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I salt mah pingas over nine thousaaaaand times in ten seconds flat.

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Anyone want to tell me how I f*cked up? :pinkiehappy:

716329 Probably the title.


What? :rainbowhuh: Do people think that this is based off that sh*tty C0D game?

716404 Apparently. It's like someone writing a story that has a title of My Little Dashie and people suddenly start disliking it. And the story isn't related to My Little Dashie.

Ehh.. I'm not much of a critic but I seriously think that a DECENT backstory on the current situation can help, along with dropping off the excessive cursing (along with some more personality for the characters than the cliché "badboy/girl renegade). Decent effort but you have a long ways to go.


Okay. :twilightsheepish: I take your advice.

716416 I almost forgot, ditch the words "Spec Ops" and "Black Ops" since the current (and pointless) bandwagon is to instantly bash anything that sounds like COD (like your title).


...but there never was a C0D: SpecOps.

This is prity good.... Have to agree, even if their specOps, they don't swer that much. Other then that, ' señor pencil dick' better lay of that playpony before Gilda castrates his sorry ass. :rainbowdetermined2:


Thank you, :twilightsheepish: much appreciated.

716534 Ever heard of MW2 Spec Ops mode?:ajbemused:


...oh :facehoof: well that's MW2 and that's ancient history. Besides what the heck am I supposed to call it?

716733 Ancient? People still whine on that 3 year-old game, you best use that word for something much more older than that.

Can't help you much with the title but at the very least, don't use any military terms that have been used to death thanks to the mainstream market. There's even a new game which had the gull to be named "Spec Ops: The Line".

In short, just think of something more original

716733>>716773 don't forget MW3
and I have no advice I like the story so far... Just don't forget it's your story. No-one elses :twilightsmile:

Two things, not to be an ass or anything.
1) Mantallica. Nice choes of music:ajsmug:
B) you spelled SHIT wrong
other then that, this chapter earns you 10 severed big Mack heads. :pinkiecrazy::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup::eeyup:


Thanks, :twilightsheepish:

Though it's actually supposed to be SHTF as in Shit Hits The Fan.

Hmmmmm, i like it. There isnt an excessive amount of mild language and the characters can be played out quite nicely. My only critique is the title due to all of us making the same Black Ops connection. I still think that was on purpose :ajsmug: so ill give this story 4.5 of Luna's stars. Keep it up and update often friend.

Meh, I don't really like this chapter.

("). (,).
Ooo how venderva. I must say thou..... Im a lunar republican, and I cringed alittle at the sound of " mugging Gone wrong." but at the same time. The right side of my brain started playing 'Mein Teil' from rammstine as images of :pinkiecrazy: eating :rainbowderp: cupcakes.
This chapter earns you the decapitated heads of the CMC.


Okay :pinkiehappy: I shall use them wisely :pinkiecrazy:

:trixieshiftright: much to be deiered......

Killed molestia the other night for getting on my Wifu, I was going to burn the head.... But it keeps looking at Lyra.... IIIIII think you should take it *bucks severesd head at your TROLL face* :trollestia:


I accept your offering. :pinkiehappy:

Next chapter will be better.

This chapter earns you...... A whore from Las Pegasus

Yay first view and first post:pinkiehappy:
Keep going my friend this is starting to get interesting...:trollestia:

:pinkiecrazy: Call me evil.... But I saw that coming. I also have a feeling that-
*gun loading*
wo okay no spoilers. Put. The. Bass cannon. Down Vinyl.... Last time you did that I went depth for a week.



...Is a pony molester a good thing or a bad thing? :twilightoops:


this got up dated when my LIVING THINGS got done downloading. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy: needless to say..... It was a plesher to read this while lesioning to VICTUMIZED

As for bing a pony molester....... O VINYL

*pulls out large tube shaped object*

You molest ponies?!? Well say hello to my BASS CANON BBBBIIIIIIITTTTTTCCCCCHHHHH

* wubwubwubwubwubwubwuwbuwbuwbuwbuwbuwub*

My, my... This is a new aproach... Keep going :trollestia:

O shit. My Marine seances are tingling:pinkiecrazy:
Hows that troll head of yours after Vinyl raipted you with that damn bass cannon:rainbowlaugh:

Love and trolants, love and trolants
Have another pony molester:trollestia:836420

:rainbowderp: is it just my iPad... Or did one of the Admints just call Mic themicrophone talentless and egoistic? 837979


I'm seeing it too...quite odd.

I'm running out of shit to give for chapters. Ummmmmmmmm...... Some stripper from Staliongrad :raritystarry:
No wonder there not capitalist.

860177 You know that you could always just tell me plain and simple what you like/dislike.

First :derpytongue2: No JKlolz :rainbowlaugh:

I wanted to know, what are you guys guessing will happen? Will the griffons be able to capture the elements? Will they fail? I already know what's gonna happen, but I want to know if any of you can guess.

Dangit, reading back on this now shows me quite a few errors.

Snipers, Clive complaining 'bout food. Aw I wounder what would happen if you force feed him an MRE :pinkiecrazy:

1132604 LOL :rainbowlaugh:. You ever tried an MRE by the way? How do they taste?

I wish my CO would let me play with C4- oh I mean plastics. This chapter earns you that guy from the XX beer thing :moustache::moustache::moustache:

In the words of my dear LT.
Once a walking shit magnet, Always a walking shit magnet.

:rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh: I art confusedeth...why does this chapter have more views than the previous one?

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