• Published 19th Oct 2015
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Fighting the Darkness - ScottishPony

Cancelled. [WWE] The Tantabus was gone- or so we thought. A small piece managed to escape, and has dragged an unlikely human into Equestria, more commonly known there as 'Sheamus'. Now the ponies have to destroy the final piece before damage is done.

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Nearly there. Nearly there! The nightmare-fuelling being was nearly out! The being of dreams was almost a reality- it could practically taste it!

Closer and closer the gaseous being came to the white, void-like tear in the dreamscape’s sky. In triumph, one of the beings long tendrils reached through the rip to reality and began to slowly seep through.

However, it knew it wouldn’t last long. It could sense the dreamscape inhabitants rushing towards it, battle ready, but the being had a plan for just this occasion.

In an instant, the end of the long tentacle separated and shot off, eager to escape to reality and leaving the main body behind. A few moments later, and the small piece of the once monumentus being was all that was remaining.

In a blind panic, the small blob shot on through the void, with many gateways to separate dimensions and realities running parallel to it’s position.

On and on the small being fled, until it suddenly and unexpectedly shot to a gateway to it’s left, leading it into an unknowable plain of existence.

"It’s not a concussion, is it?" the heavily accented voice of one pale-white being came.

A long sigh came from the human he was talking to, who seemed to be dressed in a plain blue uniform. "We don’t know yet, but we will be keeping track of your health over the following week or two. But one thing is for sure- you won’t have any matches any time soon."

A frustrated sigh came from the pasty-skinned human as he ran his hand through the long, vertical ginger hairs that stood atop his head. "I was so close to that championship too..."

"I know, but we can’t take any risks," the doctor replied with a frown. "But if you’re feeling up for it, you can go clean yourself up and get a bite to eat. Then we’ll do our final check up, and you can go sleep for a little while. No rush, after all."

This seemed to make the man smile. "Fine, but the catering better be good this time!" he chuckled, carefully getting to his feet.

As he first stood up, everything wobbled for a moment, before calming down.

"You alright, Sheamus?" the concern from the doctor rang in his ears.

"What? Oh, aye, I’m fine. Just a bit light-headed is all." he quickly reassured with a smile.

"Okay... Just hold this against your head. It should help everything stabilize quicker." the doctor handed him an ice pack, as well as a strong feeling of concern.

"I’m fine. I really am." Sheamus smiled towards the medical personnel as he left the room and pressed the cold piece of ice to his temple.

As the tall Irishman walked down the huge, labyrinth-like corridor, he couldn’t help but take particular notice to the sheer number of equipment cases stacked neatly to the side like rocks carefully placed in a cobblestone wall.

After a few moments of walking he noticed a small glow of light emanating from within the piles of boxes. He paid no mind to this and just passed it off as a hallucination from his head hitting the ring post with a sickening ’thud’.

’Damn, it didn’t hit it that hard, did I?’ he questioned himself as he continued to stroll past box after box.

After a few more minutes of walking, he could swear something was hovering right behind him but whenever he turned around, the thing would dart away and leave him confused. He tried his up most to ignore it, but it became increasingly difficult, as the small thing would sway closer into his view before moving away again.

His pace quickened and he finally reached his room. He opened the door with a sigh, and quickly shut it behind him. The man carefully took a seat and placed the ice pack down, before rubbing his eye sockets with his hands.

’Maybe I am worse than we first thought...’ he gulped, and remained still for a few moments.

He suddenly felt a presence in the room with him. He knew that whatever was following him in the corridor had somehow gotten into the room with him.

"Alright, fun’s over. Come out and show yourself." He announced aloud.

There was a long pause.

"Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. Get out here." he repeated in a much more serious tone.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see it. It was there.

The small mound of shadow moved into his view and seemed to hover in front of him. Sheamus was stunned. As was the small ball of shadow.

Another long pause.

Breaking the unmoving silence Sheamus gently reached towards the small thing in a possible attempt to touch it.

Bad mistake.

The ball of darkness seemed to instantly lurch and attach to his hand and quickly began enveloping his whole body. He tried to yell out for help, but the being quickly filled his mouth. His eyes jerked around, terrified, as the shadow twisted around his every limb, and tightened against them. Agony quickly arose as the darkness smothering his body slowly began to tighten. He didn’t know what he’d pass out from first- the pain or the shock. The shadow didn’t take long to climb around the rest of his face and head, and within moments it had completely engulfed the entirely of the human.

Now it only had one thing left to do. Return to Equestria to seek revenge.

Author's Note:

Heh... Is it good? :rainbowlaugh: I wrote it when I went to bed each night, so I'm not sure if it's any good.

Also, if anyone can write an Irish accent, could I get a bit of help? I'm sorry, I'm completely useless at it. :rainbowlaugh: