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We all start out as ordinary people and then, by pure chance, some of us are given extraordinary circumstances.

The mane six must come to turns with this as they prepare for an event that could end up destroying all that equestria holds dear.

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Well that was somber :ajsleepy:, was expecting an avenger's parody based off the title, yet I wasn't disappointed.

no avengers?


This story will be a crossover with the avengers, there's no doubt about that. I'm just working on ways to make a more accessible universe that has a perfect blend of each world and the mythology that encompasses it.

some typos toward the beginning.
p.s. cool story bro :moustache:

So are they gonna become the pony avengers, or will you actually have the real avengers get involved?

It looks promising, very well written, aside from some typos.

:moustache: Tracked.

:twilightoops: Cliffhangers.

577545 The lack of 'human' in the story tags indicates that this might be pony Avengers instead.

your close italics tag is broken, you put } instead of ]

F-f-f-friendzone! Man, Spike sure has it hard. I mean, who wouldn't go for the suave rogue that is Spike?

"her Big Brother Best Friend Forever was sead."

I laughed during a sad moment at this... I feel horrible, okay maybe not. Fix it to dead so that for future readers the impact remains, cause this is a fucking awesome start to possibly amazing story

The soldier and the spy you mean, Shield = Captain America not Hawkeye.

Again amazing chapter though.

You must finish this story. PLEASE!

Spike is Captain America that makes Rarity black widow because she has that kung-fu thing going or Hackeye because everone makes her the sniper.


So you still writing this or what?

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