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I write My Little Pony fan fictions from time to time. Some of them are about head cannons I and other Bronies have thought of.


This story is based on a theory I have about Hearth's Warming Eve, and how I think it really happened. It is also based on other theories, such as Doctor Wolf's theory that Clover The Clever is Princess Twilight from the future. This is my first story, so I apologize if I'm a little bit rough.

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Hmm... Imma enjoy reading this ^^

Twilight rolled her eyes. She then gasped and said “hey, we should invite our friends too! I mean, who would pass out on time traveling!”

"Hey" should be upper-case."

“it's not bad news is it?”, said Fluttershy, sounding worried.

"It's" should be upper-case."

“maybe you should leave that hear”, said RainbowDash.

"Maybe" should be upper-case and a space between Rainbow Dash."

"In all meh story."
-Johnny Bravo

I love this story I hope I get to see the next chapter:twilightsmile:

i like the story concept, but the way it's written is a bit jaring. if you'd like, i could edit this chapter for you so that others don't find any faults and whine about it

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