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Story Cancelled. Thank you for the support for the story so far though. It's been fun.
[Warning - this is a WWE/MLP crossover, so those unknowledgeable on the WWE characters & wrestlers may be lost while reading.]

The Tantabus was a fading memory to the ponies, but the sudden appearance of a rather strange Satyr (who claims he's from another dimension), as well as many hallucination of ponies' worst fears, it can only point to one thing. The Tantabus was not destroyed, and managed to escape.

One word comes to mind.


[Teen for mild violence & swearing]

Inspired by Sheamus in Equestria by Brohgue

I highly recommend you check it out as it is a very entertaining and downright hilarious fic, one which this story taking a lot of inspiration from.

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Aye ye not be to good at it laddie.

...I think that was more Scottish.

6543497 Slightly :rainbowlaugh: I mean, I feel like an awful person since I can't write Scottish or Irish for the life of me. I am a poor excuse for a Scottish person :rainbowlaugh:

Another one of these eh?
Glad you're inspired to write a story and all, but what happened to your Warrior Cats story, as well as your Pentatonix story?
Eh....... Either way, glad something is causing you some inspiration! :pinkiesmile:
Much luck and a thumbs up from me, don't even need to read it. :heart:

6545204 :twilightblush: I guess I just ran out of steam on those. I tried to make myself sit down & write it, but I couldn't.

This I feel, will go much better as I have Chapter 2, 3 and soon to be 4 written on my kindle :rainbowwild:

That's good I guess. Too bad for those that like those other stories, :applejackunsure: but when the writer doesn't, well, what can you do eh? :applejackunsure:
Hopefully this one will stick. Heh. :twilightsheepish:

you know, I always wondered what it'd be like if the Undertaker was in equestria.

6615345 :raritywink:

as well as many hallucination of ponies' worst fears

"You seem like a nice being yourself," Fluttershy smiled, "It’s hard the think of you as someone who hurts ponies for a living."

Poor choice of words :trollestia:

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