons! First things first, I guess you could call this an AU version of MLP since we aren't starting with the full cast for the moment its simply just Twilight, Rarity and Spike however the other members of the Mane Six will make come into play at a later date. So, as for right now enjoy this first chapter of the first episode of the fiiiiiiirst season!

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After asking Rarity to the upcoming Ponyville dance. Rarity rejects his offer stating that she had already set eyes on somepony else. This news devastates Spike as he had finally worked up enough courage to ask her to the dance, his heart is shattered and he locks himself away from the world, fast forward two weeks and Spike is isolated from his friend up in his bedroom. His friends can't seem to bring him out of his mood, so it falls upon a certain mare with a purple mane to fix what she had broken.

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After Spike is saved from a creature, he loses the one person he has grown to consider as a sister. Twilight Sparkle. Days go by and attempts from the other ponies to try and lure him back into everyday life have proved fruitless. Spike becomes desperate and attempts to try and revive Twilight using a forbidden spell. Rarity arrives just in the nick of time, and soon learns that it's going to take more than a simple gift to sway this broken hearted dragons mind.

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