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Shay and Twilight Sparkle have a conversation - Music the Looping Traceu

Twilight Sparkle and Shay discuss things... Shenanigans ensue...

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A Templar wakes to see...


I had just docked and was getting off my ship, "The Morrigan", with a crate of tobacco. Suddenly, I heard a shot. Then I felt a stabbing hot pain in the right side of my chest. Next thing I knew, I was almost at the bottom of the semi-shallow sea. I was slipping in and out of consciousness, so I saw my ship crew haul me onto the deck. I then saw them clean my wounds, then bandage me before I slipped into unconsciousness.

And then...silence...

When I woke up, I heard...hoofsteps. I then heard the sound of a feminine voice yell "SPIKE!!!" Then I felt someone-or something-trip over my body, hitting the floor with a thud. I opened my eyes slowly, seeing...

A ceiling. Made of wood. Completely out of wood.

Then I looked around. All around were books neatly placed next to each other in shelf upon shelf upon shelf. Then...I noticed something large and purple, with an image of a dark purple star surrounds by six smaller dark purple stars on what appeared to be the back of it. The large lump of purple then got on what seemed to be fore and hind legs. I began to panic mentally, and then I saw the face of whatever was standing. As it rose to full height, on four legs, I realized what it was.

It was a pony.

It looked right at me. Then it screamed in that same feminine voice I heard earlier. I yelled out in panic and fear as we looked directly at each other. We stopped after about a few minutes, which happened only because she fainted. I sighed in relief when she did, because I realized that when she woke up I'd probably have to answer a few questions.

That is, assuming I'm not either asleep or going insane.

When she awoke, all she saw was me, standing before her with two cups of tea. She looked in confusion and tilted her head sideways as she stared at the tea in my hands. She then asked me, "How did you know where my tea was?" My response was quick and straight to the point;

"I found your kitchen and went from there."

She then looked at the second cup of tea on the table in the center of the main room. She eyed it, then looked to me. "You aren't planning on drinking both, are you?" She asked me politely. I shook my head np in response and handed her the cup. She then stared at it, and a purple aura enveloped the entire cup, leading itself to her lips to drink from it. I smiled wide and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" the purple pony asked me in a matter of fact tone.

I replied with, "I never thought I'd see a talking unicorn in my lifetime."

"Well, get used to it," she said with a light smile. "More than half the population is pony race in Equestria." She then approached me slowly. "But I must admit, I've never seen your kind of species before...what is your race?" She then asked kindly.

I smiled back as I replied, "Human. I am what we call human." She nodded slowly and returned to her former spot at the table. She levitated a book to her as well as a quilled feather and some ink. She dipped the quill in some ink and began to jot down notes. As she did I asked her "What is your name, pony?"

She looked up at me as she continued to write using that levitation skill. She then looked down and said, "Twilight Sparkle. My name is Twilight Sparkle. And what is yours, if I may ask?"

I replied, "Shay Patrick Cormac. But please, ma'am; call me Shay." As I finished my statement, she put the quill back in the ink and put the book aside to let the ink dry. She then held out her hoof and smiled. I extended forward my arm and grabbed her hoof with my hand to shake on it.

That's when she revealed to me her interest on my species.

She placed her other hoof on the back of my hand and went wide eyed as she came real close to my hand. I let go of her hoof and she looked at my fingers, then my palm. She then stated in an almost yell, "What is this trickery? Your hooves have opposable stubs on them!?! How fascinating!!"

I laughed loudly. "They're called fingers, Twilight. My 'hoof' is called a hand. I have two of them," I said with a wide smile.

She looked up at me and giggled, blushing as she said, "Sorry. Your anatomy just impresses me is all." She said as she inspects my outstretched arm. I laugh harder this time and she pouts.

"It's not funny," Twilight said as she looked away with her lower lip puckered out. She then placed a hoof on my chest and I smiled.

"Yes, Twilight?" I asked.

"I need to get a good look at your face." She said. She then started mushing my face around with her hooves. I thought to myself, 'This is odd, I'm not used to this, but I'll manage.' Then, the sound of a door opening resonated from the outside. We turned to face the door leading outside, and there stood a small purple dragon with a green underbelly and emerald green eyes.

He yelled out in fear and passed out.

Twilight and I laughed and sighed in relief from the hard laughing. Twilight then levitated the purple dragon to a bed made for dogs and hovered a blanket over him and tucked him in.

"Who's the visitor?" I asked kindly.

She looked at me with a small smile and said plainly but politely, "This is Spike. My assistant. He's usually either helping around here or trying to get Rarity to notice him." I laughed and said, "Judging by his size, he isn't old enough to attract any of that kind of attention just yet." She giggled and nodded in agreement.

It was at this moment I realized my life was now different forever.

Author's Note:

I hope you all enjoy this story.

And I also hope you all like it enough that it gets featured. Because...you know...that would be nice...

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Somewhat fast paced, but overall not bad.

6846107 Thank you. Your commenting on this story pleases me.

I love this. The story, the humor, the fact that it's a crossover, I think it is hilarious and very well done. Not to mention Rougue is my favorite Assassin's Creed! Definitely hoping for that story about his (Mis)adventures in Equestria!

This was pretty neat, you need to slow down with the pacing a bit, but otherwise, it was pretty cool.
The best part was reading this in Shay's voice.

6851667 thanks for the opinion. It is fully noted.

As for the adventures, they will be in later chapters.

6857007 I have that much fun everytime I update my Ask Shay tumblr blog.

what humor the only things that actually happened were he died,twilight passed out,they talked about stuff,spike passed out,they laugh THE END tell me where the humor or actual story was

Comment posted by Music the Looping Traceu deleted Feb 18th, 2016

6907226 no im trying to actually realize where the humor is is it a subtle humor? a situational humor? i really want to know so i know where to look i love assassin creed crossovers and your like the first to do one with shay

6908172 The humor comes in the part where they first meet.

And I'm sorry I got into conflict with ya.

Old habits never truly die out.

You will continue the story or do other with Shay?

7151453 I will be continuing the Shay in Equestria legacy by writing more stories of him in due time. As we speak, I have another Shay in Equestria fic in my unpublished section.

Comment posted by medictf2 deleted Apr 23rd, 2016

7152109 I will wait anxiously. You will make history with Shay already converted to templar?

7152342 If that is what it takes to please myself as well as fans, so be it :derpytongue2:

7152511 I asked why, when I read this story of Shay is when he falls into the water after taking a shot.

7153263 When the killers chasing Shay for having taken the manuscript. It is this part that you put on the story?

7155779 no. I figured who killed him was unimportant. Besides, my version of Shay entrusted someone in the order with it

Does shay start a Templar chapter in Equestria or does he keep that in his old world?

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